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y: ý P{ý d~w'Np\ IS týýý +' yýý1ýýý"p'a Yý (ý y'Ls I
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d enwwirm~e.Y.ýa ýrrrý+ý.+ý .+:r
r..ý yr 'r .ýýF ' w ~va ?ýký' i 'M. ý.,.as~aniaac5+aie cýrnyvrx~r
a .', y n :
.o.as -and .-l kinds
id o des' Ieokw·ar.
Phe beet setock of Ready
i.j. de Clothing for men, wo
mi?en and children ever seen
Cloaks for every mother's
<_;i Ladies, it will pay you to
"iea~ne our stock before buy
1 ' "-' ; .i ug. We have no time - to
list our bargains. In
W L BROS., Contracting Engineers.
.hlnm an Pumps. Also Reeves Threshing outt.
Watc thislist o Second-Hand outfts on hand now.
One . power outfit, slf Ceonta bmoiler.
One2 hs pwr Tacton ngnewtase separator. nt
• ' ..FFIC. L E-SATb l dA, WITS-
Rac Cuatiw
`SFor Summer wear should c
be comfortable as Well as
S Lhandsome' BotC tequisite
, Lare found in the Stock of
07G. tl. Morse & Sons.
Gasoline Stoves,Iee tream Freezers,
Refrigerators, Wire Cloth, Screen
Malleable Fittings, Builders Hard
Ware: -
In fact anything that should be
o nd foun d in b a .tor
FrF. Derouea Hardwa hre Co
Coming Events Cast
Their Shadows Before
This may seem a queer time to discuss Winter Clothes, but
we want to take our friends into our cenfidence and tell
them something which is to be.
We are now receiving our special lines of Suits that will
be simply irresistable to the man who would pay less and
dress better. You will see here the most exclusive fabrics;
cut, made and trimmed in a way never before attempted ex.
cept by the high-priced merchant tailors. Neither have we
slighted our other lines, and in Hats, Shoes and Furnishing
S Goods we have made preparations that will justify your com
:ing mile~ to see. We.want yqur trade this Fall and will
mke every legitimate effort to that end.
TLG ti " - , IlrP·
Special to the Record. a
Gettyaburg, IPa., Sept. 19.-- i
In the presence of a large assem
blage, including governors,
statesmen and heroes of the civil a
war, the msagnificent equestrian
statute of Major Ceneral Henr
W. Slocum was uuvielod today at
Culp's Hill, where the famous
commander led his corps in the
battle of Gettysburg. The un
veilng was accompanied by inter
= esting ceremonies. t
The monument unveiled today h
). was erected on the battlefield by ,
the state of New York. It stands
' thirty-one feet in height and oc
cupies a conspicuous position on
the crest of the hill The base is
of Barre granite and is sixteen
feet in height. Imbedded in the F
north face is a bronze plate, on
which is inscribed the following:
"Major General Henry Warner
Slocum, U. S. V., 1826-1894, in
command of the right wing of
a the Army of ithe Patomic at the
battle of Gettysburg, July 1, 2,
aus 3, 1868."
At the Bazaar
e the swellest line
uid of Neckwear in
sthe City and
Walker sells it
for less.
'resh Lowney's cttndy for sale
- at 1Kathe's.
Rice Directors Metllg.
The board of Directors of the
Rice Association of America will
meet in New Orleans in the rooms
this afternoon. This is the first
meeting since the one held in Gal.
veston in July and much import
ant business has accumulated
and will be transacted. A large
delegation from Texas have sig
nified their intention of being
present, and the Louisiana dele
gation will also be very much in
A Recital in music and elocu
tion will be given in the U.. B.
church Sept. 26th, at 8 o'clock
p. m.
Hungarian Overture, No 8,
Brahms, Alma T. Edwards.
"Aunt Sarah on Bicycles,'"
Jesie M. Brundage.
"Dreams of Home, Sweet
Home." AlmaT. Edwards.
