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-U ' _
ES . ' _ _ B
, ;
l.oif lii November
to seal Life's tired eyes,
><•/>■ from April skies;
p in kiss Life’s repos-,
*i‘■ memory of a rose:
rhi. and hills and sea.
• on love's dear breast;
and the fettered h art set
and the gift of rest!
and what ran soothe thee
now !■
soft lips upon thy brow;
a * iiv wary orbs to lay
lift a fea ler veinet gra y:
■ ’ . ,i- and winds at ease,
i ■ hill- and shadowy foam;
-< mi winy- of peace
l: . iif'-’s vision home!
to fold Life's hands and (
'! . -i dear deep and rest serene ,
.... and true, wan lips and j
: ‘ |
L,-v< i.p- aad Life's in dreams to! (
in' ■ . j |
uiv lip- ami life': and evermore t
Tin i in love'.-, arms alone;
■ :ivt to lap the silent shore, (
\ lll i iifirr winds to moan! ■
Bentztown Hard.
■ i
Tomorrow's Bedding <
Bcirin -Kamlall <
( r l h v.. been received here from; 1
dr and Mi- Daniel It Randall to the j ‘
v. * i|d I Hi! of their daughter, Rosamond;
I! inline, to Mr Francis Foulke Beirne, j *
which i.iL. place tomorrow afternoon! 1
a■ 1 to a' Frnmanucl Church, Haiti-j
:,n . Miss Randal) formerly lived in j I
Ann. 1 polis. where she is much admired i <
t. In r charming personality, lovely j
•i] i r and high Ideals. She is (
p .;eil;;r among the soc ial set of both \
I. more and Annapolis. A number j (
of her relatives here will attend the;,
wadding, including iter aunts. Misses ,
Kate \V and Adele Randall, Mr. and f
.Mi- Flliott lturwcdl ;mcl Mrs. John,
Wirt Randall
’idle wedding will lie followed by a - t
-mall reception at the residence of the j
bride's parents, 11117 St. Haul street, ,
Baltimore. 1 ]
The bride will be attended by her .
ister. Miss Hetty Randall, who will <
be maid of honor, and Miss Mary ,
Beirne. sister of the groom, will be j
bridesmaid and Mrs Janies A (lary, (
Jr . matron of honor. j
The groom will be attended by John j
Baylor, of Washington, as best man
The ushers arc to be Dr. Carrington ,
\\ Iliam . Charles Watkins. Captain |
bn.irt Leake. C. S A , of Richmond. (
V . Blanchard Randall. Jr., and the >
In dr\s two brothers, Richard H. and $
\\ Mi;.m A Randall. ,
r the wedding journey, the bride ;
•rcom will live at Chesterlleld •
\ • nctiis, Riclmtond, where Mr |
i' , has been engaged in business- £
!is return from eighteen months \
*i-’ c • with the army of the American j
‘.Ap.'iln ion.irv Forces in France.
The groom is a son of the late Col. j
It. hud Beirne. owner and editor of j
i' Richmond “Times Despatch." and ,
Mi William J Leake \
11 II Spend Winter
In Florida
V- and Mrs. George Davidson, of St
Margaret's, will spend the winter in
Fl<>''id a. leaving here immediately af
•cr tac caristmas hedidays. Mr. and
M Dividson will go to Miami, where
> have recently purchased at. es- f
having been there some few
i c'idis ago to look over the held. They
wii; M.tve a family reunion at home,
r two sons, who have been in the i
v. e and overseas during the war, t
w i -pend Christmas at home for the }
' m • t nit* in two years, and one of their
i’ gliters. who is studying to be a
tr. ■ • d nurse, w ill also be at home for •
C! mas
Vi Vugusia S. Burwell. who has 1
visiting her son, Robert L. Bur- 1
"i-.: in Washington, has returned 1
i 1
T! • Rev. Dr Persons, acting pas- j •
:>r . ihe Presbyterian Shureh. left |
t - :> • r Hagerstown, and will attend j i
i inference of the New Kra Move-::
: . Dr Persons w ill return on! <
S.c'.ut lav afternoon. M
Vniei Van Legion
M ago iniimois
> -ng men who wi re promoters of i
• t i 1
i* o :o have been given tonight;
' local branch of the American
n for the benefit of the Red
Cross, have been magnanimous, inas
■ . h as they have postponed their
: Monday night, owing to *1 e
:\u ’ •' the dance for the benefit of
.1 w , a Relief Fund for starving
. u :n Kurope i- to be held 10-
rc’ Realizing Iliac two benefit
- Ic. Annapolis annot be a sue -
<*- * on he same niclr. those in eln r go
. ' - Jewish Relief benefit presented
t -.c’-t before the promoters of the
I*. dance, who readily cnosented 1
’ ' .. ; ■ tponement.
