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I ;. |E W v\ther
■ ,~fcSTABLISBEE> 1727.
mm ♦
IffC- 'M
I * • f 0 Get
■ 01 H-RE.
§§f ?- h i tee Ap* j
Mm . i.-U-rs, of
H •-* papora
Jaapl : here. is
H| • rry who,
|Hi 1 <rt by a ’
m h- knew
■ : -.ther, in |
SR were I
SB > and (
HB asjii Mrs. |
111 l MS- afreet,
Hi /(.iis their
jSB < bf> elder
■H : : was m
|||S ( 1 .en in a
l* r1 in his
H| - ;.h Bass, a
|||l pirls, called
Ration, Bal
fH sr.d S. rgeant
f|§| •/ rt to bring
1. ho-.-us. A
was taken.
HR t h sisters
H| ••r -i moving*
Hi !..-ites sifter 6 i
H| is ■ 1 several 1
|H . they did j
EH hi it that
|H • nving home.
m :■< it the lowei j
H/, .v ra! hours '
HB B.ith mother |
■ thought they ;
H Dus was ;
HI -s ver;t up- I
EH,!, suf prised to >
H wort trot in j
||| .r ts -1 a search '
H in her eon j
H ■ : jn,i the con- j
■ . an- scattered j
H t'l .i, A forth-
■ nf ~ ./■ Jp _ T 1 j.
■ -ip ~~ ! 7 n i
I > a M t ■ i
I k
I I^PHp!^mli;ly
I \
I / tii 'V, i -I
I ,1- J- ,'Wy/ *1 . 1 1
I j Talk You Can Telephone
I the simplest and most direct way
! ., ft requires no writing, no
reparation. You just lift the re
volt 1 -n t ok you can telephone,
eager should be in every home.
! convenience at all times and in
o quickest and most direct way
u need telephone sendee,
:;u i- 3:.;e company
C. L. CLEMSON, Lot"! Manager
■, Annapolis, Md.
—•- \
Rational Ban I?
■ ..in—
grown in strength and efficiency
s. and is in a better position to
ublic than at any time during
! 105 years.
, over $1,650,000.00
Compounded Even l our Months.
HOPKINS, President.,
\ I>. RIDOT'T, Vice-Preskieni.
" l "
Conservative! :: Sate!
- '
tittup ft QLnpti ni
•er investigation revealed a note,
which had been pinned on the bu
reau scarf. Picking up the missive,
Mrs. Bass rt ad:
“Ceceia and 1 have gone off to
get married. After our honeymoon
we will return.
Some tim ago Cecelia disap
peared from her home on West
Saratoga street, whee her parents
lived before moving to the Biddle
street house. On this occasion,how
ever, she was found the following
day at the borne of a friend. Last
night the parents received word that
their daughters were in Annapolis,
nut an investigation showed this re
port was false.
Eiecliaa of Heptaiopb* Officers
h At tii regular nut ting Feb. 12, of
Ue Kalb Conclave N.o 257, the Annual
Installation Of’officers took place. The
. ... St ciclary, Frank E. Pleitner*
| and Supreme Medical Director Charles
! H. Bubert. of Baltimore, installed the
following officers for the ensuing year:
Past Arehon, John 11. Brown ; Ar
ehon, Wta. O. Pick; Provost, Fred. 11.
Gauss; Prelate, Frank Young; Secre
tary, I’, Roland Brown; Kinancer,
Henry T. Boettcher, Treasurer, Fred.
VV. Shaw; Inspector, Joseph McGrnw:
Warden, E. E. Bc-avin, Sentinel Win.
F. Clark; Trustees, f. J. Quinn, Wna.
F. (’lark and Wm. F. Minnick.
The Supreme Officers delivered very
entertaining and instructive addressee,
responded to by Past Arehon Minnick,
Arehon Pick, Bros. R. Thos. Williams,
Boettcher and others, after which ’re
freshment! and cigars were served.
George Washington
FRIDAY, Feb’y 20th, at 8 P. M,
At fcsslport Baptist Chu ch.
Admission iOct.. at the Door.
Refreshment ot*sale. - flB 3^
Insure your Furniture, Pianos
and Household Goods, against loss
by FIRE.
