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iEtipnittg (Eapital
I'.atuldished HUM.
Established IW7.
Published Hally Except Sunday by
la on !** at the following pla-ea:
George \V. .Tone* Ib4 Main St.
\Vtiliaut K-bult** Wvmt St.
Geo. J. I >nvia 74 Maryland Ave.
Gluts. O. Eeidiueyer at; Maryland Ave.
Martin iinnio'h ...C®r. Landall A King Geo.
William linker Writ and Cathedral
I c!i vered in Anßapolia. Ea at port, tier
tnautown and West Annapolis l>y carrier
for till <*-nta per month.
Yon .-an have the EVENT.VO CAPITAL
Mailed to you when away from the city
5. . leaving yuiir name and addreaa at the
oth.-e, for rw •crits |-r nioutii; $3.!W> per
year pay.;Lie in at It anee. to any Poatoffice
Iti I'niti I States or Canada.
Eni< red at Annapolis lVstotih e an
Si- 01. d lass M itter.
Metnlirr of 'Hie Associated Press
T'n* Associated Press Is eyeiti
elw-.- i-ntlticii to tie us*- for re -
piih: l- a 1 ion of all nows credited to
It 01' not othei w itK i’ll dited in this I
paper atol also the heal news pub
lished leu-in. All rights of re
ptlhih jit lou < f special dispatches
li. rein an- nb-o 1 . served.
• ATI :ti> \V. DEt K.MBEK 2‘>. I Kit,.
I F I I U .1. ( \.HI*HK! I.
11 1 r iU ; tli o' ''"cnat'tr IVtcr i
,j4':n <ll ••i Haitian City,
:i ,t i c,a! -luick, n>t only to
liis rcii iark a I tjy large circle of
friifrl-, lust to t!if whole State of
AFtirvlaml as well.
lie was ;t man of endearing
qnalitit ■- • l heart and jniml, and
the servu'e that lie !ias ren<lere<!
to tin- < ity ol" Baltimore ;md to
the State oi Maryland during hi
carper will ever * stand out
as one of the hripdit ,spots in tin
history of Marv land’s public men
, Senator ( amp! e l !; t - been
coining to \nnapolis at intervals
for many years, and ißaltimore
City lia< not sent an abler and
more efiieient h p'islator here it,
|his generation. lie was a dili
pent student and a man o
marked mental force and accom
plishmcnts. and his knowledge of
parliamentary law coupled will
, hn_o legislative experience tnadt
him an oittst inking figure in tin
( ieneral \sseml>lv. But per
haps his most notable quality via
a higness of heart and a broad
mindedticss, which made him
such a truly lovable character.
11 is death is a distinct personal
and public 1 >-<, which will be es
pecially tit during the coming
residon of the Legislature, when,
as I 'resilient of the Senate, his
jvindiv spirit, ability and devotion
to dutv would have been of in
estimable benefit to the whole
Much civic good for Annapoli
may be expected from the organi
nation <>: the Community Service
Association to take up in peace
time the kind of work so well
‘ done by the Mar t amp Com
mun.tv Service, It is gratifying
j to kn w that the broad l ues of
• | the \\ . C. t . S.. adapted to the
w el:., re and progressive develop
ment ot the whole population,
are v > be followed m the new
movement. These were- neces
sarily restricted to objects imme
tliaUlv connected with the war.
Tut tin- u-eli:I and self-sacrificing
spi, : i largelv and successfullv
hrouglit to bear when patriotism
oa 1 ’tul can be encouraged and
made available in a wider, if levs
spectacular an 1 emotional, held.
I in* cohimunitv stands in need of
it. and while part of the work i>
d. u.d t.> the returned service
n and tlu-.r social and mater
ia! interests. tt can be enlarged
t-' cover the entire city and
com; \.
* he people of Annapolis have
s s a and heard Cardinal Mercier.
wn. e correspondence with the
t icrmans i- now being published
i i this countrv.
hit ot the Moody murk oi in
v -vied an i ravished Belgium arose
a r .u to whom presently all the
world was listening. In the very
beginning of bloodshed and mis
ery he began his work by going
about Ms duties, the duties of a
V ■ - I
lllli E\ LMMj CAIT lAL AND MARYLAND oAZET ID, AN .vU'ui.i>, MAk’i iA.vb. MiIKbAL HD. lAliiLiv :o. 11* IT
~j |
pastor whose flock is suffering.j
► He was a Belgian and he remain
ed in Belgium, building his jxjsi
uon so strong that the conqueror
dared not molest him.
