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||gll|i —-—'■ " "' "" *' l I '—■ 1 11 l ■ ■MI ■'■■"■ Minim !■■■ ins. ■ , ■■■■ ■ ■ ■■■■—■■■ ■'——'"H ■■—■■■ ’■ ■■■■■' 1 "■■ ' ■■ " ' ■■'■ ’■■'■'■ " ■■———■■ ■■' ~ .._. ' T'. V f 1 L _ T, ■■ ■■ mm
I;; - I'
H I !E SliHffliHSftHlfi
1 m q ~
I IT""
|J . , ..,.< hi a boat and sail
fm 1* ; il .. mystic sea,
fell M ‘ ; rui, and never a gale,
|U * '' ..i.ither and me.
I A* l ' " ! r ,w with the silver
H jar-
H , ijcriul sea,
j j ,j r -ft tuixt the wooded
H * rid
|m 'iier and me.
9 , that hidden lie
9 if ti 1 sea
SB ’.M-ures as we pass
■ , mother and ue.
9 ;..irm that would ope
* a£l I
|B r*>tal sea
SB faded J
M v mother and me.
i| iv b. |
;I ir*. Si i, i''
s'l 4<ii*>| , >' , *' , l , „ , ,
■ ... v wife of the Superin* |
I • Naval Academy, Willi
1 ! , • ;cr weekly official re
m the Superintendent’s i
"] in,, little time owing to,
f : ‘l wr mil- i" •<•!!. Mrs. Scales is suf
|B , frilip t;i,ia an attack of grip, in a
9 Bl i,j jorin. htiwever.
IB ivain Able
IB Tv t |m,ul
IB 1V,,; Paul K Voiuot, or the Depart-
II ~j Mod. rn Languages at the
IB VaM ] \, ~i|. ;ii>. who has been ill for
IB „vi r.d v. " k at liis home on King
IB "tri-et, suffering from an at-,
KB U(k , . |; ,i trier, is able to be about
KB j aitimugli still quite weak and
■ lai-apai ttatrd for duty.
IB itaOrnue Workers
■l# (.in- (ard l‘arty
I* ~ in,-,-'mg held on Monday at
II r , d,; net of .Mrs, A. C. Hill,
fundaii i’l.ti ■ . Hie local branch of the
II u •::un Sufi rage League of Marv
el ; 4 ; ; l .i ll to hold a subscription
|B curd |. ir.’y The object is to raise
IB fund* i" a -ist the’ State organiza
|l ami us work in the coming cam
-9 Tli ■ Anne Arundel Branch of
19 the Sort:•.!■• League of Maryland will
■ gii,. tii, , tnl parly on the last Tues-
H day in Ot iuluT. the 128th, at the home
9 ot Mr lliiliard (. Chaney, West St.
II i hattge of
9 lam-' Haler and Mrs. Haler, who
h. n. '•> i occupying the residence of
|B M-- ,;i Corttct, Duke of Ulouces
■ ter sT.-.-t tor the summer, have gone
U • uhere Lieut. Haler has been
>{9d('t.i,!<'.i take a course at the Bos-
HtilmiriiiN Daughter
■irtunis to School
SB M Ai ..i. iiue Scales, daughter of
MA.ini.ral \ 11. Scales, Superintend-
Sfl'i' th,. Naval Academy, and Mrs.
ii.ft today for Washington,
El:i<will resume lier studies at
EB j, i-’, 'id, ,| last year.
I Mabel McKinley-Niece of tht Late
President of the United States-Takes .
Nuxated Iron for Health and Strength
And Says She Regards It as The Ideal Tonic F All Weak,
Run-Down Nervous Women
Dr. George H. Baker,
Surg Monmouth Me
■"S in experience so effec- STlt'
T . :ytl.{ag and go sway I Miss McKinley has a voice
•*' l ' a l^ I * of unusual <|uality and it was ■
.'. ■' r this or find some* I following her work'singing for the soldiers that she became weakened and!
