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a '#L
.' -
' J N (, W 14"A T URDAY; EPTEMER 1
newi metisandise a
µ ';Beynd 'an y doubt *e
the' bt selction of T r y F
in Nw York unaer the best
our stin N Yew Yd, we have
an d would adw4e'
ew =Stok before making
v o tinme at present to devote
k #ot-cadll at our store and we
. vthan we can tell you. Have made
ia ellkble buyer in New York to
S tevr novelty -may come out during
S' as to be in position to keep the
nsupplied with THE LATEST.
S"a line of the latest in Belts and La- J
lo Ladies Wool Walking Skirts, t
DiqRe Store., :; Meyser Prosa. t
 BR3.;., Contracting Engineers.
.Aldnd Ilf BteamlPlants erected. iWe handle a full line of ioilers,.
. ngine'-ad Pumps. Also Reeves Threshing outfit.
W sth th'list oi Seeo d-Ulnnd outfits on_ hand now.
U£e-70 horse power outfit, Tubular boiler.
One. 60 bhos power outfit, self Contain boiler.
One 20 hore power outfit, Fire-1oX boiler.
Fle 10 to 1I horse VoWer, mounted outfit.]
One-12 horse power rraoton engine with Case separator,
All lknds of Pumps. Let us us know your needs.
Corner Market street and Broadway. 61d&w
K- - r
Her Dainty Shoe
For Summer wear should
be comfortable as well as
handsome. Both requisite
are found in the Stock of
C. H. Morse & Sons.
Gasoline Stoves,Ice Cream Freezers,
Refrigerators, Wire Cloth. Screen
Doors, Lawn Mowers, Brass and
'Malleable Fittings, Builders Hard
ware: -
In fact anything that should be
found in a
SA. F: Derouen Hardware Co.
Coming Events Cast
Their Shadows Before
This may seem a queer time to discuss Winter Clothes, but
we want to take our friends into our cenfidence and tell.
them something which is to be,
We are now receiving our special lines of Suits' that will1
be simptly irresistable to the man who would pay less and
dress better. You will see here the most exclusive fabrics;
cut, made and trinm nod in a way never before attempted ex
cept by the high-pr iced merchant tailors. Neither have we
slighted our otber lines, and in Hats, Shoes and Furnishing
Goods we have made preparations that will justify your com
ing miles to see. We want your toade this Fall and will
. make every legitimate effort to that end.
i r. ,-OiN--JA-NK SU:NL NO.
lessrs. ejo and Blacks m
man will Try I
Agai n. .
- - ti
Crowley, La., Sept. 17.- Mr. sI
Pujo, of Calcasieu and (Judge cG
Blackman, of Rapides, will make n,
the race in the second primary, ri
to be held to decide upon the a'
democratic candidate from the ti
Seventh congressional district. '
After an all night session the cG
returns after the committee had o0
finished with them showed:
Pujo of Calcasieu, 2076
Blackman of iapides, 1778, i1
Garland of St. Landry, 1671.
Polk of Rapides, 401. .
In addition tothe congressional tl
canididatas, the race was made in e.
the primaries held last Thirs- v
day, tor three members at large t,
of the congressional committee. a
This race was made by M. J. I
Cunningham of Vernon; E. B. tl
-Dubisson of St.Landry;E.G.Hun- u
ter of Rapides; R. H. Jackson of u
Rapides; W. B. Norris of Calca- ZI
sieu and P. S. Pugh of Acadia, n
The returns as passed on by the b
committee elected Messrs. Cun- n
ningham, Dubisson and Pugh.
The remaining members of the
committee were elected each in s
his respective parish.
At the Bazaar
the swellest line
of Neckwear in
the City and;
Walker sells it
for less.
America Remembers Kosstlth.
Special to the Record.
Philadelphia, Pa., Sept. 18.
This week the Hungarians
throughout the world are cele
brating the 100th anniversary of
the birth of Louis Kossuth, the
famous statesman, soldier, ora
tor, writer- "the Father of Hun.
garian Liberty." In the United
States, where Kossuth was re
ceived with great honors in 1851,
the Hungarians and their de
scendants are commemorating
the anniversary in various ways.
In Harmonic hall in this city to
night, notable exercises will be
beld under the auspices of the
United Austro-Hungarian soci
For sale or Rent.
The last of September, a nine
room residence, just completed
on First street.
w2td6 L. L. Morse.