c f Gunner Robert K. Sommers.
P S. N . retired, is quite sick ai his
Cap* George Ward, who has teen
confined to his bed by sickness, is
able o be up again. His many friends ■
boj for a speedy recovery.
l adies' Aid t
To <>he Bazar
At a meeting of the ladies' A d So
ciety held yesterday afternoon in the
leiture room of the Presbyterian
Church, it was decided to hold j bazar
shortly, at which there will be a -ale
of articles suitable for Christina* pres
et!’ There will also be a sale of ice
cream and cake. Mrs Kutsch is presi
de.it of the society and is ably assi < 1
by Mrs. Langfiehl and other eo
Bung liters Of Isabella
Card Parly Tonight
A card party of more than usual in
terest will be given tonight by the
Daughters of Isabella in Ft. Mary's
Hall Besides delicious refreshments
and beautiful prizes, there will be an
other advantage in buying a thirty-fiv !
cent tic ket, that eac h holder, whether j
or not he or she goes to the card party.,
if name is on ticket, is entitled to draw j
for a turkey, an unusual inducement, i
especially at Thanksgiving time, when
the national bird is roosting high with
all other If. C L.
Colonial Barnes
Making Samplers
The Colonial Dames are making a
record of Samplers and there must be
a number of these in Anne Arundel
county homes. If those possessing
samplers will send description with
date and name of maker to Mrs. A L.
Ilodgdon, Pearson. St. Mary’s county.
Mil., they will be added to the list now
being made in Maryland.
Brilliant Reception
Af The koterncir’s
Yesterday afternoon’s reception at
the Governor’s was largely attended by
society folk, both of the- Naval Acad
emy and Annapolis. It was the sec
ond of the season's Thursday after
noon receptions, two others to be held
on the first and third Thursdays in De
cember. respectively.
Tiie moms were handsomely decor
ated with cut (lowers and potted
plants. An orchestra from the Naval
Ac ademy band played in the large par
lor, which was cleared for dancing, the
younger set enjoying the dance. The
Governor and Mrs. Harrington re
ceived in the small reception room to
the left of the entrance. Mrs. Har
rington was hand miely gowned in an
afternoon drees of black velvet with
jet ornaments.
In the State dining room Mrs. Fell
wife of the president of St. John's Col
lege. poured tea, and Mrs. F. S Hep
burn, chocolate. Other ladies assisting
\vere Mrs. Ridgely P. Melvin and tic
State Librarian, Miss Nettie Mace. The
young girls assisting in serving were:
Miss Elizabeth Johnson, daughter ol
the rector of St. Anne's; Miss Isabel
Bruce. Miss Anna Kidout, Miss Vir
ginia 1 hike, the Misses Steele. Miss
Virginia Hall, Miss Ann Guest, and
Miss Helen Woodward
There were several hundred callers
including cadets of St. John's College,
members of the senior and junior
classes, who had been especially in
W„ B. & A. CRASH
(Continued From Page One )
that the accident would have been a
more serious one.
