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'-;4tE1 Yiuw~At tW$tPAPt. ~ Un-OFFICIAL OROAN OF TuE4 TfOWN OF JENNINGOS. SUSCRIPTION:SO Cents a Month; $5 a Year. N. L. MILLER, Editor and Proprietor.
SLumber Co., Ltd.,
Will keep on hand all kinds of
L"mber, Phle ad Cypress.
Also Mouldings, Sash Doors, Frames, Columns, Etc.
Yard just south of Electric Light Plant.
2 3gSubmit your plans for estimate.
Phone No. 156. Manager.
tClean-Up Sale!
We inaugurate a slaughter of values that will eclipse
and overshadow any attempt ever made by us inbar'ain giving-a
bargain event that will be hailed with delight by every economically
inclined person. Summer goods must so, and here's the way we
propose to rush them out. Read-
'Ladies' ribbed vests, nice grade 5c Ladies' bdaek ribbed hose, worth 9c
To clean up ....... 15I pair. To clean up..........
tLadies' ribbed vest 15 cent quality O8 Ladies' lace effect hose, worth 20c 1"
To clean up....................U pair. To-clean up............U
:Iadies' Silk lustre ribbed vests, Ladies' black hose with Polka-dots,
.actual value 75 cents. To clean 35c in red4, white and blue. To clean 15c
:up......................... up...... ..... .. .....
.Ladies' Morie effect, underskirts with Ladies' lace bose, in pink, tor- 1
two rows ruffled flounce. To 7'c quoie and 'ed. To clean up...E
clean up .............. ......... PINT PONG Hose. The latest 25c
Ladies' Mercerized black Satin, un- fad. Only.................. .
derskirts, with three rumles on Ladies' all lace hose, extra fine
,flounce an excelent quality $48 quality i itack, red, navy and
worth $2.50. To clean up . " | drab. The a'epular 50c seller. 25c
Ladies' Mercerized black Satin un- To clean up....................
derskirts, with three rows ruffes on Ladies' lace embroideried hose.
Sfiince with corded edge. A hand- The swellest ever. To clean 5Qc
some garment worth 3 50. To $2 50 up.........................
.clean up........................Boy's and girls hose, a nice quality,
L dies' fancy Shirt waists, that 21c worth 15 cents pair. To clean c
axrew orth 50c. To clean up... up.... . .......................
Ladies' white shirt waists, in lawn Boy's and Girl's hose, extra strong,
and pique, worth 1.50. To 980 doublethickness, worth200 pair I
clean up ..................... To clean up.... ...... .......
Ladies' wash silk shirt waists. Only Boy's and girl's hose, fine quality
a few left, worth 5.00. If we have fast black, the 40c kind. To 23c
your size. will be cleaned up $3 73 clean up.......................black so
at ... ....................... Infants black sox Ijc
Ladies' F. C~ and Ameriean Beauty To elean up.........U
Corsets, the 50 cent kind: To 23c Infants imported lace sox, in pink,
clean up.. ... torquoise, red, black and white,
The kind sold everywhere for 480 sell everywhere for 50 cents. 29c
1.00. To clean up... . To clean up.......... . ...
Ladies' crash and linen skirts. A GREAT SALE OF
To clean up from.... . . " " " 48 Ladies' Muslin Underwear, I
Clean-Up Sale of Men's Not, for a day, but as long as the
goods last. One point to remember
FurniSihilngs . is the prices, and another point is
Men's high grade madr:as negligee the qualities, which are up to thea
shirts worth 5 t;ent. To caleant 48Q high standard which always chara
u .shirts ..orth ............. terize our Muslini Underwear De
Men's extra fine' quality neglige Q partne
shirt worth 1.2'. : 1'o clanu. p.. Corset Covers, Gowns,
aien's ia liS"n . ,e~;.s ,ri Chemises, Drawers,
\\ds inite 1.ý1 colored
worth 40c. To cleon up .....2... Skirts,
Men's extra fine Tialhri.g''an shirts .At a lar.e range of styles and pricts.
and drawers in hi ;i andl colore'1 You can select fr"ml 144e to t7.23 a
worth 1.50 each. To clan `'p 42 ai'Irent. .
up .. ..... Clean up sale of 1boy's furnishing ,.
Men's silk Iustre untderweear on}' boy's blouse suits worth 75e e
few left and wotth . 2.. . To 8 To clean up....... ..
clean up............... y' blouse suitsf neat stripes 7
Men's all silk sie,(ld bo's sold and ,orth $1.00. To clean up..7 (
everlywherel fir 25 ceuts. To 5e 3oy's wash knee pants,worth 4c 25
clean up .......................... . 5.)k'. To clean up ....
