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i hrMma* People
• -hi time there rHe in
■ ■ of my heart
i ni vna- people that shin",
rid 1 ir apart— .
i , . fi >rner ami Little Ilov Blue
\:.ci- and Little Bo Peep.
...i* the hill ; of the Christmas
, .-ii l see her bring home her
i •,(!• Goose, with her family
' r . !1 .
•i> 'U varied, so sweet —
with the memories of
ii u i hing the Christmas street.
M Mafic ‘.till sits on tier
• i :.ng her curds and whey,
in th" beanstalk of fairy-!
•ii,- ante a- ill childhood’s!
r ■ ilia' people, they step from
<d ihe book of Mother
and glory though an
.nid bo.ir> has still its lov-^
j id" n ;
-.mi : the lights and the glow
i i. -1 in a s season they fbme,
• . Miv Netticoat dresesd id lier
I i iiu iial,
. ~-r little Hop-o'-My Thumb.
, • it :li- rune and tin* revel of
i and fancy and love and of
,\ i , v r at Christmas I see them
,_a; i the people ho dainty and
de ir
I nt iit tile piper who stole a pig.
an 1 he wonderful Jack and Jill
,\ i mi of the vaileys of memory they
( :.!•• Mill (limbing the fairyland
h 11;
And nil day long and through half
; tie night
Tin Chri-linas people go by.
V. • i ln>i> and a skip and a song on
the lip
A el a twinkle of fun in the eye.
Folger McKinney.
’ mierrow's IN ecption
II I In* ( oniiitardanU*
As ti r of those delightful Saturday
a itin.m receptions at the Commbnd
c will be held tomorrow afternoon
in l t i! :;o. when Capt. Wat T. I'lu
r: ins and Mrs. Cluverius will receive
M Porter How, Naval Academy.
I Mini Hops Twniinorrow
The usual “informal” hop will lie
given tomorrow afternoon at 4;HO by
’ r midxhipnien of the regiment, and
i .. n'n 'her • \. ill be th
usual midshipmen’s hop. As many of
.. a. .did relatives oi tu*r miit
i t'tiien are here from a distance for
.. in !.days, tin* hops tin* expected to
* unusually well attended.
V.r inn pictures will be given for the
nud-hiptneii at S:3O p. m. Next Weil
> • ' la> afternoon there will be an ither
"int'orma!.” and the usual Christmas
live hop will be given in the evening.
Mi Paul Browning Wier. and in
fant n. who have been quite sick of
,l ; g "ip, an* able to be out again.
llceciv in if
< oiimiitulatioiis
Mr and Mrs Bussell M Lockett, of
i street, are receiving mtmy
re illations from friends upon the
■’ a fine daughter The little
her bow to this world on
M * * -day evening Mother and
? reported t-> be doing tine
\? t and Hall
I * I tie M inter
\ McNa r. widow of Admiral
• a N . at one time Super
the Naval Academy, who;
-i>( tiding the past two months
City, has returned t > her
-a < arvel Hall for the wai- ,
• -I( s 1 i'.I.M
I • i "tin i Held*
Knnis. the efficient and
n ary of the Home Service
L i Cross, will leave shortly
a position with headquarters
"M. Many regrets are express- •
ie.ivi 'aking of Miss Hunts,
n an invaluable acquisition
n \! branch of the Bed Cros*.
< "tilby, ( In!,
I*' !• L'uight
• ’ banco of the year will be
' evening by the Cotillon Club
br - < ollege it is expected
Vim Sydney S Handy, of the
w. i.eoive at tonight's hop.*
• c-ed today for the;
' ‘ 'didays, many of the stud-j
:. i over for the Cotillon j
• r•< -s
‘ ' rs Here
s cret ary >f t,e Home
• He 1 Cross was visited
v "wo representative wo-j
K*d Cross. Miss Aileen j
"> ‘"'dm representative.
V' and Mrs Mary C Lin-!
L.Il :more, executive sere-!
Homo Service
' ■ *' < •fare
1 i" Him Aina*
sr > ' Sutherland. rublic i
* s arranging to give thed
e.i are . inic a Christmas ee-j
curing Christmas week
-a. ar entertainment was given
- Uj! w.;h great success.
