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iitmtuui (Eapttal
FatablUbed IM4.
Katabli li**d IV'*.
Published Pally Except Sunday by
la on dale at tbe following plu.-oa:
Oeorge \V. Joue* L> Main St.
William Schultz* " **t St.
Goo. J. Pavia 71 Maryland Ave.
Chaa. U. Fehlmeyer .VI Maryiuml Avc.
Martin Itaus'di.. .Cr. Randall A King Geo.
William l',ak#*r \V, t and Cathedral
Dellvereil In AnnapoUa. Eaateort. Ger
mantown and tv,it Anita poll* by carrier
for '.’M -i*nta | < r month.
Von can have the EVENING * AI’ITAL
mallei to >..ti when away from the eftjr
by leaving yotir name and addr**aa at tbe
toffl.. . for ::o <enta (a-r month; per
year, fi.ij utile In advance. to any l'oiioiliiy
In ft.iteo States or Canada.
Entered ;i Annapolla I'oatotb e as
Se olid Class Matter.
Mriulirr f 111* Associated Press
The Arso- luted Press Is exelu-
Klvoly <nttl ied to tbe use for re
nubiieation of ill tiewir credited to
it or not Otherwise credited m tills
paper it ml clso the 10, al m*ws pub
l.sh.t herein. Ail rights of re
publication of Hpecial dispatcher
herein me also reserved.
I 111 M M \ EAR
As we into the path that
opens up toward the New Near
we base mingled tcelintfs of re
litif and of hope. I!H'> was a
thrilling war for the whole hu
man rave, and tin* current of
events Mi w-Wift and as
to reiid'-r impotent mere human
and I mite calculations. We did
not know v. hat was coining next
and nothinif rceiiic'l too tragic.
\\’e are therefore all relieved that
its com-e has been run and yet
can look hack with deep thank--
giving upon the inexpre ijile
blessinp,-' it brought, especially
throneh the cessation of war and
the peace made sublime by vie-;
Hilt although peace and vie-,
tors have come, we cannot hope
to have tluir full fruits without!
giving to the problems of thej
]k’ew N ear the same kind of con
secration that brought these
blessings. Order lias not set
come from chaos, and the very
best that is in every community j
will be required to accomplish it
Optimism and taitii are the
watch-ss ord-, the influence of j
which begins with the indi
The beginning of a ness year
is a pai ticulaiis appropriate;
time lor personal stock-takingi
and introspection, h this he!
done ssith honesty to ourselves.*
good resolutions incsitbals f. 1
loss. for. being human, there i
alssass va.-t room for improve
ment in * nr individual careers.'
Are ss e going ahead, going back
ward, or -imply drifting."' What
are we contributing to the ssell 1
being and progress of the com
immits in which we Li xo ? ibis
Iliuv not i>e necessarily, in a ma
terial ss.'tv, for "'Lis the song ye
sing and the smile ye wear that
—makes the sun shine every
where" W e can all add some
thing to the happiness ot the
Kess Year hs this kind of a con
tribution, and it helps mightily
for ssh.de communities as well as •
for hubs iduals.
hi this spirit ss e extend to our
remit; - the sincere-! greeting.-*
and our assurance of unceasing
cndcusor to make the Ness Near
a might and helpful one for all.
Y ng the important do
\ i io; m nt • in local business af
fair- coincident ssith the Ness
Vi ar i- the re tirement from busi
m - < ' Mr Richard (.*. Chaney, as
ana uuced elsewhere in the
Ksening s apital. His two sons.
1, Water- thanes and Paul M.
t hanes s\ill henceforth carry on
the t xtensis e business (livery,
nutoatol i!c and storage), and
will have associated ssith them
their cott-in. A. M. A. banes. The
change will become imperative
January 1, P>'?o. and there svil!
