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■ _ . - — IL
H c- ~ T ~ rr^-— — -—■
I. ( , n ,j j U * stepped aside
non call Right.
?t onting poppies red,
( J i r on the distant
‘ ; ll of myriad voices
fi> , nuit i d to a feast un
, , , depths of mire
man has fallen;
• id mazes ot the wood
' „ i niti< h. liut shut him
• >ni the light,
, .ruts entwined, until
called Right.
!(> pi..;, Hire planted soon
MUIiV pet .l is lose *
, more the weary, wan
d'rlng feet
ik A the path that men
ra || Right
, rtain steps will gently
M i j'. tlk ,. n , il eyes regain their
3 j., rphine M Fabric-ant.
■ Ni s ,. 1 1,1 rot hy Williams, of
M.irie I'arks, of Baiti
n' *" niriH d after a two and a
■ Hj? V)-It with their cousin,]
■ Harm's, of Oneida, N. Y.
c-Ht. , Ij( . r ,. '!,,■> wt re guests of house
iHv. ;it Civa! Lake. Lewis Point,
H\.’,, i!,, ami a! Other points of in-
(gain f rom
■T. \]v-.s \mirews liave returned
M. s .r home on Maryland avenue
■lk it tieorge street after a pleas*
s ;av of a fortnight at “States’
HT U Atlantic City Miss Kate An-
W ||,| is president of the Hoard ,
■ jljii.ig.-r-i of the Annapolis' Enter-I
- j
Kj: the monthly meeting of the i
Kj this niorning.
■li ilflict r
S)* On l.nne
Hi.,e,r John It Wells. IT. S. Army, of
\ a is spending a short
S|v r ai home with Itis mother on
,i* tlloncester street. Lieut.
Hriiv tie of the few officers who
a ini who remained in the serv-
Irc ilie ilemohili/.ation of troops.
Hr I'e'oks is spending some time
Hrmi City. Md.
u Thomas Kemp and child reft,
H.kla> mi flic Emerson C. Harring- ]
H'ra trip to the Eastern Shore.
Hi Aililm i'liillips, who enjoyed a
.n tiie North, having joined a i
in Couneeilent, is at home. I
Hi. Khanor Girault. who has been
ilie past six months at San
t'.ilif with her brother-in-law
l.ii tit. Charles Gladden and
tiia.lilftt. lias returned and is'
wall l’rof and Mrs. Gladden
W The.r summer home on Weems'
■> where Mrs. Charles .Gladden
are staying.
■ >u'i!i,ui! Gomlstein, V. S. N., has]
ij.s wife lore at the home of;
Hparents. Mr and Mrs. Leon Got-'
■M. .' ! '.a;e Circle.
■vfeilly tuimiiiiced
3 '•*!. lu,\e been received here from;
H "rs Joseph W. Trautwein, j,
atiuoiineing the marriage of j
■w 'lr.ighvr. Carolyn, to Charles j,
U hr.uiv The wedding took!,
9 bi rectory of St. Martin’s
c.., ;r . ii in Baltimore yester- ,
m •* rformed by the Rev. ,
I Mr and Mrs. Brpdy (
S K home at the Water Works. (
Amtapolis, October 1.
■ Meter •
I Lee „ J
", r ' naii; ' ommander Esler. _U. S. j
B ' ' *' r ' C-h-r will leave here to- j
I . * i>!l '* nu,!ar ’rip tt> New York
Ikn ** ser,> ’ !u '' "Til visit over the j
I Irsctitr )., r >| in>.trol Show
B fcrtih,'* , •
Bj. x •' '■ "'impendent Fire Com- '
B *■ meet tonight at Bat ,
B > Looms. Duke 61 t
Bv- t . v .'* : • for the purpose of I
8...„ r minstrel show to be
B b.],' n ’’ ir future. |
- and much ,
B ’uustasm is manifested
BSfc. s ' n in their coming J I
B? 14
Hy. •‘" :s ure being received |
V h,.V.'.' '; r ' "illiam A. Strohm, j
■* ‘ dau*H '* asl Pert. on the birth'
B**b 1:h little lady, who'
Bk 4 : ;, -,* r tiie world on her
■ >'e<:erJay, September
' bt ' s! of nil birthday!
