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The Jennings daily record. (Jennings, La.) 1900-1903, January 02, 1902, Image 3

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ad at8 ftaM was
T b- L J.. n, C. A. , E. I.
Altas, h. D .. A.s:. A. Aseas, 1 F. Char. ,
OauUee ;s ree ie p'soapt abeatyi. A gral ls m
B. E. SWET, t C. .L. PARDBS, Cas.
c& HTAL, $50,000.
?a5 , a 4 i ý ; n:s .ina a eui. io lle c t i o n s P i o m p tl y A IA e ao a cl
Try . . Mcred Eave-Trough with Hoercule Hangers
- a . i- a :m nt ir a C histi as
- tecial iiriavns to1 the
W. S. CA , pvepas tor.
Boots and fhow.
IL A M.,,,itLs I,.-
J. S L2 ,IS & C-O.,
AR ed Est z -
UNp: ..avfe l onsta ypl on
SBurial Robes. Coffins
tClot: and metalic,
" I
We Have TLensed the Born at Corn'r of Broadway and
North Market stret, pposCite A. D. Mefcarlain's new
store, where we are preparrd tn CARE FOR TEAMS.
tyWill have some good Livery Rigs na few days.
sensea*e-ase :"Wms -::a- i e'" ,
*e n ' (it4 an 3e wea
,a a*1Sa ad es 'e se6e
Irw a ofol dour "esmmer. Is
be maet to ' 'an "m eo *ad ea
beoame an active use *na Oaiamae
ad4tses. Sis parrtitn . ate
g6eluAIC of tots as a-ma bDer of *mi
IIn6aoes scmmittee nsiS gvie him
amemieaoce to that Srate. e - as ame
associated with the lace Seator Sta
na4 is bsainess eMterpries.
Achieving speedy atosees as a hrr
per, he was selcoted a jstiee of ti
Mate oatrt of appeals. In iGIZ MIr
Munson settled in this city and gam
up the practice of law. Soon after,
he became interested in horse mscth..
He was one of the primfle move to
the establishament of the race tack at
ersome Park. He was oleoted vies
pradent and treasurer of the Ameei
can Jooky asesoiation, mai was at ame
time connected with Au, 'et Bl3ehaes
racing inteeests.
Geser a U.lbe-rthe yRen an 'iMepe9at.
New Work, Jan. 2.--'oouii hag
cabiaerams jat reeeved by )r. -Me
strcpe, head of the C4ou&abban rswaite
tiounary ata here, Seaesal Bejae
Utibe. the revolhtioaey leader, with
3600 men, haw invaded Colombia 'eom
Venezuela. 'bheinvaeton was made in
the -C4elobian province of Santanuder.
he dispatoh came from enearal Var
gas ateos. a Liberal chief, living in
Curaeoa. Uribe Usibe is confronted
by General Gon;zalos Va:enia' .accord
ing to the advices. In the rear of the
government force is said to be a Lib
oral army. whioh recently took pos
session of the to~a.u of L0Bur:i,:uiwngea.
Four battalions of govornmono tr-:,)
in that town. it is said, joined the Lib
eral forces in a body.
AudIoence Jnst 132,rLu1.Pd afl.r a Play
Now York, Jan: 2. -M iner's Eighth
avenue theatre -:s destroyed by iore
yes-terdlay norin.A. 'he "1± r.ry Maid
ens" bnrlespne show had just given a
long perfo:-riance and the audience
had been out of the Ib;.ihld g only
about 15 minutes when the fire start
ed. It was c::u.'~ s'd ho :::. . rit 'to.
'the theatre buitc:i.g aw::r old and
four stori-s high. f : :c i:'e r.tat
ed. the cho"rus girl and inmpl;yea of
the theatk'e lIed to the st~.-t.t in a
panic. Tihe` r- ith ::- h :::r.
a-pidity. From 1 .... ...
it ju!ped to t" :' . d.L.L. '
on :6ith stret,: .
The loss is now . ,,' '..
AtEiST- D r .- . .
ZO,'r Tour 'Tts €. r- :-, ce - ' . ""It - ,
o r Youn , . . e, . 1. ...
Los AuE,:;.. - .. :- ". V'
young men 'r:.::: ..: :. : ,. i... ý -
rested by the I.::
,the request of ...
4 s'tDe:'in.e:*d,. '
ley are n,- :: . I t. : .
subject to the e - ; -t wc
county authoritir'. T"'iy :-- .
of having rohtvbb . r'. r .. . .
