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I! “Arundel Water” jj
Like Liquid Sunshine.
; If you value your health, and jj
want a pleasant, palatable, jj
sparkling Table Water, try
our “Arundel Water.” j !
J * >
I* ■L' and the trouble of boiling drinking JJ
water. Here is an Artesian Water drawn JJ
200 feet below' the surface, free from all con- J J
tamination, -that lias been distilled, filtered )[
and carbonated. j* 3!
< i
;Try a doz. pint bottles, price 35c. per doz. delivered:!
Z— < *
5 Mail or ‘Phone Vonr Order !-
! kiptli; Brewing and Bottling Co., j
| CITY DOCK. Annapolis, Md.
J holidlor lilef Howard B. Taylor. a2f> |
Hr. P_. MOSS Sc co ll
O <;
<l7 Weal Hlreel Aiinapolia, MU. Jj
J J Telephone Call j6D. , , ,
ii Te Consumers of BREAD. ;!
jj Cold Medal Flour, j;
O WASHBURN-CROSBY'S ... . “ , , <!
~ __ m ja-|-i m m W‘ nave a stock always on <i
[ o|l| Ii lj|Cn Al * I,,U< I at our Warehouse, and wo
[ miLlI IvlkUftL can furnish the stores from 15 to JJ
FLOUR I > cents per barrel less than it- t
o quality is so high that it mates timore dealers. This is decid- J J
JJ ©tie fifth more bre-ul than any e( j|y {,| le flour on the inar- o
< > other flour; makes litrnter,more . / . •, 3 . o
4 ' delicate cakes and pastry. It is ket. Try it and you Will never o
JJ made of the finest spring wheat; use UO other. o
, > its nalcs exceed any other. p —Gold Medal Flour will make J J
, , B more broad to the barrel than anv other < >
" ‘ flour on the market.
i: ::
R. L. MOSS <£ CO.
4 > .1
o ienrral tiroeers, - #*7 WH Nlreel, AnnapollN. <>
Of all this tommy rot talk about not be
ing able to obtain good liquors for fair
prices m Annapolis. That idea was
promptly squelched by the hundreds who
nave ho t whiskies, wines, brandies, cor
dials, etc., from us. A single Irottle pur
chased here will disprove any such non
sensical notion. That bottle awaits your
..I.lquor Healer..
West ami Calvert Sts., Anuapolis-
T. Roland Brown
And Granite Dealer,
And naniif'Cturer of
A n d.
Of All Kinds.
Office and Wareroami
77 and 79 Maryland Avenue.
Persons needing Cemetery Work of
any kind, will find it to their advan
tage to call on me before going else
where. 1 make a specialty of Ceme
tery work.
I invite inspection. My wojk my
recommendation. j 8
The tniiapolii* .SI or Age Co.
Will hereafter be known at
Storage & Transfer Co„
Fireproof Warehouse.
Packing, Moving, Storing of
Furniture, and the like.
General Hauling of Heavy and
Light Freight.
Baggage Transferred.
OFFICE—I Maryland Ate.
Telrphene sy
Office—B9 Church Street,
Annapolis, Maryland.
Real Estate
LOT—47 % feet on Market street, near
! Duke of Gloucester; will be divided.— I
j This is a bargain.
HOUSE—Five-room brick house in
1 Eastport, Murphy’s RoW; will net 10
per cent, on investment. Tin roof, good
condition, wide entrance, Rented to
1 good tenant.
HOUSES—West street extended; big,
new, double houses; 10 per cent, net on
investment. Growing in value.
BUILDING LOTS-In highest and
best location in Eastport. Improve
; ments and new houses going up all
; around them. Increasing in value daily.
| Now is time to buy. #75 each. Easy
I terms.
I If you want to by or sell Real Estate
j consult us; we can save or make you
1 money.
'Annapolis Building and
Real Estate Go.
We advance money in propor
tionate sums on staple articles of
all dcscriplions.
We buy anything merchantable.
Transactions strictly private.
A large collection of Gems,
Solid Gold, Gold Filled and
Silver Watches and Chains, Gold
Rings, Miscellaneous Jewelry,
Clothing, Shoes, Furnishings
and most everthiug usually
fouud in a first-class Pawn-
Broker Shop always on hand
and for sale at prices far below
intrinsic values.
us a call.
Star Trading and Loan Co.
LOUIS STFR\, Manager.
10 Market Space, - Annapolis.
(Next to Charles Weiss.)
