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BP thF tt' ATHER
HI vteinttfi
■ \ , nht. Wed-
* ■>
■ v of Nava!
Hfl . bay.
HI tl.t United
nf r . f rp*, Bta-
BB . was in- ]
§||j| '.-k yester- !
HR .!• machine ]
mm : : ' ,n Bay. j
IB h r,]. Lieu-I
Mg - recoveredj
mm 100 yards I
B[ icH. Lieu- j
H flying out
fflll • irning to
BH ■ nt occur-
BH * reveal
§■ ' Murray is 1
BH • -curred at
■H I'rior to go-
BB : bur weeks
JgR the Naval
BB this city.
BH death ii the
|m . ,-itiefj corps at-
H| ~dt my. Liao- |
BH . - killed in a
HH ■ r t lie Severn
SB hud been in
|h| ! f, m,n and I.ieu
■ t,ng them. He
■ times
BB had been in
SB possibly and
■ • ruming toward
■ lit an altitude
BB v h-n spectator*
BB :’.ddetily toward
H ■ *.. tat or had con-
HB would jilane up
■ i rot do. Instead
gfi : its nose still
H and, gaining ve-
H • r with tremen-
M ... tlashinj up into
■ j. ne of the tall
H| a, weather ob
gg ~ - -nt and quickly
■ . it ion tation and
gg r. The latter
■ wdtilo two of the j
if • .lion tlew to the
HE Ttit* body of the
■ • floating some
■ t i t- machine and
M ;n .at to pieces,
■ .hi-nos liarron, 0.
■ Mai y ’a baa been
B a oral days, on a
B i Barron has
B s m*\ i-trcngth in church
B rifled by his phy-
B >r a change and a
B • H -Appointed.
B umbo- of appoint*
B ic by the Gove*- j
B • that cf Dr. M. !
H <!•-• Superintendent
B '.mute promptly
Bj 'm nomination.
I G E.
I Ptir ff ionalßank
f F bru&ty, 1914, I
v. this Bank ;
on the 2i st, j
.11- payable on j
h of February.
>’ 0 ASS A WAY,
Cashier. !
aiture, Pianos |
a ;inst loss i
.1 It bought and I
. -petty with me,
live protection
o State Circle.
rs IRattoital 36ank
.. ——
mKENGTH of years.
grown in strength and efficiency
years, and is in a better position to
ne public than at any time during
vor of 105 years,
ces over $1,650,000.00
is Compounded Every Four Months.
J. HOPKINS, President,
ON D. RIDOUT, Vto-PresMerii
:: Conservative! Sate.
Utoentnc " (La^Unl
“The Maiqutr&ders” Secure Perais
*iac for Eater taicmeßf oh Night
of February 28.
The management of “The Masque
raders,,'’ the dramatic organization
of midshipmen has g-cured permis
j sion from Superintendent Fullam to
! give an entertainment in the audi
torium of the Academic Building on
the evening of February 28.
In accordance with an order re
cently issued, officers, professors
and intruders attached to the Acad
emy who wi.ih to avail themselves
of the opportunity to subscribe to
the show may do so by sending $1
to Commander Koscoe C. Bulmer.
senior assistant to the commandant
of midshipmen.
Requests for tickets should be made
to Commander Bulmei not later
i than February 28. Owing to the
limited aeating capacity of the audi-’
torium, only two tickets will be 1-
lotted to each subscriber. It will I*-
i the One Hundredth Night Show by
the middies, Rnd it is understood will
consist of a minstrel and >lio per
formance. In former years the mid
shipmen gave their show during the
Christmas holidays, but now they
give two shows each year, one fol
low'ng the semi-annual examinations,
and another during the June Week
commencmmt exercises.
New Suffrage Bill Introduced by
Senator Ogden.
Senator Ogden introduced a woman
suffrage bill last night in the Leg
islature, which differs materially
from any heretofore offered or sug
This measure seeks to amend the
Constitution so that voting is prac
tically confined fo white women he
assuming that the colored women, or
most of them are illiterate and will,
therefore, be unable to comply with
the requirements.
