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Natchitoches spectator. (Natchitoches, La.) 1867-18??, April 23, 1868, Image 3

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S .+imeur Orau , April 18, 1868.
Low mkllinq....... i t-c.
Slddl~ogeommal..,...8t --c.
Moss1'anr-Goldkh.... . ... ".... 89$41 189W
Silver...............;.-. ....... ..,[email protected]
Mesican dollars.... ,l% to 2c. ,mrm. for gold.
.tate"Tresseur notes .......... 38a40c. discount.
City Treasmu Notes, large....... 24a25e dis.
City Treasury Notes, $1, S2a.3......20a21 dis
Levee Stata Bonds.... .... ..-. . ~ dollar.
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:nora-Prime ..................1.te ltb
SWhite........... ..... 16%c
MoLaMs, Choice..... ...:70xa7i '1 -gallon
E.oua, eboloe extra ........ ..$14 per bbL
Treble extra............ .i11 25
T Double extra; ..........$10 35
Superdie............... 89 [email protected]
Dorrva, Oholoe kio............. 17Tal81Vlb.
oan .............. ........$1 OS05 bushel
POTAToss .........................$4 50V bb
ATS ....... ...................78c % bushel.
FA .......................... ..S:9 " ton.
Poe, Mess.................. 27bbl.(-
Lard.................. ...... ... 't c per lb
Bacox-Ulear sides............. . .ej 18 lb.
Ribbild sides ..............16 c.®
,.Sholders.............. 14c.
Hams (sugar cured,)[email protected]
FAs BAoorxo........ ......24a--c. yard.
AL.a ROP . ............... ..8c. lb.
will sell, cheap tfor Cash, only, the Bossla
;Baixa tPanrrano O'rrci, entire, with all
he books, accounts,, material, etc., thereto apper
ing. A good bargain can be had by mnking
ly application to
W. H. SCANLAND, Proprietor.
Bellevue, La.
istrict Court-parishl of Natchitoches. State
of Louisiana. No. 7230--ELIZA CARNAUnA
. HmUArai HowaRioN, her husband. In this
' by reason of the law and the evidence, ad
uced, being in favor of the plaintif an I the fur
her mson of thie Judgment by delault, not having
set asid7lt, s ordered, adjudged,and de
reed, tt the community of acquets and gains
etofore exising between plaiutiff and defend
t be dissolved, and she be allowed to resume
e administration of herseparate Estate. It is
rter ordered, adjudged and decreed, that tlye
laintrff, Eliza Carn-atd.t, do have and recover of
.e defendant, Heritage [lowerton. her husband,
e'omnof One Thousand Two Hundred Dollnrs,
ith 5 per cent per annapi interest thereon from
e date of .this Judgment and costs of suit, and
tplaintiff's tacit mortgage on the immovable
ty of defendant be recogaized, to take effect
oom the 10th day of Ifarch, 1847; to secure the
1ybtst of the sum of two hundred dollars and to
e effect from the 15th day of March, 1853, to
e t*payme.t of one' thousand dolrsa, the
itndexf sadalmomut.
Dooe, ;read . ta ii ig s n opin Court thb
elthday of April, A. s. 1888.
(Sisaed.) W. B. LEWIS,
Jdae 9th Jaudiial District.
Clerk's OMfie District COurt.
Parish of Natchleches .
Sertiy the above tabe a true eoW of the orig
la.dudgmeat is Le ab6be entitled ad d num.
sioait lend. of reseod intay-eBce.
In faith whereol I have haeeunte.st my hand
Safixed the seal of the 9th District Court, at
atch!tobo , this 21st April, A. 1.. 186d.
April 94, I, .. Oierk.
oar do Diutriet-parolse des Natehltoches.
SEtat de ,i I. lisiue. ' Ne. 7250-ErT.rs
l2aNh4 aJmsrte HIarracu Ifowrrar, son mari
e kpros ca-desus nommd et numerote par
dsa iet de l'evidence dtant en fvlver de
dmamidperms Atde plus par raison de jaemeat
a- de t n ya tpms at mis de cote it eat ordne,
ju t deesS que i communnaate d'aeques et
gains sutreole existant eutre is demanderese et
dl2m soiat eat eat lpwar sele dissoute,
 slitle deit d'Irer a orilte
lf Ide jmr1e a tUqe sitt et re I
- d desI , Herita ge , son
bo ou La 'Ldet) cents pta hsi, a -ee
s#r meat jm d'ietar ear ladite same
lad'ss e ao, t Oree les frail eor
qua q !u' l e tacite del.a a soie
--me lthaea r ee prIpr iamabitlbii
ad habadth qulit eet depmle is 10 MiM
18$, i paiement a de
S STR1SQT QUBr-a IParish oa-fchitoels.
