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M.p ys[j (Jazette—Established 1727.
\ < )L. i-J 11—NO. 7
. | jit-mi Sais Project l Slil
,| bulletin of the Mer
Manufacturers’ Associa
|, , t Sc rotary Thomas G.
' M:> plan of bridging
.) Clc-'apea^e
j, .. , ha prevailed in re-
M onumental enterprise
: ha been able
i t(,o i untrary, it is in the
. ale-1 activity, The
i • , w<>rl: are not in such
, j t ivc them publicity. Our
, j . i i"U ly at work and
• . j i( H mbleton & Co. circular
, v declares the bridge
. fiu ible nor reasonable.’
,’l , , j it. of the fact that we
urvey made
tl,.’ greatest engineering
, i .ii the w.>rid,which declared
• . i! le hut that
,},i, Vl ,i no unusual obstacles.
V\. ha I the uivey made by compe
learn whether the
.(. u,. w , f.-asible and reasonable
I w ul.l meet the requirements of
th,. C .v. mment We went at the
t.-r in an intelligent way, not as
lot of school boys.
lial'unor- is not losing* its trade
on th> ! • tern Shore. Its trade is
, , j.,- i pit.• of handicaps. Our
in.-rchant have been active in the
j tvo y< ai>. Hut in order to get
w hat i a .ailalde, and especially to
h. . the great selling market to
t1.,. tioii, rapid transit must be
l, a l 'i r.ole is not a matter of senti
ment or State pride, hut a matter of
M-eking price and convenience.
There will always be a large field for
b< at an I a growing one. Waterways
, n the I'nited States nave never had
the attention they should. But in
nearby territory business is done
largely by personal visitation.
The interurban trolley lines have
try into town. The
the presence of
tl , valuable, hut -till a barrier to
quick transit Chesapeake Bay have
t,. he offered to meet rival cities.
Thi can never be completely attain*
.Jby f. rry l oot- The only real so
lution i a I,ndge across the Chesa
jieakc. it is hound to and will come
-omc Jay While we are in favor of
any means to give us better and
niur. .idequate transportation facill
tami they arc susceptible of much
t . ttcrnu nt now. still the Merchants
i. •;.! Manufn turers thought it worthy
t,, look i to, keep in sight and work
for that which scented to be best.”
1 -prrami'ts In leave I'arlv lor The
Washington Congress
11. fifty K-perantists of Bolti
iit-n and those of Annapolis, who
will attend the sixth international
hsp. ianto Congress, which begins in
Wa-hingtoii tomorrow, will leave on
a! tally morning train Saturday.
K. v Paul Hoff man, pastor of the
lira c Kpi-i opal Church, Baltimore,
w ,11 jre i.l.- at the Kpiscopal service
'• be coihlu. ted in Esperanto by the
filtinnue contingent during the
lor .Ime- 1,. Smiley, of this city,
4>-.'tant to he rector of St. Anne’s
! te-tait Episcopal Church, will
company the Baltimore party and
will delivi r an address at the open
■r of i!.. s.-.-sion.
Home from Turope
Jf- a ! Mrs. George E. Blander
* m l ! on;r yesterday from an ox
trip to I urope. They were
- if,; at i- ,1 by their niece. Miss
Cora M. Carrie. and their nephew,
*■,' ■ ,"< \ tli ay, both of Scot
•* '• and Mrs. Blander had a
trip visiting England,
-CarC. Ireland France and
■ Sank,
Modern Banking facilities:
I'k-'ik Depositary of State, County and
' ity f und>
Sauti|s Deposits one
\..i,*.'V vnt - ever >' B'urmionths.
• - v'C roved construction
' ' : rent from $3.
maiie au
'lb - f Crf f i * i ed on Foreign
Banks and Bankers
wuh individuals,
letourcM ‘ rations.
mholt Dollar
• o. tested, tned and true.
'' Etl if K 4 £ t j.'
Worn*r • V\ , V l (k vllti*o®al of lu
•v.Lfj , • vtccrieu, r Uciuttea
* u.- ,V°* ' rr rc onuuuout
public er\ Ice.
vL“ V r *t'sent.
