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4 ;. '2 A -
-:4 - "N. . .-. - - .. "9,s . Y • oo. .A," - - -
'rj This is one of the strongest companies financially there are. or will operate in the Jennings field. ?.*.
Uý'.. its officers arc all men of exceptional business ability and its holdings are ,' the best. ceonst- ing of
"ýý 250 acres,- ...,astiuting the Big Spring ft""in, formerly owned by "t L "' \ thlt:ai lyin g;" southteat of '."
. o Jennings and adjoining the Southern Pacitic right of way, maklting the site unequalel to" the s pedvaut .'. *
et'- economical handling of the product. This is a big saving to steockholder.. *.*
The derrick is now being constrtcted and the contract for d.1i'lia,- is being let. \Vork will cot- *L:"
-O!, mence very shortly. _
-.. e oA limited number of shares in this company are ...
4.; now offered for sale at 50c per share, par value
$1.00. Fully paid and non-assessable.
S LANDS FOR SALE.-A.\bou: sol ace, .dioinin- the well site has ,cetn ultdividced t tinto "'"tts "
:. ranging from2 acres up, and are now oft'ered t , p)urt'chase:s at Ita tanabllt pltt,. This is a litie op- .
S " portunity to get a splendidly located small tract. . .*.
,.- i OFFICERS.-Dr. E. 1. H-all,. President. Eresident Citizens ank. ot
A. M. Arthur. Vice-Presidet, extetnsive rice g''le anr un'i lne,'. 0
"%. ý" lR.  II. Dahlen. Se tcretary-Tr : urý 'e, a lromittent realI esta tl 'i' ,t.' r.
.- DIRECTORS.-J. H. HIotfl'mann. C'ashier Citizens lank: ( . A. Lowtry, Ii. C. Anthlus. Edd 'dor-' o
Oe" ris, J1. MI. (Coope. E. C. French, .1. . lliek. .\lbisrt etillou t . ( C.('.'. (;Gathier, -~:** 1
A.i ,D. HI-eblrt,. of .henniugs: 1Hon. T. .1. Ketrnan, l. ine naztd,-.u t.of the Ha, nk of ::
.o Baton ioutge. and tCol. V. L. Stevens of hat on toune., and thie otieert's of the . -,
o-gO, company.
S .o...,o o-... oe.o .. O ".'.O°". y., .. oe.... e..e.. .. ae .. ...................... e..-o
S. .. ..ýt . .. -. ..0 *.- -- -0 -* - e0."
having the Pembroke M'ill. C'rowley,
and Mill "A" and St. Louis >lills at New ,hlieans. La..
being the Best Equipped M ills in thel United ;tates.
doing the best work, giving the best retulrn,
Are Willing to Buy Rice
for CASH.
Or TJIL MI-'.-q' 25 "ccts Per Barrel.
guaranti rttlnl. i!etu ni \, I 't'k- tI t':I n it. I linl
the rice is milled. s~ uhtl ip ttt s'' dc.1il.
Liberal cash advances ima te on ice u l in l t -'lh', 1: ' tu, 1 1!iit;'.
See our Representative.
A. M11. ART 1I- HU .
A. M. Arthur, Bu.iyer for
National Rice Milling Company.
Office Next Door South of C(itizens Bank.
Bring me your samples, sell me your rice
and receive the same old square treatment.
fi Represented in WELSH, by
•- -
U -
I now have an assortment second to
Miss Lola Moses..
Of Interest to Rice Men.
Amwzng the dec-ieions ]inlded
down b itll.- circuit court " :p
S peIal, la-t 'Tutesdiav" were 1\v,1 i!i
the F'ruzer .'-Nas:l (';c anal ca.s'S.
These caseust have been a'bm l n on tlIv
Iwatched bJy rice imen ,1id ipIi'o
are pretty familiar wvitbh tileir
get eral trend.
I n the case of Frazer & NaSon
Svs. Jlameis P2. Nich.las. tlhe p1lain
till's delUan i,'d a certain rent
(ct e-tift' l a f 4 t 'rei ( 2 l Iti Ii1, t ii t
iýt,4 " W ct.l i, ' (iei' lend ll t's i ru])
a'.lr the s,:~an t 14l . The l t
lemalynlt 111ale a re coiventi44n:
detland t tiat ll es i ecause , "
th ` falicul ,` ,ai i'lainltiff.s to fu'rlis I
Sul1'tie : t l \vat,'r to Ialke t :'.(l
Sc'o ). T lhe co 't i!1 dci 1 n- the
ca, ut)Pie d thle view of the lower
u..X 1, .,1"- 1: t I i :L , ii ,l -
ii, " ' 4iTh:' ', 1: ) Lt i' t ' I i
tll)',cl ... t 4is.1 clt ,, .. i .'
icIreIt ciuLI . 1']1 (c) 't 1 'i
I that as delelldant 1had tun1d. to
eIort to disp) -se of his rice, but
showed a desire t) reach an :lili)
c tble settlenlent, the writ of
sequestration should be dis
imissed, with all allowance to de
fendant for attorney fees. The
$1,lu damages allowed him on
such writ. however, were re
jected. The lower court was
overruled on question of default,
p I the circuit court decreeing thata
P demand by the defendant in the
Spresence of one Witness was a
n legal demand, the defendant him
self being a competent witness.