'bo a dual trade name “Chaney's
Livery and Transfer Company"
and “Chaney's Storage and Mo'v-|
ing Company.**
Mr. Richard C. Chaney i- one
of the mo>t widely known and !
successful business men of Anne
iArundel (bounty and lias woi
hi- advancement by conscien
tious application to duty and pro
gressive method-. He i- much '
too vigorous a man. however, for
hi- retirement to mean hi- com-'
plete withdrawal from all active
pursuits, itnd his status as a use-,
tul member of tliis community
vdl nmiouhteflls he maintained
in other ss.t; even if less exact
ing on his time and energies than !
sva- hi- business career.
~i T~
i i i
If any one has an axe to grind. ;
a fund to raise or certain projects
one of the first tilings he does, it j
seems, in to lure a so-called publicity |
tuan. These publicity men in many
cases instead of advising the wise ex
penditure of cash for legitimate ad
vertising devote their energies and
, spend the money of their employers
trying to "put over” free reading no
tices. on the newspapers. Boise
(Idaho) Statesman.
Unions will destroy what prestige
tin y have gained unless power exists
and can le utilized within their or
ganizations to keep contracts made
and to honestly abide 1 v agreements
with employers. Boise < Idaho)
But why should it be necessary
forcibly to deport Emma Goldman to
Russia, as tin* Immigration Bureau is
sail' to be arranging? The Russia
from which Emma Goldman fled is
no more. In its place is a new or
der which meets all the requirement?
of her delectable philosophy. If this
high priestess of anarchy isn't a
! fakir nothing short of poison bars
j should prevent her from hurrying to
Russia on the first boat. St. Louis
According to the Litdendorff mem
oirs the German army went, to the
canines during the dog days of 1918
Ottawa (Panada 1 Citizen.
•■Community singing is the cure for I
social unrest.” says < public man.
I There’s a tine idea. Get all the Bui
sheviki together and make them - np
the poison out of their systems.—
Tacoma (Wash.) Ledger.
Kdsel (pointing to papa) He kept
; ni“ out of war Washington Pos*. j
If the profiteer should accidentally
.slip in the pearly gates, he'd prohab-1
'h try to "corner” the golden streets
j.V’anta Constitution.
The del* of each man in Germany
j has been increased bv war from SS2
to S2..VMi. That ought to hold him for
1 a few years. Rochester Record
A dispatch from Paris says: ■'Eu
rope can't understand the Senate's de-
Hay on the treaty.” Paris must be
, patient: the Senators themselves
don’t ve; understand what it is they
u! jeo: to. Philadelphia Record.
Bathing without water has beet
made possible by the invention of ;
heavy robe in which are woven e'.ectrw
wires to produce heat enough to cans
a wearer to perspire very freely.
Successive baths in boiling lye. cya
nidi of potassium and hydrochlorh
acid containing ferrous chloride art
eased by a Frenchman to prepare
luminmn for durable nickel plating.
In a few years more titan a century
for which records have been kep -
Miehigin''s copper product on ha- beet
about thif’tv percent of Fuat of Lie cn
‘tire United States
Notice Is li i,'>iv gi i e,;. that tin- ;,b
>. rim : -if Aim;,' V in .1,1 nutty. has oh
tfipied f nin the rpliai - t'eurt ~f \ tut.
A,■tniilel oounti. it, M.iryhtnd. lett.rx •
• <>!, thi " ! ,-i ite of 11.-t, he
ISPIi.-irv. late Mf Ante ArimUel eouiitv. dt*
• a -'■!. All p'rsi,t s li ,i; . taints at-.'i.if
the le,e:.-eil are l.i-i.Uv warmh t., i vhlbl
tie saute with tie* veil .>■; s the ■•>,? t i th
m;lis tllier. ii'i i>r hi'furi 1 ;ii>
alh II\A <ll 41 I.V. !9i9.
