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at if the population of the world a
ants to between 1200 and 1300 mil
pifiouos, the number of deaths in a
-guld be about 32 millions. As
ming the correctness of this calcnla
n, the deaths each day would be near
88,000; 36,000 per hour, 60 per min
, nd..every second would carry into
it~one human life from one part
the world or another. But repro
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-ecilating the probable annual
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at whereas 00 persons die per mie
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crease of population is kept.-London
Wben; Meaven sends storms upon men
-ey ptt imitate the bumble grass,
bhtcl saves itself by bdwing meekly
hew Orleams Market.
- New Orleans. January 31. 1868
ox-Ordinary............. !5®16c V E
Good Ordinary........ 16(4 17c
L Lw middling.......... 173i 18e.
Middling nominal .....18(18,e.
ariei Middling........... I9 -
-osseAt-Gold .......... .....13¢®, 39
Bitver........... .. 132L 3:
taleTrury note~........ 27,@9.8c discont
Gws...................... 8(150 %,1U
oLars Ohoice..hi........ .80a8;c 1 gallot
..................$12 [email protected](14 per bbl
 ................ .......$1 U7 bushel
ss .......................... 80c bushel
A ............................8 0 1 ton
oM, Mss........ ... $24a$25 pr bbl
cox-Ulear sides............ t3%ca-. t h
Ribbed sids ..............13  i 3e
Shoalders ................104(a 14c.
Hams (sugar caurL,,) ......1217:.
DtI Bamoazz ..................2.c. '1 yard
Az.a hRors.. .....................Dc. pr Ih
Saccession of Octave V. Metoyer.
y virtue of an order of the lion. District
Court in and for the parish of Natchitoehes,
will be sold, at the t lantation of Madarite
j. Metoyer, in this pat ish, t -e late residence of
deceased, the corporeal mnovables belonging to
Succession, consisting of Farming Utansils.
zen; Mules, Horses, Cattle, Wagons, his one
irdinterest in the corn and fodder crop raised on
plantation aforesaid, being about 1200 harrels
corn and 3500 pounds fodder. and his one hall
tereit in the sme crops on the Bol l)ieu planta
a of about 250 barrels of corn. an 1 2300 pounds
fodder, more or less; Gun. Rifle, Gold Watch
d other articles named on the tnverto'y.
The sale will be made on Thursday, the 18th
y of February, 1868.
rerms of sale-For Cash. and the sal,e to br
subject to an aplpraisenment to be a.ade of
atticles to be sold.
February 6, 1868. .-heriff.
Succeasion d'Octave Metoyer.
a verta d'un o:die de I'tlonorable Cour de
District dens ct pour la Paroisse des N atchi
oil sera offert en vente f I''habitation de 1lnd
e Benj. Metoyer, dlans cetto Paroisse. Is derniere
idence du df dunt lea meuble corporels apparte
nt a as Succession consistant en ustensils art
irsa boufas. mules, chevaux. beteas cornes,wagon,
n intaret d'un tiers dans la recolte de mati; et d1
urage. produits de la dite habitation taut eurli
in 1200. batilet 3500 lires de furage, et son
tert de moitie dans lea rea'oltes produites
r Ia plantation du Rigolet Bon Dirn etant e:wri
n 250 barils de mneis et 2510 livre; du f.,:mage
lus on moins; fusil, carabino, montre en or et
'au rea artic'es mentionnes sur I'inventaire.
La veute sera faito Mardi le 18me jour de
evrier, 1868.
Termes et conditiocs de ln vente--An Comptant
sujttte al'aitimation q'ii sera faite ces articles
i doivent Itro vendus.
J. C. IUGHE.9,
Pev. 6, 1 868- Sherif.
k commodious Store l.iorw, also, several gor d
Rooms up-st:.irA, in the l'rudhomme build
g, corner Front and Horn streets.
Apply t> J. TRICIIIEL,,
feb6-3m cArent.
he Greatest Bargains of the Seasonu
OASPARI & DIETIIICIThave now opened
he large and well assorted stock of
f B. Reinhardt & Co., purchasAd at Shc iff's sale
t much less than half its value. They will sell
cm to the public much lower than the present
ew 3rloor.s prices.
DRY GOODS. being outside their line of hus.
Iess. they desire to get rid of the st.ck QU'ICK,
nd will give, in consequence, ASTOUYNDIING
January 23d. 1868.
(Corner Front and W'ashington streets,)
S8~"Liberal advances made on Cotton.
Natchitoches, January 16, 1868.
offer for sale 400 Bushels of Cotton Seed, of
the very beat quality-P. tite Gulf and Boyd'.
Proiific. at 75 cents per bushel. Great care
being taken with them to prevent rot or damage.
Sdec5tf ;. L. PIEhtSON.
enteel Board, with or without Lodlging, can
be had on Third Street. For termo. apply
;J·anuary 16. 18i8.
Salt! Salt!! Salt!!!
_-VE HUNDRED Bushels of bauntiful fine
white Salt for sale at $1.00 p-r bushll, at
e old "Drake Salt Works," by
December 2d, 1867. dec5 4t
he State Constitutional Conlventioln now in
geasion. having passed an Or.linance levying
Tax of one smill upon the dollar on all Tax
abe property to pay the expenses of said Conven
a. al being directed by the Auditor to norncd
mediatelf to collect said Tax. I hereby notify
he lax-Payers of the Paris's of Natehitochcs to
y said Tar immediately in the tezal currency of
he United States, or I will employ the summary
esn now given by law for the collection of
te Tazes,
Sheriff & Tax Col'ertor,
Pai. of Natchit-che.i
Josary @th, 1988. 8c4,],
Succession of James R. Bosle .