V t.xy lAI , . • ' sstiler,
V -~ U *• ‘-h As.- CWii.r
—Splendid Opportunity
Sammer s Outing.
A 0 R RENT m
a at Aruailei-on-tlie-Bay.
Z **• u- .* ~,
- >> m, beauuruily
- . , H -I ' n.nC
'Uotiej thr„uib
et .. I ttnn'tv .
■ •“' 4! :r ua v h.. x
j-o t r.
fatitop *
\ aluable Property In I he County
Changes Hands
A Sub-Division Of Kcspress Cilv Dis
posed Of
• Mrs. Harriet A. Dadds has convey
a ed to Miss Nellie M. Dadds the lot
b and dwelling at No. IIS
r street, this city. Con. sl. etc.
i Wiliam A. Morlin and others have
sold to W. Beckert and wife a lot of
r ground at Lennox Bark. Con. $5, etc.
Frederick E. Baukhages, Jr., and
Anna E. Baukhages have sold lots at
• | Grandview Bark, a sub division of
Kespress City, to the following par
; tea: Maggie Kupfer, Thomas W.
i Lynch and Margaret Lynch, all of
l Baltimore, and Car! H. Wefeimeyer
and Katie Wefeimeyer, of Sparrow’s
I Point, Md. Consideration fn each
J i transaction, sl, etc.
‘ ; Margaret Newell has sold to Louis
f M. Hesse and others, 10 acres of
• land in the Fourth district. Con.
ss, etc.
Alexander Stephan has sold to
; Sherman T. Kimbell, 5-8 of an acre
| of land in the Fifth district. Con.
Margaret Newell has sold to Will
iam G. Jackson and wife two lots
of ground, 10 acres each, in the
1 Fourth district. Con. $5, etc.
Margaret Newell has sold to John
1L Sponiger 10 acres of land in the
! county. Con. $5, etc.
Leslie W. Baker and wife have
sol i to Joseph Frankowski and wife,
73 1-2 acres of land in the county,
i Con. $5, etc.
William Adams has sold to Ulys
ses Matthews a tract of land in the
Second district. Con. $5, etc.
West kiver (iirl Marries Prinler in
M iss Kathryn F. Bussey, daughter j
of Mr. and Mrs. Robert 11. Btissey,
of West River, this county, who for
several years has been a nurse at the
Church Home and Infirmary, Balti
more, where she was graduated from
the nurses’ training school, and Wal
ter B. Schmick, son of Mrs. Margaret
Schmick, 1802 Fairmount avenue,
Baltimore, were married yesterday.
The groom is a well known printer.
The ceremony was performed at the
home of the groom’s parents at 11
o’clock by the Rev. David T. Neely,
pastor of Aisquith Street Presbyter
ian Church. Only immediate friends
and relatives of the couple were in
attendance. After the wedding the
bridal couple started on a honeymoon
through the West and North. They
will reside on Fairmount avenue,
Balt more, upon their return.
City Fathers To Consider kVpori On
Spcvifiolion For Re-Paving Of West
Street Tonight
For the purpose of receiving and
considering the report of the com
mittee which has the matter in charge,
the City Council will hold a special
meeting tonight to take up the matter
of repaving West street.
The specifications for the work were
presented to the Council at the regular
monthly meting on Monday night
after having been prepared by Qjty
Engineer J. C. Little and referred to
a committee composed of the Street
Committee, the City Engineer and
the City Counsellor.
It is not unlikely that some further
action in the matter of the agreement ‘
between the city and the Chesapeake
i Bay Navigation Company regarding
a permanent landing place for the
j company’s steamers will also be
; taken up.
Celebrate Labor Dav
Annapolis Aerie, No. 1363, Frater
nal Order of Eagles will spread
their wings and soar toward Bouch
er’s Grove on the Spa on Labor
Day. Monday, September 5. There
will be games, races, aquatic sports
and amusement of all kind and danc
ing afternoon and evening. Watch
for the adv. in the Capital.