' . ' - ''!>• rebuild my run-down and had recourse to Nuxated Iron. Once more in superb physical
< ?’;'* cuiLle me to condition. Miss McKinley says she is convinced that Nuxated Iron has no
l .'; i i p .v* -s been prejudiced equal *s a Strength, Health and Blood-Builder. m .im ‘
arati ns which, (or
'''bit :nd onlv acted as t “ **■ * ' #
i r..?s%ris - i—i iaaJ&S3W^-iS=a
i ta:r.iiy physician insistently mjr optmnn that in practically nine times out Jfosp.tal, New Jersey, who says: “What
it I give a fair trial to ot ten, wnrtrunt ncnreaaad fMtmir strength women need to put rises in their cheeks and
I c nsrnted to begin its use, •"j I'' 1 ''‘ ta ] the springtime of hfe into their step is not
' •“ : “ at:cr a frwr days the the My y wh* *J. cosmetics or stimulating drugs hot plenty of
i austion from which I nervous and whoquicklv tires c>ut, suffers .pure blood. Without it no woman can
* o replaced by a feeling of from iron deficiency and does **} do credit to herself or to her work. Iron is
a:, i vitality. In less than lam convinced that there are thousands of onc of thc potest of *n strength and Mood
c r-y whole system was such women simply bv tak builders, and I have foimd nothing in my
~cv and power and I was Iren, inigbftTendgy build up their red-blood so effective for helping to make
, that I was once more in corpcscley trereate their physiol energy strong, healthy, red-blooded women as Nu*
:•■ lit: m. and get themselvea back to vibrant and ated f ron . " ,
<. - has accomplished so much vigorous health. By enriching the Woodland
' • rlit as the ideal tonic for increasing its oxygen c * Tr ?J?*J' a "? r - /W** ■imumm' Rm; VmM Mhije
v > v ._ ~ ™ pn a, , .trennth ated Iron will often transform the flabby m,am *■*i>tpar^ciw>t w wansw if Wte
V. / d.bufldJTl *c£3£Sl flesh, toneless tissues d paJUd cheek, of *p*#*~*z£z:
no equal.” rieryottS, nWKlovii woiiien *£**.* ***-..? <* —4 ”u>>
t> C Mi-s McKinlev's state- health, and make them look younger within
h - •-■ the efficacy of Nuxated • surpns.ng y short time. —T?-*>
• iwdiwad King, New York _ Among other ph/skiaas asked lor • mm* ****** .
] 111 In Hospital •
On Went Const
Mrs. Robert Todd Whitten, wife of
Lieutenant Whitten, U. S. N*. and
daughter of Judge and Mrs. Robert
Mosb, is ill in a hospital on the West
Coast, where she recently went with
i her infant to join her husband who is
stationed there. Mrs. W’hitten took
the trip through the Panama Canal
and she and the baby stood H won
derfully. She had gone to Burling
ton on the coast of Wahsington State
to meet her husband, when she was
taken violently ill on the train, and
was sent by a physician, upon her ar
rival In Burlington, immediately back
ito San Francisco to a hospital. She
is suffering from peritonitis, find has
i been alarmingly til. Her family and
j many friends here have been exceed-
I ingly anxious about her. Mrs. Whit
! ten is a charming young matron, and
was before her marriage Miss Mary
j Adelaide Moss of this city. She has
! a host of friends who hope for her
j speedy restoration to health.
| i:ntertMined Stagers
At ( lark’s Heights
The ’’Gospel Trio.” an aggregation
of Baltimore singers, who assisted ma
terially in the service on Sunday morn*
ing at Maryland Avenue M. E. Church,
and in the evening at W’est Annapolis
service, were entertained royally at
Clark’s Heights, the summer estate
of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Clark. The
singers, who were accompanied by
others, were taken for a ride In the
afternoon in the county and suburbs
besides around the town. Mr. and l
Mrs. Clark were hosts at luncheon
and dinner for the visiting singers.
Makes Western Trip
For Business
Ernest Clayton, Chlttf Deputy Clerk of
the Register of Wills office, has re
turned from Pittsburgh, Pa., where he
went ou business connected with his
office in the matter of the settlement
of estate of the late Mrs. Angelo Hall,
wife of Prof. Hall, whose death oc
curred last February at the Southern
Hospital, that city.
Another Little
Navy Girl
Lieut. T. D. Ruddock. U. S. N., and
Mrs. Ruddock are receiving congratu
lations on the birth of a daughter,
born last evening at the residence of
Mrs. W T . H. Behlor, widow of Com
modore Behler, U. S. N., the baby's
maternal grandma, at her hoaue on
Taney avenue, Murray Hill.
Will Enter
Peabody Conservatory
Miss Mazie Wilen left for Baltimore
this -afternoon, accompanied by her
two young nieces, Misses Virginia and
' Elizubeth Brown who will become
students of music at the Peabody Con
servatory, Baltimore.
