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mo u -Oi &l Mineral
SSweet, Jennings, La.; Vice-President, Jno. E.
Iu .; f-Secretary, Aug. Colbert, LakeCharles, La.;
'arera~ d Manager, T. D. Pollard,. New Iberia, La.
Bo: o f to f Directors: D. E. Sweet, Aug. Colbert, Jas.
HLarrab, Elliott Parley, Jno. E. Ross.
tlendering this, our prospec
we wish to avoid flowery,
ptive language, and to set
_rth-in detail a few simple, plain
ets, briefly stating what we
e done, where we have opera
nd and what we propose to do.
: 'The Prairie Mamou Oil & Min
o:ý:ral Co. L't'd, domiciled at Jen
"n.ings, Calcasieu parish, La. is a
: ly organized and chartered
company, capitalized at $200,000.
Captain D. E. Sweet, president
of the Jennings Banking & Trust
Co., a man of unquestionable in
tegrity and pronounced busi
ness success, is president of this
From the organization of this
Company it has been the purpose
to select small plots of really oil
lands throughout the oil belt of
Calcasieu parish, ignoring in a
measure large bodies of indiffer
ent lands without promise, upon
which leases, could be procured
at nominal figures. Following
up this idea they have purchased,
First.-Twenty acres near the
Hackberry well that is full of
promise, the well being down
near 1,000 feet, with every indi
cation of success. The stock of
this well is now at par value.
A peculiar feature chlaracter
izing this well,which lies thirteen
Fmil. southeast of Sulph u r Mines
is, that before the duy when sul
phur was extracted by heat a
spring at Hacckberry flowed very
cold water,which tOlay is ahnlmost
-...as hot as hot ctffee. We also
purchased five acres near the
Vinton wells which have struck
several stratas of oil, published
to the world.
Will begin drilling. at once on our 100-acr-"
tract adjoining the. Jennings ýwxell. Pipe and
machinery are here. C E Jones, an experi
enced driller, who has brought in four gus.h
ers on th e Beauml.ont, Spi:ndletop, has cor.
tracted to put Cldown two w-elCs ior us.
acres at d(iffere1n 1 its (ii ' and t u< i : thin , 'T;id w` il. Tie
. alaiou Pr'raiie actls owned by tl,(' ( tu, jgen" is ( ,, ol th(e lbest in
that splendid fiicd.
"Work will VoinIi(.ence on tiis tract v(er- -(ortlo v ;land ilvestrs;,
will do well to se.u e st lck bor Ie an adv\anic ( is i a(Io.
15,000 Shares Only of a par value of
$1 Will be Sold at 50c Each.
Th-ey are going rapidly and the issue will soon be sold. The
officers of the comlnpany will assure the most careful management.
Southern Oil Company.
Capital Stock, $500,000.
F. F. Rowson, President.
Dr. J. W. Sanders,-Vice President.
H. K. Midkiff,- Secretary.
P . Haber, Treasurer.
RS: J. E. Osborne, T. A. Noel, J. P. Faris, Dr. W. C.
'ller, C. R. Cline. P. B. Haber, O. S. Dolby, J. Rosholt.
CC. ST. GERMAIN, Selling Agent.
Second.--inding unparalleled
gas and oil indications on Bayou
Blue, about fifteen miles north
of Jennings, we purchased Bayou
Blue Springs, covering a hill of
about five arcres on Bayou Blue.
We also have forty acres three
miles nortli of the Jennings Oil
Well, Where'gas and oil abound
and upon which it was at first
intended to sink a well. But the
climax was struck when after
much labor and time had been
spent, ANSSE A. LA BU'ITE,the
SPINDLE TOP of MamouPrairie
was secured, and this is a real
_ Spindle Topin every sense. This
six acres lies within a mile of
Bayou Cane, tributary of Mer
mentau river and just north of
Mermentau station where the
Southern Pacific railway crosses
the Mermentau river, giving
f easy and cheap access to an out
let to market.
This is where the Prairie
M amou Oil & Mineral Co., L't'd
will within the next 30 days be
gin to sink a well wihh the prom
ise in advance of a gusher. It is
about one-fourth of a mile south
f east of the noted gushing well of
the Jennings Oil Co.
We intend to bore our second
well on Bayou Blue. We have
leases upon several hundred
acres of lands on which we would
bore in event others see fit to
1 develop any adjacent thereto and
meet success.
The Company will offer 50,000
- shares for sale at 50 cents per
share for a short time. Par val
ue of shares one dollar each. We
would much )prefer to sell these
shares to home people.
Address all communications to
.Jennings, La.
Sor-. D. E. Swti:E'r, Pres.,
I . . Jennings, La.
- \.'L .
Groceries, Grain, Flour, Provisit s
" and Packing-House ProdOC
Agents Waters-Pierce Oil Co. CROWLEY, LA.
Viome IRappenings.
Interestlig Items conecernlng JeannlntS
and the Neighborinng Country.
 . . o. 7............... 3:1 a. m.
-~No. 5.39:44 p. in.
S No. 9............ 4:44 p. nm.
, ' No. S ....... 1:.59a..m.
No. 6 ...............10:19 a. m.
No. 10............... r2:12p. m
J. W. Pollock of Crowley is in
the city.
Tomorrow night will be Hal
lowe'en. Look out!
The Louisiana rice mill is now
running 15 hours out of each 24.
Tonight you are wanted at the
supper given by the Catholic la
The Epworth League will hold
a cabinet meeting at thile church
Rev. W. H. Curtis is in New
Orleans on business for the Sul
phur Oil Co.
C. H. Dunham of Elton is in
t)wnl on business today. He re
pa:rts the sale of his farm.
The Ladies' Altar Society will
serve delicious gombo a la creole
at the new Hulburt building to
night. Cake and coffee can be
had also.