Cerman agents in Belgium did
their best to entrap Cardinal Mer
cier into recognition of their jmj
. sitiou and failed. 1 hey did not
- spare his person from any ten
.jdenies** toward him. but because
. his very courage had made the
r-• • t
strength ot Ins position clear to
ball the world.
Jlis life was in their hands. Rut
he made it so clear that, com
pared with his duty, he held his
> life a very little thing, that even
the most brutal of Belgium's op
pressors did not dare to do him
,(f ever there was an example
! the -ingle might of righteous
ness sustaining itself against phy
sical might it was here.
The service of Cardinal Mer
'eier was a service to freedom.
The unquenchable fire of his
spirit gave the world a new les
*.. . *
son in faith and courage. To thi
- was added the keenness of a mind
-I that could not be tricked.
(Mv Eva Dorsey Earn
i The in s‘ cheerful place I have en
_ er .1 tlii- Christmas se„son is thi
Maryland Workshop for Ihe Blind, at
>)1 West F.iyetie street, Baltimore
I hist take a visit there; it’ll do yot
aiod, k'ive you soir.elhing of the r<‘al
’hnstmas spirit, something you eun
:ot buy with dolars and cents, which
s more precious than rul ies. Am
vhen you go. stop in the Christinas
ale.-room. They have the lovelies'
L hings there for sale, all kinds o
landicraft, basketry and fancy work
mil there is the good old mop am
lothes hamper, the rag rug ant
; 'room. The crochet work is exquis
1 te. and 1 never saw more artistic tea
rays at such reasonable prices
The .Maryland Workshop for tin
‘Blind is the realized vision of a r ■
markable man. George W. Conner,
l I’li., B. Mr Conner, though deprived
t of4he sense of sight, with the aid of
Ihe sight that is not of sense, con
ceiv'd the idea of organizing the
- blind, and 1 rought to a successful
i contplet ion the Maryland Workshop
'•for the Blind, of which he is the pres
lent manager. Ten years ago the shoj
'cyan with perhaps ten Mind, now i
enrolls some 385 tlind; laO arc train
ed ai the shop. U 1.3 in their homes.
"Help the blind to help tiiemselve.
,(through work." is the motto of the
hop. carried out to the letter. Every
hing a worker makes above costs
goes to him. A tremendous anioun
of work is turned out at the shop. f or
. instance, about 1,000 chairs are cane
. j monthly.
At present there !s need for a larger
appropriation fund and the Mary lane
Nssociciion of Workers for the Blind
, is placing the matter 1 efyre the gov
‘rtmuMit. This, is a cause that at ove
1 ill others should receive attention.
\ sper; several delightful hours at
he Workshop last Wednesday. Yes.
' I delightful! 1 heard no complaints
l saw no sour faces; ail was cheer and
, icuvity. There happened to be a::
entertainment there that afternoon.
' given ! y the Y. M. C. A., and l stayed
The program was a mixed one. songs,
music, readings, well rendered by the
talent present, l ut I think I enjoyed
the audience of Hind people and the
informal address oi George B. Bel
low.-. treasurer of (be Association.
■ more than anything. This self-made
blind man stood up in the midst of
his Hind brothers and told them, in
ringing heart-tones, thai if the blind
were no: happy it w,s their own
fault. He talked simply, with no fa
mous piety, of great principles and
great things; of faith, and resigna
tion to a mysteriously wise Provi
dence. of high courage and endea
vor which t rings its own reward.
Looking a: this man ard his audi
ence listening to his unpretentious
hoari-to-heart Christmas talk. I could)
seeH efore me. in that very shop, the i
inhht itants of that city "where there
is do need of sun I y day. or moon and
staTs ty night”
Escorted from room to room by the j
copi-teoas and accomplished field of
ficer of the Association. .Mr Lamont
Haokett. M. A. I*. B. who is known
here in Annapolis. 1 pitied, not the
blind there, for they could see. but l[
pitied those who could see, yet were j
blind, end I wished that ali who are
dissatisfied with their lot this Chris:-]
mas. could pay a visit to this sho; j
and get a slice of that Christmas :
sp rit that lasts
It is not the loss of souse-sight 1 ‘
dread'and pity, but the loss of that]
sight that i> not sense. This star! 1
Llindness l roods in too many seeing
We often wonder If those old knights \
: who sat at the round table managed to
get three square meals a day.
