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i azette —Established 1727.
Monthly Mediae
jraii'Uti Routine
N(U w WIR> elected
Appointed To Urge
1 m (ij- \nd Flee-
Public t sililif'*
■ •Himi-sion
(jimmercf met
• hr monthly rneet
-lln meeting was
lent William K.
well attended, al
-1 u-iness was trans
... ttee on the exeur
< ambridge on the
.red progress that
,r iher would go on the
nditions are favor- !
vre elected mem- j
hamber: Mr. F. L. ;
\] v, Hallam Claude and j
Mr (r ..rtf i ear man.
i • mm:ttee composed of i
. 1; •] Melvin, Clifton C. j
\t j, j,. (’. Barton was ap
’ upon tne City Coun
>at jt • * next Monday night
. r ,.f, r . . • having the matter of
Vi ar . ■ i v brought before the
Commission. This
n alter f . !■ • n acted upon by the
.mi - oners, which will
a r -ir ’ n with the City Coun-
I - }., n . ih< meeting room of the
I'hsmber wa ■ granted to the Anne,
Medical Society for '
• ■ j. ur j f bolding a meeting on
Tu lay duly 12.
\ lett* r r m the American Em
!i y \ it: n, of New York, re
.jijt-st ng :1 co operation of this
:t • th<m in securing
*. nr • :r \mbassadors in for*
, \va* read A bill is
.. w ! ■ 1 •r.gress asking for the
,j:r ; • :if $5,000,000 for this
*.urj 11: matter Jwas referred
to a ! ■. 'tnmittee composed of
M. : ' 'hn ! I'. Mown, James F.
Strang i C orgi- T. Melvin for
thi.|.::r; ■ drawing up resolutions
and endi-r ' am .which will be for
ward. ! 1 Xmerican Km bass y
Cs icia! t. •
Are Where tu Cambridge
with tin tI. ■ her of Commerce on
Weiltu -.lay, luly ldth
Ladies' Take Nolice!
• i ; .li l ir* I o ill! crest t lie
• . A-, ij.iil. in my l uii. li Boom
• uj . n’.itii I am serving, esneci
,ti ’' I lie \ elv el K mil’’
1 1 : ■ i ■ !iness, none better on
made in the most
notary Ice Cream
ild. Reali mg that !
"I \'apolis want nothing
' . I to make my place
a 1 i\. the • Velvet Kind.’* ■
■ ,al and patronage of
toy endeavor to put a i
A" . to; l hem at a reasonable
• • my s<r\ ing Room
a i notary I have three
■<: est (tolisheti tables
c<,evT;.: that goes tn make a
T'• \K nd' Ice (’ream is the .
• the world today that
in leanlines*, puritv
. and all that I now ask
’;' •* a ar. and the approval of
k. ■ tm. efforts will Ik* a
• m.I 1 assure you that
w e>- the best and the
way plea (ant an 1
. dial.
H.- pect fully,
lt<>\ V TY MINUS,
ary m Washington
'V -j-7 1
"Che Udvct lUfnc>”
lice Cream!
' ' ** ll n 1 (> Delivered at any timed
■ N •* frttrr on Firth
•** Sanitary loc
V-.tr tli
s ' < 1 ; Cents.and
25 0 1
>2 5 00.
9 00
f / ' ' t w A IT!
x \ \M , l \ .
KttU ,f 4 . t .
> 1... \ ' V , *' l ‘ nu,l
‘ ,r 1 “>< >'■.! Kr.nl.
S*. 0 c
LTr t r
LUNCH room.
v --O '-"is .Main Street,
F'rvnrs u \ *44
a . ' * I V E N BY THE
na po is Chamber of Commerce,
ON Wp,™ Mß,? ' OG£ ' MO..
’ JULY 13th.
i '> e George Street, at 8.30 A. M.
, ff and Refreshments on the boat
ar ? between Cambridge and Anna
.. TICKKIs A, u ~
~ ‘ ( r " li - Children, 25 Cent..
LH*g^Ll 9 ■
Mas Installation Of Officers —Those
Fleeted —New Order Booming
Deputy Supreme Organizer James
J. Keogh and the following gentle
men from the Baltimore Lodge,
Messrs. W. H. Carrigan, J. G. Fergu
son, Albert Duckett, O. G. Stanley
and Dr. Wilkshire, installed the fol
lowing members into Annapolis Lodge
No 2‘JC of the Loyal Order of Moose
Sunday, July 3, at Red Men's Hall.
