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- , II
S 3 —nr rrrr .rrrrrrrrrr ~“~rra
— LL
I'iir-on Maynard
■ i.ivs preachin’ shows,
■ .ip the hymn in church,
i ness enough, Lord knows
. v.n’ people in the ulreh
i us. needs otir grit.
.Sion and our skill —
Maynard's on the flit;
' , : .’t fly somebody will!
: ir ouls. both young and
d. ar way to heav’n in
..'M challenge, stern and
r ’ i ~id,
hit in Flanders’ clime,
wt-re trained to see
..rd path, ’(were truly him
L, pinions spreading free
i!n vast arc where eagle
, ■ ■ clenched, those resolute
, ...h * a mastering will to win—
i!., his steel wings sweep
the skies.
brave rivals watch and
the sun seeking lark,
v .,j the great gull friend and
r ~ ig!i -unlight, starlight, day and
it, like the eagle soars elate.
v ■ , ;, n’ only, nor the staves
, < hymn and song of praise
s,. brave venture that man craves
I also count glorious mid his
;, r ug. like preaching, tells its
of i-rvice and will and power to
--ii tlit* calm stretch or mid the
t the (lust to dreams of God.
—F olgcr McKinney.
file lam riior Ami
|r. Ilarriagiou Receive
t>. Cuvernor and Mrs. Harrington
s ," hr !s yesterday afternoon at the
{.• nf the season’s reception at the
fa. rive Mansion, which attractive j
home was thronged with guests
, v !t the hours of 4 and 6
Governor received with Mrs.
Ii -an:ton in the blue rocop'ion room
v was prettily decorated with
p.d'il palms and ferns and yellow
•Hhemuins. Mrs. Harrington.
> charming and gracious, was
iit.;snnely gowned in a black velvet
.'-nioon dress, the bodice of which
i - iI v r brocade on black. She car
■■! a h(MK|cet of tiny pink rosebuds.
Mrs Scales, wife of Admiral Scales,
rinfendent of the Naval Academy,
r m l tea. and Airs. Warfield, wife!
f'hr Adjutant General of Maryland, j
::oil chocolate. Mrs. Scales was
“itulM.tne in a gown of exquisite black !
■ over silk, and her ornaments I
s -:v corals. Mrs. Warfield wore no j
r -t. nt afternoon dress with touches j
: - ft lace about the bodice, and a
h anting hat. Others assisting were !
v Wit T. rhiverius, wife of Cap- j
■t cluverius. commandant of mid-j
'Ptiieti. who was elegantly gowned
‘ ■ k velvet and large black hat
* 'll plumes
V ' Kdwanl O. John, wife of the
r ’' f f Si. Anne’s, wearing black
A and lace, and Mrs. Thomas L. j
‘ ' v. ,fe of Lieut.-Comdr. Gatch, i
: * V . and daughter of Mrs. R. B.
- Mrs Gatch, a young matron, l
3 - I •mmg!y dressed in white lace |
Vv w' h was a tunic of light blue
"!•' chine, embroidered in orien
ia! do-arn.
• n " e dining room the color (
"as pink and the table cen-’
"Th handsome cut glass vase
' I n pink roses and carnations.!
- candles were pink and lights
’•" h i ;n pink, giving a mellow glow j
' ■ "green room.”
:: ■ > y nook in the foyer Miss !
" ' s, ales served delicious fruit
< v her gfrls assisting were
" 1 Brnee. Miss Elizabeth
' Mi'S Dorothy Frick, Miss
l -’' r-.hnor. Miss Angela Davis
lr v ; '' Sue Munford.
pti m was one of the larg-!
"'■■•on receptions of the pres-!
■ration at the Government j
many felicitations were j
fs : with the host and hostess, j
‘ r s expressed at their leave- j
' January when the -icw ad
n becomes effective.
' a " t.iicst
■ r " hr, in Boston
■ a Crossett arrived at:
motor from Boston to
:y liter, Mrs. Austin S. Kih
aur Row. Xaval Acad- j
r !
~ |
‘he Aid Society of the
Church are arranging
e members of the vari- j
, ' ;nads. the midshipmen. I
•to cadets, and candi-
V “ j
• Boston. Mass., Is vis
' and daughter-in-law.