A|i|*lo ( biitney
Half pound brown sugar, one-half
! pound salt, quarter pound of onions,
two ounces garlic, twenty-five to thir
ty goo<l sized sour unripe apples
(more, if small ones are usedi. four
ounces powdered ginger, two ounces
of dried chillies, four ounces mustard
seed, four ounces dates, one quart
vinegar Bee’, core and slice the ap
ples, put into a pan with the vinegar
and sugar, and loii till the apples ar<
soft. Wash the mustard seed with
the vinegar, and dry in a cool oven.
Stone and chop with dates, peel and
slice the garlic, onion.-, chillies and
ginger in a mortar or basin. When
the apples ar cold add all the oilier
prepared ingredients ami mix well.
_ —.
IS THE < ;iV nr .LVVII-iiMS. M.VUY
land. v mi vr.vri t;i ;<.vr.
11 v 'i till "f n ilc ii-c t: •
I'niirt f'>r An'" A'tntiiil i .•i:ut>, -iu.m; l.
E<|Ult .v. pn-vd *:• :!•■ third d;t> i •■m
ht-r. lt'tti. In r in s.|j,| < ■ ur i. t.li
KciiiM. \vli,-'<-iii a. Lunin it* j A tirt *. '
jijul Soiniu.iii I'.ur.i* it ~l , ii- th-l'-.nl.imn
'll.- l!llll*-t-ii.-l'c.l ill.-.:,, \\iii ~‘i ■ ;|I ||||l,|(.
<;dc :il lh< <’...i!i K-'tinc ch,,,.. i.i the -it*
if Auxin|it>li. M mi
Tuesday, Deceirtber bO. 1319,
AT ELEV EN n < 1.- ■ K. A. M.
li lli 1 ! l--> ..I >-:■ .I ! 011 :in
<u-llt lot Inl -i iH* **f i‘l i .■> * I -I r r - . - ■ . :(j,l
i! tie- tool lii • • i •-• t • ...li 11n-:--**• i f.urt
. Ad mi.l I'ioing ,i ilij.ili l li**; cl nun .if tiit.t
, il-c fc'l, M\ i.lt It- n. .pill n;oil._ ,|
. ; in 1.1 |;n-f "if In; n:i '••• ...il-ip -■! till ,
i iiarlutr d tin < i:\ >*f Annul - 1-Hug tin
n. iuc (-r<i|. l.v . niivi y-‘il In Willl.im ILuiry
iturfiH liv Ji.ihi IL lYucr to iI diitcd <m
Il*c liflci'iitli iluy of .Vlun-li. ill tin- ytiii
•iglitin ii liumlrc.l uni! . it.n. iin.l , c
■onlcil kiiioi-k xlu- 1 ..i • i.: l*o or.is , i' Amu
Vrillulcl riilll.lv in I. li.-r S. 11.. Xo. ]
folio _•T. \-*-|tf iliif ;i orfion Ih-rcof ton
icyiii to Mow.-ml L. Er.-lgii l>y Tin- -j.■ s, 1
VVilHmu Henry Lurtin In (!-e<! t- ,l on
In- niutli duv of Noveinlicr in tin- y <-n i
•ijjlitcen Imiiilrcii and *■ 1 a - i l ly two a.ul r
! 'orilcd anioaa the snid I tin! Ec-ords i:.
l.ibiT S. |L. Nn. I'n. folio 117.
Imi | > ?■lived liy a fr, .:i,.* d'.M'J!' i,t. lie:'!
house and sheds, mid Icing the
where for luiinv years the said VVilli.m
Henry i'.uriis ,-oi.du- 'e.| a j le.i.sure bom
husiin -s
Ti;UMS lit' SALE. , s jiresi-rd'M'd by llu
lerree : line half ' iisli il|i< i the day <.f
sale or total ratification thereof, in the
. Ils-relioll of the trustee, a d the balalai
n six months from day of sale .r ali
ash at the option of tic- nut'chaser, the
1 leferred iiaymenl to bear i 11 1 -1 lom the
lay of sale and to be see tired by the bojld
if Hie |iureliaser wltji security satlsf letoyv
o f be' t rosier ; n dei.osit of three hundri d
tidlars \*ill be required of the puroliaser
in Ihe da v of sale.
Snmides and prices on I ohi f*-of of lire
; ' hose fur the i'i*v of AnaanollN are hereby
j 'iivlted by tile uudvrsixrmed. In b • re. elved
Mid opened at - I . ii .. l' - oinber ;Ml, l.'ttl
! I’ite committer reserves the right to reji i
: itiy and ail bids.