First news of the collision spread
rapidly about the city, and fora time,
the general report was that the cars
had telescoped and several persons
were killed and scores seriously in
jured. These reports, however, soon
were dissipated. The collision inter
rupted traffic over the line for a
short time, until conditions could be
overcome. The forenoon trains out
of Annapolis, left on scheduled time,
but there was some delay in the ar
rival of incoming cars from Baltimore
and Washington.
The inbound car. it appears, had
gone into the siding at Gambrill's. to
await the passing of the outbound
car from Annapolis. There was a mis
take on the part of the brakeman on
the eastbound train who threw the
switch while he should not have done
so. The motorman of the latter car. it
is said, released his brakes and at
tempted to hack out of the siding and
avert the collision, if possible, but this
was out of the question.
Fortunately, the outbound car was
not being operated at a high rate of
speed. The impact of the ears, how
ever. was sufficient to throw and jos
tle many of the passengers out of
their seats and that they escaped
without serious hurts, is regarded as
rather remarkable.
It is possible to be perfectly square
and still be known as a many sided
For Infants and Children
In Use For Over 30 Years
• Continued From Page One)
to Baltimore, later leaving for Lynch
burg, Ya , where he was subsequently
A”orney Milton Dashiell, counsel
for Robinson, objected time and again
to the statements of the witnesses con
cerning the confession, and wanted to.
put the negro on the witness stand to
deny that he had made any statement
voluntarily. Each time he was over
During the morning. Deputy Sheriff
William D K Lee. of this county, re
cited the same story unfolded by th**
detectives, and the same attack was
begun by Dashiell without avail.
Alleged < ont'es.|<n Turn* Lp
Then the State called Lieut. Walter
James, of the Northeastern di-trie’,
who stated that the confession v.;;s
made to him by Robinson on May IV
about two weeks after the crime Vet j
the paper was not produced and no!
attempt had been made to offer it by i
Mate's Attorney Nicholas H. Green, os
Anne Arundel, and Assistant State's
t Attorney Horton S Smith.
James was turned over to Dashiell
j for rross-examinatioti and the firs:
i question asked was: “Where is that
i statement ?”
“Right here in my pocket," replied
'he officer.
"May I see It?" asked the lawyer.
"Sure, here it is." came the reply,
and the next minute the much-dis
cussed document was in the hands of
the defendant's counsel.
Dashiell asked the witness several
questions concerning it and the Flat
took the stand that the paper was iu
evidence. Dashiell declared to the
contrary, but the prosecuting officers
were upheld by the court in contend
ing that, as the paper was offered by
Dashiell, he must take the responsi
bility of having it go in the record sa
an exhibit for the defense.
The wrangling was ended, however
when at a suggestion from the court
the State offered the confession as an
exhibit for the prosecuton, to which
Dashiell again objected and once more
offered to place the accused on the
stand to deny the paper. Once more
he was overruled
(Continued From Page One)
'lie boxes on the Navy side of the field
The Governor will, therefore, lie
among the royal Navy “rooters,’’ and
he is anticipating the trip with great
pleasure. He and his party will
occupy Box 5-A, situated near midfield
The Governor will make the jaunt in
his automobile and will he accom
panied by a party consisting of Mrs
Harrington, Emerson C. Harrington
Jr.. Miss Mary Harrington, little
“Billy” Harrington, and Miss Nettie
Mace, the State Librarian.
The Governor and party contemplati
leaving Annapolis on Friday morning
the 28th, with the expectation of reach
ing Gotham in time to take in the show
at one of the theatres that night. Ac
commodations have been engaged at
the Manhattan Hotel, and the party
will remain over Saturday night, and j
return to Annapolis late Sunday after
Detroit and Cleveland both claim
fourth place among American cities in
the next census, having admittedly
displaced St. Louis, which was fourth,
and Boston, which was fifth.
