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+r: every mothper's a
it W:ill py-Iyou to B
-o before bu-S
Threshig outit. T
£it -ol.eoutn1-Eand outfits on hand now.
hoe pow ut, Tubular, boiler.
.. 0"rs powerutt ief Contain boiler.s
e 10 o o er mounted outfit.
cot enn with Case separator.
-All ef o up. Let us us ow -your needs.
Corner Market street and Broadway. 61d&w
- or For Summer wear should
be comfortable as well as .
handsome. Both requisite
are found in the Stock of
G. II. Morse & Sons.
Gasoline Stoves,Ice Cream Freezers,
Refrigerators, Wire Cloth. SorQen 1
SDoors. Lawn Mowers, Brass and
Malleable Fittings, Builders Hard
- In fact anything that should be
found in a
A. F. Deroien Hardware Co.
SrComing Events Cast
Their Shadows Before
This may seem a queer time to discuss Winter Clothes, but
we want to take our friends into our cenfidence and tell
them something which is to be.
We are now receiving our special lines of Suits that will
be simply irresistable to the. man who would pay less and
dress better. You will. see here the most exclusive fabrics;
cut, made and trimmed in a way never before attempted ex.
dept by the high-priced merchant tailors. Neither have we
slighted our other lines, and in Hats, Shoes and Furnishing
GCoode we have made preparations that will justify your com
n g miles.to see. We want your trade this Fall and will
,make evory legitimate effort to that end.
ts  h d h a
8seosil to the Record.
Des Moines, Iowa, Sept 17.- ri
The areat spectacular feature of ,
the Oad Fellows' convention in t
this citywas the parade whlich
took place .wThe city was s1
gy decora with buntig,
and the street were thronged
with thousands of people. All
p'uMblic bildinp , stores and . ot
P ies od ateoon. - The nluiR- -
er of men in the parade is rr- ol
ously estimatedat from 25,000 to
80,00,, occuap 1n three hours to
pss a given point. The chief at
marshal of the procession was
General & E. Lambert, of New
ton, Is. The first division was
made up of the visiting Cantons hi
from the different states. The
Sovereign Grand Lodge turned a
out in full force and was escorted C
by the Patrtatihs Militant. The g
second and third divisions 8,
wer made up of Odd Fellows
from. man states. The rour h
comprised more than a hundred h
carriages containing the past e
grand sires and others in high C
office. In the'fifth division were s
carriages containing aged and b
infirm members representing c
more than 10O lodges. Fifty a
brass bands and ten drum corps
furnished music for the parade.
Fresh Lowney's candy for sale 1
S t athe's. ..
LascCdlsg of Des Moines.
special to the Record.
Des Moines, Ia., Sept. 17.
Governor Cummins and his of
ficial party, consisting of his staff
and state officials, will leave Des
Moines this evening for Quincy,
Mass., to attend the launching
of the United Statescruiser, Des
Moines. The party will be ac
companied by Miss Elsie Mac
omber, who will act as sponsor
for the occasion.
At the Bazaar
the swellest line
of .Neckwear in
the City and
Walker sells it
for less.
For sale or Rent.
The last of September, a nine
room residence, just completed
on First street.
w2tdO L. L. Morse.
Agood boy wanted. One who
Is not afraid of work at Stern's
the framse bu ditap :n ) I le
street and the c,.snhi og'the
streets and the remuovalyot a
from sidewalks. A coinpttee
will wait on the coutcil aid re
quest that body to take act$pn.
A letter was receited frmr S.
