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Natchitoches spectator. (Natchitoches, La.) 1867-18??, January 23, 1868, Image 1

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orn#Igj stdtrii t1 M :tpiee. - $ l~
fow u months, IN ADAIDCAN3.
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Gare of OK
ve etiaer moue Yý
tie otererlod:
xg6dprr ' prbea7 noiloes
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his ...: "I . t oeh .
A rT. 'Y.ar, IT.. tL A w,
. I N tchItitochl , Ii.
W. I ., u(:, .....t 1' . ,. ,.'
A Ordog1gs i stonbs; . LA,
, ce en St. Dai .atreet
- :LU 1· MORSE
S. M. gAN". P .' Y A. D OOSS
,rrars a I*ar.ats,
O met. et. Denis stret- L
0 fice sci E thq R tea . off~etr i- c:, . -
Natclitocbes, La.
)1 ce lathe' `Riiwrr l 'o t sme -
Natchitoches, La.
A. ILn. p Q,; 1· , · V. NLAKTM.A
HL IL. ' i'RYI. W. N .. B, AN
A torei y at taW, e vllne, La., All busine
a11 entriu toIt wiIl receive prompt au
encrgeti4a, 80..
A. i'.Y. OYTDON,
A.%tgaet at >Law%,
Sh4reve' ort, La.
Commuisehol Metrtchaut,
33 Natclhes street,
d5 laon New Orlesu, La.
.,Tibert1 advaees made on unsigoments.
d5 y 6 Ulnion street, N. O.
J.M. TIroo~ Ehb I*acOnald. L H. Legay
RaiC 8 MACDONAlaD & Coi.
ComUAnssIon Merchants,
d53'a ' 59 Caroodelet street, N. O.
-- ----f .~
a .a. 4U J,. J.. . V. PSanUft.
.m I .. raham.
18 Caroodelet street, N. O.
SjA%. BaiTa" ,. . a t. LSAaz-a,
118 Caroedelet street, N. O.
WIM AM. MNlXO d CO.,, .
4 Uoion street, New Orlaso
. L. QA Jt  * Agent
A , sw Ir ss
8.W) "'tTve OW 8 Mei
.AJI.' ~R1 lf husSWO
1!%W *row"
Cl·8 1rwrw
Myays eiP~e alOripeneo al ;
A ,/y tlaOu!ii l . .. .. t•ll
I , 1.am ot padi3 ' p
i r.i M 1 4e '
; . " Aur r mb i4" k ghlioier ., , , . r. +' ., ' , i
Ib o .ta lthio - ,, i .
and othe: ,, . ,
s ialhOo" -ii, 9 gie Geoora
ahi.o -imln.ace ,t1is de qsta c , "i
.. . ....s t
ý egar ainuito ..to 1 r iits RI. itar y
p ot dEpe ouchn .. i ,s AMP .. t..
oer tpeh ,lPw0 e a &isdý lg hOr O
iact or etI of Dongress-it is g estrJaVet
by a constitution and prohibtted f'om
action in many psticulaTa .
athe insjt .geneal cimrandrng takes *
o islh eU repeas thc I hile discl aim to
ingR judi la4 nctias in ivileases, 1. e
can aiedr no throible reisolce-to the
processof the hatrts. the
At a party, given by iSenator Ashley
in Little. ok,. Da: ,Borlhnd, anerwar
teistion himseil . stace pemrtaise tbtly Mn t
reglar fiend that there wags a young iant t
cede othim peindlo the affetionews of te gaccom
tpished acnug lady the iDoeor wabitrary t
powTe Dr, soctor's reply was goodrged to
assume, has no existence .her. " It is not pp
fod wein give the w of Louisian indescriba
ble eye nd the nod of a heived full afuy,n, m
act oretae of ongress-it is hae much to a
by a constitution and pfoiibtted fro, :p
action in many pai.ti.ulas. s
occasion to re ied, thib ,whilemen, disai.
like a neiro thactio hear i of invi su, o, b
can rotfin who fbruible relishi ceto the -
Sbrocess of the a owerits.g head o horns
e boundin aon "m h igh."
