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.... .... L IECOr.
I 1| .. ,- - 1,
.. ...... ". 1" , s ..-_ ................. ..... . . . . . . . .-" ."
on Oil and Development Co., Ltd,
. Capital-Itock, $200,000 J.ennings, Louisiana '
This is one of the strongest companies financially there are, or will operate in the Jennings field. *.*
Its officers are all men of exceptional business ability and its holdings are of the best, consisting of e.*.
'.4 250 acres, constituting the Big Spring farm, formerly owned by Cooper & Lehman, lying southeast of .."
" Jennings and adjoining the Southern Pacific right of way, making the site unequaled for the speedy and .*'
economical handling of the product. This is a big saving to stockholders. .=.--t*
The derrick is now being constructed and the contract for drilling is being let. Work will com- °i ;
* mence very shortly. '".. '
_. A limited number of shares in this company are
now offered for sale at 50c per share, par value
$1.00. Fully paid and non-assessable.
LANDS FOR SALE.--About So acres adjoining the well site has been uali\-lvild into tlts
.. ranging from 2l acres up, and are now offered to purchasers at ia reasonable price. Tlhis is a fine op
*. portunity to get a splendidly located small trla. 'ac'.
OFFICERS.-Dr. E. I. Hall. President. President Citizens lBank.
A. 3i. Arthur. V ice-President, extensive rice grower and buyer. .ý'a
O* -" R-. Dahln. Secretary-Trea.-urer, a prominent real (~tate i tbt,:itr. .;
-:L..; DIRECTORS.--J. E#otfmann. ('ashier c'itizens Bank: C. _A. Lowry. 11. C. _ rs. 1?:- Ld 0i
.1 !o+. ~ris. J. Mi. Cooetr, I. C. I r . ich, J. P'. Black, Albert lDe)rounwt. t'. '. tiuthi r, -"
0. "A D. Hebert, of TJennings: -o:. T. .1. Kernan, Eligene (':aztde-tss of the I3:!ttk of ,'®
Baton R uge. and t'l. 1V. I,. Stevens of Baton lhouge. and the i th`ie ts of tlih. ..:
c.. ompany. e
having the Pembroke 1ill, t'rowley.
and Mill "1 " and St. Touis li w r La.
being the Pest Equi pp(, .,ll in ti: United Stato?,
doing thn f bel t work, givin the best returns,
Are Willing to Buy Rice
for CAS -
Or TOLL MILL at 25 cts Per Barrel,
guaranteeintt g retull'rs in It xv e I-;: f'"; the 1itim
0the vie is mil- nled. sh,1tuhl , :xt :::n1',-' i-i.:.
Liberal cash aiva.,".- mlade on rice l Uiux a r I : l,, tc l; mi-ix l.
See our Representative,
A. 1V%. Arth~i-r, B-iyer for
National Rice liling Company.
(tfhlk Next Door I) uth <; l_'i _ :.
Bring me your samples, seil me your rice
and receive the same old so ua.re treatment.
!i Represented in WELSH, by
- I now hate an assortment second to none,
Miss Lola Moses.
oo oono m6enmaeuogogemomom*easan.~emo==e=·
Gleanings From Our Exchanges !
Are latarestini.
a\(ok-, (1111' 1 s~ 11, S`l'01 tr IvI
was for ~a i.
'ate 1 1iiir Belt J u ioUi -. 'Iss
that to w.1il'_ 4Uec 's'ou p iltrinco
slip th'e xx re :,htoulli he at mont
] -s (t-, a::41 i that ff\ Li .:;.1
-P uijrdcttc is lvc1UI' a..
1'11 '. II 0 tb ii' l )1-isrf:1f1f
! f l: ' (' ff lt' f 111 't( f- (11Iis ) : ('.'
1 ) '. t ,.