And the World Laughs With You!
If you want to Laugh and
grow fat, buy one of the
.Laughing Cameras.
Prince George and Randall Sts
Iff Also for sale Bird Warblers to im
itate any bird. 8 13m
Fifth Annual Session of The Na
tional Negro Business
League Today.
Indianapolis, lud., Aug. 31.—The
j National Negro Business League began
, its fifth annual session in this city to
day with the largest attendance in its
j history. At the opening of the conven
i tion this morning Tomlinson Hall was
1 filled with members of the league
j from all parte of the country, repre
i senting among them the wealth, in
dustry and intellect of the negro race
in America.
It was strictly a gathering of busi
ness men who believe that the eleva
tion of their race is to come through
hard work along industrial lines rath
er than through political channels or
higher education. The meeting open
ed with adresses of welcome by Gov
ernor Durbin, Mayor Hultzman and
John W'. Kern, the latter representing
the Commercial Club, of Indianapolis.
The response was by Booker T. Wash
ington, president of the Tuskegee Nor
mal and Industrial Institute and
fonnder and president of the league.
The sessions begun this morning will
continue three days. At each session
there will be addresses by successful
representatives of the various buisness
ami manufacturing enterprises in
which colored men are engaged.
Among these are included banking,
insurance, law, undertaking, farming,
manufacturing, real estate, wholesale
junk business, silk and cotton manu
facturing, plumbing, heating and elec
tric light adjutsing, potato raising,
cotton growing,uew]>saper publishing,
catering, house and machinery mov
ing, mining and many other types of
business. An interesting feature of
the gathering is a large exhibit of
photographs illustrating the develop
i inent of business enterprise among the
negro jieoplo of the United States.
! Largest Crowd of The Season Went Over
To Tolo! ester-
The excursion to Tolchester jester
j day afternoon was the banner excur
> si on of the season, 1,1 If* Auuapolitans
making the trip. The boat was
j crowded and a good time was enjoyed.
The afternoon was hazy but no rain
1 fell and the sun being irtially ob
scured bj - clouds made the weather
conditions more pleasant.
On reaching Tolchester the Aunai>o
lis excursionists visited the Kent, coun
ty fair. The main exhibit was un
usually good. Every product of the
thrifty county of Kent was admired
and wondered at. Oy Simmons big
gest pumpkin was a curiosity, while
Bill Jones’ big potatoes took the first
prize. The cakes were too tempting
for anything and made everybody
hungry. Mollj - McGuire’s ribbon
cake was a jieacli and Mag Hender
son’s nut cake wore the blue ticket
with the w T ords “first prize” embla
zoned thereon.
The needle work was especially in
teresting to the women folk, and some
of the designs were fearfully and won
derfully made. The older women re
veled in the sight of the tempting jars
of canned peaches and pears, jellies
and preserves, while the school chil
dren enjoyed the school exhibit. If
the specimens of handiwork in the
school exhibit is a fair representation
of the work done in the schools of
Kent county, it is a fair showing for
the good accomplished. There were
beautiful drawings; uiaiis, pen and
ink sketches, burnt wood designs, and
a number of interesting specimen
of the manual training department.
The fair was an apparent success.
The races were fairly good and enjoy
ed bj - a large crowd of spectators.
The Annapolis party reached home at
8.15, much earlier than usual.
Enjoyed His Vacation.
Mr. Janies B. Chalmers, paymaster
of the Daumlar Tin Plato Cotujiauy,
of Pittsburg, Pa., who has been visit
ing his father, Mr. William Chalmers,
College avenue, left today - . Mr. Chal
mers enjoyed his vacation, a ]rt of
which he spent in a fishing and camp
ing trip up the Severn River. The
camping party broke camp yesterday
and returned home Monday night
much pleased with the outing. Mr.
Chalmers will report for duty at Pitts
burg and will later go to the W’orld’s
Fair at St. Louis.
The Formidable Fle6t Leaves
The formidable fleet of six torpedo
boats that have beeu anchored in the
Annapolis roads, left this morning for
Virginia Beach. The torpedo boats
and torpedo boat destroyers attracted
much attention in the harbor and pre
sented a beautiful appearance last
night when lighted. 'The home-com
ing excursionists, most of whom wont
to the side of the steamer to see the
torpedo boats, listed the boat in their
efforts to view the formidable fleet.
