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The Jennings daily record. (Jennings, La.) 1900-1903, July 17, 1902, Image 2

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Sthrough the front door her son closec
that door forever. H. hoarded up at
S the front windows of the house, locket
up. the empty rooms and threw the ke3
away. He wished to see nothing, re
-n menmbher nothing of the past but the
{ woman he loved. He arranged twi
bael roomlns. he kitchen and an adt
J -0 'Cii joining roloms. and dleclared his inteti
titon of living and dying there.
/ The aged hermit lives in the midst
/of a scene of decay and dlesolation
His hIvel i's now a iruin, aid it stand
not nlore than a stone's throw from
old Silepy Hollow highway. The roof
is sunken and a side of the house has
fallen in. Overhead the trees and gar
don shrubis have interlsaced. formilng
a sort of hower. A dense growth of
old-fashioned shrubbery c oneeals it
fromI the passing traveler. There is
but one way of ingress to the retreat.
in l.llwcrinds a labyrinthine passage
through the shrullhiery and under
gronth. The old rain bIarrel. split and
benut still tland iiulcde the drip of the
tllullbte-udo\ i stoolp. The gass has
FIOMth ~h~ )iJ ~ij ...a·1e . ,lita~
lit all th''" 't^ r' be.' eof the
itory-faslled 1i::.1: ti. thot'. is no mour
bleltjtifll . ni ,r'" illt1leti.. or mloIre ilt
('alany tale that- fit'. life story of Wil
lijai 1'ish't. th" i oartail of Ardsleyv
who for thoirty. rot's has' hirtleol hint
self' away.' flIom tll"e ,V>'i I'o the world
1o 11)11111 111 IlnltnrohItie scolitude for the
loss of the wetonaut h'' loved.
I ntit ll thi'1a2' hoihr's of Ards
le lil t~iel :antt:"a lnlr' into thell' reltieat o0
Xtilia n it isio'' a f,'wt i'v act)) 1t, hail
yeias. biring all tl':·1tiI~t· t' 1 lhutn '
oo1 hall rt' 0 It; ,it? '-'holdli. Pilen
h hotel ortl 1"c f tli'' p ilotl ln" ill:iay
oanoti 'l:'tilct i -~ tlOLt 0.-'z eIat' 11 t 1
1)111r couu tyn it! u:: tliit oni 1 'ahl of
to th 1 ' 'i '' Ist ait 1 1 Wi 11)ith 111)1'
scent.1' lean ) -nIn.!t tle',.y I-mIt h he as.
v utisted t2X years ",1i. glr· Ili l i lt'ht.
r ud l'oi &'l eli a-i t' I '-' t"-, a0) l iti h'"1 I
i'ater I ti ll 1 1 h t 1tt 0 till't 1-ldu
the h'otr '(lltt'y." h"l' was, [Il'a1)~itlng1
(Ioare Ill, eItt o aty" lanloton for0 Ithe
score, ahdt hI' it'a' ag oi'iv sIillt artr
oy all the yeal rout aill titalliam 1 Fi's.
wut lie r.lnlatil') a Ilal',ly.o-. ilnlot.tH'
and*' Iltartil 11'das Iii ' 010t m11tr imoia
gjt' in. '1'll!fl Ill that pa Stheliastly u so
by ll the rural n iatr'l ahmaralt'n a mothers
her had nvoil~tld lot,' b~el'or".
_ i
featdo eentur! gem, howiag the e , shrouad, much epIe4 tI
A relic. the auirtnrrtivity vf a~hirj is
regarliacl a:. of th ii'a ' t silgii-i
earIce(. aidtr 'i4i'ri lil}" lilt r'ritillr: iii"
causeC (it' thll o1 s ) 1) " u1 11a!.:11.' 11 s 1 c iI -
(elv,'I' oii 141v Ir:raiý' rf (ISK iran the
to, the c~oi'! "c~c.i iii of, :IIc· I njl.r'l'Hjit' of
1'etliiylvat: ia It ai Ia'.iiSt ltS tii Vie"W
an imago' of rho Ma iSvio as iinll inftrit
upon the iii oiri in wIihich liis briry wasi,
wrappedl. lTi ills shlrd is l11t; ay"edt on
an engric~c rdit Sine air 1 tre it:-piint of
Christ's Ibody is rlc-aly out i nllt.