At a prt gien by ullentor Ashleydown, as
in Littler hRck, Dmn wBorlaud, abut, to herward w
'Senatorl'imself,. and more recently Min- tr
istershme to eNicragua, was tolh:by a convir- 1
ia foiiend that there was der, young uat n,
wtose tremendous stridede umpsgreat pre- d
tentiosd he'll bre known to all, migneck.ht suer
cede him in the affections of the accom- tE
plihed pong lady the isDocor was then Radicals
TMe Doctor's reply was good, and ti
could we give the wilt of an indeacriba ol
ble eye and the nod of a head fall of fun, dj
he rdersiste would not then. hae muen to iment.
'ile Snoctor Fraid, "Gico Centlmercialn, am v
liate a negro that I heard of in Soueveryth
stearoi from the fbr t heas broughte wentn
wie-th Wia m er on al the eb drie." The fl
hoy been of3tr took female, gender. soonThe
Sa hchk noth 'a toe rlin f ead of horns e
d mape bondins beoing quanitnge a high." f
Tile Daocor promptly pulled down as $,
at ý ea'ger lie'n. umu would, but, to his v
asttetion at, the nEastro caught his arm con
exclaiming, "'My God. iar.ier, don't ii
fool awover 800,000 shot and powdr, nst effhin some n
take tn o or three more "jumhps like dew t
and he'll break his own neck.
State the oral of this is, let tove theadicals
one. Td the wil brStates ank their own
cntain neaorly o -irty time more Sentiment.
----. - - ---- c
a. The San Francisco Commercial, of a ,I
Slate date, and ifys: 1theright month past, every
- eamer from the arest has brought wnn- a
sulv large nbiltibers of wogreatly in favor of
one-third of all the cabin passengers l
have been of the female gender. Thei ,
mnntrimonial market of the Pacific coast, (
_ a'thoi"gh not in the line of our legitimate .1
ay remarks, is bewould inre quite an obuilect ofing
r pttenoptilatn at the ast. Tble wadr co- c
awsed over 800,000m pen, and in some
States t he excess of women over the
sterner is almost ondiion or eight tother
one. Te Pacific States and. territories Its
18cont4;in nearly thirty times more men
than women, and if theig hat sorin of te
lator seek  his h sarkt in ta.e mattetr o
tsig, robbseiliat last to ogratl in faor ofd
rging timeir naom exitem oon after tgirwleg
out of u sans fr the previes rendering.
ar 'helattention of Judge stabl and moral,r
mncreasing respec and obteetedne towas the
laws, impvinged out iun his folding tator re-i
downrs, te isIin the m aort tkblesoterall
iand bett'ring dor onditios int t be oIper
A good s1o u er toldhe upl one of th
Smembers of the kpamoes o.veep.teO of
~B' MwmL ~~U3L1amIbuet
uirn ; i~m' iti Fonb
S bhe Irla's Barbarily. .
Tuiktes ot'oPEhilw Sheridan and Atfr
Stla hefit liiked in an: itutmihous;dulai TA
'tr tho' nti `who "i il pen rasrttne iW
ohroarotcle'of these eventa lDuring that, an
"fearlt riud, I stead at in-: the seametr of: a
eb L -lliiH1u d wnd tnessed, a ir'ile of il
lea i 1 is ed'p around mei. DeI)al. be
1trir$; c ýri rt6ie'' `brs: arils,- ,grain "l
t$ , Aatnfýiifit gat once while leosld dil
aks ,h.ite WirI elof the, homeleeessand 'at
.-. t.ed'Xt ii bitaints' ruaýn .i my ears. 4P
w tit alf, jnmt here,. to deAtaU t as
onctMd ' with'an iicident" whicth R
s iau'wlo:*if tdigliatiawi at UI
it in 106bl Wh ~tats time, ;
i ie' leridhi' ",beaidqugates were TI
t Ii e of hise staf, Iet, In
M fe C tio iiingineersi , ve
aoogTibaWg-t and abeave as
oeer;, startea i; a ';nrecnmaoisnee,; for t
'eel ºrse*mapof'tute ii.aP ta
cdiA .' ! n '*,t ignedeIthat-it was ~a
da., rotA i Cou1aidinate uooneuts Were w
4ng.utn n:the', f s -tr the-: eirmy, w
disatriun pitsitlc , lie ,started twibth ti
two ordrltesinpreeil abodt three d
mie wlhe bon -h p in With -four Coofed- ol
erate soidlt,; the- ;prlvates and a re, )I
ýli i1b4e ,r, W`r hald teen sent eout by :t
Gnu. 'Elti rltlit:4i ctibon5 to ase~trta a t
tJp motemesinh pd stired tIof'the Fred- ac
eral arnl~, aibd by' altt't heniy tod void all tl
lirmislati. "-'The "reb'" retreated whben
31eigs and'l .ire he appto bhed, .bnt it
e" igs prýiestd litfhthem.: ordeiing themi t
to trratdemr, ait nat lengthk' ted, break. h
ipglthe airn of thob'S out, who believed #j
1l,> 1lf to be "to italty wounded, and &
iae(lidvV in; lal Iarlddle etarnied the shot V
aid;killed bhs assatilant. 'One of the or- A
derlies was wounded -or captured, and p
the other' retanrned to Harrisonbnrg to to
communi te " tihe fact :bf :his officer's !