Tlii'.v tii.il ithe; vi- l>> law l ■ , \ lu,h
--t i.it, all l>, na t ..f -i! , s fate. All per
-.1 s ill.’elite.l s t-i , state . ;e rei|l>-s V
fi, .uak" iliiineUlate payment.
t.’iveii tit,,let mi I ,n.i this :aith ilav <e,
!>• eti.l'fr pain.
wvi r ri:i pMi vnu.
ye n; itli-t T;< t nr. . !. a
ORD! r n:m
la tie- M ~f tin —ih * t Mortgage.-
heal Estate ..f \ Miller.
In the •'inuit t'.'iirt f*r At,tie Arundel
'■Ulitj. Xa. H_t E|iilt v.
Order. I this rNth day ..f lh-vtcber. 1019
t! :,t the s.ile i f the priipi ;ty tue’itinlied in
tin -e tirCK's-alitigs made and reported l>y
•f Roland Hraily, agent named in the mort
gage. be rntttiisl and continued, unless
.;>„se to the ortrary thereof l>.> shown mi.
or before the
ITovidcl. a .Mpy of this order !• inserted .
0. s.mil le w S|.;.|‘r |.,11,11*h. .l in Voie J
Armi.lel .smnty. ..n.a> in ea.-h of thr>s> sn. -1
,-cssive weeks Im fore the 'Jt'.th dav of Jauu
;tr>. next.
Th- report states the amount of sales to*,
fie STiti.isi.
WM. \. WOOmVAKI*. Clerk. !
True Copy. Test: i*
U.M. X. WOOHU AUi. Clerk.
Ida Me. Goiv.it!
Sylvester Me. Rowan
In the Circuit Court for Anne Arundel |
t ouuty. No. :X£i liw*re-*.
Tie* ol je. t of ties suit is to pro. urea
de >ec OJ- .tivoree .1 Vi lellio lint tri Illollil of
the plaintiff. Ida Me Itoivau. from the de
le; A,ant. S;. Ivef ter M*-. Ron ,<u.
The bill -fates that the plaintiff and th
d fondant w en- married . * West lliier. in
A.,tie Vrumle) county. about tears ago.
alld that the defendant all.llidoiled alld 1
-.ite.l her without any just < -• •>]• r-. -
on. a I ton; 11 years ago. m<i <’• larec
hi- intelltioli to live v.ti; per no o.r.ger,
and that tie s.-;.r 'ion h .■••titinttod no
interrup! d!y foi a> ie. 11,r-* > a. au.t
i deliher.it', and Una! u.l th* s •par.-tiot,
•f 'll', ! irti.-s W ithout IIV re. s..n:;l e i p<-
of recote llfritloi,.
Tin* bill further states that six .liPdreit,
were horn < f this marriage ?*>ur ••! itTs'iti
are under tin ag ol h’t years, and tin
, ns'o.ly of the minor • hi'droa is asUo.l |"..r
hy tin- plaintiff.
i'h v t to* s i.i defendant i a non -r. •
of tin* State of Marxian.!, and I - wh re
ihotits ar.- unknown t,> the t ..Intiff.
I* s therefore Oil tips l_'tll .lay of l*e
etiiher, ,'.!!!. hy the C!r. .ilt C..;irt t..r Vune
A’uinlel iiitmt), in Eijii:: -. . ordered That
•In* plaintiff, by oansltig a < opv ~f this
order to l„ ttiserted in some non sit.ipe:
, pidd.shed in said A no- Amt oh ■ .■ uut y in
••a.!, of to,n Mtss-siio nooks h.-fore * In
lit ti day of .I.iut..ity. TO> gjiing not) •• t..
he said absent defendant , f t l , .d-n. , and
; substance of this i*f!l. n.d nanilng In n t>.
ipm-ar in this Court in person or by
". i-or. on or before the ;,*th d•> •>f
lautiury . nrxt. t" slloiv .a. s. . f v h.
tots. II h*, ad, - 11 g Ilf to .ss as
WM. N. WOODWARD, fork.
I'rut- Copy. Test
W ,\f X Wt MDWA It D. Ch ;k.
.11: i: i: X !. SMITH. Attorney.