The stiill" i g tl ut-in of the tric~cott
utenturty. at eaae iehuit :. anid its carvedi
aurface rtIpte[rtl trI a true Ji rtrait (if
the holy ulidaritirl. It was tisieiv'tled
by Maxwell .;n-1:",.7 beC'i. tirrifeursor ntf
WgysrtolotYr at tire irtti.verurty. The
iv` "
Th re right gil w tas utlrj h ,r n . i OfI ."
t! dalughter of Nehltlial ()diL a
wealthy larintr of )ohb.s Ie',rrv. lisih
el. hatttlsotme. (Ia! -evsi. andit
in 'h a niati. hlved her min dly. aitd his
lnv, was ' etllnditr in fllt mlealsu.
Thei I couitsh[li-p was, brie!. iidi s.oin
thle day w:ls set tfor the w.t:ldltl C. It
was to In a lete iay. atol the wihni
|vit l·d. T e wI(aI' nil.s It l' (al d:in . tll
i frolic' at thet brlides lith t ITri·s i leth
c'ltllmonty. anti tletl' t 'i)Ie ittt)"a \.'Wla
to ripair text day (II htrsebila tilnc t hi
|H(OW· li . t" lh 100 ' the ille u st itul!pf, l h!
Ititisi-. itt thi-' l'Iitt. ,oft wh]Ir-/ thi' hItittlit
Dia rt ( f n hi i ltla il ie s e:r it, ll ll 'il It,
tale placi. rhe Weltninl h)lont lit nih
haippy hrida~l <*:ttph. wa':. to. b*, a ar!:nll
itfl aii. 'IIlisthe Is-patat io tt-i
It,o I, I'llinl;p , (':.,-,l. :i]i r h s'hJ ". ·:te twl .
s IT I , v t.tlilltrz itS ill "'iiltillt ii . thil
tistead i f thi tistititi S ratite0 a tttiI1
(0ll th,' lhy betwo* thm" w<*,d ling the
lover atd his s.atViiSiuit wit-ere rss
inut the f try alld the girl was drtilwn
*5d. As sli i stit iettnath tlli wiater
thei lart ii William Fiser wetit. dnwti
a-itli hier. anlid 1o~wn it Ilas rteaitlnedh
evtr silicit that flate~fl day. Il't that
itlii t ritn h attid gat.llalltt bau if
:- eitoly tlolltiw w'as a itelits. 1le tll
se .rlati.t d lis lifl to the telltlitry of ih is
dtlead nlov. Years aftei'\\rwlrl iis flthrt
died iati(l a iltni titite a hi.is nitnthe-r
passeti iw'i l.-eavithg htit itt sole itos
sessillt of a1 sa\lltable elt state. Yet tllis
dihi :it ntemlt hili ftll tlot hits vigil.
When t he,: ILI arr'tllied( thei ilitlher". ll )a
g Ill[ i ll J'tof. S ,nill.erv illote" I llI, -tintt
valli- than theile slhroul( so Car lly
luaridetld a1ld so) highly vialued at Turiln.
e Thli inscription on tlhel sttOi is sim
lI plc. II reprlesents a Icon1ave" of arlt"y
If toman dignitaiies dlll'ilng the tirst
d tlays o the Roman Catholic churc(t h.
l T'he dignitaries are hldling ill front of
s, them the shroud, on which is inlprint
In <d with exaggerated clearttness the int
If age of thet Christ. They are evidently
ctlmitelnplating it and discour(llsiing upon
d the subjects it brings to mind.
1 It was not until the fitteenth cen
If tury that Christ was represented in all
1 his divine beauty by these inscrip
if lions. but even in the second century
io during the Roman decline the wiem
o.tIVt tr' n ti \V l lc" Wiel I tramlied
tlooriya rd.
The ri lits. t' e ih ands', ' e iand the
idol of imany wtione's hearts. presents
a satd ! picttr' I!()%o . His tigti e, tall.
.launt. andi sptctetr-like. seeonis almost
to hay lost its hutman restembllance.
Hlis oyes ar' wild. his whole appeal
i"., bhadly dilisheiltled. i- is some
;hintg mnor.'' thain six feet tall. His face
is thiln, clear citl. anlitn hawklike. On
hiis chin is a stnulitle of white heard
and. a fringe of snowy hair hangs over
Itis nec(k and abouttt his temples. On
the top of his headt hie wears a (queer
wig wove aft ,r the Iashilott of a bird's
nest iout iof his long gray beard.
l)a\ in aind day outi and th'ouigh the
h:a ho:rs of' the niight the old hernmit
sit- oti 'r, th on whilhiw in hIIis
rolim. pei t in. mlt into the' world of
which hc" is no [r)t awl watching for
Ihe r'otuti ofi his long-dtaid sweethieart.
ill shit doloesn't contlt anlt hle ontinues
h:is w iatcllh, wihi(ch e declares will not
enld nltil his fadlilig life cebbs away
atnd hli call lforget the world altogether.
