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Worild's Largest Bean Field.
SThe present' average yield of lima
..beams in 'Southern California is 224000",
6000 wpounds, which isy about three-"
fourths of the total production of the
world. One ranch In the bean country
covers 1,500 acres. This is the larg
est bean field in the world, and it re
quires forty tons of seed beaus to
plant it.
Her Position.
A young lady applicant for a school
out west, says a St. Louis humorist,
was asked the question: "What is
your position upon whipping chil
dren?" and her reply was: "My usual
position is n a chair, with the child
held firpnly across my knees, face
downward." She got the school.
Chancellor Opposes Football.
Chancellor Day of Syracuse univer
sity gives notice that unless the pres
ent dangers to life and limb are re
formed out of football his conscience
'will force him to declare war upon the
game and to ask the executive board
to restrain the young Syracusans from
engaging in it.
A Kansas Editor Ruminates.
It is said that when a hungry In.
dian goes hunting he kills the first
thing he sees, if it is only a crow.
Il he kills a duck he drops the crow
and it he gets a deer he throws away
the duck. Some girls are regular In
dians, aren't they?-Lane New Leaf.
Modeled on Y. M. C. A.
The success of the Young Men's
Christian association in Japan has
called into existence a young men's
Buddhist association, modeled on the
same lines and aiming to inspire not
only religious but patriotic sentiment
in the minds of its members.
Buy Tennessee Timber Lands.
Mayor David S. Rose of Milwaukee
is one of a party of northwestern capi
talists who have just bought 30.000
acres of timber land in Tennessee, es
timated to contain 1,000,000,000 feet
of good pine lumber.
Remarkable Coincidence.
Queen Victoria was baptized, mar
rled and crowned by Archbishop How
ley. It is remarkable that George III.
was also baptized, married and
crowned by one man-Archbishop
Sheep .Sell Cihcap.
A Sydney firm of meat preservers
have purchased 12,000 sheep from
from twelve to twenty-five cents each,
the owners being unable to maintain
them owing to the absence of fodder.
The "Mitchell" Carnation.-.
An Indianapolis florist has named a
carnation after John Mitchell. leader
of the miners. The flower is pure
white and is said to have other dis
tinctive qualities.
Made Things Even.
"You have accepted Georgei hy.,
you know very well that I don't ap
prove of him." "That's all right,
mamma. Neither does he approve of
Vanderbiit as Janta Claus.
W. K. Vanderbilt, Jr., will give each
of the public sdhools of Little Neck,
L. t., a fine Christmas tree, and will
act as Santa Claus at one celebration.
Steel and Iron.
A quarter-inch bar of steel did not
break till 8,332 pounds were put upor
it; but a bar of iron of the same dia
meter bore 4,504 pounds only.
Water Supply of Grat Cities.
Rome has a water supply of h00
million gallons a day. Lotdon' only
160 millions and Paris ninety mll~ions.
Winchester Once Englband's Capital.
In 827 Winchester and not London
was proclaimed to be the capital of
gland, rand so it remained for two
.aderb wiriles
ofteli pb's statstle Wogntr tl to be
a fas. .S Clau aitoie marble
Stee and'~i· Iron,·
A uatr-nh'br f teldd o
4.· -oen. * .. "
BnglIuwlsas s r a'h!' =-t ,
·do {oeu eeal: a.,etaisr 1
asionally?" The general epl InI
cbir'eteristie silky tone: "Oh; I don't
mind it "much more- than y0s 'o, I
.are say."
'.."'can you te.a. me -ajig'about
Mr. Blank, Mr tli · 1arClgak" asked
a visitor of a resident in Tidewater,
Va. "I 'metn, of 'ourse, about his
-standing and financial responsibtlity."
"'Mr. Blank,-.suh, is a perfect gentle
man, subh, a perfect gentleman, sub,"
and here he paused, til he gently
whispered, "but short ot.ae~s " "
Antipodean Pearl Fishing.
The pearl fisheries of West -Austra
lia employ 2,505 men, of whom 110 are
Englishmen. The average yield per
boat per season is placed at $625 for
pearls and $3,375 for pearl shell. At
last year's prices the average revenue
per boat was $4,200, the average ex
penditure $2,600, making the average
Let profit $1.600.
Will Give Official Interview.
In order to get rid of the swarms
of reporters and kodak fiends who
daily beset him Pierpont Morgan has
decided to receive one newspaper man
every afternoon and give him any
news that is to be given out, under
pledge that the recipient shall share
his information with the others.
