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The Jennings daily record. (Jennings, La.) 1900-1903, January 01, 1902, Image 1

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';NSP ON - LOGNO h ONO ENNS SBCITO.5 et ot,$ Ya.N .MLEq~~ n *,i
I i ý fh ý. ' - r r .r .., G ,ý LOU8I. A WED ES AY JANUAR 1u-" ýKý r)Q..2 +'<ýi
4. N.I,·~
~~f, #4
9% WI
Oil andDTvelopfelut Co., LtU5 4
Capital Stok, 200,00 Jenuings, Louisiana = *'
This is one of the strontgest companies financially there are, or will operate in the Jennings field. -
Its Officers are all men of exceptional business ability and its holdings are of the best, consisting of .
350 acres, constituting the Big Spring farm, formerly owned by Cooper & Lehman, lying sottheast of
Jennings and adjoining the Southern Pacific right of way, making the site unequaled for ite speedy and
.:economical handling of the product. This is a big saving to stockholders...
The derrick is now being constructed and the contract for drilling is being let Work will corn- s""
. eace very shortly.
A limited number of shares in this company are .=:. -.
t.- now offered for sale at 50c per share, par v-va ue I .
$1.00. Fully paid and non-assessable. -.
LANDS FOR SALE.-About 80 acres adjoining the well site has been shdivi,,d into: tracts. ..'
rxanmging from 24 acres up, aind are now offered to purchasers at a reasonable p'ic'. Thi" is a line .p
*~ .:portbnity to get a splendidly located small tract.
..' OFFICERS.-Dr. E. I-. Hall, President, "resident Citizens Bank. ý
SA. M. Arthur, Vice-President, extensive rice g'rower au:' r,. .r ".
. . Dahlen, Secret ary-Trea-urer, a prominent real e :a,.. . ,,:'
,-¶* DIRECTOTRS.-J. H. Hoffmann, Cashier C';tizent Bank: C. A. Low'y, . t .\ii.ir u, Edd _o
.is, J. M. Cooper, E. C. ";.n , J. P. Black. .lb.,. . , :,, ,'. '. _-;1 - o.
,. D. Hebert, of Jennings: Ho-. T. J. Kernan, Eng': I (' ' .a3 ti" . A
Baton Rlouge, and Col . ".. Stevens of Baton -floer i n(' tLh-e f;.,ern o f. ::e
- .:% ocompany.
0. @ . ". a O ~ "
.-. *^.""
-"" STOC.K OF= -
Goods In all Li es.
Plenty of Groceries for Everybody,
and an Elegant Line of Dry GCoods
now Being Placed on the Shelels.
We are Ready to Take Care
of our Customers.
A. 1). M -A` L AAN
r(;OMl` t l Ri iX;8 : ..".....
Drugs, C'h emica ls. -t '- :
and Toiles: rticlecs i Stc c.
W .Nlot one Lr.tti sOtt ,, from th,-. ,.
-- Phenix Drugs':oi',
50 feet 3i inches north o.f Mrs. . blott's :;Lore.
When you want to buy Rice Lands
when you want to sell Rice Lands
Wlen yo a want to buy Oil Lands
When you want to sell Oil Lands
When you want to buy Town Property
When y"ou want to sell Town Property
F. B. Cutting & Co.
- Hors.
iA . P. Petersen,
I a.m prepared t1.) d !l I:i 1nls
of first- (l.i4r;
). * .1 , i . D. V EY
lA & Siheol.
i given Surnrry,
,,L-C- . ,,m l ,,cu, \,e, ,of
110men ur( liillcixn.
Local Smr'gon for Southorn lPaeilk
IH 1:roacd.
OFFICE : City Pbarmacy.
RESIDENCE: DeJean House.
T E O • 5 , . Y
RIh, o SATS.
twl rtts
0#1 e, OO
An Iuoffunsive Han Shot to Death
on a Train.
The Quartette Terrorized the Passen
gers sand Forced thel Engineer to
Take Them to Another Place.
Whisky Was the Cause.
Memphis, Jan. 1.-The four white
men who killed J. M. Rhea, an inoffen
sive passenger on a train of the Yazoo
and Mississippi Valley branch of the
Illinois Central railroad Monday near
Leland, Miss., have been placed in jail.
The deed committed was outrageous
and the result of drink.
The four men are: Ashley Cocke, a
prominent business man of Cleveland;
A. M. Phipps, postmaster at Shelby;
Thomas Land:crda:e, said to be a rela
tiv". of Phipps. and a man named
Blech.;an, residence unknown.
The men went from Shelby to Leland
air- t~iltuay uight. At Leland it is
c;: t:y : :zt sclt'ral lhoi:.; drinking
: : :.i::. At :, a. to the men
: ' 1,  ::.ihboll: 1(nd train to re
t ;'n to bhhl by. J. M. Rhea. an en
ci: .vras on his vway 10 Tutwiler un
-" orJdr to3 take olut a locomotive
::`;,'. He was sleeping on a seat in
i]e ":,'· wv.!ie the p;issenger train
it f:':n eIland. At th:.t point
C('. : "; '::. his fl'r:c'Its boarl"d'd the ear.