Mary V I'.erg
Martin V. Keiy.
iln the *l’ nit Court for A-iiade
County. In Lenity. No. k-n Difo,.,.
To Martin I" I'-erg. uoii-r* si-b d defends ft.
1 lie opjo, t of this suit I- To old. in , do j
rye dlvofeing the plaintiff. M.i'-v M l'- rg.
T fO,| f tie defelld.illl. Mill tiil L. Itel g.
The Itiil Slates
i :, st- That tin- said Mary M. I'.erg' and
Via it ) n !•' I’.erg were nuirrie.l on tin* llni
lay of ii. teller, in t tie ye. ■ I‘,l'e and ’.i-ed
ogether Until tie- l:n|| dity of Oetoher. 11l
he year
Second That the said Marti 1 , )’. I'.erg
vithollt Just ,-anse. a hoiidoned alld do
<erted the said Mary M. l'o-g. a.id ta.it
i-'li ahaiidotiment has oiitlii'ied. and is
le'.ihernte it ltd lina! and the se.-a r.i* nei
he parties heyi,ml ally reasonable hone of
Third That one • -litid iv - horn to the
daturiff and del'endimt, namely Mart.a It.
d.et g.
I otti tit That the plaintiff l>a he "t a
evident ill tbe 'ity of Annapolis. Ante
Vrnndel e< titd.v, Maryland, for more that: |
wo years past
I iffli That the plaintiff has the eiistody
,f law infant etdld. Martin Ik l'eig.
Sixth Tliut the det .tidal,t. Martin L
’erg. is a non resident e! tin* State of
‘.lt.ryiand. and the plaintiff asks for th,
•ustody ■ f Martin 1! I’.e: g
And asks that the said Mary M. I'.erg h, .
11k,t-'-ed a vim-,ilo matrimonii from tin
mid Martin !■'. Derg: and siidi other relief
s her ease play require.
It is thereupon tins 'frd day of Deeetnber
ii the year 1919. t,y the Cin-nlt for Ante ;
Vrntidel County, in E,|uity. ordered that j
he plaintiff hy causing a copy of this or
lei- to lie inserted ill some newspaper pub I
ish d i-i Anne Arundel county. Maryland,
dice ill each of four successive weeks be
ore flic Dth day of .lamiary, next, giving
oti'-e to Martin I*. Derg, null-in s,dent de
edtnint of the objeet of this suit and tin
substance of her said Dill of Complaint,
in ! thereby- warning him to appear in this
! ", art. in person or by solicitor on or |>e
j fee the 2'Jml day of January. Itl'ft), to j
■ n.swer tin* pernieises and to sin,iv • aitse i
| f any he has. why a dorice should not pnsv ,
j is pravod.
Pt ite t 'opv. Test :
N'otiee is her.-hv given, that the -eib
seriher. ot Anne Arundel county, has oh
ainod from tbe Orphans' Court of Atm.
\rutidel eoiinty. In Maryland, letters tes
amoutary on the personal estate of Her
1 nan Ktlingliauseii, late of Anno Arm .1 '
I -utility. disoand. All persons liaidig
'..inis against the deceased, are lie;el.,
■ warned to exhibit the same, with tin
; votiehers thereof, to the subscriber, on oi ]
j ,'i fore the
lath HAY JI JI NK, lt*M.
I’liey may otherwise, by la>v. Ie ex Imh-d .
j from all benefit of said estate. All ; i'is. ,
'i hted to said estate ate requested to
! uake immediate payment.
j Given under my hand this 9th day of i
I ee,.tuber. 191!,.
1 ixeetltors
Notice is hereby given, that the sub j
, seriher. of Anne Arundel county, has oh j
, aim- I from the Orphans' Court of A'itu
Arundel county, in Maryland, letters of
nlmiidstrathin on the personal es’ate <.!
le'laii M. Spencer, late of Aina- Am ide
■ouuty. doeeasod. All persons hiivitir
ialms against the diseased, ill" iiereli;
.irtied to exhibit the "ame. with tin
otnliers thereof, to the siibs*-rli,er. <>:i o
,efo;*e the
I .it I, DAY OF Jt NE, I9i(‘.
ile-y may otherwise, by law. he ex.-'n 1 s
‘r<>m al! benefit of said estate. All persotn
udehfed to said estate are ret|ttested t'
uake immediate payment.