Cutting from "As the Lighi
Let." Jessie M. Brundage.
: Minute Alms .T. Edwards.
Irlthh Dialeat "The Cook."
Je3 l Brundage. e oc
Nocturne. AlmaT. Fdwards..
"The Pamine." Jessie M.
Hunsarian Raphsody, No. 2.
BLve-g arrangement. Alma
. wards.
An pdmission charge of 20e
will be made.
SedalIvei. 3.1
A DeligtfUtl vesiar Sopet at the
Noes of Mr. at6 Mrs.
C. I. Williams.
Jennings is gettingto the front
rapidly in the way of social enter
tainments, and we may say the
social of last night is just one of
the many to be held this fall and
The party given last night was
in honor of the present corps of
school teachers, and to judge
from the sayings of those who Chi
were fortunate enough to be The r
Spresent, it was an evening of Un
ailoyed pleasure.
The musical part of the pro- and I
gram was rendered, with Miss from
Ora Hall at the piano, and solos
5s were sang by Messrs. J. E. Leben switc
oe and Ben Freeman, and a piano wrecl
n- solo by Miss Lonela Mitchell
r- Miss Elgie Lowry entertained are tý
the company very nicely by de- A rel
iy hveaing three recitations which
y were well rendered.
s A guessing contest also added
C tb the evening's pleasure, in
rn which Prof. Anderson was suc- By U
is cessful in winning the booby Ne
n prie. lice
e Dainty refreshments were the a
on served, and the whole affair was Anni
ig. voted a grand success.
er Among those present were: zer,
in Misses Iowry, Hall, Gordon, Sixti
of Duncan, Suttith, Galleion, Ba- tilati
he bers. Parker, Mitchell, Krielow pour
2, and MosdamesFain and Mitchell. cut
Messrs. Emmitt and Jas. Carl- after
ton, W. P. Rathe, C. St. Germain, in to
Ben Freeman, E. J. Leben, Prof. 1s
Anderson, G. E. Banks and Geo. dom
SG. Thrash. a me
in t
To Fight for ChamploshblP. buy
,fl Special to the Record. husi
Baltimore, Md., Sept. 10. - The
d In the arena ol the Eureka Ath- was
letic club tonight, Joe Ganes will cant
it defend his light-weignt champ- Yor
ionship title against Gus Gard- dreg
ne* of Philadelphia. The bout is fata
the outcome of a heated contro- bod,
versy that has been on ever since
Gans defeated Erne at Ft. Erie
sale last May, the colored boy declar- T
ing that the only man he wished eve
to face was Gardner. lriý
the Rady for Lasschlrl of Des Moines. ing
Boston, Mass., Sept. 19:- ing
rst Everything has been putin readi- elel
;ale ness at the Fore River shipyard tim
art- for the launching tomorrow of ill
ted the cruiser Des Moines. As the Jur
rge cruiser is the largest naval ship bui
sge constructed in Massachusetts anc
jiug since the early days of the Amer- buy
ele. ican navy it has been decided to buý
1 in make the launching a gala event. 3
Ineffective liver medicine is a st
ocu- disappointment, but you don't no
B want to purge, strain and break
lock the glands of the stomach and
bowels. DeWitt's Little Early
Risers never disappoint. They
cleanse the system of all poison Ac
Sand putrid matter and do it so GI
e," gently that one enjoys the pleas. on
ant effects. They are a tonic to wl
the liver. Dure biliousness, tor- an
eet p id liver and prevent fever. 0
The Owl Drug Store. tic
_ght se
The following stock has been g
Sfound running at large on the
public streets of Jennings, and
have been incarcerated in the tr
public pound, Now, unless the c
owners thereof appear and ident- w
Ify their stock, within ten days
from this date, taking taking w
same after paying all costs of
emponnding; then the same will
be sold at bublic sale, Sept 80,
1902, at 10 o'cock, a.m., to satisfy
the costs.
