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Friendsvilie Notes
. ——————————
Rush Baptist
Sunday School at 10 2. m. Santa
will appear and give a treat to all
Members of Rush Sunday school
will be guests of the Missionary
society at a Christmas party on
Friday evening, December 20, at
7:30 p. m, in the fire hall. Santa
will present treat. Refreshmeni
will be served.
Christmas Program Set
The Elder Hill Sunday school
will present a Christmas program
on Sunday, December 22, at 7:30
The publie is invited
Christmas trees will be on saie
at the Elder Hill church until
Christmas, Procecds tor the benefit
of the church.
First Christian
Bible school, 106 a. m.. followed
by Communion.
Laurel Run Church of God
Sunday Schoo!, 10 a. m.; worship
serviee, 11 Am., and 730 p. m
Prayer meeting Wed., 7:30 p m,;
Youth Fellowship, Friday, 7:30 p
e—— . ——W—— . 3 a4 e
Deer Park, Md.
Make Your Old Furniture
Look Like New
Used Refrigerators and Stoves.
Suites and Chairs
CALL 334-2562
. = 5
Ao e N
B, o/} =
ey ) i s r 2
[ T =
IR =
g 5 =
E\ o =
\\_s‘? = es .' .} = /;j
- . é
Ll & e ) s
T ;\:;‘f‘\w‘////a /} r :' 5
- =
e =
== = I
e 5 =
T 1 2 i==
! AL Y 8 —=
b @t =7
. - | _./iu"'/ AS F—'_JV
I =
e 'fg—:'\;;;)‘
= = =
. $ =
s g
=7 ) =
No matter how you slice it |
'...gas costs less 2 |
Cut up your household energy bill like a loaf of
bread and you have to make different sized
slices. A |
Cooking, for example, would be a smajl slice. ‘
Clothes drying, about the same. Water heating, a
.a bigger slice. And home heating, quite ob- |
viously, the biggest of all.
All these slices make a rather sizeable loaf.§
If natural gas—rather than electricity—is the
energy source for each slice, the loaf costs a
lot less. Gas for cooking costs about S2B less i
: a year than electricity. Clothes drying costs ;
about $27 less . . . water heating costs S4B Jess r
...and home heating, the big energy use, costs
about $285 /ess a year.
_ Add up these slices and you'll find natural
gas saves you nearly S4OO a year on your
household energy bill.
i Natural gas always has given you more tor
your energy dollar. .. and it will continue to be
your best dollar value in generations to come.
T e ——————————
| Assembly of God
4 Worship service each Wednesday
|| and Sunday evening at 7:30. Sun
{ day School, 10:30 a. m.
| Lutheran Activity
Sunday School. 146:15 a. m., and
| | worship service, 11:30 a. m. The
Pannual Christmas program will be
| held Sunday, Deccember 22, at 8
oclock, Sunday School members
| will have a program at 10:15 a. m.,
"during Sunday School,
| Methodist Activity
l Services for Sunday, are Selbys
'port, 10 & m, Friendsville, 11 a.
| m.: and Blooming Rose, 7:30 p. m.
| Sunday School at Friendsville,
|| Blooming Rose and Hoyes, 16 a.
m., and at Selbysport, 11 a. m.
‘ A special Christmas service will
be hield on Tuesday evening, De
| cember 24, at 7:30 at the Selbys
;;)M'l Methodist church. The public
1s invited.
The annual Christmas party for
| WSCS members was held on Fri
| day evening at the church. Mrs.‘
- George Vitez, president, presided.
MVirs. George Lohr had the pro
| gram on “Christmas—The P()\\'or{
to Become,” with each one of the
119 attending taking part. (;iftsl
| were exchanged. Refreshments |
L were served. Mrs. Leslie Guard |
| will entertain in January.
| Rotary Club To Have Santa
| The Rotary club members are
! planning on their annual (‘hrist-l
| mas treat at the Honor Roll on
| Monday evening, December 23, atl
7:15, following Rotary meeting.
Santa will present treats to all'
| children of the community up to
and including 12 years of agc.|
These treats are made possible by
cooperation of various other organ
izations and citizens of town.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Friend,
Mrs. Mabel McCuen and Mrs. Bess
Schlosnagle spent Wednesday in
!L‘niomm\ n, Pa. They accompanied
'th(‘ two ladies, Mrs. McCuen and
' Mrs. Schlosnagle to their home at
. Allison, Pa., after a visit with the
Friends and other relatives.