Chamber ofCommerce
There will be a special meeting of
the Chamber of Commerce at their
lltb, at 8.30 o’ctock. This meeting
is of special importance and all
members are earnestly requested to
be present without fail. By order,
alOit President.
HARRY L. BREWER, Secretary.
ari ndeiTbuilding. •
Plans Prepared. 4 i
Secrelarv Of Navy Wanted To Oust
f „ Capps Who Will Not Retire
When Secretary of the Navy Meyer
left Washngton a month ago for his
summer vacation in Canada and New
' England he felt thoroughly satisfied
with his first year's administration of
the navy, believing that he had tne
belligerents of the various staff corps
well subjugated and that his over
throw' of the Newberry organization
scheme was premanent.
During the year several elements of
bureaus became submissive and were
legislated out of office. Conspicuous
. among these was Paymaster General
Rogers. Lastly, just before leaving,
. Chief Constructor Capps, who, like
Rogers, had opposed the Meyer policy
. before the naval committees,was pro
vided with official inspiration to tend
er his resignation, to be relieved by
Constructor Watts,in whom the entire
navy has confidence for his profes
sional and harmonizing ability.
J The downfall of Capps was the last
thing accomplished by Secretary Mey
er,and this announcement he made on
the eve of his departure, feeling cer
tain that Capps, like Rogers, would
qujt the service altogether and be out
of his way henceforth. But this is
where Mr. Meyer is to have a sur
prise, and this is the latest important
development in the fight between the
Secretary and Admiral Swift and the
line on one side and certain members
of the various corps on the other side.
Mr. Meyer, in his statement before
leaving, announced that Capps had
tendered his resignation, which would
be accepted from October 1, on which
date the chief constructor coulu take
advantage of the new 30-year service
law. The general impression gained
was that instead of being ousted sud
denly, as in the case of Paymaster
General Rogers, an understanding had
been reached whereby Capps would
tender his application for retirement
if allowed to remain chief until that
Rumors crop up occasionally that
Secretary Meyer is to leave the navy
soon, either to be Secretary of State
or Secretary of the Treasury,in which
case Assistant Secretary Winthrop
probably would succeed him. Mr.
Winthrop, many persons believe, is
not wholly in sympathy with the
radical action of Secetary Meyer in
putting his system in force, and he
has the highest regard for Mr. Capps.
Members of the Senate Naval Com
mittee, who were not consulted by Mr.
Meyer in ousting Rogers and Capps,
are understood to favor an investiga
tion of the whole subject next winter,
with the idea of embarassing the
Since Capps is known to have their
support, Mr. Meyer is not likely to
refuse to give him assignments be
coming his rank.
Sb amer Idler Makes Second Trip Acnos
Bay With Goodly Number Of Pas*
senders From Eastern Shore
Although a little behind schedule
time, the steamer Idler, of the Chesa
peake Bay Navigation Company,made
her second trip from Cambridge ta
Annapolis in good shape this morning
and brought another safely large
number of passengers, most of whom
made their regular 11:10 connection
over the Washington, Baltimore and
Annapolis Electric Railway for Balti
Over a dozen paid passengers were
taken aboard at Cambridge for the
Western Shore, and these, like the
passengers who made the initial trip
yesterday, expressed themselves as
well pleased with the new route.
Somexljttle difficulty is being experi
enced with the packing in the engines
and the resulting inability to hold the
proper pressure of steam to make the
required speed to maintain the sched
ule, but when this is corrected, no
further trouble is expected.
The Idler was inspected this morning
upon her arrival here by Acting Col
lector of the Port, A. H. H. Ashford,
to see if she complied with the Federal
equirements of safety. She apparent
ly passed the ordeal satisfactorily.
Ships Of Coinnundtr Clark’s Practict
Fleet With Middies Aboard Get
Under Way For Home Ports
Announcement was made at the
office of Superintendent Bowyer, of
the Naval Academy this morning that
the ships of the summer practice
cruise with the'middies aboard,would
sail for home waters tomorrow morn
The lowa, which is Captain
Clark’s flagship in the fleet, and the
other vessels, will leave Hcrta, in
The Azores, tomorrow and will reach
the Chesapeake Capes about August
, 23. They will not lay over at Nor
folk, but will proceed at once tc
Solomon's island. As soon as they
are reported inside the Capes, the
government tug Standisb with mail
accumulating from July 25 on.aboard,
will clear from the Academy to carry
mail and supplies.