JAO , 7 =8Ordec..r .of eiu d sale.
SOJAoos t7 ra. ianid JxasoN P. HaBaisos vs.
M . Bas+essa, BLoomr B. Baszaspar, et
,-a. e orftbe writs obeiaure and ade aied
by the Ionorab e Costin uwln for he
parish E Natchi ad .o direetea i the
t bove entitled and ndaaered uai, sve ehedsahl
e will offer for etY laanI. bitn
Uourt Hieseiuthg$wa Lf s
brc gae, ss*nd of Blatant IL
S edhtr, thhl
h ee B andoi
f tigat y t
ber, 1866. And, also, A *yvided fourth of the
tndivided fvi-eighths elo, t eine 0.
! Breazeale, wife of Winter W Br se, of- the
amme.plantat ee, and appurtenanes
I purchased by -her om tjsme vendor by the
I same notardal act; and isthe entire Intrest of
SBlount B. Breazeale in the said plantation, improve
mente apd appurtenances, being an undivided onoe
Stwelfth and an ndiided .one fourth of o undivr-.
r ded fveeights of the same,B d, also, the entire
r interest of-Winter W.Breaseal 1 the said plan-il
tation, improvements and ipporteanct , being an
undivided one-sixth datd an nndividdane-foturth of
I an undivided fiveeighths of the sadm o
rTle above mentioned interiet of Hurriet Bresa
sale will beAold for Cash, wi,~ht appraisement,
to satisfy the sum of Five thombnesod Two Hun
dred and Eight 33a-d0C Dolloar, with eight per
cent per annum interest from the 20th Novemper,
1866, till paid two 7ii-160 dollare , costs of pro
test and costs of suit and sale; and without aet
praisemebt on a credit until tie 20th Notember.
1868, to satisfy the sum of Five Thousand 'Twb
Hundred and Eight 33h-100 Dollars, due on
that day in her note, with eight per cent. per a
num interest from 20th November, 1866. its daa.
till paid, saod without appraisement on a credit
until the 20th day of November, 1869, to sat sly
the further sum of Five Thousand Two Hundred
and Eight 33--1 00 Dollars, due on that day, in
her note, with eight per cent. per annum interest
from 20th November. 1866, its date.till paid.
And the abo(r mentioned interest of Adeline
C Breazeale will be sold, for sa aph, without ap
praisement, to satisfy the sum of Five Thousand
Two Hundred and Eight 33,j-100 Dollars, with
eight per cent er annum interest from the 20th
November, 18616, till paid, two 74-100 dollars,
costs of protest, and costs of suit and sale, and
without appraisement, on a credit until the 20th
day of November. 1868, to satisfy the sum of
Five Thousand Two Hludred and Eight 33K-100
Dollars, due on that da7, in her note, with eight
per cent per. annum interest from 20th Noven'
her, 1866, its date, till paid; and without appraise
ment, on a credit until the20th day of November,
1869, to satisfy the further sum Five Thousand
I'wo Hundred and Eight 33JO:100 Dollars, due
on that day, in her note, with eight per cent. per
annum interest from 20th November. 1866, its
daoe, till paid.
And the above mentioned interesst ofqthe said
Blount B. Breazcale and Winter VW. Breazeale,
will he sold for cesh, withodt appraisement, to sat
isfy the sum of Twenty 'hu. .
and Thirty-three 33-100DIollars, with eight per
cent per annum interest thereon from the 20th o
November, 1:866. till paid, eleven dollars, costs of
protest, and the ccsts of suit-and this sale, and
without appraisement, on a credit until the 20th
of November, 1868. to tatisfy the sum of twenty
thousand eighthundred and 331/ 100 dollars, due
on that day on four notes. cach er the sum o five
thousand two hundred and eight 33,! -100 dollars,
with eight per cent. per annum interest from 20th
November. 1866, their dates, till paid, signed by
them solidarily; without apfpraisement, on a
credit, until the November, 1869, to
satisfy the u onty thousand eight
hundred due on that day,
on four n of five thousand
two hun 0 D o dollars, with
eiht pe from 20th day
Novaember paia, signed by
them soli
rTheo pad tr notes for the
amounts due i"erms as above men
tigned, payable of the officer makint
the sale, with orivilege and specia! mort
gage rdtained to secae ihe psyment of said notes.
and the property to be sold with the clsne of non
alienation to1the pr~udice of the privilege and
mortgage retained.
