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' daily and weekly.
t Sobs, Publishers.
SBSPAY. Nov, ag, UUL
H.tiulttnor* ShortUa* H-H.
4iapo •• _
T* ' KrrSCi Ocr. 11, 1801.
iu i:
for Baltunor* iil Way
! j , lul B.*s*. u.. U m ,tn 1,3.40
t-r W ay
-j- y.OJ a. tn.. 1.15, ahd
s i jiuara :
4 _ j 5 a. in. and 4.30 p. m.
uuore !* Oi ■*. ®-, and 4.50 p. m.
. ~hi train w.nTJn da.ly except Bunday.
A '.' * inuaiwii* * iiaitimore and return;
talteu at lowest rates.
11 t lata<er & Director.
4 4 Til' ON, Trail* Master.
Aaaapolla.W.JS B. Katlroad
‘"’Ha. m. i M K a"‘ T1 “
J jo p. in. , P- H>
* . , Trains win leave a unspoilt al 8.30 a
*1" I*/ p . m. Arrive K' US a. rn.aud . p. m
■■j V. oiacbea are run between Baltimore
, in. .n on al! the above trams.
*“Vr in fn itrbt to and f r.> lUlumore ever,
1 fr, irh' r.iHMlav and •‘rtdayate.Uf
xiii, weather report.
I jraeS't f *c An ispolU and vlelnlty.
rt'.Auisuros. 1). C . Nov. 2i. 1801.
1 :.(* United States weather bureau
1 ecaat tor Annapolis and vicinity
, intituled cold and fair to day possibly
| lK l tl i„ t al snows to-night and to-mor-
M <x. Temperature 48 Fair
H,,,1,1, in Tiliterature 45
the bun and moon.
NOVEMBER 25, 1801.
Bun n- j*. .. ? 14 4.tu | Moon rises.'lH
Bun rets .. 4 15 <i lu I
pay's U’ligth—o Hours and 26 Minutes.
No Paper To-morrow
There are only a few holidays in the
year on which the poor printer has a
rest ami among these are Fourth of Ju
ly, Christman and Thanksgiving day.
lit order therefore that the employees of
ihis otlicc may rest from their labors
there will he no paper issued to morrow.
Ibint IntereU—Local ami Otherwise
—Ridout Bros., has a tine assortment
of ladies dress goods.
Miss Cameron has been especially eu •
.aged hy Manager Brock for Momfay
Our fancy stores are beginning to
put in their usual Christmas supplies.
—Sheriff Claude has appointed Robert
Curran warden of the jail vice Zacariah
—lJrailveiotlne cured Headaches fou
(*. M Holbrook Freeport, 111. '
Miss Cameron, who plajs at the Opera
House next Monday is a strikingly hand-
M>ine woman. .
—The Adjutant General has accepted
the resignation Ist Lieut J. 11. Wind
sor, of l o. B. Fourth Battalion Infantry
Baltimore City.
The handsomest woman ever on the I
Opera House stage w ill lie Miss Josephine
Cameron, next Monday night. Go and
see here.
—Try llie Cork Bole llublrer Roots, ('
A. Bradv. sole agent Annapolis.
—To morrow is Thanksgiving Day,
aud a legeal boliaday, there w ill be a
eeneral suspension of business in this
city, as elsewhere.
—Tomorrow being Thanksgiving and
a legal boliaday the bank and public
offices will be closed amt business gen
erally suspended.
—Uev J W Hunt who dropped dead
in Baltimote a few days ago,was formerly
a resident at Marley. Anne Arundel coun
ty, near Mogothy river.
I'ho furniture and fixtures in the
younj. men’s Republican Club on State
t itvle have.lreen levied on for rent by
the Sheriff and were sold to-day
M hat happiness' Rradycrotinc cures
die Headaches.
—The usual Thanksgiving exercises
at the Naval Academy wi 1 be suspended
tomorrow, and the only amusement of
imerest w ill he a foot ball came between
the officers.