Cecil Schroyer attended the an-
Ll nual WOW supper and party at
| Southern High school, Saturday
| evening. On Sunday afternoon, Mr.
3l and Mrs. Schroyer attended the
;| Christmas party sponsored by the
| WOW at Cumberland.
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Fratz and
family. Accident, were Sunday sup
| per guests of Mrs. Margaret Rush.
| Dale Rush, Accident, visited his
| mother. Mrs. Margaret Rush on
| Friday
: Mr. and Mrs. Fred Selby and
family returned to Baltimore on
| Sunday after a ten-day visit with
| her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Olin
| Friend. Mr. and Mrs. Merle D.
.| Frantz and Ivan Joy Humberson,
Blooming Rose, were Thursday
.| evening guests of the Friends.
. Walter Humberson visited his
| sister, Mrs. Laura Fike, on Sunday.
, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Selby and
| family. Baltimore, spent the \\'(‘ck-‘
-lon(l here with Mr. and Mrs. John|
! Capel. |
] Miss Kathy Sclby was a Fl'iday‘
;|ovcrni:.:l guest of Mr. and Mrs.
M. D. Frantz, Blooming Rose.
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Gr()vos‘
and family, of Cleveland, 0., spent
several days here with their par-
I(‘nts. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Groves
and Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Frantz, of
I Selbysport.
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Shoemaker
'\\'cre Sunday guests at the Dun
ham-Shoemaker home. Other
!cnllcrs during the week were Mr.
and Mrs. Donald Chisholm, John
Cowan, Baltimore; Walter Nick
low, Wayne Metheny, Mr. and Mrs.
J. R. Spear and family. 4
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Thomas
and daughters and Miss Joyce
Reese, near W. Va.-Md. line, vis
ited Mr. and Mrs. Amos Friend
and family, Saturday evening.
Mrs. Bertha Friend, Mr. and Mrs.
Ray Van Sickle and James Savage,
Green Gables: Mr. and Mrs. Har
old Humberson and family were
Saturday evening dinner guests of
Mr. and Mrs. K. F. Savage.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Meyers, Ha
gerstown, and Mrs. Ada Kahl, Ac
cident, visited Mr. and Mrs. (‘l,\'(lc,
Van Sickle and family and Mr. and
Mrs. James Kahl and family. Sm-|
urday evening.
Wayne Metheny is spending a
month here with his family. He
had been a patient in a Baltimore
hospital and had visited his hmlh-.
er, Charles and family. Baltimore,
for some time.
Paul Richter, Alexandria, Va..]
spent the week-end here with hi.\"
l |
i PR AT, .&( e i
%& |
. . f‘ f
g e ]
4 ' ae ;
kY & ':v-3:':5;:'5-:- 1
,- : W e o ‘
£ oF W :
.®b . |
.7 : |
¢ ® i
\ -
Wi 3
CONR S e |
. |
N : [
oN 3 g
‘ ' (65 £ e
& 4§
& & Lo t
: 2 g % |
~8 S |
2 2 Fhi |
. : i B I
, , |
I A friend you can always count on ...that's one phone. the more you're likely to save. You save
of the many roles the telephone plays in your life. time, and save expenses that would otherwise mount
For your telephone is a tried-and-true com- UP if you had to do everything by yourself.
panion, always ready to give you a hand with any- It’'s hard to imagine what life would be like
thing and everything—in any weather, at any time, without the friendly telephone to help lighten and
to take you any place. brighten your days.
Your telephone friend actually helps save you Aud the telephone is still one of the biggest
money, too. In fact, the more you use your tele- bargains in your family budget. Use it often.
=v4Y-1 Y r v v Y
’ o |
: o e T i
P T ey
5 e N
@% e 2
| . . %M oSN
lmolhor and sister, Mrs, Arthur |
.1 Richter and Sue. Other -callers|
5| during the week were Mrs. Carl|
1| Lefferts, New Jersey Maurice |
|| Coddington, Addison, Pa Elra
|| Garletts, Frazec Ridge: and Mrs
L{ James Lininger |
Mrs. Amos Friend visited Miss|
Virginia Kershner at Garrett |
-1 County Memorial hospital, Oak-|
1| land, Sunday afternoon.
