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a teýrestlin ..ar Como-rnt J.ItK
aaaew..ea 1t..*saq O eans Xry.
C. J. Marion visited is Uro..:
tiy to-day.
Mrs. J. M. Fain wenb to Croc'
oley today.
J. M. 0offman 2, of Ruaaieke,
as.in our city to-day.
Val-rie G~authier is rei'inedt
gwite. ill with pneiunonia.
L. Viterbo.,(f tin Lake (walled
Rice Milling (Co, ,w as in toa'e itt
.Dr. W.nm.Terry of . Denver, 0h.;
is visiting his..broti ters, DJ.t'or*
'. .L. and iC.). Ter %. .
BoEN-AL. Galva, Iowa, .Dec.
2b, .L01, to Mr. ana. irs. (A . M.,
l.umphrey, a iaugt er.
A.B arber,ui th.i .i tiof Ik:wvn
& 2.arber,of Je.: ia;.s iniia .L&ygu
went to Raynethis an )ruing.
he prayer Gal eting Aof t
E church will .be ie; a in .t4,,
League roomiaL..7.30 th.-, ' et- e .
..is:s Laurina Eili, wi tn b:.- :
visiting her parents at i Veilsh, k.'
severaldays, re',., 'n., . -*.mo,',
M 'rs. R- . t. :,ively vtI , `" , " et
beent hort ' u )o a( visit to r i " ~.
departed forlher.home in , sir,!
T x-ts this eveaing.
;. hn Cast.:ex ht:, _. t' tc.w- l
merchant was in toxin to{l ti :>;
business. M r. Castex rte p,:rt
business quito goo,'d in hii t c. .
Mrs. B. T. Kittermna;n isl"
daughter-in-law, Mrs. S. A. i.t
termnan' went to CrowlJy Incan y o
visit, ihe familyv of J. F. S1 Ito.
A praire fire a: '. i:og the to' vAn
on the eastassutmedquite serim usi
proportions this afternoon th .
wind however tbeing in the r.igh tI
direction to0 (ta ae'' ;.: t" ' tue.
household ifu:..i uI: ca' of "r. Weboi
on the South Sidl' .nuLI will on
1', : .?l t .; , is (;" :le· )] 't :. 1
C. "1 . T, i;'" , : ,- w,
g _ .i. . .,: .a ..A.. ni o ti
I q d r :' d cr' "
t. /i. A'tu, v:r in m in e hae the
tha Naleonal lGiCe iollowinfl oti
crn. wh ich oe:s wiothout s:tying
ha his effort.5 ii thehrbehali has
W. r. . Election. I
At it Sl)ecial meetitng of the
AomanUa's Relief Corp held Tues- io
Tday afternoon the following Ro
cero were elected for the ensuing
Clara Ritter, Present; Joseph
bene Brainard, Senior-vice;
Tiny Briggs, Treasurer; Flora
Clark, Conductor: Martha Gar
lick, Gugrd.
Camrrers Eutertalue6,
The carriers of the Daily Ruo
ORD were entertained at the home
of the editor thTs afternoon. The
boys had a highly enjoysblo time
playlng variate gkmue. aftar
whRih light refrehments were
W-Pretyl og opM s rings
Tbe 4l1 I eiatlCannot be
Kpt t own, but Spouts
when given a £hance
Messrs.C: rawford ;and Halder,
representati Ives of the Gusher
City ToQnsi te Comp. iy, arrived
this mornin g from New York.
They are tw o of the gentlemien
who are pro moting the plan of
building a ci; ~y north 4f thebayou
to be knoiwn as Gusher City. In
order toget information for use
Ain their ~orl r they ,isited Jen
nings well. N 0o. 1 during the fore
noon. I. D. Williams .accompa
ied them.
r On arriving at tne ,well Mr.
Williams ,had the val'e opened
when the oil began at once to
out. A4stream of oil shot up
ward over0iO feet and centinued
to flow uatil shut off 4gain by
closing the valve. 'Tle New
York gentlemen were' highly
pleased with the sight, and Mr.
