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For Annapolis and Vicinity:—
Kain late tonight, or on Wednes
day, warmer tonight.
I fib Manila?*: * -ix 5 tfc —ESTABLISHED 1727
VOL LVIII N>. 157.
Bell Tel. Co. to Pay Insurance to
Families of Their Workers.
Male Employees in Service Twenty
Fire Year* May Retire on
A fund of $10,000,000 for pensions,
sick benefits and life insurance will
tie available on January 1 for the
176.000 employees of the Bell System
and associated interests and their fam
ilies and dependents, amounting al
togetherjto more than a quarter of a
million people.
This $10,000,00J fund will be
made from year to year by annual ap
propriations on the part of the Amer
ican Telephone and Telegraph Com
pany and Associated Companies, and
the Weatern Union Telegraph Com
pany and the Western Electric Com
pany. The plan for the distribution
of this fund has been characterized
as the most liberal, comprehensive
and ideal ever inaugurated. Presi
dent T. N. Vail has provided com
bined benefits for superannuation,
sickness, accident and death for an
industrial army more than twice as
large as the standing army of the
United States.
This provision is made entirely at
the expense of the various companies
interested, without contributions of
any kind from the employees them
selves. The application of these va
ried benefits will be strictly demo
cratic and will be for the benefit of
all employees of every rank. The
plan will provide for free change of
employment from one company to
another.'with full credit for combined
terms of service. The Bell System
and associated interests provide em
ployment for about 176.000 people.
Of this number 130,000 are employees
of the Bell Telephone System. The
total yearly pay for the whole group
is about $116,(>00,000, something
over $80,000,000 being paid out in
wages by the Bell Telephone System
The terms by which provision is
made for the needs of age, illnesj,
accidents and death may he summar
ized as follows:
Male employees who have reached
the age of sixty years and who have
been twenty years or more in ser
vice, may retire on tension. They
may he retired at the option of the
company when they have reached the
age of fifty-five years and have been
twentv-five years or more in service.
The pension age of female employees 1
is in each case five years younger
than that of male employees. Any
employee who has been thirty years
in jerviee, regardless of age, may be
pensioned on the aproval of the presi- 1
dent of the company. <
The amount of the penison is au
tomatically based on the years of 1
service and the amount of pay, and 1
will be 1 pe* cent, of Jthe average an- |
nual pay for ten years, multiplied by '
the number of years of service.
Therefore, a man who had been thirty
years in service would get 30 per
cent, of the average salary which
had been receiving during his last t#n
y ears of -'si.ite. No pension will J
be less than S2O per month.
in and due to the performance of \
work for the company, tne employee
will receive for total disability full ]
pay foi thirteen weeks and half pay j
for the remainder of disability up to j
six years. If the disability is tern- I
porarv. he will receive full pay for
thirteen weeks and half pay until
able to earn a livelihood, not exceed- j
ing six years.
Employees who are disabled by
sickness Tor accident outside of the j
regular course of duty after ten years
or more in service, will receive* full I
pay for thirteen weeks and half pay j
for thirty-nine weeks; if from five to j
Deposits Now Over $1,069,533.51
Jane 14, 19121 Sept. 21, 1912
Capital Stock S 252.000 $ 252.000.00
Surplus and Undivided
Profits 158.442 173,301.47
Deposits 858.172 1,069,533.51
Total Resources 1,396,214 1,592,034.91
The confidence of the public in the integrity of this Bank
has beeu fully demonstrated within the past two months by
the largely increased line of Deposits, amounting on Sept.
2i, to $1,069,533.51, and its condition to-day is heal
thier and stronger than at any time during its long life of
honor and usefulness.
Deposit your Savings with us and let us compound your
money for you every four months.
HAKKY J. HOPKINS, i reildent L. D. GASSAWAY. Cashier
UKAFTON D. RIDOUT. Ylce-Preedt. r.C. BKEWKR, Asst. Cashier *ad TeUer
JAMBS M.MUNKOK. Solicitor.
(Cuming (Capitol.
ten years in service, full pay for
thirteen weeks and half pay for
thirteen weeks; if from two to five
years in service, full pay for four
weeks and half pay for nine weeks.
