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,a/e i i h—Established 1727.
V, ,1.1.11' SO - "
(IK\ \[ I 11' I; KACE
U) \nnapoli- Speeders
|W " " ‘ , |„ Ihe Wave *t Camp
f Blered 1
. /• . interesting
• hose who love
,* an.;. I’arole race
.! .|y 1. The races (
; ; i . an pices of the :
;, yi, and Agricul- |
1 1. 1- managers of
angeil a very at
irn fur l lie ocea 1
, i including a
.th the following
Redwood, record
. ;by Mr. K. lientschel, (
White, record 2.21. j
.Jacob Schmidt, of !
I'rnce, trial 2.20. I
n of Baltimore;
t. c than his record,
i. 'hi.st. Rumimi
~*H known local mare
1 J, owned by j
igh class entries this
.if ihe warmest con
" j •! a w 11 he seen here for 1
~ . it .. j, •),< Accommodation
. w j; ... We:' street station for j
the following time::
■ and 2.20 p. m. Also |
hi-dule time after the
JULY all, 1910, STORE
140 Main Street.
••Che Velvet IRin&”
lice Cream!
\nv Quantity Delivered <*t any tinie.i
l.i cuniv .ml Hi. Imejj Nom Better on Eerth
m, . M-i Mi..]cin, Most Hanitary tee
i ri-< liH tory on Rartti
~Thr V rival Kind' Ij Suld In Cones at 5 Crllli, an J
tlui H is I’.*fm. liox . . toe.
U “ . 9 OC.
lv Hi .I. H iM,i I!imm. fist: Arei.F.,
Cm.', 01 \n . \ vmii
Cm viii i. Si ii \ nnutr
tv it,, xi ' ioc.. 2 oc.. a sc.
I Ivliut. r < I• ■■■ 111 Kuril lirli'k, mill
Cilliri \nl r ( ,1. wrml Krwil.
x til.iv mi.k iv hum /rii st.oo
•• .( I I'RU I. (1 1.7 S
I kIV ~ (I |jl\ HIKI /.KII . 7 Sc.
( I ITU 0(1 1.2 5 ‘
• I'. . I’i i. < v t,, t'lmrclies )
220 22S Main Street.
H > *J at 4 lio.nx ’*'■ I Imnrs 3ft y3s4
i *1 .1 i;ir itv hack t “Darius Green and
machine” when aerial navigation was
lea d 11111 )< >ssil le.
i\ \tlantic City is preparing lor a great
Meet from July L* to 11, when three of
itesi livers of the mydern world will dem
ite their mastery ol the air.
11. Curtiss, the holder of the world’s rec
speed. will 11 \ daily from July 1- to 11.
A s i. Brookins. who holds the record for
li. will give exhibitions July 7to 11 in a
A' ■ _<. i aeroplane.
a !im eontesi between the Wright and
Cm tUs machines.
aeted that Charles K. Hamilton,
- li>tanee aviator, will be present
*m July 7 to 11.
v prize events each day. including a
■gut over a live mile circular course,
0 July 7 to 11, directly over
‘ A, front and ocean.
:v . •'Civurau Railroad is the direct route
'- City, aii( excursion tickets arc on sale
C( aneetions are made in Broad
•. • Rhuae.i .plan, with trains over the
11-rail route. I
annual all-dav outing
ni upolis Chamber of Commerce,
s of Princ< Geone Street, at S.SO A. M.
and Kef/vshmenta on the boat
4 ' e *’** • 1 '-in.e between Cambridge and Anna*
i J^ TS CcnU. Children, 25 Cents.
At Bouchers' Grove On Mondav Night
One of those good dances will be
given at Boucher’s pavilion on Mon
day night, July 4. The dance will be
public affair, and an admission will
be charged.
There will be five pieces of the Na
j val Academy orchestra, who will fur
j ni.sh the music. A good dance tloor
and cool breezes with a’delightful trip
across the Spa will be included in the
| evening’s pleasure. For particulars,
see ad. in another column.
