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The Jennings daily record. (Jennings, La.) 1900-1903, January 03, 1902, Image 1

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, 1 .:O.- ...
Unon Oi and Deoelopment Co., Ltd,
__ api $ "2 00 00
SCapital StoJ, $900,000 ' Jennings, Loisiana
This is one of the strongest companies financially there are, or will operate in the Jennings field. ..e.,.
Its officers are all men of exceptional. business ability and its holdings are of the best, consisting of.'
2 ,0 acres, constituting the Big Spring farm, formerly owned by Cooper & Leinuan, 1 ying southeast of
" Jennings and adjoining the Southern Pacific right of way, making the site unequaled for the speedy and :
economical handling of the produtt. This is a big saving to stockholders.
. The derrick isemow being constructed and the contract for drilling is being let. 'ork will com- *.
.*.!: menoe very shortly.. .
A limited number of shares in this company are .
now offered for sale at 50c per share, pa.r viAue ""
$1.00. Fully paid and nion-assessable.
LANDS FOR SALE.-About 80 acres adjoining the well site has boen sau'tivi'ded into tr:.ts
S ranging from 2+ acres up, and are now offered to purchasers at a reasonable prig This is a in o.)p- "
o. portunity to get a splendidly located small trac
OFFICERS.-Dr. E. I. Hall, President. ire : ' it: -. ne nk
A. MI. Arthur, Vice-Presi::. , ex : e er .
S"".* R. Dahlen, Secretary-Trlea er, a ' iin en;lt real es-tei, _..., :. -.
DIRECTORS.-J..H. Hoffninann,. Cashi : l o ::'cj .::::: C. A. Lowry, ,. :. . r-, -i 101- lo -.
ris, J. i. too1 er, l A : "a C . C. Cat hip z' . '
"`'-;-® ~D. Hebert, of .1 ennin : ' : ;. :c nun, l'u t" ' ss of i i: .:. f '.
""ý "i ]g:,t:on liourge'. :i t .'.l. .a .,t of 01.tton u Iu.: .l II ti, ,.' , "' t,..v"..
-,, o0 "®" ý's.:Qq·a'a*rrllo -.q ý_.' i- .... i`ei'r .., ` '" '
"@[:•.'@.'*'g '.,>+,''.', '.;, ,,,N,,'@'¢-', ,'-' .:,-·o+ - . . ,+L, ,$.... . . ;j .· '-. e .-t ,;°' r ', ·`
` ST-OC OF----T
oodS Ti all LhiesO
Plenty of G-rooe'ies fo-, -;Trbo
ancd an Elegarnt LiLe of LioGcos
now iesO12 laced on the Sh~I .
Te -.are Reiady to Take C;,e
of o-r C t. .-hr.e .
. - .._ - . I ;T .
F ... . .. - -- ' ".
I amn here to buy Rough Rice and Ipay *]t Cabh.
Leave your name at the McFai'lain IHouse and I
will call on you Monday next.
SA Ca,
A. F. Petersen.
II 'u; Pr _C` (It) al! k.:
of I ss
rD : - ! S i- Y.
, ', '" 1 i"j \.
l a  r:n.
L , . , for Soutilr '1 .'c'.;:! ,
OCiFl:.:. ,: ry Pbarmacy.
SI ":;NCL : DeJean Ho~ls.;
I'i. :'i i:%ON! No. A.
Two White MAn and Two Negroes
Are the Uniecutilied Dead.
Three of the Injured Not Expected to
Survive-The Roundhouse Demoli
ished and Adjoining Build
ings Badly Damaged.
Macon, Ga., Jan. 3.-The boiler of an
en:g:ue of the Cenutral f Georgia rail
way explodcd at the shops yesterday
morning li.:?i.ng five men outright and
badly injuring 12 others, three of
whera will probably die.
The dead:
John M1. McDonald, white machinist
To-h c`.res, white engineer.
Uriah Cornelius. negro helper.
James O'Neil. white.
One uidtcntifled.