The members of the middy football
squad will be taken aboard the Stand
isb and will go on leave at once, as
they will have to return to the Naval
Academy ahead of their classmates
late in September to start fall
—Get at safe FREE from Annapolis
Banking & Trust Co. open Saturdays
till 6 P. M. other week days till 4 P. M
And Maryland Gazette
ANNAPOLIS, MD., TIIUKSDAY, Al'til’ST 11. 1910.
I o Be Held Here On September
5, For Five Days’ Session
Routine Business Transacted At MonUilv
Meeting Of County School Board
Ihe County School Commissioners,
in monthly session Tuesday,announced
that the regular school year will be
gin on September s,though the actual
convening of the schools for the scho
lastic term will not be until Septem
ber 12. From September 5 to 9, in
clusive, the annual Institute of the
county teachers will be held in this
city. Contrary to the custom of the
last several years, Anne Arundel will
not have a joint institute with the
counties of St. Mary’s, Frince
George’s and Charles.
The Board announces that those who
received a general average of 70 per
cent, or better in the teachers exam
inations,and not less than 70 per cent,
in Arithmetic, Algebra and English
Grammar, are entitled to certificates.
The trustees of school No. 10,
District 4, were authorized to repair
said school house at a cost not to ex
ceed $25.
Miss-Mii ian V. Thomas wa- grant
ed a year’s leave of absence fr>m her
school, and Miss Grace Up n was
appointed as substitute dui i ig the
interim. An extension of ! tve of
absence was granted Miss Frances
Duvall, of Annapolis.
The resignation of Miss A. Stella
Clark, as principal of school 9, Dis
trict 4, was received and accepted.
Appointments of the following
teachers were announced: Mi-<
Annie Glover, assistant school 1,
District 1; Miss Ida BassfoPd, assist
ant school 4, District 1; Miss Eliza
beth Jones, assistant at Mayo; Miss
Edith Jones,principal at Taylorsville,
the trustees having failed to qualify;
Miss Lillian Bassford, first assistant, I
and Miss Zang, second assistant at '
Shady Side; Miss Laura Sansbury, I
assistant at McKendree; Miss Mildred
Tisdale, principal at West Annapolis,
no trustees having been appointed;
Miss Effie Murray, principal at Fair
field, trustees having failed to qualify;
Miss Etta Benson, assistant at Fair
Miss Clara Bell Kent was appointed
tiacherof mathematics and physics
at the Annapolis High School.
The request to have the colored
school at Skidmore was denied.
Scholarships at the State Normal
School, Baltimore, were awarded to
the following: Miss Bessie Hawkins
and Miss Mollie Anderson, of Brook
lyn, and Miss Alice Myers, of Ad
The Board decided to discontinue
the use of Prince’s arithmetic.
The Board adopted a standing order
providing that in the appointment of
assistant teachers the period of their
employment shall be for one year or
so much of the year as their services
are required, but in every case the
appointment shall be for one year
only, unless reappointed.
Commissioner Melvin, to whom had
been referred the selection of a site
for the West Annapolis school,recom
mended the lots at the corner of West
Annapolis street and Monterey ave
nue, including lots 10 and 12 of block
20. This recommendation was adopt
ed. Mr. Melvin also recommended
the establishment of another school
in the neighborhood of Wellsview.
This was not acted upon.
The salary of Miss Agnes Himmel
hetnr, commercial^teacher in the An
napolis High School, was fixed at
S7OO per year,and that of Miss Naomi
Hawkins.vice-principal of the Brook
lyn school, at S6OO.
Having received the highest marks
in their respective examinations, Mr.
Thomas Davidson was awarded the
scholarship at the Maryland Agricul
tural College, and Master Allen
White to the scholarship at Washing
ton College.