-By virtue of an order ofrtlie Honorable Distrie
U Court. in and for the Psri-h of Natchiloches
I will offer for sale at public auctit n, it, front o
SLisos Store, at Lisaos anding, in the parish o
-Natchitoches, on
Tuesday, the 8rd day ot March, 1868
. at 12 o'clock, M.. t e following property baloai,
ing to the success:oa of James IR. BJsley, di~
ceased, -viz :
A lot of movables, consisting of a Gin stand,
Corn Mill and a few otner at ticles, and the fol
lowing lands, viz :
All that tract or parcel of land on Red P.iver
I and being in the parish of uNatchitoches and
known as a portion of that part %.f the 'mannue
Fernandez ,ran and being part of that portion
which the said James It. Bosley dr: w in the di
vision of the real estate owned joit:tly by said
Jtnmes R. Bosley and Peyton R. Bosle3, and lying
on th% h ft bank of Red River. descending, ant
bounded as follows: On the north by lands of
IGuthrie and Stothart, on the east by Bayou
Nicholas, on the south by lanlIs of John F. Ste
phens, and on the west by Ited River and lan so
Lisso, contaiuing about three hundred and
fity acres, more or less, except about fifty
acres, more or less, of the upper portion theret
sold to W. sley Guthrie, by the deceased.
Also, a lot or parcel of land being a fractional
part of section number thirty, township twe ve.
north. range nine. west; containing about one
hundred -"ud twelve acres, more or less.
Also, lot number six. containing about eighty
fo,.r acres, in section thirty-two, township twelve,
range nine, west.
Also, the following lots or parcels of land lying
and being in the town of Springvilie, viz: tots
number fourteen. fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eigh
teen, twenty-four, thirty-one, thi ty-six, thirty
seven, thirty-nine. forty, forty-tour, forty-five, forty
seven; each lot containing one acre.
Also, the following lots in the town of Spring
ville. viz: Lotj number one, three. four, four,
five, seven; eachlot containing ten acres.
Also, lot number one, containing forty acres
in and adjoi;ing the town o Springville.
Also a lot of land desigunted as Coleman num
ber one in the plan of the town of Springville,
except one block of four acres, being iots number
forty-nilc and fifty-two. sold to E. VWhitted, and
lot number fi.ty. sold to R. A. L. McCurdy, and
except one lot of land containing two acres, sold
to James M. Lindsay.
Also, lot number fifty-one, in Springville, con
taining one acre.
A diagram of said lots will be exhibited om
the day o sale.
A portio-- of the first described tract of land
consisti'ng of what was known as Bos!ey's Land
Inz. with the buildings thereon, is under lease to
John 11. Jones, until the first day of January.
1871. at the annual rent of two hundred dollars,
and the said first described tract of land will be
sold subject to said lease.
For all the property, Cash, subject to t!ie
appraisement. If the seine or any part of it
shall not bring its ;:ppraisement in cash, the pro
perty f.riling to bring the apnraisement will im
mediately at the same time und p'aece b' reocff red
onlacredit of one lear from the day of the sale
I'urchas,-rs on credit terms to give theit notes
s tisfnict:rily secured in solido. payable one ear
after ldate to th- corder of the Adninistrator, and
' earing eight per cent. per annum interest from
date till paid: the notes for the lands to be fur
ther secured by vendor's privilege and special
niortgage retained on the lands for which the
notes are given, and the lands to hbe sold with th.,
c!ause of non-alienation to the prejudice of the
privilege and mortgago retained.
January 30th, 1868, She.iff.
Veite de Suceesion.
Succession de James it. So=lcy.
San virtu d'un ordlre de '(FIonorable Conr do
A- Listrict danvs et po¶r les paroi-as d 's Natch
itoches.j'ffllrirai en vcnte a I'encan publiqie en
faee du mi.tauziti di: Lis", a Lis-o's Landing, dats
la par:&snc des Natchitclehs
MAD.nor. I.F 3xis JOUR ox MARS. 1868,
A midi, la propriitC slivante appurtenant a la
Su.e-.csion do Jamens R. It.Is!ey, savoir:
Un lot doe mIub!'s. r-onsistant on un moulin <
c.toun, un moloi!n n mals, et qnelque-s autres arti
des, ainsi que les terres sutivantes, savio':
Tout cc morcea die terre sur Ia Itiviere Rouge.
Itant daus la paroisse des Natchitoche. et conni
tomne p:ant tn'e portion d.: cette partic de la con
ce.-sion de I;manuel Fel,,'n.nd,-z et etant ut.e partic
de la portion que le c it James R It sley eur dans
la division de, la p olipriet immnobilitre poss,le 'n
conom-in eitre le dit Jam-s R. ltosl,-v et 'eytlon
Il. 13oley etetant situtl sir la rive r-uche d- It
ltivitrc Rouge cn desccnd.,nt et borete aitnsi qu'l
suit ani notd par Ic; tirr.s de Oithrie et Sto' hart
iL I'-,,t par le ilhyotn hiciholas, anu stI par Iet
terre de J.ean F. Stephens et C loatest pa, la I:i
vire Itnitge et des tcrrea de Li-so. conttrinnt cnvi
roia trui- cent cintiquantt nr(s, hplus on mnoini, ex
(e,,te cin;qai:te acres pits ,u miu ns de lai partici
superi2,uitr vwindne i W\Vesley (Unthrie pal Ile defutt
Ait.-I. unI lot do terre e:annt tine i,artie frarttiotn
ell d Il section numelro trente, do tuwnhellp
do ize: nord, de la rattu e neuf oue.t, contenatllll
ilviron ct-lnt d nz. acrels, plus olt motils.
Aunsi. It lot onmbre six colltenant environ
qnatra vinpt qIlatre air s dnsl I se,:ion t:enti
ncuat, dui towtisl-i- douz,'. de la range nenf onlst
Ahlsi. 'ei lots saiv'an s. situet d ins le v.ll.tge d
Sp ;nvilll. s.avolr: L- lots cln e o quatorzc.
qili'z,'. ,ei-ze. dix-sept, dix hlnit. vingt quatre
ir,' :'tC etun. trette-i-x, trente s'pt. treniitc'neuf
qiare-te, quarantob-quar, qi'araete-ci. qratt-ct( quar
ant -si-pt, rolntclnlt itn arple'lt. ctiacitl:
Atsni. lrs lot, slivants,situic d lu tio village de
Srini vil,'e. .ivoir: I. s lots nllltero tiln. troi.
qiarte. einiq spt. chnqlt lot cont nalnt dix acres.
