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SLtmon 1Oil and Development Co Lt
;--jer U I Id
S pitl Stock, $2 00,000 _ Jenint s Louisia na
This is one of the strongest companies financially there are, or will operate in the Jennings field. *..
*,. Its officers-are all men of exceptional business ability and its holdings are of the best, consisting of -
. 250 acres, constituting the Big Spring farm, formerly owned by Cooper & Lehman, lying southeast of * .o*
? . Jennings and adjoining the Southern Pacific right of way, making the site unequaled for the speedy and
".'*: economical handling of the product. This is a big saving to stockholders. .e.*
*.1 The derrick is now being constructed and the contract for drilling is being let. Work will com- i.*s
_. *. mence very shortly. ..s *
".* - A limited number of shares in this company are " "
i-..-: now offered for sale at 50c per share, par value.*
.• --$1.00. Fully paid and non-assessable. .
0=. C- .
.• . g *--..
LANDS FOR SALE.-About 80 acres adjoining the well site has been subdivided into tracts
.. ". ranging from 21 acres up, and are now offered to purchasers at a reasonable price. This is a fine op- .
,:, portunity to get a splendidly located small tracb.
0°. !° OFFICERS.-Dr. E. I. Hall, President, President Citizens Bank. Oo'
* *,-A. 3I. Arthur, Vice-President, extensive rice grower and buyer.
--** "R. Dahlen. Secretary-Treasurer, a prominent real estate broker. -
l - DIRECTORS.-J. H. Hoffmann, Cashier Citizens Bank; C. A. Lowry, B. C. Andrus, Edd Mor
**%° ris, J. M. Cooper, E. C. French, J. P. Black, Albert Derouen, C. C. Gauthier, -'.
:.*O D. Hebert, of Jennings; Hon. T. J. Kernan, Eugene Caredessus of the Bank of o0..
oo .I Baton Rouge, and Col. W. L. Stevens of Baton Rouge, and the officers of the *.*5*
''" company.
 . ....o..-o .-..- -o s ..,*e" 0.. o ..Ioo.. o o.% - I
.: ... ..... , .._ - '-o,ia":ý" ,,,',o. eoio. eýo. eee, o.o sea S o, os s 'o OP .08 i
having the Pembroke Mill, Crowley,
and Mill "A" and St. Louis Mills at New Orleans, La.,
being the Best Equipped Mills in the United States,
doing the best work, giving the best returns,
Are Willing to Buy Rice
for CASH.
Or TOLL MILL at 25 cts Per Barrel.
guaranteeing returns in two weeks from the time
the rice is milled, should patrons so desire.
Liberal cash advances made on rice put in our charge for toll milling.
See our Representative,
A. M. Arthur, Buyer for
National Rice Milling Company.
Office Next Door South of Citizens Bank.
Bring me your samples, sell me your rice
and receive the same old square treatment.
VF' Represented in WELSH, by
Drugs, Chemicals, Patent Medicines
and Toilet Articles in Stock.
g~Not one bottle saved from the fire.
----Phenix Drugstore,
V. B. Richard, Manager.
60 feet 3} inches north of Mrs. Abbott's store.
Pelican Rice Mill and Warehouse Co. Limited,
Will Buy, Store, or Mill on toll IIOUGH RICE in any quantity.
Aberali CASH ADVANCES made on Rice put in our charge. 9-11d&w2n
Congregational-Evening sub
ject, "A Wonderful Yield For
The Amount of Investment."
All are cordially inyited. W. C.
Miller, pastor.
United Brethren-Services at
11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Sunday
school at 10 a. m. Subject in the
morning, "Creeds and Denomin
ations." R. W. Wilgus, pastor.
Methodist Episcopal - Usual 1
services tomorrow. Old people's
services at 10:45. In the even
ing the pastor will preach on,
"The Debt We Owe to Others."
All are cordially invited.'" M. C.
Hickman, pastor.
Baptist-ll a. m., "Faith and
Loyalty;" 7:30 p. m. "Six Great
Doctrines of Bible Explained."
Evening service will commence
half hour earlier, so as to let all
who wish to hear me can get 1
there in time. W. F. Smith,pas- 1
On Sunday Nov. 17, at 11 a.
m. Rev. Wilgus will reply to the
answers given in the tent meet
ing some days ago to the follow
ing question: First. Is Jesus
Christ very God and equal with
the Father?