0 The juI'ment of the lower
Scourt excluding damages in re- I
Sconvention because no demand
Sh".d been shown was also re
. ed; the plaintiff's demand
  rent, was rejected and the.
e remanded to the lower court
oc-4er to permit defendant to
lish a reconventional de.
for non-compliance with
e elican Rice Mill &
house Co., will store and
p your rice, also pay the high
t market price for all grades of
Sough rice. dwlm
S Another invoice of roofing
lpape at Foster's. ,.
e'Sis Original i ,eport cf ithe
Battle %'ias Never Madae
... Waingt,O,.t. 31. - The hnug"
:. ! o0riedl to, \wvlich Aumiral Sclhey
has been subjectedsince Monday
1111r ing ended ye-terday after
*, no. when his cross-examination
\ iwas concluded. When the judge
Sad;\-,ciate tflinishel the crloss-ex
*:c ! aminati,,n shortly after : o'clock
+.l lthe court l1)ropounded to the ad
mir:al a number of (questions proe
o pared by uie.aib-rs of the court.
:.: These questions touched many
*.: plint , of the camnpaign of the
.: ilyin .ilu:idron. out mainly con
terce about the difficulties en
"; countered in coaling and the
'. re:so(,'ls for the retoitrade ll(moVe
i' m t. Not one of them related
. to the battle off Santiago.
s: To jiudge adlvocate's crossex- 1
-- antinatiln today covered the re
trongrade mlllo\eteilt, tile 'econ!l
ed rd naissance of Maiy I[, the loop of t
thelýi roB i lyu and the alleged
1 ch(lloiu.V with Lieutenant -Iodg
so ablout the Texas.
One of the interesting features
II ( l(i' div was the development
ut ii "i fact thiat tdh rel)ort of the i
ba ottle written by AdmuiralSchley
July b, 1Iri, was not the original
SireportL. The origitnal rep~irct has
- nmx'er been published anid ilh ac
't Ml 1 a prev ious decis a
a ti, the court today CiclH
1 !l, w it to )go into the ri(c)r(ds. A
Admiral Se'ley was aliowed
S X hlatin, o-ever, that Adnli.- I
;! ,Siimpson declined to receive'
thle Il'st, reporlt Ibecause, it ( 'ti, ....t
I I11
1--\1 i'i tti I .. i
'\: ill Drill at ,xIrnentau.
` 1''l i arn that l r 1 ') 'a e 1 r' , :' :H . i
ofIe E' tlerwod iolll)itly ion.
a.I l m iii o , splendid oil well ,
sit!s n'ld the o110 ol whilichi the a
M ialil illntau well i.. to be drilled
pu isooill( the best, judging fromn
outward. indications, i
Thi, Pelican rice mill had a
I-e lose to destruction by fire yes
is terday. The blaze started from
- friction on one of the brushes on
the top floor. Only by active and
r prompt work was the mill saved.
.e- I
Id Estrayed.
A Jersey cow, left my farm,
two and a half miles south of
Jennings Tuesday night. Lib
Seral reward for her return or in
t formation as to her whereabouts.
th pgOur sawmill on Mamou
prairie is now prepared to make
prompt delivery of derrick or
other nlmaterial to any point in the
h- oil field. Leave orders at the
of office near S. P. depot.
r aie your sampleof rough
ig rice to the Pelican mill and get
I prices before you sell. dwlm 1
Famine in Mexico Causisc c, -
pIe to Maike.a ai cai:
Corn WarehiousC.
r Sn Alntooii, 'Texas. ( ht. ; .
i New.s reached thii : - tit :-1: r1
d't! day ot ti broad ri,) ill til l'
Puruandiu,. Mexi :.. O'," b:,r " .
I in which twenty peo ph v re
' voutdled. mlanV tf v.iliti will m;e
- The riot is the rcsO llt cf 1 (,I: n
famine which has p'evaid i,
that part of Mexico f', n mtl:is,.
and the action of imnol,,,tlies iin
I adv',anclng" the price ,f ii' c· to a
tijŽure that pr(v'enttd I ilte poor')
classes purchasing eo)t--h fot
their needs.
Some time back the Mexican
g'overn'lienIt, on apcc()uiit of the
<faimine, removed the daut- ,on
Icorn from the United States, and
shipments from the States f,'r aI
time served to reliev\e the situa
tion. Speculators, hlowever'i, got
hold of all the corn shipped into,
the Puruandias district and at .'
once advanced the price c10 per
The natives, many of them he
ing women and children, ad
v\ance1d on the col'n watrehouss
in a. body, crying "Pan" (broad),
and atssaulted tlhe barlaeiudt l
doors, linally breaking thliem in.