’ Miss Liinda Thomas, Green|
.1 Gables, was a Sunday overnight|
| guest of Miss Beverley Savage. 1
> Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Lefferts,|
of Roselle, N. J., spent several days!
|| with Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Selby |
.| and other relatives and friends. |
4 Mrs. Amos Friend and children
;1 visited Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Friend,
xl!\‘lr. and Mrs. Tom Friend and Mr. |
l and Mrs. Gary Finzel, at the Curtis |
llFricnd home, Saturday afternoon
! Mr. and Mrs. Ward Livengood |
1| visited Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hesh at
1] Jennings. Sunday afteirncon |
: Mrs. Ralph Swauger and son, of
.| Lonaconing, visited Mr. and Mrs
| W. W. Herring, on Sunday [
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rush and
1 son, Mr. and Mrs. Orval Rush and |
| Anthony Eckenrode were Friday
|| dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ross
.| Watson, at Terra Alta.
lI Eugene Skidmore and famiiy, of
McHenry, were Sunday supper
| guests of his mother, Mrs. Julia|
| Skidmore. i
Mrs. Warren Thomas, Green;
| Gables, was a Thursday luncheon |
1 guest of her mother, Mrs, Margaret |
| Rush. Friday evening callers were
| Mr. and Mrs. Dean Rush, of ‘\c(-il
| dent.
The Deer Park P-TA spnnsm‘o(ll
its annual Christmas bazaar on
Wednesday, December 18, at !hvl
! Deer Park school. Fancy work and!
baked goods were sold. |
McKinley Paugh is a patient at
Garrett County Memorial hospital.
The Girl Scouts presented a pro
gram at the Methodist church on
December 18.
The Methodist Sunday School
will present a Christmas play on|
December 24, at the church. The'!
public is invited. |
-5 1
Calves, good, 26.75 to 31.75: medi
lum. 2125 to 24.50: common, 12_00!
ltu 18.00. |
Steers, medium, 18.75 to 20.00. |
Heifers, medium, 1230 to 17.40.
l Cows, medium, 1200 to 13.10: |
common, 9.00 to 11.25. |
Bulls, 16.75. ;‘
Hogs, 1530 to 16.00. |
e g !
- Senate okayed foreign aid bill of |
[s36 billion with a 61-26 vote. 3
I . |
Elaps Behind Wheels
b =
JOf Trucks Needed
f,\f'” 14 i 0 F .
(Adler january birst
| Every trailer or semi-trailer of
{a gross weight of 3000 pounds or
{more when operated upon a high
tway shall be equipped with a per-
EI‘.).!I]“IH metal frame attached to
{the underside of the rear of the
f'; iler, according to a regulation
i’“' sed at the last session of the
| legislature.
State police were informing in
jh-l'mlml parties that the law goes
[ into effect January 1.
| - The frame is not to interfere
with lights or other warning de
?\'im-. The law also applies to bus
Lor commercial motor vehicles, in
| cluding semi-trailers and trailers,
Lupon a highway in the state unless
iL‘(gifippv(l with suitable metal pro
| tectors or substantial fiexible flaps
behind the rearmost wheels to pre
vent the projection of rocks, dirt,
| water or other substznces to the |
'rear and to minimize side spray.
i It was also indicated that !iu'l
!svminn would not apply to any
farm tractor or any vchicle l'v,u-i
}islwv(l as a farm truck or to un-|
coupled truck trailers or to pole
’tmil(‘rs or other vehicles where
the construction is such that com
piete freedom around the wheel
area is necessary to secure the de
signed use of the vehicle.
} Violation of the first section iSi
punishable upon conviction by a
fine not o exceed five hundred
[dnil;n's for every violation. For vio
e bAI Gl e
1 Santa will be at the Town Park in Loch Lynn l
i Heights on ;
‘ Monday, December 23, 1963 |
: AT 6:30 P. M. l
‘ to give all the children of Loch Lynn a treat. !
‘Memoriul Medal Released
The new Francis Scott Key
Souvenir Half-Dollar Commemora
tive Medal, the “official” medal of
ithe Maryland Pavilion for the New
'York World's Fair for 1964-1965
", has now been released to the pub
- lie, according to C. Lease Bussard,
- President of the Francis Scott Key
| Memorial Foundation, Inc, of
| Frederick.