It’s Easy—lf You Know Dr. 4
Ed weirds’ Olive Tablets
The secret of keeping young is to feel
young —to do tins you must w atch your
liver and bowels —there’s no need of
having a sallow complexion—dark rings
under your eyes—pimples—a bilious
look in your face—dull eyes with no
sparkle. Your doctor will tell you
ninety per cent of all sickness comes
from inactive bowels and liver.
Dr. Edwards, a well-known physician
in Ohio, perfected a vegetable com
pound mixed with olive oil to acton
the liver and bowels, w hich he gave to
his patients for years.
Dr. Edwards’ Olive Tablets, the sub
stitute for calomel, are gentle in their
action vet always effective. They bring
about that natural buoyancy which all
should enjoy by toning up the liver and
clearing the svstem of impurities.
Dr. Edwards’ Olive Tablets are known
by their olive color. 10c and 25c.
Nature Says:
i ■" ■ T'JJi
Buy Ht oner; pay a little down and
liaianee weekly or a di-w-ount for
noli. You may not le able to buy
a bicycle later on account of hijther
lrice* and (scarcity.
Special Prices Aiul I’p.
t hief MachinLt’s Mate >oweil Had
Thrilling Experience In Mine
Word has been received by Mrs. J
H. Nowell, of 91 West street, of the
safe arrival in New York of her son.
Chief Machinist's Mate James R Now
ell, of this city. Young Nowell has
been absent front home for lhe past
two years in the service of his country.
Immediately upon hearing the call of
his country for gas engine mechanics,
necessary f.ir operating our sub
chasers. he voluntarily enlisted a*
Mat hinist's Mate, first-' nr- tiii
-I>ranch of the service. After finishing
:he special course for these men a
! Columbia University, in New York, he
was rated Chief Machinist's Mate and
j detached to sea service aboard the U.
S Submarine Chaser No. K. 4 His v--
j sol left soon after for the eastern sub
i marine zone, anil he had some thrilling
\ experiences off the coast of 'he British
After the armistice was signed the
sub-chaser No. IC>4 was ordered, along
with others, to make up the much
famed "suicide fleet'’ for the purpose
of sweeping up the mines ilia: had j
been laid in the North Sea during the
war. Since that time his vrsel ha*|
been openting in the mine fields until
he ne on completion of this danger
mis task.
Young Nowell is an expert automo-i
bile mechanic, and besides h>s host of
friends in and abuot lhe city, he will
be welcomed home by quite a number!
of automobilists who have known him
in the past.
The vanguard of the Navy's “suicide
squadron,” which swept the North Sea
dear of 50.000 mines, arrived in New
York yesterday after an absence of
two years.
Five of the litlc vesels made port
from Bermuda, racing all the way
Fifteen more are due ti day. They arc
commanded by Rear-Admiral Strauss.
Robcrj K. Barber, one of the An
napolis boys on the mine fleet, is the
son of Mr. and Mrs. \V. T. Barber, of,
this city.
There will be a grand review of the
fleet in North River Monday and
luncheon at the Hotel Astor to the men
who have finished this dangerous
Young Barber is on the C. S. S.
, has taiken the place of !
co^ee * n many homes
i PHfijlPd Convenient
i I Instant #1 Economical
!'®S M | Satisfying
j I *<! of pcii o* ! /
; I Made, instantly
I Sold by Grocers.
fr "
Special Sale of Touring Cars
Roadsters atnd Trucks
Sale Starts Nov. 18th, 1919 Ends Dec. 18th, 1919
Note the extremely low prices on tlnese cars. Then try them out, you
will be convinced of their great value. Bring this paper with you and
we wiil pay your carfare to and from Baltimore, if you buy one of our
1916 MAXWELL TOURING. —In splendid condition throughout. Sale '
price on this one is $350.00. The market price is $450.00.
1917 FORD TOURING.—The party that wants this car will have to
step lively as it will be sold quickly at $375.00. |
1916 CHEVROLET ROADSTER.—This car runs fine, the appearance
is good and the price is placed low for tins sale.