In tht case of employees who have
not been two years in service, beads
of departments will be permitted
tbe same discretion as heretofore,
in continuing pay during temporary
In the case of death resulting
from accident in and due to perform
ance of work for the company, an
insurance amounting to three years’
pay will be paid to the dependents
of the employee, the maximum
payment being $6,000. In the case
of death resulting from sickness or
from accident outside of business,
the payment will be one year’s pay
for employees who have been ten
years or more in service, and one
half of one year’s pay for employees
who have been from five to ten years
in service, the maximum payment be
ing $2,T00.
If any State statutes provide for
more liberal compensation than is
provided under the Benefit Plan, the
statutory provision will prevail.
Where the employees have legal
rights, as in some accident case.*,
they will have the option of exercis
ing such rights or accepting the com
pany's benefits.
Tht American Telephone and Tele
graph Company has set aside from its
surplu* a fund which provides for
those whom it directly employs, and
also provides a reserve, upon which,
under certain conditions, the Asso
ciated Companies may draw. This
fund is supplemented by funds set
aside by each company. The total
appropriations will aggregate some
thing more than $10,000,000. The
benefits, it is estimated, will cost an
nually about $1,000,000 more than
the present payments on this account
The administration of the funds
will he in the hands of the Em
ployees’ Benefit Committees of five,
to be appointed by the board of direc
tors of each company. The commit
tee of each associated company will
have jurisdiction over the benefits
for employees of that company. The
Employees’ Benefit Committee of the
American Telephone and Telegraph
Company will have genera) jurisdic
tion over the plan for the entire sys
tem and specific authority as to the
American Telephone and Telegraph
Company’s employees’ benefits.
{'abiotic Son* to Meet.
There will be a meeting of the
Patriotic Order Sons tf America,
Washington Camp Nc. 88, tomorrow
evening, November 18, at 7:80
o’clock at their hall for the purpose
of making arrangements for an enter
tainment. All members are request
ed to attend.
Tonight’s Dance at West Annapolis.
Tonight the volunteer fire company
of West Annapolis will give a dance
in their new hall at that village.
Good music will be furnished and an
excellent program of dances has hern
arranged Liberal patronage is so
licited. For particulars see ad. in
another column.
"‘(Belli IRoom.
The Southern style of cook
ing and excellent service -
have made the Grill Room
so famous.
There are more fancy dishes
prepared and cooked to or
der in the Grill Room than
all Southern Maryland com
Close your kitchen and dine >
in the Grill Room occasion
ally; a change will do you
Have a Dinner Party with
your friends in the Log
Room —always cheerful and
cozy. 031 m
' St. John’s Second Team Could Not
Cope With Fast Attack of Balti
The Reserves of St. John’s Col
lege could not break down t*ie strong
offensive work of the Baltimore
City Collage football team yesterday
afternoon, and the latter wou in a
well-played game by the overwhelm
ing sore of 27 to 7.
Not until the closing minutes of
play were the Reserves able to save
themselves from a shut-out, and then
the touchdown was largely the result
oi the difficulty in passing and hand
ling the ball accurately in the fast
falling darkness. It was when St.
John City College to attempt
to kick from their own 40-yard line.
Hargreaves at centre, made a bad
pass to Fulton for the kick, and two
St. John’s men broke tnrough and
diwned the City College fullback for
a lose of U*n yards. On the second
attempt Hargreaves tossed the leath
er over Price’s head and St. John’s
recovered it four yards from the Bal
timoreans goal line. In two plays
the locals pushed it across, Moisan
making the touchdown and Fell kick
ing goal.
Early after the opening of the game,
City College had a good chance to try
for a field goal, but failed. Shortly
afterward, however, the visitors got
their attacking machine to work and
carried the hall forty-five yards,West
finally going over for a touchdown.
Incidentally, West was the star of
the game. He scored three of the
four touchdowns for City College,
drove his team finely, and did espec
ially brilliant work in running tne
ends and handling tbe ball on kicks.
To be Resumed at Executive Mansion
Nov. 21—Governor’s Wife to Re
Owing to the unfinished condition
o< the Executive Mansion, which has
been undergoing repairs and interior
d oration for tne last several
m ths, Mrs. Goldsborough, wife of
the Governoi of this State, a.id the
“First Lady of Maryland,’’has not
been able to inaugurate her Thurs
day afternoon receptions so far this
On Thursday, November 21, Mrs.