April 1st, 1868. ' 8herff.
Dnrtsar. Coowrr-Parish of Natchitoehes
No. '7272-Maus ElIRN MarovIa M
s'alnRsu Looa Mrorrt. By virtue of a writ
of hoeri facias issued by the Honorable District
Court, in and for the parish of Natchitoches. and
to me directed in the above entitled an] numbered
suit, I have seizd and will offer for sale to the lIst
and highem t bidder, en
Satssurdy, d day et May, 1868,
within the usul hours of sale at the residence of
Madame InB. L. Metoyer, in this Parnpy, the
ao wing described property, to-wit :
al certain tract of land situated iv the parish of
Nmathiteches. on the right bank of Red River de
seending about twunty-four miles below the town
of Natchttooehekbond-dl above by latis of wid
ow Oscar Debalel, and below by lands of Madame
Louis Bathasoe. containing the qnmtity of seven
ty-two and one-half mres as per a plat of a survey
mradby George 8. Walmsley on the 12th day of
December, 18~0f; togetae with the buildings and
improvements therenon.
Also, the following movsble property: Three
mnus, 1 ox. cow and calf, I wagon, i bedsteads
and bedding, 1 pep. I toilet brnm, I book-case,
one side-bTard, one safe, I pair adiron, one clock,
2 walnut tables, 6 chairs, 2 rocking chairs, 1 cog
wheel. 1 dozen silver spoons, 1 desen silver forks.
1 lot kitchen faritare, 1 crn sheller, 7 head of
sheep and 1 horse-cat; seized as the property df
the defendant lTeoplfile Louis Metoyer.
ans or sALs:
CashL--with the benest of appiwment
J. O. HUOHflES,.
April 1, 1868. , Sheriff.
R. B..AUCIO01,
Mauamftures.and wholesale
Pnmsd espreinly er the ebathetn Wabt,.
1 U~k 8drent. New Gresm "
As Ooaion treet.New rorles 1
FlOUR DE DLSTRIOT--Parorise des Natchi
.- toheos. No. 7332L-Okdre do'saslie et de
'eates-Jaoo U. Pi it bt Juauica P. Hlaarseox
cppntr 'Wh r la W. IasasLs, BrPUMv W . _zs
,4p t Cpiaad e ppar i "I'Ira I ~ Dis
tet dam.oidresew @~ione
e# paunerote , J'iat ttat h tnre .aui plus
lieat at de "i~ier '
entre les 1 sures WI* e ? ntes aalsite de Isa
Boar : deYs 31 ihe at prdli a dos
Jatcbitocheas p lap :deur jaisic
.wemmes etnt, s l nWt Inter
W' Br8eauesal et da'd d~the Q B ` feinmame
d Henriett' irstasisi fmpme de
Bt Brat eale, de lmiabitation-ppnnumicomme
Is Plat loh Breaseale st ompog en tod t :etn
patictlilbr de tons lees toreesanid terera ltins uar
ia dve adoitee'de la RlvIs P.ouge en deaceidant
a environ dix-Ibtl' miles endeeua de la ville des
Natehitoehes dans Ia Paroisee ds Asatehitbcbes,
formant ae qul et.ppelo Ia Plantatlon Brenieale,
!e toout.: eoena#enviroo desIx midl emq cents
acres iia que.toptes lei baisse et. ameliorations
qui y appertioeeent aehbtes par Henriette Brea
zeale fetame de Blount V. Breaseale de Jacob U.
PAyne et Jibo P. Harrison, par acte publiqe
pwee pa e so deit George W.KB rney; Recorder,
e 0 NOovemti:. 1$66,%t as - ie toquart indivise
desi oiuq hnltiemes fndivisme appertenant a Adeline
U. BrsaseSle femme de'Wibter W. Breaeeale, de
la seeme habitation et ameliorations- aehetes per
elle da ememe vendeur per le"mnme ati pe r devant'
notaire, et aussi l'iuteret e entler de Blount B.
Breaseale des Is dite habitation et ameliorations
etant dh douaieme indivisq et an quart indivise dCs
cinqJinitiemes indivisea de Ia meme habitation.
tfaunsi, le tout de l'lnteiqt de VWinter W.