The explosion wrecked three loco
r.:i's and demolished the building.
The beads of two. of the victims
wi :: (blewn com(pl-tLely off and were,
fou,nd 100) ieet from the bodies.
The explosion wrecked the round-,
h":'o; in v:2ich the o1egine was stanild
A ne-' painter on the top of the
r ::".i ; " low 1 100 yards,. his
boy b :`" : '. d "i"c', tr, an unrecogniza
1t, nr:y Q'x. nim.aci ist, is fatally In
A ', i; I. L- 1,'llis, who wars
: ::t the tiin: was sever-ely in
-P : eel: h:',: c vry xindov: in the
S of Poplar and
1'.: ::. :. :'. bl,'ks from whe"e
An in. Jan. .-- e governor war
ads\.--i :::- mn i:: that the co0mp
t:rl : ,'" nL, cu:. :no at Washington
had . u: ho:'-::" 1 th.e First National
bank r rr-or at 1" o'clock today.
T. :- :,.. ::- : received a mes
s:, . ,~ ,~o :-,''roller of the cur
r, :, , "::: i h, bank to resume
I,..- . T'l h .l 1, ..s~; ed according
ly. \: I'::" v'' : . h:t' been made
vht'r'by the stao f ,11 receive its moen-.
e, a e ::h is ; , p in the bank
ar Chrge' s .1gait, Isr. Jones.
Atat. .an. 3.---'ormal charges
bave ',.,n :ina: by the state against
Dr. J. .I. Iu!-:. form;:er secretary of
the . hal:..i dC"p: rtlmnent under the
a: .. : of I r. W, . .F. Blunt.
ch:ar':l' :in it ei:bezzlement. It
is ;::n, hr a"(" quite a nuni
be: , . . It : b-!ive the total
au,,e.:,: t .:f r:'u':: L. , wil aggregate
ab. k: '. h eli .'vlo rnor declared
t. d'. ill in his power to
aDi" _ . -., tli T '". who s t OVC i
;.r ...:,r'. I'..:.< -;.. .,..":. I etire l.
S: . :::.~ · ,ise, t
b, ( .1:. . ~, im. , ei i
at l ut despite their ef
fu" is _ :- -· .
fto:..t ',r Capita.
A tic in. l:. ,. -The state dep::rt
mnt . ; : A iis sending notices to
the c.I .. . cl es and treasurers
* ,of e . i. maDhonol districts that
th , . .... imn the state treasury .3 0
COlSl I' ca.l::t. f thle s oloiaStic 1P)Op
lation. This regulanr monthly prorata
distriibutino is from the school fund,
and aggregat.a; $2l,04iiO.
Price C""I- . Anot herl Vote.
Cincinnati. Jan. 3.-It is claimed here
that another dou:btful representative
has declared himself for the election
oft Price for speaker of the house. This
is N. K. Henscl of Montgomery coun
ty. It is irnown that Mr. Henel was
here and had a conference with Be0tor
Wraton wVlI Botnes.
iNew York, Jan. 3.-Sir Edlwaie Wr
son, the young English knighp eseal
of Designer Watson of the hosemh.L
Swho attempted to end his life St
) acid In a Brighton Beach ear. t¶S
day night. will recover. Watier
fused to explain why he had .eg
the poison. He will be arrtigneS a
Sthe Bstler Street court on ti . - '- &
aLteatDted, tddae
z"iiO tli ol d 11f)I·s4~
`S1 2ce .he Old Marc,
Let 1.itlce (oltie
(u I.ref> _t Bare."
V-eyvobd-.rs2 &~>~inS
-Icyt ý;hv ' :,L1ledl t~hej
I T---T.) TH L -- -
YI;chvi Shop anc~ Geer~eal
). Z . i theje nails l ealt I . I )(U Int
I - :! t" .*. '.&- go j JIt I) are(footedlil W'inI1.
Yours "Just ii-~ =" :)
: .ý - T } " -i . i D " # ý !
SAMP~Os( '', .'JY DiTIO N.