The officer for the year are as fol
lows: G. J. Gephardt, past dictator;
C. K. Werntz, dictator; Wm. O. Pick,
vice-dictator; E. K. Perry, prelate;
!C. C. Dulin, treasurer; Jesse Med
ford, secretary; D. V'. Miller, inner
guard; Edward Suftin, outer guard;
W. H. W. Taylor, sergeant-at-arms;
Dr. L. B. Henkle, physician. Trus
tees G. J. Gebhardt, William En
gelke, G. C. Sunderland.
The new lodge is now on in force
and the increase in membership shows
how faithfully everyone is working
for the benefit of the order, as noth
ing is left undone, and everyone is
now bringing in new members. The
lodge started with fifty-seven mem- ,
bers and now they are nearly up in the
eighties, showing what a grand suc
cess the members are making.
Every single or married man should
join and make Annapolis Lodge one
of the biggest in the order. W r ith
everybody’s help no doubt it will be.
The charter is open to new mem
bers for ninety days, and the fee for
joining is $6 at present, so when the
charter is closed it will be $25.
Try now to be a member. The next
meeting will be at Red Men's Hall,
this city.
Litde Boy Succumbs To Disease At The
Joseph A. Lee, Jr., age 7 years,
son of Joseph A. and Minnie Chaney
Lee of South River, this county, died
yesterday at the Emergency Ilos- ;
Death was due to typhoid fever and
a little sister of the dead boy is now
ill of the same disease in the same
hospital. The remains were prepared
for burial by Undertakers Chaney &
Suite, who had charge of the funeral
arrangements this aftenoon.
The funeral will take place at 4
o’clock from St. Mary’s Church.
The pallbearers will be Walton
Childs, Paul and Walters Chaney and
Bryan Claude. The remains will be
interred in St. Mary’s cemetery.
No More Mixed l-'ights
In connection with the crusade j
which has already started against
the showing of the moving pictures
of the Jelfries-Johnson prize light at
Reno, and the demoralizing effect of
the result with its race riots and
murders. Mayor Strange, has some
thing to say.
Following the Kirk-Gabriel light at j
the Colonial Theatre on Monday, i
when the returns from the Reno ring
side were announced, Mayor Strange 1
said that the affair between th e j
wlute and colored sailor in the Colo
nial was the last boxing affair be
tween represenatives of the two j
races that would be held in Annapo
lis while he was the head of the city j
! government.
This stand has met with universal
favor, and it is not unlikely that the 1
Annapolis city authorities will join
Baltimore and other cities in pro- i
hibiting the showing of the moving
pictures of the fight here.
If you want to enjoy a pleasant
day go with the Chamber of Commerce
to Cambridge on July 13th.
r >
Farmers Matt Hank.
All Modern Banking Facilities:
Public Depositary of State, County and
City Funds.
Interest paid on Saiinrs Deposits one
per cent, every Four months.
Vault* of most approved construction
for storage.
Saft\ Deposit Boxes for rent from $3.
and upwards.
Collections and Remittances made all
over the World s
l etters of Credit issued on Foreign
Banks and Bankers
Amounts desired with individuals,
firms and corporations.
Resources over One Million Dollars.
Strong, safe, tested, tried and true.
t his Hank places st tlie disposal of Us
customers the experience and facilities
:!nel through 104 year 6 of continuous
•i ■ -access Nit growth aod public service.
! WIKT RANDALL., I’reahleut.
CLAYTON HKKWKit, Asst i'ashler^
i Judicial Disposition Of Afiairs Of Widows
And Orphans
Court met yesterday in regular
session with Chief Judge Tydings and
j Associate Judges Cusack and Abbott
lon the bench. Register of Wills
Duckett and Deputy Register Clayton
and Sheriff Revell present. The fol
lowing business was transacted:
First and final account of Edward
Brown, administratrix of George W.
Wayson, deceased,was filed, examined
and passed by order of the Court.