Church l:\cursion
Under the auspices of St. Anne’s
Men’s Guild there will be a delightful
excursion to Tolchester on next Wed-
I nesday, July 0. The steamer leaves
the wharf at 10:30 a. rn. and a de
lightful day is promised at the beach.
And Provision Store
I ON SATURDAY, the New Meat
I Market and Provision Store of Ander
son & Co., will be open for business. —
They will carry a fine line of Fresh,
’ Smoked and Salted Meats, Sausages of
; all kinds, also a fine stock of Green
Groceries. We should be pleased to
have you call, and guarantee you the
best in the market and quick delivefy-
I‘hone 703. 77 West St.
Opposite W., B. & A. Station. j 29
[Fmmi Matt laim,
All Modem Banking Facilities:
Public Depositary of State, County and
City Funds.
Interest paid on Savings Deposits one
per cent, every Four months.
Vaults of most approved construction
for storage
Safety Deposit Boxes for rent from $3.
and upwards.
Collections and Remittances made all
over the World.S
Letters of Credit issued on Foreign
Banks and Bankers.
Accounts desired with individuals,
firms and corporations.
Resources over One Million Dollars.
Strong, safe, tested, tried and true.
'Tills Hunk places at the disposal of Its
customers ttie experience and facilities
Katned through 104 .vearß of continuous
ami successful growth anil public service.
J. WIKT RANDALL. President.
L >l. VI TUN 11KKWKU, Ast. fashler^
Body Of Young (irisbey F.
Thomas Laid At Rest In
Naval Cemetery
Rrpreseatalives Of The Grief-Stricken
Mother Arrived From Georgia This
Morning For Funeral
Except for gnawing sadness in the
I homes of the victims and in the
hearts of their friends, the last act in
the tragedy of “Old Man’s Hole,”
where three young lives were snuffed
! out on Monday, was enacted at the
beautiful naval cemetery here this
I afternoon, when after the body of
Midshipman Grisbey E. Thomas had
been lowered into its last resting
place the infinitely plaintive notes of
‘taps” floated out over the waters of
the Severn and re-echoed back through
the wooded shores on the far side.
The very waters of the river as they
lapped at the stone sea-wall about
Cemetery Point moved with an im
pressiveness that in its dull grey roll
was at variance from the sparkling
light of their June-day brilliance when
j the happy party bad started on their
joyous day’s outing Monday, only to
be brought back cold in death.
Grouped about the spot where
young Thomas will lie in a hero’s
grave until there sounds the great
reveille were members of his grief
stricken famiy, who, in their sorrow,
found solace in the knowledge that he
had died as American naval officers
should die —gladly givng his life to
help others. There, too, were the
fellow members of the rifle team,
which tomorrow will, under the stern
usage of a sailor’s life, resume the
routine and carry on their efforts to j
win glory for their school in the con- |
tests at Camp Perry, O. The servicqp
over young Thomas’ body were con
ducted in the Academy by Post Chap- ,
lain H. H. Clark, and at their conclu
sion the cortege, headed by the Acad
emy band and its muffled drums,
wended its way to the cemetery under
the shadow of the furled and crepe
daped flag of the youthful officer’s
own country.
The family of the young hero was
represented by five of his male rela
, tives who came to Annapolis on be
-1 half of his grief-stricken mother.
They arrived from Washigton shortly
after noon and were looked after per
i sonally during their stay in Annapolis
by the acting commandant of midship-
I men. Commander R. E. Coontz
The pallbearers,all fellow-members ,
| of the Academy rifle team, were the j
! same as those who officiated during
the funeral of Midshipman Nason
yesterday. These were Midshipmen
| Bushrod Howard, Howard T. Bartlett,
Calvin H. Cobb, Oscar C. Badger,
George F. Jacobs, Oscar W. Leidel,
Lambert Lamberton, and Harold E.
