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.I-Ft Union Oul and Development Co., Ltd -:
"----._ .'Capital Stock, $200, 000 Jennings, Louisiana
* ýg "This is one of the strongest companies financially there are, or will operate in the Jennings field. .•
:*:".6 "Its oefficers are all men of exceptional business ability nand its holding.- are of the hbest, consisting off
*. 2•,0 acres, coustituting the Big- Spring farm, formerly owned by Cooper & Lehman, lying southeast of .M"*
Jennings and adjoining the Southern Pacific right of way, making the site unequaled for the speedy and . .*i
' "" economical handling of the product. This is a big saving to stockholders. *.*"
* .:"-. The derrick is now being constructed and the contract for drilling is being let. Work will comn- el.
.1* mence very shortly. .___.
,,iGt .A limited number of shares in this company are
maood now offered for sale at 50c per share, par value '.
- .\ $1.00. Fully paid and non-assessable.
*o. .- LANDS FOR SALE.--About 80 acres adjoining the well site has been subdivided into tracts *: .
:' ranging from "j acres up, and are now offered to purchasers at a reasonable price. This is a tine op- -
+:. portunity to get a splendidly located smnall trlact. o .
. - OFFICERS.--Dr. E. I. Hall, President. President Citizens lank.
"""." A. )M. Arthur, Vice-President, extensive rice grower and buyetr. ;;.X
"W; ;0 ea iIR. Dahlen. Secretatry'-Trea burer. a prominent real estate broker. .t:
":O"OD. Hebert, of Jennings: Hon. T. J. Kernan, Eugene (a zedessus of the Bank of w*:2..
SBaton Rouge, and Ctol. W. L. Stevens of Baton louge., and the officers of the . V-I"
,;..',-Co company. i """
'e. @• , ., o .'i;
" . • . 0· .· . : " .*.. . ,o e . '
=z,.o,9oo.,[email protected]•oe.p",•o.T-.e-o eSo+. ... .•. . o -•, .. .., . .o•. . ..
ii ,·ol,, o,,•-o e,,l , AE --~, u ,,__ •"' oeon n h rl sie is I~ nsbi- d~d it 1:~t
having the Pembroke Mill, Crowley,
and Mill "A" and St. Louis Mills at New Orleans, La.,
being the Best Equipped Mills in the United States,
doing the best work, giving the best returns,
Are Willing to Buy Rice
for CASH.
Or TOLL MILL at 25 cts Per Barrel.
guaranteeing returns in two weeks from the time
the rice is milled, should patrons so desire.
Liberal cash advances made on rice put in our charge for toll milling.
See our Representative,
A. NM. Arthur, HBuyer for
National Rice Milling Company.
Office Next Door South of Citizens lBank.
Bring me your samples, sell me your rice
and receive the same old square treatment.
:W- Represented in WELSH, by
" -
_* to thle (:. A. Ii. BIall on South MIain street, -
3 and( will have more new stock in a few dtays,
* and will keel) up my line of -
Fine Millinery as Before. g
5 -
S .
.I Miss Lola Moses. .
I ""
j'i~Yu -"'··+lilII4lIIIDl!DllllilllIIIII~ll~l·· lllllll lil
Silver Service For Illinois.
Newport News, Va., Nov. 7.
The presentation of the costly
silver service brought by the
people of Illinois for the battle
ship named after their state was
made today at Old Point Com
The service is considered the
most beautiful in the navy. The
service comprises a large punch
bowl, ladle and stand, a smaller
bowl of the same pattern, three
massive dishes. The mammoth
punch bowl, the largest piece in
the set, is two feet in diameter
and seventeen inches high. On
one side is the name "Illinois"
in oxidized silver, and beneath it,
appears the seal of the state.
On the other side is tne incrip
tion, "Presented to the U. S.
battle ship Illinois by citizens of
the state in honor of which the
ship was named.
A Good Thing.
New York, Nov. 7.-Seth Low
as mayor of Greater New Yorik,
will have a salary of 15,000. He
will in the first place. have the
privilege of appointing such
clerks and assistants in the
Mayor's office as lie may clihose.
The first appointments in his
disposition is that of a private
secretary at a salary of $500).
He may appoint commissioners
and heads of departments to
succeed the present incumbents
in most of the executive dcpaLrt
Sharkey After Winner.
New York, Nov. 7. --Tom Shark
I ey, the ex-sailor heavyweight
pugilist, leaves with his manager
Barney Reich, today for San
Francisco to see the champion
ship battle in that city next week
between Jiu Jeffries and (;us
Ruhlin. Reich will issue a chall
enge at the ringside to match
Sharkey against the winner. If
Ruhlin defeats Jeffries, Sharkey
will agree to fight him on the
winner take all basis and will bet
him $5,000 that le will boat him.