JOHN .1 LEVY 1 1'a .i!'tiia , il
111-lf Eire liep't. Committer
] lljds ill ! - reoeived by the City Hum
j misaioner t;:iti! 1- oh lock. noon. I le. i niboi
.1. 111111. for illjr s-iin h I' H. sewer ol
! Vloimiiieet and Shipwright St-vets. Hon
stru.-ting manholes. ,Vo. Hontra<-tor shall
j make his own measurements and give ;
| orlce on the work : s a whole, a unit pri •
| for e;n-h newer complete. The right is re
I served to reject any or all bids,
j I'or further iiiformntiou and speehira
'ior.s apply to
I ■ IV 11. V ANSA NT.
| ’el i 11 y i ’oinmissioia r.
“Ye Ferry Inn” !
Be eure and visit the “INN” j
at Clalboma, situated beside the *
Ferry Pier. Special attention to
antomobiie and picnic parties
Everybody -welcome.
j Make your dates for night wo k. Open
Monday, Thursday. Eridjiy mid S.iturday
nights for workii g girls.
fuller Madam J. VViilker's System,
On and after January Ist, 1920
VVinterson s Garage
j :
Strange Motor Car Company |
25,000 Shares of the 7 Per Cent. Cumu- I
lative Preferred Stock
|The Standard Advertising Co.
Giving y 2 A SHARE OF COMMON STOCK with every
share of Preferred.
Selling at Par SIO.OO.
7 per cent. Preferred Stock, cumulative ..$250,000
Redeemable at $ll.OO per share.
Common stock 300,000
Fully Paid. Non Assessable. I
For full particulars, see or write
LlO2 College Avenue Annapolis, Md 1
Phone 400. P. O. 80x—529. d 24 |
To amend Article XXV of the Kevtsed !
Code .f the I’ity of Annapolis, title. "Li-I
i eii- s b> adding thereto an adiiiolisi *•
tbm to f-.ih-w Sts i.on and it. lie known [
ami Iliimberetl SerlitUi li'.
Se-tion 1. He it t stahtishe-1 an-1 ordaiiieti j
by the Mayor. Hottuselor aiu! Aide; ineu of I
Hie Hit> of An u a polls, that Article XXV oft
the Kevise.l „f the Hify of AUliantdis *
be ami Ttie saute is hereby a mended b\ .atbl- '
iii K thereto an ar.dilioiin! section to follow i
Section hM and t > be kteWVU-alid numbei e . i
.IS S.S H-'II J.’> and t rea l as follows
St - tioa 'JX Every hi m. person, or body -
corporate, wh, tiler principal or agent not ;
engaged in a permanent business within ;
the . orporate ’.null* t*f ihe f H.V of Anna-]
j-dis. who s IJ!, within tli* corporate'
limits i! the Huy of AuiuipuMs. operate or I
eng. a-- iu the i li pat ion of seding or of
ft ri g f--r sab. either lyy Satnple or other
wise. ~i\ goods, w-re*.- *r tnei i handisc . t
any kind ivlmisoever, or s-di.itiug -.id-rs
f.-r tli-' - no . sh. ;i be ret|Ult<*i to obtain a :
fu-ens- irom tin' Hity Clerk mid fay then !
for Hu- sum of --ut. hundred tl.-llars, per
;u::i:.-u ; j !<-> . however. Him tbi- Oroi
! rniui t rb i not . t ciy to ihe sr.le of goods
■ to. or Ho sob, is,- g ~f -for :|. same
t'roin ;i*t - j-.-rsti. . tirt-i or eo: : -ir itioii. r(..-ii
g ’ eltlp oy.es. Cl a gt-l ill r pern, ni
> nt itlisi !• -a within lie- teporai-. iuniiv ot
* h- City ••! Mm. •••"• nor .li tut |- .
- isit-ig* ..f 'I, - (i -inati- e ... piv i * i .- sab
•f Ilii'E Vegt-ralc s. bill -'. - ggs. p.-lll!! '
fiuit. •-;■ count pr.-di; by p--.--i.p
--; aismg | • du.-ir g 'be s Hue.
. t p.r— ri ui .-or; ora':o tioijlliag
■m \ ■ ’ I ■ . f IPs <4' •li in: e
•-He. -• ~. H.e. t • i ... T b-‘fe| <- a:,\ -I listi--i
f -- - having jitriioU ti->n s',-HI lie
-ub i -.. . .11 !-- than x.b si
"O re II k ' . 11l r. . over. 1 . s otln i
111 es -I • now re.