3 ••uu.iy circle.
I <,r "n
HJ? the Eas-i 11 H . pastor
|V , s Methodist Episcopal
lIN t? !' S vacatiou. aud ac-;
ri: -er> J • r> is visiting;
■ Charlotte, X. C. j
Hfev /a
. Arrived At
Judge and Mrs. Robert Moss have
received word from their daughter,
Vrs. Robert Todd Whitten, wife ofi
Lieutenant Whitten. U. S. X.. of her
sale arrival on the Pacific Coast Mrs.
Wltiuen made trip to join her hus
band. going by water via the Panama
Canal. trip was a delightful one
tnd Mrs. Moss and infant stood the!
journey splendidly.
Ms. Isaac Yates, wife of Naval Con- ]
structor Yates, who has Jieen spoil ling j
some time with her sisrer, .Mrs. N'evett
Steele. Murmy Hill, accdtnnnnied lv|
her children, has gone to join her hua
foaijd. ,
established In 1
New Home Here
Lieutenanf-Conpmandar Robert P.
Molten, [J. S. X., who has taken one of,
the Robb Combs’ houses on” Murray
avenue. Murray Hill, adjoining lha't of
Lieut.-Col. R. E. Fisher, 11. S. A., has
moved his faimiy here and Mrs.aM(l
-ten and children are now established
in their rtew home. Commander Mol
ten has been recently attached to doty
at the Naval Ac|demy.
Secretary In.
On Vacation
Miss Carrie Tucker, secretary to Mr.
George T. Melvin, is on her vacation,
which she is spending with her sis
ter, Mrs. Reall, at Hagerstown.
' 4
Mrs. Stallings is entertaining today
at her home at Davidsonville the
members of the Indies’ Aid Society of
the Presbyterian Church, who with the
pastor, motored to the country home
of the Stallings this niorning.
lift - For
Pacific Coukl
Lieut. Philip P. Welch* IT. 8. N„
4s leaving Annapolis today for the
1 Pacific (Toast to the Destroyer IT. 8. 8.
i McKenzie. Young Welch has just re
turned from a year’s sea service in
European waters on the Destroyer IJ.
8. 8. Harvard, which did convoy duty
off the French coast. After the arniis
tice lie was off tiie English coast foui
months and in the Baltic Koa three
months leaving Dantzie, Germany, foi
their base, going as far north as Fin
land, Lieut. Weleh gives a very inter
eating account of. hia ..trip, visiting
Paris, London, Edinburgh, Hamburg'L
“Bremen, DnntZfc, Warsaw, Libnu and
Reval, Russia, where he bought some
beautiful amber things for a few lairs
of Ivory soap. Young Welch lias one
brother, Lieut. Richard Ogle Welch, l ? .
8. A., whq, is now at Coblentz on the
] Rhine.

Mayor Ole Hanson, who cleaned up
the Bolsheviki at Seattle, resigns sud
denly with the Simon Peter-like ex
planation:—“l go aflshing.’’ What
sort of fry, and In what waters, and
with what “lines,” and with what sort
of “bait” will this super-fisher of men
angle for?—Columbia State.
It has been suggested that in plan
ing a speaking tour of the country J
President Wilson is thinking more of
a third term than of the“ League of
Nations. We scorn the thought, but
permit it to proceed on its vicious
way.—Hartford Courant.