Another Voter In Embryo
This time that famous bird, the
Stork, did not visit Annapolis, hut lie
left a package in the county that will
later be brought to Annapolis. Mr.
Weems Ridout is subject to congratu
lations today on the advent of a fine
baby boy. Mother and sou are report
ed doing well. Mr. Ridout says there
is another Democrat for the Annapo
lis voting list some years hence.
Expected Home in Two Weeks
Captain Willard H. Browuson, Su
perintendent of the Naval Academy,
who, with his two daughters,has beeu
traveling in Europe this summer, is
expected to arrive at the Academy
about September 18th or 19th. During
the Superintendent’s absence Com
mander Chares J. Badger has beeu
acting superintendent.
Water Company Meeting.
There will be a meeting tonight of
the Annapolis Water Compauy at their
office in the Southard Building, when
it is expected business of importance
will tie transacted and the analysis of
the city’s water supply will be‘a sub
ject for consideration.
To Assist The Rector.
The Rt. Rev. William Paret. Bishop
of the Diocese of Maryland, has given
to the Rev. William T. Twamley, of
Milwaukee, license to officiate in
Maryland for six months, and during
that time he will assist the rector of
St. Anne’s Church, this city.
Lost Letter Sent.
Mr. William W. Nichols found a let
ter this morning between Church Circle
and the store of Mr Joseph Duvall, it
was addressed to "Miss Florence L.
Weiner, 426 Denny street, Richmond,
Va. Mr. Nicholas took the letter to the
postoftke and sent it to its destination.
Issued By Department of Agricul
ture For Maryland And
The week under review was quite
cool and dry. The average daily de
parture at Baltimore was 3 degrees be
low normal and the weekly mean was
70 degrees. There wjre two days, the
22nd and the 25th, when the maxi
mum temperature rose to 88 degrees
and the departures were two degrees
above normal.
The last half of the week was very
cool, on the 27th the mean tempera
ture was 8 degrees below the normal.
Over the greater portion of the Section
the days as well as the nights were
cool, but in the valleys of Western
Maryalud some hot weather was ex
perienced and the daily ranges were
notably large. The dashing rain wash
ed fields badly, and injured consider
able late meadow grass that had been
cut; some corn was blown down, and
trees and telephone poles were also
overturned. One dwelling was struck
by lightning, the occupants stunned
and the building damaged.
The showers the first of the week re
vived meadows and buckwheat and
were generally ample for outstanding
crojis, except in Southern Marylaud,
where the weather recently has been
too dry, and corn and late tobacco has
begun • to suffer severely in some
placeHaud pastures are rapidly failing.
Harvest is about over in Western Mary
laud and much plowing was done dur
ing the week. In North-central Mary
land, plowing, liming the soil, and
harrowing in preparation for wheat
was the principal labor of the week.
In the southern districts this work is
well advanced. Iu the tobacco district
of Central and Southern Marylaud the
cutting and housing of tobacco made
good progress. Cutting of fodder was
continued iu the southern counties.
Many farmers have been busily en
gaged in gathering sugar corn and to
matoes for the cauuaries, which have
been fully occupied during the week,
iu many places running day and night.
Considerable wheat remains to be
thrashed. The second crop of clover
is being saved, ju some cases for hay,
iu others for seed. Late apples are
ripening fast and the outlook is good
iu Garrett county, elsewhere they
will be scarce. The poach season wiil
reach its height the ensuing week iu
northern and western districts. In
the mountain region they are fairly
plentiful and the quality good. Dam
son plums are ripening and are plenti
ful. Grapes are also beginning to
ripen and a good crop is promised.
The greater part of the early tobacco
crop was cut during the week, the
weather for curing and housing was
excellent. Late tobacco was greatly
in need of rain in Soutneru Maryland
and iu many ]iatches was failing rap
idly. There is some complaint that
the stalks are developing an excess of
grouud leaves. For those connected
with the canning industry the week
has been a busy one, many of the can
neries being ojierated day and night.
The crop of snagr corn is very good.
In Frederick county it is referred to
as “enormous. ” W'armer weather is
ueeded to insure the proper tilling of
lato corn. Tomatoes are giving only
medium returns so far. Iu Cecil
county the crop is said to be poor, and
in Harford county some fields are fair,
but others affected by blight. Much
of the fruit is unsound. Late pota
toes are generally fine and plentiful.
Melous are also good and abundant.
Late cabbage are not promising.
A Change of Residence.