Fishier spends nimuchi of his time makl
ing rough sketc.liso of the girl as he
lremembers. n her face on tlhe day she
was drowned. The walls of his hovel
ar' coveredl with these cruile drawings
which hie worships with pathetic sin
I've"i the trouille's of a pretty woman
are iilterestilng only the first time they
ate told.
Lots i"of pepleti scente t io -e plroud of
lthe fact that they have Ilothliilg to be
ii'ngrarivers maldi' many of these record l
!b'arilg objets I'reprlesentinlg tile most
inlpolrtat tan 'vr nt then takini place.
Author of Famous Marseillaise Hymn
to Have a Monument.
Itouget de Iisrle, the composer of
the "'Marseillaisce." in his old age for
,-otten by friends and often hard
pre'ssed by misetry, lived in a garret
in (Choisy-leR"toi. His kindness and
generosity oo00 won himl tile love of
the inhabitants, and when he died
,''vry one of them attended his funer
al. nmarchling two by two, with heads
uneio cred. Whuen the last clod ha
been placed on the grave the mayor.
National Guard and workmen all
joinned ill sining the famuous patriotic
song. It is sixty years silnce then,
and the goodI fo!l, (of C'hoisy have not
'orgotten tlh,, immortal singer of the
''voltio . Not ctontenit with the fine
lltihumntrt'lti already raised to hiis un-ni
or-. tii.'y are t o flirt.' " Ir hiror Ihis
iname Iby orltring a Iiimbslltone at Iris
las! rt'StL pliace'. It corlsiSts of a
str-i. li'' nhr- i' ts highel. rwhereon art
ai br:onze nrilallion of lie Lisle, the
wordls "tl(i trepolu ' Iou.'l dl t Igisle,
altour r dlo la 'i arstll aise " a lyre
T.rossed with a swordt the refrain of
the national hymnll arll on tile prdes
tal the dlates 171it- s:t;. A fete is be
in( o(rganllied for lith inaulguration
ue'* l'i(iiiy.
It Made Some Difference.
'The teacther hall becll imnpl'essiung
lipon her c'lass the atdvantages of a
comnlpetenty' gained by honest, hard
work over oile gained by scheming,
and even more questionable means.,
and. %hinking she had made a great
impression upon her small charges,
she proceeded to catechise them on
the subject:
"Once upon a time there were two
rich men. one of whom made his for
tune by honest industry. while the
other made his by fraud. Now, which
of these two men would you prefer to
Tommy (after a moment's hesita
tion): "Which matde the most?"
ý: "A Y: ":
f ý .,. . r ...I
I" · i ··
One Way of L.ooking at It.
"It is outrageous to ask a woman
to abandon her own name and take I
her husband's" asserted the advanced 4
"Yes?" said the old-fashioned one
"Yes, indeed. And for my part I 1
simply won't do it."
"If I were ashamed of my husband
I wouldn't do it either," was the quiet
Thus the feud was started that
came near disrupting a woman's
Beets and Beats.
"I got no use for Congress," as
serted Mr. Lemuel Higgins. proprietor
of the Bowersville grocery and dry
goods emporium. "Why. here's Si
Simkins an' Joe Skinner has been
owin' me $10 apiece fer sugar fer six
year. an' they jest won't pay up. an
now Congress is goin' ahead an' mak
in' a law to pertect sugar people like
that. I don't see why sugar beats
is entitled to any better show than
other rascals."
-- -
Began Too Far Back.
Cousin May-I thought you were
engaged to Mliss Yellowleaf.
Jack-Not much. I couldn't love
a woman with a past like hers.
Cousin May- Why, what do you
know about her past?
~ack-Nothlng. except it began too
soon to suit me.
r ý M f
Scribbler-I set hliat a lapanest author has just cviii I ti <"l a novel
in ninety- Volunies.
Penpiusluc r--W\ el. if a in-sseugurr boy evil gets hut]cl of that. story the
companfly might as wiel get a new byo
An Exchange of Courtesies.
"No. sub." said lMr. Erastus Piully.
"1I nebber sold my vote to nobody."
"Bttt that candidate gave you two
"Yassir. I doesn't deny dat. He
jes' come along al0gimme dat two.
An' when a gemman comes along an'
gives you two dollars lob nuffin', it
ain't no mo' dan common reciprocity
to vote fob 'itn foh nuffln."
Remarkable Case of Conscience.
Husband-I think we had better
give up our .pew in church during the
summer months. dear.
Wife-Why should we do that?
Hllshand--Well, I'm going Into the
ice business. agd if there is one thing
I detest more than anot heer it is a
hypot'ril e.
Had Got It All Fixed.
"Have you Imade up your mind
where you will go for the suiimmer?"
"Better than that. I have made up
my husband's mind."-Life.