death. 'A thousand.: se ine idents o- a
curred tlltiitu the four yeasm war-»-a fair
legitimate combat between the opposing ,t
parties. And yet` the Northern papers a
rang the bclisges unon this "lnfitauons i
mnurder!" =Gen. She'idai pronounced it a
a murder. He raved in ins tent, fonam.- f
:"g at the month with all the real or as- tl
samed fury' of it tragedy-hero, rrying,
'ueho wretghes, the. Eends; how' shalt I o
avenge my poor munrdered boy! Poor a
boy!" And ih his great wrath ordered k
-not that the "murderers" shonld be a
bounded down and punished-no! buit
in 'additition to the burnint whlcie then a
filled all the heAvens with smoke, and 11
was laying l6w tdo.ne of the finest strune- t
tures in the: valley-seventy odd mills
were bru-ing in the countTy at that g
very hour!-he directed that the whole a
country iti a Circnit of five miles around
the spot whore M3eigs fell, should be nt- e
terly devr.stated. And the order was .I
obeyed almost literally. The citizens 1
of a village of 300 inlabitannss within
this radins,'driven from their dwellings, I
old men anid maidens and young chil- I
llren, with little food, forced into the hot 1
san, or to the shelter of the woods, plead
for a little delay until a deputation could I
t visit the inturiated conqueror and be
ech him' to remember that they were
'not the guilty parties, and to urge him 1
too spare their homes. In his great mag
nanimity and mercy he granted these
prayers, and after a day and night spent
in open air, elipectihg momentarily to
B see the torch arppled to tie houses, the
B villagers were allowed to return to their
dwellings, with mtith of their fnarliture
injured, a good deal of it stoleli alnd
' most of their possessions carried off by
u the soldies s.
With this exception, the order was
9 executed.
-- , ' -' - : ' "
. It seems that any person who has a
capital C in his name cannot be Presi
l dent of the United States. Seethe num
y her of statesmen who have been beaten
as candidates--George Clinton, Charles
r C. Pinckney. D)eWitt Clinton, William
H5 I. Crawford, Henry Clay, Lewis Cass,
e John C. Fremont, John C. Breckiuridge,
•, George B. McClellan, (and other names,)
e J. U. Calhouna, Simon Cameron, J. J.
f Crittenden, 8. P. Chase, Colfax, and
-- others.
e -_..0-46.._ -
e Horace Greeley closes one of his New
o York Ledger reminiscences of his own
s history with the following paragraph :
n Fame is a vapor; popularity an neci
ie dent; riches take wings; the only earthly
, certainty is oblivion; no man can foresee
f what a day may blrinug forfth, and those I
r who cheer to-day will often curse to
g morrow; and yet I cherish the hope that I
g the journal I protected and established
, willtilonurish long after I shall have mol
e dered into forgottea dust, being guided
e- by a larger wisdom, a p more oneering sa
v, gacity to discern the righlt; though not
r by a more unfaltering readinees to em
brace and defend it at whatever person
al cost; and that the stone which covers
ue my ashes may bear to future eyes the
'f still intelliglble inacription, "Founder
ly of the New York Tribune."
l - -- -**- -
fL 8AgP MAXIXB.-A poor boy ihaStinpg
n- written askin* what be should do to be
gl come richb, Horace Greeley gives him
a. the following ood advice:~
ir- 1. Firmly resolve never to owe a
is debt.
