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Connecting Links With Lincoln
' Highway and With the North
western Turnpike.
Improvemests that will mean the
cutting ‘down of running time to
Baltimore, Washington' and other
points east from Cumberland at least
twenty minutes are 'rapidly going
ahead on the Natignal' Highway,
Route 40, on the mountains between
Cumberland and Hancock.” Winter
has not interfered vr‘il:h;l the grading
on which rapid progress has been
made. The work has bé¢en so arranged
- that traffic has not been interfered
with at all. There' are no detours.
By August 1, it is assured, all new
sections will be in f%’ use and the
National Highway from Frostburg to
Baltimore will have been c¢ompletely
shouldered, and in modern alignment
the historic thoroughfare will be the
“last word” as far as engineering
skill is concerned. - e
During the past S&ason about 33
miles of concrete shoulders have been
completed from Conococheague, five
miles west of Hagerstown to the top
of Martin’s Mountain, nine miles east
,of ' Cumberland. The State Roads
Commission, under the direction of‘
District Engineer Leo T. Downey,
has, back-filled and brought up with
macadam these shoulders .to perfecl;l
the roadbed. ! ; ‘
Completing Mountain Sections |
Three incompleted sections are now
under construction byway of grading
o make line changes and improve
the general alignment and riding
qualities of the road. 'ljhe grading on |
Sideling Hill, the last ‘of ‘the five big |
mountains in going from Cumberland
_to Hancock, 4.57 miles, will be com-i
pleted by the Cumberland Contract
ing Company about March 15. An-|
other section from the bottom of Town
. Hill to the top of Green Ridge, seven
miles in length, for which the Thom
as-Bennet-Hunter Company has the
contract, will also be completed about
the same time.
On the west slope of Polish moun
tain, the second mountain encountered
in going east of Cumberland, which
has the most tortuous curves of any
of the five in the 39 miles between
Cumberland and Hancock, the shovel
was started nearly two weeks ago
~and this grading will have been com
pleted by April 1.
Will Reduce Running Time
After these sections have been
graded, it is the intention to lay con
crete and macadam across the re
locations and the regular back fill of
macadam at all other points along
the concrete shoulders. While the
distance will not be materially shor
tened, bad kinks on all the mountains
will be eliminated by the ‘improved
alignment. The motorist will be able
to speed up more following the re
moval of scores of sharp turns which
necessitated slowing down. The lia
bility of accident will also be mater
jally reduced.
Among the most striking instances
of change is about midway of the
western slope of Sideling Hill where
for a quarter of a mile,a complete
new roadbed is being made, substitut
ing a long curve for three reverse
wcurves.. . Another is the making of
the eastern side of Town Hill, which
next to the west side of Polish Moun
tain, had the largest number of sharp
curves, into almost a straight line, ex
cept at the bottom where there is a
fong gradual curve. The reverse curve
at the foot of Polish Mountain on the
" west side will be replaced by a long,
‘wide curve with no:reéverse. It was
at first contemplated, td make a
straight line approach :bpt it was
found a fill of too great a magnitude
would be required. The road from
Frostburg to Baltimorél‘\irilll"' l}é at no
point less than 20 feet vifid"e", ‘with the
actual surface on ‘e@fi;e'g" ‘mére than
twenty feet. Several important chan
ges in alignment were’;qfl&flgé Tast fall.
This includes a new ‘approach to the
top of Green Ridge on 'ffig ‘West ‘side
and the relocation of ‘the road bed at
points in the vicinity of Piney Grove
where heretofore it would' occasional
ly be flooded from the .;‘ébi'cf‘_ rise of
small streams. EALIPS S
Another Lincoln Highway' Connection
"There are a nhfhfi"e‘}"_f’_t%f”qthét im
portant projects to ''be darried out
drigive the cominz:_géasbfi;’ff:;ibhé' calls!
for' another connection” bétween the
National Highway E’llla. . the “Lincoln
Highway. It is a}i;‘vfo’fi;ix‘ile: project
'starting at the west'e.t_r_lréfld of Grants
wille toward the Peniisylxrma line to
commne~t with the road to Salisbury
and on to the Lincoln: Highway. The
gradng has been completed. This
will give two roads c&hfiécting with
the "'n~oln Hichway but five miles
apart, the other starting near. the
~ Stone House, four miles east of
Grantsville o ot L |
- During the past season three milegj
have 'een “qn.de; “nstruction from
lthe end of the Deer Park road over
| the mountain to Kitzmiller. It is ex
pected this section will be completed
by the middle of June. A new section
of about five miles has been adver
tised and is to be built this year.
