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- 4 , XbVIII-NO. iJ4
|jjt! HflfS jIMM ffllß
I J alA demy entrances
I ; jM. iof Marine Corps Re
| j sarra.ks in Maaritiline
I ik• lose of tkphibcria
I , im-afiof dipbttaciU,
■ ' , ,_;,ous and infectious
■ t valnl at th* Ma
ll' at tlie Naval Academy,
I aa Uitu completely
I t(„ outside world.
1 men of till!
. i( ir-d, and there la no
whatever between
i iiravk# an 1 the Naval
\oi >dy ia allowed in
N\al Academy who
Marine Bar
orderiiea who have
•lated from the Bar
, v ,,;>iion to the rule.
quarters at the Marine
ii.it in quarantine, but
1 all < unuected with
:.i, l in quarantine this
' i. rtly before noon today
h of the Naval Acad
„,t withdrawn, and all
. li.ti • duty a; the Naval
t r n • ailed from duty.
. .i'il those on guard duty
r. placed in quarantine,
ademy gates this after
uyless, and many were
at the Capital
li.n as to vfliy there
. at the Naval Acad
l iure were several ease*
' i m town the past month,
Mariue Bariack* are
, texcept one case) known
;; ; present time. None of
; Oft 1 very serious,
, iV .it.■ is being taken to pre
nugion aud to eradieate
. ,ty lhalth Officer, Dr. W. S.
TiePeopies Meat Market
at 6 Market Space,
. ;.i, millions. which ciuiuot be
will t o forced to vacate their
, t tuisHH'f- after the iMhdmgof
V,. -hall be temporarily located at
,n \ MARKET, on aud after the
:IN at the stall formerly oceu
lvl by King A Co.
W. shall be pleased ionerve the pub
! ,iur regular trade at this stand,
:?ulwecau secure another desirable
keitlon. Respectfully,
Market Space.
w h. w. r w i <>k <*.Tinea
Plumbing, Gas-Fining
Hot Water and
Steam Heating
Pump Work.
62 East Street, Annapolis, Md.
Estimates Cheerfully Given
Cuwic, i.-f
U e Phone. 1 j*-y dt
\ Game is oyer—which was the grandest
thing tiut ever happened —OO TO
t Next to •oUli®b * Dept. Htore.i
the largest line of CUT GLASS, SOLID
\ I ECO POTTERY WARE, this side of New
\H kinds of NAVAL SOUVENIRS can
b found at our Store—largest in the city.
If You Are Soing
“ I Overcoat or Cravciiette
* for Think - iv,n £ dro P
m and look over our line. We
can surely please you, as we are
iJI t making new friends every day.
aWc'A Our clothing is made by the best
makers and when we{sell you a
\ suit made by Hart Schaffiu r &
Marx, or other tailors, we have
the satisfaction of knowing that
no better can be sold tor the price
Go.)ds in • v-iv Dtpart-
Thomas & 00.
• x 3 B Main Street.
- r * r , j. • : f >r^' „i- *
Welch. Mid to a Capital staff repse
sentativo this morning that tin.re ia
now hot i* < ase of diphtheria in An
napolis, and that ia a mild eaac, the
patient bring I'rof. English. principal
of the High Mebool. t'p to yesterday
there were two eases. another pa
tient, a colored child, died thia morn
ing of the diaeasr.
• The < ity Health officer said in the
past month then* bad been ten rases
of diphtheria, of which all had been
cured but one and one died- In one
hoo-e last month there wen* five rases
of the disease. AM premises where
the disease existed have been thorough
!y fumigated, and the town, with the
exception of one isolated case, ia prac
tically free from diphtheria.
There are four cases of diphtheria
aim-ng the enlisted men at the Marine
Barracks, and the barracks have been
put under quarantine against the rest
of the Naval Academy in order to
prevent a spread of the disease. The
part of the grounds upon which the
Barracks is situated is separated from
the remainder of the Naval Awademy
and from Annapolis by College creek.
It is not believed that the cases are
serious, but the quarantine was di
rected as a precautionary measure.