Doctors Make Mistakes.
Repeated mistakes of diagnosis
were made by doctors during the
recent outbreak of bubonic plague,
the disease being often described as
influenza, enteric fever and malaria,
states a local government board re
port, according to the London Daily
New Idea in Russia.
It is reported that the Russian min
ister of the interior is considering a
project for nationalizing the medical
profession, so that all doctors and
chemists would be state officials. A
commission has been appointed to
collect information on the subject.
Judge's Busy Day.
Judge Shay, presiding in the crimi
nal court at Pottsville, Pa., is one day
last week tried forty-seven persons
and sent every one of them to jail,
that being the biggest day's work
ever done by one judge in Pennsyl
House a Gigantic Scrapbook.
From garret to easement in the large
house of a Leeds (England) mineral
x ater manufacturer is a gigantic
scrapbook, every notable theatrical
poster of the last twenty years being
pasted on the walls.
The Gulf Stream.
The gulf stream is 200 fathoms
deep off Cape Fliorida. Near Cape
Hatteras the depth is only half as
great, the stream appearing to have
run uphill, with an ascent of 10 inch
es to the mile.
Honduras Has No Market.
Honduras, since 1900, has had no
market for her cattle. In the past she
has depended on Guatemala, but finan
cial conditions in that republic have
closed the market.
Cost F-lls on Venice.
As the Italian government declines
to contribute, the whole cost of recon
structing the fallen campanile of St.
Mark's will be borne by the Venice
The First Ice Cream.
The first ice cream ever sold as a
regul..r article of commerce was
shipped by a Boston merchant named
Tudor, in 1805. He sent a load to
Figures that Stagger.
The solar system is travelling
towards the constellation Hercules at
fully 20,000 miles an hour. It will
take 'L million years to get there.
Swim With Eyes Above Water.
Garfish, suiunflsh; basking shark and
Sdolphins all have the habit of swim
ming with their eyes above the sur
face of the water.
Church Buried by Sand.
Zuydcote, near Dunkirk, was over
whelmed by sand in 1777. Only the
church steeple can now be seen.
Smallest Flowering Plant.
The smallest fidwering plant is a
kind of Indian duckweed known as
, Wolflia microscoplcs. Each plant has
two flowers.
Two Qaya From Land.
* Durig a voyage from 'Manila Ia
r Australia, the ship Is out of sight o
land toy two d~as onf . .
cent campaign Ita 6oati~
'wasuia . Lady.smith: -tf
tat place. .
hndtor Rosewaterws VwtrtotS.e . '
The journallgtic merngLea 'ho
hire' themseloves out p.itioll to
aesoibber pothose poiii ians d
tattooed candidates tad pour nveU:.
omed aldte .upon the hedas .of en , oi
standing and eharAder will: bave an.
other respite frdm their eforts to be
fog and mlead gullible voters of this
city.--Omaha Bee.
Record to be Proud Of.
Prof. Zephanish Hopper, has -been
teaching mathematics in the central
high school of Philadelphia for forty-.
seight years, in some instances h to
three generations of the same family.
He is seventy-eight years old, and is
not believed to have missed a ses
sion of his class in the last two dec
Inventor of the "Higli Bal."
'Twas a civil engineer, not a bar
tender, who drew the plans for and
constructed the first "high ball," viz.,
2dward Everett Walker, an Ameri
can, who is now building a railroad in
Sweden. It is to be hoped that his
tracks do not have as many reverse
curves as his drinks.
Tribute to Newspapers.
Roland B. Mollineux pays a mourn.
ful tribute to the efficacy of newspa
per advertising. "So many pictures of
me have been printed," he says, "that
I can't get into a street car or be sub
jected to the gaze of a street crowd
for five minutes without being recog
An Ancient Bank Note.
The latest curiosity at the British
museum is a Chinese bank note of the
fourteenth century, which was discov
ered in the ruins of a statue of Bud
dha at °ekin. It is worth noting that
paper money was not introduced into
Europe till the seventeenth century.
Culture in Gotham.
William C. Whitney ventures his
reputation for truthfulness and cdm
mon sense on the statement that "the
horse show has come to be the great
est feature of New York life." Which
the same appears to be just a trifle
rough on average New York life.
New York Tenement Houses.