Aus-i. Ie lot uiilier, unll. coll,:ntant qlal'ant
acres dns c et touchanlt au vill.ice de Sjplini,-villi,.
Antsi, I' lot do tre drlsigni comrnin Coem(' rm
numero tin dans le vill.gi, de Snirtg-il/lc, excep,:
n bloe de qintratr aeres Ltant le lots nlme: n lil:qt-
anote nut eetci. quante -d x VentdUs Est lF. \Vhitted.
et le Iot numero ciiquante vendu a R. A. L.
.lCiardly, et excepts, un lot do terre contenant
dex acrest vendu .-Jalmes N1. Lind:say.
Assi,. le lot numero eitnqtante et un dains
Spi iigvite con'e ant un acre.
iUn plan des dits lots sera montre le jour de
U1ie portion du premier morceau decrit consiste
en cc q'i et connt conme Ilo ey'a LInding. ave<
tis bltisses qii s'y trouvent est sons bail a .,Joh,
I1.Jone juisq'uia premier Janvier, 1P 7:. et le dIt.
m,'-ccm Ie premier decrit sera vendu snjette an
dit bail.
Pour tontle la propriete. ani Comptant, Sijette
a ''estimation. Si Ia propriete o on panrtie de
la propriite ne rapro'te pa-s ,e prix d'stimation an
:onptllant. I;t pornriete tie rapplortalnt pas loestima
tion sera immediatement offerte d. lnonveau C la
nmee place C un credit d'nn an di joe' de enlte:
i-s aecherrt ia crtedit fournirort lenrs bi.lets soli
dairs sunffisament guarantis pay:,b!e A uu an de
date A "'ordre de I'A-lmiit strateur et portent hui
pour cent pa an d'linterCts du jour i.e vente jns
qU'nu paUnlit painment; los hillete pour i-. teries
ser mlt tie pils guaranlis par le privi!ege de vendtur
et hlypctheque srpeciale retenne sur l(cs trres pour
lcsqnellel s ls bhilts scront donne., et d plns les
terres s rcmt vendnis eyre la clause de non-ationn
tion an prejudice du dit hvpotelhqin et privilege
zretenns. JAS. C. HUGHlES,
Ju:|ilnry, 30. 1 9a8. Me,.if
7TAN'-l~.--Rty a young lady, thoio.tghly
qualified for the position. a 8situation as
Teachsr. either in a private family or School.
l'he use ml English branches atld Music taught
Terms modeiate-to suit the present impoverished
fanacialm eodition of the country. Any commn.
ications on the subjet addreamld to tbu odes
will be forwarded ise applicat.
Vente de Sherif.
Ausite RLotie I co'stre.
lcrm'iette M. Bossier et No. 6265.
Peabody A. Mldse.
Ausite Bobien
cotre - 'No. 6254.
fleceritte M. Bossier.
eitn vertu de writs de ft. fa. emis par l'[ionorable
UCour de District dans et pour Ia paroisse des
a"rtchitoches et A moi airesse daus lea proces ci
dessus nummes et enumerotes Jai saisi et j'uffrirai
Cu vecte au plus haut et deruier eucheritseur
SAotDI, LE 7xa JoUn DE Mlas, 1868.
entre lea L~ures usuelks de route a la porte de Ia
blaison de C1our dans la ville et paroisse des
Natchitoches la propriete ci-apres tecrite, snisie
cotume etunt Ia propriete des defeundants, savoir:
Unu certain lot de terre sitne dans Ia ildle des
Natchitoches mesuraut quatre-vingt-sopt pieds de
face sur Ic cote ouest de la rue Washington et
mesurant en profoudeur quatre cent dix-sent pieds
ou d peun ,res jusqn'a Ia rue iconde borne an
nurd par un lot appertenaut st Victor L'herisson et
anu sd par un lot appartenant & Solon Bartlett
& Cnie; ainsi que touts les hattisses et ameliora
tions qui s'y trouvect et tous les droits, passe ges
servitudes on privileges sur on appurtenant a In
dite propriete,etant le meme lot de terre et amel
ioratious achetes par Henriette M. Bossier de
Solon Bartlett & Cue. ainsi qu'il par'ait par
'acte publique passe par devant Thomas P. Jones
Itecordeur sur le 8me jour de Novembre, 1865,
et comme elle est decrite duns Ic dit acte.
Au Coanptant, avec le benefice d'estimna
tion. J. U. HUG iHESS.
Jan. 30, 1868. Sherif.
District Court--Parish of Natchitoehes.
I. Kahn & Co., 1
Vs- ) No. 7267.
A. L. Sotnpayrac, f. m. c.
1," virtue of a writ of fieria facias issued in the I
above entitled and numbe-ed suit to me direc
ted; I have seizid and will offer for sale to the last
nud highest bidden on
the 10th day of February, 1868, at the residence
of the defeudant on Bayou Natcles int this parish,
the following described property. to-wit:
Twn hormes. 2 waRgons, I buggy, 2 milk cows,
lot farming utensils, let corn. fodder, &d.
'lertms of sale-Cash, with the benefit of ap- I
praisemnet. J. C. ilUGtIES.
Jan. 30, 1868. SherilF.
- t
Cour de District-- Paroisse des Natchitoche.
I. Kahn & Co. t
cont'e . No. 7267.
A. L. Sompayrac, h. c. 1.
Ea vertu d'un writ do fieri facias emis dans )o I
.2 proces ci-dessui nomnne et enumerote et ft mtoi (
addresse J'ai snisi et j'offrirai eu vente au plus I
haut et deruicr encheriaseur
Lvnd., e I Ome jour de Ferrier, 1868. t
a la residence du del'endantsur le Ilayout Natches
d:an cette parcistsc la propriete ci-apnes decrite,
a savoir: 2 Chelvaux. 2 \Vugons t Cabi iolet,
2 vaches i fait. un'lot d'astensils aratuires un lot
de eals utn lot de fourage, &c.,
I'ermces et condi:i3as de veute-au comptaut,
avec be efice d'tstimation.