Surprise Party
, For “Standard Bearers”
o!r-; William G Gardiner emertain
*ed ilm 'King’s Heralds ' last evening
|her home on Murray Hill, in honor
f her niece. Miss Lueile Furman,
who is a member of the organization
The party took the form of a "sur
prise party." Miss Furman being kepi
in the dark as to the coming of her
friends. Games were played and
music and dancing enjoyed. The dec
jrations were Christmas greens. Dur
ing the evening refreshments were
served. The young people had a de
lightful time
Voting f.lrl* Assists!
Vt Governor's Reception
Despitv the intensely cold weather
yesterday afternoon there was a large
attendance at the reception at the
Governor’-. Besides Mrs Page and
.Mrs. Garrison who poured. Mrs Har
rington was assisted by Mrs. William
C Dawson, and the following young
i ladies; Miss Julia Douw. Miss Kath
erine Howard. Miss Ruth Simmons,
of Fori McHenry; Miss Eleanor
Moody, the Governor’s daughter. Miss
Mary Harrington, and Miss Hsther
Lieu* D W Coe. C. S. N . Coivstruc
tion Corps, who is on duty at Ports
mouth. Va., has joined his wife and
infant sou here for over the Christ
mas holidays.
Preparatory School
Gives Friends Bailee
Students of Prof. George Pfeiffer’s
'preparatory school for candidates for
the Naval Academy gave a dance last
night nt the school on Maryland ave
nue. A number of young girl friends
of iite students were invited, and the
evening was pleasantly spent. Mrs
Pfeiffer chaperoned the party.
Ladles* Aid
Had No Quorum
Weather conditions probably inter
fered wiiLi the attendance yesterday
. afternoon of the Ladies' Aid Society
of the Presbyterian Church, which
t was to hold a meeting at the residence
of Mrs. Heintz, Green street. There
, was not a quorum present, and busi
ness could not be transacted. The re
sult. of the recent Christmas sale was
talked over in an informal way. and
it was atm, meed that sl3l had been
, taken i- at the recent Christmas sale.
, and the net proceeds of the
I afternoon and evening were sll6, the
ice cream having been paid for out
-of the receipts.
. Another Little
~ “Fashion" In Town
Mr. and Mrs. Leon Strauss, of the
. “Fashion." Maryland avenue, are re
j reiving congratulations on the birth
.'of a daughter. The little "Fashion’
; made her bow to this world last nighi
at the Emergency Hospital. Litth
Miss Strauss is the first child in the
. family, and Mr Strauss is very proud
E* jof having attained the distinction of
a "daddy.”
On The Mend
At Naval Hospital
Lieut. Arthur Langlield. who has
been a patient at the Naval Hospital.
. Naval Academy reservation for the
■ past fortnight, is on the mend. Lieut
Langlield is suffering from a disloca
tion of a portion of the vertebrae and
is still under treatment at the liospi
'al. although he was permitted to go
i his home on Taney avenue. Murray
Hiii ? r a short time yesterday.
Lieu; and Mrs Chari's Gladden
have teen \ Hung Baltimore
Mrs Huber; Mohs, wife of Judge
\ios-. has gone to Philadelphia for the
week-end., and will not return until
Monday morning
Word lias been received here ol a
serious accident that befell Dr 1)
Murray Cheston. of West River, on
Sunday last, while at the home of his
daughter. Mrs. William Haines, of
,Chestnut Hill. Philadelphia. As Dr
Cheston was coming down stairs he
tripped and fell heavily when several
steps from the floor. Both of his
w rists were broken, his nose was be li
ly cut and when picked up was tin
conscious He was immediately taken
to the Chestnut Hill Hospital and
!given every attention, but owing to
his advanced age (76 years* his con-
I (i it ion is still quite serious.
—Huy lied Cros* scat*. Now
As Influenza
is an exaggerated form of Grip. LAX
should be taken in larger doses than
is prescribed for ordinary Grip. A
good plan is not to wait until you are
j sick, but PREVENT IT by taking
lets in time
— ———-
For Infants and Children
! In Us* For Ovr 30 Years !
—— !
(Continued From Page Otic) j
| he idea embodied in the tanks to luv.- j
been tsrs; employ ! by John Zizka. a'
ifteenth century. Bohemian patriot,.