—1 he annual election of officers of the
’-rand Commandry of Knights Templar
of Maryland will lie held in Baltimore
tonight Mayor Brown of Annapolis
vear ” Un ’ or war, * en during the past
—I he Gov. has appointed Benjaman
larran justice of the peace Ist dinrict
Cal vert Co vice Thos. B Turner, re
signed and Thos. H. Hamilton, Justice
0 peace at large. Baltimore City,
'ice Henry Cashmyer, deceased.
—New decorated pipes to the large
organ at Bt. Anne's P. E i hurch
04 en recently erected hy the ladies
1' the congregation, and will be used
tor the first time to morrow at Thanks
rviog services.
Frost of Frost Station,
2 . Line H. R v has disposed
i J “ ls *nd property at this
ft** to Mr. W. T. Robinson. Mr.
v "•* £<** to Norfolk. Va.. to engage in
r ’Us.ness.
Highest of *ll in I,eaTemng **ower.— U. S. Gor*t Report, Aug. 17, 1889.
The Entertainment at the La-Moyne
The entertainment at the La-Moyne
mansion, for the benefit of Hope Chapel
M. E. Church, which has been so exten
sively advertised, is proving to be even
more than was promised It is a big
thing The most fastidious are more
than pleased. Last night there was a
tremendous cr >wd in attiendence, many
Annapolitans being with the number,
The choir of the First M. E- Church,
composed of Miss Annie Feldmeyer.lead
fng Soprano, Mr. D 8. Sprogle organist;
I)r. Geo. T-, Messrs. Jas D., W. H , and
Cli&a. G. Feldmeyer: Misses Katie and
Janie Feldmeyer, Misses Mary and Laura
Vansant, Miss Mollie Goodwin and Mr.
Frank A. Munro-, *ere out and delight
fully entertained the audience with some
of their choicest music.
Mr. Harry J Hopkins, of Annapolis, a
clerk in the Comptroller’s office, gave
two very interesting recitations, wnich
brought down the house.
The Broom Drill, under the Captaincy
of Miss May E. Higgins, au officer com
missioned by Lieut J C. Porter, excited
admiration for the great skiU displayed,
which retlectrd great credit upon Lieut
Porter, who has been indefatigable in his
efforts to train the young ladies for the
The Art Gallery was well patronized
and the worss of art were favorably
commented upon There are number of
handsome oil paintings A handsome
photograph of Gov.-elect Frank Brown,
adorns the wall on one side, as be ap
pears at his inauguration, while on the
table opposite, he appears in the costume
of Farmer Frank Brown, the latter, a
work of art by Jno Collison, of Jno.
His honor sbou d see himself in this ap
parel. He would enj y the cut. Dr.
Geo. T, Feldmever’s rich collection of
Caricature’s occupy one side of the
room There nre two oil painting loan
ed by Mrs. Lillie A. Moulsdale, of Aber
dm. Md , that attract every eye, and
testify to the artistic skill of that lady-
Mrs. Moulsdale is a sister of Mrs J. W.
Bteele, w ife of the pastor of Hope Chap
el Church.
There Is a cabinet of relics that were
great curiosities to almost every one.
The only complaint made was that the
charges ere too low. The supper only
thirty-five cents, was a marvel to all
Oysters, choice meats, of every descrip
tion were in abundance, hot coffee and
tea, all that you called for.
To-night there will be the Broom Drill
and elocutionary entertainment from 8
to 10. To-morrow night tableaux, con
cert exercise and broom drill.
Other Annapolitans present besides
those named wi re, Mr and Mrs, Jos S.
M. Basil, Jr., Mrs. Chas. G. Feldmeyer,
Miss Nellie Dadds, Messrs. Jno. Basil,
P. K. Parlett and T. J Linthicum, and
possibly others whose name we cannot
now recall. Stanley.
TlianksKiving Service.
Union Thanksgiving services will be
held to morrow in the Presbyterian
t hurch at 11 A. M. Preaching by the
Rev. W. L McDowell, of the First M. Jf.
Church. All are invited to attend.
Peraonal Mention.