REAL ESTATE bought and
sold. Lht your property with me,
and receive conservative protection
Phone 446-v Office, 6 State; Circle

Co. M. Jubilant Over Result of
Game With Hyattsviiie Quint.
1 *
Anfl*poli< Soldier Boy* Made Credit
able Shiwiag—Phased With
T;at4psrtß*ioa Service
It would be hard to find a more
jubilant set of youths than the bas
ketball team of Company M.tbis city,
Mj4.it* friends, who returned from
Hyattsvilie last riight after defeating
the five of Company F, of that place
* by 24 to 34.
The game was desperately lought
from Ftait to finish, as the Hyatis
ville guardsmen hoped to redeem on
thsirown court the defeat in this
city two weeks ago, hut they were
outplayed at every point, and the
local lads won a most creditable vic
tory hy bstter team play Rtid individ
ual work.
The court was very small,and one of
(He most creditable things to the
Annapolis boys was the way th y met
the situation, and won under adverse
condition*. There was some rough
ness at different portions of the
vame, and there is nn douht that the
Hyattsvilie boys weie the worse
offender, but it was due to eagirnvst
to win rather than deliberateness,and
no hard feeling resulted. After the
gme the company authorities refr sh
ed the Annapolis party with sand
wiches and coffes.
Tht first score of the game was a
goal from the field by Austin, of F,
Boone evened the score shortly, and
then Annapolis forged ahead thr ugh
a goal from the foul line. IJyvUs
ville duplicated this in a few min
utes, the score being again tie. Com
pany M then ran ahead with a string
of four goals from the court, and
were never headed.
The W., B. & A. gave fim service
to the Annapolis party, giving them
a through car both ways, lht return
car being a special for the guards
men. There wire twenty-thr > in
the party, and the trip was success
ful in ev<ry way. The summary:
Company M. Company F.
Dawes left forward Vincent
Boone right forward Austin
Claude center Rcldnson
Linton left guard Sonnenberg
Craig fight forward Fainter
Substitutions —Company M, Holley
for Boone, Craig for Holley, Miller
for Craig; Company F, Williams for
Fainter, Vetni-r for Austin.
Goals from Court Co. M.. Dawes,
4; Claude, 4: Boone, 1 ; Craig, 1; Hol
ley, 1; Co. F, Williams, 2; Vine nt,
1 ; Austin, 1; Sonnenberg, 1 Goals
from Foul Line—Co. W, Boone, 1 in
2 attempts; Dawes, 1 in 8 attempts;
Co. F, Vincent 1 in 2 attempts; Will
iams, 3 in 4 attimpts. Referee -
Mr. Brooks, if Hyattsvilie. Tirm cl
Halves —Twenty minutes.
Committee Report* Favorably on ft.
The select committee appointed to
inppect St. John’s College reported
favorably to the Legislature for the
appropriation risked for.
Mr. Watkins Kill, providing for the
appointment of a counsel to the ( lec
tion supetvisors of Anne Arundel coun
ty at a salary of S4OO passed is third
The House Committee on Am rid
meuts to the Constitution decided un
animously to report favorably Mr.
Palmisano’s Till increasing the pc
diem pay of senators an I delegate.',
which is non- $5. The committee will
submit an amendment fixing the i a; ot
$lO instead of sls, the sum mentioned
in the bill. The vote on the propose
amendment is to be taken next y a
and if approved it will be effective in
1916. In the classics they would a;
“Fa is rich and M doesn’t car!!*’
Washing on and Lee, Sou h Atisnltc
Basketball Champions Here Today.
Although the Naval Academy bas
ketball team has been going at a live
ly pace this season and has net lost a
game, the players expected a livrly
game this afternoon when faced
the five of Washington and Lee Uni
versity, of Lexingtcn, Va.
The * Generals” won the champion
ship of the ScUth Atlantic Division
last season, and have a record of not
having lost a game on their own court
for two years. The visitors are on-,
out cn a northern trip. They lost to
Georgetown la a spirited contest
yesterday aftern ion by a score of J 9
to 11. Tbe game this afternoon be
gan at 4 o'clock.