Mr. A. E. Shavor, superintendent
of the A., W. & B. Railroad, has va
cated his former residence on Church
street and will make his home partly
with his married daughter iu Balti
more and partly with his son, Mr.
Roy Shaver, this city.
The house formerly occupied by Mr.
Shaver on Church street and owned by
the Misses Davis, lias been rented by
Mr. French, expert diver at the Naval
Academy. Mr. French and his family
are moving today into their new home.
Mr. W. A. Hollebaugh, manager of
the Colonial Theatre, and family, who
have been living on West street ex
tended, will shortly occupy the house
on Conduit street recently occupied
by the family of Mr. French
In the early fall Mr. Samuel Rosen
burg, manager of The Hub, Market
Space, will bring .liis bride here and
will occupy the house on Duke of
Gloucester street now occupied by
the family of Mr. Joseph Armstrong
and formerly owned by Mrs. Robert
Blakemore, of Fargo, N. D.
Mr. Hugh Purvis expects to vacate
his home on Randall street, it is said,
and will move to Hanover street. It
is thought Dr. Oliver Purvis, a recent
graduate of mediciue, Mr. Hugh
Purvis’ sou, will open an office here
for the practice of medicine.
Maryland Patents.
The following Maryland patents
have been reported this week by C.
A. Snow & Co., Patent Attorneys,
Washington, D. O. : George J. Ken
nedy, Baltimore,air-compressor piston
valve; William A. Walker, Baltimore,
bushing for top heads of air pumps;
Thomas R. Wiugrove, Baltimore, oil
interceptor; Frank R. Wood and D.
F. Shamberger, Sparrows Point, au
tomatic train signaling and recording
system. For a copy of the above pat
ents send 10 cents Jn postage stamps
with date of this paper to O. A.
Snow, & Co., Washington, D. C.
Advertised Letters
The following letters remain uncall
ed for in the Annapolis postoffice:
Men—Charles E. Adams, William
H. Barnwell, Elmer S. Cole, John
Connelly, Norrall Corlee, Will Foster,
Sydney Jacobs, William H. Madkius,
Midshipman H. T. Markland, Charlie
Oggom, Ebben Raynor, Ed ward Smith.
Women —Alice A. Bennett, Mary
Hawkins, Miss Ida Johnson, Mrs. W.
L. Mouy, Mrs. T. W. Morrison, Mrs.
Kate \. Ryan, Mrs. John O. Sonth
wick, Mrs. Nellie Walden.
Special Agents.
The Pennsylvania Railroad Company
had two special ticket agents here yes
terday and today to arrange for the
transportation of midshipmen to all parts
of the country' over their road. Arm
fulls of tickets to almost every point east
and west were taken to the Academy to
be made out and stamped for the mid
dies, thus saving time and trouble at
the railroad stations. A big business
was done.
Sale of Farm.
John G. Rogers, attorney for owner,
J. Roland Brady, auctioneer, sold for the
owners the heirs of Robert M. Cheston,
deceased, a farm in the First district,
Anne Arundel county. The sale took*
place today at the Court House door.
The farm was purchased by Mrs. Mary
Dorsey Cheston, for #13,500, It is known
as the Cheston farm.
mm in.
What is Going on in The Social World J
Around Yon—Brief Items of Gen
eral Interest to Yon and
Your Friends*
Misses Josephine, Anna and Mamie
Riordan, who have been spending some
time at Atlantic City have returned
Miss Riordan, of Baltimore, who has
been visiting Mrs. Riordan, Charles
street, has returned home.
Miss Maggie Trautwein, daughter of
Mr. Joseph W. Trautwein, of Conduit
street, is v isiting relatives in Baltimore.
Miss Kate P. Elliott, who has been
visiting Mrs Harry Councell, of Easton,
Md., has returned home.
John S. Strahorn, Esq., a mem
ber of the Elkton bar, is visiting with
Mrs. Strahorn, the family of Mr. Char
les H. Dexter, Green street.
Master Clarence Burton and Miss
Myra Burton, of Baltimore, are visiting
Miss Margaret and Master Stanley Mc-
Mr. Woolley, of Baltimore, who has
been visitihg the Misses Riordan, has re
turned home.
Ensign Helwig, U. S. N., arrived here
this morning on a visit to friends at the
Naval Academy.