Wi Receive Friday
Miss Nellie J. Davis, of I’hiiadsl
pbia. sister of I'rof. lioyai J. Davis,
of St. John's College, will receive
with Mrs. Davis the remaining Fri-'
days of December at her residence on
College Groan. Miss Davis, who has
recently recovered from a very se
vere attack of typhoid fever, wi II re
main with Prof, and Mrs. Davis un
til after the holidays.
Tnc Best Thing On The Tree.
Nothing iu the way of a Christmas
gift will give so much pleasure to so
many for so long a tints ns an Ehiaoif
I'ho.voukaph l’he enjoyment it
alFords is the kind that lasts and kind
that every member of the family ap
preciate. It is a gift, not for the time
being, but for all time, taking on a
new interest with every new record.
The PiioN'rfTHAPil sings, plays, or
talks. It is as gifted in grand opera
as in minstrel fun It means as much
to the little folks as to the grown folks.
Just now t he eternal guestlon Is, "What
shall the Christmas present be? ' The
answer is, "An Edison piiono*
ok*pit ” For year home or for any
home PitOKooKAFK means the be
ginning of a long term of genuine en
R. (1. ORIEI.O,
St dIU 23 A Ik) West Street.
J. /. B. CONN WA Y,
Formerly with Sanders & SUymsii Co.
llegs to announce that he is now
in business for himself, under
the name^bf
Peabody Piano Co.,
210 W. Saratoga St., Baltimore, Md.,
Carrying a full line of
Grand, Upright and Piayer-Planoi,
including the "Henry r, Miller,
Starr. Peabody, Decker A Son,
and others.
Will make a specialty of Tuning
and Impairing.
Or All Tuning orders etc., and f*r any
In'orm itlon desired, address
47w Hotel Maryland, Annapolis. Md.
f I--
Majority of Experts Pick Him as
An End on Powerful Foot-
Ball Team
| Navy’s Captain is Choice for Second
Eleven, However—Norhcroft
and Sliogluff are Men
tioned Too.
.Much int> rest is tak< n at the Naval
Academy and among Ikon
lia interested in football and the Navy
team particularly over tin- selection of
the <IDT< rent football experts of an
Ail-America team. The custom of
picking All-America team has been in
for many years and now every
well-known coach, every official of a
big game and every sporting editor In
the country, with few exceptions,
makes his selections at the end of Dm
The one exception among the recog
nized experts is Dr. i'aul J. DSkhicll,
tho best known official who has everr
been connected with the game. Dr.
Dashiell has never undertaken to
make a selection of the kind *f
course.tlies* selections mnst he taken
with greater or less authority. Muctf
must be given to the pick of sm-h
men as Walter ( amp,<'aspar W. Whit
ney, ‘*UiH” Edwards and a few
others. Midi, the opportunity of judg
ing must be limited for any one per
son and each one making a selection
must de|K*od in a largo measure
upon statements of others, newspaper
reports, etc.
In tills way the good men on the
smaller teams are very likely not to
ho given due consideration. In fact,
tills is freely admitted by those pick
ing A If-A merle* tam aud it is only
claimed for their selections that they
H tin best that <an be*inade mb
tho data and represent only the views
of the one making the choiee.
The experts pretty wdl agree that
Daguc, Dio right oim of tho Navy
team, has earned a place on lho A II-
Amoitca team. Wister, of FriuMrton,
is accorded Din llrst |>oltloii ns nn
end, hut Hague received a place in
the ilhie-ups of enough exports to
make bis selection a clear one.
There was no opportunity of judging
the work of these two tn compari
son, as the Navy team did not meet
I'rineeton. I’robably, Wister is given
the llrst place because lie played
against stronger teams as a rule.
NUII, it is hard to believe that any
player excells Ihu local athlete in the
essentials of the position-** clear bear!
for diagnosing the play, an instinct
for locating Die hall or the man with
it, speed and hard, sure tackling.
The others wKTT have lieon giveu
consideration for Die All-America by
the experts are Douglas, at halfback;
Ntingluff, at confer, and NorDiarofl,
at tackle. One or two, hut not tho
majority, or Die bekt known, places
Douglas on tho first All-America
team, a position which most of Die
lorn! followers of Die- game thought
he would secure without question.