F. B. Morse of the Soitherti Pa
ciflic, accepting the invitation of
the League to permithe big .ex
cursion of the 8. P. land &nd im
migration agents, wl;p will ar
rive here on Oct. 28, 4". will
Sstoat Jennings, while en route IB
to Tel". Di
This excursion,- be 500 -S
strong, and the p Will visit hour
* the rice plantations p;oil %at
ields. trea
'This will be an eo e
tunity for our peop n% the1
weIcome and shnotow
ofauthern hospitality. his
SFreashiwneye's cand fkr saleCo
f at Rathe's. inat
Wasts the Deal c* L Ti
* GeorgeW. Stakemiller brough drei
s his attorney, C. E. Wooten, yes. mar
e terday began suit in theolstrict tee,
Scourt against C. F. and May U. Hen
d Cullom of Mobile, Ala, The suit ":
e grows out of the sale of a livery ans
| stable and lot 8, block 24 of Jen- mui
s nings, to Stakemiller, whereby soci
he paid So00 in cash, 82200 in nati
d notes and assumed $1000 indebt- accl
it edness, only to find that W. B. can
h Clark owned half of the livery Thi
e stable. Mr. Stakemiller wants Iow
d his $600 back and the notes can- the
g celed, or a judgement for 1)4150, upo
3 as the case may be.-American. me
is my
8. Notice. may
Jennings, La., September 15th, sen
e 1892. Notice is hereby _.gen ta
that the personal- effects of the t
late C. E. Nash, deceased, will be sen
sold at public auction, in Jen- tha
nings, in front of the Citizens the
SBank, on Saturday, September Bel
V the 27th, 1902, consisting of the ist
following personal property, viz.. agr
as One span of horses, two silver tha
7i watches, One box clothing. hai
a Administrator of Succession of tra
C- E. E, Nash. 219 t10 dec
-- so
r Wedded at Newport. all3
Special to the Record. the
Newport, R. I., Sept. 17.--Still ser
r another was added today to the cot
long list of notable weddings that wh
has marked the presen, Newport far
season. The parties to today's nei
ceremony were Miss Estella deo st
n Lrussat Willoughby, daughter of vol
Mr. and Mrs. Eugh de Laussat col
d Willoughby, of Philadelphia, and ml
Mr. Clayton G. Dixon, also of ful
t Philadelphia. vo
After Fake Jewelry Venders. Vi
Special to the Record. Pu
Indianapolis, Ind., Sept. 17.- m.
The Indiana Retall Jewelers' as- p
ne sociation, which was organized
ed last May, held a meeting at the th
Dennison house today an dis no
cussed ways and means for te
strengthening the ossociation
and to protect the trade.
ho Gave Bond,
Today Henry Maddox, a young
" man who has been confined for ,
about a week in jail in default of
$200 'bond was released, A. D.
M cFMarlain going security. The
young man stands charged with
assaulting Charles Durbridge
with a dangerous weapon.
Wanted.-Apprentice girls to
learn the art of dressmaking.
Apply at the Fashion. 219t6
At the Bazaar "
the swellest line
of Neckwear in
the Cityan d,
Walker sells it *
for less. 1
Beaumont people evidently do
not know the meaning of thrift.
They have just had an oil fire h
which cost them $100,000 a day,
"" ad was out before people real
ikad .that something extraordil a
nary was going on. Jennings
had, ra oil flee that kept tip for
ort of~f~ .4·t6slp; sa
thoe Wofr-pe tives, fidin
B Union Associated Press.
Dubuque, lowaSeptember 17.
-Speaker Henderson of the Wi
house of representatives, fiding
hat his views in respect to' he
treatment of trusts by educing
the tariff in whole or in part, are B
not in accord oith; the views of
his party Ii command in Iowa,
tod dpclined toaccept the nom
intion -for congress and has
withdrawn from the race. B
The following letter was ad- p
dressed to U. IF Albrook, chair
man of the notification commit
tee, El Dorado, Iowa, by Mr
Henderson: Wi
"My Dear Sir-I have never
answered the kind notice com
municated by you and your as
sociates advising me of my nomi- W
nation for the eleventh time by
acclamation, as the republican
candidate for congress for the
Third congressional district of
Iowa. Reported conditions in
the public mind in my district
upon public policies induced
me to make this delay. Since
my return to the district I have
made a careful study as to the
sentiment in the district and o
tatet. and I believe here is no
little sentiment, and a growing
psentiment among republicans
that I do not truly represent
stheir views on the tariff question.