Breareale dans lI dite habitation et ameliorations
etaut on sixieme indivise et un quart de cinq haitie
mrs indivises de la meme habitationE'
turima We coNDITrONB.Dr LA vsEXstW
Lee interets d'Benriette Breazeale mentiones
plus haut seront vendus an comptant, sans estima
tion. fln do satisfaire Is somme do cinq mil deux
cents huit piastres et 333 cents, av4c interets a
raison de huit pour cent. per an a partir du 20
Novembre, 1868, jnsqu'ati paiement, deux piastres
et 75 cents pour les frais de protest et las frail
du proces et de vente; et sans estimation a no cre
dit jusqu'au 20 Novembre, 1868, pour satisfaire
la somme de cinq mil deux cent hnit pinstres et
333 cents does a cette date sar son billet aver
hqitpour cent d'iuteretes a partir do 20 Novem
bre 1866, sa date. jusnq'au paiement et sans esti
mation' a n credit jusqu'au 20 Novembrc, 18t9,
afn de satisfaie sla somme de cinq mil deux cent
huit piastres et 3334 cents dues a co jour sur son
billet exec lea intenrts a 8 pour cent par an du
20 Novembte, 1866. sa date, jusqu'au paiement.
Et lea interets ci-dessus meutionnes d'Adeline
C. Breazeale seront vendue an comptant sans esti
nmation saln de satisfaire nl somme de cinq mil
deux cent bhnit piastres et 33,3 cents avec 8 pour
nent par an d'intertts du 20 November, 1866.
jusqu'au palement, deux piastres et 75 cents pour
frais de protest, et lea frais du proces et de vente;
et sans estimation a un credit jusqu'au 20 Novem
bre, 1868, pour satisfnire isa somme de cinq mil
denu cents huit piastres et 33}3 cents dues a cctte
date satr son btllet avec 8 per cent par an d'inter
ets a partir du 20 Novembre. 1806; as date, jus
q i'u paiement et sans estimation a on crecit jus
qu an 20 Novembre, 1869, afsl de satirfaire la
somme dc cinq mil deux cent huit piastres et 33x3
cents dues a ee jour sear son billet .vec les inRrert
a 8 pour cent caran do 2kt ovembre, 1866, sa
date, jusqu'au palement.
Et I interets ci-dessus nommes de Blount B.
Breaseale seront vendsn as comptant sans estima
tion pour sptirfaire la somme de viugt nil buit
cent ttpte trois piastres et 33} cents avec 8 pour
• utitrt'0 Nivembre 1866 jnsq'nu paiement,
et onze (11) piastres pour frais do .protest, et leI
frais do procee et de cette vente et tans estimation
a an credit ju qn'au 20 novrenl re 1868 aln de
satisfaire Ia somme de viugt mil huit cent treat
trois pia'tres et 333 cents dues .ce jour sur
quatre billets, de cinq mil denx cents bnit et 334!
cents chaqne avec 8 pour d'interets do 20 novem
bre 1866 Ia date des billets jusqu'as palemient.
signes par eux solidairement : et sans estimation
it un credit jusqn'an 20 novembre 1869 afin Ad
satisflire is somme de v;ngt mil halt cent trent
frois piastres et 33 cents, dues a ce jour str
quatre billets de ls somme 'deiuq mil deux cent
hnit plaetres et 33 avec 8 pour d'intteres dou 2
novembre 1866 Is date delour execution, jusqu'au
paiement, signes par eux solidairemont.
Lea achetenrs donneront leurs billets pour les
montants duo anx teomes de credit comme it cst
mentionne plat bant, payables a P'ordre de l'oflicer
qui fersla Is vente. avec le privilege de vendzur et
hbypotheque speciale retenus sur lea proprietes afin
de guaranudr le paiement des dits billts. La
vente mera faite avec la clause do non-alienation
an prejuidice do privilege et de I'hypotheque re
J. 0. HUGIaTF.
Avril 1, 1868. hberif.
Cour de District.-Paroisse des Natchitoches
SNo 7272-MaI AR K.LiXA MEroYa coitte
TuHoPuars Louvs MarovEa. En vertu d'un writ
d feri facia.s emis per i'lHonorable Cour de l)is
tract dans et pour ia paroisse des 'Natchitoches a
moi addresoa dans o proces ci-dessus nomme et
numerote, j'ai sanis et j'odrirai eu vente au plus
haut et dernier encherisseur
Samedl, 2me Jsour de Mai, 1868,
entre les htius ordinaires de vento a In residence
de Madame J. B. L. AMetoyer. dans cette paroloae,
Is propridts ci-apres decrite, savoir:
Un certain morcean de terre situndanm In pn
raoise deo Natchitoches snr la rive droite de Ia
Rivitre Pouge en descendont a environ vinrt
qoate milies en bahs d la ville des NatchlItochis
bornS par en bent par des terres de Ia veive Oscar
pebresuil et par en bas pmr des terres de Madame
lsis Balthua" e~rttenant soixante en douze acres
*t demi aind qunill parait paetun plan d'arpentage
fait par iGeorge H. Wahln.ley le 12 Decombre,
1850, ainsi jue les batismes et auuelioratious qui
s'y troovest.
