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Soil tge ts in Jennings and vicinity far the
1Harris Oil Burner
There are five sizes and patterns of this
Burner designed for various uses and var
ious kinds of boilers. They range in price
from $5.00 to $25.00, including plans and
specifications and full instruclions for
equipping any kind of plant. Write for
circulars or call on - - -
Heywood Bros. ANn Dobbins
Iron Works,
Successors to BOEHM BROS.
We have a FULL LINE and PRICES THE LOWEST. Call and
see our fine ones before purchasing. Our stock of all goods in the
Purniture Lirne
is quite complete. If you wish to SAVE MONEY call and see us.
Arctic Ice Factory
S. R. SHEAR & SONS, Prcprietgrs.
'Pho Pure Ice; Prompt Delivery
GARLICK & FUNK, Real Estate,
Jennings, - - La
Office overWalkerBuilding.
Best Line in Town
Of Candies, Fruits and Confectioneries.
All the leading brands pf Tolobag and
Cigars. Stationery and Blank' ..ok.
Elegant lot of Box Paper.
John Deere and I-tapgood
anrtg Plows Disk and
Lev er HIarrows
Van wie Pumps for deep walls. See
our New top-suction 'pump. Eric Engines
and Boilers.
Black Bros. & Co.
[email protected] O [email protected]@ee1e**
[* - SC RICE.
\tWe sell more seedl., (iar more stock
e and better stock ii, both imported and Do '
u estic, ilo,:,du'as and Japan. than any filmn
in the :si .a: s. WVe guara:ntee grades and
1 and prices.".
1C:orresp( u2a-ence rolicitC".O.
* CA, IER BROS., Crowley, La.
l Otlice in i'iabroke Mill. I'hone 101. 45d&w
*------- _ _ _ _ _
(Corner MIarlket .treet and 13roadway.)
Have the Standard Rice Drill, with or without Fertilizer At
tachment. Also the Celebrated Moline Discs, Pipe Frame Harrows
and Broadcast Seeders. Call and see them.
They have als a c tr load of up-to-date Buggies and Carriages
in Transit.
Have Hard Pumping Wells
Are ponvinced that Fine Strainers are the cause of the
Small Amount of Water. Have a well drilled by us which
hals a LONGER and COARSER8 STRAINER than any in
S the market, thereby allowing a GOOD FREE FLOW OF
. W WAT~R FirstClass Work Guaranteed.
, -, , Yours for Business,
- - Jennings. La.
Will be the Guest of the New
York Chamber of
By Union Associated Press,
London, April 5.-The state
ment was made in high diplo
matic circles today that the
Prince of Wales will soon visit
America, James P. Morgan, who
is now on his way to England is
carrying an invitation to the
prince to attend the dedication of
the new chamber of commerce
in New York. Washington is
reported to be forwarding ofi
cial papers for the trip, which is
understoo4 as khVing received
the personal sanctiop of Ting lid
ward. The counselors of the
king, it is said here, urged upon
him this visit as a matter of state
By Union Associated Press.
New York, April 5.-Members
of the New York commerce
seemed surprised today at the
news of the prince's contempla
ted visit to America. They nei
ther admit sending an invitation
nor 4enu it,
The crown prince of 6ermany
and high representatives of other
European nations besides the
Prince of Wales have been invited
to New York as guests of the
chamber of commerce with its
formal opening next fall. Charles
Smith, secretary of the e.§cut
Ive costpiptee Said today: "The
chamber of commerce is making
elaborate preparations for the
opening of its new home. It
would not be astonishing after
the great courtesies shown us in
[ondon if the prince of Wales
should yotpe orer. l
Representatives of the cham
ber say there will be no clash in
entertaining royalty and repre
sentatives of republics at the
same time as the whole affair has
been thought out, but nothing
done until the committee was
cep iq of it. pggWiQti
The Prince of Wales will make
a tour of the United States.
LADIES-April §0th and May
Ist, I will have an opening of
Midsum,.er Millernry.
82tf Miss L. Moses.
Latter-Day Saints Conference.
Special to the Record.
Lamoni, Ia., April 5.-Dele,
gates an. other visitors in large
numbers have arrived to take
part in the general conference of
the reorganized churpl. of Latter
Day Saints, which opens here to
morrow. Several of the coun
tries of Europe, as well las every
state and territory of the Union
will be represented. The large
temple in which the aessinns are
to be held has been renovated
andre-decorated for the occasion.
The conference will last three
weeks and many measures of im
portance to the church will come
up for consideration:and action.
Wanted-Sales ladies for my
ladies and gents furnishinggoods
store. Apply at Mrs. J. W.
Mercer's residence.
New Klondike Rallroad.
Special to the Record.
Seattle,,Wash., April 5.-Work
is to becommenced next month
on the construction of a new
Alaskan railroad e~tending from
Dawson to jhe hSewart' riv'er,
distance of $2 mily piggg the
richest Wiping i'trict in the
Yukon country, The new road
will be Iknown as the Klondike
Mines Railway and is incorpo
rated with acapital stock of $2,
For Sale-Lot 90x184 feet,with
five room cottage on West Acad
emy street A bargain. Inquire
SouthernRealty & OollentioqOo.,
Recor4 buiding. *
The Daily Record
Telegraphic Service.