Goldsborough w.ll hold her first
Thursday afternoon reception at the
Government House from 4 to 6
o’clock, and will receive on every
Thursday afternoon from 4 to 6
throughout the season until Lent.
On Friday of this week, November
16, Governor and Mrs. Goldsborough
will receive the delegates from the
convention in Washington of the
Daughters of the Confederacy, who
are expected here two hundred strong
on a “Seeing Annapolis Trip.”
Mrs. Goldsborough has asked a
few ladies in Annapolis to assist
her in receiving on this occasion.
The delegates will arrive over the
Washington, Baltimore and Annapo
lis Electric Line at 11:80 o’clock
Friday morning.
Board of Public Works May Elect State
The Board of Public Works will
meet here tomorrow and will probably
try to elect a State Auditor.
Tne place has been vacant since last
February due to the fact that Treas
uer Vandiver and Comptroller Har
ington.the two Democratic members,
who, control the board, have not
agreed upon a man.
The friends of John F. O'Malley,
of Howard eouuty, say that he is still
a candidate for the place and has the
support of General Vandiver. The
friends cf Comptroller Harrington,
however say that he will not vote for
Mr. O’Malley.
The place pays $2,000 a year, with
SI,OOO for expenses, and is one of
the most desirable in the State. A
deputy auditor at $1,200 a year is
also to be elected.
Sending Out Football Tickets.
The executive committee of the
Navy Athletic Association has been
busy with the task of sending out the
admission tickets to the Army-Navy
football game to be played on Frank
lin Field, Philadelphia, November 80.
Those now going through the mails
are destined for officers or others en
titled to them living at distant points.
Those to be distributed in Annapolis
as well as other nearby places, will
not De sent out for several days yet.
Preaching Tonight.
There will be preaching tonight at
the Presbyterian Church, the Rev.
Dr. George S. Bell, pastor. The ser
mon will be by the Rev. W. H. Wool
verton, of Stockton, N. J., whose
sermons Sunday and last night were
uplifting and helpful. Services are
every night this week at 8 o’clock
at the Presbyterian Church. .
Fourth Class vs. Cross Country Club.
The fourth class midshipmen tomor
row afternoon will play the footba’l
team of the Cross Country Club of
Baltimore. The game will De called
a 4 o’clock.
On Thursday, November 14, there
will be a game at the Nava) Academy
between the losing classes. This
game will also be at 4 o’clock.
’ 1
Detail of Expenses Incurred in
Floating the Loan
Lewis Gardiner Gels Contract for Im
provements to Building of Munici
Although the actual cost to the mu
nicipality in acquiring complete con
trol of the Annapolis Water Company
by the purchase of the State’s stock,
and the acquisition of other private
holdings, totaled $95,624 47, it cost
the city nearly $4,000 more to nego
tiate the SIOO,OOO bond issue.
The additional amount represents
the interest on borrowed money for a
period of nine months and other inci
dental expense.!, including a fee of
SSOO vated to City Counselor Ridgely
P. Melvin for “extraordinary legal
services rendered, ’ as stated in .he
report of the Finance Commission.
The report was submitted to the
Council at its monthly meeting last
night, was read and unanimously ap
Mayor Strange, Counselor Melvin
and City Collector and Treasurer
Gott comprise the Finance Commis
sion. Counselor Melvin addressed
the Council aB to the report, and in
the course of his remarks he spoke
of legal entanglements that were ad
justed after much difficulty, the firm
of Kean, Taylor & Co., of rtew York,
purchasers of the bonds, having re
fused to accept them until they were
assured of absolute ground as to the
legality o! the issue.
Mr. Melvin said he was up against
a number of prominent New York
lawyers in thrashing out the matter.
Here is the commission’s report in
Annapolis, Md., November 11, 1912.
To the Honorable, the Mayor Counselor
and Aldermen of the City of Anna
polis, Maryland.
The Finance Commission beg to sub
mit herewith their report of the sale of
the $100,000.00 per cent. City of
Annpaolis Water Loan Bonds; ana the
amount expended in connection with
the purchase of the stock held by the
State and p.ivate stockholders in The
Annapolis Water Company.