-"List your property for sale
with N. R. Strong, manager for
the Gulf Coast Land & Invest
ment Co. Office in RECORD build
SF"Lisk's anti-rust tinware is
guaranteed for two years. The
Jennings Hardware Co. has it.
1 'Water cisterns, oil tanks.
I for wagons or reservoirs, see J,
B. Killinger, Jennings, La.
Mr. Raynor, Chief Counsel
for Schley Delivers a
Touching Argument.
Washington, Nov. 7.-The cli
max of the Schley court of in
quiry came yesterday afternoon
when Mr. Raynor, chief counsel
for Admiral Schley, concluded a
brilliant argument of over three
hours with a peroration so eloqu
ent and impassioned that all with
in the sound of his voice were
profoundly touched.
This remarakable trial, he said
sought to condemn the man who
had brought to a successful ter
mination as greata naval triumph
as was ever won. In ivvid colors
he painted the picture of the
Brooklyn with Commodore Sch
ley on the bridge tightin; the en
tire Spanish fleet until the
Oregon appeared out of the
smoke. The scene in the court
room as he finished was thrilling.
The attendance had been large
all day and at the morning sess
ion a lady had fainted from ex
As Mr. Ra:ynor began his
eulogy of Admiral Schley those
in the audience, many of whom
were women, leaned forward in
their seats. The spell of his
oratory was over them and when
he described the admiral's gall
ant deeds and the long persecu
tionto which he had been subjec
ted many of them wept.
The members of the court dis
played evidences of emotion and
Admiral Schley himself was
plainly moved. He sat, leaning
back, with his hands behind his
head. His chin twitched and as
his counsel said he could afford
to await the verdict of posterity,
two big tears rolled down his
For fully thirty seconds after
Mr. Raynor closed there was not
a sound. Then the tension broke
in a loud burst of applause.
;:--Not burnt out: we are still
in the same old stand at Ronshaws
meat market, with a large list of
bargains in land; call and see us.
An Important Capture.
St. Louis, Mo. Nov. 7. -The
police have in custoday a man
and woman suspected of conipli
city in the robbery of an express
car on the ( reat Northern near
Wagner, Mont.,July : last. when
the safe was blown open with
dynamite and a consignment of
unsigned notes for the Natiomal
bank of Helena, Mont.. ainount
ing to between 0t),I)tt( ana 81)t4,
4)()0, was stolen. Of this amount
8$500 in new bank notes on the
Helena bank were recovered,
having beenu found in lossess
ion of the mani and ( llwoman, who
were registered at the La Clede
hotel Friday as Mr. and Mrs. J.
XW. Ro)se(.
He Refused It.
L[.ndon,Nov. 7.- The Exclhange
Telegraph Cominpany says that
Andrew Carnegie, previously to
leaving Scotland for the United
States was otffered and declined
a baronetcy.
On Nov. 23, 24, the fourth and
last Quarterly Conference for
the .Lake Arthur Methodist
church will be held at Lake Ar
thur. A. W. G.
He Dies at a Time When
China is Much in Need
of Him.
Pekin, Nov. 7.- Li Hung Chag
is dead. He died at 11 o'clock
this morning.
At t9 o'clock yesterday after
noon. while Earl Li was still
alive, the court yard of the ya
men was filled with life size
paper horses and chairs with
coolie bearers, which his friends
sent, in accordance with IChinese
customs, to be buried whenl he
died in order to carry his soul to
The Chinese officials are some
what uneasy concerning the of
feet his death will have on the
populace, and to guard against a
possible anti-foreign deimonstra
tion, the C'lhinese gene('rals have
placed their troops about the city
inll such a way as toc)()omiand the
situation. Trouble, hoxwever, is
extremely improbable.
Robert Coltman, an Amierican
who was one of the physicians
attending Earl Li, told the co(r
respondent of the Associated
Press today that when he was
called to act with Dr. Velde of
the (erman legation, Nov. 1. ihe
found the patient very weak
from a severe helt'orrhage, due
to ulceration of the stomach.
As to Croker --wxill lie continue
to croak?
The Christmas Delineator.
A fitting climax toe year of re
markable advancement is The
Delineator for December, be
tween the covers of which is con
t:tined a rare collection of special 4
features o(f varied interest. The
winter fashions are pictured and
described in detail: there is a;
delightful article on the Floral
Fetes of .Japan, illustrated in
colors: the hllomesur oundin.gs of
several stage favorites areleterl
tainingly Ir'esente;d and de- crib
ed. there are three splendid
stories by well kn,)\vn authors.
together with illustrated articls
on holiday fancy \worlk :o edl ii. ,no
nimade gifts: n1ew re'Cil)s,. e el'r
taininnet lts: and a vealth of o llte "
material (of a s,:tst)tbl:t)le lnatUl'e.
I levoted to h pleasure and lpro
fit of every member of the house
The Spring Hill Co.