' i Mrs Bruce R. Ware,
” N'aval Academy.
't A am O. Stevens has been
'n,. an address in the Pres
-1 ; iur< h next Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Simmons motored here
yesterday afternoon from their home
lin Green Spring Valley, Baltimore
i j county, to attend the reception at the
Mored To
Other Helds
Tlie family of Benjamin Xees, who
for some years have been residing
here on Duke of Gloucester street,
left here this morning for Washing
ton, where they will take up their;
residence. Mr. Xees has secured a
position with the Judd-Dutweiller Co.,
printers, in that city.
Dinner Party
At The Commandant’s
Captain Wat T. Cluverius, U. S. X.,
and Mrs. Cluverius, entertained last j
evening at the Commandant’s quar- i
ters in.the Xaval Academy at a hand-,
somely appointed dinner at which the
guests of honor were Admiral and
Mrs. Scales. Covers were laid for
Mrs. Carroll H. Foster, wife of Con
sul Foster, who is now living in Wash
ington, is spending a few days here.
Change Of
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Zeller, who
have been residing on Cornhill street,
are moving into the residence on,
Duke of Gloucester street, opposite j
Green, formerly occupied by the fami- >
ly of Benjamin Xees, who have moved
to Washington,
Reply In Case Involving Plant
In Upper County
An echo of the troubles which Bal
timore city has been experiencing over
its ’’piggery,” located at the mouth
lof the Magothy river, this county,
came when the city filed its answer
in the injunction proceedings inau
gurated by A. H. Sackett and some
40 other Anne Arundel taxpayers.
The answer, filed by City Solicitor
Merchant, was brief, for the most part
merely indorsing the arguments set
forth in a previous answer filed by
former City Solicitor S. S. Field. The
proceedings were instituted against
the Maryland Feeding Company,
which is the corporation under con
tract with the municipal government
for the disposal of its garbage, the
! city being co-defendant.
The city’s answer sets forth in eon-
I tradiction to the claims of the peti
tioners that the piggery does not con
! stitute a nuisance, and at least no
more so than the chemical plants
j located in its neighborhood. That it
will have a depreciating influence on
property values is also denied and
duly argued.
Judge Moss has not yet passed ac
tion in the premises, that is as to
either make the injunction perma
nent or dismiss the petition. But
whatever his ruling may be, it is
understood an appeal will he taken
j to the Court of Appeals.

Function To Be Under Direction Of
Department Of Recreation
And Culture
The Epworth League of First Meth
odist Episcopal church will give a
social tonight under the direction of
| the department of recreation and cul
ture of which Miss Nell G. Ennis is
chairman. The social will begin at
; 8 o'clock, and will be held in |the
Sunday school rooms of the church.
Iu connection with a carefully i
wrought out program of games, !
| stunts, etc., there will be a 40-minute j
| debate on a live, up-to-date subject !
which promises to be interesting and j
j instructive. Following the formal !
: pr- giam rcfresl meuts will be served j
jtj all present. Everybody is invited.
The social is intended to prepare the j
way for the “Win-ruy-Chum” service? !
which are to be held every night next j
week, beginning Sunday at 7:15 p. m. j
The week meetings will start at 8
o’clock, and all the exercises will be |
under the control of the Epworth j
League. The League is opening one .
of the most successful years of its
, long history. The program for ’ Win-;
my-Chum” week is being arranged by J
the president. Prof. Walter F. Shen- j
ton. and the first vice-president, Miss :
Fannie Duvall.
He is a wise man who says never j
a word when the other fellow hap- J
pens to be a few sizes the larger.
For Infants and Children
| In Use For Over 30 Years
I 1
Thos. X. Iloif, Anne Arundel’s xt
Sheriff, Presented Handsome
Gold Badge Of Office
Annapolis Lodge Xo. 622, Benevo
lent and Protective Order of Elks, at
a banquet last night presented Sheriff
Elect Thomas S. Dove with a hand
, some gold badge, the insignia of his
, i office.
It is, probably, the first gold badge!
. ;any Anne Arundel county sheriff has
ever owned. The insignia is about!
one and a half inches in diameter and
in the centre of the circle is a
(star, on which is embossed the coat of
anus of Maryland, in colors. Around j
the circle in black is the in-;
! scription “Sheriff of Anne Arundel
I Co., Presented by the Elks.”