To sale of $100,000.00 4%
per cent. City of Annapo
lis Water Loan Bonds, at
$100.71. $100,710 00
To accrued interest for one
hundred and eighty-two
days, from April 1, 1912,
to October 1, 1912, 2,275. 00
Total, S ir>2,985 00
Amount due State for Bix *
hundred shares of Water
Company stock at $101.50, 60,900 00
Amount made in exchange
of other State stock, 1.191 53
Actual cost of the Water
Company stock purchased
from the State, 59,708,47
Amount paid private stock
holders :
423 shares at $83.33 S 35,250 00
6 shares at slll.OO 666 00
Total cost of purchase of
stock, 95,624 47
Interest on money borrowed
to purchase said stock,
pending sale of $100,000.00
Bond Issue, from Jnauary
9, 1912, to October 1,
1912, 3,260 20
Total disbursements for
warded, 98,884 67
Advertising sale of Bond
Issue, 149 25
Auctioneer’s fees for selling
Bond Issue, 30. 00
Printing bonds, 7? 35
Expenses of Finance Com
mission to Baltimore and
New York, 91 50
Telephone bill, 22 00
Typewriting, 10 00
Ridgely P. Melvin, far ex
traordinary legal services
rendered, 500 00
Total, $99,760 77
Balance, 3,224 23
Respectfully submitted,
Finance Commission.
Important among other questions
disposed of by the Council last night
was tbe final decision as to the re
modeling and enlargement of the
present chambers of the Couneil, so
as to gather all city officers under one
roof, and the award of the contract
for the work.
For weeks the City Fathers have
had under consideration two plans oi
the proposed improvements, one for
the erection of a two-story building
in the rear of the present Council
Chamber, and the other for building
a one-story structure, and the former
was finally agreed upon by tbe com
mitte on public property. The con
tract was warded to Mr. Lewis Gardi
ner, who submitted the lowest bids.
His bid on Plan No. 2, that was ac
cepted, as $7,908.46, and that of the
other proposed plan was $7,095.
The other bidders in the competi
tion, and their bids on Plans 1 and
2, respectively, follow: Severn Con
struction Company, $9,796, and
$10,696; Bean brothers, $8,128.70
and $8,828.70 ; Griscom and Carlson,
$7,283 and $8,054. The work will
be started as early as possible.
City Treasurer Gott submitted to
the Council his monthly financial re
port, shewing a balance in the treas
ury on November 1, of $8,463.01.
The Finance Commission also sub
nrtted its annual report, together
with another report approving of
the sub-reports of the several city
officials from May to October, in
due ve.
Holding that the requirements of
his office warrant greater remuner
ation, Dr. William S. Welch, city
heaUh officer, filed a petition asking
the Council for an increase in sal
ary. The request was laid before
the Finance Commission.
In a communication from the
Civic League, the Council was re
quested to take action looking to
having all outbuildings in the city
cloßed,and all stables screened before
April 1 ot next yesr, together with
enforcement of the ordinance requir
ing the placing of garbage cans at
least ten feet from the pavement, and
asking what steps have been taken
towards the safe and sane Fourth of
July next year. The letter was re- ,
fe.-red to the Committee on By-Laws
and Ordinances.
Although the £lectric Light Cotn
mitiee had previously been unable to
agree upon the request of President
A. J. Mclntosh, of the Eastern Snore
Steamshp Development Company, for
electric lights at the foot of King
George street, where the steamboat
line has its terminal, Aldermen Sulli
van and Chney,constituting a major
ity of the committee, got gether i
last night and recommended plac
ing of four incandescent lights in the
neighborhood. Alderman Myers, the ,
third member of the committee,voted
against the passage c-f the order.
The monthly report of the directors
of the Water Company was read and
approved. It showed the mainten
ance of a good as well as prclific
supply of water, and stated that the
balance on hand November 1 amount
ed to $3,156.57. The reports of the
several city officials and local police
justices for October, also were re
The Council granted the petition of
Mayor Strange, head of the firm of
R. E. Strange & Sons,for the enlarge
ment or the building adjacent to his
present store with a show window to
project 17 inches beyond the present
building line.