It provides that “every femals
j citizen of the age of 21 years and up
wards who shall, without prompting
or assistance, correctly read aloud
from an officially used printed copy
of the election law or the Constitution
of the State any five lints of any sec
| tion of the election law or of the Con
stitution's designated by the officers
of registration duly tppointed for the
district or precinct in which she may
apply to be regisertd, and further
shall, without prompting or assist
ance write ltgibly and correctly 'Hny
j two lines from said printed copy of
j the election law or or the Constitu
tion, as orally dictated to her by the
officers of registration shall be en
titled to be registered and vote at all
elections hereafter to be h.*ld in this
state, provided that all requirements
as to residence or other qualifications
for male voters in the Constitution
shall be equally requi.-ite for female
Csptaio Hand Dead.
; Captan William H. Hand, retired,
died at New Bedford, Mass., yester
day. In 1879, as navigating officer of
i the revenue cutter Corwin, he led the
expedition In search of the Govorn-
I ment Steamer Jeanette, commanded by
Lieutenant l)e Long, which was lost
on the Lena Delta in Siberia.
_ - --
At City Assembly Rooms,
Independent Fire Co., No. 2,
Tuesday, Wednesday and
Thursday Nights.
FEBRUARY 17th, 18fb, 19tb.
Admission, 10c. Supper, 25c.
Children Adroitud Free Frida\
Afternoon. fthq-t
Strong Plea in Stirring Speech Be
fore Just Government League.
Mrs. Kent To Speak at Heme of Mrs
i J shown Next Friday.
The Ju*t Governmtnt League of
Annapolis,meeting *n the upp* r rooms
1 of the Advertiser Building on Monday
afternoon, was happy in hearing one
of the very best suffrage talks that
' has been made before that body dur
ing the year, and it was regretted
that a larger number of women could
not listen to the practical and direct
. app.nl of the Rev. J. G. Mythen, of
Mr. Sly then had some scolding
for Suffrgista, as it was n family
gathering, and regretted that women
Ehould have launched the suffrage
movement with the slogan of “Jus
tice" instead cf the higher ideal of
“Service.” JMr. Mythen regard# it
as a distinctly religious and regene
lative movement,and rpoke stirring
!y of the world-wide fght now on
between righteousness Bnd commer
cialized vice, in which true rn°n
need the support and awakened in
terest of women. He b.dieVed that
if people were really alive to the
issue, that instead of opposing and
trying to d.feat the bill before the
Legislature to enbmit the question
of suffragt to the vote of the peo
ple. every man and woman would
vigorously support the measure.
Mr. Mvthen regards the work
for suffrage as second to no other,
not even that of the church, believ
ing fully in the divorce of church
and State, he did not believe In Ihe
divorce of morality and statecraft.
It is this belief and justice that has
brought about n disgraceful state of
affairs in our country, and made it
laughing stock to other nations; who
are looking to it for demonstration of
the exetHence and practicability of
Democratic government. He declared
that in Italy, where he has been of
late, that the people were as familiar ’
as himself with he working of
American laws and of the travesties
in their administration.
Mr. Mythen fearlessly laid the re
sponsibility of coprruption at the
door where it belonged, asserting
(hat no brothels were maintained fq*
women, no race tracks opened for
their delectation or greed—liquor
saloons would have t> close if depend
ing on the patronage of women, and
the maintenance of penal institutions
would not be a great tax on the State
if women alone wers the inmates.
After his address Mr. Mythen answer
ed qustlons fr>m the audience with
out hesitation and with adroitness.
When asked what he believed to
be the ground of woman’s opposition
to woman’s suffrage, h; declared he
could not tell, believing as he did
that this is a religious and regenera
tive movement to which thoughtful
women and men had committed tbem
selves'and that its attainments would
be of infinite value lo all people. He
could not understand hm women
who had always stood for purity and
lighteousness could fail to fall into
line and become its champion?.
Among the interested listeners to‘
Mr. Mythtn were Frofessor Johnson,
1 U. 9. N., and Rv. J. L. Fmiley,
who took part in discussions and
supported the cause that had been
so ably presented in it# most whole
some and practical aspct. Uev. J.