There is more Catarrh in this sec
tion of the country than all other dis
eases put together, and for years It
was supposed to be incurable. Doc
tors prescribed remedies, and
by constantly failing to cure with lo
cal treatment, pronounced it inenr
able* Catarrh is a local disease,
greatly influenced by constitutional
conditions and therefore requires con
stitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh
Medicine, manufactured by F. J. Che
ney & Co., Toledo, Ohio, is a constitu
tional remedy, is taken internally and
acts thru the Blood on the Mucuous
Surfaces of the System. One Hundred
Dollars reward is offered for any case
that Hail’s Catarrh Medicine fails to
cure. Send for-.circulars and testi
monials. '
F. J. CHENEY & CO.. Toledo, Ohio.
Sold by Druggists, 75c.
Hall’* Family Pills for constipation
€ . •
•sjaang isajtquotf po* vtAp?o
asuLSKcnaj * aojiof
■ H’SZIII 3tnot ! JTK>^JO JF 3 ! 3
otud si ii ji sn j|sv
jajsai) ddtdatio
stp sjeSpsaAin sou
l * f i*K> tso\ j*
jeaq ojoui }u&44 nwt o(j jsumoj
otp q3nonp saqse put p 3 MO
-no jo ajqncuj ptre jnp tpi-H
Azmm op O) noA OQ
ui Jtpio p9iti| asnoq JtioA sj
b noji wy ;
* - *
..i.. A
Result? of Baseball
Games in Major
Today’s Schedule
Philadelhpia at Pittsburgh. *
Other clubs not scheduled.
Yesterday's Results
i: “ ’ * ;
St. Louis. 11; Brooklyn. S.
New York, 7; Chicago, 2.
, * Cincinnati, 2; Philadelphia, 0.
, Boston at Pittsburgh (rain).
Standing of The Clubs
W. L. PC
Cincinnati 87 40 .GBS
New York 77 46 .626 j
Chicago 65 58 .528 ]
Pittsburgh 63 61 .508;
Bnnjklyn 60 64 .484
Boston 50 71 .413
j St. Louis 46 75 .380
j Philadelphia 44 77 .364
t* - l
Today’s Schedule
] Chicago at Washington.
St. Louis at Boston.
Detroit at Philadelphia.
Cleveland at New York !
YeaVrday’s Results
Cleveland. 3-3; New York, 0-2.
Athletics, 6; Oetriot. 5.
Chicago at Washington (rain).. j
St. Louis at Boston (rain).
Mtandiiig of The (‘liihs
W. L. PC
Chicago 80 44 .645
Cleveland 73 51 .589 j
Detroit 66 56 .568 1
New York 66 56 .541 \
St. Louis 64 60 .516
Boston * 60 62 .492;
Washington 47 78 '.361
Athletic 34 90 .274 ,
Today’s S&hedule
Toronto at Rochester.
v Binghamton at Buffalo.
Reading at Newark.
Other clubs not scheduled. ]
Yesterday’s Results
. i . . !
Newark at Baltimore (rain).
Binghamton at Rochester (rain).
clubs not scheduled.
Statidlng of The Clubs
, W. L. PC
Baltimore 97 46 .678
Toronto-s * 91 55 .623
Buffalo 79 64 .552
Binghamton 71 69. .507
Newark i 70 77 .476
Rochester .... 64 80 .444
Jersey City 52, 90 .366
Reading y .. 49 92 .348
There will he an attractive enter
tainment in Murray Hall, Crownsville,
tomorrow night, a play, called “The
Poorhouae W’ard,” one of Lady Greg
ory’s pieces, an Irish comedy. The
program will be followed by the dance i
in the hall, to which the price of 25
cents will he charged, including the f
dance. Music will be furnished hy
Schreyer’s orchestra, of the Nftval
Academy band, which lends additional
attraction to the evening’s pleasure
The proceeds are for the repairs at the
rectory. Refreshments for sale.