However, the majority place him aw a
substitute on the lirst team or on Die
second All-America team, which, it is
generally agreed, Is not much behind
the first one.
The local enthusiasts had hoped that
the crowning honor of IDs football
career would he the placing of Douglas
on tills team by Dm consensus of opin
ion of tho experts. However, two
things must he remembered. Those
who pick Die All-America* do not
have the oportunity of seeing Douglas
playing regularly and so do not have
the chance to size IDs work up, while
local followers do not have Dm same
opportunity of judging the work of
others, and are, in addition, not like
ly to tie thoroughly competent bulges.
There is no question, however, that
I long I as’ work considering Dm handi
cap of three yors when he was so
greatly hampertul by his injury, was
wonderful and stamps him as otic of
the greatest and nerviest athletes Dm
American college has ever produced.
Them is also much satisfaction
that such reliable and skilful players
as MlinglufT aud Nnrthcroft have had
their work recognized by the general
discussion of them as worthy of a
place among the best, anil their as
signment to positions *n All-Americas
just below the first selection. Hi
Little Oae* Write to the King of
Giver* *t Christmas.
“TtmTollowng ietters to Manta t'lati*
have been received at thTs office, only
letters delivered by children in per
son will he published;
Annapolis, Md.. Dec, if', In.
I mar Manta flans—l tbetight I
would write to yon ami let yon know
•vhat I would like you to bring me.
Please bring me an Knglish go-cart*
boy doll and another doll with the
hair parbd on the sld*-, an iron, a
pocket book, pair gum boot* and
anything else ymi <an bring me.
From your little girl. Boris Thomas,
Mnrray llili.
Dear Nanta flans —Please bring m.
iU i electro led and piviu* fill m>
stockings. Robert Mtrani.e.
Advisory Warnmf
The local displeyman rtccived the
following message from the Baltimore
Weather Bureau at 11.30 *. m. today:
“Advisory storm warning in.'*' *-
m.—A trough of low pressure now
over the Lake Regions will pass rfir
to sea over the Middle Atlantic coal
tonight. It will causo brisk southeast
erly shilling to westerly winds along
the Middle Atlantic coast. HENRY. “
Wireless Talks IJ Miles
An opportunity was given to the
torpedohoat destroyer liotllla to demon
strate Dm nsefnloess of the wireless
telephone with which they arc equip
ped. <*n tho way out of Norfolk,V'a.,
on their cruise to the Pacidc, me*
Na ges snbseqncntljr verified were ex
. hanged for a distance of more DiaO
thirteen miles. All of Dm sixteen bat
tleship* about to sail will have;wire
W. C T. 0 Fiebt* Pure Bcr<r.{. !
Show at Chicago
Chicago, IH., Inj<*. to.- With tb
opening in the coliseum today of the
first National I*ur Beverage Kxpn
■ftion. liarkrd by the browing. dia
tilling and bottling concern* .f Uic
i-odniffi a Mmnlirad warfare W
twcn the Hq*ur and temp* rain • de
mint* has '<* precipitated.
A rival '‘exposition” ha* Hen ar
ranged in an adjoining building,
within the MIM of light of thr co-
Joselims elect rio sign*. by the 'A o
mah'a ( bYfeKUii T*mpanri* In ion
and till' Voting IViyir'l Christian
Tvm|iraoc In ion. The**- determined
organization* will carry th< warfare
into the camp of the n* my, and. to
counteract the literature being dis
tributed ljr the brewer* and distil
lers, will clrewlate temperance l**ti
right at tint door of the beverage
Unless the vialtora (traded for tb
beverage bow r cinfnl. they may
find thcmsr-lve* surrounded, not by
elaborate booth# containing IwtiM
good*, bat in * ball containing worn
of diagram* and impressive fa'l* and
llguic* cvleolsled to act forth the
danger a which beset llioa* who dally
with the •'demon ruin." I'retiy
gill* and music and decoration# g*-
lor have been utlil/>l aa allurement*
by inn pjomoU't* of the rivai expo
sition* and a merry war ia io pros
p Moat of th* liquor men accept
the rivalry In a good nntured spirit
and are confident that it will help,
rutin r than hinder, the (leverage
(Mm r'ihiblt ill lb*- tempersave ahow,
however, ia ealenlatnd to brook their
enthnaigam, and that la tba great
map aottlng forth ton gains mad In
"dry” territory in thnlaal few years.