Administrator’s bond of John Nason,
administrator of Mary R. Nason, de
ceased, was filed and approved by the
Application of John Nason for let
ters of administration on the estate
of Mary R. Nason, was tied and pass
ed letters of administration* granted
and notice to creditors given, warrants
to appraise property issued to George
W. Gephardt and Joseph W. Traut
Report of Camsadel Hammond, ex
ecutrix of John T. Hammond, de
, ceased, was filed and passed.
Report of Mary Sembly, executrix
of John Sembly, deceased, was filed
and passed.
First and final account of Mary
Sembly, executrix of John Sembly,
deceased, was filed, examined and
passed by order o the Court.
Inventory of the personal estate of
August Kleinschmidt, deceased, was
filed and passed by order of the Court.
Inventory of the personal estate of
Matthew Strohm, deceased, was filed
and passed by order of the Court.
Application of Anna L. Brewer, for
guardianship of Dorothea L. and
Marjorie A. Brewer, infant children
of Samuel R. Brewer, decased, was
filed and granted by the Court.
Guardian’s bond of Anna L. Brew
er, guardian to Dorothea L. and Mar
jorie A. Brewer, was filed and ap
proved by order of the Court.
Release of Anna L. Brewer, guar
dian of Dorothea L. and Marjorie A.
Brewer, to Joseph W. Duvall, admin
istrator, was filed and passed.
Order of Court in the matter of
the estate of Donald Donaldson was
filed and passed.
The last will and testament of
Meliora Duvall, deceased, was filed,
examined and admitted to probate.
First and final account of Joseph
F. Naughton, executor of Sarah
Naughton, deceased, was filed, ex
amined and passed by order of the
Miss Hendricks Becomes The Wife Of
Mr. Charles B. Suit —The Wedding
A very pretty wedding took place
at Eastport Sunday night, July 3,
when Miss Carrie 801 l Hendricks was
united in marriage to Mr. Charles
Benjamin Suit,at the residence of the
groom's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. B.
The knot was tied by the Rev.
James L. Smiley The bride was
tastefully attired in white and was
attended try Miss Ida Hyde. Mr.
Charles Hyde was groomsman. After
the wedding a reception was held.
The dining room was beautifully dec
orated, the colors being pink and
green, with cut flowers. The couple
■ received many biautifu] gifts.
Among those present were Mr. and
Mrs. J. B. Suit, Miss Helena Suit,
Mrs. El wood Martak, Mr. and Mrs.
Benj. Hyde, Mr. and Mrs. E. Fiese
ler, Mr. Jesse Suit, Miss Ida Hyde,
Mr. Charles Hyde, Miss Bertha Hen
dricks, Mr. James Suit, Mr. and Mrs.
Chauncey Suit, Mr. George Suit,
Mr. Frank Suit, Mr. Elmer Suit, all
of Baltimore; Mr. H. T. Thompson,
Miss Lula Baylis, Miss Agnes Suit,
Mr. W. F. Suit, Mr. and Mrs. J. W.
Baylis, of Baltimore; Mr. and Mrs.
Robert Suit, Miss Maggie Suit, Mr
and Mrs. H. Burroughs, Mr. Henry
Burroughs, Miss Kate Jacobson, Mr.
and Mrs. F. Geraci, Miss Jessie Mer
son, Rockville, Md.; Mr. and Mrs.
Lewis, Miss Sadie Lewis, Mr. and
Mrs. F. Sagelken. Mr. J. T. Walters,
of Baltimore.
Chamber Of Commerce To Give Excursion
July 13
Realizing that all work and no play
makes Jack a dull' boy, the Chamber
of Commerce will give an ’all-day
outing on Wednesday,July 13.t0 Cam
The steamer Annapolis will ieave
foot of Prince George street at 8:30
a. m. Returning in the moonlight.
Music, dancing and refreshments or.
the boat. No intoxicating liquors
will be sold. Baseball game betweer
Cambridge and Annapolis teams.
The committee is sparing no pains
to make this occasion a red letter
And Still Thei Come
The membership of the new fourth
class at the Naval Academy was boost
ed by two today,when Albert Gleaves
Berrv, Jr., son of Rear Admiral
Berry, retired, and James David
j Black, of Springfield, 0., were sworn
in by Captain Bowyer. Young Berry
comes from Washington, where his
parents now live.
For a good ride on the Chesapeake
and a visit tooneof Maryland's thriving
towns go with the Chamber of Commerce
< to Cambridge on July 13th.