Favorable action was taken upon
the petition of the trustees of Stanton
colored school for the use of the City
Assembly Hall on the night of No
vember 26. An entertainment is to
be given for the benefit of the school.
In a letter from Rev. W. F. Miller,
pastor of Eastport and Edwards'
Chapel churches,the Council was ask
ed to take some steps to compel
the Electric Line to provide heat this
winter for the little car that runs to
Camp Parole, fhe matter will be
taken np with the railway company.
H. Scott Arnold, representing the
Short Line railway, asked the Coun
cil for permission to erect a platform
and stand for the Texas Oil Company
in the railway company’s yards for
the purpose of a depot for the oil
company. This was referred to Mayor
Strange and Engineer Logan with
power to act.
Having decided to build the new
fire station for the Water Witch
Hook and Ladder. Company, of the
First ward, on the site of the present
building on East street, the Council
last night took up and went over
carefully the plans and sptcifications,
together with the drawings of the
structure as furnished by R. Malcolm
Hunter, the architect.
There is available for the building
of the new fire quarters about $7,000,
but it appeared that the plans and
specifications are somewhat too
elaborate to get within that amount.
So the matter was referred to the
Committee on Public Property, which
will make certain modifications. This
committee is also charged with the
duty of advertising for bids for the
work. It is hoped to get every
thing satisfactorily adjusted within a
few days.
The new building will be of brick
and of thoroughly modern construc
ton in every particular. It will have
a frontage of 28 feet with a depth
of 600 feet. It will be two stories
high and sumounted by a cupola for
the alarm bell.
Chairman Parkinson, of the Public
Property Committee, told the Council
that the repairs necessary to be made
to the Rescue Hose Company's fire
quarters on West street would cost
something like $69. and Mr. Lewis
Gardiner had submitted the only bid,
it being for tuat amount. The com
mittee was authorized to award the
contract. The repairs are of a minor
nature, consiting of painting, etc.
The Council appropriated SSO to
defray the cost of excavations to pro
vide the proper drainage for the al
ley leading from Compromise street
into the City Dock to carry off storm
water that frequently collects on
Compromise street.
An abatement of SBOO in taxes was
granted Ennalls Waggaman, said as
sessment being charged against a
motor boat which has been sold by
Mr. Waggaman.
All Catholic Men Invited.
Tonight the Knights of Columbus
will give a smoker in St. Mary’s
Hall. They invite ail Catholic men
in Annapolis to be present. The
gathering is strictly for social pur
poses and the men will enjoy a social
session and a smoker. AH Catholic
men in Annapolis are cordially in
Chase Home Day.
A!1 who are interested in the Chase
Home Donation Day and sale, held
the first week in December,are asked
not to forget their annual donations
for this splendid Home and its good
Tnt Evening Capital—Establish tD IM4.
Ass if ned for Argument Today But is
Postponed Until Next Week bv
The appeal involving the consti
tutionality of the People’s Court Act
p’assed at the last session of the Leg
slature, did not come up for argument
before the Court of Appeals today as
had been anticipated.
Instead, the Court, at the request
of James Hewes, the appellee for de
fendant to the proceedings,fixed next
Tuesday # for the hearing of arguments
because of the inability of some of
the attorneys to get to Annapolis this
The case in question is a mandamus
instituted by Robert Levin, who ask
ed that Justice Hewes be ordered to
send to the People’s Court the papers
in a suit filed before him. A demur
rer to the petition was sustained by
Judges Dobler and Ambler, and the
present appeal was taken hy attorneys
in behalf of Mr. Levin.
Proceedings in the Court of Appeals
today were as follows:
No. 64—Clarence E. Sidnor and
others, against Lavinia E. Graves
and others; appealed from Circuit
Court N. 2, of Baltimore city; argued
by Joseph L. Donovan and Edward
M. Hammond, for the appellants, and
John Phelps, for appellees.
Son Issues Statement of Father’s Con
Senator lsidor Rayner, of Mary
land, is reported seriously ill at his
home in Washington.
