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.. .
| .. . . ... ...--:N. .M.ER. .27..
: U: on Oil and I ieveloment Co.f Lt'
Capital Stock, $200,000 Jennings, Louisiana
This is one of the strongest companies financially there are, or will operate in the Jennings field. *.:
e:o; Its officers are all men of exceptional business ability and its holdings are of the best, consisting of a..
.;_ 250 acres, constituting the Big Spring farm, formerly owned by Cooper & Lehman, lying southeast of ..0*
:. Jennings and adjoining the Southern Pacific right of way, making the site unequaled for the speedy and !.ý°
APg economical handling of ihe product. This is a big saving to stockholders.
*"J.-- * The derrick is now being constructed and the contract for drilling is being lot. Work will corn- *0 *
.!. nience very shortly.
-..-,. A limited number of shares in this company are .:
now offered for sale at 500 per share, par value .
$1.00. Fully paid and non-assessable.
Sportunity to get a splendidly located small track
., OFFICERS.-Dr. E: I. Hall, President, President Citizens Bank. ý
***?*** 41A. M. Arthur, Vice-President, extensive rice grower and buyer. ;::,".
2.***? LANDSF R. Dahlen, Secretary-Treasurer, a prominent real estate broker. * o..o
: DIRECTORS.-J. H. Hoffmann, Cashier Citizens Bank: C. A. Lowry, B. C. Andrus, Edd Mor-*
i ris, J. M. Cooper, E. C. French, J. P. Black. Albert Derouen, C. C. Gauthier, '";o
. D. Hebert, of Jennings; Hon. T. J. Kernan, Eugene Cazedessus of the Bank of -4 A
.0 "Beaton Rouge, and Col.e W. L. Stevens of Baton Rouge, and the officers of the . O*
c'.- company. A- *;..
ol-m compny amO-nmana
:'.".' -zw .fre ...o. t5 e e hae arv ie :
.o- oo, o ~. :,o :.-.O. :-,oo.•oO;. c 0•oO oO..,OO_:O._:'.tOO;O..:;:O O
oJrr, o·~~o Q ?~o eoo : ; o .-..-..--..-..-.Y -'?. . · - '
"o'& ":'' "6 $1'.' '''.'eo ,.''..''.":''. F,:.'"o ':.-"o o.."o n o.-'_'" . s"-o.o '.,. , ., n. .ge:o.;:.o-:-..o
oO-o0 OoeoaOoooO eo  eoo eo Oooo o oo ,, e~,. oo-. v~e-- ,o .e, - e • ee - ,.
having the Pembroke Mill, Crowley,
and Mill "A" and St. Louis Mills at New Orleans, La.,
being the Best Equipped Mills in the United States,
doing the best work, giving the best returns,
Are Willing to Buy Rice
for CASH.
Or TOLL MILL at 25 cts Per Barrel.
guaranteeing returns in two weeks from the time
the rice is milled, should patrons so desire.
Liberal cash advances made on rice put in our charge for toll milling.
See our Representative,
-A. M. Arthur, Buyer for
National Rice Milling Company.
Office Next Door South of Citizens Bank.
Bring me your samples, sell me your rice
and receive the same old square treatment.
tW- Represented in WELSH, by
Drugs, Chemiicals, Patent Medicines
and Toilet Articles in Stock.
g'Not one bottle saved from the fire.
--Phenix Drugstore,
V. B. Richard, Manager.
60 feet 3* inches north of Mrs. Abbott's store.
Pelican Rice lill and Warehouse Co. Limited,
Will Buy, Store, or Mill on toll ROUGH RICE in any quantity.
Tib-ea] CASH ADVANCES made on Rice put in our charge. 9-11d&w2n
Eye Strain . .
Will soon bring on pain in the
head, and may cause indigest
ion, if nothing worse. Glasses
that fit the eyes will give relief
from this difficulty. Remove the
strain, stop the pain, and you
will be happy again. Our glasses
will be fitted to your face as well
as to your eyes.
Expert Opticians and Jewelers.
Will Wed When He is 100 years Old.
Indianapolis Nov. 14.-If
Charles Stoltz ninety-two years
ago, lives to reach his hundredth
birthday he is to be married to a
woman who will then be about
ninety years old. Her name is
Elizabeth Prosser. Today Mr.