Sc-’ti u r he e sli
el ..I . - , aiitli-.rilv :if..t s.m!
hat ■1- •' II ■ I.- i - if* ; i rmii
I ' In- date if ; s p: - s oj.
Appfoe I ‘ •-,nl'l l' l ;ih. 1 1!'.
.InllN .1. LEVY.
1 Vttes! Mayor.
Hoy He |..
tStal.) iHd-ti
Heaters. Iljmges a;; ( | Furnaces
Koofh lU'iKiirTtl And
ILiinft <i
111 Jub Work Prunipth Itfendnl To
111 lift; AM) —li <) I*;
liEfl I f.
Nature Says:
Isuy at one*; pay a little down and
balance weeUi.v or u diseoiint for
i cash. Vtiu moj not be able to buy
a bicycle later tin account tif higher
prices and scurcit.v.
SjHclal I'ru'is !jI2.H> And ('.
, 31 WEST ST. I*ll ONE 4-'!I-.
; mi-
Sheet ltun. sLite. Stove, Furnace
Work anil Uejialrfmr.
I’hone :.’lt-W. H
i <l
John C. Boesiel & Co.
Expert Watch Repairing
——i A Specialty
Formerly wtlh Firm of M. Hoeogel
———— —
If —f
i | lost ani* rorxn. wanted.
: I "i
i AH e<lx-*rtlsemeuts of 28 I
j woriU or lea*, tint insertion. 6tk-. |
j Subsequent insertion*. one ctnt I
i a word. Over 25 word* two vent* *
word brat Insertion :: .> :: I
MON KY TO LOAN—Mouej to loan on
tuoiignge. Ai'i ijr to Wmion G <*ott,
1 Antiapoi'a. M.t. Jrl*-H
VI ON K V TO LOW—Oil mortgage in Hums
i suit bn re:-Solvable term*. Vaitiul
! Aviueiit allowed. James M. Mnnroe At
iortiey. jJ'tX-tf
l.osT—\v v t lurs . in Uc2 .-it bop at M •
Jotut s College 1 ti-lay. It . emlle! ID.
Vewurd. 22 a’-e'i'i--. •
A \N run—n feature ..;i:* |<n -ll*
■ 1 s.ij grip soli .-o.lar I -stem Nation
. ily •■•rise.: ami I . :.v i-n.-.o
by In using j'liblb-. it s: ri'-ti-il territory.
• rotii’s .>ii ai' re; .a: business. ie> 'tip
elilioe. f \.s-lh lit opportunity for pio
„n-si\. salesmen. I‘* • . ■..<*• g-vt-ii to
1 spei iultv men. .-itiii u oil ebdhseis.
ii iliertl. sliers. t|*-j pm i stores, d.-|.:i''!
liieill stores, drug ami jewelry tr.ide.
I. I eommissi >.?. Sample outfit fur
I’lslietl. Territory .\l:i i y bind. Fiseustii-lt
Mlg. ( 0., St. l.oips. il.'o
it IM'f.li—\ line-! room lady. \ -i\
! lousekt t-p'-r. C;ir\ -I llaH. ■
,\ \N IT !>—\!i n u to*l f..r dote five wot k.
Writ ■ .1 G.-im-r. former G..v !. la te to .
i'anvilf, ill.
tv WITS*—At out e. a >n>ni.;n for . iea ;■ in g
am! :. utlrv. v lib Snipo right sMss-t.
it tN I I I)—Woman t,. an i tlo p.-rei ,1
housework. Apply IT'.' 1*• u -s* • >:••■■
.; s i
I t n HA I K—is s liratl .. atoVe, Vt.tVl
jktMio. line order. l.ovejoy. 122 Fork
1 street. d_*u
FOK >t IT; —1 It-itli :ig stove iii.it heats
SL'o.tN). See Mr. Watson. Horn I'oint.
Fust port. d2*i
i IOK s.tl.i: 'Jirl's I'iey. .e. eo.der brake,
good etuiilirion. ski. I'hoiie Navy -".7.
FOR >AI,K—-1 priyni piano; must lie sold
lit Otlee. Kill Mitin street. U-'U
Hilt stl.i;—Hart/ Mr. (.maries. goon
i sing-ws, .sill, females. >7.' Hel.laii hi)
Hoodie, a beauty. v .’h; F.t-m-h Poodle
.‘■'lot genuine Maltese Kittens, ve y play
fui, >a a pair; will e\.ji i ye eanaries
for oilier pets: lie tjuieK. I". M. Cramer.