Anssi. la propriftt mobilitre snivante: 3 mules,
I boeau.L 1 vuche et son veau. I wagoln, 2 lits et
tatelats, 1 armoire. 1 bureau de toi'ette, 1 burcan
pour livres, 2 tables on noyer, 6 cha:ses,. 2 bercen
ss., I rome 4 crans, 1 donzaine cnilleres d'argent, 1
dnousaile fouchlcttes d'argent, une paire de chenets,
pne pendule, one bureau, un garde ms:ger, 1 lot
doastasi's de cuisine, 1 tachine a agrainer, 7 mon.
tons, 1 charettte a chevoal, saisi camme ttait la
propritti du defendantTheophile Lomis Metoyer.
TwaR2sn comrntonos Da vusrT:
AU Conmuptaat, aveo ie belece 'estinma
tion. ' J. 0. HUGHIS,
Avril 1, 1868. SBhrif.
Tlhe baement star of a bldiChi on Washing
S-toa streart, aitable sler foIr a Store-Room
e· aeO ee. Inqairat tliiaeee.
6. U. UwarY *l o, C.,
da (aml ma tmet, N. O.
ealimittb l Ules tlh dir l sad the pblic
3. L O3tt o Claborna parih, Agent
ar Irmia nleof laed Diver.
D . *PR ] A ha dg aearrangements with some iof the most extensive Manufacturing
Houses in New York and Philadelphia, takes pleasure in anunoupg to P 1iuers, Country Physi.
cianas, and the Public, generally, that he is now ready to fall all orders for
at Wholesale and Retail, and at the lowest market pricea--to 'uit the ties.
Mo feels confident that all those who will call at his Drug $itore, oppoiei;D Brke and Walmes
ley's, on Washinton street, will be satisfied of the qunvLr of t asrb e, wblh' are guarahtee1 as
being pereetly -Freal and Pure, and ofbred for sale at the most reduced price1s.
agiAs the Physician's success in Prictice depends on the Parity o, the Drags -ame8 Medicines
employed. it is worth the attention of all to get only the purest materials when so muchl depends B
the quality of the Medicines taken.
~gBaasscawrsxons carefully put up at any hour ol the Day-or Night. .
Semi-Weekly racket inae.
Leaves New Orleans every Wednesday and Sat
urday, at 5 r. x. Z
~tor ShrevelorctLbggy ' ayou. Grand ,.
' Bayau Grand Ecore, St.B
Maurice, Cotile. Alexandria, Norman's, Barbiu'a,
and all intermediate landings-the A No. I side
wheel, fast passenger steamers
B. L. HODG , NO. 2.
P. C. Moirrooxaa, Master.
W~. C. Hattasow, Master.
BxcuAan Srnworr, Matter.
wilr leave'as tollows-' - " "
Wednesday, April 8 I Saturday, April 11
Saturday. April 18 "I Wednesday. April 22
Wednesday, April 29 Saturday, May 2
Saturday, May 9 Wednesday, May 13
Wednesday, ay 20. Saturday, May 23
. Wednesday. April 15
Sauturday, April 25
Wednesday, May 6
Saturday, May 16
Wednesday, May 27
F our Grand Ecore, St. Maurice. Campte, Cotile,
l Moutirnomry, Alexandria, Norman's Bar
bin's, sand all intermediate landings om the Bou
die'. the new side-wheel, swift running and com
modious passenger packet
JOHN C. )OW\VTYc, Master.
LoU Cr.arrow and T. J DowTY. Clerks.
1P'l'heo it. Nicholas leaves Nhuthitoclhs every
Tu'esdlay nmorniug at 10 o'clock for New Orleans -
leaving NeUrlcsanevery Snturdac at 5 P. v
KOUN'S TiOUties mLask,.
L eaves New Orl:ans very Saturday
Svening at 5 o'colck for Shreve-.
port direct, the weeklyU. S. Mail and fine passen
ger packet,
KOUNS'4. Master.