The County Superintendent was di
rected to enter into negotiations with
the Howard County School Board in
regard to increasing the teaching ca
pacity of Annapolis Junction School,
the same being inadequate without
the appointment of an additional
teacher; Howard county to pay its
portion of the increased expenses con
nected therewith.
Miss Corse was continued for the
coming year as teacher of drawing
at the Brooklyn and Curtis Bay
The following bids were acccepted:
To paint school 7, District 2, inside
and out, Charles Worthington, SSO;
to paint school 3, District 1, Benja
min A. Brown, SSO; to build school 7,
District 8, DeWaard & Sons, $770; to
build Edgewater school, DeWaard &
Sons, $750.
Germantown Jottings
Miss Clara Phipps, of Crownsville,
is spending her vacation with her
aunt, Mrs. William Phipps.
Miss Ruby Brady, of Berwyn, Md.,
is visiting her aunt, Mrs. Gates,
Brewer avenue.
A young colored boy, James Wal
lace,was kicked by a horse which had
been turned into Brewer’s pasture.
One of his limbs was sprained,and bis
body was bruised, but no serious com
plication resulted.
Mrs. Cranford and children, of
Brewer avenue, who have been visit
ing relatives in Washington. D. C.,
have returned home.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Tomford, of
Jersey City, are visiting Mr. H B.
Myers, of Cherry Grove.
Mr. Guienot Draws Number That Gives
Him Motor Boat
Mr. Philip Guienot was the lucky
winner of the motor boat at the draw’-
| ing held last night at the Colonial
Tne drawing was under the auspices
of Independent Fire Company No. 2.
The tickets to the number of 481 were
shaken together and put into a box,
I and were drawn by Master Edward
Russell, the young son of Mr. George
W. Russell, Chief Clerk at the City
I’ostoffice. The judges were Dr.
James D. Feldmeyer, Mr. John T.
Jefferson and Mr. John M. Green.
The lucky number drawn was 416,
held by Mr. Guienot, who had only
one ticket, while several others had
several tickets and some purchased
whole books of tickets. The irony of
fate or good luck, is that Mr. Guie
not already owns a motor boat. The
No. 2 Independent Fire Company pur
chased this motor boat of the Cleve
land, Ohio, Auto-Craft Company, by
whom the boat was made. It meas
ures 17 1-2 feet in length, is 4 feet
beam and seats eight people.
The boat runs eight miles an hour
and is equipped with a 3-horse-power
Ferro engine. The boat cost $lB6,
delivered here. The drawing for the
boat was in line of the work of the
volunteer firemen to raise funds for
the support of the fire company, for
which an appropriation is made of
$2,700, but the cost of maintenance
of which is $4,100. It, therefore,
becomes necessary for each of the vol
unteer fire companies to make effort
throughout the year to raise funds to
supply the needs of equipment, ap
paratus and general running expen
The many friends of No. 2 Inde
pendent Fire Company took an ac
tive and material interest in the
drawing and are gratified at the
Dailv happenings At Arundel-On-Thc-
Like Washington, the inhabitants
of which city Arundel-on-the-Bay is
largely composed, the little summer
colony near Annapolis has a floating
population. The Colonists are like
Tennyson’s Brook- men may* come
and men may go, but Arundel-on-the-
Bay goes on forever.
The Chain and Sprocket Club House
that has been closed for nearly two
weeks, is again open and is oc
cupied by the wives and children of
three of the members.
Mrs. Adams, of Philadelphia, who
has been visiting her sister, Mrs.
Arthur Lee Bosley, at Liberty Lodge,
and Miss Adams, returned home to
day. They will be much missed as
a delightful acquisition to Arundel
Mr. E. C. Graham, who has been to
Boston and Atlantic City for a fort
night, returned to his cottage and his
family last night.
Mr. and Mrs. M. 1. Weller, who i
have been on a visit to Atlantic City,
returned to Arundel-on-the-Bay today
and opened Deer Lodge.
Several of the residents on the
Beach own their own launches. In ad
dition to the Courts’ launch and Bos
ley’s launch, a Speed-y little launch
has recently been added to the pleasure
and comfort of the residents of Mr.
Speed’s cottage.