* who is one of the greatest soldiers in
history This man armed cars’ drawn
by horses, and made effective use of
them in his almost invariably victari-;
ous career, but he was not the first to
use them
Hannibal Origin-dot! “Tanks"
"Others have credited Hannibal, the
• Carthaginian, with having originated
Lhe tanks. He used elephants in the
armies with which he invaded Paly,
and with these monstrous beast-, t r-j
"j rifying in their strangeness and paw, r
l to the Romans, he scattered tlie le
■ gions of the Republic and won some
-of the greatest victories recorded in *
* i history.
"Hannibal, however., (ltd not tlrs; imej
elephants in war. for Pyrrhus. King off
Epirus, used them against the Ram ms |
jin the third century I! C, titty war-j
f before Hannibal was to do s i, an.i be-j
•; fore him Alexander the Great had used ,
■ them, and before Alexander thf. had!
■ been used in the Orient.
I “The earliest use of the tank Idea.
- and the closest approxdna'ion to the
i modern instrument of that name.
; i seems to have been by the Celtic in
habitant- of Europe, wiio w no .• vi!-
! ized to a high degree when thv ltoni
- j tins were bartiarians. In an In-h
: | poem dealing with events that ar*
-1 dated about IKOO years ago. but om
i bodying traditions >u’ a mm ii curlier
1 .late, is a descrip'ion of armed i iiar
. lots holding bands of warrior-, and!
these cars, except for pr q.ul . n by
1 mechanical power and equipment with
. firearms, seem remarkably like the
tanks of the world war. and are pf >!>- I
lbly not only the earliest evample- of!
them ever employed, but more near-yj
like them that Zizka’s cars or any'
s ,ither more modern counterparts '
Spoke Oil “V hKtler"
Professor J K. Bunnell spoke or’
Whistler” and gave an account of his!
experiences in Paris while a .-indent
at an art academy in which Whistler!
and MacMonnies taught. Mr. Bonne!!
was highly impressed bv Whistler's
personality and geniuh, and he gave a
pleasant picture of him as a teacher.
—ltd) Kcd ( rox** Sc-.ilx No.v
Buys Fastport Property
K B Wayson. of Owensville. Wes: 1
River, lots pun based the property
1 ormerly owned by the lute Samuel
! vV. Brooks, at East port.
—llil.v K**(t C'riiNH Scatx Now—
■ j A cunning minority often beats an ,
■j ivereonfident majority.
—Biiy Kt*(l Cross Scuts Non
• | Lodge lias come out in the open.
1 i He declares that the peace treaty is
j sue is now one of politics rather than
[ ’ principle.—Savannah News.
e —Buy Bed < rowk Scalf* Now——
i Which fs Better Try an Experiment
or I'rotit by an Annapolis
p I Citizen's Fx|tcrlcucc
I! Something new is an experiment.
■ | Must l e proved to be as represented,
j! The statement of a manufacturer
t s not convincing proof of tnerr.
( But the endorsement of friends is. I
I Now supposing you had a bad back.
f A lame, weak, or aching one.
Would you experiment on it?
! You will read of many so-called
I cures.
Endorsed by strangers from far i
L | away places.
It’s different when the endorsement
p j comes from home.
Easy to prove local testimony.
Read this Annapolis case:
j 1 Sol Burtis. plumber. M Brince
I George St . . ..vs: “Some years ago I
j .tad terrible pains across the small of
ny l ack and when ! stooped, 1 could
iard!y straighten. My back bothered
lie the most in the morning and when
; i i tins* got up I felt more tired and
worn out than when 1 went to bed.
Friends told me that Doan’s Kidney
’ills were good so I decided to try
them. Three boxes gave me great re
icf Now, I use Doan's whenever i
j feel in r.etl of a kidney remedy and'
mre wonderful ’ ;
Iff - i i ; / I
Gct His Chrietmas
Gillette from Us
Th- Gillette t 3 a hobby of our*
the year ’round.
Our Christmas stocks are espe
riaiiy templet r— the Gillette
lor every man.
Dices $5 to SSO.
Blades in 50c. and $! packets.
A rmx’- i (J-i-.'i tf ccera-onc;. comfort anj
tffkiuicg mart* a Gi'r.fc u<c.:oeaia bt ho
toiai Cjuitnner.l'
| The Henry B. Myers Co.