Mr. and Mrs F. M. Baker, of Laurel,
Md.. are the guests of Mrs. John Ward,
Calvert street.
Miss Cameron will wear during each
act a Worth costume made especially for
her in Paris.
Naval Oruera
The following naval orders have been
issued by the Navy Department sine.*
our last issue:
Passed Assistant Engineer C. J. llabig
hurst has been ordered to duty at the
national tool works, McKeesport, Pa.
Assistant Engineer A. 8. Halstead has
been ordered to temporary duty at the
navy-yard, New York, December 2.
Orphans’ Court.
In the Orphans' Court yesterday the
following business was transacted:
The account of sales of the personal
estate of B Meyers, and Henry C. Stew
art, were presented and ratified.
The first account of John F. Williams,
administrator of Enos Harman was pre
sented and passed.
Report, petition and ordei in the mat
ter of John R Hopkins, guardian of
John E and Thomas B Hopkins, was
tiled, petition granted and order passed.
Bond of William Wesley Brown, gt*
dian to Albeit, Nathaniel and William
Brown was presented and approved
The claim of Chase Brothers vs the
estate of Henrv B. Meyers, was presen
ted and passed, after which board ad
journed until Tuesday next,
A Contest with an Ox.
Thomas Mason, a colored man, em
ployed on the farm of Mr. Charles Stew
art. in the first district was attacked
recently by an infuriated ox. The ani
mal had knocked the colored man down,
and was about to gore him, when the
latter caught hold of his front foot, and
by an herculean effort threw the ox off of
him. The fall must have broken the ani
trial's back, for it died almost instantly.
Special Train.
The Annapolis and Baltimore Short
Line Railroad will run a special trains for
Baltimore. leaves Annapolis at 5.30
P. M , Saturday 28th instant, for the
accommodation of those wishing to at
tend the foot ball game between West
Point and Naval Cadets on that day.
* C. A Coombs.
Important Dectaion.
Justice Thomas Basil lemlred an im
portant decision to day Richard Smith,
a minor trading in ‘merchandise, was
sued by Moore and Rodenburg, of Balti
more, for SBO. Smith pleaded his minor
ity in bar of the debt Justic Basil de
cided this was no bar to a judgment as
Art. 56, Sec. 36, provided that a minor
carrying on business was responsible for
all contracts made in pursuit of that bus
Commend to the public approval the
California liquid fruit remedy Syrup of
Figs. It is pleasing to the eye, and to
the taste ana by gentlv acting on the
kidneys, liver and bowels, it cleanses the
system effectually, thereby promoting
the health aud comfort of all who use it.
This morning at 11 o'clock at the resi
dence of the bride's parent’s on Conduit
street, Mr. John F. Jones of Richmond
Va., was married to Miss Mary Blair Wii
kinson, daughter of Capt John Wilkin
son. The ceremony was performed by the
Rev. Dr Southgate of St. Anne’s Protes
tant Episcopal Church A sister of the
bride acted as maid of honor and Mr H.
L. Cabell, of Richmond, Va., best man.
The ceremony was a quiet one owing to
the illness of the bride's mother, only a
few friends a> d the families of tne con
trading parties being present. Mr and
Mrs Jones left on the noon train for a
trip North.
At St. Mary’s R C. Church this morn
ing by Rev. Father , celebrant of
high mass, Mr John Simon Kimball, an
employee of Adams Express t ompany,
was united in marriage to Miss Mary El
len Lamb. A large number of friends
of the bride and groom witnessed the
ceremony. Miss Jennie Lamb, sister of
the bride, was maid of honor, and Mr
Kimball, of Baltimore, brother of the
groom, best man. The ushers were:
Thomas Ilimelbaber. Daniel Vansant,
William Blackburn. Henry Riordan. At
the close of the services which was of a
most solemn and impressive character,
the Rev. Father made a ( ew appropriate
remarks to the wedded pair.
Miss Cameron in Forget-me-not.”