1919 MAXWELL TOURING.—Here's a car that has all good tires, has
been repainted, and runs like new;. In fact you cannot tell it from
j a new one and you save $285.00. .
’ 1918 MAXWELL TOURING.—'For this sale we have taken off exactly !
$90.00 from the selling price makiwg it $600.00 delivered.
1918 MAXWELL ROADSTER—A very classy car with loads of pep.
Sale price on this one is $675.00.
1917 FORD DELIVERY—In very good condition. Has Canopy Ex
press Body. Special price is $350,00.
1916 S TIT DE BAKER DELI VERY.—Has electric starter and lights, U
new tires and new storage battery. Will paint to suit.
Our Time Payment Plan is the btst of any dealer. You can buy on U
practically your own terms. j!
! dl7 16 W. Mt. Royal Ave.,
Phone—Mt. Vernon 1440.
: 'i' ■■ mimi—
Phone 144 All Work Onaranteed
Mew Tudor w Management
i. T. McSIAHOX, Prop.
Vulcanizing—Tirei Repairing—Retreading
Hsdchlj KI Relent} Courtesy
Fnt Air Service Ato Accessories
TlßES—Miller, Goodrich, Firestone, Sheridan
A gipneral proposition for thw. an
nexation of the suburbs of the city,
including East. Wes; Annapolis ahd
Germantown, will be one of the im
portunx measures u> be considered by
the commit;eo of citizens, constituting
the Charter C, mnfission. who will
work conjointly with the Mayor and
Ci'y Council on the plans*of amending
the i iliy charter, as means of bringing
additional revenue to the city.
Tiie Charter Commission will hold
its f- r>: meeting in the Municipal
Building a; 8 o'clock tonight It is not
;hough:, however, that much progress
will Ik made at this initial meeting,
because it is understood that some
time will be spent in effecting an'or
ganization and the naming of sub-corn
mittegs of tii" joint bodies, to facili
tate t he handling of matters in general
But. however, far the Commission may
procetd in its plans for a revised char
ter. it is regarded ns doubtful by sonic
. that it will he impracticable to get the
real issues in shape in time to draft a
bill carrying proposed charter amend
! merits and having passed at the com- ,
ing session of th- Legislature.
> The qu< n :. dig certain of ,
the ipuburban sections probably will <
meet with opposition, according to cer- ;
tain talk that is going the rounds, j 1
PartlKularly does this seem to he the (
case among a large number of resi
dents of the village across the Spa, be
■ cause for many years the issue Mbs
been a much agitated one, and tin
Community Improvement Association j
now appear perfectly satisfied to se-j
cure better conditions of sanitation.;
such as an adequate water supply from .
the city, and a sewerage system.
You never can tell. Some people j 1
look on the dark side of life, others
are color blind.
your mouth tastes
i ke all the mean
tilings you over did—
mixed together, thou |
you need Beecham’s
TVII®. Your mouth is a pood indication j
c[ the condition of stomach and bowels, j
Tr*"" * <• **> *kn tl . tJf
(Continued From I'ae One )
the milk stations. Hut it has not >e;
sufficient funds to tare for them all
Twenty-five cents will buy for one
of these youngsters more food than
eh has had at any one time for five
years Two hundred dollars will feed
and clothe anil house and school a
lad or lassie tor a whole year. The
Jews of this rountrx do not believe
that the people of the I'nited States
will allaw race or t reed to weigh in
the balance against the suffering little
They are asking help from other*
for the Jews because t!i > Jews hr.vt
given help to others freely in even
campaign fo rrelief funds for those
of utter nationalities, in t \ <■;•>• pa
triune drive, the Jews have dene even
more than their share. In the I'nited
Stales they gave more than line.boo
young men to the Army. Navy ami
Marines during: hte r vent war, a
greater percentage than was contr.ti
nted by any other element of the pop
illation. They did this freely and
giftdlv as they now urge others to
rive help to their people
Local chairman of the Jewish Re
lief Committee, appoinie I In Hal:
more headquarters for this city an
county >s Charles Wc'-s to wh.ffu ~t:\
donations may be sent or to the i. . ...