)u 2.. Aequire wfoamptly and thoroughly
Ul slone iseful calling.
SI' 3. esolve naot to be a rver;, where
n yo have staoeck yopr stake stand by it,
iB 4. Comprehend thist there is work
ia, aleost everywhere for him who can do
of it.
It is denied4 Uat itq uilknmeneisose
Sof oar eeatraf cties intead to raise tl
in price of dilk ii .cns nt of thesst
of water .
. ,-S ei-a a4p : .ttsal an £4eia
i daet her satabf Ihqcause it is a
rm.a Lmt-Ise, (trhattiAThe.) Very rude.
,' Traih on trapt.• '~- 1
SpRhotald judge that George Francis -
7T'aiun as.uot' fgi Geii. Orant, by the ads
following, 'lbch h.e his uttered ounthe vet
anijeet. He isai Ip Boston; Sts
, b-he moment a tnun goes into Trailh:
,itgfor tlhe hitI Houde, a~s Grant has sat
been, singe bi h h, he. courts eritietLm. tic
The ofliceb oderi , are 'noW after' him tin
ike t~e pilpthlat afteraR sharel. Grant tal
at-theh-tieýhad opt the at' was tsaf, but as
(<rait for Preaudent is the niost giy*atite bf
el loerpt t off on an. intelligett people. Ire
Whenaeer I meet, Bhig I havre the inol
nation to ,a.' "{ii, 11 have only got mn
,Ive minnitu tie tt,,tel na iil'on kwu v." rAt
,The dress C6r mizy be fool With t,1* anll
Iead.sbakig 4irp.- ael r 'the pro- tlri
verb that "ypogg tie set4T 61d 1* eied So
-ndnot'.beed1- bat ,IX tG it b r tem .
the 1ather proverb, '" h:`b iiS ý 4
myteripsupgriO e oflu' U y tb dt e ft
up the ~ 4dfc ~ nnda ' at Y J~'... `TIit t m ro
who, was.genpe atnini a id & d
walk Vloa >bi pigeo Il {! at UGillena t tb
the railway depot will Aeye.~! Pr l:r. A;
dent of . the . ,ted ' StaBs-, Bntinit f lM
only praises him to .kill imb, aslihe did de
Mctellan, und whein h!e 1tiictlet'jere
•tary of War, teohelp. Johuson alide %sn. in
ta* over, his back into . th_ ditwhi, thie th
cewlbrs' out of the bottle; and out ect_~me
.the politicians aiming ,.at ,tli~ White f
House.; 'Jadge apnlho Pmanz at l arce. ti
Ioms, sagely .:ermarked .tliat.iet, igher at
the witness .lirab., tih ,moroa e o.ows ,i
his.-ltateIslSanl3,ip. Grn)t's s..iOe. is t
famous on.a"couun't o> htw uonderful fat:
elitty for inmtadnuizing .tLe. toad from t
Washington. a RieUpbmnd4 with skr.lls.of
American citiAas; and for is. da'lly dis.tt
patehes se 8tanutn, "Send tdoa twenty "
thoutsand.: R re ,men to start another b
graveyard!" &ocially, I like the Gener.
al, but cannot vote for Washburn! o
,Pat picked out, the owl--being some
thing of a phrepologist--when aslectitag
a'parrot, onW, account of the size.of his
head., "Will he talk," said Pat.., "Like
a boek,. Pat hi in a dark rootm, and'
feed himoon meat." Somne weeks aster,
the bird fancier met the. rishuman:i
"IDoes he talk, Pat?" '4The divil, a bit
of it; Ibit (remembering his large eyes w
and intelligent shake of the head) he it
keeps up a divil of a thinking." In a
word, we Father Mathew men, Good tt
Templars and sons of Temperance, can
never vote for Gen. Grant because we .
have resolved to elect a cold water mpan
for the next President. -,
Mr. Train recited the following epi
gram, which, he said, would expose the
greatest sharim of our time. He said he
iledicated it to the solid and stolid men
of Cooper Institue and Fauneil Hall. a
T'rhe Cops were caught in '65, the Rads in 'baS. a
SBy nsin~t McClellan and General Grant for "'resi- '?