Tiie presentation was made by Ma
! Jor W. Clement Cluade, on part oi ;
I the Elks, in a happily expressed
Sheriff-Elect Dove was almost over- ]
come with surprise, and was only able
to express his thanks and grateful j
appreciation in a few words of grati
The gift was the feature of a ban- 1
! quet held In honor of Sheriff-Elect
Dove at the residence of Joseph W. j
Trautwein, Market street, last night, j
Mr. Trautwein is a leading member of
j the Annapolis Lodge of Elks.
A Washington dispatch to the Balti
more Evening Sun has the following
to say:
"Washington, Xov. 6.—Philip H
Seltzer, of Lebanon, Pa., midshipman
at the Naval Academy, who recently
i was the central figure in what had
been variously termed an attempt to
commit suicide and a renewal of haz
ing at the Annapolis school, has been
admitted to the Government hospital
for the insane at Washington. He
is suffering from a complete nervous
and physical collapse. Physicians,
however, state that his condition is
only temporary and hold out hopes
for his recovery.
Miss Margaret Seltzer, sister of the
young man. stated that she believed
her brother’s condition to be due to
the treatment he had received at the
hands of liazers in the Naval Academy,
although she had no evidence to sup
port her belief. She denied that
Seltzer drank iodine and ink with
suicidal intent.
Representative Aaron S. Kreider, of
Pennsylvania, in whose district Selt
zer's family resides, is making a per
sonal investigation of the case.”
A white woman, who recently be
came an intimate at the Anne Arun
del County Home through the interest
of the Public Health Nurse, has writ
ten the nurse the following letter
showing her satisfaction with condi
tions at the Home:
“I thank you for sending me where
I am. I have a good home and I am
satisfied with my home. If you can
find me a pair of steel knitting needles
please get me a pair, and send me.
I want them to knit mittens. And
if you can get my trunk and send it
to me plonse try and get it, if I am
not asking too much of you.”
The woman was without means of
support or any one to care for her i
and the County Home was the last
Tributes To The A. E. F.
Secretary Baker, Gen. March, Maj.-
Gen. Leonard Wood, and many other
men prominently connected with the j
I’nited States Army pay tribute to the i
A. E. F. in next Sunday’s Washington ;
Star. “Armistice Day” is fittingly re
membered by this symposium of ,the
views of our leaders. “Watch for this
1 big feature.
j First Step in Treatment Is a Brisk
Purgative With Calotabs, the
Purified and Refined Calo
mel Tablets that are
Nausealess, Safe
and Sure
Doctors have found by experience
that no medicine for colds and influ
enza can te depended upon for full ef
fectiveness until the liver is made
j thoroughly active. That is why the
J first step in the treatment is the new,
j nausealess calomel tablet called Calo
ening and weakening effects of the old
tabs, and which are free from thl sick
style calomel. Doctors also point
out the fact that an active liver may
go a long way preventing in
fluenza and is one of the most import
ant factors in enabling the patient to
■ successbully withstand attack and
! ward off pneumonia.
! One Calotab on the tongue at bed
! time, with a swallow of water —that’s
all. No salts, no nausea nor the slight
jest interference with your eating,,
pleasure or work. Next morning your?
col-d has vanished, your liver is ac-
Uive, vour system is purified, and you
.are feeling fine, with a hearty appe
i tite for, breakfast. Druggists sell Calo
tabs only in original sealed packages,
i price thirty-five cents. Your money
J will be cherfully refunded If you do
jnot find them delightful.—(Adv.)
So States Secretary Daniels When
Asked About Legislation In
House Affairs Com.
“If I could dispose of the matter
personally, I would like to see every
man in the navy get double pay.”
This statement was made yesterday
by Secretary Daniels when asked
about legislation pending before the
House Naval Affairs Commitee pro
viding increased salaries for commis
sioned officers and enlisted men of the
| navy.
“Of’course, we must be reasonable.”
continued the Secretary, “and our
; personal wishes cannot he considered.