A national ,(leverage ahow ia an in
novation in thia country, although
aticb epxositlons ra common in Ger
many und othnr European .oiinliiea,
Tiie allow will he edneational, in that
it will afford the public an opportu
nity to become a*(iialled with whaf
it drlnka, how it fa prepared ami what
it contain*. Sot only alcoholic drinka
arn abowD'and demonstrated, but tea
and codec take their place bealde beer
and champtgnn. liy actual teat the
harmfuincNa of many beverages sold
at fountain* aa pure thirst-relic: ting
concoctions will be illustrated. In
many ca*as the machinery used iu the
production of lievr rages haa been in
The exposition will remain open
until liecotnber It, Inclusive, and la
expected to attract many thousand* of
visitors. All the loading manufac
turer* nml importers of beverage* in
the country arc represented by complete
and elaborate exhibit ami the t'clov
en m im* been decorated in a magnifi
cent manner, providing a handsome
setting for tlo many good tilings dis
Judicial Disposition of Affairs of
Orphans And Widow s
I'ourt met ibis morning in regular
session with fliief Judge Tyding*
and Associate Judges Cusack and Ab
bott on the bench and lUglster of
Wills liavidson ami Deputy ilegistor
Clayton ami dhorllf Williams present.
The following business was transact
ed :
lUnum latioii of administrator in
the estate of Amelia A. Hehmidt, de
ceased, to Edward tl. Hehmidt, was
filed and granted iiy the Court.
Iluleaso or THotun* Foley liiskey,
executor of the estate of Emil Oscar
Multi, <leeaadf by Marie I . Mu hi.
lied wig I). Muhl and Helen li.
Muhl, was filed and granted by the
First ami final account of Henrietta
11, Warfield, executrix of the estate
.of llebceoa A. Mmllh, deceased, was
filed ai d passed.
First ami final account of Augustas
J. Cooke, adiuiuistrator c. t. a., of
Hophronia J. llaldwln, diseased, was
tiled and passed.
Application of Kdward i, Hehmidt
for letters of administration on the
estate of Amelia A. Hehmidt deceased,
was filed and granted and m-lice to
creditors given.
Administrator's bond of Edward •*
Hehmidt, administrator of Amelia A.
sviintidli dceeased, was Med and ap
proved by tlw foiirt.
PUat and final aacooßl of Henrietta
H, Warfield, executrix of llobeeea A.
Hmith, decneaed, was lib-4 and passed
by the Court.
Death of Dr. Prettfmn
lr, K. D. Pretty man. year* old,
dlrd yesDrl*y afternoon at his home
in Koch vJ ll* after an Htffrss of a
*,.„k. |>r, I’retlyfUaii was graduated
from Hleklnsoit College, after which
h- tauglit school in Anne Arundel
i minty, lie has clerk of the e nrt
of Montgomery county for twenly
i four years. and at ofl lime was
clerk of the Hollar' of Delegate*.
Cn.ii r President C leveland hr- was
Deputy Naval officer for (he port at
Haiti more,
rr. Pratiyman married Mi** f.ydia
Forrert John*tmi, a daughter of ('apt.
/aclntrlali Jabr-on, of the Unitd
Htales Navy, who, with six children,
survives, ono of his sons. Forraat
J. I’rettyman. gra<luated from Ht.
John's College. Dr. I* ft tty man was
\ principal of the .Normal Hebonl Balti
more for tome year*. a
House And Lot Sold.
The house and lot belonging to the
estate of the late Howard C. Harris,
isfi'ilmt straet. was sold this after
noon at public auction at the Court
Home door.n Th* property was b.l
In by Mr. Kdwanl Weis* for #32s.
(ieorgn L. Pendleton, trustee, J. Ito
, land Hrady, auctioneer.