This will give a modern concrete road
to Kitzmiller, on the Potomac river,
where connection will be made with
the West Virginia system, Blaine, W.
Va., being just opposite Kitzmiller,
which .in turn connects with the
Northwestern pike. A move is on
foot to make it a part of a cross
continent -system, to be known as
National Highway, or Route 50. This
will . give Cumberland people’a new
scenic route, going 4o Kitzmiller by
way of Mountain Lake Park and re
| turn byway of Keyser.
Overhead Bridge at Wilson
- A grade crossing is being elimi
nated at Wilson, Md., by an overhead
bridge over the main line of the
Baltimore and Ohio. This is near
Oakland. At Loch Lynn Heights, it
is contemplated to build two miles of
road this season.
The contractors have completed
the substructure at Gormania for the
erection of a new bridge which will
span the Potomac river and the Wes
tern Maryland Railroad tracks at
that place. This bridge is being built
jointly by Maryland and West Vir
|g‘inia and is a part of the North
western turnpike system.
The proposed modern road from
McCool to Westernport, 4.75 miles,
iis to be built of concrete this season,
according to present plans. Shoulder
ing of the Georges Creek Boulevard
from Frostburg to Westernport is al
so in the season’s program, as is the
building of several miles of shoulders
on the Cumberland-McCool road.
Plans also call for the replacement
of iron bridges by concrete structures
on the Georges Creek Boulevard in
the vicinity of Barton. ;
A general oiling all over Western
Maryland is also provided for this
el NEg e
Church Notes
Church of Brethren, Rev. A. D.
Scrogum, pastor—9:3o a. m., Sunday
School; 10:30 a. m., Worship.
English Lutheran, Rev. G. W. W.
Amick, pastor—Accident, 9:30 a. m.,
Sunday School; 10:30 a. m., Worship;
2:30 p. m., song practice. This song
practice is being directed by F. G.
Fox each Sunday afternoon. All who
are interested are invited to attend.
Cove—l:3o p. m., Sunday School; 2:30
p. m., Worship.
Zion Lutheran, Rev. A. W. Gode,
pastor—9:3o a. m., Sunday School;
10:30 a. m., German Service.
Citizens’ Meeting
At a Citizens’ meeting, which was
held in the school auditorium Thurs
day night of last week, the following
persons were nominated for council
men of the town of Accident: ~Luther
Keller, Robert Alexander and Newton
Geis. Two of the above named nomi
nees will be elected on Tuesday,
March 4th.
Meeting of Ladies’ Aid
Mrs. Lloyd Alexander entertained
the members of the Ladies’ Aid of
St. Paul’s Lutheran church at her
home Thursday night of last week.
Sufficient names_ have been secured
for the Post Card Quilt and it will
be finished in the near future. Mrs.
G. W. W. Amick and Mrs. Luther
Keller had charge of the social hour!
and some very, interesting contéstsl
‘were held. There were sixteen mem
‘bers and guests present. Delicious !
refreshments were served by the
| Will Elect Town Councilmen
| An election will be held on Tuesday,
March 4, from 4 to 8 p. m., in the
show room of Spoerlein’s Garage inll
the town of Accident for the purpose
of electing two persons to be mem-'
bers of the Town Council for a per-‘
iod-of two years.
’ High School Play :
. A threeact play “Lighthouse'
Nan”, was presented by the Seniors
of A. H. S. Friday and Saturday
nights of last week in the school audi- |
torium and was directed by Prof.
Scrogum and Miss Kathrine Brown.
The following members of the Senior
class had prominent parts in the:
play: Mol. Buzzer, Mary Callis, Icha- |
bod Buzzer, Reed Wilburn; Indianl
Jim, Clifford Walls; Ned Blake, Ever
ett Weitzel; Lighthouse Nan, Eliza-'
beth DeWitt; Sir Arthur Choke, Em
mert Miller; Sarah Chumley Choke,
Louise Dillon; Mr. Enlow, Carl Ever
ly; Hortense Enlow, Mabel Speicher.