Mr. Harry f. Hopkins, Chief Clerk in
the Comptroller’s office, and his family,
who have been spending several weeks
at Asbury Park, N. J., returned home
yesterday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Trowbridge,
who have been visiting in New York
and Connecticut, have returned home to
Miss Mary Etherington, of Fastport,
has returned from a pleasant visit to her
h me in Cecilton, Md.
Miss Mickie, of Philadelphia, is visit
ing her mother at the Chase Home.
First-Lieutenant J. E. Abbott, Sixth
Cavalry, U S. A., arrived here today
from San Francisco to visit his parents
Lieutenant Abbott recently returned
from a trip through China, Korea and
Japan after a tour of duty in the Philip
pines He will shortly leave for his new
station at Fort Keogh, Mont.
Mrs. Drury and Miss Druy, of Balti
more, are visiting Mr. W. H. Kullman,
West street.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Franklin Pierce will
leave tomorrow for New York and As
bury Park.
Mr. and Mrs. Hughes and daughter
Dorothy, of Shenandoah, Pa., who have
been visiting the family ot Mr. William
i halmeis, have returned home.
At The Colonial Theatre.
“The Sign of the Cross,” with all the
magnificent scenery, costumes and ap
pointments that did so much to nuke the
play conspicuous among the elaborate
productions of the New York season
when it appeared at the Knickerbocker
a few years ago. comes to the Colonial
Theatre, Tuesday, September 6. The
company is composed of well known
actors, many of them members of Wil
liam Greet’s London Company which
until this year has been the only organi
zation playing the piece in this country.
This year the American rights arc owned
by Mr. Fred Berger, who was so long
dentified with the tours of the late Sol
Smith Russell, and he has spared no ex
pense to make this the most elaborate
and beautiful scenic production of the
piece ever given on this side of the At
lantic. Twenty-two prominent English
and American actors will appear in the
ca.t including Walter Law, the eminent
young Englisli*actor.
Improvements to Chase Home.
The Chase Home has benu greatly
improved by having the massive front
doorway and steps painted. The grand
old mausion is visited and admired
daily by strangers who love the his
toric. It is carefully managed by the
directress of the Home, Miss Jenkins,
who is a most efficient manager and
the best the Home has had since its in
The Month's Deaths.’
So far this month Undertaker James
S. Taylor has had charge of twenty
two funerals. The death record for the
month of August is far less than that for
the pravious month.
The Trial Begun.
The trial by general court-martial of
Private of Marines Carr on the charge
of enlistment under false pretenses, con
vened at the Naval Academy today.
The officers of the court were published
in yesterday’s Capital.
Many Wagons In Market
Market Master Edward Burtis re
ports for this mouth 552 wagons in
market. This means #'.15. 20 f0r the city
treasury from this revenue as each
wagon is assessed 10 cents. This is
an excellent showing along this line
for the month.
Through Songland in Eighty Minutes-
Prof. Albert Loose, “a man who
sings” will give his popular entertain
ment at Maryland Avenue M. E. Church
on Thursday and Friday, September Ist
and 2nd, Bp. m. He will give almost
entire change of songs Elizabeth Loose
will also sing and The Goblet Chimes
will be played upon each night. Ad
missions, 10 cents.
Low-rate ten-day coach excursion via
Pennsylvania Railroad, September 7, 14,
21, and 28. Rate #17.00 from Annapo
lis. Train leaves Annapolis at 8.55 a.
m , connecting with special train from
New York arriving St. Louis 4.15 p. m.
next day. ts2B
George and W agner s-treet. a 81
Family of four— by Ist of October.
Wages si4. Apply Capital Offlce a3l
DKBN wanted 4 or 3 furtiiabed Booms
for bouse keeping near Navy Yard. Address
Capita!. Don't call in person. aBl
Wednesday Night, August 31,
From 8 30 to 11.30.
Given by the Amateur Orchestra
TICKETS ... 25 Cents.
Including Transportation.
Refreshments served on the grounds.
r |
Ik great Atlantic 2 Pacific lea Coajav
Richards & Robbins Boned Turkey, slb o.'*.
** “ Chicken, *H, o-,
Armour’s Chicken Loaf per. can i -
Veal and Ham Loaf ** “ lo ( ts
Whole Os Tongue *• “
Potted Ham and Tongue, i lb. can
Lunch Tongue, per. can ;'>o, •-
Corned Beef ** “ li’’,
Roast u “ “ s
Vienna Sausage “ ** in,. t<
Kippered Herrings/per can. j s
Sardines, per can 5 aud Hi, u
Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce,
per bottle 21,Ms
Courtenay’s Worcestershire Sauce,
per bottle I2, ts
Hires’ Improved Root Beer, 2 bottles f0r....2.Vis
A **£ e Great A. <SL P. Tea Cc
HQ /Vlin Street I
W. A. HOLLEIiAUGH, Manager.
Tuesday, g e pt. Oth.