Miss Josephine Cameron, supportel
by an excellent company, appeared Tues
day night at the Howard Auditorium in
the great London success, ‘'Forget-me
not.” The play is a delightful one, and
teaches a moral. It pictures scenes in
which all the phases of a wicked wo
man’s temp rary triumph over virtue
and innocence, as well as a climax of her
subsequent fall and ruin, are portrayed.
The play bristles with intrigue and
passion, aud calls for dramatic talent of
the highest order "Forget me got ”it
will be rememliered, was produced in
Ba timore by Rose Coghlan, who made a
great hit. Miss Cameron's acting in the
play will compare favorably with Miss
Coehlan's, and in many parts she has a
better conception of the character, aud
puts even more force in it than Miss
The part of “Forget me-uot" is a pe
culiar one. and requires an actress of
ability to present the scenes in a manner
that will elicit the sympathy of the aud
ience. “Forget me not” is an adventur
ess and her lines are difficult for any
one but a clever actress to master. Miss
Cameron wore during each act a Worth
costume, which were truly beautiful. The
piece was admirably staged throughout
In the cast were many clever artists
Sir Horace Welty was taken by Mr.
Louis Gifford in a very finished man
ner. He is a clever actor Banato, the
Corsican, was taken by Mr. J. 11. Hil
ton, Prince Malicotte, by Mr. Richard
Eastman; Alice Veruey, by Miss Evelyn
Clifton; Joseph, by Mr. O. It. White
bead, and the Porter, by Eugene Jami
sen.— Arntricm.
Miss Cameron, will appear at the An
napolis Opera House, next Monday and
Tuesday, November 3'Uh, and December
1 Our citzens should not fail to see
Miss Cameron as she has been especially
engaged to play only two engagements
after which she goes to Europe.
The Maryland School Commission
The Association of Maryland School
Commissioners began their annual meet
ing yesterday morning in the Normal
School, Baltimore Mr F. 8 Everist
presided. The preliminary work of the
association took up considerable time,
and the rmainderof the session was de
voted to the discussion of majority and
minority reports of a committee on “the
county institute ” Prof. E. B. Pretiy
man. principal of the school and chair
man of the committee, submitted a re
port recommending, among other things
an “institute cunductor,” whose duty
w uld be to hold annual teachers’ insti
tutes in each county of the State, proper
programmes for these institutes to be
formulated br the cunductor, acting
with the faculty ot the Normal School.
Alexander Chaplain, of Easton, submit
ted a minority report, in which he favor-'
ed the appointment of a State superin
tendent of public schools. A long dis
cussion followed, and the matter was
finally made the order of the day for 11
o’clock this morning. Among those
present at the meeting were J. E Wil
liams aud John C. Bannon, of Anne
Arundel county.
Maryland Pensioners.
The following pensions have been issu
ed to Marylanders by the government :
Original—E. Wlegan, John Anderson,
John Nigh, Wilson Thornton, Philip
Eck, Daniel Higgins, Frederick Schroe
der, Wm. F Morrow. James Freeland.
A. M Oler, Percy Farrell, Thomas Cold
well, Wm. Gill, Alexander Freeman,
George Coleman, John Boon, Henry
Hutchins. Additional—Edward Kelly,
Matthew Green. Chas. Preston Increase
—John Eden, John Bowers. Reissue—
David Harrison. widows—Catharine
Riehl, Rebecca Singer, Mati da O Foster
Isabel Horseman. Original—Joseph H.
Rathell, Wm. H. Altiaon, Jesse Arnold,
John Hirt, Dorsey Whittle, Joseph Cos
let. Richard Curtis, Wm. Caulk, Perry
Bcott, James H Moore, James A. Wilson.
Ormgby, W. Shinnick. George W. Nabb,
Reuben Conaway, James Bandel. Geo.
W Millea, Vere W Royce Increase—
Frederick W. Sinclair, Philadelphia
Durst, Elizabeth Hanson, Wi helmina
Koepke. Catharine Watson.