11if..V 'jt-,ji
I K '
fi if. if ORiuh'f
...)1':.t \ :l i" "?:' .'. 11'1!1, lt': t.. Ir c
i ; itil La t"- i3 a' ý !)1)it'll't t ci ile l )C
\'a lll4II -4_''144'1' :110_ t I,
VI.]1: C~ !' . .!1*:1(11] 11 4,1;1 4117) ' )Jr :
1'1' 4)f I Ii... Ii
It I 1x 4' :1, i1 1' ;:
" I": lt fi ,:5 4 J \
I lit Ifl i4 I'Idif v i
tot'ý th ' 1it 114 11f litJ'iiii~i If), 1t=I,"
I k il 'Of a and N. l.ipj h-, 144'.' 51 -
Jo~u ~i( a 11 l 1.' 1'f1i)4]laif iifflf
The a)(1t hI Polkan ric Mill &)'J)1(
!hip tYOU] '('11!1111) pt y theiiig hi !hi
st a.ý'la( :4 ad N. l'.e ffr ll'' gOI-ae of
J);!( t e l tugli i.-.'. dxx'l tin
1 1: 'lAn dir mfR(ce ofrfiii &
w l)reh~iast ' COt.,i wilsor n
The State Authorities Are in
Dread of the Bubon'c
Austin, Texas, Nov. 2.--State
Health Officer 'Tabor, being otlH
cially advised by the United
States marine hospital orvice
that bubonic plague exists at
Liverpool and Glasgow, has put
on quarantine against the)se two
ports and notitied the quarantine 1
otticel's at Galveston and atin
Li\verpool, Nov. 1.--Th,: thil'e,
-s's lf bubn:ic plague noa)w in
hi)s lt: i 1:i re .i:', doing wel' l andi
lno ! t1'. s: c; tSS hati ctal 1'11 :
cially rel)orted. James H>oyl,
L-ult'id .Sta ItS cons ll, today c in
ierredt with represent tIiives ti
tile A t: 'ivatl lin 's 're_ . iin x
In 1 uti: .- p:irti ul l y\ in
c.,:itli,,n l with in i 'ranI s. Hie
l e aUi.,,.a[kmt'( . t::c ra)ilw\aycrvlyt',l -
nit, > lCv.e c11i,_ruiO ci ' ,.i nI
i: ,ttl. ' o
t d ih e"'!'t. L. .tr '; n ui a ', t"., ,
) :"~ 1 \,11 ',t it ,Ita . l. in (c ' ,ii :In t
consuls tod V, ire rt:- l'l-lt::' ( to
giant C'1"n1 b il ,f i :it .
t :rt't lian ' tt i. :iy (t': Io lr .
\ , '. I
1 : A 'c·rI d e, i ('. :t. .i '-:.,ti , i
,:iI. 1- i . t I IIC ! . . :,!, :l
S·a· 1aIll: ()l 1, 8 ' 11
S1)ru:L (' Al e :ihW l ; .
I t ' it i i t ' - l i tIla i , I
J, '.'' t.i lt be'sl andt ll i' c
i' h I 1 i -va , ide ll a c a I hi-:
,Pi. i h' n l 1. IIi . i ilr II ' ..l
* u-int ild . TI je onl e g11i-(-l:tsI, 1l
Sl" tiel i 'o , t-,el in l.l , ti lul?
'a 1_li. Iu ltl- u (' . alth :l ti l I t .
,,'-l. i: lb at atioen , o W nl og,..
dal .mil er is nlo doit thatio a
):uei.i \w.el wil.ly hetrc.at Atl
t is n-i h i ,g the well d hn. rIl.,.
f -"t o "bei ll1, eJ)xpe. t s1nl nl, irs
Noi-.1 t a yi r t.h Eat. S nlinirt.e
ortl Athur h',l Cel)eu was au.
andailithile si ct deoub the e
Wteii . well Nit. struckBet.
udiy hre ,i. s I c fo r tht
.tinm.-;w iti ,, h  e l hl. €
Senor M(tOt() iMliteliohu \vwas
;iap )inted i'ortugeuse ominist:r
ut Washiniit >v.
The cenus bureau issued a
report on the school, lmiliti:a and
voting population of the United
The duke and dutchess of b
Cornwall and York were enthlus
i 'stically greeted on their return
to England.
('ohmlonel Benson's column was
attacked by Boers, near Bethel.