.- Williams was verry much grati
, fied at the: mprovement. shown
b y the well. since last tested a:
, few days age.
The.Jenuings Guslier',. 1 is
'nowv a good producer and. some
of the oil is now being soid. The
So±rthern"Oil Company i.: now
i using oil frozm the Jeiinia~ No,.
1 for fuel in i'ti engines. '1Th.is is
the first practical use mnade of
oil produced. in the Jennings
field, and althnagh it has begun
in a small way. it is the op.:uing
wedge to develgping a large bus
The Acadia Qil & Fuel Co.,
whose headquarters are in New
i York (City, are .ripidly getting
things:n shape to begin bor'ing
o on their holdings at Dixie. The
- big der:'ick is up. and alread.y
evencars of pipiti. are on the
, grounds. They exp: t to begin
drilling, before the. and of the
week ;:nd will be so"cly disap-.
Litpointed if they do not find oil in
ypying q.cuatities.
'THn OCrowEYi COo" PANY.
The oil well of the OC )w.y: Oil
s nd Mineral Company iun -Muanou
1 ?rairie is naw down to a de?!th of
s 3anething ever 1,200 fre',and al
tL :ou$'h the grillers are v r reti
ce ut abbout giving out . (,:1'Oii
tie., it is sta'e' that the indiH a
tio l. thus far ar for a g .iLne
"gus. 2L:2 ..r :;sp!e.diCl.
South c-mp Oiul C. :::
drawn ::H its ' f, :: lb.
market. St c ' itti
which h; t- bei... ::i., La v2
coelts I 'i MV r'; on (l' A> .
chang e at (5 ca> a 0oi. La:.
of oil is {' ;'!it:, " l'YtcA W, ,
the compa, anfl d ai _l'gu iL ; Ci
pecte. atah m- tim:.
May Greatly Widie Ileaumo::l Pit
InforiaatiUo;l hue b(e'nl lecei v d
thit the well being d"'illed by thin
Development company on block
24 is on the point oft coming in
iand may be expected to spout to
morrow: The well is located ot
•block 44 and if successful will
widen the field about .TO feet.
It iso one of the most important
wells to the Beaumont field being
drilled today.-Beaumont ,Juter
BuY Stoves.
We have just received ,a ,car
load of Garland cook and beating
stoves. We have samples In the
building formerly occupied by
the Jennings Times. Don't buy I
a stove until you see us as we
want to sell them.
A. F. Derouen Hardware Co. 297
FOR SALE-Fine Barred Ply,
moth Rock cockerels from prize !
winning birds, i
WRDollea mome besqles at I
mo e - W . P., 1. : -); :
hants; A. [M.. Idad.ohfin; See,,
Lu ela .Williams;Tre ,s.E.Sdhar':,
:Cond., Flora E. P in; A. CouneL
DoraJaenke.* The ffve points
the Star, Adabsh. Made CooMf
Ruth, Lizzu e Phillips; Esther,
Susie Mitchlell.; Martha, OgCir
E. ShaLnkland;Elect,, Fannie Mcx
Vey; Warder, Maartha Daugh ;
Sentinel, J. M. Fain; Chaplain,
Walter Coffin; Marshal, Flore"
Regular meeting of O. E. S.i
Jan. 4th, at 3 p. m. Invitatiox
of fall attendance requested.
; "'A 10 per cent out on all
- suits orders for the holidays-as
Bucklin Bros. 29~.
4-WWood for sale by W. H.,
Kistner. 294 '
Mr. Aaron Longanecker and,
Miss U. Gertrude Miller, both
Iof ioanoke, La., were joined in
the holy bonds of matrimony,
. Jan. 1st, 1902, 5 p. ,m. at the
house of the oride's:-parents, J.
Mi. Coffman officiating.
Ater spending a very enjoy
able evening at the home of the
briae's parents the cvuple went
imnmiediatly ,to the home of Mr.