Allowances for Sheriff and Consta
At the last meeting of the County
Commissioners, the following order was
offered by President Gischell, of the
board, which was referred to the finance
committee to report at the next regular
Ordered: That the following compen
sation be allowed sheriff or constables
for conveying persons to Annapolis:
Ist district, $?; 2nd district, $6; 3rd dis
trict, $6; 4th district, $8; sth district, $8;
Bth district, $9; and $2 for each addi
tional one conveyed; provided that the
above sum be allowed only where per
sons are committed from the said dis
trict or are brought to Annapolis for
trial upon the order of the State’s At
torney, which order must accompany
the bill as a voucher.
Officers’ Hop
The invitations to the series of hops
to be given during the winter by the of
ficers stationed at the Naval Academy
were received by the city guest’s yester
day. Five will*be given of which the
first will be this evening.
The Thanksgiving eve hop has hereto
fore been given by the Cadets but inas
much at the West Point Cadets were to
be here on Saturday, and since the na
tal cadets thought they should entertain
their visitors in an appropriate manner,
ft was decided to postpone their hop un
til next Saturday night. This bop usual
ly is a grand affair and every effort is be
ing made to make it specially brilliant
this year.
Surrendered and Gave Bail.
Mate Julius Phipps and Geo. Ford, of
j ihe oyster police schooner Daisy Archer,
i Capt Hartge, who were implicated in the
j shooting of a dredger near the Three
| Sisters yesterday, of which mention wtt<
made in last evening's Capital surren
; dered to day before Justice Gassaway
and gave bail in f l 060 with A. K. Star
lings as surety, for the sction of the
grand jury. Mate Phipps says that sev
eral shots were exchanged between| the
men from the police-boat and the re
treating dredgers. The State officers
were not injured
One of the dredgers who was in hail
ing distance cried out that one of their
crew bad been wounded and that they
were on their way to Annapolis for a
physician Mate Phipps returned to An
napolis. where he reported that he did
not think any one had been seriouslv
hurt, as the dn?dgers continued on their
wav to Baltimore.
The man killed was named George
Smith, and was thirty-four years old.
Inferior Goods
The safe way for purchasers is to
insist on having the genuinue article.and
not allow themselves to be swindled by
having plasters said to be "just as good'’
or "containing superior ingredieuis, "im
posed upon them. These are only tricks
to sell iufe ior goods that no more com
pare with Allcock's Porous Plasters tha
copper does with gold. One trial of All
cock’s Porous Plasters will convince the
most skeptical of their merits
The eminent Henry A Mott, Jr , Ph.
D, E O. S., late Government Chemist,
"My investigation of Allcock’s Porous
Plaster shows it to contalu valuable and
essential ingredients not found in any
other plaster, and I find it superior to
and more efficient than any other plas
Ask for Allcoeks, and let no solicita
tion or explanation induce you to accept
a substitute.
The Naval Hospitals.
Surgeon-General Browne, chief of the
naval bureau of medicine and surgery,in
his annual report to the Secretary of the
Navy, reviews the condition of the nJ
val hospital buildings in all parts of the
country, and suggests certain changes
and iuiprovments in many of them lie
reports at the Annapolis Naval Academy
the sick quarters are in good condition.
The recommendation made in former re
ports renewed for the erection a suitable
structure containing a system of approv
ed closets, traps and ventilators, and the
old building destroyed.
Abundance for Everybody.
There will be no scarcity of potatoes,
turnips and other roots this winter The
bins throughout the country are full of
these products, and as for app'es. we
shall vet along very nicely without draw
ing on New York and other States for
our supply, as we have been doing for
manv years. That’s a good state of af
fairs for we people who watch the run
of supply and demand with that degree
of interest which strikes a responsive
chord in the pocketbook.
The Holidays Approaching.
There’s no mistaking the fact that the
holiday season is not far off. Holiday
goods suitable for gifts are conspicuous
y displsyed in all ihe establishments de
voted to that line of business. More
than that, buyers are increasing every
day, the judicious ones taking advantage
of the fact that by making their purchas
es early they not only have the advan
tage of fresh and full stocks, but also
are cerlaiu to be better waited upon
than when the holiday rush takes place.