1501 Light street. Baltimore.
FUK NAl.K—Modern dwelling, with 1a:...
lot. No. 1;.5 Coii.liiii stre‘t. For pile,
and terms apply to Charles I\ las-. T--le-
I horn- (UK!. dl“-1f
FOR SALK—Fresh rows with i-alves: also
I'tl.VS eows and ealves. Apply X. Me-lin
s ,|. fferson stryet : also pays highest
priee for i tmllry. Tel. o.'si M. js
FOR SALE—\ \i ! desirable <l\t Tljnyr
j ail modern in; veniettei s; _’lU (imu.-es tot
! street. Apply (71 Maryland avenue.
; FOK KENT—Small apartment; pml lorn
I Sion. Address “11. .1.." Capital Ofßeo ti'Jt,
FOK KENT—27S-ayre stock and grain
: fe.rtn on Chesapeake Bay, near Church
ton. Anne Arundel county. Applicant
must have stock and equipment. Eugene
P. Chi 'ls. >4-tf
, l*t si N Ess OFPOKTI XITV-KKi per cent
per miioim in an absolutely safe enter
j prise. if .111 i ! ..me like this oil a I w
iiundret! dollars appeals to you. uril,
| Box bSi. litirkbiii-iiett, Texas.
! 11l sINKSs ('HANCEH—Splendid o|eniiig,
i luoiterate en)dt.il it-i'uireti. I‘opUiar eas.i
and earry besimss. American Clay
Machinery Co.. Pm y res. <. 11 _r".•
11-I.NTS—Big profits se’img eMra- ts. per
fumes. cold creams, face powders, spi. -s
medicines, etc.: beautiful, high grade
line: exclusive territory; sample soap
free. Paeatsian Co.. Ik-pt, 111. St. Lou a
Mo. dl’P ,
MiENTs —lf you st-l! I.tit mte order a day
it means L'UXt.uo per month, four orders a
day .<1.200.(Hi per month, salary and emu
mist-ion. Selling for manufaetiirer to '
consumers, metrhants. fanners. et<-.. big
i line greases, oils, roof at meats, paints
I etc. E. 1.. 15., Ifs7 W. lift, street, Cb-ve
j land, (>. (top
| To a-uctd Arti !- X KXf of the ilevised ;
j Code of the City of Aiiunpoifs. title. "I’o
| 'it-- I epartinent" by adtlilig thereto three
I additional sections t;> follow Section 17 am! ■
I to i.e known amt numbered Section* IS. lb i
j ami 20, i espeeti ve! v.
Seetiou 1. lit- it established and ordained
by the Mayor. Comiselof and Aldermen of
; 'be City of Annapolis, that Artieb- X.Wi
; at tie lb-vised Code of the City ~f Anna
| m-Ts I i- and the same is In , t-b.v amended
by .adding fh-rfo tbr--e additional *e<-tlons
mo come in after- Sr-tiou 17 and to it
known and numbered as Sections is. ltt >
j Ji. reSj.e-lively, ami to H-ad as follows; I
! Seetio-i Is. I!e it estabiigh-I and or- j
j laim-tl l.v tin- Mayor. CtuiiiM-lor ami Abler
1 men of the City ; Amiapo is that oh and ;
liter the ; : ssegc of this Ordinance it shai;
rbe unbtxvfiil for at y pe, son or -rporation
to place or permit or allow any waste
. nape--, empty paper bo-;- wo Mien bov.-s.
| barrels, nr any ;; 1;- inflainmahle mat - ia - !
*o j-eettaiulnte within any cellar, yard. |
j premises, to- vrithill sj act- iii-.-r'aijv
j l.uibii.-.g situate within the .-or;>orat"e
I limits of the City of Annapolis, and aii
t su-’h ae-* tt iii it la t ton i*r waab* paper, i-tnp: r*
' (taper boxes, won.b n ia>.*t g. barrels, and |
, ail other xiirh ip.ri-.te iml.ie material not
, kept for kindling wood, ami I.rewood shall
i be removed from said t t-ilar, yard, premi- ;
i ses. and spare alauiml sueii building by i
t d |M-rsoti <>r <*trp-*r.'ttloii within ten !
j hours from, the time of nofification thereof .
! to do so. by the police of said eitv. served j
! upon sm-ii person or corporatiou.
s,-etion ltt. And be it rsr..blisned and or
h.ilfil by tlie Mayor. < tiunselor am! Aider
ineo Of the City of Annapolis that the:
| t hief of lbdi -e. or :v ; <>ii--tuan of said '
I eitv. lie and he i- he eliy a lit horifce t , fJ , .