Jan. 30. 1868. Sherif.
VEIN'mS. Di I II:Il ltF.
Cour de I isttrict-- 'aroisse des Nutt hitoches.
Victor Rachdl, Adamiuintrateur,
cot e No. 6304.
Ma.rie Ada Ruchal et autres.
01a vertu d'un writ dL- ft. lt. emis par i'lionora.
12E ble Cour do iDislract dana et pundln paroisse
dt s Natchittrhcs at toi untda-c-e duns le proces ct
d.'ssun nomnae ct uumerote, J' ni aii et j' orirai
en vente nu p!us haut t edernier encheri scur
Samedt. Itl 7,me jour r.e Mlars, 1868, It
entre les heures ordituires dtie vetes, is la pot to
do as Maisun de tour dais la vil:c et paroisse des
Natchitouhes la propriete suivnate saulce comme
etant Ia propricte de >a del.ondaute Madrie Ada 0
atchal, satoir :
'n mtorccau de terre avee lea amelinrations quit
c'y trouveut, titue sur l ItiviCte Atl.ao daus In L
paroisse ddis Natchlitoches, ordinairenio ut appelee
I'e*iite Itivicre, amesurat:t a p peu pes ci.q arl.lpnlts
d. tlce p!us on onail:s uvec tunt aIn pr.,fondeur
qui y appartient. borne par ela Iltalt par les terres
der cnuiats de Jacquette itachal. f. c. .. en bas
par le. terre sdo Celestice tactaiul, f. c. I; tdjugets
a 'a dite 1a ie Ada Itachal is la vente de Ia sue.
ces.-in de Varness J. Lactnal.
Tl'rtnCes et c,ili"-tions de la vente :
An coniptant, avec beuncice d'estitti or.
Janvier 30. 1868. h'herif.
Cour d. I)istrict-l'aUroisse des Natchitoches. 1)
if'al-ilcy & Co.
c,otr'e No. 6898. f
Jean I heslut. V
-L1n ve. tu on ordro dei f. ft. emi. par 1liTTonorn
ble (Cour dei Di t' 4,t d:na et pour la paroisle 11
e' d moi ~dI'resse dia .le pr cc ci.tssus t niomlmet f
et Inmero e. Jai satsi et j'o:Trirai en vcnte au plu: at
hiunt ,t dirtier *, "*a itrij,-ur hi
,'amedi, le 7ume jour de Mars, 18(8, It
entl c let li-tarot u.- ue:l , dt vote d la porte di Ila
1a :un de Cour dancus la ville it p.,riis.s d. s Natch. S
itochcs la Iro .it te i-a.res declite saiSi comime i
.ta-tt la prop idte ta d thlndant, savonir : in
Ijn certain i orceatnl de terre situ cliansn la pa- w
risoec dts N'tth1,stt be. et etant le quart sud at
ouest tldu qtart iord o t a. I. quart sud onet t Iet lei
uIrt ' ord uotlit du qlart nurd' I iti Iat la; sectlon pi
Ittnmro tn., tit titwiirllp dm:zitc de la lan-:ck sept t
q adt -tlh ( tOIlet Iltl qitirt sLual-oe1St die Ia sa tieI iI
tre .t cinq (:u t Atnship) triz, de !a ra;ee .sept
touteloiilltt tS'oi =eiLt vllagt acrcet, 1~!it oun insll. pl
av. c 'e" btise s et uneliorations qui sy trouvcnt.
'ler'crs ct toditi ln de V0.ntte: AU contptant,
avec boefice d'cstimaution.
Januvier 30. 1868. shCr;f.I
])I1. 3. w. QUA RILEST
-avirt prmtnaetntly located in Natchioch~Ps,
- ofliira hit prift'ssional s"rvices to the tenw-nl
antl srroundinia counltry. 1,itlh mere than thirlvty
e,'rs cexperience,. he ftcls qtulifictd :o give satis- N
it::t ion. andt will give ptotpt attention to all cals
beoth tday and nighlt.
lie can bo foult at Dr. lBreda's T)rtg Store tdu- it
ri,, the day. and at nlitht at the fimecr rte';idnc at
ot Mr·. Dls-iz-. 1 -ci .r. on Wa.lhington ·trct. m
V 1N'I I: i U((UE-.i;,SIy O rN.
Int vertt d'tltl ordlre de I'lhonorable ('our doat
iListrct dans ct pour Ii Parois's des Natch
tochis ii 'era offert en vettne tn ill;s I:ut et der
ticr enclhriser 0 la pore tie Inla Naisi-n de Conr o
Ljts ht vill, et aroisse de, Natchito: hes.
Luandi, 24nrae ouar de Fevriere, 186, th
a propriere suivante situSe dana ln Paroiie de ro
a'rchitecln-es et upartenant a In 8nccession de
I'hotma J. Qu'naebary, deed. savoir : I
Utn mroreau de terre situs dana la Paroile des r
Natc hitoches ur In rive ganuche do la riviere ni
tIounge en descendant. A environ trois mile- en Wi
,:is i,- t'amnptE mesurant environ qoatre arpents
it fatce <nr ia dite Rivitre. pilh o0 msaons et con
matt In profondnur jiusq'u a Bayou connau sott lc
to=: d- Grand Cnro. di lit quarante arpents plns
iu mains en arrit&r. jusqu'd la ligne en arriire dn
ii' morceau bornt par en hant par des tormes
nppnrtenant utrefois ii Louis .lamaPtte. die.de,. et
le dit Rayou Grand Caro. par etn Iat par des terres
autrefois appartenant a T'homas J. Qoisentry.