East Transvaal, and several toili
cc-i's aind liftyfour reni wre kill
ed,nerly 2 ',)thers being wo-uund
(:-'"eg Munose. e -i.': .: is t
ie I to (colvey sym:,tli-hy of
(; intinala to tl' m.;it,'L tatues
ve'rmoent ,'r M Kinlev' i
i. i<-. iiati(lo , \'.is 'presellted to
,r .i- h nt i ,.-,-, .
Triple Tragedy in Louisianna.
Shrevcport, Li., Nv. '. --'he
story of ti trile tra'ltgy ihas h
r('mel lhere finn L menuw on,
1.. ii'toen mi los11 imll Sill "rve-:
ii . '" hm a i . 'tio - im , licatt d
l i . '' " 1 '-sit I't\' ii
,, i-r: l t hoile i if V\ict :i :
I'm':mIi'i.n I- 1 00 '1m a' i 1 ! |1 1'
ers and fout her i' lit 10 tit
" i, i i l. i i, , 1i"ixm'. ve 'tl' l v :,.
h 1 lin ýa 0.-, Til.' `..e lp )1 ' ..
1th .:. t,1:'t I ,),l ili t.::1 ." '"C, 1
i'.,' t . "- ::cai).., b t, c, u '. :: :.
i.' w.: i ':i lliy ;v)iundon,,'t. it w ,\v
i -. ,', ih- .l t ) t '.1 tl:),.', tun i rn.:.
ri i t i-, '11 p'r,' a l'(, t- i a:t:
(ii tia'l- . tc :in-o ( ord/', s at the
No matter- how small,
No matter how large,
The First National Bank of Jennings
will give it careful attention
I. [P. RO )WSON, President. F1. E. IlllSS, Vice-President.
). . A COITRTNEY, Cashier. H. 11. I\UA , Asst. Cashier.
S. . l. J. IIN N. . . H~\\~V. lN. . SS
This Bank is now open for business in its
temporary quarters in the Mahaffey Building
Eagle Petroleum Company Added
to the List---Tims Names of
the Different Companies.
Rev. W. H. Cartis who has
been in New OIr.: ln.; this week
was a calle: at t'Ve R~t3cronD sanc
tum this miorning, and infor:lned
us that on Taurs.dlay, while d ring
business in thoCrescent City that
the Eagle Petroal Ciompa.ny
with its domicil:.' at New Orleans
Was organizoed ,vithi a capital of
$'00,000, fulls p).i l up and(i eon
asse ,sable, ai I l:tve secur.ed
over three Ihundrlci i I:res within
two and a half inil.-,s ui" .Jennings.
The cl)ulp:t-lly is a atnrlo o11e
and has got goo).) s (liL si ub:,t:tnt
i: l business 1nc1a 1) lilllaiag its
attairs. A It),'tiln ,of i llo'esS
arly ittchilnili'y itl.-. 1b), li jurchails
ed,and they wiit dvi.p the ro)t')p
ert\' at 4ln11.
Thii foilwI : :: t:' _ th .n are
the officers:
---... liuris +,i tPi, Hjibh r.'ia In
s riliatei? e (U . 11' p r sil l, t..
". 1 . ,J::i n , u, ,0c -p0_.i o02 .
H:I. Dlt h . ... . .2retary
N'l( t eat' s:l , ti'.4'
0[. na. i' 41 " .i, ll it l:,L( Or.
fL' ý\. 11. .1 i, 1 a n i.
L,..-rs -- - a . an1 \ 1 .. oH.
1 .. c il l. ;'. b iard of
i1. ,. -.4.is ias:i.lg
' in ._ ui .; hsharoes at
i 110to .: _) . h, ive ,riied
djiW l 1t) . t . I ,i 4,). feet,
: .ld .t'lu o l Vat 1)0
" - L,:. ,.)'. , i a li<t of the
pt):i . t 'inS. : . a . i st
.. l. 1 ,a. \', 1 il (l 5 jlr tI' )'.,,
I l , I'1.4t
4. .. I . . : . .

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