Stoltz, who retains his health, al
though his sight has failed him
made the announcement of his
approaching nuptials and declar
ed that he will live to be joined to
Mrs. Prosser in marriage.
"Oh, I am not so old,"he said.
'"Ninety two years has passed
quick and I feel like a boy. You
wouldn't believe it but I am en
gaged. If I reach the 100 mark
I am to marry Mrs. Elizabeth
Prosser, who will then be about
Mrs. Prosser, who herself has
kept her strength wonderfully
well confirmed Mr. Stoltz's state
g~TAnother invoice of roofing
paper at Foster's.
Emigration From Germany.
New York, Nov. 15.-The 13er
lin correspondent of the London
Times and the New York Times
says there has been a great in
crease in the number of emi
grants from Germany this year,
in the past ten months 175,000
Germans and foreigners sailed
on German vessels. This is more
than twice thenumber whosailed
from 1894 to 1897. Emigration
to the Argentine republic and
Uruguary has increased, while
that to Brazil has diminished.
'ý Until further notice we
will have our office in Johnny
Mans' Red Front Shoe Store.
We saved all of -our notes and
accounts. All kinds of harness
and harness parts, also have a
good stock of Bain wagons. Call
and see us.
'Water cisterns, oil tanks.
for wagons or reservoirs, see J,
B. Killinger, Jenninas, La.
The Sugar Men Don't Want
Reciprocity, But the
Rice Men Favor It.
New Orleans, November 15.
The sugar and rice interests of
Louisiana and Texas have clash
ed over the question of reciproc
ity with Cuba. The sugar pro
ducers are bitterly opposed to
any treaty with the new Cuban
republic which will admit sugar
imported into the United States
from the island at a lower duty
than now paid, while the rice
planters, rice mills, brokers and
exporters demand a reciprocity
agreement that will enable them
to supply the Cubans with all
the rice they import. The two
principnl products of Cuba are
sugar and tobacco, and a recipro- I
city treaty between the United
States and the new government I
would necessarily mean a reduc- I
tion of the tariff on these articles. (
The sugar growers assert that c
this spells ruin for their indus- i
try, and they are preparing to
fight it to the last ditch. The
rice men claim that a reciprocity i
agreement would enable the Am i
erican rice producers to absolut- t
ely control the Cuban rice trade:
that the rice industry is as much
entitled to government favors as
the sugar planters; that the Cub- 1
ans are now importing about
1,000,000 bags of rice annually
from other countries and that if
the proposed treaty is negotiated ,
it would practically double the J
rice crop of Louisiana and Texas.
The sugar growers will send a
strong lobby to Washingtonr
when congress assembles to op- i
pose any law toward a reduc- -
tion of the tariff on sugar and to (
antagonize the proposed treaty c
with Cuba.
Seed Rice.
Fine seed rice for sale both
Honduras, Kiusee and Japan
from imported seed this year on
new ground. Enquire at Nor
wood pllantation warehouse. r
Sad Accident at Estherwood. s
Estherwood, La. Nov. 15.
While Cassell Holland and Nor
wood Lyons, two littleschool boys
about 7 yeary old were eating
their dinner yesterday by the
side of a lumber; pile in Hoyt's
lumber yard the pile fell over on
to them killing the Lyons boy l
and badly bruising the other. '.
The Holland boy was a son of t
our merchant Mr. Holland, and i
the one that was killed was a son °
of our marshal WV. F. Lyons. The 1'
parents are almost heartbroken V
over the sad event. c
ygA copying press for sale
at the HEIcoln office.
Physicians Say His Days Are N umbered.
Philadelphia, Nov. 15--The
North American's copyrighted
London cable of tonight says:
King Edwards' life is not worth
more than two years at the very
most. Thatis the opinion of the
best physicians in the United
Kingdom and it may be set down
as truthon authority which can
not be doubted, despite optimis
tic and inspired official bulletins
to the contrary.
O-'For reliable insurance see 8
Moses & St. Germain at Hollem- a
beak's music store. a
t Reported Attempted Bribery
Among the Council
Creates a Fuss.
New Orleans, Nov. 15.-Coun
f cihnan Schabel, one of the coun
cl-men named by ex-Councilman
- McMahon as having been offered
a bribe to support the gas fran.
chise ordinance, has refused to
i furnish the grand jury the name
of the party who is alleged to
have offered him l10,000) stock in
the gas comliany to vote for th,
mieasure. Schabel clams as an
I excuse that the offer was made
in contideuce and he ha-s no right
to betray a friend.