1ecidE, etant ie meme qni fat aete, de Manrianuette i
Iadin ctou're* paracte dt Icr Janvier, 1853, I I
i.t morceau de terre appurtenant ct communants
ntre le dit Quisenbnry et us veuve survivante.
AU CeOaptaOtn, avec bntSeoe d'estifastioo.
Jaarter 22. 1968. ippy or
' . Dist fet Court--Parish of Ycatchitocles.
NO: 6898-WALMSLEY & CO. vs. John
5. CU ESNUT. By virtue of a writ of fi. fa.
issued by the Honorable District Court
in and for the Parish of Natchitoches
antd to me directed in the above entitled
ie and numbered suit, I haveo seized and
e will offer for sale to the last and highest
:i- bidder on
a Saturday, 7th day of March, 186I ,
between the usual hours of sale at the
Ia Court House door in the town and pa
L5 rish of Natchitoches, the following de
ie scribed property, to-wit:
A cettain tract or parcel of land lying
Sand being situated in the Parish of
et Natchitoches and being the South WVest
Squarter of the northwest quarter, the
u southwest quarter and northwest quar
et ter of northwest quarter of section No.
tt two, township tnumber twelve, range
a- seven; the southwest quarter of south
west quarter of Section thirty-five, town
~ hip thirteen, range seven, containing
l three hundred and twenty acres, more
,r or less, with all the buildings and im
Ls provements thereon.
5. Terms of sale-Cash, with the benefit
of appraisement.
Jan. 30, 1808. Sheriff.
District Court-Parish of Natchitoches.
No. 6304-Victor ItRachal, Adinistra.
tor, vs. Marie Ada Rachal, et al. By
virtue of a writ of fieri facias issued by
the Honorable District Court in and for
e the Parish of Natchitoches to ime direc
Sted in the above entitled and numbered
suit, I lhave seized and will offer for sale
to the last and highest bidder on
e Saturday, the 7th, day of tlarch, '863,
Swithin the usual hours of sale at the
door of the Court House in the town
' of Natchitoches the tollowiig discribedtl
. property. sized as the property of the
defentdant, viz:
A tract of land and improvements
- thereon, situated on the Athoa River in
the Parish of Natchitoches, commonly
called Little River, measuring about
live arpents front, more or less, with
all the depth to it appertaining bounded
a above by lands of the children of Jac
ii quette Radchal, f. w. c. and below by
is lands of Celestine Rachal t: w. c. adju
dicated to the said Marie Ada Rachal at
the succession sale of Varness J. RaEchas!.
, Terms of sale-Cah, with the benefit
, of appraisimnent.
Jan. 30, 1868. Sheriff.
u iaranteed perfectly Fausii and r'uRi; and of
fered lr saile at modh.-ate prices. at IIr. P.
tHEIll .'. Dirutg St-ire, opposite lu ke & \Walhs
Icy's, Wash'u ton street, Natclitoches La.
Prescriptions carefully put up on the shortest
notice.ur any hoar of the Day or Night
E ory effirt will be usel to give full -atisfactior
to the pubilic. gen-rully. ('all and sec for your
selves. a1)rk *e!/ thatle it is at )r. P'. !IREI)A'1S
Dreg Store. opposite IIirke & W ahliasley's.
Natchitoches, Janua'y 6, 1868.
District thourt--Pa'rih of Natc hitoche'.
\ o. 621.5 - A sirs tr ltuir:u vi. II :NititTrr. Vi.
J: siaa; a110 I't.Anouni A. .llo s . N ,.
62;4-A-slrK: Itonite vs. IIstnaTrrA. St. DOSSIERt.
Ily virtue of the writs of fI. ft. issued by the
ihonorable Iis'riet Coart in ani for the pllrihi of
Natchitches and to me directed in the aiove cn
titledi ait:d numbiiird sui:i. I have siz-dl antd wil
ofnr for sale to the la-t and higlhest bidder on
Saturday, the 7th day of March,1868,
between tihe ,-ial hI)turs of sale at the door of the
iourt Ilhnot in the town of Nat-hiitohe., the
following dit ihii I property sciz'd as the proper.
ty of the deClbndat., ViZ.
A c' rtain lot or parcel of ground sitnated in I
the towvi of .atclitioches, m'ourtnt:: eilghty-seven
fat. front Au the west -ilie 1 \'fuaslingtoa street
and runninlg b',- I, r depth to teic. tud i tr et 'tur
hi -udred and "tivent eeo fiet, or there|bilts. bouon
<led on the ni,th by a lot beluiongit to Victor
L hIirrison. aald onl the soil ti ay a lot b-on-gi:;g to
Solonu Hurth t. & Cu.; together with all atil sin
edulag, Ithe buitlin os, i rsprove- inhts right-, wats.
1ntmeet -tund tprnvi eges o0 or uttacheld to or n ahy
uwi. th-ri Ii, lot ing. bninr ttie same lot of ,rtriuil
I and improvs m in -t acquired by Hleurietta NI. Bois
sier fora SoIon Ilartlette & Co, as will ulpeat by I
I public act pa-sed bforc lIhomus '. Jhe , lt:cor
dir, in the -th dl iy of Nouvember, 1855, and u- 1
I des.ribb-d in staid act of -:il-.
"Tirm i tf -al, cash--wiih thn- b, noit of ap
pra-n ieit. J. C..II UG I I'I-.
Jauluary 30, I 86S. Sh,,ritf.