The law in New York allows
tenement houses a height of eighty
five feet-seven stories and a base
ment-when the two first floors are
freproof, and 150 feet-twelve stories
-when fireproof throughout
English Coal Fields.
The eastern division of the South
Wales coal fields will probably be
completely exhausted in forty-two
years. The Denbighshire and Flint
shire fields may last two and a half
Liquor in Russia.
The spirits monopoly has been ex
tended throughout the greater part of
Central Asia and the Northern Cau
casus. All efforts to introduce local
option in European Russia have failed.
Wholesale Bird Destruction.
The precise number of birds esti
mated by the British consul in Vene
zuela to have been killed last year
to provide aigrettes for ladies' hats
was 1,538,738.
England's Forests.
The New forest in Hampshire is the
largest English forest, containing 600.
000 -acres. The Foresit of Dean was
22,500 acres and Windsor forest
Castles on the Rhine.
From the mouth to the source of
the Rhine 226 castles, formerly the
homes of warlike chiefs, are to be
found overlooking its waters.
Fastidiousness of the Pig.
Of 575 plants, a goat was found to
eat 449 and refuse 126. A pig, on the
other hand. would only eat 72 out of
243 offered to it. ,
England's Oldest Port.
Falmouth is probably the oldest
port in England. It was used by the
Phoenicians at leaft 2,600 years ago.
Chinese Girls at Telephones.
Chinese girls are being employed ia
San -Francisco as telephone operators
for the accommodation of Chinese
Freich or PetOuegee.
SOne in every 200 of the population
Sof India belongs either to the eeaeh
or P.iFor£. " e :eoio 5.
-- ..,
- -"
- ' t .that " he
tth :t1e-l.• Stuart
baa .decided
K pfte' `aFte b.monu
` the amount desired for.the purpose.
den `thugh Lee -i president of the
Short on Tbhaogy.,
In the trial of bible case in Tope
Aa the attorneys ha :ocession to read
:ate LaSd'a pra).y . .T , ex rset for a
.Bible. `Then they sent for a preacher
-to tell them in what- part of the gos
'els to ind the prayer., A Boston
lawyer would have'known enough,. to
have-called a minltser to the stand in
the first placo.
J. Pierp's Finish.
Wouldn't it be too bad If, after all
these big schemes he has worked out
'so suecessfully, Mr. Morgan should.
stick fast in a London tube? It -has
often been said that every man, has
his limitations. Perhaps J. Pierp's
finish is at the small end of a hole
underground. Who knows?-Los An
geles Times.
A Jewel of a Servant.
When the hired girl who set the
plates for a little dinner in Lawren ",
Kan., read in the local papers that
"covers were laid" for fifteen guests,
she entered an indignant denial, say
ing that only two of the whole party
got so bad that they had to go to
bed. That servant is a jewel.
Would Please Napoleon.
Napoleon, if he were alive, would be
gratified to learn that the population
of France, which decreased 25,98S in
1900, increased 72,398 in 1901, and all
the more so because the increase last
i year was cue more to an increase in
the number of births than to a lower
ing of the death rate.
Owes Position to Accident.
Alard Sheck, military attache of the
German embassy in Washington, is
said to owe his appointment to his
close resemblance to President Roose
velt, the German emperor himself havy
ing remarked this and suggested the
brilliant young officer for the billet.
Discovered Gigantic Glacier.
Rev. James Outram, a noted Scot
tish mountain climber, who has beer
e visiting unexplored districts of the
Rocky mountains in British Columbia,
says he discovered on Mount Colum
bla a gigantic glacier covering 20c
square miles.
Painter a Confirmed Bachelor.
s John S. Sargent, the American por
trait painter, who is coming to this
country to do a picture of President
e Roosevelt, is so much of a bachelor
a that he bars the opposite sex even in
the matter of domestic science.
Cullom's Early Ambition.
h It was the ambition of Shelby M.
e Cullom's early youth to become a dry
Sgoods clerk and perhaps eventually to
- own a store. He sought a clerkship
i but failed to get it, and then went in
for the study of law.
Left Too Suddenly.
Mrs. Jones-Do your cooks stay with
f you long? Mrs. Brown-Well, no. I
- tried to get a snap-shot at the last one
I with my camera, but she was too
. quick for the instrument.-Judge.
Brandy For Statesmen.
S It Is a custom in the Belgian par
- liIament, when a member is making a
r long speech, to be supplied with
a brandy as a beverage, at the expense
of the government.