The hymns “Nearer My God to
j Thee” and “Lead Kindly Light” were
sung during the services. Almost
immediately the battalion of mid
i shipmen composed of the new fourth i
class, which is the only class now at
j the Academy, and on this occasion ,
was officered by the upper classmen
of the rifle squad, came from Bancroft
Hall paraded without arms. Outside
was grouped the Academy band and
two companies of marines, and as
the funeral services began with the
impressive Episcopal ritual, the Stars
and Stripes flying from the station
flag pole just outside, was run down
to halfmast.
The hymns were sung by the fourth
class male choir, during the services, |
which were conducted bv the Rev. H.
H. Clark, post chaplain In a few
brief remarks on the occasion, Chap
lain Clark paid fitting tribute to the
heroism of the two’youths who,uphold
ing the traditions of the navy, had
gallantly given their lives in|an effort
to save the life of another.
Immediately following the funeral
the members of the rifle team hurried
back to quarters, there shifted into
their blue uniform and left on an af
ternoon car for Wakefield, Mass.,
there to continue the preliminary
practice for the national matches at
Camp Perry. O.
Only 104 Out Of 280 Who Took Examina
tion Pass
Official returns published in Wednes
l day’s Capital, from the mental exam
inations for admission to the Naval
Academy recently show that only 104
of the 280 who took the examinations
have passed.
• Twenty-four of these are alternates,
so that it is impossible for more than
eighty to become midshipmen. As
some of them undoubtedly will fail
physically the actual number will
be considerably lower. There are
120 members of the class at pres
ent and the number to be admitted
is not likely to bring it above 185.
This will be the smallest entering
class for years.
Base Ball On The 4th
There will be two games of base
ball with the Annapolis baseball team
on Monday, July 4, on St. John's
I College grounds. One game will be
called at 10:30 a. m. and one at 2:30
p. m Both will he by the Annapolis
baseball team vs. the Maryland
, Meter Company, of Baltimore.
And Maryland Gazette
Miss Popham The Bride Of Mr. Alfred
Jefferson —Last Of June Ceremony
On the evening of June 29 a large
and very pretty home wedding was
solemnized at the residence of the
bride, 136 Main street, the contract
' ing parties being Mr. William Alfred
Jefferson and Miss Bessie Marie Pop
ham. both of this city.
At 8:30 p. m. the bridal party and
their attendants, Miss Catherine Mc-
Williams, of Baltimore, and Mr.
George Popham, of this city, entered
the spacious parlor under the sweet
strains of the wedding march rendered '<
by Mrs. J. Phillips, of Baltimore, and
were received at the far end of the
room by the Rev. Joseph P. McComas,
who stood ready to perform the cere
mony, which was carried through ac
cording to the ritual of the Episcopal
The ceremony was very beautiful
and impressive and was reverenced
by every one present. The bride
was attired in white crepe meator
which looked very attractive. The
bride’s maid wore pink crepe meator,
both carrying shower bouquets of car
nations. The groom and best man
wore sack suits appropriate for. the
occasion. The parlor was d corated j
beautifully with white ribbon stream
ers,cut flowers and potted pla' ts.
After the ceremony the mr.uy rela- j
tives and friends retired to ti e large
dining room and partook of ti e many
good things spread before t em on
large tables. Everyone present ex- j
pressed delight, as well as did the i
bride and groom.
The best man, Mr. Popham. looked
his best, and before the close of the j
evening many thought that 'ere long
Mr. Popham would be looking up a ,
best man for himself. The bride was
the recipient of many handsome and
useful presents. ; ln the early morning
hours the guests retired to their
homes, wishing the happy couple all
the blessings that their Creator can
Among those present were: Mr.
and Mrs. John F. Popham, parents of
the bride; Mr. and Mrs. John T. Jef
ferson, parents of the groom; Miss
Helen Popham, of Washington; Mrs.