Byrirtui of an order of the ionorable District t
Court in and for the Pia'ilh ut Natchitoehi:.
there will h, of-l:red for enhc to ti. last and hi,,ugh t
hiddir t the door ," the ('nurt lhiuse in the t.i n '
ruad Parish of Natl'hit cei's. (,ii
MIonday, 241th day of F'ebruary, 1864.
t!e to lwn" 1Iropic ty sitiatid i, the l'.+,ii h I .f
Natchit'cts and belinsing to the Succo-sicn oft
Thon as .1 qtuitenhury. d-e.ieied, viz:
A tract ofut lsal .tuat,.d i tlhi Purish of Nateh
itochis. on the left hank of Red River discendin- .
alout three tbii:cs Ielow th.' town of Iampte. t
measturin ih Boulet hour irpents flOll t ii said lIver,
tme-i-ir, rr I - ituutl ritultuisug ia,-k fir a l-.pth :ialo.s
the li.tnk if tho i i itiou kno'vi is th, r:-anid r.' . -
six ai pens. tore hr lesh. and totm thu, re biclk
forty a ripe t. nmore or c-<., to the lie in the lie r <
of msi1 truet of land, hounded above by land for
uuerly b loniteing to Louis Lamathi. dec as-..l a:d a
thss ,id Bayou EGrand I'are, and below and in 'ihe
•rear by laiud formerly iel,,nging to 'hum~ta .I r
Qtienobury. ilrceasned. being the same derived from
Mlarianette B 'lin and others by act of ! st .Janta
re. I fi53. said tract of laud belonginr to the comn- d
munity between said Quisenbury and his surviving
Casth-s-uhject to the appraisement.
J. C IIUGiIF>. tf
January "3,l.1865. therilff.
Washington street.
S dd made oc Coisiqrnments of Cotton'
,=, obhe prodner. jan-.y
. DrsTRrIr Court--Psits or rNAvsstcsns.
Seliun 11. Snead,
i hates WiVitted, hdr husband. o.
In this case, by reason of the law and evideoce in
S I favor of the Plaintiff. on the trial, it is ho1ehy
d ordered, adjudged and decreed, that the Piaintiff
d Selina 1I. Snead, do recover, from the Defeudant,
t ises Whitlted. the sum of ''ihree Thousand. Fivy
Hut dred and Eighty-nine 32-100 Dollars, with five
per cent. per anaum interest thereon from the 20th
day of N , vember, 1867. till paid, and that Piain
e tiff's legal umortgage be recognizes as existing on
all the immovable property of Defendant, to secure
said sums as follows; said mortgage affecting
Isaid toperty of Defendaut. On the let day of
July, 18-18. to secure the sum of Seventeen Iluet
dred ant Fifty Dollars, rece;ved by the Defendant
on that date. On the 1st of March. 1851, to se
t cure Three hundred Dollars, received by Defen
3l dant on hat date. On the 10th of July, 1853, to
secure Four Hundred D)ollurs, receivrd by Defnd
ant on that date. On the 1st of September, 1859,
to secure One Hundred Dollars. received by the
Delenodnt on that date. On the 1st of Janu
ary, 18i6a, to secure Fifty Dollars tecei'ed by DeU
feudant on that date. On the 1st of M ty, 1860,
to secure One lne luded Dollars received by Delee
Sdent on that date On the 1st of November,
11855, to secure One Hundred Dollars received by
Defendant on that date. Ou th . nth of August,
1866, to secure Eighty-Five Dollars received by
DUfenda.t on that date. On the 1st of April,
ItG67, to secure Fifty Dol'ars received by Defend
ant on that date. On the 1st of October, 186tt, to
se ore One HIundre.l Dollars received by the De
fendont on that date. And on the 1st of Decenm
her, 1865, to secure Five lHundred and Fifty-tour
Dollars received by the Deleida.:t on the last men
tlotoed date, with leave to plaintiff to seize and sell
"said imnmovable propejrty to satisfy this Judgment.
It is further ordered, adjudged and decreed; that
the community of aeqlets and gains existing be
tween the P'laintiff. Selina II. Snead, and the De
fendaant, Estes Whitted, her husband, be. and the
same is hereby dissolved; that the De'fendant d)
reistnr the administratan of her separate pi ope:tr,
and that she have the right to administerthe same
frtee from the control or admin stration of her said
husband, and that the Defeudant do pay the costs
of this Luit.
Done and signed in open Court, on this 11th
day of December, 1867.
(Signed) W. B. LEWIS,
District Judge.
I certify the above to be a correct and true copy
of the original Judgment in the above entitled
and numbered suit oil ile and of reccrd in my oflice.
In testimony whereof, witness my hand and of
fici:l seal at Natchitoches, this 911 day of January,
1868. A. W. A11M11LT'ON.
jan 16, 5t Clerk.
Louisiana M. Brown,
vs. No. 7174.
Edward S. Turner, her husband.
In this case, by rearonn of the law and evidence in
favor of the Plaintiff on trial, it is ordered.
adjudged and decreed, that the Plaicrtif. Louisiona
I1. Brown, do recover of the )efendant. Edward
S. Turner, her husband, the following pr.opecrty:
The P'araphertnal property of the P'laint ti, now in
possssion of the l)efendan.t, viz: Duo 1ied and
Isa1ding. It is further ordered, tadjudgld and de
creed, that the Plaintiff do recover from the De
fendant. the sium of Seventeen Hu:ndrcd Inld Filty
live Dollar.s, with five per cent. per antun, interist
thereon from the dte of this Judgment until paid;
that the legal iu'.rigagn in favor of Plaintiff be
recognized un existing upon all the imtn vablc
property of the l)Defentant, al~eting said inunuva
ble property on thle following dates, securing '.he
following amouotts : On th" lst day of Sept nm
her, 1859. securing the sum of Two Ilundlred and
Twenty-five Dollars. On the 8th of January,
1861), securing the sutn of Eight Hundred and
Fifty Dollars. Ott the 18th of February, 181i,
se-curing the suit of IT'hree Hundred and Twenty.
live Dollars. On the 1st of July, 1f862, sec:irir:
thiosum of Two liintire:l Dollars; ai:d ot the lit
of Janu.ary, 1HG, c 'curiuz thte son of One 1unn
:lrhed al Fifty Dol'ars. Said amuounts being re
coiveol by the Defetrul nt at said taleS;, andi the
'tiraphernal funds of Plaintiff, and that P'laintiff
have the right to seize and sell oaid immovable
lprI;t ert.y of DefeTindut to sat!ify this IJudgment;
a'll it it further ord -red. udu;ged and tie reed,
that :ht.re be ia repsratirn of property bctw,:en
I'laiutifll and l;:'fendant; that the contnmmnily of
:tequlets and .,atis, existing betweenl thenm he. aid
the smile is hereby, dissl Ived; and that the Plaintiff
have hl ri"ht to administer her separate property
free from tie c.ontrol and interference of her said
husband, and that the Defendant do pay the cost,
of this suit.