The Spri;g ; hill Co. is puhilini
woirk. Tiiir miatchitinury is being,
set, tthe pipe is at the stationl and
drillers are on the gionlU r ':uly
to g( to \work. Al . M'orse says
the stoilk is going rapily and
only a few shares are l1ft for 1
There is c:nsiheriblh ino niry
for land around nulphur 51'igs
and S27 t) 4)( pcrc i'e is lieinig
oflered and sent land owners re
fuse to nwone a iri'i'e.
$5.00 Reward.
Thie above,' riward will he lpaid
for the return 1, ,lenl ini 's i)f the
two lxvi nii , s 1 elonging ti Oscar
Loxwe and N. L. Milltr, nww sup
posed to be in the iieighboirh1))d
of China or Elton.
2- Dr. M1. H. Adams' dental
office is now with 1)r. C. E. Hun
ter, over m(. II. Morse & Sons.
.-0 For oil sa5lk in any iif tl e
comtpanies see Meses & St.
Activity in Erecting Tempo
rary Business Houses and
Planning Better Ones.
This is but tihe third day after
the disastrous conflagration
winch destroyed one-ltalf of the
businesj portion of .Jennings,
iand there arec nw compIleted
and under (course of (:onllstruction
:sixteen temporary business
rooms to be occupied fir a period
of fn days, permits laving been
granted by thie townx authorities.
Tie largest of these is thle one
being built by A. D. MlcFarlain
ut the corner of North Market
street and Iroadnwhy. Mr. Mc
Farlain expe1'ct. ti be doing I)usi
ness withini ten days.
Landau tl'is. ale erec:ting a
buildiing in which to, resume the
clothing business, ol tle T. (_.
Maha t'f"ey 1, 1.
,. \. Mitchell has his builning
complleted and will occupy it with
a meat lma ket tlnmorrow morn
S~ctt lI ros.are e re"c 'otign a cuoe -
iuldllious structut'e on F1. B. Cut
tiL'gs lot a litt!e north of their
site, tudl will have their furnit
ulre sto)ck in it ill a few days.
I'. B. Cutting & C,. real estate
tdalers, arte, ceetin.g atn tfce
building aid;joi:zing S·cott Bros.
on itie si,uth. They will pr,,b
ably occupy thile r0om by to
TIlie Citizens 3auk mIloved into
their temlporary quarterts this
morning aniid i)uonted business at
nine o'cloclk.
M1. E. Hulburt is selling cigars
ajd tibaccin etc. 'friLul at sllWcasCt
1on the side wailk,. He saved the
bulk of his sti c'k an1d will be
ready for business in Ihis tcil
porary buildinig ih a day or two.
Tiie temiilary builingof the
J.enluin.',s Bankin,_ & Tru~st t_'t.
is tioilt c. e illl etcid hut Capt.L
S-wvet i-.ys tley will probably
, l tl Ii ovIi \' unilt -\]0 l i I ..
A. \l . A. r i ur is b uilditl_1l . alI
th'iee buildi " a , i is lt wlllere
the old luildiii 1 lurn1.,11 eId.
.J. \V. Hi clil'li't', is tputting up
,l ruict :t I·\ t', ;.t ul ,, tl-,i :ii~. Tltt ,,
qilIuiltl a 1 tiano 1, ou~ buildine fr
ht l'sthltulit' . I1 N'ortt M1arket
stm-l'ct :l'lt i a 1\\i! be t'ix.d tfO ,eed
the LL t rl.e" in a few a .
I hi-illll li'ot Ie.'s *;taete' i thliir
pamip tis lmotil'li!" iLl1d te xvat
Ier ipes throuChtl .ll ttl 'th lilled.
"Thl, first i :1. ance coml(t u~tpatlny
to adjust at ls.. \wa tle Ltivet'pool,
Luoid il and ( lobe. wllse adjus
ter pail the policy if l)r. A. A.
let ' 'se:L ,r :- sU, in full tlis
The lhustl, oft tit'+wv att work
Ilttls a lively a l. eaalc-e tn the
b)UrntI uit ri.' t'C autl . ovt'l'yonlt is
xettritlg a chteelrful hoik. The
fexv tbliliii1s lliilsled and those
oudtle whIIV lhtVe iiide a .reat
clhange i1 tile goener81aa1 tpea ta nce
siltce Monday Iilim1'titg.
A'chiit''t < are Very busy
pl ll , I ltxV luri.k si!Itluctul-e 10
t ilte the hilci e if tllhse [ rlntlled,
allt1 n1mllitt ' S ltils will he con
si he red in tIith nocxt few days
wh\lt-z ciilitracts will be lct for
son11' tinl bui hlings. James
Scitt, of Scott 1iothers. who
wi red the news of the Ii ce to
l.tke Charles, and anticipating
the result, ulrchasetl enough
brick onIllly morninug to con
struit a oexw building. They
will build a tire proof building
on the old site. Mr. Scott says
there are1 no more brick for sale
alt La1ke Charles.

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