I I otvi-iH, ordered, ami directed to visi, j
i laily the cellars, yards and premise* ~r i
t *•'" *1 .Hid every person or corporation rvtt'-. i
I in the eortiqjaU- limits of the City of Anna- ,
j polls t ft pt:rp-.se of i: sp.-etiug tic
' same, ami if tb- f- be any a>-<-uuiulatiou of
, waste paper, empty paper hove*, wooden
i boxes, barrets, or :,uy other li.tlamumhie !
; :p*terml. not kept f--r kindling or firewmei j
! " --imiulated in said - eilar. yards am)
; i-rejitises. In- sh.i-1 iiiimeiiiatelV liotify the 1
owner, tenants, or upaet of said build- j
B g ant! premises to remove tic- same witii
[ in the time Rpeeitied in Se--tlon 1' of ttns j
! Article to some place < f safety.
S> rion •.). And be it established and or- i
i smed bv the Mayor, Counselor and Alder
men of the City Of Annapolis that any per
son or corporation interfering with, or who
attempts to prevent said poll-e from j*-;-.
''•emit g his duties under the provision* of
Section is ami 11) of this Article, or vioiat
i: g any <>t tic- other provision* of *.-,id
< < s shall lie deemed guilty of a mix i
deuieat.or. ami npoa envietiou thereof l e- !
foie any Justice of the IVa.-e having jnrm
dk-tion shall jay a line of not less than
?,..(*) nor more than *20.00 for ear h and
every offense, to le ■■oileeted a s other tines I
and penalties now are. \
Section 2. And be it further established
anl r r.laltied by the authoritv aforesaid 1
that this Ordinance sh a n effei s fr<>ui j
the date of its passage.
Approved Ik-i-cmber loth. lbM)
Attest: u. IBA . ■
('ity Clerk. *|
Arc \ ou a
| Slave to Stoves?
Is j-our house l'.obtcxl cn!y i-i t
spots i Do you want to do Lv/ay j
1 with the dirt and trouble ct car- j f
| n ing coal s.ul a '.os through the
rooms? Do jou want more heat
fit less cost?
Why not investigate the
Onepipe Heater
! nT®Pi3ii
■ i j >r-r- 1
i 11 j~ -.(jp-r-- wy-v
\ | i
Ask us if it is prac
tical for your home .Ha
Calvert ana Northwest Streets.
A .. > i
I’ltOlMiS.i !.S ;
I'.-.is will tie re eivt Yby tin- City Com- 1
niisHioiier until 12 <•-';'< K. m>--: . W e.lm-s
a,> | te,-,-mb-- •?) K-lb for- -iitoxi-g u- -
luniinus eoi.i-rete from I'rulii.'in Street, be
; wi-ei. ijinr-M Cir. nn-i 1 .thcdrnl S-it.-t.
■ -1-tf t-l > llilftl --I1 Shew Street It'*
dire :etl. *'t".i I-tor >lml! It-..ike Ins own
tm-iHiiren -lit ..ml mve price >-.i tie -il- ,
;is a whole. l’a.VlCeiit :•> t.e ’Hide o' <-■
nletioll of tin* wo; k sansfilet-’l'y to tie'
( ' on,mil t<-e Oil St I The tig 111 i' le
Set Vt-ti to re jet l .. U V ' 1 :>!l bid'* <
W. 11. A' ANS ANT. ,
,i;;i civ ('ommis- ••u-r *
The Annapolis Savings Institution ,
TutIII Assets. . . • Jf’.HMUMMMM)
Number of
Pays 4 per cent interest on Deposits. Pay-* ’*> J;itt"--'try 1 :>n 1 ■ v n
Ist. Compound interest paid bn d -positd not \s;'b>i .i
--5' Depository of City and County Stoking 1” and-: Depo -i'ory of '- .-.H
All Its investments and entire Management subject to aunt:.)! -a - n fifl
illation by Stale Dank Examiners.
I Loans money on first mortgage cf Heal Estate on on v ierm-> l‘r ]■
j tial payments allowed. Also oQ note with approved i -u- rtl
j WM. N. WOODWARD. ' . Vice-Pies; lent
B. ALLEIN WELCH, . . Cashier
SAMUEL BROOKE. Assistant Cashier M
JAMES M. MI’XROE. f . . . Solicitor
Banking Itoßrs: A. M. to :: P. M- Salardaj: !A. SI. to 12 'i. JM
Flan* and E*tlnritr* Olxcn rrumptly
Job Work A Siicdalty
W e*t Annapolis l'hone
rrKNisnßn hofsrs for rent \
No. 17 School Street u
titlnatM and Flans Fnrnlshad
Electrical Contractor
Office and Shop—l7 Conduit Street h
Fhon 700
Circulating Library
The following took* have been added tt
the Library*
“The I.welling Place of Light" by Win- t
*fon ('hurt-hill. *
“The inevitable Balance Sheet” by Ka
rlna Trash. f
rtn A <,rctfil Blder'i Wife," by Cor* Har-
by Leonora Dalrymple.