Sdential bait.--[Old IPer.,
'In Coope' s.ea of Co"qineatal dams,
Politicai blacks and military shams.
Blotblig'agian wealth a.d Lil!i,u ian brain, ti
Uisyaces is auncltd Ly a few great names, e
Floai.ng'into not'cn on the war's red waves, I
P.oad of his million new made gIavs, a
A hund.ed journals record his every nod,
SA hund.red Leaguers .cheer him at a God! tl
i In freeing the blacks have we eunlavud the whites.
And lost forever our manhood's rights?
o Our Aneicern ' le surely cuts up rough.
Or s:eeeze when ' asIhbuan tces tihe sr.nff.
Is our nation lI independence ertir-ly desi, ii
To hurc'h when Ulysees shakes his head? c
In knowledge. 'he wisdon: of an owl; r
r In politics. neither fish, nor fle h, nor fowL
SIPetaell calls hi'' the great American riddle,
1 While the party use him as a Jeremy DidGle.
Good at a race, says Chase, or at a horse :rade.
Lee him stand in the balance. he hasn't Ben Wade.
W$hen you mee th-' Gener.al wherever yon go, i
Say, ' Only five minutes, tell us all you know." e
[rnath! for 6ur volunteers, we cannot state less, t
Our greatest general is cur General Greatness.
T. Stewart, Esq., the great dry goods
n king of New York, has just succeeded
a in crushing his Uniont Square rivals,
n Messrs. Sherwin & Co., who tailed about
* ten days ago for a very large amount.
It is well known of Stewart that he will
never brook opposition or competition.
Si Once having determined to - remove ant
d obstacle its doom may be regarded as
settled. Some years ago he wanted a
store adjoiuing his own that was at the
" time occupied by a carpet dealer doing
Sa prosperouas and flourishing business.
The party in psession laughed at Stow
I art's request for his to abandon it.
Y StewarMt immediately imported carpets
? anmd sold them at prime coat, thus soon
c 'destroying his neighbor's business and
O' forcingbhis into bankruptcy. More re
.t ently a milliner in Broadway oocoupied
a stre on a block Stewart desired to
n- ipurchase and refased to move and give
1 ap her business to suit his convenience:
- He immediately opened the same deo.
't scription of store in an atjoiuinng build
n' ing and soon succeeded iLa dBivtug her
-" t, of the business and into poverty.
vs As soon as MIessrs. Sherwin & Co. open
'e ed their dry goods palace at Union
cr Square, in opposition to Stewart the
latter resorted to his oli tactics, with
what success the recent heavy failure of
g the would be rivals illustrates. All this'
~seems to be considered greatly to Stew
m art's credit by the merea~ntile commani
ty of New York, but we eanneot help
a oiewing it as the worst species of oppwes
saion both unfeeling and contemptible in
Sa man as wealthy and isowerfiul as he is.
It is no compliment toitlher his bend or
Shis heart, that by throwing in the eale,
the weight of his ehtmous enlpital, he
Soccsionally sunceeds in rtinIhg a few
do merchanits and reduotg their families
i to poverty.,.
Ia1,T Sial qJAeut. Braiue, an erx
,l Confederate oaicer, for the seianre of
itY the ,steromer Chesapeake, has besen
fixed for thne 27th ipast.
Ih- )farlslh Taexto, the mother of
a (ea. Forrest, died ota the 1Ith nit., at
l. I ansaota, Tezas;, Aged 64 years.
PLATPOi~R dO i On o Ir h ~latoo.ltACY. I
..ýWV copy .the following · resolntiona 186
adopted by th peuagq-atie Statr Con- B1o
vention of Ohv, at...Vlumbug. nu the vil,
8th inst.: ace.