Riven under my hand this 9. h day <,
'.li-eemller. 1919.
Noti'-e ' hereli.v given, that the snl.
Ktilier. of Anne Arundel enmity. Ims 01,
ained from the Orphans' Court of Ami'
Arundel county, in Maryland, tetters t,*
ament try on the personal estate of lfober
ini. Sommers. late of Anne Aruade
•Minty. deceased. All jelsol.s bavin;
hums against the dc-eased, are hereb
vartied to exhibit the smne. with tli
otteliers thereof, to the stilisetiber. on o
n fore the
I7tf DAY OF Jl VC. 10.
*h"y may otherwise, )>y law. lie exclude,
rom all benefit of said estate. Ail person,
ndchted to said estate are ret]in ste.l t,
take immediate payment.
Rivet! under iiiv hand th'.s lltli dav <>
*••' emb, r. 1919.
.Tames W. AA'.-’yson
Mary L. AA'ayson
in tlie Circuit Court for Anne Arumle
County. No. 401* Equity.
Ordered, this 1-th day of December. 191!
"bat the report and account of the ait dir m
:h d tills day in the above entitled ,-aus,
be ratified and confirmed, unless cause t,
h" . o.itiarj llmreuf l>e shown un or iefora
Provided, a ,-opy of tt.is order lx- ina rre
ti some neivspaper published in Am
Arundel eonnty. o, .e in ,-a.h of th-,s* *q,
■essivc weeks before th, 19th d.*," of .1 ,i,n
trv. next.
AVM X. AA , *ODAA ADD. Clerk.
T rue C.o.x-- Test
Boy Wanted
We w ant an intelligent boy. over j
16 years of age. to learn the printing I
business. Apply to
You never can tell. Many a fe!
low is fond of lady fingers who never
asks for a girl’s hand.
To a:ued Article XXV of th** Rev red
Code of the City of Auuapoiis. tit V. ' i.i
• coses ' t,y adding thereto an nditio .il s> •
fjou so follow Sf-tion vt ate! to In- km-wu,
and numbered Section A
Section ]. if,* jt *•- atdishesl ai d ordained
by the Mai,... Counselor rud A’derme i
(! *• t‘!t> tf Au-Igpods that Ar’i ;*■ XXV of
the Dei,so.) C.sb of Hie < ity of Arc -, o is
Ie- am! tlie same . hereby amended !>> add
mg thereto ~n .nKlition o -* -toil to fol.ow
S 'tioti L’l and to lie know : ai d numbered
as so,.tjoy a-'.j to read s D- o *
Section St. Eierv rtnn. p> rs.'ii. or body
■orjiorate. wtieibe; joi-i-dpa! < -r get * *t
ngage.; in a ;>• ■ r be-iii . wifi-in
Me • P"f..le M . ;fs of the Ct*y •■' Ann.
!*o'is. x, !.*> s’l .'l, ni-tiai roe eorp<o
iilillis of f City of .A! 1 1; i,■ o .- .per, - ’ or
,-ngage ’ll f!. Up.itioH ..f so leg or of
Doing f-r sab*, eithe: by -am) •'*• or oifier
wise any g >od*. i--.it> s. •' hi -r li. ,-t
it:A kiii'l vh. •--i or. ">• -,tt g
, to-- • s.mi shall in- '■ , or- dto idi'i-.i'i ..