*t The medal features the Key
"\]unumunl and the name of the
Foundation on the reverse side, and
'(lvpicls the incidents that inspired
“tnu writing of “The Star-Spangled
Banner” on the obverse side. The
loriginal flag that flew over Fort
| McHenry at the time of the bom
bardment has been reproduced on
the medal, along with the British
tship on the water with the rockets
and bombs bursting in mid air. It
also bears the name of the Mary
[land World’s Fair Commission, a |
lh’(;m' Commiission that has joined
iwith the Key Foundation to spon
‘sor thie production and sale of the
Enwdul. The art work was designed
ll)_\j James Pearl, Frederick.
The theme of the Maryland l’a-"
i vilion at the Fair is Francis Scott |
!Kcy and the writing of The Star-!
Spangled Banner.
lation of the other section the fine
is SSO for each offense.
Corporal Robert D. Henline said
the state police had the regulations
]zm(l would be glad to show them to
any trucker. .ill manufacturers of
trucks are aware of the new law,
he said.
e e e —————————————————
Hogs: top barrows and gilts, 14.75
to 16.00; hvy. butcher, 14.00 to 15.20;
light butcher, 14.00 to 15.00; butcher
sows, 1000 to 13.40; feeder shoats,
Veal: good 28.00 to 33.75; standard.
18.00 to 24.00; utility, 4.00 to 12.00.
Sheep and Lambs: utility, 17.25.
Steers: good, 21.00 to 22.00; stand
ard, 1875 to 19.00: utility, 16.00 to
Heifers: good. 19.00 to 21.30; stand
ard, 16.00 to 17.50; utility, 10.00 to
| S ——
i The annual Policy Holders’ Mecting of The Mutual
|| Fire Insurance Company of Garrett County, Maryland,
! will be he!d Saturday, December 28, 1963, at the Fire
Hall in Accident, Md., beginning at 10:30. All policy
. hoiders are urged to attend this meeting.
i R. C. Turney, Sec’y-Treas.
?z ; :
B '
| Cosiiabpsatisini ioviss bstassnsiis 4
o S~ /]
i s 1,
| J P [
|. i #
| The CONTRALTO o SRR S| ‘&”
ev T R
% eries N\\JM
. Tops for Teeng|
| | s BN
| _ . 7~ L o
QOutstanding portable phono value!
| Precision Studiomatic changer tilts
j down for easy access. Plays all $24 9 5
j monophonic records automatically .
‘ or manually if desired. True Track
| Tone Arm with dual synthetic sap- ~ .
| phire styli. S;mrk!ir/wg: “Golden EASY TERMS
Throat” tone. Attractive
Stag Gold and White &7 i)
| finish. e
i Ye Fore Tolirmbd!
| 3SO ¥ 540 Dea 4 "“, 4
- Youngsters Delighidti
;ii::;";;‘;i:- ;i‘\, =
‘ RN =\ \\
; \\\\ ’/’7 /7 ’/7 /",’l‘ / JF, ,7 ForT: = ‘i\\\ \
@ =RI
AR . o
- A==
| oS g = ;
| e— e e =——
‘ =e &
The BALLADE Se——————
JVBI Series
Lowest price ever for a manual “Vic
trola”® 4-speed phonograph. Rugged, $2 195
compact, easy-to-carry cabinet. Pre- =
cision-balanced turntable plays all
monophonic records, any size, any EASY TERMS
speed. Snap-up spindle eliminates i
need for adapters with 45-rpm discs.
Appliance & Furniture Store
Open 9 'LI 9 Mt. Lake Park, Md. DE 4-3926
Cows: commercial, 13.00 to 14.10;
utility, 11.50 to 12.25; canner and
5 | cutter. 5.10 to 10.00.
; Bulls: cutter and utility, 12.00 to
1 13.90.
v Steer Calves: good, 19.50 to 22.00;
medium, 16.50 to 17.25.
. Eggs: jumbo, 45 to slc; large, 42
to 47¢; medium, 34 to 39c.
-| Governor John Connally, Texas,
: recently flew home to recuperate
_luftvr being seriously wounded, at
;,11]:0 same time President Kennedy
J\\us killed.

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