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j ! I 3 g.r.‘i‘s # fi‘aa‘ka %“; e
. ; G bS Tk I , '
. a4 4 sillsils o
| &) 5y b s \
R i R -
X O Sol ke Ry X e
P S I L R I 'H‘K)t.f"(
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SR J&-)‘ DR TN, e 4 1
! Gy PRSI 434 %
. ‘ /:§Q-<3 Ny n_:j?w " i*?' ey, U~ |
. (%S Rk <A g ég? 2%
: . AR oAR NS SRR .
Newly elected Junior Class officers at Northern High school, Cove,
are, left to right: Mary Fazenbaker, Nancy Hershberger, Jerry
Fike, Christine Renwick and Debbie Durst.
Two more Fischer quintuplets
were released from hospital, mak
ing three now at home.
e e e i e e
Harry L. Rexroad et al
Warder A. Rexroad
No. 5227 Equity. In the Circuit Court for
Garrett County, Maryland.
This is to give notice to sny per:on
having wny claim against the following
decedent, late of Garrett County, Mary
land, to exhibit the¢ same, with the
vouchers thereof, duly authenticated, to
the herein below named Tru-tee of such
decedent’s e¢state on or before the date
indicated therefor:; they may otherwise
by law be excluded from all benefits of
said estate:
Beulah Friend
April 3, 1964
5 Trustee
Qakland, Maryland
~Adv. 42-3 t.
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b g .
. Christmas In Review |
o~ w ~ . ‘
| To Be Staged Friday
| —_— |
; The annual Christmas program
| and assembly at Northern, spon
]:;m'cd by the Senior Chorus and
tundep direction of Mrs. Lucile Sines, |
f!\\ifl be presented this Friday. l)t'-j
{ cember 20. Featured will be a|
,ishnn play which portrays the \‘al'i~;
|l ous activities that mean Christmas. |
. The band, under the direction uf:
il\'.vi\'in Schwing, will open the pro
lgiram with a holiday medley.
| Following this, the chorus will
present Christmas in Review, a
pageant of the meaning of Christ
| mas. Leona Yoder and Ronn Friend f
.- . i
Construction Details |
(Continued From Page Nine) |
L |
shown. One showed the }'xzu:-n‘n'n“
of the initial {iil, which was ph;;u(i
by duimping material from a e :_:ml
of 120 fcei. Fine matlerials were}
then washed into the voids be-|
tween the big rocks. Afler llw'
dumped rock fill was completed
a second layer of finer rock \\'usl
placed against the sicpe of ”“‘,
| damped rock. The foundaticn was
| prepared to receive a clay blanket
"witn the arca being excavated
" down to sound shale. Shale was]|
'then cleaned and a cap of cnnm‘ului
| placed over the shale. Cement \\ns‘
| then placed under pressure inm'
| holes that went down as far as|
| 125 feet, filling all cracks and voids
(to prevent seepage. Additional
!cnmpmwnls of the dam included,
| finer rock, a sixteen foot layer of
| crushed stone, then the impervious
?clay, varying from 70 feet at the|
| base to 20 feet at the top; then|
another eight-foot layer of (~rushod|
material; next a 35-foot layer of
| dumped rock.
| c————————————————————————————————————————
?\\ill narrate the production.
| The main characters inciude
:John, who is played by Regis Bit
:lingor; Mary, portraved by Gladys
Ault; and Nancy by Nancy Bowser.
A few special songs such as “Do
You Hear What I Hear,” “Gloria
in Excelsis Deo,” “Jingle Bell
Travelogue,” and “Gift of Love,”
I\\'ith soloist Susie Seggie, will be
%sung by the combined chorus. The
| Jr. Chorus will sing “Reuben and
ißuchcl at Christmas”.