‘ " All parts in the play were well
interpreted. Miss Ruth Conley enter
’tained with popular piano selections
‘between acts. As a result of the play
$56.00 was added to the school treas
.‘ury. ; :
: Coming Operetta {
The A. H. S. Glee Club‘ will present
“Love Pirates of Hawaii” on the
nights of March 14 and 15. This
operetta is being directed by Miss
Ruth Conley and will be worth at
Personal Mention .
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Detrick and
children, Leisenring, Pa., visited Mr.
and Mrs. Newton Geis on Saturday
and Sunday.
James Bittner, wife and daughter,
and Mrs. Cyrus Bittner, Keystone,
Pa., were guests Saturday at- the
homes of August Haenftling and
Newton Geis.
Mr. and Mrs. Claud Wolfe were
supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. Harry
Humberson - Wednesday evening of
last week. .-
Miss Tillie Englehart, who had been
in Pittsburgh for the past week, re
turned to her ' ‘home Wednesday of
last week. She 'was accompanied by
her %sister, Miss Lena Englehart, of
Lonaconing, who will spend ‘a short
while visiting relatives here.
Mrs. D. A. King has been confined
to her home the past week due to
painful injuries received while milk
Mr.-and Mrs. Walter Richter were
Sunday evening guests at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Luther Keller.
Miss Lena Englehart visited Mr.
and Mrs. Harry Humberson Friday
Mr. J. L. Englehart and son Earl
were transacting business at Meyers
dale Saturday of last week.
Mrs. William Miller, George and
Lena Miller were Sunday guests of
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Richter at Flat
Woods. ’
Mrs. Leah Lininger entertained
Mrs. John Hetrick, Mrs. James Spei
cher and Blanche Speicher at an all
day quilting party Thursday of last
week. A delicious dinner was served
at noon.
Mrs. Clara Conley, Kingwood, W.
Va., has been in Accident for the past
week helping to care for her father,
Mr. Henry Kamp, who has been quite
ill. Latest reports of his condition
show marked improvement.
Mr. and Mrs. E. H. George, Lena
and Nora George, Wm. Snyder, ‘and
Mr. and Mrs. August Neil, Friends
ville, were Sunday guests of Mr. and
Mrs, Geo. Bushman.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kamp, Keyser
Ridge, were guests at the home of
Henry Kamp several days last week.
Mrs. Lydia Savage and son Oscar
motored to Confluence Sunday and
spent the day visiting relatives.
[ Mrs. Clark Glotfelty and daught}zrs
Maxine, Loretta and Lourine, of Déér
Park, spent Friday visiting Mrs. E.
H. Ault.
Prof. F O. Speicher, wife and
daughter, Oakland, visited Mr. and
Mrs. W. A. Speicher one day recently.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Welch and son
Billy, Gortner, and Miss Nelle® Alex
ander were Sunday guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Earl Alexander. |
Miss Ruth Harvey, McHenry, spent
the week-end as the guest of Miss
Rosalie Fratz.
Everett and Evelyn Fearer, of
Markleysburg, visited at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. William Fratz Satur
day evening.
The Parent- Teacher Association
held its regular meeting with about
fifty members present. Since the re
signation of the former president,
Mrs. B. T. Keller, Harry Edwards will
act as president. Rev. A. C. Bell was
elected vice-president.
An interesting program, arranged
by Miss Bannatyne, chairman of the
| program committee, was rendered.
| The topic for the evening was
“Citizenship.” Three essays on the
! life 'of Lincoln, Washington and Lind
bergh weré read by Pauline Glotfelty}
Helen Wisseman, and Laßue Bittin
ger. Miss Fern Polk gave a talk on
“Citizenship” as developed in the
Primary Gradés; Miss Emma Caulk
II talked on “The High" School Coursé in
. English as a Contributer to CitiZen
iship”; Mr. Frank Getty gave a talk
‘on “Development 'of Citizenship thru
History”, and Mr. Mullenix gave a
short speech. - Several vocal ’solos
"were rendered by Miss Ruth Conley
and Ercille Giles assisted her in sev
eral” selections. THL a0 RS 1A
! The Grantsville Fire Department
will hold a benefit' bridge and 500
party this evening, Feb. 27, at” the
W. O. W. Hall. Prizes and refresh
‘ments will be given.