”7 t'our Years iu Germany,” by J
AV. Gerard.
Ha ' VI,er * Y ° Ur Trf ‘*' ur, ‘ r f." by Holman *
trander lD TL * Atr; ’ 0 I
TEBMS:~Nfw tc per
Hookb, I#;, flny. <l2
I ‘The Bank That Brought 4% To Annapolis’ I
The Annapolis Bank I
Church Circle and Gloucester Street
Bar.king Hour* : 9A. ftf. fo 3P. M. Caily
4 Per Cent Paid on Savings Accounts ffl
Two Per Cent on Checking Accounts
of SSOO jftad Over kl
V ' yg
. ■
£23. ■?;. V;r ; -
>*<>* c. oott ::::::::;.:::::::.::;;;:;; *• • ,
a !
ChMP, * r - &+• W. Frank Owner. M
Orlando Kldont. Jw)>n del*. Iftuw, t.e. H. Kmni.rnii
I T. Roland Hrmi n, M lUiam U. Thowai. Wioaoui (a. lioll. WM
I Tkls Bank not only “brought KsiLK'tr cent, to Annapolis" 'mjm ■
but as the first bank to piy f iterest on checking 4*
accounts, Inning inaugifoui'd tlic system
In August, \\H- J 9
lh * M
W. B. & A. Electric!
Baif-nonriy Servl.-e Mt>rr-I- g • r .. P
Fetwi-en Atmap-dts. B ti
Ws*hl>*gt< < H 5--1 (:> V- BHj
V ( W IS? •g; sp
?v puar.eug •* . bunge i-t n ,i S .
A> .idetny Junetti iii
X? •*( *-(r?et Mii(;>
vip \5.5)?. (’ f -’W. 7.“ N\' e> -- Kh
y 10 i*. HA* v M 1- •' ' !. KS
*1.20. x 1.50, 5.2(i. t'.2", 7- . 7 H
11.20 X It.
rb.ix. Viiviil AMtlditv ’
earlier; Slate V! ch.-
St ami College An-.. *• v
**h Hl* r <V 'H'
Connecfins at o.!m.k n v. r i- i
i - - H|
I.E V? E B\l riMOtiF
<t. t * a-A >.v. i -
12. W. 1.155. 2—. 2 ' •*>. ' ■
trains re.otve or >)\ „. .. ffi
s: lih-.s* points l.tw> \ ’ i
j* N.it.)* .' ■ -iti.-my Jim : 1
leiiiit .-ii ► gnal.
LEAVE IVislllM ox
• -00 7.lNi, S.CO. s’J.OO. Bi.oo. 11
1 ik), 2.i'o. :5.(), Sion
- cm. 7.>.-O.on 11. oh M
-xl'miy ex ept Sitmn-..
Sol.ne.ll Atltmpol S In r.
-1 or ii> k- ts ami !; 1 , , ;F-;
- fr eitv tl-k.-t ttlh-'cs Wes;
f bite Ib-iise St.itl >!i. i
|i,it!eii Strev’s; I'afvel 11...
•_ Charles Houston. K\; n - I
? Champion Shoe Artist
Ladies’ Shoes I?. ' *ll
'•Anns Bred '-i ’ ir■ .;
Ar.najjolis JoLbing Cell
Phone 449- V/ -J9 SECOND st®
? Ile.iti rs, INmgcs anil IN. ■-*
iirst-clash eiindition.
% _ i
P romptness and c!x ■
i Id ■
Purveying, Plats, KsHmates. V a'.: If,H
(i d Suburban W ater Syuteins an-'l
Savings Bank Euilding 9
Ajßnapolls. M.t.
(MUM li. Hi
| Annapolis, Mar\ !.*iiul|p
I Fire Insurance a. go [i'-f;
I*l Money Loaned on T.l >rt" ii;e
| ilou:ie Itcnted Rout C<
half soled and
flawed or >:iiicd. Kcasoaldt
3314 West Sl
rlorn Point Sari!
Phone WATSON 546 ir. I

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