A Bountiful Thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving Day, (to-morrow, No
venber 26th.) when it is supposed every
man, woman and child, felon and pau
per,will be regaled with anexlra supply of
edibles in fish, fiesb, fowl and dainties
of many kind. The harvest this year
has been prolific in all tbe lines of pro
duct, so that there will be a bountiful
abundance from which to draw for sup
plies to provide for these feasts.
German Club
An effort is being made among the so
ciety fo ks of the city to organize a
german club for the winter. A meeting
will be held in the Maryland Hotel par
lors on Friday next at 4 30 p. m , for the
purpose of discussing the matter and nl
who are interested in the movement are
requsted to be present.
St. John’s Bast Game.
St John’s foot ball team will leave to
morrow morning for Wilmington, Del,
where they will play the Delaware Field
Club Thanksgiving Day. In all proba
bility this game will wind up the foot
ball season for St. John’s, and the play
ers will put forth all their energies to
win it.
Remarkable Facta.
Heart disease is usually supposed to be
incurable, but when properly treated a
large proportion of cases can be cured.
Thus Mrs. Elmira Hatch, of Elkhait,
Ind., and Mrs. Mary L. Baker, of Ovid,
Mich-, were cured after suffering 2o
Jears. S ~C. Lin burger, druggist at San
ose, 111., says tint Dr. Miles’ New
Heart Cure, which cured the former,
"worked wonders for his wife.” Levi
Logan, of Buchanan, Mich., who had
heart disease for SO years, says two bot
tles made him "feel like a new man ”
Dr. Miles’ New Heart Cure is sold and
gnaranteed at the City Drug Store and
book of testimonials free.
—Buy a pair of Oak Sole Rubber
Boots at C- A Brady’s, sole agent for
Annapolis- They are non conductors of
heat and cold, and never draw the feet.
When Baby u sick, we gm re her Castoria.
When she waa a Child, she cried for Castoria.
Whan she became Mas, she clung to Castoria.
Whea she had Children, she gare them Castoria.
—The Cork Sole Rubber Boots, ars
highly beneficial to health—do not draw
the feet, are non-conductors of heat and
cold, and keep tbe feet dry and warm.
If you wear them once you will wear no
others. C. A- Brady sole agent for An
napolis, West street opposite Ihe Bank,
Buy it home on the instalment
plan at Murray Hill or West Annap
olis. Plata and descriptions at George
T. Melvin’s office, No. 45 Duke of
Gloucester St.
—The Woonsocket Cork Sole Rubber
Boots, the best ever made for comfort
and health. C. A Brady, West street. S
Happy and content is a home with ** The Ro
chester; a lamp with the light of the morning.
Catalogues, write Rochester LampCo.,NewYork.
We are now showing the
grandest gathering of Overcoats
ever displayed in this city—new,
fashionable and elegant gar
ments, containing every grade
and style that is good. Both in
quanity and quality of stock as
well as in volume of business
done we stand, as usual, pre-em
inently above any’ other clothing
establishment in the Bouth.
While we make a specialty of
the liner grades onr selection
comprehends anything and
everything in reliable Overcoat
values from the plainer but de
sirable weaves up to the most
elegant imported fabrics known
to the trade and our positive,
unquestioned guarantee assures
to the buyer from this stock not
only the lowest price, but a per
fect garment. We can give you
a good, warm, durable Overcoat
for $5, SO, $7, $8 and $9. We
offer you for $lO, sl2 and 815
choice of enormous lines of
handsome end dressy Overcoats
—Kerseys, Melton, Cheviots,
Friezes and Chinchilla, Box or
Regular cut, Double Breasted
or Fly front;ltalian or wool lined
and satin sleeve linings. Elegant
Tailor-made Overcoats of Im
ported Meltons, Kerseys, Beav
ers and Montagnacs at $lO, S2O,
$22, $25, S2B, S3O and $32. Our
line of
Deserves special mention, for
we are carrying a more complete
assortment by far than ever be
fore. We are selling good, warm
substantial Ulsters for $7.50, $8
and $lO. “Storm King’’ Ulsters
in Cheviots, Chinchillas, Shet
land and Friezes at sl2, sls and
$lB. Superb Custom-made and
Imported English Ulsters at S2O
$22, $25, S2B and S3O. They are
made right, tit right and are
brand-new, fashionable styles.