Iollne and signed in op:n Court on this IltL day
of lI)cember,'1867.
(Signed.) W. R. LETW TS,
D)iatrict ,Judge.
i certify the above to be a correct and true copy
of tIhe original Julgm -nt in the above entitle d
Siu numhered suit on file and of record in my
In testimony whereof, witness my hand and of
ficial seal, at Natchitoches, this 9th day of ,lan
uary, 1868.
A. W. HAMIL'roN,
Jan 1 6-5t Cl rk.
(onu's tt Di)Isrtrcr-L'tAKat)it. DFus NATCHITOctiri.
fouisian:a 1. IBruwn,
conutre No. 7174.
El:d :ard S. .nrner, son menri
I anus ce cat en raisoi de h. loi, ,'t I' vi!rne:
.I ntat ct lavutr de la denmalncrassc, dais
It proe,i ci desu.s, il i-st ordnn:., adjugt .t dPereC'e.
< ,'e la id rut u tl,'rtwse, I ouisiatut .I. -I,,vn, nit s-u
retollvric dlU Delindltnt, Ild martd H- ''erner, son
marn. la proprit't sit ivante, la propriat,Ž pa aph!r
tal, de ht dtlmattidert -' s- el annt datst la It s ,oti.t
du IDtfin-lant, -avior: Un Lit. et ling,- de I.i. Ji
est doe plut ornnlsns, atljug et dete.?, 'ito la te
m:ii dlraise itit tt recn'rr du rItufi idti Ist sltit s -
dh liixsu-pt 5 c-utt (Ci!nlqintie cilgq h'itstre-, avoce i.e
inttrts :tni r tion t(iCent p ,ur cent. I'an :-ur la dit.
somnme de la la ti de cc . tigemen , tiq!' an parfaiti
p xiement, que Plhyp~thqlu. legade do I: dema de
rl'jte. soit rcollnnl l co me! exi-tant siur totlie in
ppreoprti rimulnilit-.er du DIclind.ttt., ulfcct.int i;
dlite prcri'it iinitnotili're anx diatt suiiv-!nee ftii
tle giar ntit l' I smrmnntis nivantes: Le le ir jouir d
-tcltembrt, 1839. guarn.lutissantt nla somme d. lIehx
(','it Vit-dt-citq u'ia tres. Ie 8 ,lanvier. 18t.
:siuirant i niiteii d ' Iluit ('snt C'illqutlime Icia,
troe. li' 18 Ferrier, 18i;n . a.Plrnt , rs, la Inmiillt'
lde 'i'ro' Ce't Viagt. cing l'iastres. Le ler Juiil
let. It;i2. aislrtitlt la stinime de IDeux (:ent i'ias
trns; et te Icr Jaavi-lr. ! Hi;6, assurant la -mme d.
Clent Cinlruaito Pinsti:rs le edites some anyant 'ea
retecs par le I.'ienilnt aix ditesc dates. et lea forls
paraphltrniaux d la Demnandresse. et que la De
ima-am(le.s-se uil hi droit d<1 saisir et dC vendre la
dite prolriutt immhiliire du Drefndant afin d
atif·aire c.lrJntement. II est de plts orldonne.
a-ljutg eCt dsi'rle. qu'il y nit separation de biens
entro I D)emaurd'r-eo ct Ic Defendant qun la com
moialltEt dte hiens astrefois existnnte soit et eSt
par c, prtr'nt', diro.ate: et qu In I)Demandlere.ss
:.it Itlroit d'administrer si proprid' .sdparie sa;,
i.' tontr;,Ile on I'it ',rvention d' son dit mc:i; et que
le Def.Il dat sit ad payer ler frais de cc proces.
Fait et sign en pleine Cour ee Lme jour de
DI-ctenbre, 1867.
(Signe) W. B. LEWIS,
J;ge de Dis'rict.
Je ertifle que cc qu ecst ci-dessus est une coplr
fi.lsole e corretedn .lugement original. damn
ie pros ei-dteiis mentioned et numerota en liame
et enregistre datn mon oflce.
En fol d qeol. J'si atflr ms ignature et I
appos. * le scean de Is Coor ee 9me jour eo anvier,
'1868. A. W. HAMILTON,
jan :$, St gOgg.
Coust n w'Dzanvt-PlaozsaDa 2favor .
Selina H. Snead,
colre ) No. 720&.
Estee Whitted. mso marl.
" Dans oe cap, e, raison de la lot, et I'evideAe
1 tralt en facrer de la de~nderedse dasl,
iprodj ci-deusa,, 11 eat ordon4l, adjuge,et deat ,
que la demanderesee, Selinam . Saead afiret e
couvre do defendant, Eates, Wbi:ted,.la 1 ama da
t'rot MUille. Ciiq Cent Qua rovi!gt cobfpioa saw.
et trente deux nouv nven lts intargts ear netto
somme a raison do cinq pour ent. par ae pIrtle
du 2"oac jour de Novembre, 1867; Ju 'an p
puiement, et que l'bypotheq ue1gale doe l deman
deresse owit reconnue sur la proprldte immoblfles
du defrndant afin de guarantir le psiement de Is
dite somml no si quil suit- Le dit bpotlUaqo
affec tan: la dite propriftddda defendantle lerJurado
Juillet, 184SE, pour guarantir la somme de deizapt
cent CinaaquLte Piastres, regues par le Diendaut
a eette date. Le ler Mars, 1d51, pourguarsatir
I, soauome de Trols Cents Piastree. rogues per Is
defendant a cetto data Le 10 Juiilet, 1858, our
guarantir la somme de Quatre Cents PlaatAt
requts par le defendant a ctte dat. Le le 1
Septembro. 1859, pour guarantir gCeat Piastres,
rcgues par le defenuatt a cotte date. Le lot Jan.