G. Mythen shoulJ be heard by a
larger audience of Annapolitans, by
ministers, church workers, social
and civic leaders. After the meet
ing Mrs. Johnson announced that Mrs.
Kent, an interesting and able sup
porter of suffrage, would lunch with
hei in her home on Murray Hill on
Friday next, and afterwards at 3
o’clock speak in her drawing r' om on
suffrage for home. All were invited
to hear her. There will be, at the
usual hour on Monday next, a meet
ing of the Just Goveronment League.
Optus fomgbt at Citf Asitmbif
The Firemen’s sapper and bazar will
open tonight at tho City Assembly
Booms, Duke of Gloucester street.
The supper and bazar will be continued
for three nights, until Thursday in
clusive. The hall has been elaborately
decorated, and attractive booths have
been placed about the room until it
presents a beautiful and inviting ap
An admission of ten cents will be
charged, and the price of supper is 25
cents. A good supper will be served,
and there will be a sale of ice cream,
cake, homemade candy and fancy ar
Donations of cake, candy, biscuits,
rolls, oysters, meats, salads and every
thing to be served at a supper may be
sent to the hall, or notify the chair
man, Mrs. J. deP. D >uw or the treas
urer Mrs. Frank H. Thompson.
Get your supper tonight, tomorrow
night and Thursday night with the fire
men at the Citv Assembly Rooms.
Burst Steam Pipe Chtet Sckarl.
Tbs city public school, in all de
partments, was closed yesterday aft
ernoon for the half day’s session ow
ing to a burst #team pipe The school
childien were glad holiday.espec
ially as snow on the gronnd made
sleighing good.
An n Maryland gazette
urarrous. mix. Tuesday, fkbkuahy it isi4.
lieut -Commsoder Charles P. Hoff
7brashes Society Mao at
Newport News.
iekes Exc-piien To One-Sup Dance
at Valentine Party—The Ead
Net Yet.
The Warwick Hotel, Newport News,
Vs., was tbs scene of a valentine
dsne* Saturday night and incidental
ly the cause of more unfavorable noto
riety in the navy, which branch of
the service seems, of late, to be com
ing into unenviable publicity through
the prfßs.
J. Pi Kiesecker, a society man of
Virginia, was assaulted in the lobby
>t th Warwick Hotel Sunday morn
ing because Mr. Kiesecker danced the
“one-step” with Mrs. Huff at the
valentine dance. Lieut.-Commander
Charles P. Huff, U. S. N., ordnance
itficer attached to the new battleship
Texas, being completed at Newport
News, whp fined f1k.75 in the Police
Court yesterday, an f invited to leave
•he hotel by the management.
Friends of Mr Kiescckrr announce
that formal charges will be preferred
against the officer with the Navy De
According to friends of Kiesecker,
he was dancing with Mrs. Huff and
the commander was dancing with an
other woman. The officer told Mr.
Kiesecker that he objected. Thinking
that the officer was joking,Kiesecker
laughingly replied, “ Your objection
is overruled.” “But it is not,” de
clared the officer. “You will please
accompany Mr. Huff to her seat.”
The command was obeyed, and it
was thought that the incident was
closed. However, when Mr. Kie
secker entered the hotel yesterday
morning, on his way to breakfast.
Commander Huff, who was standing
in the lobby with hat and gloves on,
invited him to one side. Thinking,
he-says, that the commander was go
ing to apologize to him, Kieseckir
went to the entrance of the green
room and stood with his face turned
Without a word of warning the
officer struck Kieseckei, knocking
him down. Kiesecker arose and was
knocked down again, the officer jump
ing on him and striking him twice on
the head. Again Kiesecker arose,
and again he was knocked down. By
’that time Manager Derr and other
hotel men reached the scene and sep
arated the men. Huff admitted in
ccurt that he threatened to “put
Derr in the hospiigl” if the hotel
man touched him.
When his case was called in court
yvaterday, Huff pleaded guilty, but
the case went to trial. Th officer
said that the dance incident had noth
ing to do with the assault, and that
he hit Kiesecker because the latter
tried to “paw” him. Kiestcker de
r>i* t this statement, saying that had
he been trying to do that he could
have warded off th blow.