Longant-,cke.r, where they will
Many coiirgltulati'ins go with
ltheml int)' dl1* ewtVIA year anl.d for ii.
long ant'a hapl p and usoeu! lifie.
f Trouble over a Police AppogUmmir t.
Lake Cinarls, L..,. Jn. i".
War i im ili:iet between Mayor
Puc and the City Council on one
side and Chief of Police Dees on
the appointment of Lawrence
Butler as policeman. Butler has
been appointed by the mayor and
conftirmed by the c,)uncil, but
Does to-day refused to assign
him. This fTgh t may be earried
into the courts.
iRcigbborboo) 1Rcws.
C. H. Dunham is preparing to
mo\-ve to Jennings.
Mr. and Mrs. Nutt entertained
a number of friends and sela
tives on New Years day.
Jti -ter & Co. arc. at work an
the wells on the old Denhan
Os ia1" Lowe camenc up from Jen
. !in,;: MIh'nday and took charge
S ti-. elia Lowe is expet(lS
bI k roI m Ca(liiornia in a fev:
v '. it. . i s 1th.i . ' bi-;
.i11 w  b W', ' . c ration
x:1'~l.- I~, I la ib e l l1'r ()ii i0;it.ol
ii, f1,v, do. ,. Their nmaclhine i
:c:s .., d;re. from C hic:'o,
. - rant., I, 1 put in wells to a
ucntih (P 1 i o ~ fo'Ot. Any one
Swilit.' olm w' ind it- tli 1 hei"
i1'e'es' , to. ccnsult these men.
Less Titan 2000.
An uni lticial count of poll taxes
paid shiows a lIttile more tlha i
1(, 00. It is sc-trcCly possible
tL-at ',0'0 have paid up and thus
th:s great parish of perhaps
35')00 inhabitants will cast about
1,23( votes at the congregssional
elei'on, while at least 5,000
electors have disqualified them
selves through carelessness.
MJ',r reliable insurance see
Moses & St. Germain at Citizens
Stryed or Stoles.
On Sat, Dec. 21. One dark
bay mare muls with light colored
nose and belly, lump on under
jaw. .One black horse mule with
light nose and a roached mane
and taiL 'hese mules were
woao~ld on street sprinkler dur
ing the pepst season. A liberal
reward for their reoowery. W.
M, ~eir7, north ofat sGbooal house,
- smi` '"a, .lots ''8san
wartal' y  -, 60= aores in9 a,
A i M~ai& B Iaer` to S. A.
-S earleq war~It deed, lots
, tBlock a1, Cary -addition $700.
S . Woodwtorth to W. M.
S -el butarat oy eed,lot.s au
, block r, Woodson Place, $S1n.
MaigjaAL Cavern ito W. M.
Searle, wsrrattr deed, pr$ioa
t `1, block , Cary ' add. $19a.
Ohills ancJ Fevi is albottli of Gwrowe
Tasi+tle Chill Tonic. It is si nply s ntu
au* PariLi VA a ttwjdla form. N*
VW Y1h E, to buy a low truck
wegoa or a threshing machine
trunk cheap Address box 242,
SYour sewing machines re
paired in Zaolio building.
"Albums! Lovely ones-at
Z '"Well located residence for
sale by R. Dab le Realty (Jc cheap.
A Rice Experiment StatioA For
SouthWest Louislaea.