{ Other selections include, “It's
‘Christmas," by the Bth. and 9th.;.
grade girls, and “Christmas at
Home,” by the senior group. Ron
inie DeWitt will sing “All I Want
i for Christmas Is My Two Front
; Special band selections include
"‘Sl(‘igh Ride” and “Twas the Night’
| Bcfore Christmas” with Louis Dris
| coll narrating.
| Everyone will join in singing |
| “Silent Night,” “O Little Town of |
| Bethlehem, *“Oh Come All Ye|
;Fuithful." and “Deck the Hall”.
| There will be a folk dance from |
the time of Scrooge by the 71h.|
| graders under the direction of |
fl\lrs. Joan Robinson. Jenny Stahl!.
;,\\ill do a solo dance. i
i e e . . . S—— ..~ —7 e . e se .
as =
= ’ S
fi W
W Extends =
S& w
$ Srason's Greefings s
\fi:; - v
¢ To All Patrons and Friends g
S‘A There will be no sale December 23, 1963. §
Sa o
E._; The next saie will be December 30, 1963. =
R B IR R R, ‘
I The height of the dam is 155 f(-ot,l
| The road across the top of the
| dam is about 50 feet wide and 1,600 |
! fect long.
1 i'he crashing plant that manufac
i‘.rn;i the crushed materials for
lélt dam had a capacity to ]rrn(!uwl
;u;,pn,...n..nlc",\' 250 tons of crusbed
| stone per hour.
‘ The work of constructing thc]
]‘ucna\r;vti:n: plant is being done by
| Stone and Wcebster, with offices at
lli.‘:\'i;<, W, Vi, ‘
' e s ‘
Girl Scont Troop Has
|-.o " 4 '
Christmas Activities
‘ 4
! Senior Girl Scout Troop No. 97
'held its Christmas meeting on
‘!\I(m(l:z;\'. December 16, at Cm‘nish=
| Manor in the form of a spaghetti
supper. i
A rededication ceremony was
held during which membership
| stars weie presented to the girls
by Mrs. Stanley Snyder, leader;
iussislod by Mrs. Kenneth Ridder
and Mrs. Robert Gentry, 'l‘roopi
commitiee mothers. i
l Following the ceremony Chrifit—l
mas carols were sung. Twenty-five
persons were present. |
The giris also held a Christmasi
Dance “Winter Wonderland Ball,“’
in Southern’s cafeteria.
Lynne Malone was elected quccn‘
by popular vote with Sandy Sacher |
and Pat Castilow as attc~ndams.]
Welton Lane, Kenneth Sanders,
‘;m(l Neil Henline were the es
corts, respectively.
~ Mrs. Stanley Snyder crowned
the queen and was assisted by Mrs.
William Glotfelty. Each candidate
was presented with a small bouquet.
Music was furnshed by “The
Cavaliers,” which included Jon San
ders, Charles O’Haver, Glenl
Schoonover, and Gary Tichnell
Eastern Star Elects
Chapter No. 67, Order of Eastern
Star held its monthly meeting on
Tuesday at the lodge rooms. Elec
tion of officers was held.
The newly elected officers in
clude: Worthy Matron, Mrs. Vernie
Smouse, Worthy Patron, Reaford
Purbaugh: Associate Matron, Mrs.
Mary R. Martin; Associate Patron,
Lewis R. Jones; Secretary, Mrs.
Ephean TR DO
|'¥' rvl Gortner; Treasurer, Mrs.
Bess Smith; Conductress, Mrs.
L.eona Hardesty; Associate Conduc
tress, Mrs. Ethel Rae Snyder.
Other officers are appointive. !
| A short Christmas program, fea
[ ing a reading by Nrs. Naomi
Harned and a solo by Mrs. Ethel
Rae Snyder, was presented. Christ- .
im s carols were sung. Mrs. Vernie
Smouse read the story of the Na
tivity. l
' Following the program refresh
-Imvms were served. Hostesses were
Mrs. Blanche Phillips, Mrs. Marve
,lyn Dcßerry, Mrs. Mary R. Mar
i tin.
e ol s
Gov. Tawes appeared receptive
to the $17.2 million increase in
i state aid for schools by hike in
;L:usulinc tax and titling tax on
,motor vehicles.
! New York's governor officially
~opened a $23 million bridge across
| Hudson river November 1, which
i doomed the Newburgh - Beacon
i ferry.