S lResolvoet, hait wb' codehrii the let;s- idei
lative nnutpatotIts:of 'Coagrewis andFpar had
tiedrlrly':t eseoeral aotes, of eoastwcr spa
tion,.ao-ptilecý, as 'iy tiFy.of, the ConAti- . l
tatloni, a ptapn akt lneti n ftates, '4i 'war
as utterly esnbve ti of'e f ryi ,ntiiie duan
of self-.m ediiehite' that d itingausbes a aft
free lpc ,,  , oa, o ne
S"i.esolzed, Tbatwe ayresP Oa.ty, bo atq
it n oftl at the inti g. gt r
anter ita iid i 'th re ever out, 'aid ali
tli)t -we wilewatltd1ly insist that' the wit
Boathera Staree.bplag. no 'longer in, ,n uo
irrbistion or at war with the., edoral sra
elv .riate, t are entit)ed. to the ull i
tState reheo jiton'aid contitttio te1rup h h
lt1renttidtlOý , t~ dngsris hai electdral am
"l)iege" given to Mai theBtates;, 4ud ttat SW
tbe'leni ,,of, it: to th~ tlr by.Co  ,opi, . Y
A:id itase  t, . d ctate ky m itry ata
btoee& a go. inment i'qr them iira'tin- ig
douhteillyý i 61itttlory and 'd4p~otle atSi
.Resolt e;: ICha'ttr we aHr oppeod btbh 'at
in prineiele And policy to uegro suffrage; wh
that'the State.of Akhio,.l "4ag, by th #@
etmphatic ma.ipority. qf5.000 .1tj.c e1 ito
for herselfis tetRin ol|,iii t to' ti Be O i
itg for'e'tiph '6ttae` tattrr, and We t
.stil:'rathts eiah.:, ath imposition by.,the I1
Federal Go)erntment o, a  t , base, bit
unsrpstion. e,, i
S'tesoled, ,'mnt the'piractfeal ef~iet of pp
the soe-iradi rietinetuetin' neotes 'ef loA iqo
F gress is to deliver oer tea. Stteato dit
thtd pohiic..d,ind t 4pa traltgl aeg~oes
a nd to plaoe-the lives, liberties and For- lai
tunes f' whites residing tietxiM IU ntd the I
hands 'oi' A bar·irdus reople'; ;'and It oli
would' Inevitably lead to'a was' of: raceES a
or thelAfricaaishtion of the outh..,:
ItepVeO~p l, Thlt potwitl atndiug. epor- f19
mons and conceded frauds in the ciea- cel
tiots otf'th public dbr t ,Athe'"fAithf'tth6' co
coututry Is pleldged to its taylnatit, prin- B'
eipal and :interest, acc)dling to the a
termi of, the sever.l asta of Copgress fon
under whioh the. londs representing the ,fl
debt were issued, But nototherwise; anud to
° we are oppbsetd to 'may plan foer extend- It
ing the times of: payment, thus iucreas- we
Sing the amount of gold interest to anore as
than the principal, or to any deolaration ro
by Congress that the principle is pay a- an
Sble in gold, which would virtually add ed
more than a hundred millions to the of
burden of the debt on the people; and to
opposed to the insane policy of which as
these wpessurae are a part. fo
A curioUs question was ,discussed P t'
a recent meeting: of the British Royal
Geographical Society, Sir lleary IRaw
i- nson expressed the opinion tl:aL the sea
of. Aral--a body of water haring an o
areo, of 13,000 sulnare miles, ot three "a
times tlre size of M.assachusetts--had no m
existence in, the .long period between a
600 years before Chriet and G00 years t
after, and the rivers Oxns aid Jnxartes, a
now flowing into it, both flowi,*g into s
the Caspian sea. lie said: The sea a
came first into notice in the seventh oi
century, and these two are spoken of for w
several hundred years as emptying i.,to it1
it. Anothef change seems to have oc.