With the recent wonderful de
velopment of the rice industry in
southwest Louisianahas come the
desire for the more thorough ia
vestig'ation and exploitation of
the habits and needs of the rine
plant. and this desire has finally
found voice in the following res
olution adopted at the rice con
vention recently held in Crowley:
WHEREAS-The Experiment
Station at New Orleo ns was to
study especially the interests of
the sugar planter., the one at
Baton Rouge, located on "Bluff"
land, to study the interests ot
the cottonplanter, and the one at
Calhoun. located on the "Pine
Hill." was devoted to the small
farmer of the hill lands-none of
these experiment stations being
favorably located for experi ment
on rice, especially for prairie
rice-growing, the developwent of
which has taken gigantic propor
tions since the establishment of
these stations; and
WHEREAS-The importance of
the rice industry to the state
makes it imperative that scienti
tic research be brought to bear
on the rice indu.stry, to tlhrow
light on the mauy unsolved pro
t)lh1as !thaIt confront the rice
p)lahnter, such as the most
t, uon01ical ir igatln, fe(p L i.u
tLion, cultivation and marketing
.'le , c('0 ' . l, s erli ts t ,, h
en ait' , thi in so lts  t ;tin' it il
OtxablV and oth'rwo,. ' i e lVeeoo
1(11 ab nsls oh euietr l' ltiLn ti Lnthel
- tt. ,o ns. ;f t op the pm,'C' )0n
LE IT 1irEs;OBi El)-ThCt the
(ha;hir _pi[)oient COflmlittee o
i\e to)go before the next state
legislature, and usk that a rice
experiment farm established and
maintained at somie point in the
rice belt i sou tnwest Louisiana,
at the expense of thle state; and
That the expenses of said com
mittee in their efforts to obtain 1
said rice experiment farm, be
borne by the association. -The
Louisiana Planter and Sugar
step. the Cough an d Work, the Cold oft
Laative Bromn Quinine Tabletscure
a cold in one day. No Cure. No Pay
Prioe 25 cents.
ggGet your sewing-mach
nes repaired at C. S. Blom's
Zabolio building.
ab - bar gu esm' s. le sgma
c - ~-
Al wnrk ;tra'ed. Beta
ils dleaied and made deepen.. $..,c
BHea Iaocaed Oil Lands adjoinig thb
Jeqwuing GLuar.
AoI RIice Lands in large and small
t~rzc ..... . .
IM Line l Town
At 6b urni Confectibno
OJtap ~ and Blank
Ele-ys lot he .
T 5& A. WATHE:
Temrnpora,ýry Building
oi the ckd Site
. - -- . -
will tad the advent of the New
Yeer a good time to coadi er Lu
tare pJ+r' an-id incide tally the
lumber to be used in : iJding.
Buiiders a rd contractors sbhold
-.:ma a good resolutioo on New
Year's day to buy tieir lumber
,rom a yard that ke ps notbing
[ý but the best. ad sell-, at pric
that are right Our yard is the
O place.
-,lA L _J. E. FOSTER & SONS.
'* .... " iat all ,Hurs From
. n. tili 9 p. Lu.
Fresh Bread on Sale. Choice
line of Cigars and w ol a7 c.
,Send us a list of twelve
names and addrtess of those who
you think are interested in a
business education, and receive
six cards with your name beauti
fully written.
Address New Orleans Busi
ness College,
New Orleans La.
Somethinginew in carpets and
matting at the Jennings Hdw.
Co.'s. d288
g~pGammage keeps cut loaf
and pulverized sugar and good
apples. _
Honduras Seed Rice.
Sown from imported seed on
new land. For sale cheap if
taken in 15 days. Inquire at
Lang & Co.'s. warehouse.
Per Sal.
My residene. property ca
St>G patre-,
Mas A. Mussaza.
The Best Lin it l, w York,
Philadelphia, _tivo. WVash
ngton, Cincinuati, li;ttanooFga.
Birmingham aiJ all 1 ;poi  in
Through Slecpcr,N owv Orleans
to New York via Chattanooga,
Bristol, Lynchburg, Washington
mnd Pennsylvania R. R.
Pullman Sleeper, New Orleans
to Cincinnati.
Dini'r- r Service on both
New Ye - :.nd Cincinnati Lines,
serving adi meals.
Full detailed information fur
nished on application.
Teo. H. Smith,
G. P. A.,
R. J. Anderson.
A. G. P. A.
low Orleans, La.
W A gear W ITe.
I I. ,l, . .

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