' ’
| Trustee’s Sale
. @ o
,Coal & Mining Rights
' s
| Containing 9,032
’ -~
' Acres, More or Less
iSituate in Election District
No's. 4 and 11, Garrett Coun
ty, Maryland.
Under and by virtue of the
powers vested in the undersigned
as Trustee, by a decree of the Cir
cuit Court for Garrett County,
Maryland, bearing date the 13th
day of November, 1963, in a cause |
wherein John E. Raine, Jr., Trus
tee is the plaintiff and The
George’s Creek Coal and T.and
Company, a corporation of the
State of Maryland, is the defend
ant, the same being No. 5267
Equity, in said Court and in a
cause wherein Leslie N. Gay is]
the plaintiff and The George's}
Creek Coal and Land Company, a
corporation of the State of Mary
land, is the defendant, the same
being No. 5268 Equity, in said
Conrt, I. the undersigned Trustee,
duly appointed by said Court, do
hereby give notice that on
At the Hour of 10:00 o’clock A. M.
in front of the Cou:rt House in the
town of Oakland, Maryvland, 1 will
offer for sale at public auction to
the highest bidder, all the coal
contained in the several seams or
veins which are in Garrett County,!
Maryland, as the official huun(lmf
ries of said Garrett County now
exist, and which underiie and are
enclosed within the boundary lines
of the hereinafter listed tracts or
parcels of land, together with all
the sundry miring rights apper
taining to the same, which said]’
coal seams and rights were con
veyed to the said The George's
Creek Coal and Land Company by
George’s Creek Coal Company, Inc.,
by deed dated Dccember 1, 1952
and recorded in Liber No. 175, folio
546 of the Land Records of Gar
rett County, Maryland, viz:
(a) A tract of land known as
“Beatty's Plains,” and or “Resur-|
vey on Beatty’s Plains,” situated |
originailly in Alicgany County, ]
(now mostly in Garrett (‘nunl,\il
and described in a deed from Wil-|
liam S. McPherson, Trustee, to
John H. Alexander and Philip T.
Tyson, dated September 4, 1837,
subseribers have obtained from the Op
phans’ Court for Garrett County, Mary
iand, Letters Testamentary on the es
tate of
late of Garrett County, Maryland, de- |
ceased. All persons having claims 2|‘£2lill~'."
the deceased are hereby warned to exhibit |
the same with the vouchers thereof duly
authenticated, to the subseribers, on or
before the 12th day of June, 1964:
they may otherwise by law be excluded
from all benefit of said estate. All per
sons knowing themselves indebted to said
estate are requested to make immediate
Given under our hands this 10th day of
December, 1963.
Box 114, Bayard
West Virginia
152 Bowling Avenue
Bowling Green
Cumberland, Maryland
Date of Ist publication: Dee. 12, 1963
‘l Adv. 11-3 t.
This is to notify the public I
will not be responsible for any
debts other than those contracted
by myself.
Louclla Fike
R 2, Oakland, Md.
—Adv. 42-3 t
All persons are warned not to
enter upon, €ross over, or in any
manner trespass upon the property
of the undersigned located along
Steyer Mine road in District 10.
Paul F. Nazeirod
Oakland, Maryland
—Adv. 40-3 t
gy Syl )m
GIFT OF |, &f"
Re - S GIT
8 G >
| " S AIDS
and recorded in Liber A.B. No. 'l‘.'
folio 327, of the Land Records of |
Allegany County, Maryland. |
(b) All those certain tracts!
known as (1) “Now or Never,” (2)
{ “Recknors Purchase”, (3) “New,
Ireland”, and (4) part of “Come by
Chance”, and (5) small tract south
reasterly adjacent to “Now or
| Never”, described in a deed from
. Thomas A. Michael, et al, to the |
'George's Creek Coal Company of
. L.onaconing, Allegany County, |
Maryland, by deed dated August|
11, 1917, and recorded among the
Land Records of Garrett County,!
Maryland, in Liber No. 72, folio!