The grand jury, however, do
Sclined to take his view of it and
gave him until to-morrow to fur
nish the name or go to jail for
contempt of court. Schlabel says
he will die and rot in jail before
he will make a statement. Some
of his friends, it is said, will en
deavor to supply the information
in the hope of saving him from
Ex-Councilman McMahon said
today he would tile his manda
mus suit against the city council
:".Now is the time to buy oil
stock if you expect to make mon
ey on your investment. Muses
& St. Germain can supply your
Not Ready for Rain Yet.
"No, we are not praying for I
rain yet, west of the river," said 1
Police Juror G. W. HIouse today.
"Thousands of sacks of rice are
in the marshes yet, and if the I
rain sets in steadily,they may h,e
lost. A scarcity of fain hands
has caused the delay in saving
the crop. The latter has turned
out better than expected, ten
sacks being a low average for the
entire Houston IRiv\er canal, and
it has been impossible to obtain
enough h1elp to handle "the crop
quickly."'- American.
-!="Send us a list of twelve
names and address o(f tlihose who
you think are intere-sted inl a
business edlucation, and receive
six cards with your nime beauti
fully written.
Address New Orleans Busi
ness College,
New Orleans La.
New Implement Company.
1Fromn the Rice BIelt Journal at
Welsh the Press receives tle iii
formation that there will be al
implemenllt ,i'ice o,l' anllized byI)\ I
the nanlie of tihe C';tlcasiCu Ili le
nelnt C'o. Ltd.. to be reat;dy fjor
operation by Januatry first. T',y
will operate in Lake Ctharles,
Welsh a1nd J.ennings, and will be
cnducted b1y somine of the laditl
ing impllement men (If the parish.
-} We have it:, have y(ou C( rass
mIatting. The .1enning lhuard
ware Co.
A number of Louisiana n1ews
papers are clalrlloillgg for a (ie
duction in the sta;te tax rate.
The valuation of 1)r,,perty has iiin
creased so rapidly says the Lake
Charles American that the tax is
yielding an income out of propor
tion to the state's nlcessities.
A lower tax rate would also assist
the assessment rolls to go higher.
Upon its prq~sent assessment Cal
casiqu is tpaying $75,000 to the
support of the state, and there is
a well founded ,uspicion that we
are paying more than our share.
Gets Into Trouble and Goes
Into The Hands of
a Receiver.
The following from the New
Oleans Daily States of yesterday
shows the predicament in which
the city of New Orleans is placed
by the waterworks company,
who hohlds a franchise, getting in
to trouble:
"The N ewOrleans Waterworks
Coinmny iv 1dayv. as thc result of
ta suit tiled in the United States
Circuit Court in this city, went
into the ]haiils of i receiver. The
acticnl was b)roi.m-hit b)y IRobert
Moore, a bondlhld, r of the com
pany. Judge Pardee granted
the order and named Mr. Frank
T. Howard as the receiver. Mr.
Howard is already in possession.
"The effect of the proceedings
is to tie-up pro'bably for years to
come, the affairs of the company,
under the protection of the Uni
ted -tates c',arts. The recent
(tecision of the State Supreme
Court is unlilkely to become eff
ective. whether there is an ap
peal to tihe United States Su
primce Court or not, for an indeti
nite time unless in the meantime
some arrangement is arrived at
between the Waterworks coin
pany and the municipal authori
ties whereby the plant of the
company may be turned over to
the Water and Sewerage board
with due allowance for the vault
of the colpany's franchise."
It seoems that the only remedy
for the difticulty is for the city
to buy out the waterworks com
pany. This is the experience of
niumerotus cities throughout the
country. Such instances go to
show that the lpgroper way to
handle suclh mnaters is for the
city to on\ a and operate its own
SVy-.tei. A snytemlI of water
wo.rks and sewlerage ownelld and
operated judici,usly by tihe city
would not be) a be lrden to anty-o)io
and 1111 wod eventually- be it source
of reve'nue. This is provei by
mainy instances of w tichi several
citize.ns : of Jeuniugs can testify.
1:.")ount fLil to see the l, latiit
1 ti t~I l f I attti l .
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