Late Weather Westaye
The daily wmtihur forecast which ia
usually received at the Capita! ofCw
atmut 10 o’clock, was not received to
i day tinVil after 12, nooa. The heavy
windstorm last night damaged the
wires and delayed all business at the
Western Union Te!-grapb omcejf.iday.
: /
Kcportv if Citv WfxiHi —thndcrt l-
Bdh Fjutil —Vs Fire
Hen-, fur fcKUC Boac
/ hKUklt
city council votes out
Tin* t ty * 'iiunril b*fi its i.sat msww*
ing in I'Jd last Might -a fell Eusni
beieg pnasfci with the Msn*a f
Alderman Adams, amt its la*•;r an
officially tadnl. rurt ;*u a specief
call of lb** Mayor.
Its a*?ts for the past twelve months
include some of the most tspsttasi
event* tt> tbs city** history- i.irlsgiat
among them the granting mi the >%e
of the streets lor an rfsrtlk' raiitoSHl.
a ev**ted tlesire by railroad e**epoe
tions for several years past: the sow
ar ing of tfe/sUt* eitv a i the grad
ing sStl improvement mi many of the
m***t imimrtant tb rung War*-* m our
city, and today we staasl tsfsamt sw
one of the best graded. het ww*wt
and best paved cities ia the * mtotry. •
The acts of mir .-tty fathers tat i'JUI
arc now a rlw.l l>r>ik. and ( g-*
down into history ami stand for ait
time tr whether they tar for
the i.eu. fit of the city Or a*t omsiM
to he seen. Tho following is the order
jf business 1/at night at Us- -ieetag
A building permit was granted to
Kltner K. Parkinwm. rsatmtor and
builder, for th. ere.-tio* of a poreh
and tiack building to the two story
dwellings on < ondnit and (.iwawiiw
str.ets.owned by th*’ Kidont It-others.
The f'ity Health • 'ffievt. Dr. Will
lam 'f. Welch snbmitted hr* ns**rtrmry
report f->r the tr.ntb **f November,
which showed a death rate of I*-seven
male* and ten femalvs.of whtea worn
wen? white and ten eCtored. Fonr
camw of diphtheria were reported for
the month, bat by prompt treatment
resulted favorably. The report wae
ordered llleil.
The report of City C—mbisiwasr
William H. Vansaat was -iihmitted
and onlervd tiled.
Tho City t lerk laid Wmt the fcani
the communication of J**hn Wtisua
Crown, president of the Mary land
Kluatric Kaiiways and Anaapwli*
Shott I,lire, in r*ply I* a (.snsmsi
eation fr*m the city asking tor a
committee of conferene* wstii refer
ence to electric railway privilege*
and the improvement f Oiatiß
street. Mr. Brown stated that tin
hoard of director* of his company
had ap|M*inti'd on itehalt ( the till
road M.wsrs. France and rirbrwald.
as said eommitte*' to emfri with tkr
Mayor and Aldermen **f the Cilv of
The report* of the city officers fsi
the month of November **t# >a4
before the Board and refrmtd •* the
reapectiva c*mmitte*:s.
Tho following order* were sahmrtied
and adopted:
Alderman l.inthienm That the son*
of 100 or a* mnvh .hereof a* necessary
l*c appropriated U th* n*a *f the
i'tty Commisaioner for a ccntrageßt
fund for the month of January.
Alderman I.inthieomm—That the
sum of S2OO he and the same ie here
by appropriated to the use nt the
'tty Commissioner for cleaning
street* for the month of January.
Alderman l.inthienm—That *t
a* much as may be necessary he ap
propriated to lay an S-laeb sewer *n
Dean strees. from hbaw si not-
Alderman l.inthienm -Tba* Fdward
Jacobs. W. Ilearvt Basil ami boats
Martin >e paid th.- sum of neb
for serv ices renlr.d as watchmen at
the Prince rieorge slr-et fin on Mon
day, December 2.