See our magnificent lines of
Boys’ and Children’s Overcoats
Prices range from $2 to $lO. At
any price between these figures
you can choose a garment of
perfect cloth, style and trim
ming at a cost fully 20 per cent,
under the offers of other stores!
This—Thanksgiving Week--and
this week only, we will give our
Boy patrons a fine Foot ball,
GKO. W. BROCK, - - Manager.
MONDAY & TUESDAyTnot. 30, & Dec. I.
Special Engagement of the Distinguished
And her Company of Competent Players.
Miss Cameron has been especially en
gaged by Manager Brock for two per
formances only.
MMBft Gallary 25 Cant#,
i Back Beats 35 Cent*.
■ wsvwv, Reserved Beats 50 Cents.
_ Bes rved 8- ate on aa eat Marcy's Central
Drug Store.
Owing to a case of scarlet fever in the
family of Janitor of Pub
lic School, who resides in the building,
the Trustees have deemed it advisable
to close the School untiljfurther notice,
in order to prevent tbe spread of the dis
ease. By order.
Dr. R. H. GREEN,
11 23 President of Board
Owning to Hie approach of warm weather, ami how to kaap onVi
strength, the question arises what shall we drink to KEEP COOL and
to preserve our strength. The question is easily answered by using
the celebrated
Bright, Pure, Sparkling and Invigorating
Hanufactured by the
NATIONAL brewing company
Of Select Bohemian Hops and Canadin Malt, on Draught at all Saloons.
Delivered from Ice House which has just been erected for the
accommodation of the trade. 6 lby
Sole Agent and Bottler, 6 Market Space, Annapolis.
v '~' " " - M j- •■ ■■ ■ --■-if- - ■ m h■ ■ ■
J ******* 1
5 h&a j THE PECULIAR effects of :
\ Are Its Prompt and Permanent Cures. ■
< L
< JrVvTS 1* t>niggi*t,lxiwell,Man., wrote- “NIK I.KWIij „
> < rEN.vr?. 196MixhJj St , desire*”oßlUN ROBINSON, a boy of uranite
< caineiohishomieinlßßl,walkjMoiicruU'hes. his leg wa* beat w
< Ir. e _ n s t> £“ r J W 0 month* Mr. Dcnni* gavehim St. Jacob* Oil to nit> it In >
< BU days he had no use lor his crutches mod went home cured without them a
! v- J^ *• 87: “The cripple boy ORRIN ROBINSON, cured ►
> , by st. Jacob# Oil in lwi. has remained cured. The young man has been and
< is now at work every day at manual labor.” DR. GEoRUE C. OSGOOD. *
• 4 LAMEBACK _ Aberdeen 8. Dak.. Sept. 26,1898 r Suffered .overel
>e*™"iV‘ Chronictftch in the back; wki given l
. < op by doctors. Two bottle* of Bt. Jacob* Oil cured me. |
1 a NEURALGIA Mo., Aw , 1888: Suffered /or year* 5
. iT , wiUl but was finally cured by st. K
l , Jacob*Oil. .T. B. 8 MERER. W
* SPRAINS Coii.unUiw, Mich, Feb. 18, 1897- -'Was troubled 90 K*
•* ! years with pains in the back from strain, in bed for
i t, i ?° "> h*r remedies. About ft year*ago I lioufrht K>
* St. Jacobs Oil and made about 14 am>llcations: have bees well ami atjvng &
* ever since. Ha\e .lone all kind* of work and can lift as much as ever. f>
4 ho return of |*ain m years.” p. |f ( REA RICK.