Washington and Lee has a strong
team this jear, and th* men are not
only good basketball men. but are
versatile athletes in other respects as
all of the regulars ©r aubstilutes arc
members of either the football, base
ball and track t^m?.
L**t Thursday at Hose.
Tomorrow, the last Thursday be
fore Lent, will be Mrs. Arthur New
ton Brown’* last Thursday afternoon
“at home“this season.
Mrs. Brown has received every
Thursday afternoon from 4 to 6 at
her residence, 4 State Circle,'and will
hold her lest Thursday “at home” of
the present season tomorrow.
oui-.lv Comaiisioners Divided on
Meaiure Preposed ior Submission
To Leg sietore.
The Ccunty Commissioners are at
odds over the new road bill proposed
for tills county.
After a protracted discussion at
their meeting yesterday on the ques
tion of approving the. provisions of
th* measure that a bill mij;bt be in
troduced in the Legislature, a vote
was taken and it stood three for ap
proval and three for disapproval. The
absent, memker of the Board was
Commlstioner ShepherJ.of the Eighth
One of the principal changes that
would be made if the proposed law
was (nacted, is that of abolishing the
position of county engineer, and this
was one of tht chief contentions in
the discussions yesterday. Mestrs.
Basford, Myers and Friedhoffer,voted
for approval, while President Walton
•ind Messrs. Williams and Hammond
toted in the n-gative. It was finally
lecidtd to have a committee of th“
Tonrd meet the Anne Atundel rep
resi ntatives in the Legislature for
i further conference on the measure.
Earned on this committee are Messrs,
dyers. Hammond and Williams.
In addition to a number ot mu
ine matters disposed of at yester
lay's meeting, the Board opened
ids for the construction of 1,13
miles of State aid roads in the
Fourth district. Three bids wen
offered, two of which are by An
napolii men. Mr. H. E. Gray,of the
county, however, is the lowest bid
ler. His figure is $12,347.27. Mr.
Thomas McGuckian bid $13,530.98,
while ihe bid of Mr. George Jewell
is $14,25:'-.65.
The BoarJ accepted th' ©ff4 l of
f.ouh Urebb, a Baltimore oyster
packer, to donate to the countv 15,000
lushels rt oyster shells for the im
provement of the Teck Neck road, in
th > Third district, the only provision
being that the county pay at th*
rate of 1 cent per bushel, in order to
iefray cost of freight or hauling.
Da;!? Happesb-gs tcbedulrd cn
Society’s Calendar.
1 here are several card parties, after
noon and evening, on the tapis
fioin now until next Wednesday,
Ash Wednesday,so busy are the votaries
of aociety.
YeUorday afternoon Mrs. Hamilton
(Tale gave a pretty card party,
and auction was enjoy;d hy a large
psHy of ladles, Mrs. Goldsborougli,
wife of the Governor, was among the
Tonight Mrs. (’helps, wife of Capt.
vV. W. Phelps, U. 8. N., in charge of
ships at the Naval Academy, will giv••
! dinner party at her quarters un the
R. in i Mercedes, In honor of her guest
Mr". Uouglaß Cox, of New York.
Capt. and Mrs. Edward Lloyd have
taki n upartments here for the rest of
tho si -son. Mrs. Lloyd is tno sister of
Mr*. W. F. Full am, wife of the Super
intendent of the Naval Academy.
Mrs. Bcehlor, wife of Commodore
Bcehler, U. S. N., has sent cards for a
card party for Saturday night.
This afternoon Mrs. Fullam, wife of
the Superintendent of the Naval Acad
emy will hold her first official rcrep
Tonight Governor and Mrs. Golds
borough will give a large reception in
honor of the Delegates of tho Legisla
N w .SopennUndiiik’s Wife Gp.h oi
One of tne largest receptions of th'
season a as that given yesterday after
noon to meet Mrs. Fullam, wife of the
new Superintendent of the Naval
The hostess was Mrs. Logn, wife of
Capt. George W. Logan, U. S,
commandant of midshipmen. Tho com
modious quarters of the rommandat
were a brilliant scene of light and color
and throngs of guests passed in and
out during the hours of tbe reception.
Mrs Logan, a charming hostess at
all times, and a woman of striking per
son ality_ and magnetism, welcomed
cat h guest hospitably and introduced
the guest of honor, Mrs Fullam.