Mrs. Lewis Boessel and daughter
Natalie, spent the day visiting in Bal
1 ■. " ■; ——
Mrs. ('•mark
Keporft'l Inpreved
The condition of Mrs. W. A. Cor
j mack, who ia a patient at the Emer
i gency Hospital, where she is sutfer
j ing from a severe attack of pneumonia,
! Is reported somewhat improved today
at the hospital. Mrs. C#rmack spent
; a more comfortable night and the out
; look today b more favorable. Mrs.
j Cormack’e condition has been critical,
i Her husband, who was in South Caro
| llna at the time of illness, was
1 sent for and is now at his wife’s bed
side at the hospital. Their son is at
tending the University of Virginia.
I j
Lieutenant Robert G. Welch. IT. S.
( N. Medical Corps, is on leave, whfch
. is spending with his parents, Dr. and
Mrs. William Sellman Welch, Duke of
j Gloucester street.
i .Naval Officer
Visits Old Friends
i Captain H. H. Christy. U. S. X., who
I was in command of the U. S. S
Wyoming, but has recently been given
shore duty, was in town yesterday
■ and heartily greeted by naval and
; civilian friends. Capt. Christy was at
one time in charge of ships at the Na
val Academy with headquarters on
the Reina Mercedes, and later in
charge of one of the departments.
Move to
Town House
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Clark, who for
the past four months have beerf oc
cupying their summer home at "Clark
Heights," on Weems Creek, today
closed their summer home for the sea
son and moved into town and are oc
, cupying their winter residence on
Prince George street.
The county is looking beautiful fn
Its autumn dress; the air Is quite cool,
but the roads are as bad as ever with
no change and no repairs being done
to them. It is impossible tj ride over
them with comfort either in auto or
team. What has become of the road
help, and yet they are receiving pay.
Nearly everyone is leaving Sherwood
Forest for their winter homes. Most
of the dining-halls will be closed to
morrow. There are a few persons
who will stay until cooler weather
More building of bungalows is going
on and at least from lifty to one hun
dred will be built by another ycir.
Mr. Davis and family have Closed
their bungalow and returned to Bal
Mrs. Louis Woytych who has been
away for a few weeks has returned
home though not much improved in
Work is being rushed on the farms
and everyone is busy cutting
corn and getting their vegetables to
Mr. H. Henry Wilking, of Iglchart,
was in Baltimore on Monday on a hus
jiness trip.
The Hospital drive is on this week
for the Emergency, and everyone is
asked to give as much or as little as
| they can. Those in this section wish
ing to give may send their pledge to
Mrs. Henry Wilking at Iglehart as it
; may, on account of the very bad con
! dition of the roads, be impossible to
(visit all families.
Recently an additional tcachet be
ing needed in tbe High School, the
choice for the |n>situiu felt ujom Miss
Marie Liuthieum, who for several
years, has Iwm*m teaching in the Gram
mar School, where she had made an'en
viable record for herself. Former Su
perintendent Garner, having ln-en a.-k
--ed by*a representative of the Capital,
whit he thought of tbe change replied:
“I am delighted to hear of Miss
Linthirum’s promotion. It is a well
merited reward for faithful service
performed in the lower grades. Bhe is.
in a certain sense, a protegee of mine.
After graduating from the High
3*-hool she came to us, without further
preparation, ami asked for a position
to teach. !She was-given the Annapolis
Neck school, not far from her mother’s
residence. I was a little doubtful of
her possible success, owing to her mod
est, retiring manner; but she went at
her work with such a determination
that I soon saw she would eventually
grow into an excellent teacher.
“All along she has not been content!
to simply do her c-lasswork from day
day, but has continually done outside
work to prepare herself better for suc
cess in her chosen career. She has
been especially assidious in her attend
ance at summer schools, having been
much oftener than required by the
State Board. She has specialized in 1
English and has become quite profit-1
ient in this kind of work. This is what !
led to her promotion, as a teacher of ]
English was particularly needed in the
High School.
“It is proper to say that two others!
of the present teaching staff of the
High School worked their way nj •
through my encouragement, from the
elementary schools; and 1 should add
further that tljey are all country girls,
the other two being Miss Kent and
Miss Hopkins.
“ From the very beginning of iny ad
ministration 1 maintained tiiat the
country girl was the best teacher for
the country school, because she springs
out of the. soil, so to sneak, and conse
quently knows the conditions and the
requirements confronting her. I i
might mention numerous instances
which proved, during my incumbency,
the validity of opinioi “
~ 'Visiting C’lergjnuin i
The Rev. H. F. Cory, of Baltimore, 1
will preach on next Sunday morning
it the Maryland Avenue Methodist
Episcopal Church, the pastor, Rev. t
Emmett R. Spencer, preaching on that;
occasion at West Annapolis.