r Believeng this condition to ex
ist and knowing that I do not Ei
agree with many of my people,
r that trusts, to which I am and
have been opposed, can be cured,
or the people benefited by free
f trade in whole or in part, I must
0 decline to accept the nomination
so generously and enthusiastic
ally made. I have devoted 20 of
the best years of my like to the a
U service of my people and my A,
a country and I have fought for l
It what I believed to be best for the cc
t farmer, the laborer and the busi
s ness interests of this district and 01
e state. I am grateful for the de
if votion that has ever been ac
it corded me, and to the hour of
I my death, I will hold in a great
f ful heart the memory of that de
votion. I will give later on, in
some detail my views and con
victions on our conditions and on
public questions, and will state
my reasons why the republican
Sparty and its policies should con
tinuein the canfidence of the
voters and why the doctrines of
e the democratic party should find
no lodgment in the faith and
teachingsof the republican party.
n "D. B. Henderson."
At the Bazaar
0the swellest line
Sof Neckwear in
the City and
Walker sells it
for less.
Compers Smeaks lovefullY.
By Union Associated Press.
Wilkesbarre Penn., Sept.17. -
President Gompers of the Amer
ican Federation of Labor, in a
statement issa d today takes a
Shopeful view of the strike situ
ation. Hesays:
d"At this time it is impossible
to say exactly when the strike
will terminate; but after careful
i nquiry into the situation at the
Smines, I am convinced that the
struggle will end by agreement."
For Sale.
ift One team of mules, wagon and
re harness. Enquire at RECORD of
reoo.e. David Jones, 2006dw 2w
al- Fresh Lowney's candy for sale
1. at kathe's.
for Lost.
I7z Q th Main street,. some moner
at cut rate prl , but
ofillg ged- at tbe
sible price, leads us to
exceptionally low prie
Boys' School .
We will sell an All-wool, Double-breasted
Blue Seige uit: (we have only a few of
theseleft, so call earlyiftiyo.r Witti 4),.
worth $8.50, for.......... ..... ..-..
Boys' Double-breasted Black Clay Worsted
Suits, only ........................ .....
Boys' Double-breasted Cassimere Suits, nice
patterns, invisible plaid effects, are cheap
at $4, our price..... ...................
Boys' Dctuble-b .easted, extra quality Cassimere Sauts, i~n
patterns, cannot be bought elsewhere for less
than $8.40; we recommend this as an ex
c~ "o ' w t ",.,infor.................. .
We have al-, an extra fine grade All-wool Blue Serge 
Double-breasted, three-piece Boy s' Suits,
consist of coat, pants and vest; we will
offe - t '·se at............................
We also have Boys' Suits, made in the latest style,
Vestee Suits, Norfolk C(oats, something Vlk
swell; sizes four to ten years only in these
S -........... .
We have a small lot of Lad e , .
White Shirt Waists marked do :
to suit the closest buyer.
Everythlinr wg sl we s amrsatee. "Your ,Moser Back if Yoe Waat It.'
Peterson Building : am N. Market St. JENNINGS, LA.
I take pleasure in announcing to my patrons that on the first of octobe
I will be in the Huber tailoring building, and Mr.Huber, the reliablevetera :.,
tailor and cutter of Jennings, and known all over Calcasieu Parish for his
fine workmanship, will be manager and instructor of our High Art Talorin.
Mr. Huber has pleased his many;patrons for the past 18 years, and will
continue to do so, under his management.
It will pay you to examine our Imported French Cloth which we will have
on hand after October 1st, as follows:
Le Drap de Joan of Arc de Rouen,
i Le Drap D'elbeauf,
Le Drap Le Marquis de Fontainbleaux,
Le Drap Le Duck D' Orleans,
also a big line of
English High Art Novelties,
Also Blacks for full dress, weddings and Tuxedo. I will be pleased if yott
will give us a call and examine our goods.
The Duncan Studio .
Photographs Taken Rain or Shine.
Copying and Enlarging a Specialty.
SPicture Frames and Frames Made to Order. We finish work : , .
for the Amatuer and keep a stock of supplles for those who
wish to do their own work. - - - - - .
Frst class work and prices reasonable.
Dunan & Elkinton,
G- 11,V over Williams Bros. Store Main street. 4134
a-. OARLICK , P.n&
Fine, Loose
" Diamonds ,
Quality thie Best.
Speoia prl~ess t

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