A good boy wanted. One who
is not afraid of work at Sterltl's
is- llot
maother DemOcratic Primary to be
beld on Wednesday, Seot. 24.
As per announcement' from
Crowley, where the tecent votes
at the primary election have been
canvassed, the committee after
canvassing the votes found that
the Hon. A. P. PuJo of Calcasieu,
and Judge Blackman, were the
twocandidates receiving the high
est number of votes in the con
gressional contest, and therefore
officially declared that these two
gentlemen will have another con
test on the 24th inst.
The RECORD wishes to callthe
attention of the voters to the
primary to be held on the 24th.
inst. and it is earnestly hoped
that Mr. Pujo will receive the
same solid support in the second
contest to be held on Wednesdry
next. Every democrat who is B9
registered should not fail to vote, C
and see that his vote is cast for vel'
the Hon. A. P. PuJo, a man who det
will stand by our interests in cot
congress and who knows full well poi
our needs. lies
Unvellini at Gettysbtur. tha
Special to the Record mi
New York, Sept. 18.-The New
York members of the society of
the Army of the Potomic, under
escort of ih- Seventh regiment hio
will leave here tonight for Get
tysburg to attend the thirty third era
annual reunion, The reunion by
Will be of extraordinary interest £1ut
this year, as a feature will be the sh
unveiling of the equestrian stt- fro
ute of General W. H. Slocum.
The unveiling will take place to- sp
morrow and will be accompanied
by an extensive program of cere- at.
New York Man Weds In Berlin.
Special to the Record.
Berlin, Sept. 19.--A wedding
in Berlin today of interest to Ra
Americans was that of Miss Mar
garet Seefeld and Mr., Ernest Sp
Kempton Adams, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Edward D. Adams of NewmU
York. The brideis the daughter er
of Lieutenant Colonel Seefeld, of p
Berlin, formerly commander of is
the military district of theGrand st
Duchy of Baden. at
New Rome of Detroit Elks. at
Detroit, Mich., Sept. 18.- The b(
dedication today of the handsome tb
new temple of the Detroit lodge re
of Elks was the occasion of large tb
gathering of prominent members at
or the order from several states. q
The new temple is a magnificent i,
structure of eight stories and o0
contains every modern conveni- A
ence ond comfort.
Locomotives for Western Roads. it
Special to the Record. tc
Chicago, Ill., Sept. 18.-- A s
feature of the westward freight si
shipments is the large number ti
g of new locomotives en route to so
western lines. Very few through sl
billed trains pass through term
e inal points that are not partially
0 made up of the product of the
i- American Locomotive company.
It is istimated that orders for
nearls 600 locomotives were
given out last week by various
e railroads centering here.
S Fresh Lowney's candy for sale
at Rathe's.
0L Jennings, La., September 15Sth, j
1¶92. Notice is hereby given
that the personal effects of the
late C. E. Nash, deceased, will be
sold at public auction, in Jen
tnlngs, in front of the Citizens
.a on Saturday, September
the 27th, 1902, consisting of the
Sfolloying personalproperty, viz.. i
One .pan of horses, two silver
watches, One box clothing.
AdministratOr of Succession of
E. E. Nash. 219 tl0
SOn Main street, some money
two bills. Please leave at John
son's ice cream parlor and re
ceive reward. d217tf
Fresh Lowney's candy for sale
at Rathe's.
Wanted.--Apprentice girls to
learn the art of dressmaking.
Apply at the Fashion. 219t6
At the Bazaar
the swellest line
of Neckwear in
the City and
WTalker sells it
Thinks Henderson has Re
fused from Personal
Holives. Al
By Union Associated Press.
Oyster Bay, Sept. 18.-Roose
velt is highly indignant at Hen- l
derson's withdrawal from the
congressional race. It is re
ported that the president be
lieves the action to be more per
sonal than political; he believes
that Henderson believed he
might meet with defeat at home,
or, cif elected, feared he would
lose the election for the3 next
speakership. The administra
tion is said to be bitter against
him for placing republicans gen
erally in such a peculiar position
by declaring himself on the tariff
question. The president thinks
if that were the real rpason he
should have fought for h s cause
from his point of vantage held as con
speaker. ani
Fresh Lowney's candy for sale
at Rathe's.
SRallrosd Managerl Looking for A
t Special to the Record.