Men's cl silk ('1,,ti tics worth',- "(r\' ti ( lu 1 0 nit,i, (, . , a ..  '.old
25e. To clea uup .p
EverY:th~g v,' sell we . uiarartee. ''Your Money Back if You Want It."
Peters~cn : : .: N. harket St.
P eu ild it r
ler DaikrntyShoe3
* ! For Summer wear shou!dI
" be comfortable as well as
. handsome. Both requisites
,are found in the Stock of
;... . . .- G. II. Morse & Sons.
. . .. .
Great Fire Extinguished
Jennings No. 2 Gushes 300 Feet
The Flames Slubdued in just J
Two Minutes after
fight Begins.
The burning oil well exists no
more. The fire was extinguished b
at two o'clock thisafternoon, just 1
six days after lightning set the
Jennings oil field ablaze. Tack
Ennis, an old-time oil fire fighter, °
who has had experience in the s
Beaumont oil field, conducted a
the operations which led to suc- C
cess. The fire was a bigger I
thing than had ever occurred at i
Beaumont, or at any ,other oil t
field known I to any spectators i
who have visited the scene of the I
fire. I
Frank Breeze, representing t
the REDORD, phoned from the t
field this; afternoon that when all E
was ready the order was given,
and seven men with hose played
on the fire, pouringhuge streams
of water into it. The steam
pipes were put to work also, but
it is stated that it is doubtful
about the steam having any ef
feet, as it is thought by some
that the water had succeeded in
extinguishing the fire before the
steam began to work. Seven 125
horse power boilers were used
to drive the water through the
The men who accomplished the
work of suppressing the flames
that seemed determined to de
vour the greatest oil field on
earth deserve something more
substantial than praise for their
heroic efforts. Besides the four
Heywood brothers whi worked
side by side with their men in I
the very jaws of the devouring
flames, were Messrs. Eunis,
P~cc , Like, Whitsitt, Corley,
Nobles, Sharkins,Dobbins,Knott
and Grow. A new valve has been
placed on the casing, and the
well is now practically in good
working order a.,ain.
Signs of all kinds, E. F. Me
Givney, over Two Brothers'.bi
cycle .holp.
Poe Con.gratulates Taft.
By Union Associated Press.
ItRome, July 21.-The pope re
ceived Taf. and members of his I
party in a farewell audience to
day. The pope was exceedingly
cordial and congratulated Taft
on what he called "the success of
S your labors." The pontiff ex
pressed the hope that negotia
tions may be continued at Mla
nilla with the same friendliness
as in Rome, and resultto the mu
tual satisfaction of the United
States and the vatican. The
mission later visited Rampolla.
Cr Sn!--A full-blooded Jer
particu~r  uire of J. 1. - , -.
ton. 16-4 Od
300 FEET 111HGH.
Jennings Has the Greatest t
Oil Field on Earth
is the Verdict.
A late message from the field
I by Breeze stated that after the
t new valve had been secured it
was opened, when a stream of 1
oil shot 300 feet high. A few
seconds later, a message from
I another party stated that the well
gushed 150 feet higher than any
r Beaumont gusher. This would
t indicate that the supply of oil in
1 the Jennings field is practically
s inexhaustab, and this fire which
e has consumed thousands of bar
rels daily has cleaned the well so
; that it can now do its best. Jen
e nings has the greatest oil field on
Il earth.
Stolen Jewels Found.
s By Union Associated Press.
New York, July 21.- A hun
dred thousand dollars' worth of
il jewels, taken by Putnam Brad
ley Strong from May Hope, for
merly Lady Francis Hope, whom'
the captain deserted Tuesday
last, have been found in Gold
stone Bros.' pawn shop today.
It is rumored that May Yohe
will cause the arrest of Strong
out of revenge, because it is re
ported the captain is in New York
spending the money on other
a Militia Ordered Out.
e Bv Union Associated Press.
r Tyler, Texas, July 21.- Two
r companies of militia have been)
1 ordered by special train to Rusk,
- Henderson county. to guard al
negro, seventy years old, charged
with assault of the daughter of a
prominent planter yesterday.
t I Tapped the Safe.
SiB Union Associated Press.
e Port Chester, N. Y., July 21.
d Five masked men blew open the
safe of the New York & Stam
a ford railway early today and es
i caped with yesterday's receipts.
They bouund and gaged the watch
man before beginning operations
and drove off two of the employ
es who tried to stop them.