The stock now in the pound is
described as follows:
One bay mare, about 4 years al
old, two white hind feet and
white face.
One brown mare, branded on
right hip.
W, B. Clark, Poundmaster.
Peor sale or Reost.
Thelastof September, a nine
room residence, just completed
on First street.
w~td6 L. L. Morse.
Parties who left shoes to be
repared with Jas B. Marshall
--are requested to call a
6.0. Ae lyai la
r By Union Associated Press.
o Chillicothe, Ohio, Sept. 19.
'e The royal blue flyer on the B. &
O. railroad, running behind time
o* and carrying many passengers i i
from Cincinnati, ran into an open
an switch today and is a complete the
1 wreck. The known casualties B'E'
3d are two dead and twelve injured. Bo
Le- A relief train has gone from this on
place. Boyi
a Police Seeking Clue.
1c- By Union Associated Press. Corn
ýy New York, Sept. 19.- The po
lice today are seeking clues to eri
're the sensational murder of Mrs. liE
Anna Pulite'er, wife of Jos. Pulit- satr
re: zer, tailor, of 160 West Forty* as
ýn, Sixth street, who was found mu- fr
3a. tilated and a eighted with a 20- F.ea
ow pound chain hi the Morris canalJ. d
el. cut at Kearny, N. J., yesterday al
rl- afternoon,with her skull crushed Lad
in, in two places an d a six-inch knife
of. gash in the righbt side of the ab Gir
eo. domen; she was about to become m
a mother. She had left her home Lac
in this city Tl3ursday night to u
buy fruit for he r husband. The
husband is held on suspicion.
- The police believe the woman
ºth. was killed here and taken to the
will canal in a wagon hired m New
up- York by a man giving a false ad
ird- dress. The murderer aside a
t is fatal blunder by throwing the EvI
tro- body into the tides eater.
nce -
rie Struck by Lis ttatir.
lar* The greatest disa ster thatikas,
had ever visited Genis . ,ccurred on
'Friday, Sept. 12, whe a lightning;
struck G. O. Sawyer': barn, kill
Iles. ing George Sawyer, jr. ,andlnjur
9. ing eight others. Ti sere were
'adi. eleven people in the ba rn at the an
rard time the lightning strt.LCk. The M
of following were more or less in- cc
the jured: Geo. C. Sawyer, badly
ship burned; M. S. Street, burned
setts and shocked; Henry Bryant,
mor- burned; Frank Ardoin, badly
e burned and shocked; Martin Le
rent. jeune. J. A. Abram an.d little
Shirley Street were more or less
shocked. W. B. Woodward was
in the barn at the same time and
ion ' strange to say was the only one
reak not shocked by the lightening.
and Whest Crop lanjured. A
lhey Tacoma, Wash., Sept. 19:
ison According to the prediction of
t so Grain Inspector Arrismith, based
leas on personal investigotion, the
Sto wheat crop of Washington, Idaho
tor- and Oregon will be at least 5,000,
000 bushels short of the expecta
tions entertained earlier in the
President Starts West.
been Special tothe Record.
1 the Oyster Bay, Sept. 19.-- '1he
Sand president started on his western
Sthe rip midst a disagreeable drizzle.
m the Cortaeliou was aboard the yacht
dent- with the other members of the
days party. At 9:30 a special train
sking will join the party at Jersey Oity.
its of
e will Salisbry Inl.
)t 80, By Union Associated Press.
atisfy London. Sept. 19.- Advices
received here say that ex.Prime
nd is Minister Salisbury is very ill in '
Switaerland, His own medical
years attendant left here today to go to
t and him.
ed on iWater cisterns, oil tanks,
for wagons or reservoirs, see J.
iter. B. Killinger, Jennings, La.
Snine At the Bazaar
"d the swellest line
ra of Ne0kwear in
the city- and
Dd SellS I
Our ofer is to save you mOaE-y.
guarantee to give more goods f "
the same money, or the samge*
for less money, than you can ge
them for elsewhere.