New York, Sept. 18.--Railroad
P managers and steel manufactur
ers are freshly interested In e1x
periments with steel ties. This
is not a new subject, but it is
steadily increasing inimportance,
and as the time lapses without
any satisfactory substitute being
found for wood ties it is likely to
e become really of moment. More "
e than 100,000,000 ties are annually
e required by the railroads for
e their 200,00 miles of roadbed,
s and to supply this enormous
quantity there is yearly sacri
Lt liced the equivalent of a forest
one mile wide reaching from the
Atlantic to the Pacific.
As the necessity for finding a
substitute becomes more urgent
inventive genius may be expected
to rise accordingly. Close ob
A servers of this situation are pure
it suaded it is a question of a short .
r time only until some manner of -
to satisfactory steel railroad tie
h shall be produced.
4 At the Bazaar
r the swellest line
of Neckwear in
,lthe City and
Walker sells it
h, for less.
e Rockefeller's Residence Buredo,
By Union Associated Press.
STarrytown, N. J., Sept. 18.
sorThe palatial country home of
SJohn Rockefeller, twomiles from
here at Pocantico Hills, Mass.,
is in ashes today, Destroyed
r with it were thousands of dollars
worth of valuable paintings, sil
of verware, etc. The total loss is
estimated at a quarter million.
A Case of Honesty.
Yesterday morning Alcede
SConner of Lake Arthur lost his
In- pocket book containing $150.
re- Mr. Conner had gave it up as lost
when he was surprised to have it
handed to him by Mr. Broussard
le of Lake Arthur, Mr. Broussard
having fonnd it in the road on his
way to -Jennings.
to ---
eg. Kruger Desires to Retura.
9t0 By Union Associated Press.
Amsterdam, Sept. 18.-- Kru
Lr ger's intimate friends have a
movementl on foot to send him
e back to South Africa. The Boer
generals will soihnd the British
Sauthorities during their coming
visit to England.
Edartsakse in CaIorao.
By Union AseooiAted Press.
oUa, Sept. 1w,
t~ Au £rth naiae. shook was
f.1 rl t 8t this DorpAU
I take pleasure in annoncing to my patrons that on tei
I will be in the Huber tailorinig building, and Mr.Hube;" the"
tailor and cutter of Jennings. and known all over Caluloeu ~'
fine workmanship, will be manager and instructor of oc' Htg"i At;b
Mr. Huber has pleased his many;patrons for the past 1i yeas,
continue to do so, under his management;
It will pay you to examine our Imported French Cloth which wewlU
on hand after October e1t, as follows: -
Le Drap de Joan of Arc de Reuen,.
Le Drap D'elbeauf,
Le Drap Le Marquis do Fontain~blate
Le Drap Le Duck D' Orleans,
also a big line of
English High Art Novelties,
Also Blacks for full dress, weddings and Tuxedo. I will be pleased it yotta
will give us a call and examine our goods.
TUGOY U 4I0fB counts up in the course of a year. Own your own Bu
gy. It will soon pay for itself, and give you a certa 
satisfaction all the time. We have on view at our Repository a line of
Veh icles which leaves little to be desired. Their room is better than their  ,
4• -
company, and we, therefore, propose to part with them for as little as we can
and live. This is your opportunity.
For Sale on Easy Terms.
The subscriber has 10,000 acres of Oil and Rice
Lands located on both sides of Bayou Nezpique,
in Townships 4, 5 and 6, Ranges 1 East and 1 and
2 West, which he is offering at $12.50 per acre.
One-fourth Cash, Balance in one and
two years.
The Duncan Studio__
Photographs Taken Rain or Shine.
tCopying and Enlarging a Specialty.
.Picture Frames and Frames Made to Order. We finish work
a for the Amatuer and keep a stock of supplies for those who
wish to do their own work. - - - -
First class work and prices reasonable.
Duncan & Elkinton,
Gallery over Williams Bros. Store Main street. d134
Watches, Diamonds
-, 1112Right goods at right prices. Fine watch S
11 1 repairing and engraving. Spectacles fit- B
ted by the latest scientific methods and
3 go satisfaction guaranteed.
1 e JOE S. RITCH.!
Percy Longn--aI
General Merchandisc
Groceries, Dry Goods, Clothing, Notions.
i . .. .u. s - .
irn,-, Loose we, monro arrm e :
: Diamonds RinS, Shir Sa
er Quality the Best. S . W 4
ne RSleacal prices tor.a toi. "
,n  .  , : ,', ,

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