Arthur Boswell, of Washington; Miss
Hodges, of Baltimore; Miss Irene
Hoopes, of Baltimore; Miss Jeannette
Phillips, of Baltimore; Miss Alice
Hitchcock, of Baltimore; Mr. Joseph '
J. Brashears, of Washington; Miss (
Carrie Knighton, of Baltiore; Miss 1
Mollie Intermire, of Baltimore; Miss 1
Louise Lynn, of Baltimore; Miss Eliz- l
abeth McWilliams, of Baltimore; 1
Miss Lillian Cornell, of St. Dinnis; i
Miss Eva Owing, of West River; <
Miss Vitona Yenney, of Washington;
Miss Irene Beiges,of Baltimore; Miss 1
Norman Lonvery, of Baltimore; Mrs. l
J. G. Sheckells, of South River; Miss i
Bertha Wells, of South River; Miss i
Katherine Adrain, of Baltimore: Mr. ! 1
Harry Berry and family, of Balti- j i
ore; Mr. Frank Jefferson, Miss Clara i
Sears, Misses Evelyn, Annie and Vir
gie Jefferson, Mrs. Boyd Foust, Mr. 1
and Mrs. Steward Griscomb; Mr. Jos.
Griscomb, Mr. Felix Yenney, of
Washington, Mr. Guy Miller, Mr.
Robert Kenchington, Mr. George
Curry, Misses Amy and Nina Popham,
Mrs. J. F. Popham, Mr. and Mr.
Harry DeLeon, Mr. William Harman,
Mr. George Sterling and others.
1 (
Families Taking Ip Summer Residence 1
Near Town
Daily the summer colony at Arun
del-on-the-Bay is having new re
cruits Yesterday the family of Mr.
W. E. Speed, of Baltimore, moved
down and took up their summer ;
residence of the Waugh Cottage on
the Beach.
Today Mr. and Mrs. James C. !
Courts, of Washington, joined their
daughter, Miss Susie Courts and their
sons, Mr. James and Master Jennings
Courts at the Courts' Cottage, Syca
more avenue and the Beach.
Miss French is spending the summer
with the family of Mrs. Amos Med
ford at their cottage on the beach.
Large bathing and canoeing parties
are popular daily at Arundel-on-the- j
Bay and are enjoyed by many bathers
i and boaters
■ A large number of visitors is ex
pected to spend the Fourth as guests
of the cottagers.
Miss Edith Ghent, of Baltimore, is
spending her vacation with Miss Ruth
E. Smith, Market street.
Mr. and Mrs. S. Reese Abbott and
daughter Ruth, are spending a few
days at the Gloucester Cottage, Arun- j
Mrs. Galloway Cheston left today
for a several weeks’ visit to relatives
at Harwood, this county.
Miss Margaret McCusker left today
for an extended trip to New York.
Mrs. C. B. Brittain, wife of Com
mander Brittain, U. S. N., captain of
the U. S. S. Massachusetts, is spend
ing the summer with her parents at
Richmond. Ky., while her husband is
on the summer cruise.
Hungrv For Home News
A resident of Annapolis spending
( the summer in the South, writes the
. Capital as follows :
I “Will you please send me the Cap
. jtal for a couple of months to the
J above address. I get hungry for news
from Annapolis.’’
Congressman Ames May Fly
From Annapolis
Torpedo Boat And Aeroplane Will Race
Down Severn —Airship Is Congress
man's Invention
J Combined airship and torpedoboat
races will be conducted in the placid ;
waters of the Severn river, uere,
shortly, under the auspices of the
1 Navy Department.
Secretary of the Navy Meyer has j
decided to experiment with aerial
navigation to the extent of trying out.
an aerial craft with torpedoboat j
power, and incidentally, to assist his
friend, Representative Butler Ames,
of Massachusetts, develop an inven
tion which, it is promised, will revo
lutionize aerial navigation.
Representative Ames, who has an
nounced his determination to make a
fight to the finish for the seat of Sen
ator Lodge, is not devoting all his
time to politics. Immediately upon
the adjournment of Congress, Mr. 1
Ames hurried away to his home in
, Lowell, Mass., to start his Senatorial !
campaign and also to complete the fin
ishing touches to his airship.