Extend Time For Subscription
To Stock Of Circle Playhouse
The progress and development of the
; Circle Playhouse, the proposed new
theatre, now in process of building en
State House Circle, has been watched
vt .i interest Ly this c-ti.-unity from
The propcee;! new theatre is a (.m
--crete i>ari of Annapolis and Anne
A rum’si County, and cannot f.'il to
stand a; a monument to the spirit of
progress on the pari .f its pr .rooters
and incorporators
H was hoped at the beginning th t
,the new playhouse would he opened
| by Christmas, but difficulties of obtain
j iug material -. the scarcity of lab ir.
i have so handicapped ihe builders as to
j preclude a possibility of coni pi rt’on of
j tin* building at this time.
1 That tin' i isk of building such ,i the
ia're, with the an mu’ of though! and
ilalor involved, is no small one. ni.’.y
it* seen in the plans and drawing.- of
>he architect, Henry F. Hopkins,
which are on exhibition at the Central
Drug Store. J. Newton G.lbert. pro
prietor. East street and State Circle
The work of building is now well
underway. Building materials are ail
in hand, and the outlook is promising.
The various incidentals, including
the superb pipe organ, seats, stag
setting, projectors, etc., are ail con
tracted for, and. the weather permit
| ting, work will now go on without
further delay.
A pleasant surprise to the public is
promised when the theatre is thrown
Come to Our Store
Tl;c choice variety <>’ onr sJoel.s •. ill nuke choosing pleasant, while
! tlie iV.irnevs ami reasonableness of ear prices will make buying easy.
(Store open evenings Mill Xmas.) df’2
*\ want TO U wHERg I \ I HERE-TAKE V
yVSHOP,/ \
qse ( Vt
IP ■"1 HERE is something the matter with a man’s
auto vision if he cannot see that this repair
shop is the one that should furnish all the nec
essary repairs to his auto. Our methods of doing busi
| ness will help you and your car.
lUtone 14i All Work Guaranteed
Now Coder Sew Maimeentul
J. T. MdiAHO.N, Crop.
Vulcanizing—Tire Repairing—Retreading
Honeaty KUlcirncy Courteajr
Free Air Service Auto Accessories
TlßES—Miller, Goodrich, Firestone, Sheridan
WintersonV Garage
Takes Great Pleasure in Making the
(hat It has secured (he services of an expert storage battery repair
man and Is prepared to give guaranteed service in rebuilding and
repairing automobile storage batteries. A COMPLETE PRESTO-
I.ITE SERVICE STATION' will be in.iintained and extra parts of all
standard make batteries will be kept on hand.
Inspection and testing free of charge.
James F. Strange & Son
open. The harmony of colors, light
ing. velvet curtains, carpeting, foyer
! decorations, and everything possible to,
make it a most inviting home to the
mo-' fastidious lover- of both the;
1 legitimate and the silent drama, lia-
Leen secured.
The iiicorpor-.tors arc grateful to
the various stockholders for their gon
ernys end hearty co-operation, which
rendered the project possible.
It was voted at the last meeting of
the directors that th? subscription to
stock be definitely closed December 21.
j m. However, for the benefit of
i those who have already subscribed
! an! who desire to increase their sub
scription. the list will remain (pen
until January 7. but to ail others.
December 21 will be the last day
With an average attendance of aoo
daily at all performances, i: is esti
s mated that the business will yield in
dividend some L"> per cent . and .hi- is
. considered a conservative estimate as
j on Saturdays alone the attendance
should be from 1.200 to 2.000 at all
four preformances. The incorpora ors
and directors of the Circle Playhouse
f are pie following: S Byerley. Janies
.1 Stehle. Dr J Oliver Purvis. Janus
A \Y( bin J. New ton Gilbert, and
q Charles F Lee.
It is stated tliat the treasurer. J
Newton Gilbert, will receive subscrip
tions and issue certificates.
—fill) Ki‘l 4 rov. ScaU Now
The winds new blow.
Soon there’ll lies now.
■ The nnftii’in lea',', s are seared and
i !
in ow n;
And the festive tramp
K Now leaves his camp.
*’ i And returns to w ork his route in
—11(0 ll*(l ( ro- Seals \<uv—
The ultimate consumer is a piece
s iif pay-dirt entirely surrounded by
n; profiteers Washington l'ost.