John -W. Mackay Dead.
By Union Associated Press.
London, July 21.-- Arrange
ments for the funeral of John W.
Mackay, the last of the four bo
nanza kings of the Sierra Nevada
and president of the Commercial
cable, who died of congestion of
the lungs and brain in this city
last night athis home in Carleton
terrace. It has been determined
that the body will be taken to the
United States to be buried in the
Mackay Mousoleum in Green
wood cetnetery. The fnneral
services will be del:yed until the
arrival of his son Clarance,who is
aboard the Etruria due here on
Great Loss of Life.
By Union Associated Press.
Hamburg, July 21.--155 are re
ported drowned by the sinking
of the steamship Primus early
this morning at Elbrever, where
steamers go upjfrom the ocean to
the inner port. The tug Hemsa
struck the steamship amidship
and cut her in two. She had 185
passengers aboard, thirty of
whom are reported saved.
The Primus is owned py the
Hamburg American liner. Thir
teen bodies have been recovered.
Melons for sale, seven blocks
of postoftice. E. Kingman. 171 6t
Federation May Aid Miners.
Special to the Record.
San Francisco, July 21. - The
propostion to indorse the miners'
strike and' land financial aid to
the strikers is the most import
ant matter to receive attention
at the meeting of the executivd
council of the American federa
Stion of labor which begain here
today. President Mitchell of
the miners was unable to come
to San Francisco and delegated
Henrey White of the garment
workers to act as hisrepresenta
tive. Mr. White well explain the
origin and nature of the miners'
grevances and review the history
of the strike, emphasizing the
r clai ms of the strikers for aid from
their fellow labor unionand pray
ing that the needed assistance be
not witheld. What action the
council will take is problematical.
In the past the American fed
eration of labor has been ex
tremely diffirent about indorsing
outside strikes, but it is said
that in the present instance a
I number of influential members
are in favor of lending the coal
miners monetary aid. The coun
cil will be in session a week or ten
days. Besides the miners strike
there are sevral other important
matters requiring attention.
The Western Labor Feder
ation has of late displayed such
vi(gorof groth aand wideawake en
terpmse as to cause an uneasy
feeling among the leaders of the
older organization and it is not
imprcbahle that steps will be tken
S lokling t. an attiliat ion of the two
bodies, or if this course fails, toj
squelch the western orgaization.
General Brooke Takes Leave.
Special to the Record.
New York, July 21:- Today
was one of the leave takings at
Governor's Island. Major Gen
eral John R. Brooke who has had
his headquarters there as com
mander of the Department of the
east for the past two years
reached the retiring age today.
He has seen forty-one years of
continuous service in the army,
enough, he says, to satisfy any
man, and he lost no time in pack
l ing up his belongings preparatory
to retiring to private life at his
old home near Philadelphia.
General Brooke is one of the
most popular officers of the army
and it is with genuine regret that
his fellow officers see him ex
change his uniform for theclothes
of civilain.
General Brooke was born in Penn
7 sylvania July 21, 1638. He en
a listed as a private in April, 1861,
a emerging at the close of the war
a with the brevet rank of major
, general. Like General Miles,
5 Brooke made his way without the
f assistance of a West Point train
ing, and like him also he has seen
a long service in the West, having
con manded the departments of
the Platte, Dakota and the Mis
souri. He was made a major gen
e oral in 1897, his commission be
ing antedated about seven years
by that of General Miles. When
the Spanish-American war broke
e out, General Brooke went to
Chickamauga to take command
0 of the first provisionalarmy crops
and was sent to Porto Rico, after
4 ward serving on the peace com
L- mission named by President
e McKinley, and still later as mili
tary governor of the island. In
d December, 1898, he was appointed
t military governor of Cuba and
held that position until succeeded
e by General Wood.
y Lost.-Between oil fields and
e Jaenke bridge, lhulys parasol.
a Finder please returh to Record
e Roosevelt Favors Littlfielh.
13y Union Associated Press.
Washington, July 2I.-Ru mo':s
grow to the effect that President
Roosevelt stands ready to throw
a the influence of the admiinistra
s tion to Littletield. No represent
Ll ative can be induced to bec)me a
1 candidate for speaker against
n Henderson in the next congress.
t It is reported today that Little
field is being groomed by the ad
' ministrat ion lealers with this ob
h ject in veiyw.
y To Trade.
i Residence lot for drivin;
it team. N. L. 3.,.
on Two office room torrent.
o Apply to MLoi.siana Mlachine d
Well Wr "!e. " l(d&wtf

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