treasurer. James V Walton, president
of the Annapolis Ranking and Trust
(1\ lll* AnSu■ •. Il* l I'lrjiSl
how 1 rk, >in. 21. The moon \\ il l
shut off some of the sunlight from
most of the United States tomorrow
morning when an annular eclipse,
which will be the first in the I'nited
Stats since lie's and the last until
1930, will occur.
Eastern Texas and south we.-t rn
Louisiana will get the best view ot
the eclipse and the most darkness
When resistance is lowered and you come down
with a cold that runs into an obstinate cough, your
trouble is more than surface deep. You need
an easily absorbed tonic-nutrient, mixed with your blood
io nourish and enable you to get a fresh hold on strength.
fFor nearly fifty years Scott's has been helping
break up colds by building up strength . Try It!
The exclusive (trade of cod-liver oil used in Scott'* Emulsion is the famous
*'S. & 11. Process,” made in Norway nrul rrtined in our own American
laboratories, at is a guarantee of put it y and pulatability unsurpassed,
—fi ott & n- wnr. Bloomfield, TV. J. 19-19
J|k Keep You tr Shoes Neat mL
' "
Special Only for Saturday!
' Best Flour, a bbl $13.15!) Sardines, the best, 6 cans X)
1 .. 2V/i lbs i 1.70 P& G White Naptha Soap, >
.. .. ~ . 3 bars
l ~ lb ' bag * Black-eyed peas. 3 lbs £
6 lb. bag 43 pink Salmon, 3 cans -Ml
Tomatoes, No. 3, can Itf - Beat Coffee, 1 lb .32
21 J. BLOOM, 6 Fleet Street
/■ ——<
altinurfr fifUtt
Established 1773
Taj able In Advance
Daily, one month $ -5®
Daily and Sunday, one month 75
Daily, three months 15®
Daily and Sunday, three months 2.15
Daily, six months 2 00
Daily and Sunday, six months 4 25
Daily, one year ®-®®
Daily, with Sunday Edition, one year 8.50
Sunday Edition, one year 2.50
FELIX ARM’S, Manager and Publisher
il ■
Calotabs, the New Nausealess
Calomel Tablets. Cut Short
Colds and May Prevent Flu
By Keeping Liver Active
Physicians have learned from ex
perience. during the epidemic of influ
enza. that one of the most important
factors n the prevention of Hu and
pneimitvan is to keep the liver active
so that the digestive organs mav be in
peril i : working order and tliev svs-
I 1
tern thereby enabled to throw off colds,
check sore throats, and resist serious
complications. For this purpose they
have found that the new, nuti<euless
calomel tablets callt d Calotabs. are far
i more effective ever, 'halt the old style
•alomel. which ''a- 5 formerly the uni
versal favorite, as Calotabs do not
weaken the patient, nor interfere with
he appetite and digestion.
At the first sign of a cold or sore
hroat. doctors recommend one Calotub
at bed time with a swallow iff water,
that's all. No stills, no nausea, nor ihe
slightest interference with your diet,
pleasure, or work Next morning you
wake up feeling fine, your liver is ac
ive. and your appetite is keen for a
good breakfast.
For your protection Calotabs are
sohi only in original sealed packages,
price thirty-five cents. All druggists
recommend and guarantee Calotabs.
Your money back if you arc not do
lighted with them. (adv.)
• ♦
Marriage Licenses
ben L I’ettmgiil. 30. Baltimore; Mary
C Motzlinwcr, 19, Gardenville, Balti
more comity. Applicant, Reuben W.
Gibson. 2f>, Paris, 111.; Eva B. Daugh
erty, 34. I>e tie's, Md.

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