Wholesome and effi-'
dent—always gives good ‘
Jff? results—is iihi
form in value
—■ ■• w J sS * >and inexpen*
Go bqy it
-liln .. t ,
1 • 4
f,;o U N D E D; 1 8 ojs •
. JTHE.^'
Farmers National Bank
.fm _. r
• The Strength of Over a Century
Total Assets o/er $2,600,000.00
■ ' : Mi"” i>
' This Bank has grown in strength and efficiency as the
years have come and gone,* and is now in a better position
than ever to serve the public.
For nearly 114 years this institution rfaas been in exis
tence in this .city and on the seme spot, end upon that record,
this old, strong, conservative but progressive Bank invites
your account.
' HARRY J. HOPKINS, President.
• V L. D. GASSAWAY, Cashier. ?
- ~ v ' 's ■
✓. > ,
/ Harajr a. Hopkiis. Jmm a. Mivm, * .
GibSm . Kldont. Sta. Ball,
Itaild B gaaWl ''t—
Each dajr is & fresh beginning.
Wise is he who tales', today and
j lives it and tomorrow ’ when It
comes—but not before , it comes.
The past is of value byway
of the lessons it has Ij&ught us.
FOOD FOR THE ,810 k.
A tempting tray w ith \\ change ot
China, using the prettiest In the housa
: 'fjW inten'St the patient,
jggHMRI and he and ap-
HBHKfI predate tbs, -the pr.'par
||||p| ation of f 1 and
HHj?JgH| tray is a pleasure, in the
measure in whleh it i 9
demonstrated. Wlten no
invalid tray is <i>rovidel
use a large tray umbsup
r jsrt it over the patient’s
] hip with lx%>ks on each
side. - This will take awuv the weight
of spilling foOO.
j Creeli are such iuiiartant foods
for the Hi tiiat It is fitting that
1 thought should be put utKhi tiieir prep
) aration. f?or a liquid dldt nil cereals
I are {Prepared In the same 4 wfr>’. using
two to three tablesivoonfuia to a quart
of water. Cook for several hours in
} a double boiler and strain before gerv
! ing. A thick cereal is cocked ns for
breakfast food, hut codjCvd a long
! Miue. ' I'
Chicken —A good broth may
be preparevl from the neck* wiug tips
ami feet of u chicken. Sciiid the feet,
removing the skin and yrills. Cover
with cold water adding celery and let
It simmer gently for two hours. Sea
son ami strain. .
Mutton Broth.—Cut one pound of
] the neck ot mutton In small pieces.
I Cover with cold wafer and simmer
gently for several hours. * Season and
strain through a cheesecfofh. Add a
tabiespoonful of bulled rice or barley
at serving time. This adds to the
! nourishment. All fut sitduld be re
! moved before serving. Chill, then re
heat after tgking off the'fat.
Lemon Jelly.—Soak a tabiespoonful
of gclntin In three tablespoonfuls of
cold water; add three-fourths of a
cupful of boiling water and four ta
hlesponnfuls of lemon Juice and five
tublesjioonfuls of sugar. Stir until dis
solved. Tour Into a’ wet riiold and put
on Ice to harden. This makes two
Plain Sponge Cake.—Beat two eggs,
separating whites and yolks; add one
half cupful of sugar, and a flavoring
of lemon Juice and find to the beaten
yolks; then add the whites and fold
In one-halfr cupful of flour. Bake In
a moderate oven until the cake
shrinks from the pan.
Tomorrow A Legal Holiday-
Tomorrow is a legal in the
State. It is the anniversary of the
Batle of North Poifit, near Baltimore,
where it is being made a big “Navy
Jjay.” ' ;
All public offices, State and muni
cipal, will be-closed ‘ tomorrow,
the hanks will be closed, and there
will be a suspension of business in
some quarters. Many Annapolitans
will journey to Baltimore by electric
or motor car to witness the parade,
and many local navy men will attend
the festivities and the ball at’ night
in the Fifth Regiment Armory.
in New York City alone from kid
ney trouble last year. Don't allow
yourself to become a victim by
neglecting pains and aches. Guard
againat this trouble by taking *
The world’s standard remedy for kidney,
liver, bladder end uric acid troubles.