Will leave as above, passing Grand Ecore every
Monaday morning at 10 o'clock. Leaves Shreve
port every Wednesday morning, passing Grand
Ecore every Thursday morning at 10 o'clock.
or Jefferson, Shreveport, Loggy
Bayou, Grand Bayou, Grand
'core, St. Maurie. C'otile, A texauditl, Nor
nan's. Barbin's and all Intermediate landings-the
splendid At piacket
It. N. Il;E, M. stcr.
Will leave New Orleans every alternate 'l'uesda
evening, passing Grand rcore the illowinig Fr i
djay. Leaves Jef.'rson every altcrernute T''uesday
morning, passing Grand Ecore Thursday morning
Is manife'ted in Temperinmeut and Ext"rnal
i Forms. anl especially on the humnu t.ee divine.
liy S. Il. Wells. Editor Phrenological Journal.
large 12mo. 766 pp with more than 1,000 nran
vings. IIlustrating l'hys.iognony, Anatomy. 1'hy
siology, Ethnology, Phrenoiogy and Natural l1is
A comprehensive, thorough and practieal Work.
In which all that igknown on the Subject teated
is Systematized. Ep!ained, Illlustratcl :and appli
ed, Plysiornonmy is here shown to be no m.re fat
ciful speculation, but a consistent and well con'i
dered yvstenm of Character- Ieading. b:ased on the
estailiheld Tl'ruths cfI 'hy-iology and l'hrcnology,
and Confirmed by Ethiolo,gy as well as by th 1'o
culiariti-s ,it Indivi teals. It is no altrat tion but
some thing to be made refut!; something to be
praCetied by everybody and in all placts, and made
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leading topics d:scusscd ian, thisgreat illustrated
Previous Systcmr given, including those of all
ancient acid tmo:lctrn writers.
Gencral P'rinciples of Pl'hyiognemy, orthe l'hy
siolo.iel laws on which character.rending is and
must be basld.
Temperamer ts.-The Ancient Doctrines
Aporzhiem's Description-The New Classification
now in use here.
Practical Physionnmy.--CGeneral Forms of
vaces-h-'l'ie Even. the Mo:cth. the Nao. the Chin.
the jaw.: anau 'ieeth. the Cheek the Forelhead, the
IHair and Beard, the Complexion. the Neck and
Fanrs. the Handl and Feet. the Voice. the Wi'atlk,
the Lnnelh. lhe Mode of Shaking Ilanuds, Dress, etc.,
withi illustrations.
Ethnology.-T''he Races, including the Caeca
sian, the North American Indians, the Mongolian,
the Malasy, and tl.e African. with tleir numerous
sublirvisions; also N'ational Types, each Illustrated.
Phvsiogromy Applied.-'l'o Matriage, to the
raining of Children to Personal Improvement.
to Business, to Insanity and Idio'y, to Health and
Disease, to Classes and Profl.sions, to Personal
Improvement. and to Character Reaeig General
ly. Utility of lPhys~tiogromy.
Animal T''ypes.--Grades of Intelligence, Instinct
and Reason-Animal leadi and ,Animal Types
auong Men.
Graphlomancy.-Clmaracter Revealed in Hand
Writing with Specim~ens-Palmistry. "Lifle of
Life" in the homan hand;
Charac er RPcading.-More thna a hundred no.
tedl Men and Women Introduced-What Physiog
bomy says of then.
T'he Grewt Secret.-How to be Healthy and
How to be Beautiful-Mental Oamedes-very in
tereting, very unafcul.
Aristotle and St. Paul.-A Model HacVlews
of Life--Illustrated Anecdotes--Iaig a.t
gue by his face. a
No one can read this Book without Interest,
witbhout renta. profit. "*Knowledge is power," ani
this Is empbatieally trbs s a kelowledge ef .m--
of human cbnacter. He who has it is master of
the ituatiolr sal anybody may have it who
wri, and find in it the "secret ofsuoseus" and the
road to the argrst peronal inmprovement.
Price, in one large Volume, of nearly 800 pages,
and more th 1,000 l rsvings, on toned paper,
b emdumely bneod fain emas imsns,.00; In
heav:alff, maddled er gdg 8,0O; Trkey-aoroo,
thall gt, $,0O . Agents may do well to aavam
taS is work. Plemse~ Mies
8U.R. WELLs,
089 Broadway, N. 1t.
' Genrlrr i6bledului
StrDArs-Alexandria and Shreveport, 4 e. x.
MosnAtes--Wacogdohtes, Texas, 6 P. K.