Filh Mai.l',y IO t ul:eal: e Bringing the
a. -,, .. . 3.--. :'"ral S:,:np
but very stcL ii}" tc.-' ir t t: - U nd. M cd
ical so':lce ca i"n . c I"ck it. S;ymp
toms of arterial d:n - ::ion have ai
pear"et, such ::i ,.e itcid, t to his a -
fdy. Injecting great uncertainly into
the c-as. 1.oreovor. the patient is be
coming lo tract^,ablo anl re:;:onse to
treatme n t.
TTwenty 'Ts r ns n ,r" hercomne and
i " n. Th, iot ,an
., , s ." , ,h ',r at Utoan
The Weatliur ' r Will Try and Solve
lit, a.lr( inM hJan. l.-The govern-T
tw o stations in Ye ows tone National
park next sum " r. Oner will e lodm
cated Veathr Mammoth Haot SpVll Tryings and theolv
other at the lake. The bureau will un
dertake to solve a problem that has
been puzzling the department for some
Many storms, ortiinatdng in the
northwest, although hladed directly for
Montana, never seem to reach this state
and it is desired to .avestigate the
phenomenon. Storms striking the
mountain range between Montana aand
Idaho follow it to the plrk and are
,there lost sight of. somet. es again!
appearing in Wyoming and Colorado.
but Montana escapes them.
Oldest Odd Feillw Dead.
Santa Barbara, Cal., Jan. --James
Davidson, the Eldest .&& Pel1o*i1 the
Ieited StateS, is dead h4te. He was
beorn in W.st' V*,lnln fl yt Mrn ago,
ani became 4a 'ai t' m t"'f- the_
Sedge at W' bItt* f ,
rPi'ent I Iy"-o Iv':es High
Oinhua!s a; .. PC-bie.
The White House Yias Go'rgeouly Dec
ornied and the Beginning of the
New Year ('ellebrated in an
E.borate Siy;e.
Washington. Jan. .'. - President
Reccsrc-'-ct h'ld his first xwv Y(r'::r's re
cepotion at th' Whi; !.t-.: y:oarday,
.nd, surrounded by the presidential
and cabinet circle. he greeted officials
in every branch of public life, as well
as a great concourse of people- from
private life. The scnce -,i:i: the his
toric mansion was o:,n of e.v:lrordi
nary beauty and brilli-.ne:. and there
was a: addlcd tol': r" i- t,',',- on the
occasion this year froni the fact this
w' tihe flr't of thi fure'r.:.kax of mnl
nitu: wi.h Mr. PRoo,,elt and his
T* e tld ;a i. "? for the b:` ry
ntc of l.- ri::-'ro::t', e'tom Of
'The sun
S:,,.:. .. :. the air
wa;s cn:al : u.1 b,;..:':;. ,r . a .ýt.:·· y
". .. -.. .  f.... ... .. . -
h,. ;"'"' t , .' " ." '
lr'm nit' , i:on if tiw.a !: :" '... : i vines. ,
t entrance, the hand of t 1. _:. ,r
I corps, United States army. ;I) strong,
- in their brillist uniforms, were ranged
in tiCer, while further :lo:n- in the
_ conserv'atory wai the full , n;:ibership
of the Marine handi in briht red uni
3 Shortly before 11 o'clock the throngs
of distinguished callers began to as
Isembie i the main corridor. First
r came the mimbers of the diplomatec
corps in their rich court runforms, re
' splendeut In medals and decorations.
It was a most cosmopolitan throng
with the oriental silks of the chinese
minister and his suite, the red fez of
the Turkihb minister and the more
modern but equally gorgeous attire or
I the Japanese and Coreans consplcuous
amid the greup of diplomatistsa. The
members of thei corp gathered lf the
red parles. WL satory to being pre
sented to te president and those
about hia 1i
I Exactly at K elteock a fanfare h
three trumpete e stationed at the fur.
Sther etld of the main corridor, an
noutreed the approach of the president
mad the recleoias gartr. At the same
r testinae tone *a t P C1

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