Second. Who is the Holy ghost 4
and what is his office?
Third. What is regeneration o
and how brought it about. 4
Fourth. How may we know
we are saved?
Fifth. Are we saved by faith
Sixth. Is babtism a saving
Burning Natural Gas.
It has been said many times
that enough natural gas was be
ing allowed to waste in the Beau
mont field to light a good sized
city, but now some of the oil
well contractors are turning the
gas to good account by using it
for fuel under their boilers.
Among them is the contractor
who is putting down the San
Jacinto well. He gets his gas
from the Transmississippi well
and it makes a splended fuel.
Seed Rice.
Fine seed rice for sale both
Honduras, Kiusee and Japan
from imported seed this year on
new ground. Enquire at Nor
wood lplantation warehouse.
Qg-A copying press for sale
at the RECorD office.
Jennings Oil Field Will
Produce Many Gushers
British Meet With Another I
Loss---Dewet is on
The Move.
London, Nov. 16.-A dispatch
from Lord Kitchener, dated from
Pretoria today says that a strong
patrol of yeomanry while recon
noitering November 13 at Brak
spruit, near Zeerust (Transvaal i
colony, about 140 miles west of 1
Pretoria), was surrounded by t
300 Boers and lost six men killed c
and sixteen wounded. Some of f
the troopers were captured, but
were subsequently released.
The rear guardof Colonel Bying's
column was attacked near Heil- i
bron, Orange River colony, Nov.
14, by 400 Boers, said to beunder
command of General Dewet.
After two hours' fighting the
Boers retired, leaving eight dead
on the field. Of Colonel Bying's I
column Lieutenant Hughes and
one man were killed, while three
officers and nine men were
The correspondent of the Times, t
wiring from Middleburg, Cape 1
Colony, says that within the last f
two days the Boers have ap- a
proached still nearer Capetown. s
igeNow is the time to buy oil f
stock if you expect to make mon
ey on your investment. Moses
& St. Germain can supply your r
wants. L
Schley a Poor Man. 1
Washington, Nov. 16.-The
savings from forty five years of t
active service in the United t
States navy have been taken up t
by the expenses of the inquiry
by which Admiral W. S. Schley t
proposes to clear his record as at
naval officer. Since the final ad- I
journment of the sessions of the e
court the admiral has been stay- t
ing at the Arlington attempting
to extricate himself from the tin
ancial tangle caused by the in
quiry. He has ended with his t
accaunts and he finds that every c
cent of the $20,000) which he had
expected to leave to his family in
addition to all the prize money
which he will get for his part in 1
the Spanish American war has 1
been spent on the inquiry. t
E:Send us a list of twelve
names and address of those who
you think are interested in a
business education, and receive
six cards with your name beauti
fully written.
Address New Orleans Busi
ness College,
New Orleans La.
t Jeffrles Won in the Fifth Round.
San Francisco, Nov. 16.--In
r one of the most unsatisfactory
n prize fights ever witnessed in
s this country James J. Jeffries
1 proved the victor last night over
Gus Ruhlin, the Akron Giant.
In the fifth round of what was to
have been a twenty-round strug
h gle, Ruhlin wilted and then .II-r
Srendered, to theutter amazolnmlt
and disgust of the assemlhetd
Sthousands. No one was more
- surprised at the outcomn tl;han
Jeffries himself, who asse.rtedt
. that, while he had deli\-ered (,on
telling blow in the second rmuld,
e he did not exl:ect to win th, vi.
tory so easily.
Messrs. Jaenke and Williams
Interviewed .by the
F. R. Jaenke, treasurer of the o
Jennings Oil Company, and al~o s
of the Jennings Haywood Oil "
Company, and Isaac D. L. Will- t
iatms, secretary of the same (o-ii- t;
panies, both of Jennings. are at
the St. Charles Hotel. They
came up to the city Thursday
for the purpose of looking after
some business co:nnec:te w\ith
the work which thlie .ennin s ()11 i
Company is doing toward brig :'
ing in the gusher that has bCeen
so long delayed.
"I think that there is no doubt
that we will have a gusher i: fe
few days. The well is now pr,
ducing in its overflow aoout ten
barrels per day, in spite of the,
fact that there are 1,J00 feet of
2-inch pipe inside the casing
and over a thousand feet of siand. r
We have made arrangements
to take out the 2-inc-h pipe and
put down an inside casing per- ti
forated to go through the sandl.
and then we will have a well the !
size of the inside casing, which n
will be something like three or(,
four inches to the bottom.