The assault created a sensation in
naval and society circles at Newport
News and a report of ft has been
made to the Secretary of the Navy, it
is said. Commander Huff went to
Newport News a few weeks ago, be
ing assigned to duty cn the Texas.
He is from the state if Texas, nut
served much time on the Facific
coast. He is said to be known as a
boxer of ability.
mm •- -■— i" ■
Beautiful Slereopticon Story at First
Metbodist Church.
An evening of story and song has
bien arranged for Tuesday, March 3,
at the First Methodist Church. The
nmous Temple Male Quartet, cf Baf
timoie, will give a splendid program
of music, and the organist and choir
of the First Church will take part.
The pastor of the church will read
the beautiful narrative of Henry Van
Dykf. “The Story of the Other Wise
Man,” with stereopticon pictures.
The Temple Male Quartet is one of
the nest known musical organization
in the State and it will be a special
privilege for the people of the com
munity to hear them eing. The stere
opticon story is one of the rarest
besuty, both the story itself and the
pictures. #
No charge will be made for admis
jion to this splendid evening’s enter
tainment. An offering will be taken
to privide the ezpenses. The date
will be Tuesday March 3,at 8 o'clock.
Another Clerk for Legislature.
The House of Delegates has not
wholly discarded the garb of economy
which it assumed early in the session
after it had gone the limit in filling
the pay roll. There were twenty-five
economists when a vote was taken on
an order by Mr. Cummings for the
appointment of a clerk to the Com
mittee on Public Buildings, of which
he is chairman. Sixtj -eight members
voted for th additions! clerk.
Valentine Dance Toaigh
The Valentine dance postponed from
Friday night will be held tonight at
Lyric Hail. Manager Kosenberg has
been granted permission for marker*
attending the masked dance tonight at
the Lyric to pass through the streets
wearing masks and fancy dress, on
their way to the balL
Naval Officer Who Shot Annapolis
Man Gives His Version.
Frank Green, Victim of Affray, Passed
Very Uoeomforrablc Night Bullet
lo Bcdy, is Believed.
The b .ard of investigation detailed
by Superintendent Fullam of the Na
val Academy, to probe the circum
stances oi the shooting of Mr. Frank
Green, Jr., of Annapdis, by Assist
ant Surgeon Ralph W. McDowell, on
Spa ertek Sunday afternoon, conti n
ucd it# sittings today. The meetings
are being held behind closed doors in
the board room of the administration
It is understood that Surgeon Mc-
Dowell, who was released by the civil
authorities on SI,OOO for a hearing
to be held before Police Justice
James D. Feldmeyer next Monday,
was before the investigating body for
some time this morning, and gave in
detail his version of the incidents
leading up to the affray.
Friends of Dr McDowell still in
sist that he did not shjot with the
intention of hitting young Green and,
furthermore, that the trouble came
about as a result of Mr. Green’s ac
tions in maliciously breaking the ice
near wht re people were skating al
though he had been asked not to lo so.
It is also said that insolent remarks
were made.
On the other hand, the friends of
Mr. Green assert positively that the
shooting was deliberate, and the fir
ing of the rifle by the officer followed
threat# made by him that he would
shoot Green if he did not step break
ing the ice. And they further point
to the foct that Mr. Green,in break
ing the ice, was doing nothing more
than pursuing his duty as caretaker <
of the yachts in winter quarters
in Charles street cove,
it wis learned today that the police
officials have another witness to the
shooting. He is Capt. Tom. Mat
thews, colored, master of a bugeye
at anchor in the cove. Matthews, it
is slid, saw the whole affair, and
says that the ice broken by Mr. Green
was too thin to jkate on, and further
that he heard no remarks made by
Green to the officer, although he was
well within hearing distance.
The condition of young Green to
day is reported as not to favorable.
He passed a very restless night, it is
stated, suffering a great deal of
pain, and this morning the wound in
the shoulder was deeding rather
freely. Although it was at first
thought that the bullet did not enter
the body, it is now believed that it
struck at the juncture of the collar
and shoulder bones and took a down
ward course.