vier, 1856, pour guarantir Cinquante Piaitt
regues par Ie defendant & cette date. Lae letr l,
1800, pour guaranutir. eut Piuastrea, ruesper k.
defendant a cotte date. Le ter Notembre, 1*5,."
pour guarantir Cent Piastres, regues par ltdf".
daut a ce .e date. Le 20 Aoit, 1866, poor gua
antir Quatrevingt Cinq Piastres. reCe p I
difendant a cette date. Le l oer Avrl, 1867 aoou
uanrantir Cnquante Piastres, regaes par le deiep.
dant it oette dat. Le ler Octobre, 1866, ponr
guarantir Cent Pias tres, regues per le defendant &
cettu date. Et leler eDocembre, 1865, pour geat
untir Clnq Cent CinuuanteQuatre Plastres, regues
par le defendant 4 la dernimre date mentionue, are
autorizationa  la demaadereas'deo saisir et do
vendre la dito propridid immobilidre asn deo tti..
faire ce Jugement. 11 estde plus crdounn, adjugl,
et decrete. que le commuuuntw d'acquotaet do
gains autrcfous exis'ant Pntre la demandcres,
Selina tI. Snead, et to ddfendant, Estee Whitte4,
son m .ri soit, ct est par ces prdsoetea di.soufe, quo
i dentanderesse reprenne I'udminuistrtioa do.j
nropridtd searee ct qu'oile ait le droit d'administrer
sa dite propriete s|paree sans I'intervention 0 a s
cCntrule do sou mart, el que le defendant aLr a
paver lea frais do co proces.
Fait at signe in pleine Cour, cc lime Jour do
D.cembre, 1867.
(digue.] W. B. LEWIS.
Juge de Distrliet.
o certifle par ces prdsentes que ce qui eat ef.
J desaus est uue copie fidale et correated
Jugcmint original dans to proeds ci-deaus ds anu
en numerautd on liasse, et ecregistre dnas moo
En fui do quoi. J'ai'nppose le soeeau de Is (oor du
9mo District, it lNatchttoches, cc 9me jour do
Janvier, 1868.
jan 16, St (refler.
General Schedule
A l ilV'ALS:
Svnarvs-Alexandria and Shreveport, 4 r K.
MONDAYS -Nacogdoches, T'exuas. 6. e.
'I'u:r:;sAYa-MlilTlen anid Wiunilleld. 6 P'. .
W t:o v t:snAo -Alexandri, aud ai hreiveport.4, ..
'I'auItas , a's- Nacogdoches. 5 P..; Winufeld,d ar.x.
F'aRuvia-Alexantdria and Slhreveport, 4 P. M.
Minden and Sbhl&byville. 6 P. N.
SATUnoAYs -Nac gdoclhes. 5 P. x.; VWiunfeld, 6 P. a
ScsnD.Y-- NonO.
-u1soars-Winnfield, 6 A. 'x; Alexandrlh mad
Shreveport, 6 P. W.
Tu':sotsY-Nacogduces. 6 r. r.
\Vsu.sxyjYs--\V innfield and Minden, 6 A. K.
Alexandria atnd Shreveport, 6 P. i.
T'IlUosorDAYS-N' cdOl )clo., 6 P. x.
LFaRDAYs-Winnfleld, 6 A. x.; Alexandria oad
Shreveport, 6 Pa. x.
SATURDa--Mlindecl and Shclbyville, 6 a. I.;
Nacogdoches. 6 P. a.
-t4-Lotte's f.,r aniy of the above Malls abold
be in the Office one hour beobre their time of do
pa:rtur. I'apers, hall ant hour.
(. MONROE. Poest Master
(1 ROVE1R & Baker celebrated Sewit.g Ma
. chine's were awarded the highest premium
:t tile principal Stalin fairs In the United Stutes.
hir-t prl.miini't' were awarded these Machines at
t.ic ezhibition of L,onhon, Dublin, Besaaeon, St.
Diegier, Pari., Lyons, lMayon and Chalons. They.
I:ve b'en .furnished by special commnnd to the
t'alpre.ws of France. Au]tria, Russia, Bramil,
.-.pa-iu an.d ilarria. The Grover and Baker Elms.
ch Sitc.h Swc:vi N- Machines are superior to all
:her.a for the f.l;owin;g reasons. Thew se- direct
from t he .ptocl and requiru no rewitding of thread.
I'hy aic r.,or.caily nijderstood and less liable to
.ieran'eian:t than any other machinecs. And in
additio i to thl.ir .spelt or merits nq Instrumets
ror tea"ug. by a slight change of adjuatmeut, exe.
c't i the in,.t brautilul and plrmlanent etil,roid
;ry ann; ortimneatal work. Th' company are
wIWa ready to apply he trade with their newly
.,arf.,etd Shittlc Machinewhlch is mosurpasmcd
by any marhine in the market for Tailoring, Shoe
tlakita, light and heavy m-nufactoring of all
The Agency is NeSw 'rlerans have fitted up
Work-rooms and employ competent mechanuls for
rho purpose of effecting any iejpairs to the Grover
and Baker's Sewing Michinae that the public may
182 G~ualtreet, corner ol Dryades.
dfi 4m New tOrleans.
33 and 36 Royal street, (near Customkoeas
str-et.) N w Orleans. d54m
Jon Clufhfe, Charles Chafe,
N'w Oricane. Minden, La,
T'?1tt.n Factors and General Commisioa Mee.
IJ chant-. 46 Union street. New Ortesas.
37. 39, 41 and 48 Peter street,
(late Front Levee, between Customhouse and Bite
ville streets.)
racaCK rMTf 'S BLLaD,
of every maftp-tsI4
Plain. Japannde and Sts l 2 j
Tinsmiths' Machieace sad'. e
Heating STOVISS of
Agent for the ecwlsbrsts
SLOGats St iI

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