In the morning at this church there
will l c a celebration of the Holy Com
munion, it being the first Sunday in the
month. The pastor will officiate at
that service.
% ' SIZE I
Too can shine vour shoes 50 times with a box of
fawA. 4 50 shines would cost you $5.00 or more.
WeH shined shoes add to your personal appear
ance. ftppA makes shoes wear longer as the
wax and oils protect the surface, keep tbe leather
soft and pliable.
V - t ...
It pays to give your shoes good care when they
' cost so much. * . ~ "
Makes Home Shoe Shining
easy and convenient.
(Continued From Page One)
righteousness, w*> must turn to and
begin with the child of today.
“Our true objective, then, must Ik>
uot so much a certain truth or knowl
edge to be taught, but the Bible iu
cnrunted in human live#; changed boys
and girls, and men and women. Lives
more like that of Jesus Christ.
“Therefore, we ought to give the
child that which is due the child.” We
must give him the very best jKwaible.
We must give proper instruction; we
must teach him truth- iu the best way,
and according to tbe lest methods.
But to do this we must have Sunday
School teachers who are prepared iu
advance of each Sunday to tench that
day’s lesson; prepared iu time and in
material and in vitality.
“Then we must not overlook the
value of right personality. By person
ality we mean the individual self. It
•is more important than the subject
} matter which we are to teach. For this
ideal to obtain, the teacher himself
must ‘live with the best,' that the
child may live with tlre best.
“And, lastly, we must not overlook
JOM CVtRT HlCl yCj |
The Reason
All-Leather Shoes
Are best for boys and girls is
because “Star Brand" are SOLID
LEATHER throughout they
wear longer than other chil
dren’s shoes at the price.
We carry them in all styles,
grades and prices particular j
I attention paid to the correct flt
| ting of children’s footwear.
We Fit Your Feet
the fact of our need of Divine Power.
It was'so w ith Gideon, who used only
three hundred men empowered of Je
hovah, to defeat the entire Midianito
host. One man filled with the power
of God can change a whole continent, j
“We need only to refer to Saul of
Tarsus, later known as St. Paul, tO|
Martiu Luther, to John We.-dqy. These!
meu prove our claim. Dr. Smith thou
elosed 'with three pertinent questions;
“Do we lack the ‘old time* vision of
the Sou of God!” “Do we now ox ]
pect great things in the way of
power from God?” “Have we, like;
the old prophet Amos, the knowledge
For Infants and Children.
Mothers Know That
Genuine Castoria
Always ■ / .
Bears the /VT jW
Signature /
Cheerfulness and i**-**""’' r /l\ fli
I nchlwr<taium.>tarphmcn ()f
Bji/ Mineral.NotNahcoxic l| jj
>; . \Am
ip! \ f ir i
i S ¥A * In
r&- j |i(\ Jt v In
j a % X Hco
B Ck.nslipaSon
I m.d Vcvwisbncss I Id'
intofewy \JI g 1 0 \ OVGT
I . rM-Simitt SMI2L ot j
ft j*B.! Thirty Years
c Exact Copy of Wrapper, thC si.nuii eon*>. m •• eTT
Why BnmswickTires
Win Preference
There are two main reasons one, the name itself,
whidi certifies superfine value the other, that time
tells the same story.
Thus reputation and performance unite in giving
you all you expect and more.
Yet Brunswicks cost no more than like-type tires.
Many motorists would pay more readily, but the
Brunswick idea is to GIVE the utmost, rather than
to GET the utmost. And this has been true since 1845.
You can appreciate what Brunswick Standards mean
by trying ONE Brunswick Tire. It will be a reve
lation. You’ll agree that ycu could not buy a better,
regardless of price.
And, like other motorists, you’ll decide to have
ALL Brunswicks. Then you’ll know supreme satis
faction from your tires longer life, minimum
trouble, lower cost.
Baltimore Headquarters: 107 Hopkins Place
There’s a Brunswick Tire for Every Car
Cord — Fabric—Solid Truck
that the ‘hand of the Lord was apea
me?’ ”
The second of this series of meeting*
is in progress today at the Presbyter
ian ( Lurch. It is temg conducted by
the Maryland Sunday School Associa
tion. The third of the series wiU be
held tomorrow evening at First M. E.
Church, when Dr. William 11. Morgan,
pastor of Calvary Church, New York
city, speak. The meetings will be
concluded on Friday evening at 8 p. m.,
at Maryland Avenue M. K. Chuck,
where the speak* rs will In* Dr. Don S.
Colt and Dr. Johu Williams •Smith,
drain. The public is urged to attend
theso services. 'i|

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