Many old friends cordially greeted the
Supeiintenrient’s wife and- again and
again was she reminded that it was
good to have her and the Captain back
in Annapolis again it seems like
home to them.
Mrs. Logan was assisted in receiving
by Mrs. Andrews moth i of Lieut.-
Comd'r, Adolphus Andrews. U. S. N.;
Mrs. Preston, wife of Commander C.
F. Preston; Mrs Hines, wife of Com
mander John Fore Hines, U. S. N.;
Mrs. Price, wife of Commander 11. B.
Price, U. S. N.; Mrs. Motion, wife of
Lieutenint-Commander J. P. Morton;
M<. Tompkins, wife of Commander J.
T Tompkins, U. S. N.; Mrs. Burrage,
wife of Commander G. H. Burrage, U.
S. N.; Mrs. Bulmer, wife of Com
munder Roscoe C. Bulmer, U. S. N.;
Mrs. Pringle, wife of Commander J.R.
Pringle., V. S. N. ; Mrs. Phelps, wife
of Commar-der W. W. Phelps, U. S. N.
Several hundred callers including so-,
cicty folk of Annapolis and the
Academy left cards.
Will Give Talk at Hi(b School.
Mrs. Lctitia P. Wilson, who un
der The .auspices of tbe Educational
Department of the Civic League, is
giving a series of talks at the High
3< hoo> Assembly hall, will give the
tbfrd talk of the series on Friday
uigfct, Feb. 20, at 8 o'clock. These
talks are interesting, instructive and
helpful. Men and women are invited.
Ihe talks are on Child Development
ami are free.-
City Assembly Rooms a Brilliant
Scene of Colored Lights.*
Supper Io Continue Until Friday
Nifbt Inclusive—-The Helper*.
Last night wot the opening night
at the Firem r/s supper and bazar at
the City Assembly Room*. The sup
per will continue until Friday night
inclusive and on Friday afternoon
children will be admitted.
Upon enterhig the Assembly
Rooms last night the patrons wtre
greeted with a beautiiul scene that
rivaled fairyland in color and brilli
ancy. In the centre of the hall, sus
pended from the ceiling, was the
larg< star, with 286 electric lights
that had ornamented the top of the
Community Christmas tret on Market
Square during Christmas week.
Strings ol several hundred red and
blue light? were hung criss-cross
iround the hall, and the efftet was
highly spectacular and pleasing.
Dainty supper tables were spread,
three on either side of thr hall, and
a delicious menu of fried oysters,
;old ham, cold beef, potato and
’hicken salad, colt slaw, celery,
dives, pickles, rolls, biscuits, coffee
ir chocolate, was served by willing
waitresses. The service was excel
The large cake booth laced the
entrance and scores of delicious
cakes were on sale. To the right
was the candy booth,with an abund
ant supply of delicious home-riade
andy. Opposite was a booth of
loveliness in red and green, lighted
with owls, monkeys, apples, pears,
cherries and all sorts 01 fancy in
candescent bulbs. This booth is lor
fancy urticles, and is a wonder.
On Friday last its workers, Miss
Virginia Multan and Mrs. Abe Moss,
started with SB, and a pair of bed
room slippers,and now there are hun
dreds of beautiful and useful articles
and the booth is doing a land office
Next is the tish pond, where in a
pend oi “real" water, you can fih to
your heart’s coitent. These fish (gold
and sptckled) tre numbered, and the
li-hermen get a correpsonding pack
Fhe ladiea’ dressing room is devoted
to an ice cream parlor and is a
“thing of beauty” in green and red.
Th service here is excellent. The
following are the helpers:
Mrs. Rob. rt Strange,chairman sup
Table No. I—Mrs. Campbell, Mrs.
Purvis. Mrs. Iloone, Mrs. Johnston,
Mrs. E. C. Burt.
Table No. 2—Miss Katie Feldmeyrr,
Mrs. Heyman, Miss Fairbanks.
Table No. 8- Mrs. W. W. Russell,
Mrs. Lyons, Miss Effie Strange, Mrs.