T.D. Pollard ireturned this eve
ning from a short visit to New
Iberia, acconmpanied by his
Sdaughter, Clara, who will remain
in Jennings a few days.
Lxt,,--Monday night, Oct. 28,
1901 at mnidnight, the infant son
of Mlr. and Mrs. J. H. Heinen,
eius<, stomach trouble. The
funLrIal was held Tuesday after
11ioon at four t'clok froml the
'aInily rcsidtuce.
C. W'. IaiSyr. who has a host
(;1' friends in Jl.nningFs, is in the
'city. M r. Ta \';clor is pIrosecuting_4 ,
a:tity a:t Hut-clmhinison, IKan. He
eC 1re , iS- ]ilisehf iLn glorious
t rli':, ( I Liit, I' ,ii t I·' i l t 'iltt li
*f t is ( -i A Itn''i \ ll ilt ,, s. I
"1 'iI , , L1i' \X l it i I ll ii ,I - Ill'( I
S ulll,'st Sl i tl t el,Tt' ']It (Ii1 ( f Ji' t!'S
ulne Gt istio ,\Delll L gi ' i. rui. e
.. teti e. l i:t e int'lll, t- lu' wasi
suI ;"- " (L C ) ill' S ,i\V , N i i €, 1 S \ L:IClIlt
uu.',til'' i -,e a t, v," i S u'.. t l'' It) (tllt "
the atues t Q( tc~it.jl I lttt\ii old oli
, iute." i 'te l i,: j t t io t o the
,l. E. Fu-T l &·; tONs.
Sonte Ghiso Deli'ets targe Auience
c"re r'ei't,(t i the leharater wvsia af
lIt)rbato risl, acL Hall's anderin/
oust lst lie'lit. Thl e ulikened to
wa lrse. w eoharemds. e t d alhse
irciati ve,. The" p la us, was
unailtinltted andc it i'e.sultedc from)ll
the o l(st. (_'¢rd(ial :lpiir, val o1' M~r.
charactelrs f Elod Dauteand
the Count ,,f ,t Cristo. Hise
lOneptio. e the- character wease
superb d in aavoice, ations andI
gestures ndle c.uld be likened to.r
actors who Lpave made these
charactvrs and klays famous
The scenic eloects were exceli
lent. The other characters wereI
well taken, special credit beingI
due Miss Madolaine Price, Miss'
Marie Southers,Mr. Louis South
elrs and MrII. N'ewton.--Argus
Bulletin, Laporte Ind.
Heavy Bank R~eceitl's,
One of the local banks received !
on deposit $38,000 last Saturday
and $31,000 on Monday. The de
posits in a bank here on Monday
reached the aggret- ato of $55.000.
A Fine Office Building.
A. D. McFarlain let the con
tract this morning for a fine of
fice bnilding to oe erected just
north of the McFarlain hotel.
This is the building mentioned
in the RECORD a couple of weeks
ago. Chas. X. Gauthier of Gal
veston is the contractor, and he
is to get *4,820 for the building
comrn plete.
The size of the building is 26x
40 feet, two stories high. The
material used will be brick, iron
and stone, the front being stone.
Sanitary plumbing will be used
and closets and toilet rooms will
be placed in the building.
Two offices in the lower story
will be occupied by the real es
tate firm of A. D. McFarlain &
Son and the upper story will
also be divided into two offices,
which will be occupied by other
Chrtstian Endeavor Convention.
The State Christian Endeavor
convention, which met at Lafay
ette today, received a good dele
gation from this city, among
whom were the following: Rev.
W. C. Miller and wife, W. P. Cary
and wife, Mrs. Browning, Mrs.
W. P. Humphrey, Mrs. Platt,
Audrey Wiggins, and Rev. W. F.
The Turkish way to finance a
revolution is to kidnap an Amer"
ican missionary.
I nsurance ND
Real Estate.
Fire Risks written in leading couM
panies. Town and country property
for sale. Office with Cline & Cline.
J. C. LANG & Co.
h r 1" ( 1it' -.
!'i) l I:l- : IVi1u ]' ".IIV.
Physician & Surgeon.
-:,!il'."it 'i( l ])i;e.;lit'i .. :1 i .I1 l :; ýýýi- '  : (I
\,'omi n ain d (I ihildt,*i.
TL0( !l1 Su. 'rgenr for (1iuth 1rn 1'Pa iliý
1'a i i u) II].
OFFICE: City Pbar-macy.
RESIDENCE: DeJean House.
'"':Tll:'tT-1i iN I: SN(. (
20 x 20 Inches.
Sections numbiered, & Towni
shipJ, Range and M,eridianl
I)lainly mnlarked.
PRICE $1.O0.
By Mail, Postlpaid.
Office at NicFarlain House.
F. B. Cutting & Co.
Have for sale rice and oil
lands. See them before
Oil Syndicate, Ltd.
Have For Sale
Land adjoining the Jennings Oil Co's.
well. in lots of one to one thousand acres.
A Dollar Invested Now jViag
Bring You a. Hundred in
a Sfort T'me.
For the various oil companies now existing and those being or
gauized. List your stocks with us, or see us before purchasing.
W. Scott Heywood,
:W-Now is the time to buy oil
stock if you expect to make mon
ey on your investment. Moses
& St. Germain can supply your
Q A new line of ladies' dress
patterns, and children's waist
patterns at Zab,,lio& ,fLongulau's.
YouKnow What Ion Are Tsktng
When you take Grove's Tasteless
Chil Tonic because the formula isa
plainly printed on every bottle showing
that it is simply Iron and Quinine in.
tasteless form. No Cure, No Pay.
i f We never overstock-order
.,ften-goods always fresh at
'$ , t$1 Roe 'S..

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