Before leaving he laid tho whole
scheme before Secretary Meyer. He
felt he could defeat Senator Lodge,
without the aid of 'Mr. Meyer, but he
did feel the need of aid of the Navy
Department and Government property
in exploiting his private invention.
Two or three times since the Wright
brothers began flying at Fort Meyer
nearly two years ago, Lieutenant
Sweet and Commander Davis, the
aeronautic and wireless experts of the
Equipment Bureau, have endeavored
to have the department take up the
question of aerial navigation in
connection with the navy. First, the
scheme was rejected by Mr. Metcalf,
when secretary, later by Secretary
Newberry, and within the past year
by Secretary Meyer.
Mr. Meyer became greatly interest
ed in the Ames machine as described
to him in confidence by the inventor
statesman. Mr. Ames said the ma
chine had been tried out, and he had
made two or three short flights in it
himself in a quiet field near Lowell.
The thing has been so carefully guard
ed, however, that little publicity has
been given to it. Mr. Ames recently
has been devoting his attention to a
new type of engine, but he doe 9 not
wish to instill it until he is certain
as to the practicability of a new type
of plane also added.
Mr. Ames wished to have a torpedo
boat to provide the moter power. The
machine is said to be entirely plain
and kite type. The success of the 1
machine can be clearly demonstrated,
he held, by its being towed by a
swiftly moving vessel. With a line
several hundred feet long he proposes
to seT well up in the air over the
Former Summer Resort To Be Divided 1
Into Building Lots
The old resort property known as
Round Bay, about seven miles from
town, has been sold,through the office
of Alexander Brown & Sons, Balti
more, to Messrs. Walter C. Piper, N.
P. Chapman and E. X. Le Seure.
The consideration was $25,000. This
is the same company that developed
Baltimore Highland.
The new owners are members of the
Round Bay Beach Company. The
tract, which comprises 115 acres, will
be laid out in building sites. The An
napolis Short Line will run a branch
line through the place. Until about
ten years ago the place was used as a
resort, and is well known to Annapoli
tans. It is the last large tract of
land to be sold for building purposes
on the Severn river.
During the Civil War the Union j
soldiers used the crest of a hill over- j
looking the bay as a fort. Faint out- |
lines of a road used by the soldiers is
all that remains of the ramparts.
From the knoll can be seen long
i stretches of the Severn and Magothy
rivers and Kent county across the
When the Annapolis Short Line built
the road to Baltimore the company
purchased the tract, and for years it
was used as a pleasure resort. It
later passed to the Maryland Electric
i C impany.
Academic Board Meeting
There was a special meeting of the
academic board at the Naval Acad
emy this morning, when the members
of the board went over a large
amount of routine work in connection
with the recent entrance examina
tions which closed last Saturday
Following the meeting of the board
it was announced that there was
nothing of importance to be given out
for publication. It is considered un
likely that there will be any waving
of deficiencies or that any youth whose
name was not in the first list posted
will be allowed to get into the ser
The Stork
i The Stork, that übiquitious bird,
j flew over Wagner street on Tuesday
evening June 28 and left a fine girl to
the wife of Mr. Daniel C. Taylor at
No. 19 Wagner street. The new ar
rival is a fine ten-pound girl. Mother
, and daughter are doing nicely.
fHE Evening Capii ai—Established IHB4
The Lc Mules In Blaik Face Comedx
Please At Colonial Theatre
Large audiences were well pleased
last night at the Colonial Theatre,
where Le Mules and Le Mules, two
black-face comedians, created great
fun and made a great hit.
The style of the Le Muleses is the
old -fashioned minstrelsy. The man
and woman conduct this to the side
splitting laughter of the large audi
ence whom they keep in uproars all
the time they are on the stage.
One is apt to hurst his puckering
string laughing at the Le Mules, if
he is not careful. One of their jokes
is that of the old colored woman who
went to a show where a prestidigita
teur did tricks. One of his sleight of
hand tricks was pretending to read a
newspaper through three thicknesses
of flannel “Can dat man read tru three
thicknesses of flannel?" asked the ne
gress. “He certainly can,” said her
companion “Den 1 gits out of dis,”
said the negress, “Dis yer place is
no place for a decent woman.”