\ stay of another hour has been
allowed at tin* Christmas leav of tipo
regiment f midshipmen. Origiuulli :c
■ had boon arranged for their leuA
taking to begin at 1 30 Christmas
j but i t accordance v ’a the rev * l
t order, tiiev will be permitted to gr
'away an hour oarlitr
! As has previously been stated £u
J The Capital, the embryo oftkers u*!i
j have more than t< ir fall days if
jYuletide holidays, during whi> u tin y
J may visit relatives and fr and.-, .it ; i> r
respective homes or lit nearly cii
but all hands must sltow credon:i.A
, that their arrangements wiil britt
hack tit Annapolis in time to repo :
Jat evening roll-call. December US. tie
. time limit for the expiration of tin r
. leave. J
jj The leave .s extend- 1 to .id, t
, classes this year, instead ot l-enife
1 limited to the lirst class only as th
' previous years, hut unfortunately ail
'Hands v\ill not bt able to avail th< :r
--selves of it, because as usual, tint
are ; ■*.rations as n tin* cot lit
grades. In oilier word , those woo
fail • measure no :• m ...a n ial; jt
t Mtiotts will not to •*: .i’ted.ti
Thousands who are none ; .oo strong trace the pic: it
i weakened state to influenza or some like-debilito ”g
illness. Such could not do better than try lie
k strength-restoring and body-building virtues of
This efficient tonic is nourishment in a form that h ".3
build up a healthy resistance. If you are no ’:Vi
fyour accustomed itrength — rich, nourish , g
SCOTT'S EMULSION will help you. Try J
The exclusive sr.ide of cod-1 iv*> HI ti*d in Scott*# Ermilaion i* the fan -w
“8. &B. t'reces- tnintc in Worwny m l refined in oiu own Anirn-
I^aUoraUitic> Jt i* a guarantor of purity on-1 pululability uiiaurpua.
Scott ft Bowtv**, Bloomfield, N. J.
I The Price of I
: I Pork Chops and Bacon *
Here are why the fine, „| J
I fresh pork tenderloins and pork *4 If
*\ chops, cr savory*4>am, cr crinkiy
I bacon, which yot; enjoy for break- ■; |
I fast, cost much more per pound
than the market quotation on live
! hogs which yerj read in the
An average hog weighs 220
pounds. *
Of this, only 7) per cent (154
pounds) is meat'hnd lard.
So, when we pay 15/ a pound for
/ live hogs, we are really paying more
£ than 21/ a pound tf*r the meat which
we will get from animals, even
after taking into account the value of
the by-products. 1
But people shou a preference for
only one-third of whole—the pork
chops, fancy bacon t and choice cuts
from juicy Lams.
This means that when we are sell
ing Premium bacon at 43/2/ per pound
wholesale and Pren&um hams at 30/,
there are other partD for which we get
as low as 6/ or 8/. per pound. The
j net result is an avenge profit to us of
less than 1/ a pound.
The choice cuts are higher because
of a demand for them.
4 I
* Another thing:
entire hog—or about 1/6 th—is usually
marketed at once. ~ The rest must be
pickled, cured, or snflbked. This takes
months, and adds io the cpsts which
must be met.
Swift & Com pany, U.S. A. j
J/-~7 VP\\ f RECEIVED BY \
L*miEa2smsr<\\ /swift & company v 1
I J _ 111 f IHE lA.LS Of MEAT
L ij T / 1 nil I AMD BY PRODUCTS
BtKKKMi \ tZ.9O f / J)R t B 1 as cents is paid for the cHHHSP
V\ Ivwo/, * O/J 1 UV£ ANIMAL h
I \\SkM Jw Baiter 1B l2 . M CENTS FOR LABOR }
\\ A* - jS/ •vJWAMmotaai m W expenses AMO FREIGHT It
1 o ry o swrr*coJr S
the city. Instead they will be prlvi-*
l- -ed to visit in tbo city and about
the government reservation iliir.i.;; ilie
holiday week.
llia l\<-.l <;<>- s. :i|s Nun
l iles Cured in f> to II Dais
Dr icg st < refund :none> if ’A/.O
OINTMENT fails to ear# ItHi .ae.
r-lind. Hb inlinß or Tro‘rudlnir ‘i .s.
S'op< Irritation; Soothes ar.d 11 a Is.
You can Ret re.-uful sle-j ■ afte he
firs; anpl -Mi ion Trii e title.
All Colors |
Myers 7
Household Dept.

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