C:  i:, d a ircvelver,' a:.i LaIuderdale
-nd 1rr:r:n h ! d T 'i .ch:s:ers.
I'hip . s .  rot narTid.
::liing up the al'h.s Phiipps. was in
;:: .. the -):rt" w el ie camel in
I " i, :, . .which were
c-:te~ dd ou:t i:::.o the ' ,, ' '.. as he sleet.
:;,ir-n wa.= awan!-e n:cd a.;d inq::uired what
.: th:e .a:ter. The menbcers of the
party stood there and discussed the
iisuation angrily for a while, and then
ibe qulartette ";'cnt to thle and of the
c'::r :1:; out on the p!atUform. Very
oo:n they returnc.d, anrd golng up to
-c:, :I tld h:im that they could not all
sl: y in the same car; that he would
have to go out of the car.
Rhea remarked that in order to pre
'::t i :! !;he won:ld have to do as
they told him Thereupon he started
(o:t o: the car. iHe had just reached
t:., d.our wvhen, it is claiilled, the men
:'..! u:aon him. Hit fell where he
Co,:""tlcor George McLaughlin or
dered th!e train back to Leland. there
Sv thie c~(rl:'.-. As soon as Le
,! ;i i ;enlr tor sent
, ' ., :" : 'o adja
. 1 "
'' '' ! .:'.. 1 ' ' , 1 I1 it':
• • : .;. : " h r . te . "we::yre
-, . -!: : -t ; who s",, n.. :d to be
i • r - f th: rc;::rtcette is. it is
s.illed a numb 11er of men. Ile is
':' ;. 'l with t killin of a negro
J ]. ':: 1^:1i t in Si l" ' .' There is
mu1c1h excsit.'me'nt and indignation
:rl:g thi people of ,Leland and
Shelly neigh borhoods over the trag
edy. but no violence is anticipated.
Profit in Potatoes.
Slrman.. Tex.. Jan. 1.-.-That there
is 'oney to Ie made outside of cotton
raisia, in Texas has been clearly
dcnlonstrated in thousands of in
sta:nces. J. B. Richardson, a tenant on
the Randolph farm just southwest of
the city, this year gathered 1100 bush
els of Irish potatoes from seven acres
of land, which he sold at 80c per
bushel, aggregating $880, or about $125
per acre. On one acre he got 237
bushels. He used no fertilizer on any
of the land, and attributes the large I
producthlin on the especially prolific
acre to its excellent drainage. Mr.
Richardson thinks that a great deal of 1
his success in potato culture is because
he plows in the witner time and to an I
extra depth.
omueek fed ferw Winer Wheea,
ltea. Kean., Jan. 1.-The i uutook I
hir winter wheat inl western aand I
sethtera Keansas to beeeSlag detely I
_tnavorable o o sonout et ike dy a
"Shoe the old Horse,
ShoO the Old Mare,
Let Little Coltle
Go Barefoot Bare.""
He-ywood Bros. & Dobbins
Are. busy. TIhat is to say they have a great many
sinuce they added the
- - To THEIR---
Machine Shop and General
Repair Business
They have an EXPERT HORSE SHOER fro:.. 3i:iha, Ner,.,
who cun shoe :. horse, while you wait, in any style from
iru i.CIr b,,tis to la]dys :lippers. He treats Ihorea's corns
sc·i nti'tiaialy at:d manicures their nails beautifully. Don't
be, so etluel as to let your . ,,-.:o' go barefooted in winter.
Yours "Just in Fun."
H 'ywood 13r£'L. t AND *hy, tý"jil i
Arera, g.etnt' s l1..i,.n MIad, ror Relenwe
rof the ('llief tan -lits Tribe.
Gutllrie, 0. T., Jan. 1.-General
Frank Arm.'tirc:lt. as agent of the vwar
department, is at Fort Sill making ar
rangen.nts for the release of Chief
Geronimo and the 29S Arizona Apache
Indians. who are hlId b-: the govern
ment as pri:;oners of twar. They were
captured by (hiecnral L.v;ton 12 years
ago after a 3000-mile campaign. They
will now be allotted land by the gov.
The Ottawa Indians have prepared
a petition to congress asking that all
restrictions be removed this winter
from inherited non-resident and sur
plus lanedsL and1 f'-ern all but 40 acres
of ach .ll ituiltnt. They desired to
sell thi Lovi. l::is to white settlers.
,hort CO. eudti CI. Co:vtcteud.