Mr. J. C. Courts will close his cot
tage on August 15 for the summer and
with Mrs. Courts and their son James
will sail from New York for Panama.
Miss Susie Courts and Master Jenn
ings Courts will go to New York to
spend some weeks with their
Mrs. Glancey.
Miss Shelby Robinson, who is the
guest of Miss Essie Smith at Concord
Cottage, went on a yachting trip yes
terday to Solomon’s Island with Miss
Smith and party.
The cottagers will give another
private dance on the pier Saturday
Will Not Beg n His Police Investigation
Until Health Is Restored
Governor Crothers wen t to Balti
more yesterday from his home at Elk
ton. He was pale and weak and
otherwise showed evidences of his
illness. He returned to Elkton in
the afternoon.
The Governor said he will remain
at home until he recovers his health.
He added that because of his illness
and consequent weakness he will not j
be able to accept any invitations for
several days, inluding one to be the
guest of Shellfish Commission down
the Bay.
The Governor also said that because
of his health he will not be able for
several days to to take up his proposed
investigation of the Baltimore Police
Department. He said he had nothing
to add to what he has already said re
garding his course toward the police
Police Commissioner Tome,tff Balti
more. said yesterday that if witnesses
before the Grand Jury had given that
body testimony which they had also
laid before the police commissoners,
as asseted by Foreman Cassard, he
was not aware of that fact.
1 Chamber Of Commerce
A special meeting of the Chamber
of Commerce will be held tonight at 3
o’clock. As business of importance
is to be transacted, all members are
earnestly requested to be present at
tonight’s meeting.
County Commissioners Appoint
Commission To Determine
Upon Route Lor The
Through fa re
Causes \baudomncnt Of Original Course
South Ri\er Ferry Ready
The question of the proposed new
road in the Fourth district again drew
considerable attention of tin* County
Commissioners at the Board meeting
! on Tuesday.
This matter has been up for sev
eral weeks, the original proposition
being to cut a mAv thoroughfare in
the district from Woodwardsville,
leading to Laurel, Prince George’s
, county, hut owing to the high prices
asked by certain land owners for
rights of way through their property,
j this idea has been practically aban
doned and another route has been sug
The commission appointed at the
! time, composed of Messrs. John
Bowie, W. 11. Brown and B. F. Zim
merman, have been directed to deter
mine and lay off a new route between
I the two places named, and a public
meeting will be held on the premises,
they will give due notice of the date
and time, of said meeting, in order
that the taxpayers interested may
meet them. The commission has been
directed to report to the County Com
misioners as early as possible, after
| the matter is adjusted.
The County Treasurer has been di
rected to pay over to Mr. Owen Lewis,
caretaker of the County Home, a sum
of money necessary to defray railroad
and steamer fare and expenses for an
inmate at the County Home, from
Annapolis to his home on the Eastern
Shore of Virginia. Mr. Lewis will
accompany the inmate as far as Bal
timore and see that ho is placed
aboard a steamer.
The Clerk was directed *o notify
the War Department that the scov
recently constructed for the South
River Ferry in accordance with an
act of the last Legislature, is com
pleted and ready for the Federal in
spection, Pending this inspection
operation of the ferry is delayed.
The following insolvencies were
granted: Harry Harvey and David
R. Steele, of the Fifth district, on a
basis of $3,600 for 1909; The Monarch
Supply Company, of the Fifth dis
trict, on a basis of S6OO for 1908 and
1909: F. W. H. Brehm, of the
First district, $456 for 1909.
The requisition of the Road Engi
neer for the followng lumber for re- I
pairs of the Severn River bridge,
was granted: One thousand fedt of
3x8—22 and 1,000 feet of 3xlo 22.
TMr. W. H. Woodward, of the Fourth
district, was before the Board in ref- !
erence to certain road work in his
district The matter was referred to
Commissioner Pumphrey and the
County Engineer.
Mr. C. B, Carr has resigned as con
stable for the Second district. Mr.
Carr was only appointed last week,
but found it impossible to serve.