curred between 1300 and 1500, and t:te a
rivers again flowed into the UCaspian W
sea, bqt since the Int tar date they slowly W
changed the channel until they fouud an et
outlet in the sea of Artl. 0
This theory was combatted by Sit Pi
Robert Murchison, geologist, who aflirm- k
ed that the more abseoca of allusion to tl
the sea of Arl' wits no proof of its no.:- ci
existence, and cited the geo!ogical evi
deuce that' whatever changes the sea k
" had rpndergone must have occurred loig wT
Is before the birth of history or itradition. to
 d Sir Heory Rawliuson, in reply, said that eh
, evidence exists in the writings o, tlt, *
tt 14th and 15th centuries that a common i
t highway of travel from Europe and Asia d
ill passed directly over the region now eor- i
u. ered by the waters of the Aral. His op.
n ponent admitted that such evidence C
as would be conclusive. flere the debate e
a ended with the understanding that Sir n
he Henry is to collect and publish the P
3 proofs of his asseroi to.-[Englih piper. o
w_ On Monday the new members of our a
it. municipal governisent, appoin.ed by
to Gen. Hancock, met at the Mayor's oflice r
on and were duly installed. Present :
ad Iayor Til3-y; Trustees Mulhanpt, Spilk
e- e, Ilendall, Walker, Lewis, Moreltdl I
ed and Zeigler--a full board. Mr. 8V . I
to Lewfis wa~s refinstated assessor and C. I.
ve Spilker elected eontroller.--[Arereport i
ce; ,SostA-.Westera, 8th inata:rnt.
S Joe Blate says: Bum meh are grate
Sby bchance, ibut I know a darned site uf
em that are mean rom tchoice.
f I hey alwaz thot that if the cholera
U- could be managed with dicresshun l it i
Smight prove a publio blessinag.
A cise man doa't want to go to Kon-i
Sg.ess; and maity few auv em do.
A man thata got the Itch can alwas
com up to tile scratcbh.
About all the difference I can seeo in
ni-the kats i that the biggest kort ha the
_p last gdRs5.
Whet youn meet a virtuous man order
Shis life size fotograf. Yoa can carry all
Ior you' get in a iket album.
S Young man, before yon try to be a
1 rasl, hCl badn't you as well try if you
he wouldn't make a better fool?
FlDeath, pnrgfatoryv mont te gra s..e yO
may 05Cial*, but I'll bet yO*.4 dsI m-b i
that you hate to by' y"ir wife a new
e bonnet if the wans It.
Aof A g mn'n inalsy rees hau pretMy
mea fait f~tlinl m t e msinme w that the
boy got the ste~b-y rabbh agla pea
Sple that had it..
at The Florlda f4O [email protected] assembled at
Tarlaehaese .m t~he 2th Intanat.
18614 whl-tbe-, r 7oate...
Boiwrltng Green, " -
' ip+e;f4by l tti1:1s ýt r7Ka : ......
Tumd destro.Wd tbW' ntid~lht&H?
spenel;dGrei ith autmdi gd itlmtm, ,..
lie b+iug In hessbed1 uatoit  i ;tg
S tiý,r. . the sb ';'
ahetat by tt 1 t
s. p Kentucky, comseaiair , - ar , ,.:=
$anL reesidenme, dtree. etehrieg g hr ·f k
seventys ihcn e, » . "ir; ,R c~
adt running through the entire a ua*r
"width eqitia rohtt 6 deiia"Cente u iti ., ,
ioe o twoalts in Bi abpwtw w.e s
Oru of- aeme hndede, et ,
ithoe _ni ·~ie w Iiin. 4ktuu,,t4W .oYA. 'i, ,
,6t libary and h lit;:$d s. i
amoant of othe*b li ,
WSAahout adu ' beiteins a~uaidzmsa "
#pp a rdilrt:i*as o i edtaine4 ttr .uu
statute4 t ,ia g
adpthorte sowii ild 'y o i tJil,:
whl . 'path l for * it by. givisg0Jeaki -d'i;
Sq,erodit on. their sjagea ,A ~ .
e sptalhprove e :tbt.lEld, ......
tadole, ( r. d ,
not-permitted to e skener to tlKsauetlek
did-aet d twby' the britlgte lba 1Madie'.
i Feo so, lhe :would besta, at4file d '; 'he
lw e tr ,hfr., A,A, ?lde r4 .
rious pirel miu, re quton were de
clded agat mst lili. TW ohtolm ri
,mret by additional prtpraetion: ftber, .
tw igusln imuet sbem case .. usubbitedd;
Scedior rad a to tren is leopion th O ie
' cknerhl s 'property, whteh ttr b held,
and on yesterday, Col. R. W. WoolleyS,
for. Gen. Buckuner, toole- poeaeaion of
oe thiaelte o estate, f ti an t 1 hortlodt
to enter npona the w atrteooumtypMeperty.