Tusaixs--Minden and Wiunfield, 6 r. a.
WRDVlNEDoArs-Alexandria and Shreveport,4 4. x.
Tauasnavs--Nacogdochcs, 5 P. x.; W intfield,6 e. x.
FaxRIva-Alexandria and Shreveport, 4 e. a.
Mlinden and Shelbyville. 6 r. a.
SATUaDAYS-Nac'gdoches. 5 r. x.; Winnfleld, O r. a
Monarys-Winnfield, 6 a9 x; Alexandria and
Shreveport, 6",. x.
TuaTsons-Naogdoches, 6 P. x.
WxDNESDArs-W innield and Minden, 0 A. x.
Alexandria and Shreveport, 6 P.: .
TrursDArs-Nacoadoches, 6 r. a.
FawAys-Winnfield, 6 A. x.; Alexandria ard
Shreveport, 6 P. x.
SATUroars-Mindeu and Shelbyville. 06 . x.;
Nacogdoches, 6 P. x.
I~PLetters for any of the above Mails should
be in the Office one hour before their time of de
p:rture. Papers, half an hour.
G. MONROE. Pose Master
(Corner Front and Washington streets,)
SI-Liberal advances madeJ c Cotton.
Natchitoches, January 16, 1868.
Snit! Salt!! Salt!!!
FIVE 'IUN)DRED Buhshels of beautiful fine
white Salt for sale at $1.OO p:r bushel, at
the old-"Drake Salt Works." by
December 2d. 1867. dec5 4t
Mouse, 1Ign nutr Ornamental
. Natchitoches, Tit.
UU I, E 1: WAl Ay SI&LE',
Vashington street.
* d..hAdvances made on Consignments of Cotton
or other produce. jann-y
Natchitoches, January 9, 1868.
.am'I Barrett. Chas. LeSassier.
General Corn mission Merchant s.
118 (Caroudelet street, N. O.
G enteel Board, with or without Lodging, can
be had on Third Street. For terms. apply
January 16, 1868.
Medical Natice.
UR. J. P. Blt'l)A, as heretofore, will give
his particular and special attention to
Obstetrical practice and the treatment of diseases
iucidetst to Women and Children
jia'Oflice at his rci diucec, about s mile above
the town of Natchito'hts.
\' ANT''ED.--ty a young lady, thoronughly
V qualified f;wr the pnoition, a situation as
Teacher, either in a private fami!y or School.
The usu.Yk Englislh lr.xn,'hc.i and .lMusic taught
't'rms moderate-to suit the present impoverished
financial condition of the couutry. Any commnn
ications on the subjec't addressed to this office,
will be forwarded the applicant.
I ofi'r for sale 400 Bushela of Cotton Seed, of
the very ket quality- t I':tte Gulf ard iloy,l'd
Prolific. at 75 cents per bushel. Great care
teing tuaken wifrthemi to prevent' rot or dan,:'ge.
dlcctf E. L. I'IIESON.
Camp and Conmmnon streets, N. O.
IR. H. MORSE, Proprietor.
T 1lM well-known house ,ha been refitted, entlarged.
I and improved; and for elegance, convenience
and comfort is not sunna'sed by any hotel in the
South. Every attention is paid to the comfort of
guests, and nothing is wanting to render their stay
in the city pleasant.
94 k 96........Canal street........ 94 & 96
Ditamonds, Watclss and Jewelry.
S. C. IItC'EY,
I.Sucessor tj Geo. W. & Jhiail Read, New York.]
Im nporter, Mannfacurer aond W7IolelIe Dealer mm
49 Cnmp street, 'N. O.
1 Caonal street, next RoyaL New Orlena.
D-alirf1ji~ CHA', OO(7,CS, Watch trnm
mings, DiaaodL Fptia Jrawnar, Silver-ware.
Plate ware, 1pectacles, Opera OlaSs, Thble and
Pocket Cutlery, macy Good, BEoose iad Parian
toode, &o.
Oumr ood aere of the best quality. All our
Diamond work is of our wa maufacture.
Gold = is .iliver and gutta-per
JEwelry sad 8ilve-ware made to order.
iimound reset.
Watches, Clocks and Jewelry repaired.
1. A. TYLEI.
he uodesigned
been satisfactorily tested . stuoa
the full asaurance that Ii
it the most pomaplete sad
now in use.
'Its dvanf g l who a're all tv
of agded rye, are .numeratedBieo c.e:'r
It.is so coanstrctedthatt he.u abt b .
burned ou. can be replaced, ap the f 3ap ;
repovated, as rendered as perfect ts its e
as when first used, at but a onmpadtively
rra s.acowno s I , V ..