_ . /
First Farrmer 4tasting it )-Ho.w i<much cider did you make this year?
Second Farmer --Fffteen barrels
SFirst 'tlFarler r--\VWtl, if y'ou'd a hLad another apple*, you might a-made
another barrel.
The Real Thing.
"It looks very pretty," said the
swell Miss Blugure, who was shop
ping. "but it certainly isn't stylish."
"0. you're way off there." replied
the salesgentlemuan. "It's all right.
My lady friend. wears one."
A Real Philanthropist.
"He's de best boss 1 ever worked
"Wot's so good about 'im?"
"Whenever dere's a holiday he
gives us anudder day to git over it."
A Proper Wish.
"I understand that it is no longer
fashionable to believe in the orthodox
conception of future punishment."
"Well.," answered the minister,
"perhaps it is all for, the best. I
sincerely trust that we may be able
to make the place so unfashionable
that nobody will go there."
He-There ia one place at least that it there is a skeleton in one's
family it's bound to be found out.
He-On the beach.
----Y^---, , , a w:-.-. .-.-_-.-_--_ ,i  *       
Famous Patient-DIoctor. please give me my medicine now.
Doctor-Pardon me. I'm simply the doctor in charge of issuing buUls
tins: the other doctor will be here presently.
- - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Fitted For It.
"That man over there has tnamed
more ra(cehorses than any one in the
country. Has a natural gift for it."
"What's he doing now?"
"Got a jo f with a health-food house
naming their new outputs."-Judge.
A Bitter Retort.
"Do you think." he asked, "that you
could learn to love me?"
"I don't know." she answered; "I
might, but if I were a man I'd hate
to think that I was an acquired taste."
One esaifty orf iow.
May Putter-Everybody, is talking
about the wdy you let Jack Hugard
kiss you on the links yesterday.
Belle Hazard-Well, I just coulda't
help it. I was teeing off when he
asked me if he could have just one
kiss. I yelled "fore" and he took
Frightened Off.
"So Ethel dlivered her essay at
the graduation exercises for over halt
an hour. .lack. who was in the audi
ence. must have felt p)roud of her."
"Not at all. kit' shuddered at the
possibility of being married to such
a talker and ittuntediat.,ly broke oft
1the engai.Lttlnl t.
A Blocked Game.
T"VOelepone, airi---Yo) s.ui)ply mu.st .
not I e stic!1h lang ua tge. Sweari ni;
tlrouh tl tl c iph Illtt is aiblsohlutely
prohlibl i d
ilisgu.ste'd .ti t 'r-utl i tlin t nes of
real griet --ut.t I anl not swearing
th 'tough the phonet. I ih swearintg at
Too Much.
Town- W--\Vu,'s that se+dly-lthuking
fel low .
ftTrbw t, "I'hat " T-:'-tu'] !. the fa
ltu)s artiTil lii tttlI t Ool, tmuch like
a retehrai u-i u.e--tuna' dies Ii.
T' 'e n'-- \,1 o . I vl!u'e ' i'.r a t .'r
.1,1: *.', 5 had -tubira't ', nnimch
Wanted Him Back.
Towne-- see there's a new cashier
at the bank. I suppose Smtugley w~a
discharged ?
Browne--Not exactly They ri of
fering double his oli salary to get
hinti back
Towin-Ah Resigned, ehl
!lrow n+--Not e'act.tly that, either
They're of erinrt $°.ol(t reward for
Easily Answered.
En thusiastl I bit short-"sighted) lady
artist---My c1 i id marn. what are thotse
beautiful wavi ni objects near those
trees. rivalinll tit. latter t.herumslves
in grace atnt biteaty 1 outline, mak
ing such a behautit'!1 vri:ty in thi,
larllscap,. anti semiiing rio liia wixt
earth Il h eaven?"
I aborer t r ill> t-Shirt.
Quite Unoardonable.
lEdiiotia - -iirs. Tl'opnoti is wha I
call i iii; ortitnent.
ICulcia - Itt w!hat way?
lEllnor ia-Why, shei is not a Colo
nIial )arne, but whil she 'c<ante to the
cololial rtc'eptittn she hail on a more
elegant froet; than any one of the
An Exchange of Courtesies.
('ounsel for the D)efendant (sareas
tically)-You're a flic4e fellow, aren't
ytu ?
Witness for the Plaintiff (cordially)
-1 am sir. and if I were not on my
oath I'd say the same of you.
Premature inquiry.
Miss Gushing:ton-W--hat do you con
sider the ten best books. Mr. Seoyt.
Con Seet (the' young author)-Real
ly, I've only written six books so fare
you, know.-Philadelphia Press.

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