270. ‘
(c) Military Lots Nos. 3871 and|
3872, conveyed to The George's|
Creek Coal Company of Lonacon
ing, Allegany County, Maryland,
by Elizabeth E. Fazenbaker, et vir,
by deed dated August 11, 1917, and
recorded among the Land Records
of Garrett County, Maryland, in
Liber No. 72, folio 271.
(d) All those certain tracts of
land known as “Don’'t Turn with
the World”, part of “Glory” and
part of “Come by Chance”, con
veyed to The George's Creek Coal
Company of Lonaconing, Allegany !
County, Maryland, by William A.
Michael, et ux, by deed dated Oc
tober 25, 1920, and recorded among |
said Land Records in Liber No. 79. i
folio 283. ‘
Excepting and reserving the
three following parcels: ’
(1) A tract containing 73 acres, |
being part of “Beatty’s Plains“,l
conveyed by The George's Creek!
Coal Company of Lonaconing, Al-|
legany County, Maryland, to Hoffa |
Brothers Coal Company, Inc., by|
deed of confirmation dated July
30, 1918, and recorded among the
Land Records of Garrett County,
Maryland, in Liber No. 74, folio
’ A
Opening January 11, 1964 :
at the ,
I Corner of Liberty & Wilson Sts. :
| Saturday, Jan. 4, 1964, 10 a. m. |
We will be closed beginning December 26 1
in preparation for the auction sale. l
%r) -
2 e
- \ A gAL 1 N ,‘ -
@Q P v
fi/r’ T3‘
?oofim iy S
[ AA A ‘ "‘.
R afetslarete " ,___.
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West Maryland Power Co.
' 250, ?
| (2> Al the coal underlying ul
'lract containing 133 acres, being
[ part of “Beatty’s Plains” con-|
veyed by The George's Creek Coal |
and Land Company to James R,l
Thrasher by deed dated March 31, |
1958, and to be recorded among
the Land Records of Garrett (‘nun-'
| ty, Maryland, at Liber R.L.D. No.
| 209, folio 512. }
| (3) All the coal contained in the |
| Pittsburgh and Bakericwn snum:.-|
| underlying a parcel containing
| 2413 acres, being a part of “Beat
lty’'s Plains” conveyed to Edward
| J. Cross and Bernard H. Cross by
‘Gcoruo‘s Creek Coal (fumpan,v,!
Ilns‘, by deed dated May 15, 1946,
and recorded among the Land Rec
ords of Garrett County, Maryland,!
in Liber No. 139. folio 593. ,
Reserving and excepting, a one
eighth interest in any oil, gas or |
other minerals of every doscrip-l
tion, other than coal, and any lime- |
stone, fire clay, sand, or ntlu'l"
marketable minerals or rock for-:
mations located in or on any of
the properties herein mentioned |
and described, which was conveyed |
by The George's Creek Coal and|
Land Company to Virginia E. Stall-|
ings and others, by deed dated,
July 31, 1956, and recorded among
|the Land Records of Allegany
|(‘ounty. Maryland, in Liber No.|
279, folio 487, and which said deed
has also been recorded among thc!
IL.and Records of Garrett County..
i The above described coal is 10-|
cated in Election District Nos. 4,
‘and 11 in Garrett County, Mary-|
|land, near the town of Barton.i
Maryland, approximately two miles
ll‘rom the tracks of the Western’
Maryland Railway Company, West
ern Division, '
TERMS OF SALE: One-third
cash on day of sale, one-third in}
|six months, one-third in twelve
! mionths, or all cash as the pur
|('husvr may elect, the credit pay
| ment to bear 6 percent interest
! from the day of sale, and to be
k:;m'ul‘('(! by the note or notes of
| the purchaser or purchasers, en
[ dorsed to the satisfaction of the
| Trustee.
| W. Dwight Stover, Trustee
‘i Garrett Nat'l Bank Bldg.
| Oakland, Maryland ~
i Telephone DEerfield 4-2561
]~ Adv. 41-3 t
S ——
'We Must Reduce Our Inven
i tory By December 31st.
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I priced for quick sale. -
1210 National Highway
LaVale i

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