Nava! as well as civilian circles
are greatly aroused over the shooting,
and the unusual circumstance incident
thereto. In the city it has caused no
little feeling. There is no doubt but i
that the hearing next Monday will j
attract a large crowd.
urTannaThaw hurt.
Aiigbiisg From Train, She Slipi Under
tar. Suffering Serious Fracture*
The Rev. Dr. A ina Howard Shaw,
president of the National American
Woman's Suffrage Association, and
one of the foremost workers foi
votes lor women in this country,
was badly injured when she fell while
alighting from a train in Jersey City
late Saturday
She slipped under a car after the
train had com* to a stop and broke
her right leg. An X-ray examination
showed that the la'ge hone was frac
tured and the other bone very badly
Dr. Shaw was removed in a taxicab
to the hotel wh re she lives in New
York city. She suffered greatly, but
bore up bravely and her condition is
not considered serious. She is sixty
seven years old.
Jaet a week ago today Dr. Shaw
spoke here at a hearing of the Suffra
gists before the State Legislature
and made one of her thrilling speech
es eapouaing the causes she advocates.
“Coßititotionai Law”—By Prof. H. F.
H. J. Fenton. M. A. LL. 8., in
structor at the Naval Academy, is
author of a book entitled “Constitu
tional Law.” The book is just out of
print and is published by the United
Statts Naval Institute.
Jt is an introductory treatise de
signed lor use in the United States
Naval Academy and other schools
where the principles ol the Consti
tution are studied.
A comprehensive review of Pro
fessor benton’a book will be pub-
Ifsh'd later in The Capita!.
Two More Midshipmen Resian.
The resignations of two more mid
shipmen, as a result of deficiencies in
the late semi-annual examinations,
were accepted today by the Navy De
p-tment. They are Thomas G. Burke,
of Virginia; Bertram D. Rock of
Michigan, both the fourth class.
This makes thirty midshipmen
in all who were compelled to
resign as a result of the examinatio s.
Occasion To bt Fittingly Obiervt d at
Naval AcadctbT —Holiday hr Tbe
Washington’s Birthday. falling this
year on Sunday, will oe observed on
• Monday It is a national holiday.
The occasion will be appropriately
observed at the Naval Academy. The
following order has been issued by
j Superintendent William F Fullatn in
! connection with the hdiday:
j The anniversary of Washington’s
: Birthday will be observed at the Na
val Academy on Monday, February
-22. Oa that day the vessels attach
ed to the Naval Academy will full
dres* ship at 8 a. m. and remain
dressed until sunset. At noon a
national salute will be fired in aceord
ancewith the navy regulations
Study hours, recitations and exer-
will bs suspended from after
drill on Saturday, the 21st instant,
until evening roll call on Monday, the
28d instant.
Leave to visifi Annapolis and offi
cers’ quarters in the Academy grounds
will be granted as follows: To all j
midshipmen not under restriction, on
Saturday, February 21, from after
lu cheon until 6:80 d m., and on
Monday, February 23, from imme
diately after breakfast until evening
roll call: to all members of the first
and second classes and to such mem
bers of the third and fourth class# as
may have received permission to ac
cept invitations, from after dinner
until 9:30 p. m. on Saturday, Febru
ary 21.
Midshipmn are requested to be
present at all formations, meals ami
duties specially assigned, except
when excused by proper authority.
•Squadron if Three Battleship* To
Take Middies OuS for Summer
Practice Work.
Introducing an innevation in the
course of practical instruction of mid
shipmen, Capt. William F. Fullam,
the new superintendent of the Naval
Academy, has formally announced
that he will accompany the brigade
on the summer cruise this year, com
manding the squadron.
Threi battleships have been assign
ed to convey the middies on the
cruise, viz: the Miasouri, which will
be Captain Pullam's flagship: the
Idaho and the Illinois. Commander
Guy H. Burrage, Commander John
F. Hines and Commander C. B. Price
will command the respective vessels.
The cruise will be to foreign waters,
it is announced, and the authorities
Bre now arranging the itinerary. In
the ansence of Captain Fullam, thr
commandant of midshipman will as
sume the duties of superintendent.