The RECORD wishes to call the attention of its readers to the
telegraphic service it is receiving, givinig the latest of the world's
most important happenings at least twelve hours sooner than they
can be read in any paper coming to the city from the east or west.
In additton to the telegraphic service of the .. .
Union Associated Press
the paper receives a . . .
Special News Service
from the . .
Bulletin Press Association
of which the RECORD is a member and has the exclusive service
for this territory.
While the Union Associated Press is equal to any regular 1
telegraph news service, this . . .
.Double Service
gives the RECORD a decided advantage in securing news.
is gld to note that the majority of its readers appreciate its efforts
to give them a plean, ea4dable and up-to-date daily paper, and while i
the telegraphic news is received at a great expense, the manage- 1
ment feels that the paper would not be keeping abreast with
growing Jennings without it.
Action Against the United States for
By Union Associated Press,
Washington, April 5.-Papers
were filed today before the Span
ish treaty claims commission Qu
behalj f the hipanisi-American
abettors company, by 3lyner
Hoffs and Clarke, against the
United States for $700.000 on ac
count of a franchise, which was
granted by Spanish authorities
to the company, giving them eX
clusive right in the p.gclung house
industry at Cienfuogos and San
tiago. The right of action in this
suit it is claimed comes outside
of an opinion heretofore given by
the attorney general on fran
chises granted by Spanish au
3f iu'need of a safe see the
Lousiana Machine & Well Works
Co., agents for Victor safe. 61ti
To Give it a Trial.
By Union Associated Press.
New York, April 5.-Patrolmen
and saloonkeepers have decided
to give New York an easy Sun
day tomorrow, provi ed the law
will be strictly enforced with
stores other than salooons.
HAVi A LOOK at our list of
-'busine s ,hantces."' We have
cnoice proberty of every descrip
tion for sale or rent. Southern
Realty & Collection Co., :Record
Philo$ohbiqal Meeting Ends.
Special to Record.
Philadelphia., Pa, April 5.
At the concluding session today
of the general convention af the
Amrericn Philosophical society
papers were presented as fol
lows; Race elements in American
Civilization, by Prof. M. D. Lear
ned of Philadelphia; The Inter
national Catalogue of Scientific
[4iterature, by Prof. Cyrus Adler
of Philadelphia; The Influence of
Acute Alcoholic Intoxication Up
on Factors involved in the Phe
nomena of Haemotolysis and
Bacteriolysis, by Prof. A. C. Ab.
bottof Philadelphia; A Classifica
tion of Economics, by Prof. Lind
ley Miller Keasbey of Bryn Mawr
Pa.; Experiments in Cytolysis,
by Prof. Simon Flexner of Phila
This afternoon the members
of the society and their l:tdies
visited the Free Musium of Sci
enceand Artand werenter tained
at tea by the faculties of the Uni
versity of Pennsylvania.
'.'A neigbo. ran in with a hottle of
C aipsber~ain s )olio, Cholera and
PiDrrhoea Remedy when my son was
suf.ering with severe cramps and was
given up as heyond hope by my regu
lar physician, who stands high in his
profession. After administering three
does of it, my son regained conscious
ness and recovered entirely within
twenty-four hours," says Mrs. Mary
Haller, of Mt. Crawford, Va. This
remedy is for sale by all druggists.
Fifty Teams Wasted.
Good prices paid. Apply to
Grand Canal Company or to John
J, Raeser. 80d&w2w
Criticism Upon the Action of the
By Union Associated Press.
Washington, April 5-Criti
cism of ?esideit Rooseve't's
tseatment of the case of Pension
CormmissionerEvansgrows daily.
Some of his stoutest advocates
who stood by him, do not think
he recognizes the soundness of
the criticism. They Q s0ot hesi
tate to ,oin in t.q iticism, and
coSider" he umade a tactical error
in signifying his determination
not to have the resignation of
Evans take effect until a better
place was found for the commis
sioner, and action was top as
an apologv y . if irng him go.
The p,.eidient has heard the ad
verse comment and is s.tid to be
Wanted - Three sober cigar
makers, by H. Henock. 78 5t
Loss Heavy.
By Union Associated Press.
Pretoria, April 5.-The ]ritish
losses in the e~gagement with
Delarey and I~emp in the neigh
borhood of Hart's river on March
31, there were three officers and
twenty-four men killed and six
teen officers and 150 men woun
ded. The Boers admit the loss
of 137 killed and wounded. The
action occurred at Roornbolt
Farmers wishing deep wells
for irrigating will do well to see
Bert Ritter. 65tfd&w
Departure Delayed.
By Union Assooiated Press.
Washington, April 5.-The
cruiser Cincinnatti, now used as
a training ship for firemen, was
to have left Charleston yester
day for Key west, but her de
parture will be postponed until
this department orders She
may participate in the ceremony
in honor of President Roosevelt's
visit next week.
Wanted-To trade first-class
new piano for desirable town lot.