As toe iIrs govt way the 101] 1
1ry' and gau, t 1,le rush,?d in t
anlld weret met by\a votle before
vYAýn4La numltber went down t
\Vwou lldeld.
S;'- For i eliable insurance see'
Mloses & St. Gerimttiin at tCittz',ns
Cleared $10.000.
Ai. G(. Wair .t of Al,'., uu a.
. I I.. t s i it :: Ia Iurc ia l ' t t s: ,
i ', lii . it''l ' -i' li. i irt a: I i i t', ilu t itt '
TI tl i' :-, . .\lli i I t, 1i,': is lit',ji i]'to't
ali 11 ti'illttin~ ti a lts ties tI . . -.so
LCultrt. Nit 1[ '.iv. trjtt.51
within h .s f tilta a t lr . o.- , t_ tit_
thaln . Eann' th viie ' to y i.' pa:tit.
-- Press.
'The Itest Prescription for MlatlarilL
('hills a li Fever is a htttle of (,r'\v.'s
Ta-teh",s Clili Tonic. It is simply iron
and qltiinine ill a tasteless forl' . No
Cure. No P'aV. Price 5;e.
J. M,. Evans will (do your paint- t
ing and papering in up-to-date 1
style and lowest prices.
No matter how small,
No matter how large,
The First National Bank of Jennings
will give it careful attention
E. F. ROWSON, President. F. E. BLISS, Vice-President.
GEO. A. COURTNEY, Cashier. H. H. HOAG, Asst. Cashier.
F. 1. MOHSE, . F. , . . B3LISSY
This Bank is now open for business in its
temporary quarters in the Mahaffey Building
G .ea.ing: s irr. ' ,:r ,,-_:. g:. that
..;.. ' . ;whose
-v , il::, - '' -. * d:,_ in
:- s it very
!- , : : i 3 .'-ears
l.:, 1,, a very
nu . iv's i:I Cal
\.!·i: W .ho was.. .
: ,i lld kill
iln . i:' a other nlle
n.,t.r the r,!: ,k in S,,uth
(~'rowley, \v.t, .,..:t ;.uiliy as
ci;~; ,. ;I i that helurd
ti,.' cai.( in i';, :ii:,trict court
A m ti.:' : t 015 Cu's w\as
':hld in AbbA', 'u\ ,'.-dlay for the
lpurpms) of )1, c ial 5-mill
tax for :a pai'it :' years for a
(drainae st ,. la the first
pre:Ci nct o; ,(,t s - were cast in
f Vor' of t11. i:r, ..s-l tax, said
votes re ,,1in lile value of
• 34, : t i in -;:1.id precinct 3
Vict'5. l' i'..,~,'i i it valuation
The IF,",ol ta il-Sells Bros.
show is in lmord iuck. The rear
section of thI- s .,w train ran into
thte section ,i thi train illn 'frollt
of it dlurin'. a lheavy fog at Baton
Rouge on Tuesday last. Four or
tiVe arl's w\ere 1 inll to pioCCs and
several othier cais were imore or
less damaged. 'i'alree men were
badly hurt. Others were pain
fully injured, but, no one was
killed. None of the animal cages
vwere broken op,,en. The elephant
car was turn:,d on one side, but
thle herd of elth I1at were res
cued uninjured and were drivel
to tow\n.
"-.Re'lna:1 s of laces and
•ribbous in 1 tIo v -yard pieces at
10c. The Iali....
Wait for ith Big Show.
The greatest teute:! exhlibition
,'"or shI, vi n l .I lllennilo.st, Lat.,
vill c(1:ie i rI tiiln Vednc daily,
Ni ( or: bey : 1. t1 " the C oper
hu", .rl',) -,_. i ii the' G reat
,u tern it:,il',. ' ,. and ar
r; 1vs i1n a :1" "1 t ie h il rning
,f the'. : ,:i ii ISt (iw'n s:1 c'ial
tliil , f " i,:S . el Ii lk '! ster O nll
'tl'l'.c;s a'til* f '-, '.\'ll 'ec ll: ll d
I inl ::. ,`\''>- l ll al" nrc'; of
"an\'i . l i," t lik l\Vil `:h1;1W
lii i1t iI.I li L' li tI i, S+ _i ' i lint t llt -
,r.. l ).ll i I ' t'1 tr.t ,t parade
):1 shoiw dli.
Horses for Sate.
Carload if siii,,'l, drivers and
wor'k ihorse s iri sale lcheap.
Southsidi Ii,,y v a'u. ;i I.
'i list. vlli' o r )](,'rty f)r saile
with N. IL. Strnii,, mlillngt'r for
the (Gulf t'i:ist ILind & Invest
ilenlt Co. (l)ici' illn l l :CO )) build
ini .

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