Wilson Barrett’s Celebrated
s B H
■=*= nnrrTrmi
s nr s
The Original Production with
All Special Electrical Effects.
Starring Walter Law,
Eminent Young English Actor
SS "Marcus**
Supported by a Company of
Metropolitan Artists. +
pr_jcj E *_2sc. t 051.50
IWVule of Tickets opens at Feldmeyer Bros.
Drug Store, Aug 31st. a.'il
Monday, September 12th,
At her Residence. 160 Conduit Street.
Terras payable in advance. ais
Miss C. F. GRAY.
196 Duke of Gloucester Street.
Pupils received in Music,
English, Elementary Lat
in & Modern Languages,
beginning September 12.
B. T. Babbitt's
SOAP Coupons
Will l>e Redeemed at
G. W. Moss & Co.
JW*i7y6 Soap Powder Free.
Proposals Invited
Proposals are hereby invited to erect
for the Annapolis Savings Institution on
its lot| on West street, Annapolis, accord
ing to plans and specifications furnished
by Philip B. Cooper, architect. Bond
for the completion of the work will be*
required of the contractor. Copy bf
Plans and Specifications can be obtained
from the architect, at his office at No. 7
Clay street, Baltimore, or will furnish on
application to the architect by mail. A
deposit of lio, will be required on
delivery of Plans and Specification, to be
returned when Plans and Specifications
are returned. The Savings Institution
reserves the right to reject any and all
The Bids will be opened on Wednesday,
September 7th, at 4 o'clock P. J/., at the
Savings Institution.
J. H. FORBES, President,
a 23 Annapolis Savings Institution.
Opening of Schools.
Office of the School Commissioners
of Anne Arundel County.
Annapolis, Md., Aug. 2, 'O4,
COUNTY will open on TUESDAY,
SEPTEMBER 6th, 1904.
By order of Board,
Secretary and County Superintendent.
Frank Skip ley.
General Hauling of Heavy and Light
Baggage and Furniture Transferred-
Packing and Orating of Fnmitne-
China and Bric-a-Brac a Specialty-
Can give best naval references.
Orders left at Feldmeyers' book
store promptly attended to.
TeL 54Y. 96 SECOND ST.
Ice Cream
Cor. Main and Francis Sts '
We have just received a fresh supply, >
of all kinds, at lowest prices, p I
finest assorUncut in the < ity
Taffies, of all kinds, icy. j
pound. Made fresh every day. "
We Freeze Our Cream
AI.L NTRId l V l| ki
Special prices to Chinches, |y.
nics, etc.
Retail price, SI.OO jk i gallon, de
All orders receive prompt atten
tion. Leave order here for h e Crm
for your Sunday dinner.
Comer Main and Francis Stiects.
Telephone jry. 5 K
Yout old clothes will
prove a strong value
and last a long time
i/ you have, me to "Jir
them up".
1 HID H1...
: -43 West Street
Delivered Free to any part of the city.
Ha! Ha! Ha! Hal
Our Sailor boys are back front tie
cruise, we give them a hearty well on
We hope they have had a pleasant tr,
also that they won't forget the only piac
in town to get their Confections of a
kinds. All made fresh every day. Coro
to our store or call us up, Telephone S-f
All orders promptly delivered.
Lunch Room now open.
served at all hours.
A full line of Fresh Candies, I nut
Ice Cream and Soda Water. Orders ukt
for Sunday—delivered free.
OPAlso Stall in Market House
I Wail Papers;
I Of Latest Designs j
I Just Received at j
J Come and Examine
| them before going else
-1 s where.
S Price* from sc. per roll
S 69“ Give us a trial. All v ork gu^r- 1
■ anteed to give satisf iction acU J
Z promptly done.
the optician
Eyes Examined Free of Ceo.< £••
Are your Eyes effected -I >o >°“
fer with headache, neuralgia or
ness—lf they are. why not c 0 (I .
experienced Optician and have
ammed free of charge. Other*
been benefited, why not you.
All glasses guaranted to g> vt 53 1
tion. Office, ’
46 West Street, - Annapoh ■ *

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