"The trouble with our well has
never been stated s,) that it c uli
be understood, and it is very inm- a
portant thing for drillcrs in that n
section to know. If we had knownc,
the formation when we put down tl
the well we would ha:tve had uno
"There are two cap rocks, withl .
fifteen feet betwe,,nt then,. and t'
the oil is under ti.. sec.,ind ': I r
rock. The sa(ce b)etwe is 1i
ed with a dry pack sa.Ld. whlic(l i.
utterly uncontrollable. ThI ici,'
went throughl the first. coip r'OkIL
allright, and thei n strut- t i
s:11nd1 without going (dwn to) tie
the second Ca)p rock, a:l in'lw'ls e
of waiting until the pi, \\a: on
chored on the lower c:tp rick wev
went ahead with the drilling and
put a lhole tlrough the (,thieri (',p
rock,some t wo i ,ilhes bigger tI an
the pipo. The oil pressure ca''e
upon us and drove thle pet'roleum
through the sand for a witile,but'
then the sand ran into the pipe,'
and tilled it up, comning fr,)m t!ti
space below the pipe and above
the oil. We can case this oT with
a perforated inner casing pip¾),
and then by hanging the inner
pipe through the hole in the low
er cap rock, we will have tlih
gusher in control and the sand
cased off. The estimate is that
the flow will exceed 3;7,I00 bar
rels per day,and some, etven tltinki
that it will be much greater than
"We areVtl i ls( here' inll tilhe ilnt 'r
est of the Eagle letroluim 'Coim
piOnY, which is operating at ,le.,
Inil.gs, aiud is c.omlp).ced anIolt
cnltirely of Neow 'rhleans lpolole.
There are iliany Ie\v colnlpanics
,being origanizii d, antl lIhey, ha\c
as at rule, th:e st of 1backing and
are read y to begin ,0l"t,1r ions as
soon as they can get .their ma
FThe1 ' is iiuc! l s)eculationi as to
the eixti.it of th:e oil field around
:Jenniig. :nd Imuchi VU ariition of
opinion,. but all atigrec that it is
very large, aind that the pros
pect is that L.1)uisiana wilt be a
uch greatler lroduc'er than
`Texas in the near future.
'"As for Jeonliugs. we are pre
parin'g to hmlake the most of the
botunty that has been placed in
our reiach, and 4eri day sees
us in bettci shape and more
ready to di so. It has been stat
ed that in mostI ,it rgions the
oneis that own tlt land at the
start tf 11;u ,i1 di:;t, vcries are
niot tihe oatts 'i:t t ralp the halr
vest, but \ve w il i,. un exception
to the rule. Jinrini s is able to
take clare (f h -,e ilf, I nd will do
Experts Will Examin'e the Well.
I. the ca i i ,:e t v.. '. l ain
vwrirht \v i. . L i: 'is, now p1ond
ing, . iN,. ll ,.. I . after
Z ll im- v [ ir' i" " i n, \\"1:t11 101a
paiiity o1 f ic, 1 i- I: Liput'.
l i' i:: A e ' w i redt *
well fi r l ". .,,,.wis 1: is- 'inj to
tfurnil . ,, , ' ir," ti. i, . ,hey
say lie , r,.'.i : it ,a. . 72.7 perI
ftot, at1iu that a \.'I was lfurrilsi
ed at " dephi of ,'hat 13 leet.
T'hey cominlaii: that M:\r. Lewis
refuses t) pa, .i1ein the 5.11.73
alle t'd to, ibe d',.
L,'i , 0n the :th,: hand clailus
that ii' welll ,n a test will not
furni.-- the alouont of ;water the
c,,ntract calls foir. [I says it is
not a o)(l wVll and chokles up
w ith sand, and a\-ks thit dilna
ges ble awarlde, 11it0.
.ln - L ii' Iti i 1l . l L ( 1i, ts ii 5
nhi wtl ". a w e. tstd
i 1.1 "'' 11
-. " 1 :: .:,.:i c.aat ie heat.
"11A1II.T1 N,
- l, I'l :l[ti: is the lb st.
11 T1LliI'ON, t t1,, 10s
II h. II 1 I1'ON
, ' i' Ii inu1lt l is No. 1.
".. " , tilt; !ate-t. try the

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