And Maryland Gazette
' H ■ I I ■ '
Full Navi I Funeral For M Jship
man Sherman M. Na:on
Lafjre (ladi-ring Of Friends Al The Sim
ple Service In Trinity Church New
port R. I.
The funeral of Midshipman Sh- ; -
man M. Nason, first class. United
States Naval Academy, who was
drowned here a week ago yesterday,
was solemnized Saturday at noon at
Trinity Church, Newport, R. I , and
the remains were accorded all the
honors of his rank.
Throughout the formalities there
was great solemnity, and many citi- j
zens did honor to the dead, who never
knew the young man, but were touch
ed by the story of the sudden break
ing of his life thread. Along the
streets,as well as within the church at
Newport, were to be seen many of
his former classmates in the Newport
schools,and at the church were a num
ber of naval officers and members of
their families.
Two carriages were filled with flow- •
ers, several pieces coming from An
napolis and one from the Rogers High i
School class of 1907. The midship- !
man rifle team not being sent to New
port, the bearers were old Newport ]
schoolmates, with one exception. !
The body bearers were eight boy i
petty officers from the Training Sta
tion. The naval escort was in com- i
mand of Lieut. F. T. Evans and com- !
prised the Training Station band and
a full company of apprentice seamen.
They came over from the Training
Station in boats at 11:30, disembark
ing at the Government Landing and
marching up Church street to the
church entrance, where they awaited
the arrival of the body.
Rev. Stanley C. Hughes, rector of
Trinity Church, Newport, R. 1., was
the officiating clergyman. The vio
let hangings were of course used,
and the mourning for the late Bishop
McVickar lent added solemnity to the
occasion. The church was well filled.
Before the service Organist H. A.
Casey rendered a musical program,
which included Chopin’s “Funeral
March. " Just before the body was
brought in, “Nearer My God, to
Thee,” was played by the Training
Station band, stationed in the church
The funeral party was led by the
clergy and the six honorary bearers
Benjamin M. McLyman, John Hass,
Herbert P. Crowley, H. D. Schmidt,
Norman T. Fludder and Midshipman
E. Gladstone Haas, the last-named in
uniform. The coffin, wrapped in the
American flag covered with floral
tributes, was borne by eight appren- j
tices and followed by the immediate
The chant, “Lord, let me know
mine end,” was sung by the choir 1
consisting of Mrs. Lena Carroll, Mrs.
Sadie Bailey King, Mr. Daniel U.
Boone and Mr. Nelson R. Duby.
The lesson, I Corinthians xv :20, was
read by Rev. Mr. Hughes and
1 “Nearer, My God, to Thee” was
sung. After the Apostles’ Creed
and appropriate prayers “The Strife
is o’er, the Battle Done” was sung
and the funeral party left the church,
the strains of “Nearer, My God, to
Thee,” being again heard in the
church yard.
After the church ceremony the body l
was again saluted as it was brought
out of the church and placed in the
hearse, and then came the escort to
' the Island cemetery, where the in
terment took place. In Thames street
the escort swung into column of sec
tions and maintaine this formation so
far as possible in the absence of a I
previous clearing from the street of
standing vehicles. On the march up
Thames street the band played
3 Chopin's “Funeral March” and at
the grave, following the committal
. service of the church, a bugler sound
j ed taps, and the escort fired the usual
j three volleys over the grave.
. Midshipman Smith, son of Captain
• Smith, of the War College, was the
’ only other representative from An
napolis present, and be went unoffi
cially,happening to be in town. Sev-
eral officers from the Training Station
l were iu attendance and Pay Director
e Goodwin Hobbs, (retired), was also
Mesdames Claude, Tisdale And
Thomas Are Dropped From
The Board
School Commission Hold Regular Session
And Transact Business
The Board of County School Com
missioners met yesterday in regular
session,with all the members present.
After hearing the minutes they were j
approved and the Board transacted the
following business:
The bids for furnishing fuel to the
Annapolis schools were awarded to the
following: No 2 coal for the Annapo- j
lis white school, Annapolis colored 1
school and the Eastport school was
awarded to Robb Combs Company at
$5.84 per ton delivered; No. 3 coal '
for the neighboring county schools
was awarded to the Henry B. Myers |
Company at $6.60 per to delivered.