Apply to Hollembeak's Music
House. 7440
Illinois Central's Plans.
Special to the Record.
Chicago. Ill , April 5 -Within
the next two years tho Illinois
Central Railriad Company will
have a double track from Chicago,
to New Orleans. This work is
made necessary by the enourm
ous increase of the company's
freight trat~c from all western
points to New Orleans. The
southern city has been gradually
creeping up on New York as a
grain export point until it almost
equals it in the volu me of business
For Boys Only.
Mothers, why not bring your
boy or boys around and let us
put new easter suits on them.
I am going to sell them exceed
ingly low, so that each and every
boy can have a new suit.
78t A APD. MoFarlain.
The Charges Preferred by
Gov. Heard Will be
Closely Sifted.
By Union Associated Press.
Washington, April 5.--Presi
dent Roosevelt considers that
Governor Heard's report on [the
existence of a British military
camp at Chalmette does not con
tain sufficient facts for the ad
ministration to act on, and it has
been decided to order an exam
ination into the matter by Fed
eral authorities. The question
came up during thecabinet meet
ing this morning, and by unan
imous vote it was decided to send a
to Louisiana for further particu- I
lars after the attorney general F
had submitted an opinion as to
the law in the case. Whether -
the investigation will be con
ducted by the district attorney
at New Orleans or by army offi
cers under orders from the war
department has not been de
Attorney General Knox and
one of his assistants have been
working on the case today, and
an opinion will be ready tomor- i
row or Monidy. After the law
dotoxrining what is proper com s1
cmerce and what violates nutrality c
has been laid down, the presi. u
dent will ask that the facts be r
ascertained. Then if it is clear
that the shipment of mules is C
not legitimate .iamrerce and R
that te Atbish government is
enlisting men within the juris- -
diction of the United States, steps
will be taken both here and -in
New Orleans to put an end to
the practice and bring the guilty
to justice.
Don't neglect biliousness and con- C
stipation. Your health will suffe
permanently if you do. DeWitt's Lit
tle Early Risers cure such cases. iM.
B. Smith, Butternut, Mich., says"De- Ii
Witt's Little Early Risers are the
most satisfactory pills I ever took, N
Never gripe or cause nausea." Dr. -
Terry's Drug Store.
Wants Definite Charges.
By Union Associated Press.
Washington, April 5.-Secre- 1'
tary Shaw's answer to the N
women who complained of the it
baggage inspector's abuse by 01
custom officers on steamship
wharves was given out today. T
The secretary says he has sent
his circularanswer of complaints
to 1020 women who had signerd a
general petition, for tabulated
responses. He says he wants
definite charges rendered or it
will be nigh impossible to con
duct specific investigation in the
treasury department as he will
do all in his power to reduce le
gitimate cause for complaint.
If you have any real estate you
wish to dispose of, list it with
the Soutlhern Retalty & Collection
Co., Record B13dg.
(jOMI) rOi IFRtUEU'3A risM. -
Last fall I was takeln with a very
severe attack of muscular rthonmatism
which caused ilxe greaL pai! and an
noyance. Aftxer trying several pres
criptions aSi rheumatic cures, I de*
cided ;o use ('hamberlain's Pn in Balm,
which I had seen advertis,.d in the
South Je-rseyman. After tw, appli
cations of lhis ,remn&dy I was much
bctter, and txi.l I.ilnl oxnxe ,battle, was
completely cuxcd .--Su Ilie Harris, Sa
lem. N. J. For sale by all druggists.
[email protected]'WXater ciste; ,n, oil tanks,
for wagons or rxeservoirs, se J.
it. Kiililger, .Januanlgs, fa.
Ladies Attentio. i
W"* have some . .
Silver-Plated .H
I A. H. H
SRoom 6.
Formerly of N
Practice in the
Charles and Crow
drawn. Titles exa-m s ,.- "'
Office, Main st., J
Will start a wagon in a f£e f
F. D. CASTLE, Prop.,
SDone to
Design to suit your taste.
All kinds of furniture repaired :
and reconstructed. Call and ax-'
amine samples of GRILL and
MANTLE work. Shop north of
Racket store. 73d&w
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat.
This preparation contains all of the
digestants and digests all kinds of
food. It gives instant relief and never
fails to cure. It allows you to et all
the food you want. The most sensitive
stomachs can take it. By itsusemany
thousands of dyspeptics have been
cured after everythiDg else failed. Is
unequalled for the stomach. Child.
ren with weak stomachs thrive on it.
First doserelieves. Adietunnecesemry.
Cares all stomaoln tariu"e
The . bottle conta~tnsi L imeutbe5Oc.
Sold at Terry's Drug Store.
City Billiard and
Pool Hall.
In the old location with an entire
New Equipment of Tables, etc.
Mr. Pogue, proprietor of the BON
TON LIVERY STABLE will have his
New Rubbher-Tired Buggies and Traps
in shortly, and then the young people
of Jennings can go riding city style.
Mr. r'ogue has also opened a
Transfer office in connection with his
Livery Stable. If you need anything
in the Transfer line
PHONE No. 90.
Corn and Oats High

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