Chicago. of $980. the :...
years of hard toil.
'I he' prisoners hi.: -.. " Ot_.
tlon to the detective,: i,, . --y say
that one only way t:> '...,- -" : '· '
case. This one s.:-. :-- 1: . .-,: ..:':a
on to robbing Mr1:s. CO- .-  y c; of tine
gang. and the o: h:er i -re:: ' Ips
to spend part o:t :I " :,: mloney.
Turner Falls. M.'..Ja.Tn. 1.--Touis
Bitzer. a jewelcr. shot ., Dr';'ons,
two of whom. his clerk. :"ss Ida Go
unmbe. and liltter's y:uig son. are
dead. His other vict :ns were his wife
and two d1aughters. It is :hought they
will not die. There a; etvile.nce the.t it
wa: 13itzr's intention to tal.e his.own
Negro' Ac'CcldeIactmly .lhct
McGregor. Tex.. Jan. 2.-A negro
boy was shot thr.. .:h tih' body just
below the heari here by a white boy
using a target gun. It is said to have
been accidental. Th,' woundied boy is
apparently doing well. and may re
Rentenced Trcr'r.,.r Par.'domed.
Lincoln. Neb., Jan 2.- G--Covrner Sa,
age has granted an unconditional psr
don to Joseph S. Hartley. former
state treasurer, who, five years age,
was sentenced to 20 years in the pen
ftentiary on conviction of having eem
bezzled $201.000 of state funds.
A water spout in Morocco drowned
200 persons.
Henry Albert fatally shot us wife
and suicided at Chicago. Ill.
At Colon, Colombla. one vessel was
wrecked and saany damaged b~ Tues.
day's storm.
Charles Stevenson. once wealthy,
starved to death at Denver, Colo. He
was too proud to tell he needed food.
Twenty-t'eo companies were organ
ized in Te;as during 1901 for the cul
ture of rice. The captal stock is $1;
Rev. James A. Heath, a Baptist
mtinister, was expell ? at Kansas CIty,
Kan.. for securipg a oirorcc f' u i8
wife illealy . ' - -"
I S tr n ad r i lson r, e ll.
-A*tin, Jan. 1."-Speaker Prince of
lhuse of Representatives. of the
-seventh .legislature has an
aiqned-the appointment of Represea
Hves aenderson of Lamar county.
dqpt Hill county, and Shannon of
611 eounty..members of the investi
.gahng committee on the part of the
mae. Whe joint resolution providing
LDr he appointment of the committee
Imguoe oiLectve at once.
Witle Lieutenant Governor Brown
iag Sas not been heard from yet, it is
behased he will appoint Senator Say
-ge of Montague, and either .Davidsona
of 9e itt or Dibrell of Guadalupe.
The governor expressed himself as be
ing pleased with the committee. Oth
er abate officials seen declared. them
selves ~leased with the exception of
the appointment of Henderson, who
led the fight for the selection of the
comemittee vy the legislature.
MfLeand Argentine Lanking arfer Ves
mols for Their Novice.
.Loadon, Jan. 1.-Both Chili and Ar
aIemtna are eagerly negotiating for the
ga'ihaee of warships in Great Britain.
R1i ..beas, it is said, been lucky enough
* aire two torpedo boat destroyers
a s~w lung built on the Thames to the
*ler.,of .Brazil, which latter country
tahnbeen tempted by the good price of
tesed to sell. These vessels could be
miuaohed at the end of next month.
geatina has a large cruiser in the
sfaks at Elswick. but .it cannot be dle
live>ed until next summer.
ybi5 Sanderson to Marry.
Philadelphia. Jan. 1.-Mme. Sybil
Sanderson has just announced here hher
iqgagement to Comte Henri de, ;-itz
James. The ceremony will take Ilootnc
in Paris some time late in J:u::ary.
Comte H1enri de Fitz, Jame is en of
fleer of cavalry In the French terri
torial army. le is a son of Edoard
due de Pitz James, the head of the sec
onad or French branch of the Berwick
Bisbee. Ariz., Ja n. I.-News, has
s"aled here of the killing of George
Ah.uu anaid Cam i.:eningfield,. well
known attlemen. by .h xican wood
choppers in the Hliutrinea imountains.
The trouble grew out of tenning.ieid's
abort to remonstrate w.ith the :e,:l
ca.lns. who were shooting holes in his
tent. The Mexican esc.aped t. the
ii-acer Une. purvued by the dead cat
4iatus' irieuds.