Mr. William B. Rayner, who has
been in constant attendance at his
fathers home for the past three
weeks, speaking for Senator Rayner’s
family, saiJ last night that his fath
er is suffering from an aggravated
form of neuritis and that complica
tons arose which caused Mr. William
B. Rayner, at his father’s request, to
get their family physician in Wash
ington, Dr. B. L. Hardin, to consult
with Drs. Finney and S. G. Earle, of
Baltimore, and Dr. Hagner, of
Washington, in reference to a minor
operation to relieve the Senator’s
These gentlemen have consulted and,
as yet, have not arrived at a conclu
sion as to the advisablitv of an oper
ation. In the meantime the Senator
has been up and around the room, at
tending to his correspondence, and
taken his usual keen and intelligent
interest in the events of the day.
He deeply deplores the absolute exag
gerated stories as to his condition.
The Regular Meeting of the
the Chamber of Commerce will be
held on
November 12th, at 8 30 P. M.
The attendance of all members
urged. By order.
04 H. F. STURDY, Sec’y.
/ >
Annapolis Banking and
Trust Company is well pre=
pared to furnish its customers the
facilities and service which assure
accuracy and promptness in the
handling of their Banking business.
We cordially invite you to open
an account, subject to check; or a
saving accouut on which we pay
three and one=half per cent, inter
Safe Deposit Boxes For Rent.
Annapolis Banking a trust Co.
Main Street and Church Circle
GEORGE T. MELVIN, President.
Banking Hottb*:—B A. M. to 4 P M. Satckdayb—9 A. M. to 6P. M.
Either Wty AM.—6, 6.30, 7, 7.30, 8, 8.30, 9, 10, 11, 12—Either Wav A M
= |
I called you up Mrs, Ready to thank you for your information
concerning the 50-trip books for S2O on the Annapolis Short
Line. It is just like a family party on the cars now, so many
t friends are using the books. It is so satisfying to
think that the round trip costs me but 80 cents.
1 a “. B la d that you have availed yourself of one of the books,
Titnekiller. I think the railroad company ought to think
a lot of me for I have caused a great many of those books to be
sold lately,
' gither Wyf.M.-l, 2,3, 3.30,4,4.30,5, 5.30,8, 6.30, 7, 8,9, 10.4 ft, 11.45^Either Way P.M
WHAT you vuil is iww*. Wo
have U. V.*o a month brings
Hit* ( a Hal to your door daily. I<* t
ua niu*t \ our sul*crt| tion at out*.
Local Flyer* to Go to Southei n
Florida "Next Month.
Condition* Now Umeasonable, a> i
Probably Will Not be Attempted
Unlil Spring.
Naval aviators now on duty at the
local school of aviation will go info
winter quarters about the middle <
December according to announcem* lit
made at the Naval Academy today
The camp will he established on
the southern coast of Florida, wheie
experiments will be conducted
throughout the winter months. Pre
liminary preparations are now being
made for departure from the local
camp, though the aviator* are engag
ing in flight daily over the river and
bay in the vicinity of Annapolis.
Just now the navy fliers are con
ducting experiments in connection
with the flotilla of submarine torpedo
boats that recently arrived here, to
determine the availability of air craft
for Bcout purposes in locating a ves
sel of the submarine type in naval
It is understood that the proposed
flight of Lieut. Theodore G. Ellyson,
chief of the corps of aviators here,
from the Naval Academy to Washing
ton, has been indefinitely postponed.
Conditions at this season of the year,
it is said, are rather unfavorable for
making such a flight.
This all water trip was undertaken
by Lieutenant Ellyson a few weeks
ago, but was abruptly halted by the
wreck of the Curtiss hydro-aeroplane
in the river after Ellyson had pro
ceeded but a few hundred yards from
the aviation grounds. The machine
turned turtle and threw the young
officer into the water, hut he escaped
The air craft,however, was reduced
to a complete wreck. The trip tj
Washington wbb ordered by the Navy
Department and the aviator was in
structed to keep in communication
with both the department and Naval
Academy officials in the event of
. making any landings during the flight.
Given by the
West Annapolis Firemen,
At their New Hall,
West Annapolis, •
Tuesday Evening, Nov. 12th.
Tickets, - 25cis.
HP* Vour patronage solieitd. nltd
. Optician
: With K. L. Ohauce, Jeweler,
KjreO lasses Kitted-Occullst Prescription
Killed— Len-es Duplicated .
~~ ' •'i- 1 - -t 11

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