‘ The Gortners Entertain
l A very enjoyable bridge party was
given by Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Gort
"ner last Wednesday evening at eight
o’clock. Eight tables were in play
"and the honors.were won by Miss
Ruth Stanton, high, and Mrs. Nevin
Broadwater, second. For men, Harry
Bender, high, and -Dr. B. T. Keller,
setond. A delicious two course lunch
eon was served.
The guests were: Mr. and Mrs.
C. E. Zeller, LaVale, Md.; Dr. and
~Mrs. J. H. Dorsey, Mr. and Mrs. V.
| Ly Boucher, Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Ben
der, Dr. and Mrs. T. O. Broadwater,
J. F. Fahey, Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Kel
ler, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Bender, Mr.
and Mrs. A. C. Stanton, Mr. and Mrs.
Fred Livengood, Mr. and Mrs. H. J.
Bender, Dr. and Mrs. B. T. Keller,
Mr. and Mrs. Nevin Broadwater, Mr.
and Mrs. Byron Bender, Miss Ruth
Stanton, Dr. and Mrs. N. R.-Davis,
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Miller and Mr.
and Mrs. H. C. Edwards.
Mrs. J. F. Fahey was called to
Philadelphia, Pa., on Wednesday to
assist in nursing James, the son of
her sister, Mrs. James K. Smart, who
is ill of pneumonia.”
" 'Mrs. Bell, Fairmont, W. Va., is
visiting Rev. A. C. Bell and parents.
Mrs. Harry Turney, Avilton, Md.,
spent several days with Miss Mary
Dorsey and other friends.
Mrs. Charles Layman and Mrs.
Floyd Broadwater are nursing their
mother, Mrs. C. J. Otto, who fell two
weeks ago and fractured her hip. She
is slowly convalescing.
~ Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Merry and chil
dren, McKeesport, Pa., Mr. and Mrs.
Robert Fisher and daughter, Donora,
Pa., visited Mrs. C. J. Klock recently.
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Reynolds,
Johnstown, Pa., visited their parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Swauger.
Emmons Younkin, of Pittsburgh,
was a guests of his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Richard Younkin.
Miss Nell Glotfelty, Bittinger, is
visiting her sister, Mrs. Nevin Broad
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Glotfelty and
Roland Corrick, Kingwood, W. Va.,
Mrs. Thelma Shearer, Cumberland,
were guests of their parents, Mr. and
Mrs. J. J. Glotfelty.
e e() se i
A small quantity of very excellent
maple syrup, the first of the season,
was made by operators and owners of
camps in this vicinity last week.
All of last week the weather con
tinued quite spring-like and there was
much activity out of doors, on the
farm and in the sugar camps of this
Rev. E. E. Campbell gnd Jacob
Brenneman attended the funeral of the
late Edward Billmeyer at Jennings
last Wednesday morning.
Our genial merchant and mail car
rier, Oliver C. Buckle, was confined
to his home part of last week by a
minor ailment. :
The social held in the village school
house last Saturday evening was very
well attended and is reported to have
been a suceess.
County Health Nurse Miss \Martin,
of Oakland, spent a few hours in this
neighborhood one afternoon last week.
Attendance Officer John L. Fitz
water, of Oakland, spent last Friday
afternoon visiting the Bear Hill
school, returning to Oakland in the
Messrs. Frederick M. Bittinger and
Amos Recknor motored to Accident
on business last Saturday afternoon.
Dr. Abe Livengood, of Salisbury,
Pa., was here last Sunday evening.on
professional business.
Thomas O. Hayes spent last Sunday
and Monday with friends in Oakland.
Miss Ethel Bittinger, a student at
the Frostburg State Normal Sehool,
spent the week-end with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Bittinger, at their
home here. :
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Shawley and
daughter Miss Ethel visited relatives
over in Pennsylvania one day last
The local Homemakers Club held its
regular monthly meeting at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Silas Beachy on last
Thursday afternoon.
Mr. Meyers, one of Meyersdale’s
prominent meat dealers, was in this
neighborhood recently purchasing cat
tle and hogs to supply his trade.
Mrs. Thomas Stanton and son Mar
tin motored: to Oakland on business
one day last week. ;.. -
~ Lester Kissper, of Terra Alta, W.