Eitertained On Yacht
! The handsome yacht owned by Com
modore W. Evans, of Baltimore, ar
rived here yesterday afternoon with
the Commodore, Mrs. Evans and
other members of his family. Last
night Commodore Evans gave a din
ner party on his yacht and the guests
of honor from Annapolis were Mrs.
Joseph Russell and Mrs. Kelly, of
Prince George street. The appoint
ments were very attractive. The
yacht is one of the best equipped that
has ever been in this port.
...T H E...
Annapolis Banking' & Trust Co.
Cor.Main Street and Church Circle.

That is what it means to have an account with
the Annapolis Banking & Trust Company.
We have the equipment, facilities and system
which enable us to look after every detail in the
most practical manner.
Accounts, subject to check are cordially invited.
Three and one half per cent, interest on Savings
...T H E...
Annapolis Banking it Trust Co.
George T. Melvin, President,
Asa A. Joyce, Secretary J. Marshall Caughy, Treasurer

l "
9 A. M., to 4 P. M. Saturdays, 9 A. M., to 6 P. M.
1 he Evening Capital—Established 1884.
Yi rsovu mem ion
Cltroaulc ( Those Who Come and (In
From l)a\ to Day—lt\ Our Wan
About Town.
Miss I. Branson Hatch, who has
been visiting friends at Fort Madi
son and Jessup’s, Howard county, has
returned home.
Commander Frank \V. Itartlett, Ik
S. Navy. Mrs. Itartlett and son are
at Atlantic City.
Professor Alger, U. S. Navy, Mrs.
Alger and children,are spending some
time at Atantie City.
Mr. Daniel S. Nichols, clerk in ttTf
Farmers’ National ltank,has returned
from a ton days’ vacation, which he
spent at Atlantic City.
Mrs. Finite It. Kaissle and daughter,
Theodora, of Washington, who have
been visiting her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. C. Dammeycr. Charles street,
have returned home.
Miss Lula Kush, of Murray avenue,
sister of Mrs. L. It. Lacey, is visiting
her sister, Mrs. Kmmanuel Tack,
Jersey City, N. J.
Master W. J. Lacey, • little son,
of Mr. L. 15. Lacey, Murray avenue,
is visiting his aunt, Mrs. Kmmanuel
Tack, Jersey City, N. J.
Mr. Harvey G. Hogue, chief hos
pital steward at the Naval Academy
left today for his thirty days’ leave
which fie will spend at his home in
The Rev. Dr. George S. Hell is the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. Laing at
summer home on the Severn.
Mss Louise Francis, id' Kaltiinnre,
is visiting her uncle, Mr. Luther A.
Francis,local manager of tin l Tolches
ter Steamboat Company.
Mrs. Joseph Morrison, of Cedar
Pack and two children, who have
been visiting relatives in Ohio, has
returned home after a delightful stay
at Akron and Columbus nd vicinity.
Mrs. F. Sunderland, of the Chesa
peake House, has gone to New York
to„-visit her brothers and sisters.
Mrs. W. 1L Vansantand Miss EtheJ
Vansant, wife and daughter of former
City Commmissioner W. 11. Vansant,
j have left Annapolis for a vacation
! trip, which will be spent with friends
at Westernport, Allegany county.
Mr. and Mrs. William A. llantske
and son,Master Willie, have returned
to their home, Greenville, S.
after spending a month with the for
mer’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. A.
llantske, of this city.
j Capt. Ellis B. Miller, U. S. M. C„
; and Mrs. Miller, have returned front
Washington, D. C\, and have been
assigned to Quarters No. I Marine
Barracks, Naval Academy.
All Home Print
Today the Advertiser Republican
made its weekly appearance in u new
dress,all home made. The Advertiser
will hereafter appear in all home
type, that is the sprightly weekly
will contain no plate matter, but in
its entirety will be set up and print
ed in its own office. Alter all, the
homemade product is the best, and
the Advertiser-Republican is to lie
! congratulated on its neat and trig
dress, all homemade.
of German Lutheran
Sunday School at
AUGUST 11th, 1910.
Music, Refreshments, Games anil Dancing
TICKETS—AduIts ?scts. Children, Bets.

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