The following trustees were ap
poited: Charles Crosby, 12-8; Eld- j
ridge Wilkerson, 12-8; George S.
Rider, 1-5; Reverdy Williams, 1-5,
vice Robert Wailson.
Miss Isabel Harvey was appointed 1
as second assistant at the Mayo }
Miss Josephine Hopkins was ap- I 1
pointed assistant at the Jessups 1
school; Miss Annie Glover as assist
ant at the school 1, district 1.
The following resignations were ac- 1
cepted by the Board: Miss Bertie f
Stoll, 1-4, assistant; Miss Katherine (
Duckett, 5-1; Miss Maud Watts, 11-2, j
principal; Miss Mary D. Worthing
ton, 1-8, principal.
Miss Miss Boone was awarded the ■
scholarship at St. Mary’s Seminary. J
The request for $lO for the library
at school 1-1, Mrs. Weedon, teacher,
was granted by the Board.
The following assistant teachers
were appointed : Miss Blanche Par
rett, 1-8; Miss Fannie Bennett, 2-8;
Miss Lina Proutt, 5-8; Miss Wila
Rockhold, 11-8.
The following teachers contracts
were confirmed by the Board : Miss
Lillian Carr, principal, 7-1; Miss
Myrtle Langford, 2-4; Miss Mary E.
Johnson, colored, 9-3; Miss Bessie
Williams, 8-4; Miss Mary Rockhold,
principal, 5-8.
In reference to the matter of the
ruling of the State Board of Educa
tion on the Annapolis 'school trustees,
the following resolution was passed
by the Board:
Whereas, The State Board has de
cided that the Annapolis district
school trustees were legislated out
of office by the law of 1904, and have
been illegally appointed by us since;
Whereas,We” have perfect confidence j
in the ability of the individuals com
posing said board of trustees, there
( fore
Resolved, That the following gen
tlemen be appointed trustees of the 1
school No. 1, District No. 1 for the
present school year: John deP.
Douw, Frank H. Thompson, William
F. Williams
On Their Excursion To Havre de Grace
July 18
On July 4th the Eagle screamed to
its heart's content, but that is noth
ing to what the Annapolis Aerie of
Eagles will do on July 1, when they
give their excursion to Havre de
Grace and Port Deposit.
It will be an all-day trip and plans
are being made to have it the best
ever. The committee of arrange
ments is leaving no stone unturned to
make this the day of days. Every
thing will be done to make the day
a most enjoyable occasion. No in
toxicating liquors will be sold on the
For particulars see ad. in another !
Shot In The Face
I Mr. Adam Shipley, of Harmon’s, in
this county, who was accidentally
shot while trying on the Fourth of
July to stop two colored employee*
from fighting, was in Annapolis yes
terday. The ball passed under his
lower lip, just grazing along his face.
Race Riots Even where As Result Of
Prizefight On The Fourth
As a result of the prize fight on
July 4 at Reno. Nev., the following
may be summed up:
Sixteen dead, hundreds of others
injured, many of them seriously
There*were serious race riots and at
tempted lynchings in New York,
I'hiladelpha, Washington, Norfolk,
\ a., Roanoke, Ya., several towns in
West Virginia. Atlanta, New Or
leans, St. Louis, Moundsville, 111.,
Plainville, Conn., Pueblo, Col., and
in dozens of other cities and towns,
including Los Angeles, Cal., which
is Jeffries’ home.
It is believed that the race feeling
engendered will cause more or less
serious trouble for weeks to come.
More than three hundred marines of
the navy who had watched the re
turns of the fight marched through
the streets of Norfolk Ya , hunting
negroes all night, and after the chief
of police found that he was powerless,
he sent to the navy yard and secured
Two persons were shot in cold blood
by negroes as a result of the Fourth
of July celebration in Washington.
Five children were setting off fire
works in tront of their home Monday
night when a surrey, with two negro
couples, drove past.
A woman in the vehicle shot a re
volver toward the children and a bullet
passed through the body of 9-year-old
Thelma Devere and lodged in the
shoulder of Mrs. Clark S. Enoch,
who was standing on a neighboring
porch. The child will die The
negroes were recognized and their
arrest is expected.
Governor Crothers Asked To Join Move
ment For Supression Of Big f ight
Governor Crothers was appealed to
today to stop the contemplated exhib
iting of moving pictures of the Jef
fries-Johnson fight within the State
of Maryland. He was asked to join
a country-wide movement of state ex
ecutives in a crusade having this pro
hibition as its object.