Va., spent Sunday at the home of Mr.
and, Mrs. E. S. Brennemdn in Bittin
geNy .. i g ,
. Mahlon Brenneman, of Accident,
visited .relatives in this community
last. Sunday. = . | . ,
Mr. and Mrs. Benj. Schrock and son
and Mr. Daniel Beitzell and son mo
tored to Meyersdale, Pa., one day last
week on business. =
A falling off in the demand for coal
has occasioned the suspension of op
erations in the John Beitzell coal mine
here. Basa oo
Miss Belle Stoddart, teacher of the
upper grades in the village school,
was detained at her home in Frost
burg all of last week on account of
the illness of her mother. -
FOR RENT—Apartment of four
rooms; bath, gas and electric; over
D. M. Dixon & Son’s store. Apply
Mrs. D. M. Dixon.—Advertisement 1
130-acre Farm, 5 room cottage, barn
and other outbuildings; tile silo; good
water; 20 minutes’ drive from sak
land. Small down payment. R. C.
McComas, real estate and insurance,
Oakland.—Advertisement 2-3t*
WANTED—Sewing to do at home,
or will go out to sew by the day. Mrs.
G. J. Altstetter, 60 Pennington St.,
QOakland.—Advertisement 52-3t.*
Livestock and General
% I will do your advertising,
&~ furnish clerks, if desired.
iy See me before engaging
§ your auctioneer. Write
\ or phone.
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most Instant Relief
Night con/ghs,‘or coughs caused by
a cold or irritated throat, can now be
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Thoxine and is available to everyone.
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Gonder’s and all other good drug
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(Giant Incubator—Hatching capacity
12,000 Eggs.)
Now Booking Orders For Baby Chicks.
Custom hatching done on a week’s notice.
Eggs must be delivered only on Mondays. A
hatch will be taken off every Wednesday from
March bsth to June 25th.
My Leghorn hatching pens are all headed by
trapnest and pedigreed cockerels.
JAMESWAY SUPPLIES, such as Feeders,
Waterers, etc., kept on hand for sale. Also
Pigs, Shoats or Wheat .taken as part
pay on Chicks. .
C. J. YODER, Prop'’r,
—Advertisement 50-tf.
FOR SALE—One Atwater Kent ra
dio; in good condition. Address The
Republican office.—Advertisement tf
LOST—Maryland Automobile Li
cense Tag 262-558. Finder kindly re
turn to The Republican office.—Ad
vertisement 1-3t* :
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general housework. Must be neat and
clean. Apply M. C. M., care The Re
publican.—Advertisement 1-3t*
FOR SALE—Bungalow, on State
Road at moderat price. Write R.
S. Wilson, Wilson, W. Va.—Adver
tisement 2-6t*
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gives milk; 2 yearlings, 1 bull, 23
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ton, Md.—Advertisement 1-2 t.
ORANGES—Th'e sweet, juicy kind,
2 direct from grower, per
box of about 7-8 bushel, $3.00, pre
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land. Grapefruit' same price. _As
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vertiscment 1-3 t.
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Advertisement 51-tf.
FOR SALE—Ten acres, suitable for
chickens or truck farming; new 8-
room house; good stable; chicken
house and other outbuildings. Fifteen
minutes’ walk from Oakland Postof
fice. R. C. McComas, real estate and
insurance, Oakland, Md.—Advertise
ment 2-3t*
FOR SALE—I7 acres, half of which
is cleared, balance small timber; all
fenced; located near Hutton station;
house of six rooms and kitchen; heater
in house; water on porch; outbuild
ings. For price and terms apply to
John A. Carney, Hutton, Md.—Adver
tisement 2-4t* :
hand at all times by the Meyersdale
Dairy Co. at the following named
places: Simon D. Swartzentruber,
Gortner, Md.; Walter Fratz, Accident,
Md., and H. S. Yoder, Grantsville, Md.
Priee, $4 per 100 lbs. in barrel lots.
The New Meyersdale Dairy Co., Mey
ersdale, Pa. H. S. Yoder, Grants
ville, Md., salesman.—Advertisement
1-6 t.
6 6 6 Tablets
Relieves a Headache or Neuralgia in
30 minutes, checks a Cold the first
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666 also in Liquid
—Adv. 51-Bt.
The Sloan Mine is still
- operating.
Purchasers of coal must/ "
take sales slip from miner) -
and mail check in payment
of same to the undersign
ed at Grantsville, Md.

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