The Stove is au'tight, and with oSti-e t
vances appertaining to it, a great a degrste >
is retained within the Stove;- ad thereby as
fuel isreqisite for its variolfe bdulaas psmpolee
Is a perfect regulator of the bahgtgthe s .
aqd oven, so that heat may hbe remasdor moler
atrd, as the ocasion may require.
ITrrS VHnETJArrG raorakerm,
By which different kinds of meat may be cook.
edin the oven simultaneously, without imparting
the peculiar flavor of one to the other; thus seenu
ring the full benefits of the. eld; style of cooking
by an open .ar-place. e.
"'he Stove ai may other avantag.-
such as the lOT YWATERB RESERVOIR, fur
nishing hot water at all times, and the TIN
WARMINtt. OLOSET, where articles ready for
the table may be kept warm, bread set to rise,
eta: etc.
Always onIad, a large assortment of 000K
ITmorter of Foreign and Domestic Hardware,
37, 39, 41 and 43 Peters at., (late Front Levee,)
betwemn Customhouse and Blenville, New Orleans.
Established in 1836.
School Books, Paper and Stationery,
Cutlery, Guus, Perfumery, aud Fancy Goods.
96 and 98 Common street, (opposite City
Hotel) New Orleans.
,fl-A call from our old friends (as well assew
ones.) solicited.
100 Common street.
Opposite City Hotel
N'em Orleans, La.
I ave in store and are now receiving, a large
1 stock of FALL and WINTER GOODS;
and us we pay no fancy rent and do our own work,
can olbhr conadoirable inducements to purchasers.
Our stock of PLANT A T4ON GOODS is com
plete in, 74 and 4.4 Osnaburgs, Brown Sheetings
naid Shirtings. Blankets. Flannels, Linseys, Jeans,
Kerseys, Sattinets, Clothes, Cassameres, Striped
Ot)abergs, and every grticle comprising an as
sortment in a WhblesRle Dry Goods Establish
SALES is our mot t 3. d5 4m.
(' ROVER,& Baker celebrated t3ewing Ma
chine's went awarded the highest prewium
at the principal ,State fairs in the Unites Stotes.
First premlium's were awarded these Machines at
the exhibition of London, Dublin, lBesanon. St.
qcegier, 'aris, Lyons, linyou and Chalons. They
have been ft'rnished by special command to the
Empresses of France, Austria, Russia, Brazil.
Spain and Buvaria. The Grover and B.ker Elas
Sio Stitch Sewing- Machines are superior to all
others for the fallowing rcasons. Thew se r direct
from the spool and require norowinding of thread.
'TIhey are mota uasily understood and less liable to
derangement than any other machines. And in
additio i to their superior merits as instruments
for sewing, by a slight change of adjustment, exe
cuto the most beautiful and pernanent embroid
ery and ornamental work. The company are
now ready to supply the trade with their newly
perlbcted Shuttle Machine which is unsurpassed
by any machine in the market for Tailoring, Shoe
Biakicg, light and heavy manufactoring of all
.The Agency In New Orleans have fitted up
Work-rooms and employ competent mechanics for
rhse purpose of effecting any Repairs to the Grover
and Baker's Sewing Michines that the pjblic may
182 CGan street, corner of Dryades,
d5 4m New Orleans.
37 and 39 Tehonpilonlas street,
d5 4m New Orleans.
FUHLliITUR E: H ll 1 BS,
33 and 36 Royal ,street, (near Cnstomhouse
street.) e'w. Orleans. d54m
A commodlioas Store I:oor, also,' several good
Ioinms up-sfairs. in the l'rudhomme build
ing, corner Front and Horn street.
Apply t. >J. TRICHEL,
f.lG-::m Agent.
Thos. Schoor,
Importer of
,1............Customhouse Street.........61
di 4m New,OrleCans
37, 3. 41 and 43 Peters street,
(late Front Levee, between Custombouse and Bien
ville streets.)
of every iesdaai
Plain. Japanned and ttaued PIN-WARE
Tinsmiths' Machines ad'Yi, O.dkag ad
Heating STOVES of evey drseptauep.s
Agent fo the elebrMed TrEWPA T COOr
H as a combiwstkea t all' e]! a tl ,o
Bedl wi p wi anLl lthe arlI g -s,
ing aihd aed api#I dwispe
67 OCanl seueet, New .
K. KWp WC,

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