Or Even Got Along.
a When the time comes for a man to
pay a debt, he' begins to see many
s ways in which he could have gotten
t along without contracting it.-Atchi
son Globe.
The Speech of Monkeys.
i After fourteen years' study of the
a monkey race, Prof. Garner has come
a to the conclusion that their vocabu
lary is not large enough to hurt.
Finest Rock Crystal Ball.
SThe finest rock crystal ball in the
a world is in the Boston Fine Arts
f museum. It measures seven and a
fourth inches in diameter.
Mersey Ahead of the Thames,
t The exports from the Mersey ex
a coed the value of those shipped from
Sthe Thames by nearly $150,000,000.
England Well Watered.
Including rivers and canals, it is
e stimted -that ao part of Englasnd is
Smore than .fifteen miles from water
- commaestaon.
s. Oune, genation mlksI money, the
h , t br.i. lt:, ad, the a, e lives by
bet, 'apat, sa i +t'. i " 'ie f:oir:
two 4ndi idualas dtJ a ?V con-o C
versation through te*li 4
uta as isadilya ad w s if
the. ine had been. pr est f 'Ie
Perfume and Drunlenneap.
:A storekeeper; named Gert S"m7y.
man of Harrismith, South Africa, has I
been fined $50 and costs for elling to
a native a bottle of perfume, contain-'
.iar more- than 60t pet ce-t pure I
spirits. - The evideap showed that 4
the native, drank the perfume; .:and I
was discovered shortly afterward
hopelessly Itoxicated lying in the I
To Strong to Resist. "
"Now won't you let rie call you dayt
ling and let me feel the .loving tendrils
of your rosy lips to. mime, while the
stars of twilight shine?" writes an ar
dent lover down in Texas, who never
dreamed that his letter would get into
print. But what girl with a spark of
romance in her soul could resist such
a poetical appeal?
Homeopathy In Germany.
The Wurzburg university of Ba
ria is about to establish a chair -f
homeopathy, the first in Germany. The
choice of Wurzburg is remarKable, as
it is from this university that the
strongest opponents of homeopathy
ave come. The Bavarian govern
.nert has promised the necessary
Genuine "Flying Wedge."
Who has not seen the V-shaped
flocks of geese go honking along over
:lead? They fly in V-shape because
he arrangement permits each bird to
ollow with the least resistance. When
.he goose in the lead becomes fatigued
.ie takes his place in the rear, each
>ird in its turn leading the flock.
Telling Wind-Up.
After wheezing along focr forty
ninutes the other night an orator in
3rooklyn, N. Y. made this telling fln
sh to his address: "And now, ladies
and gentlemen. I thank you heartily
_or the kindness you have shown me
and hope we may meet on some pre
, ious occasicn."
Professors to Be Retired.
Beginning with June next year Cor
rell university is to relieve all its pro
fessors who reach the age of seventy
luring any calendar year. The re
ired professors will serve as special
:ecturers in their respective depart
nents at a salary of $1,500 a year.
Women Like the Automobile.
A dealer in motor cars states that
adies invariably take kindly to this
:ode of traveling alter a single trial,
Znd that even women whose nerves
.ave made them failures as cyclists,
:t once begin to enjoy the new pas
Smallpox Statistics.
Port Said has 35,000 natives and
_2,000 Europeans; yet while only 18
natives died of smallpox in 1900, there
vere 38 deaths among the whites.
Jaccination is strictly enforced by
.aw on the natives.
Atmospheric Pressure.
The atmospheric pressure upon the
surface of an ordinary man is 32.400
)ounds. The ordinary rise and fall of
.he barometer increases or decreases
.his pressure by about a ton and a
Resembles the Magpie.
The vizcacha of the South Amer
ican pampas has exactly the same
.rick of collecting bright objects that
-e know so well in the magpie. The
vlzcacha is a badger-like animal.
Danner in Tricks.
A trick is like a cheap firecracker
when it seems to have done its work
lnd lost its vitality it is apt to explode
and hurt the man who set it off.-Sat
urday Evening Post.
Inman Liner Broken Up.
The once famous Inman liner City
of Rome has been sold to the ship
breakers for a trifle over £17,000.
She was built in 1881 at a cost of over
Dreasses of Paper.
Dresses made of paper are worn In
some parts of Japan, costing so little
that when they get torn their owner
does not bother about mending them.