Holland’s national remedy since 169*.
All druggists, three sizes. . Guaranteed.
LA for the <om. Cold Medal oa Uc
ud tcc*pt no WUIIm
! Straws point <which way the* wind
r blows and ail thingst indicate that the
l Red Cross is to have another of its
tamars “drives ” throughout th? coun
try the, first week in November, for
■which plans are now leing formulated,
j The Red Eras', belongs to all the
.people; and i! should be everybody’s
|ip letter as well as spirit. Meml er
,ship is the key. The spirit is muni
j present—and the hears responds when
f the mind unders;ands. if the c.nn-
I paign workers to it that there is
; full understanding, success will be
. >ure to follow. _
- { This year, in fact, may le said to
I mark the crucial peririd with respect
t to the future greatness of the Amer
i ican Red Cross. Keeping up the spirit
* at this time means.an inspiration to
1 those who are to follow us. utui will
- lead to practically automatic- registra-
1 tion in connection with R dl-Cails In
i the years to come! The task of coni
l latting reaction or indifference, due
| to the relaxing of war-time enfhtt*
i [siasm. should ie found easier ly rea
t son of the dual incentive to cofttimt
- lance of interest—the necessity of pro
s viding for the administration of im
( | mediate relief in places made wre.ched
I 'by the war, as well as the inaugura
i I tion of the general peace-time pro
• igram in lehalf of human welfare aT i
’ Ihome and abroad.
’ I
I lVorms In a lletillliy Child
( j All children Doubled with worm
j have ar unhealthy color, which in
| dicates poor blood, an las a rule, then
. is more or less stomiK-h disturjranee
given regularly for two' or three weeks
, will enrich the blood. Improve the di
gestion, and act as a General Strength
| ening Tonic to the whole system. Na
I ture will then throw off or dispel the
worans, and the Child will be .in per
, feet health. Pleasant to take. 60c
„ per iottle.
Extra Miles
We can show you—and prove to you— -I
that there is a genuine money saving in the ; '|
use of United States Tires. f
The extra miles they give mean just so ||
many extra dollars counted in real money.
And there are further actual economies in
4 it " '
the saving of gas, oil, repairs and depreciation. '
* The reason of all this is in the tires them-. ' |
selves—their liveliness, ruggedness and I
sturdiness. - -. \ Jjg
There are five United States Tires—a type . : |Jj
for every make of car. i||l
United States Tires & j
ere Good Tires
We know United States Tires are Good Tires. That’s 'J
Why We Sell The m
MYER’S GARAGE Cathedral St. B. A. NORFOLK .-.., .. . Lothian _|tjH
CAPITAL GARAGE ...... West St. COOK’S GAR VGE Arnold, Mi
J. I. KING . Davjdsonville A. K- KRAUS2 Annapolis, Md.
■■■ - - ~~ - - * .■
i y * r ■ • 1 * ■■ ' mim
' ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ 4
Children Cry for Fletchers
The Kind You Have Always Bought, and which has been "i
in use for ove* thirty years, has borne the signature of 1
s* and has been made under his per*
/s sonal supervision since its infancy.
/■6UCA44& Allow no one to deceive you in this.’
All Counterfeits, Imitations and “ Just-as-good ** are but
Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of
Infants and Children —Experience against Experiment.
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric,'
Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is pleasant. It contains
neither Opium, Morphine nor other narcotic substance. Its
age is its guarantee. For more than thirty years it has
been in constant use for the relief of Constipation, Flatulency,
Wind Colic and Diarrhoea; allaying Feverishness arising
therefrom, and by regulating the Stomach and Bowels, aida
the assimilation of Food; giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children’s Panacea*—The Mother’s Friend.
Bears the Signature of
In Use For Over 30 Years
The Kind You Have Always Bought
— ass: 'iM

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