Reynolds, Mrs. Barber, Mrs. John
Table No. 4—Mrs. Linthicum, Mrs.
Strahorn, Misses Lillian and Mabel
Linthicum, Miss Nellie Dadds.
Table No. 6 -Mrs. Williams, Miss
Sarah Brewer, Miss Lillie Gibbs.
No. 6- -Mrs. Kant. Mrs.
Donald end Mrs. Holly.
Supply Table—Mrs. Beehler, Mrs.
Taylor, Mrs. Skipper, Miss West
Ice Cream Mrs. Wood in charge;
Mrs. Hopkins, Mrs. Robinson, Mrs.
Pold, Misses Mildred and Elizabeth
Hopkins, Virginia Taylor. Carolyn
Trautwein, Nellie Enniss, Annie and
Virgie Jefferson, Ethel Phillips, Ger
trude Donald,Carrie Wood and others.
Fishing Pond- Mrs. Fred Stone,
Mrs. Douw, Olivia Lyons, Emma
Lyons, Rosalie Stone, Eleanor Childs,
Lillian Robinson.
Raffle Booth—Miss Mullan, Mrs.
James A. Lloyd, Mrs. Abe Moss, Miss
Cannon, Miss Flood, Miss Naugbton,
Rose Kane, Tunis Strange.
Candy—Mrs. Edward Beavin,Misses
Myrtle Sturm, Lillian Myers, Helen
FieseUr, Ernest Meinbold, Ruth and
Grace Crutchley, Florence Middleton.
Cake -Mrs. Zack Childs,Mrs. Carr,
Mrs. Tisdale, Mrs. Walton, Misses
Helen and Edith Childs, Miss Har
rington, Misses Dt Rocher, Annie
Fortune Telling—Misses Edfth
Strange, Claire Martin. Margaret
Strange, Miss Bielaski.
Smoking Room—Gladys Martin,
Madeline Martin and Margaret Mos-.
Mr. Duval! Offers Bill To Appro?
Gifts To Loco) tburcbrs.
At the session if the House of Del
egates today, Delegate Frank M.
Duvall, of this county, introduced a
bill to sanction bequtsts made to local
churches under the will of the late
r Meliora Duvall, of this city, who died
about a year ago.
The bequest include f 100 each for
the First Methodist Episcopal Church,
Maryland Avenue Methodist Episco
pal Church, and the Endowment Guild
of St. Anne’s Protestant Episcopal
Mr. Duvall has also introduced a
bill providing for an annual appropri
ation of 1600 per year for 1915 and
1916, to Patapsco Academy of Anne
Arundel county. The measure was
referred to the Committee on Ways
and Means.
Five Contests Booked for Saturday
Afternoon—Batketbsll To be
Drawing Card.
The midshipmen athletes will be on
! the jump again Saturday. The 'ard
lor the day calls for five contests in
as many different btanches of sport.
In point of general interest, the
basketball game will be the drawing
card cf the day, as the middies will
have Georgetown as the opposing
force. There is keen rivalry between
the institutions in this branch cl
sport, as it was largely through a
challenge from Georgetown that bas
ketball was Introduced at the Acad
emy seeral years ago, and the teams
hevo met regularly ever since.
The basketball game will be at
2:30. At 2:45 the swimming contest
with Baltimore City College will get
unde r way.
At 3 o’clock the midshipman fencers
wdl engage in a dual contest with
the foilsmen of New York Athletic
Club. An hour later the gymnastic
team will meet University of Penn
sylvania,and at 4 30 the Navy wrest
lers will go against the Cornell mat
t The day of athletics will win i up
with a social gathering in the even
ing, a the midshipmen will be hosts
at a dance. As it will be the last
function ol the kind before the Len
ten season, a larve attendance is an
- ———♦
Bulb North Wing acd Main H ate
the colonial Harwood House on
Maryland avenue, has been rented in
its entirety. Lieut. Elmer W. Tod,
U. S. Navy, who is shortly to be
married has leased the North Wing,
formerly occupied by Miss Hester
The Main House, occupied for sev
eral years by Rear Admiral Perry
i Garst, U. S. N., and family, and va
rated last autumn, and which has been
unoccupied since, has been leased for
sixteen months by Mrs. Isabella New
ton, of Cape Cod, Mass., who will
occupy it with her daughter. Miss
Mrs. and Miss Newton have been
stopping at Carvel Hali. The Har
wood House is one of the most attrac
tive in point of colonial architecture
in Annapolis, and has been pictured
in every magazine of note in the
At City Assembly Looms,
Independent Fire Co , No. 2,
Wedoesday, Thursday
and Friday Nights,
FEBRUARY 18th, 19tb, 20th.