! I know that every man living on a
j salary, unless his compensation be
j very large, is having a hard time un
; der prevailing prices. This is espe
cially true of commissioned officers
iin the lower grades, of warrant and
j petty officers with home establish
! ments to maintain, and of the enlist
j ed men generally.
“The only thing I have said one
! way or another about any pending
i bill is that I do not think it would be |
i just to give the same percentage of
increase to officers receiving, say,
SIO,OOO a year and those receiving (
! $2,000.
“I want the men who need it most
;to receive the largest percentage of
| increase. Congress undoubtedly will
work out the problem along this line. <
"We have lost many excellent men
because they found it impossible to
make out the compensation allow
ed bv law\”
Little “Dickey” Ware, small son of
Commander and Mrs. Bruce It. Ware,
of the Naval Academy, will have spe
cial reason to remember the visit of
King Albert of the Belgians, as long
as he lives.
Dickey climbed up on the stand that
was erected especially for the King,
lost his balance and fell off, sustain
ing a compound fracture of his arm.
The little lad is carrying his arm
in a sling as a result of the King's
“Smoke Virginia Straight * ’
agrees with
V irginia
is the best
! - In the United States alone* 30 billion out 40
billion cigarettes smoked last year contained
Virginia tobacco.
And In England where Virginia costs as
much as Turkish tobacco —Virginia is preferred.
Virginia tobacco has a zest and a relish that
give a cigarette character of taste.
To enjoy it best* smoke it straight In a
- ' , • d
, The Virginia Cigarette
10 for 9 cents 20 for 18 cents
.. t
The Rev. H. M. D. flartin, rector of
St. James’ Parish, has been called to
North Carolina, where he was ordered
by the Bishop of the diocese in con
nection with the work of the Episco
pal “drive” now on throughout the
It is natural for a growing child to crave what may seem an
over-abundance of food. The vital, important factor is to
assure not only a plenitude of food but food that contains
those substances that promote healthful growth.
is daily helpingjto nourish and strengthen many boys
and girls through the trying period of growth.
Ay® ypa should not hesitate to give SCOTT*S
/Vr -EMULSION to a child of any age .
llfl < ’ xcl “ s ' v e grade c>f cod-liver oil used in Scott’* E.ouUion is the famou*
W** Process,” made in Norway and retincd in our own American
Lal>oratones. It is a guarantee of i-urity and tailautlnlity unsurpassed.
Scott & Bowne. Bloomfield. N. J. 1-J2
i—' " ' 1 111
paltuacff fifatt
Established 177:{
Payable in Advance
Daily, one month $ .50
Daily and Sunday, one month .75
Daily, three months..-* 1 50
Daily and Sunday, three months 2.1a
Daily, six months 3.00
Daily and Sunday, six months 4 25
Daily, one year GOO
Daily, with Sunday Edition, one year K. 50
Sunday Edition, one year 2 50
FELIX AUNTS, Manager and Publisher
s - - ■/
Rev. Martin left on Tuesday last.
Mrs. Martin, who is interested in all
civic and Red Cross activities in the
town and county, will remain at the
St. James’ Rectory. Tracey's Landing,
until about January first.
The Martins will be greatly missed,
and their leave-taking is a matter of
keen regret here.
If ignorance were oliss there would
be more happiness on earth.
GreenwalcTs a
| Community 1
Market f
34 Market Space
1 M
Special |
for Saturday |
Pork Chops fl
__ 38c. j I
Round Steak, 30c
Sirloin Steak, 33c
Porterhouse Steak, 38c
Hamburger Steak, 20c
Chukc Roast, 20-25 c
3-Corner Roast, 25c
Rib Roast, 30-32 c
Soup Meats, 18-25 c
Corned Beef,lß-25c
Beef Liver, 10c
Veal Chops, 30-35 c 1
Veal Cutlets, 50c
Stew Veal, 25c
Lamb Chops, 45c
Leg of Lamb, 35c
Lamb for Stew, 25c
Smoked Meats
Hams, 33c
Picnics, 25c j
Full Cut Shoulders, 28c ''
Bacon Sliced, 43c |
Bacon by the Piece, 35c
Sweet Pickled |
Shoulders, 30c
Hams, 35c
11 . . Jj
Lard, 35c
Compound, 28c
Greenwald’s Meats 1
For Etrery Table 1
in Town fl

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