Stumped the Professor.
A Brown university student once
had the audacity to ask Prof. Caswell
whether his name would not be as
well without the C.
Pretty Near Perpetual Motion.
Herr Noll of Berlengen, in Ger
many, has made a clock warranted to
go 9,000 years without winding.
Much Leather Worn Out.
It is calculated that every day near
I ly 2.500 pounds of shoe leather is
worn from the soles of London's foot
Vaoinaltion for Distempe'r.
Vacclpation against distemper is to
be trled tsa the cWase of a ·it of
boPras to 9Northe t*IMI
t·6-t $·· :·· ·
·~~r ;I'4
days' 'caLl fllg time l t
years. Obd bni ope ' you %
good t' d , e r
Refo ti in taHn Priso.ie
-in accordance 1ytl the f law tor U';
abolition of chainiu Italiattnp
which came 1t1 e
thina have been -ts koft = ,.-I ,.
prisoners in thi *a
ceremony is caid t e
pante- by most" -oP;
prisoners sobbing
happiness at the reiy fo tb . i:
s poiled Pc t
Postal cards which I :t-bea
spoiled and not sent thrltl "hP# '
if- entire are now rddeeaet&Ild;
offices under the slidingsoale -f
tions by which the post rsn.I ,
pay 7 cents for 10 eards, 18 .
25 cards, 37 cents for 50 curid I:
cents for 100 cards. Thhecairds ari'.I
to be wrapped In bundles of 35.
Was the Chief Entertain er.
wtelling A oe 4.a t i
litical mass meeting last niht' tat . i" ;
grandfather died very suddenlytt,' 1
platform at a great public agtawedi he i
"Did he have the nerve rto tell' .i
that?" "Yes; wasn't it true?" -o "
:es; executions, I believe, were p"bl :
in those days when his grdfathe`;
Right of the Soldier.
When the nation was burying th :
body of Mr. Lincolni at Springi 'fie
citizen touched a soldier anC sal;
"Sir, you are standing in front of D9
The soldier replied, "I have been for._
four years." This gave the soldien
the right to stand anywhere.-North.
western Christian Advocate.
Overworked His "Best Marn."
It is generally supposed that the
services of a best man at a wedding'
end with the close of the ceremong:
and the departure of the happy pjlr,
but it seems not. Bridegroom of two
months has just utilized his best amaian;
again, this time to serve divorce pa.;pr n e
pers on the bride. o haa
Married at Advanced Age.
Prof. T. J. Ellingwood, 73 yearold
private secretary to the late I1
Ward Beecher for twenty-Ave
was married at Worcester r
Mrs. Elizabeth 8:'Jennings
Henry C. Jennings of tr
a friendship of many years
Cultivation of Tea.c
More than 524,000 acres of '
the Indian possessions of Grea
ain are devoted to the cultivation,
tea, nine-tenths of the area being.
Assam and Bengal. Production Is.oSi
ficially estimated at 191,250,000
SWhere. Mosquitoes -Breed.
Ricefields are such great br e -
places of mosquitoes that theI$eian
government passed a law as long`
as. 1866 regulating the ' edisance t
dwellings at which the 'cultlvatio
rice is permissible.
Successful Hunting Tr
"So you had a successful ho
trip?" "Eminently successful.
didn't bring back any game, but
body was shot by any of the othe
members of the party."-Washingtod a
Just Punishment.
Fred Smith, a St. Louis coal dealer,
who delivered a short-weight load of
coal to a patron, has been fined $500
in the police court of that city, the
maximum penalty prescribed by. law,
German Inspection of Meat.
On April 1, 1903, Germhany's new
meat Inspection law goes into effect,
necessitating the erectloqi of many
new buildings foh use ae. In ctlou
statldns, etc. ,. , ',."
Poor Year for Champagne.
This year must be marked with a
black stone in the calendar of cham
pagne lovers, for 1902 will be one of
the very worst champagne years o0
Most Murderou ~Z.
The battle of Tours, I'A D.
is said to have been the moi murde
ous on record. Three hunded and
fifty thousand men in all were killed.
All Colors.
A man feels blue with trouble, red:'
with rage, white with fear, yellow 'i
with envy and green with je~
Baltimore American,.
Average of Ralht
The average amount t
falls south of the equ
inches; north it is ab
Indictment o
Judge hofforsi
the men who 30 to:
from his court go.
use of whlsky."

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