Ald.-rman l.inthienm—That an vise
trie light t>e place,! en * laode -trw-. t
tietwcen Compr**mis street and th*
Counsellor M* Ivin—Thnt the .rk
lie and he ia benrt.y direeled u **-
reel tire ass, vs meet of Christian Imm
meyer •• t "hnrge hiss with n
frontage of **-** feet on the north
west side <*f Church street, instead
of n frontage of *•> feet aa at present
assessed. **
Counsellor Melvin—Thnt a -cm—
. urb and gutter be place*! at mem mm
the south Side of Fraaktia ,tre*t from
the e>,rtbweSt comer f i<ww*h*nte
avtnnc and Franklin street is the .ad
of Frsuklin street, ami that tae surd
gutter and curb hs placed at hn uesw
ent grade of said *treset, and thvd the
sorr. >f I* hereby appropr-sted
for the same, payable to the order d
tier committee on streets, which mmm
mittee Is hereby given fall power e
net in the matter.
counsellor Ivin- That Mayo#
t.s and he is hereby authortxed to_ draw
his order on December 21. ffrr
lire pav of the city offerers and em
ployees daemon Imenbeser su.
Alderman Thompson—The' whw
the City Connsrll 4jnsm it stand
adjourned nnril the second Monday
in Jsnoarv. Iff. snbjrH In the sseun
time t>( tlw call of the Mayer.
The fman.e courmrtier reported thnt
ttiey recommen.l that the ssscsemea* *n
the property of Harry W. Kltrott on
Madison street hu asnesasd st •*-**■
an I that the real estate he *ed at
fl-r per front foot, whkth wr adopt,*!
by a yea and nay vote.
Mr, W. K. Slaughter, of the A..
W. St B. Kail road r.*mp#iy. appeared
Mbn the Board with reference So
the removal of lbs present Beocnw
Hose company's boo*** now on the
property of the A.. W. Jk B. Kaiirond
Company, and that be regretted that
he did not have the dead of the hs*
donated to the city adjoining their
present depot, bnt hoped to has# tih
same rcUdy in mjg w day*.
Alderman l.inthn-wm aswvetl that
upon the coUeommatron of the assn,
tiat ions betwecc the cite and the W
B. & A Company for the W*-s* anst
property, that the roosmUtee ow pah
lie property he authorized to *aa
such action as will carry >mt :ae
provisions of the above aarssenvent
between the city and the railway
company, which waa adopteth
Messrs. Charles Myers sad *o-o*ge
CHIftSE S *4fi|WUE*S
Ik* RsitUffint Weatksr ft****u>
T* Coacen* Massac
MNP* <■** life* <Htefc - -
| M** •*# tIH
iHfeP temt s■■&■#- -a - •'
Mh si# liMi 'MM #tviflMUi S: " mm
:t*t*tM iM*v
■>jjM j * *Mi *i *mm* MP -ztom
IPwA'NrMM AlPw •rN*plNP*liP* t ** fc A# ***
I '"SIP* p|*|*#V. (ptf*P*NNP*V MP* PmwMP
lf>l §m% >***m mpm mm MbM
\ itmiwm *it
I mrnT*rfr
WM*€ N'l 1 ik%
The e* *Sk ******* ''■*•*-
waw, iortsserty MNsSnMI *• wtwss •tMO
Hs>>rt 3kn Mt wessee sassms
*jt pn®-Sswse*t IS*. BsswaS. sssswev
Ikakwef *-• * sw •*
•set see anew e—pyObg am mmm
Mhtlt U Stem- iteeWMta*
I suit tltMa, ewawssw- • tea* ■m m.
*M Ipp -HIP* #Pm m*
mnmtmw IX %*t *il "S* n# 2m*p t&mmm-
N ll*?i*MKlM.
Baatl apfwa4 keSao- a* feme**
mtmttmmw *• gesM tesast -suwee A ■**'
tens h*V Do* Wesesn Whose *
ssul Uwo new * -A* *■■ • * ifrv ■■■ a
- My#e t Oms 3*. ■*
lw fcatl esfteteaS j *ssry *a**s*us
Vsikhng as S< pee sassaala mb f <•>
chat tk* Bewett *l*. i sasn so* <*• i ■--<*
nae a* •** ,atw. .
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the jisnituaa w ***''■** **%*■ •*
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