C , 1,..: , To::., J.an. 1. - George
'.'g was ts e il in two e:as's hire. Mon
d , c. ar .: w it. h 1 :wlari i' -g s.t res
at in :',:a in  n :n :r. King
,lean d 1t : -ni", :: nd. an " I his own
a .hout iorlr" c:o:! atl y'td er-: rioute
fr0on : DI ll s to -om ien ,' n i, fll
it 'ha1 ! nti a -l th i; i d ted
Iu h., c' b i x i t i c. to o'i to a store
C o ,) h: : : ', . l i  t ." y 1 " 'c th ,' r .' t o 1 s .a i d h e
that '5 tIh,' I-t1 lllnt Vat a "short
or0e( r" man he i otliil ask the jury to
give hli the 'long ten," wllth was
tw'Velves Yrs. The ji:uy in tt , Iirst
case ,gave dlefentanit three years, in the
nttt ase tihe jury gave hini five years
in the penitentiary.
Creet:s Want -New Agreement.
W!ashington, Jan. 1.- The Creek
Indian nation of the Indian Territory
has snbmitted to the interior depart
ment a request for authority for a del
egation of Creeks to come on here
with a new agreement which the
Creeks have drafted, looking to allot
ments of lands and other matters. The
agreement Is designed to take the
place of the one executed with the
Dawes commission, but which, after
being altered here, is still pending.
The Creeks want to negotiate the new
agreement directly, instead of through
the Dawes commission. The depart
ment probably will refuse to sanction
the proposition.
Bittem by a Meakey,
Denison, Tex., Jan. L-W. H. Seal
of Bonham was at the home of Mrs.
Barnes shortly after Christmas, whil
ing away the hours with friends. He
concluded to take a smoke and brought
forth his pipe. When about to light
it the monkey grabbed it out of Mr.
Seal's hand and placed It In his meoth.
The owner of the animal chastised him
with dfieultey took the pipe away from
the monkey. 'The latter did anot retlish
the punishment aInflicted. lie leape4
upon Mr. Seal and pleted his teeth
In the visttor's left theek, resmevtg
several bits of Seeka. lMr. salrs hao
was otherwise asutta*si b" the ate.
rlstd monkey.
, _,
-oirmlanv Can i'.,, Fore',, Against
Venezuela WVilil ul 'Molestation.
The Substance Is Not Given , but
President Roosevelt's Mesr' e
Defines Tnst Such a Prece"
dent for This Case.
Washington," Jan. 1. - Secretary
Hay's views as to the proposed Ger
man program in Venezuela was com
Lmunicated to the German government
in the shape of a written memoran
dum. This supplemented the verbal
exchanges that had taken place in
Washington between Ambassador Von
Holleben and President Rooseveot, di
rectly, and betv.ecn the aninbsador
and Secretary Hay at greater lengtn.
The state department positively de
clines to maske public the memoran
dum or its substance, but it is pointed
out again that the b:,ats of the United
States' representations is to be looked
for in the utterances of I' e--ident
Roosevelt in his annual meksage to
cer:'ess :-t!r..: the -Te;:nroc d.hltrine
in its application to South American
countries which t!o not pay their debts.
Mlinilsteor lo,en I. :.t. ()Nlici:l:ly Urgilng
(,,or, i .t . . : .x 1.--o: h ['e , n has
b tc!l hea.rd fom ':.,::':. t, is: ..l the
report that L'nited St::t o :ister
lBoeven, tlhroulgh ;rgoit tir n.a.
tions, has induce-d the sp,.?:: ,t of
tic, (XCth e nti ,: ef t! , t::::. " " ,
It is certain no ii . r l ons tO l'::at
effectt have 1I--n i.: 1 i'oiv.'. ~
it is admitted to lte the duly c any
United States minister to ecre:: (c all
his powers, within tthe linam .t t!:., gt n
eral policy of this c:;in try. , ~.rl lt
possible bl-~'s:te. ('inl'iConi' :-' etv
idelico. is l.ad fr::a unlhic, ' .. ; of
the purpose of the G(tJl',ern..iii rnn. . ll...
at least to delay action :n::.in. Ven
ezuela until the issue of the present
revolutionahy movement is directed
against President Castro.
Sends Out a Opln Lpe,ler About Affilrr
in Ven zuelm.
Washington. Jan. l.-Presidecnt Cas
tro of Venezuela has written an open
letter, copies of which have been re
ceived here, in which he defends the
general policy he has pursued and
throws considerable light on his as
Dirations. Indirect allusion is made
to the German affairs in the president's
appeal for United States' support in4·he
defense of the fatherland. The liIter
was n repouee to the applcatbn
'was g ; . for the release o' several
journa prisoned at Caracas. In
the eour the letter President Qas
tro says
Ait hi pr to observe that the
raahem et Mmel. ImUpatlr ambition
of hm , rterut,,rp Io.se
ai Ia Md ob-etia O 6o nlean..
'r w amh esi aearrel is rtid virtues
of mr i - paottr. A a Km.e when
a *hs*atmbs eh e th..o.g happy

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