’ < BRUISE? S P o1 phin St.. Balto., Md . Jan. 18,1890 I fell down [l
* “v, , the back stairs of iny residence in the darkness, anil IT
* WM bruised badly in my iiip and aide; suffered severely. M. Jacob* oil BL
< A completely cured me. WM. C; HARDEN, E
* ™ Member of State Legislature.
; y Seeing is Believing.”
■ m< . And a good lamp
i m,!St be simple; when it is not simple it is ifmßimWSm
I ■ y -' v ''■ a A not good. Simple, Beautiful, Good —these
r,rdd mean much, but to see “The Rochester”
1 v. ill impress the truth more forcibly. All metal,
£ tough and seamless, and made in three pieces on 1)\
f il is absolutely safe and unbreakable. Like Aladdin’s
| of old, it is intieed a*• wonderful lamp,” for its mar-
A velous light is purer and brighter than gas light,
gT softer than electric light and more cheerful than either.
\\ I,ook for this sl amp—Thr Rochester. If the lamp dealer hadn’t the cr*rmlll<*
Hocter. aua the style you want, send to us for our new illustrated cc uioziic.
t f iSO l u ‘• T C ' * rf, d you a lamp safely by express—your choice ol over 0 1
\ i wtß V * rlelie ‘ fu>al lhc / - <2, k" / Lamp Store in the dm Id. *
vvjpyjjg HOCIIEMEB UMP to., 4* M*ark Plate, e*.v V City.
“The Rochester.'’
@ ($
@ @ @ (ty
@ @ <3 ($
*.—s£C I T YJu
48 Main and 5 Francis Sts.,
Dealers in Everything usually kept
in a First Class Pharmacy.
Prescription Compounding a Sjkc
ialty, day or night.
J-ST’Orders by mail receive prompt
City Drug Store, - Aunapoliu, Md.
Millinery Goods.
The attention of the ladies is called to
our splendid Stock of
Mi and Winter Millinery,
Fancy Goods, &c.,
Which we are offering at very low prices.
Having employed an experienced Mil
liner, we are prepared to trim to order
, Hats and Bonnets in the latest fashion.—
feTA trial is solicited.
Main Street, Opp. City Hotel. 081
Uarr* tike establishment tn the workJL Fin*.
Ciast- Becoad-haad Inst rumen teat half newarfc-M.
■ i-nprpjndiopd advice given
> roo ° th| y paymenta. Any lnetnj
1 1 sSwtSwM,
A Special Invitation is extended to
all visiting Baltimore to call and
examine our
' —OF—
Fine and Medium
Which we are Sidling
At Very Low Prices ,
To make room for Fall Stock.
J. W. Matthews
209 IV. Howard Street,
TiPlillfifY KING,
(This is the Style of our No. 101 Cart.)
Groton, T 'tnpk'ns County, N. Y. 024
Bi AUTHORITY of the owner, Jos.
Hangarter, the undersigned will
offer at Public Sale on the premises in
Germantown, near the City of Annapolis,
Commencing at 11 O’clock A. M.
fronting on the public road thirty feet,
•with a depth of one hundred and twenty
feet. These lots are very desirable hav
ing all the advantages of the city, such
as water, electric lights, fcc.
TERMS—Reasonable, and will be
made satisfactory to the purchasers on
the day of sale.
n 6 Auctioneer.
fV A ,' 1; -A •* 1 I ud.fik .o t rlHI
£ 1511 || i.'ily ini.llU-ut,
■ ,*KI wiii*.and mho.
til> “12 11 tl" 1 " ni*lrutio,wll, work i:idttM,lou.tv
*. lou* fu'm. liul.u .U' cM.fui II mini... l .Ml l uj
•..rued (jm t-,t i... work., ir.c. ... h <!tarict I
.IfMfly I.ught ti.d provided will) emidnrn>-nl •
ud* MAI 1 *! Ji* “ r * r l* o * 4 * * v Writ. It's \ i:\U
•g? PjrUnil.r. PJ|JsK. Add,.* It one.,
*• **- , **ai. Mam All, Augwu, Mmlmk

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