It was alsoagreel thatthe questio of .
- rents andl poits due to Gen. Bune
Snpd some moneys expfendeitby 'theat
1 road roidmany in 'eteiorink liens a 'il
- mnikig improvemeats, shaould ie *eheir
I ed for adjustment co thle oos~nissiouer
Sof tlgo court, tof epq<t the arccoult be
1 tween the parties, and erlel Bouckner
1 agreed rnot to institute a snbneqhet suit
for damages benause of the attaUbe ase
-[ Louisrlec C osrnr ierer 31,
- Two R!tatuA a W1 ATdn(.s.
George III, was the fortunate'r eeipentu
w of the smnllest watch ever made, which
onstructete by the famoue s cbrono neter
maker Arinold, and w fqe In a rluglkd
Sa jewel. It coitadineod one hap aset
Stwenty different parts, and weighed just
about as inatlsy gratse. sad thatt b n1at-ts
Sote gramti elch, the fly wheel atl pfnions
a actually wieighling thia aStrtteenth Vart
tof a {grain! Of coit;O orditlairy tools
raer# dwneless for such microscopio rotrk,
and Arnold had first to make a special
set of ilmnplemne"ts for it. The king was
so plrased with the wonder that ie re
warded 'the donor with fiveb handfed
guineais. 'The emperor of Russia want
t el a tQch like it, and, offered Ar.:old
one thlonusald guineas 'for its cor.uter
. partf,'hIt lit order that Il;i gift to the
. king might not be depreciated, and ot
ao the same time to prekerve its unique its
character, Arnold refused the ofier.
In strong contrast with' this tiny time
a keeper is a wnteh in the ftirm of a sknlL;
g which formerly belonged to the infor
,e tuntate Mary, Queen of Scots, and was
rt hequenteleil to her ntahl of honor, Mary
e. 'Seatwon. It is of tilver gilt; stad ot the
in forehend of thie skru' is tJe Agare of
i 4 ath with scythce and hourglass stnnt'
r- inug between ai palace and a cottage,
. withm one foot on the th'redhold of each.
re On the posterior plrt'trbre is a represa
e entation of tille, also with a scythe, and
ir neur him the emablrm of eternity-a at*
o petit with its tall in its' mouth, On
r. one side of the skull there are digcres"
of Adam and Eve in the garden of itp,
ir and on the other a representation of tho
N ernciAxloin, each set off with anh m p)l -
e printo eghrrnd. The inshie aof tl' qktil is
: i'laborately wronght. Tle wateha prt
k- is emtire anid pers)m ,we.ll, ad it has a
[! hell of musical solua, upao which the
8- ihours are 'trnck.' C'cHinin 'is_ xed to
I. tile relic, but is too h'aiy to /be wrn;
rt it wims, ltihtltOss, t inteded to occupy a
s ationay place ot aprfddtew, erpriavato
te ialtar.
o COTTOR STATrXrENY-The fec its.
ra of notton at this port fOr the.week end
it ing last night uinm up 618 balr, agai
900 bides tot thif ceo " t wek
l. lsat year. 'Ota tc t shiee thme Ist
of Septembet, 8700 bales, ageiapat 19,M0
as bales for thie seme ptrid last jear.: T"e
selipmirlits for th6 past weeki Aiuounted
In to 332 bates against 1,1 x Wi ath time
_ne` e"rrrespontin e wk Ie .m.,:,,S,
ment since the list 0t. htembtr 2,972
ir baleu, s*giVt 14,~JO- Sitrte WebU' tuihe
s .yeaXr4,ni8 t( h st,p tkW-W,.
Sten, 84 istat. . : L.
o 'Womte, Idaeesnt and p.*ude teta t
- ---.,.. , ---~~---------
t hey a tr as" "abse ialr .ie .
teers tam tha lm tl rt6Nwru er
that th d tt

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