Columbus. Miss.. Jan. 1.-'.:: s-nger
train No. 36ti on the Southern railway
was wrecked at Itt:la .era, .Miss A
tree had blown ne. o..: the ;,:ek lby
the storm, and whi-ji the train struck
it the engine tu'nedl entirely over and
the halanee of the train derailed. En
gineer McWVilliams was buried un
der the engine. No other casualties.
1Virtlesir., Syt ., Adoptted.
Washington, .Tan. 1.-The navy de
partment has decided to establish
wireless telegraph plants at tl"e VnWash
ington nevy yard and at Annapolis.
The plans for the necessary equip
ment of the two stations are now be
ingworked out und'er the dirction of
Admiral Bradford and experimentt
will be under way at an earty day.
WIl Not Arut ,ed Treaty.
P~Irin. Joan. 1.-The Itusslan minii
toer to China, M. Paul Lessar. has in
formed the Chinese llenipotentiar es
Prtnce Ching and WanV g Wen Sheo,
that the Russian government will re
fuse to amencd the Manchuriant treaty;
And the situation is:pyractically a dead
Imud nalee end Lease.
Austin. Jan. 1.-The state te.asr
.r has filed with the comptrotier re
ceipts of land sales andi leases on uni
versity, lunatic; deaf and dumb and
~orphan asylums for the montr of De
cember, which shows a total of $203.
Colonel Hlersdone Dead.
New Orieana, Jan. 1.-Cokonel Thom
as C. Herndon, manager of the New
Orleans clearing houe ed hdere. He
was born in Eutaw. Ala., and ws 72
years of age. He served in the Con
federate army.
-Selcde'l in a Barn.
Guthrte, O. T., Jan. 1.--~A`vian E
liott, aged 45. a farmer south of Wr a
komis, committed suicide by hanging
himself to a. beam in the barn. His
wife had faled a suit for divorce Qa
Shea fin&.lf ts Death.
Tayhlor, Tex., Jan. 1.-Walter Eu
bank, aged 34, committed autolde here
iby sbootus htultmel, through the heLd
The First National Bank of0j
--~-0FFICE.--8 -
E. F. HOWSON, President. F. B. BLISS, Vi-o'reside
GEO. A. COURTNEY, Ca:.hier. H. U. HOAG, Ast'.: Cishier.
F. F. MORSE, J. P. ITA1;ER, F. i. BLdSS
This Bank is now open for business in its
temrorar~r quar'ters i:± he Morse Building.
;;ui a c ( <, , ilA. ' .: tht. c will be here thU, last
, .",c1-. - ;, ..,ie Ln s-aMi d all kinds
I! 2c:1 ..,0 .
.....;. ... .
Genera vierc an dise
New lot of iGout:-" ni:hing Gois, Ladies' Shi;i w tistt, etc.
PRE I .i ::''. d jENNINGOS, LA.
S I. ,. L .... . ..". . n, Oct. (h o 1 , 1h; liiia:, Oct. 1.. . .....$27 95
ad A ' a. r'turl, , Oct. 16 :eu 17, Iite-rnationu" ai Fair.... 12 55
Cheiap) hoimeL ek'v rates to C'aufornia points. Direct
cO. .ctions to New 0- "? .eans and H .ous"to 1" . all points.
-ree e i- " c, , ir te ts i" i" a-, i trains.
For in`o i P i. C'rtai ii to rates, routes, et'., lapply to
S. F. B. l :, L. J. PARKS,
Pass. Ta. ::, Cgr. HOU-tSTON, ThI. Gen, O Pass. & Tk... . Agt.
Ptlss.~1. \ t, '. Su' livan, Ticket Agent. Fi . . 1
I he Best Prescription Is Grove 's
Tasteless Chill Tonic.
Tbh~ Formula Is Plainly Printed on Every Bottle.
So Tha.t the People May Know Just
What They Are Taking.
Imitators do not advertise their formula
knowing that you would not buy their medi
cine if you knew what it contained. Grove's
contains Iron and Quinine put up in correct
proportions and is in a Tasteless form. The
iron acts as a tonic while the Quinine drives
ahe malaria out of the system. Any reliable
druggist will tell you that Grove's is the
'orginal and that all other so-called "Taste
iess" chill tonics are imitations. An analysis
Sother chill tonics shows that Grove's is
superior to all others in every respect. You are
not experimenting when you take Grove's--its
superiority and excellence having long beet
established. Grove's is the only Chill Cure soid
throughout the entire malarial sections of the
United States. No Cure, No Pay. Price, goa:

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