The appeal came in a long tele
gram from William S. Shaw, of Bos
ton, the general secretary of the
United Society of Christian Endeav
orers. The telegram received at the
Executive office in the State House
was at once forwarded by Chief Clerk
Hardy to Governor Crothers’ Balti
more office for the Executive’s ac
Mr. Shaw, after calling attention
to the deaths and race rioting follow
ing the announcement of the fight re
sult in all parts of the country, pre
dicts that this result will be nulti
pled many fold by moving picture ex
The telegram then asks him to
join other Governors in the prohibi
tion of these “demoralizing shows
to save our young people.”
Hot Springs, Va.
Come for a in the Alle
ghany Mountains, 2,500 feet
aliove the sea level, at the
world famous HOT SPRINGS.
Riding, driving, swimming,
golfing, tishing and hunting.
Broad, breezy verandas.
Write for Booklet and Rates
SEELEY & FENSTERER, Proprietors,
Hotel Alphin, Hot Springs, Va. 66m
...T H E...
Annapolis Banking dr Trust Co.
Cor. Main Street and Church Circle.
This Bank hereby notifies all Depositors in its
Savings Department that the semi-annual interest
at the rate of 3*4 per centum per annum is now due
and payable to them, and has been entered to their
credit on the books of the Company and draws in
terest from this date as part of the principal.
Depositors will please hand in their pass-books as
soon as convenient, so that entry of said interest may
be made therein.
9 A. M., to 4 P. M. Saturdays, 9 A. M., to 6 P. M.
„/FH E...
Annapolis Banking dr Trust Co.
George T. Melvin. President, I
Am A. Joyce, Secretary J. Marshall Caughy, Treasurer l
1 he Evening Capital—Established 1884
Residc'nts Ask Court lor Si\
Trustees Not Three
Action Potions Ruling 01 State Hoard Of
Education And Resignation Ot Six
Judge Janies R. Urashears this aft
ernoon signed a petition for a man
damus against the Hoard of County
School Commissioners directing them
to show cause before July 12 why
they should not at once re-appoint six
members to the Hoard of Trustees
of the Annapolis public schools. The
petitioners in the request for the
mandamus are Dr. Louis H. Henkel.
John F. Strange and Robert Moss.
The petition for mandamus follows
the resignation of the six trustees of
the Annapolis schools yesterday on
account of the ruling of the State
Hoard of Education, to which the
county hoard had referred the matter
of the validity of the present method
of appointing trustees under Chapter
275 of the Acts of the General As
The State board ruled that in
amending the local school law this
had been repealed and that as a mat
ter of fact there should be only three
male trustees named instead of six.
| three of whom have in the past been
The petition filed today charges
that this is illegal and a nullity
claiming that the law in question is
still unrepealed and in full force.
Ihe chapter in contest provided for
the appointment of a board of trustees
to consist of three men one Demo
crat, one Republican and one Prohi
bitionist and three women.
Will He held Mere July IJ, 14 And 15
The annual teachers’ examinations
will he held here on Wednesday,
Thursday and Friday, July 13, 14 and
15, in the public school on Green
Besides the examinations for teach
ers’ certificates, there will be an ex
amination to fill vacant scholarships.
One male scholarship is vacant in
Washington College, Maryland Agri
cultural College and at Charlotte
For particulars see advertisement
in another column of the Evening
A Corning Naval Wedding
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Clary, of
Elizabeth,N. J, announce the engage
ment of their daughter, Miss Dorothy
M. Clary, to Midshipman William
Thomas Boyd, Jr., United States
“Bill Boyd,” as he is familiarly
known by his classmates, is a grad
uate oft!“ Naval Academy, Class
•Saturday, July 2, either in Conits’
Candy Store or between Conits’ and
the Market House, a Poekethook. con
taing t')3 40 in cash, check for $25.00.
Ten Dollars reward ($10.00) for return
to Mrs Ella Lee Burtis, 22 Market
Space. j5-tf.
New r 10 H. P. Oriole Engine. Will sell
very cheap or trade for Real Estate.
! Can be seen any time on application,
j Box 333 or phone 20 or 107-y j - r i-7

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