Admission, 10c. Sapper, 25c,
Children Admitt d Free Frida\
Afternoon. (1651
Large Ihree-Story Brick Dwell
ing, 187 Church St, lot 46 J < by 130
feet This property could
easily be converted into a
store and dwelling or an I
apartment house.
-AT- j |
Carvel Halil
Now Reopened
Oysters Served in Every
Style in the Rathskel
ler until Midnight.
l- r 117 it
• WITH n- .. CHMCI, JtWCLtm
, Optician
Kye-GHasses tltted—OcculUta Presettu
tlon* Killed—Lenses Hu plicated
Annapolis Short Line R.R.
66-trains each DAY- 66
: 1 rains in either direction even,' haii-bour irom 5.30
M. to 7 V \l., then at 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 P. M.
j New All-Steel Cars will be operated-on all trains, effective Jan y 4th.
Tk . Evening Capital—Established 1884
\\J HAT you want i news We
* * hav* it. 200. a month t
the Capital to your door daily. I el
us enter your subscription at no .
Pending Shooting Inquiry lie is
Practically Stripped of Rating
Several Officers Appear Btiore in
▼rstifatorsTodsy Dr. J.nceDr
scribes Mr. Green’s Wound
The board of investigation that is
inquiring into the Funday afternoon
sh >oting affray when Assistant Sur
geon Ralph W. McDowell shot Flunk
Green: Jr., of this city, whin the lat
i ter was breaking his way through ice
| in Spa creek in ordfr to get to a ll—t
i of yachts of which he is curetak M r,
I resumed its toda>.
Finding the result of the injury,
' Surgeon McDowell has ht-e.i relieved
of his duties. A .lumber of additional
witnesses was before the hoard this
morning, including several natal offi
cers on duty at the Academy. Dr. J.
(’. Joyce, of Annapolis, who is the at
tending physician for young Greer,
was a witness before the hoard yes
terday afternoon, and he described in
detail the nature of the wound in the
injured man's shoulder. No other
civil witnesses have been up before
the investigators thus far.
Just what has been developed hy
the hoard as the result ol its probe is
not known, and will not he until the
repert is forwarded to the Navy I
part me nt. While the ofhei rs. as is
generally the case in a service inves
tigation, will not discuss matters, it
is plainly evident that they are stir
red over the affair, although sympa
thy for the young officer is mingled
with their feelings.
Great interest is manifest here
not only in the result of the naval
investigation, but also in the prelim
inary hearing of Dr Mr Dow* ll,which
will take plant before Police Justice
James it. Feldmeyer on ne.vt Monday.
The condition of Mr. Green today
is reported as about the same.
New Manat Co ps Off c. r
Lieut. William Alanson Howard.
U. S. M. C., has taken charge of the
recruiting station of the Marine
Ccrps, in the Custom Houv, Balti
more. He went there fiom similar
duty a Pittsburgh as the relit I of
Capt. Edward S. Yates.
Farmers National Hank
MONDAY, 23. d of February, 1914,
being a Legal Holiday, this Bank
will be closet!
Paper maturing on the 21st,
22nd ami 23rd, will lie jtay.il. l on
Tuesday, the 24th of Fubruuiy
f1 7 5 1 Cashier.
I ._
Commercuu Accounts
Subject to Check.
| rfcr r aud-OtJt-Half Per Cent
interest or* Savings ncr aunts.
We are prepared to K-rve
J 1 von acceptably
Fhe Annapolis Banking &
j Trust Company
j 3Va% HAV?NGK ACM>tnCTF j
9~A M TO 4 P M
[ Gkodok T. Mklvijt, President,
Edward M. Breja, BtereUry
J MarshallCacohv, Treasurer.
John R Kaiser. Clerk.

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