Ladies' Tan Lacs Hose, an article Have you everseen n's
equal to any 25c hose sold; our up with seams double
special prie until present lot is over, sides, sleeves,
sold, only ...................... fU t made
Ladies' Lace-effect Black ose, U Madr
good q y..it . ... ..... .. y.
Ladies' Solid Color and Fancy As- * can say the same of ^,
I sorted Pattern Lace Hose, the Men's Pants. They aremae
usual 25 article ............. " . Our ranee with evin
Prices are one-half. tha
SLadies' Black Hose, acknowleded by P a .............. t
ail who have tried shet. We wsh especiallTy to cl. vn-"
best they ever bought for less tion to an TD
" than 500, only ................** WORSTED PANTS for
Bo s' and Girls' Double-knee cost you elsewhere 7 p  pa
nose, a good wearer, only...... while our price ison
I" Boys' and Girls'et o r We have the nicest asso
Boys ad Girls'extradouble, patterns in Men's Soxto
Hose, a l stela article, anywhere, and we sell you l
only ........quality for.... .............
Boys' extra-heavy Ribbed Hose, the A50c quality, for
kind for boys who are hard on I0 ... ..... .......*........ "
their hose, per pair............. Have you ever bought an
Necktie for 5c? We mhaveI
Complete assortment of Infants' Sox. the regular 5I grade, and.
Prices as usual, the lowest, price is .................:.i.
Examine our stock of Laces, Embroid- Don't forget that we are
eries, Chiffon Trimmings, etc. Our best Boys' Knee Pants in town
s. line is complete. We guarantee to Price, per pair, from......-...:
save money for you on these goois. Our line of Boys Lehool ut
Lt- worthy of your attention. Our
Satin and Taffeta Ribbons, in all are the very latest and pric
3" shades and grades, per yard, ' tively the lowest, from
Sfrom....... ....... .............................
'o. Feather-stitched Braid, in large 5 Do you know thate have ea
l variety of designs pc. 4 yds,from c rstclass TRUNKS ? It c
J. & P. Coats' Darning Cotton in it nothing to examine them, andi
Y all colors, persioo.......... . c will be glad of the opportunit
sd Ladies' Patent Leather Belts, show them. ur prce....... s ......
ie ',................... .......... Men's Working Gloves, a good w
lb Girls' Tam O'Shanter Hats, in 3a ty, marked 'fire and water
he mixed colors, worth $1, at.... U o , r.
•e Ladies' Wrappers, made complete, CHILDREN'S CAPS and BONI t
to ready to be worne, nice pst- C9 in white and colors trimmed
he terns........... ............... [email protected] with lace and embroidery, from
rn we . t f t
r. I take pleasure in anouncing to my patrons that on the first of OctobeP
e I will be in the Huber tailoring building, and Mr.Huber, the reliable veteRS
tailor and cutter of Jennings. and known all over Calcasieu Parish for his.°
the fine workmanship,will be manager and instructor of oir High Art Tailorng":
The Mr. Huber has pleased his many patrons for the past 18 years, and wlI
in. continue to do so, under his man agement.
It will pay you to examine our Imported French Cloth which we will haVe
d on hand after October 1st, as follows:
nt L Drap de Joan of Arc de Rouen,
Le Drap D'elbeauf,
te Le Drap Le Marquis de Pontainblealtx,
was Le Drap Le Duck D' Orleans,
nd also a big line of
lnu English High Art Novelties,
Also Blacku for fUll dress, weddings and Tuxedo. I will be pleased if yoe
willl gtle us a call and examine our goods.
Percy Lorgrl an
the- A ", ." 'I
bern GrO-rios. Dry Goods, Cothang, ~Ndo ns.
cht fRE DsUVnEr. ..
llo inI
_ in, [ V Loose
ar Diamond
+i + T i+++ i e 1

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