The LeMules will entertain again
tonight at the Colonial Theatre.
for raising ‘collier nero
John Arbuckle Of New York To Be Paid
$71,000 Bv The Government
John Arbuckle, the New York mil
lionaire, will ho paid $71,000 for his
services in connection with the rais
ing of the naval collier Nero, which
ran aground in Narragansett Bay, R.
1., last year.
This decision was reached yesterday
by acting Secretary of the Navy
Winthrop. Mr. Arbuckle will shortly ,
resume work on the cruiser Yankee, ]
which has been lying in Buzzards’ Bay j
since September, 1908
To be held at the A. A.
County Driving and
Agricultural Association
Track, Camp Parole, on
There will be Three Classes
as follows:
3 Minute Class.
2.35 Class.
And a Grand Free For All-
Racing stiirts at 1.30 P. M.
Entrance closes Friday,
July Ist, 1910, at G p. m.
tt . rw Sec. & Treas.
Fine Quality Timothy and Clover Hay For Sale
Deliveries now made at attractive prices.
Orders for future delivery solicited.
Annapolis, Md.
InJrTelephone HlB Annapolis. j27-2y*jy 1
...T H E...
Annapolis Banking & Trust Co.
Cor. Main Street and Church Circle.
This Bank hereby notifies all Depositors in its
Savings Department that the semi-annual interest
at the rate of 3*4 per centum per annum is now due
and payable to them, and has been entered to their
credit on the books of the Company and draws in
terest from this date as part of the principal.
Depositors will please hand in their pass-books as
soon as convenient, so that entry of said interest may
be made therein.
9 A. M., to 4 P. M. Saturdays, 9 A. M., to 6 P. M.
../TH E...
1 Annapolis Banking & Trust Co.
George T. Melvin, President,
Am A. Joyce, Secretary J. Marshall Caughy, Treasurer
Sister In health VNho WaitcJ On si,k
Sister Succumbs First
At about ;! o’clock this morning
Miss Meliora Duvall, ageu St* years,
died suddenly at her late residence 1 ,9
Duke ol Gloucester street, corner of
Conduit street.
Death was due to acute indigestion
The deceased was a daughter of John
W. Duvall and Anne Miller, and
was a sister of the late John Duvall, a
famous official surveyor of the city of
Annapolis, whose maps of the old
town today show tin l old surveyor—
genius and aptitude for his work
The deceased is survived by an in
valid sister, Miss Catherine Duvall,
aged 90 years. A strange feature of
the death of Miss Meloria is. that her
sister, Miss Catherine, who has been
desperately ill for some months, sur
vives, while the sister who was up
parently well lies cold and still in
death. The news of the sudden death
of the sister has been kept front the
invalid who calls for her sister con
stantly. at intervals night and day.
The death of Miss Catherine has
been expected for a long time, as
she has been a great sufferer.
The funeral of Miss Meloria will
take place front tho late residence
179 Duke of Gloucester street, to
morrow afternoon at G o'clock. The
services will be conducted by the
Rev. W. G. McNeill, pastor of the
First M. K. Church.
Fourth of July,
Cool Breezes Good Dance Floor—
Excellent Music. 71 2t
i rickets and Transportation, • 15 Cents.
All members of the Loyal Order
of Moose, No. Jilldi, are hereby re
quested to be present SUNDAY,
July 3rd, 1910. at Red Men’s Hall,
Francis Street, at 2 o’clock, without
fail. Business of importance.
Bv order,
7 1 2t Secretary.
Union Pic-Nic Committee.
All members of the I nion l‘ic-Nic
Committee of the Fresbyterian, First
M. K., Maryland Avenue M.F.,and
College Avenue Baptist church, are
requested to meet at College Avenue
Baptist Church,
FRIDAY EVENING, July Ist, at 8 o’clock.
j3O 2t Chairman.

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