Got Icy Bath
While a jolly party of coasters was
enjoyinbg sleigh riding on Conduit
street yesterday afternoon, the boys
in charge lost control of the sled and
it ran overboard into Spa creek. The
i party of girls and boys were given
: an unexpected ice bath, but escaped
| further harm.
Large Three-Story Brick Dwell
ing, 187 Church St, lot 46 V 2 by 130
feet This property could
easily be converted into a
store and dwelling or an
apartment house.
- AT-
Carvel Hall
Now Reopened *
Oysters Served in Every
Style in the Rathskel
ler until Midnight.
(with m. t. Cm AMCC, KWU*
Kye-Ola*es Kitted —OccnUst* Kr<-hcrlp
tlon* Filled— Lenses Duplicated
Annapolis Short Line R.R.
66- trains EACH DAY- 66
I ——
Trains in either direction every hail-houi from 5.1:0
M. to 7 P M., then at 8,9, 10, 11 and 12 P. M.
New All-Steel Cars will he operated on all trains, effective Jan’y 4th.
Tbh Evening Capital—Estabushe'* i .84
Cfmiaa McClure ui Kaut*s Member of
First Ciau Recommenced for
For the first time in a number of
; a midshipman has been accused
' of •‘gojging.” and his ease, which
was the subject of an investigation
; by a board of naval officers, is in ihe
hands of the Navy Department,
awaiting final action by Secretary
' Daniels
Midshipman Clinton Inner-* Mc-
Clure, of Kansas, is the t-(Tender.
He is a member of the first class
to be graduated from the institution
| in June, and has been recomtnc tiled
j for dismissal. The report of the
occurrence was made through one of
the heads of dtpaitm-nts
Captain Fullam, the new superin
tendent, had the young man before
him for nearly an hour on Saturday.
Although -the case was handled by
fo tner Superintendent Gibbons.
M dshipman William I). Bungert. of
New Jersey.and Midshipman Chari*a
IA. McGowan, of Maine, aic impli
j eated in the case
They are accused of giving tale
| testimony in th* investigation of
j the charge that McClure brought
j into the examination room certain
notes used as an aid in anawem g
the questions. Midshipman McClure
claim* ne wa falsely accused, i.nd
asserts that the notes he was M->-n
tc use were jott d down in the ex
amination room, aft- r h* hn<! begun
work on hi# paper.
Vo action has been taken mi (In
case at the Nvav Department C m
mander Lloyd H. Chandler wa-* head
of the board that investigated tht
Close* laugh! >1 St, Mtty'i hi b
rroci iimn
The Forty Hours' Devoti closes
tonight at that 811 o’clock s> 1 vice at
St. Mary’s Church The feast of
Forty Hour#' Devotion began on Sun
day morning at the 8 o’clock mass.
For forty hour# the Blessed Sacra
mint is exposed on tin altar, and dol
ing this period worshippers are ex
pectrd to be io the church from 6
o'clock mass until 8 p m.
The church ii never without wor
shippers,and is expect
ed to visit the church at least once n
day and to stay as long as possible.
Duvall s Bridge Bill Panes.
In the House of Delegates last
night the bill introduced by Delegate
of this county, which com
pels the State Hoads Commission to
take over control of the bridges across
Be zero river and College cre< k, ami
to complete the road way, connecting
same, that is part of the Annapolis
Boulevard, passed its third reading
and was sent to the Senate. For a
time there was some doubt whether
that part of the bill pro/iding 1< r the
completion of the roadway would re
main intact.
Commercial Accounts
Subject to ( heck
Three-aßd-Uae-Hall Per Cent
Interest 0 q Saving* Account*.
We arc prepared to servt
von acceptably
The Annapolis Banking &
Trust Company.
3 ACI Ol’Nl sO 1
U A M TO 4 P M
Ukoogr T. Mki.vin, President.
EowakoM Bkkha*. Necrelary.
J MahsrauC’ai'UHY, Treasurer.
John K K.u-kk, Clerk.
\V?HATyou want news. We
' have it. 26c. a month bun,.*
the C apital to your door daily I **t
ua enter your aultctlpium at •

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