’i ■■■l'm* from the City fVi k an.l pay tin r*
for tin* sum of i. •• hundred >*..: .irs per
.Miltm: provid**>i. t--.w ar. tied . ;* t'l'U
fame sfigil >t ..pp.T io ti- -ah* ■! g*i>>l
to. <*r tid so: -'ting of <*r.h -- t’*r L - •
tro-ii ary I or-*'! . Mill *>r •-•rp..' ■:••
,g.;nts <*r otapiny-s-s. engag- i u i p-rujt
■tit] i-qsine-s within Tin* •>
the City of A • . n-*r - , -* '
*.S "VS ~| r - 111 i. .01*0 . VP’V t*. H e >
•f m.'ik. • v*-getjild<*-. Imt.'er eggs, p-u •
frni* ->e ,*oi;i.trv pt-od :• >-. i,., •■■oo v
raining or • ieg * in- *. l .
Any |a ison. tii .n eo|-j .-ra :• r. - .-in.
.div of .h, pt-o. i-}i. ns .f t s Ordi-.irie*
to-it, ■ nil vi.fjori ♦ beret if l-efor** -y
■t tin- !’■• i, ■ Laving j.trisdie’io s' ti! I >
subject to a tide - I e.-t Jos, ■. in s'- s ■ .
ni'-ro than Sif" isi, to l>- re ■■-ver*'d :s ,■> ),■
lines a id pel.a : t les now af, .
Soefioti Ain) 1„* it further establish,--
otiiaiue*! !■;. ;! ■ autinriti at.o id
t liit tiiis tidlnane,* snail take elf.*, t no,:.
th<* bat* 1 of iis p ssag"
Appro." ’ Dc.-cmher I -th. 1919. ‘
.1 • 111 N .1. LilA V,
Attest: Mai o'
City , "erk.
I Sent.) dltbtf
amend Artie!#* XXXI . f th** lfei is.*,!
~f the City of Anna (mils, title. 'i'* *
he I lepartt'ii*!,! " la abiding th-: ’iris
j tddttioil.il s>" lions to follow Se tioll i? ale'
j ■>. la* k*i*,e aiimi i. ,tm be re, I .-* tio; s|s p
alld 411. respe • • . ■!> .
Seetioti 1. In* ii estah:ished am! o'd..:in-,
in tin* Mayor. C‘#ti!is**|or and 'hiMiuni >
: in* City of Aneapo'is. that Art i- XXX
if till Revised Code of tin* I'itv of Aami
nods i e and tile same is |*. >,|,v am 1 ■
hy ,•Milling flier'', three 'ihtitiomil se.-tio..*
■o colli!* ill dft-r Seiti-ei 17 ml ~ I--
-ciowii ami numbered as Se. 'ions Is pi n,,;
.-II r**s: actively. Xml !■> rea-l follows:
He. tion 1-. I*.,- it estaldis ;ed a ot or
iitnn-d i,v ;!,.* Mayor. Coutou-.or ait.l Ab!*u
m-it <>f the City of A ana: mis that * . and
Tf’-r tie* {<; - -age > 1 fids ur.iit an. >• t - .
'•. iciiaivful for :t"i p.-rso ■•■ . r.iti.
'o pic •• oi permit > " a’■ "i- any --vast.
i pier, i liiji'j- p- pq- bovs. il-oodeit |o,X"s
t> 1 riy's, I.r all.l other inna Intua )■ '• mat- Ha
"i eet;miil;,fe uitliin any eell.nr. y.rd
premises. ~r uiiliii alii sj-a-i- near any
j'qf'jding sitn.de within the e.iporati
I liit’ifs of th- Cify of Annapolis, ami ah
-it- ';i : -'111,111!.diot; or waste paper. i-mpfiH
■ ai.'t-r woodi a boxes. I,arn- s. am*
,d .'.ither sin-ii infl iiii'iiahh* material mu
se-ih for kiiidiilig wood, and tin wood shal
liy removed from s,ii,| cellar, yard, ptemi
-os. and spa,,- around sm-h liuilding by
s; ( i() person or > orpm at ion within tee
horrs from tin- time ~| iiotlm atioii tlt- red
. to Hit so. by the polio,, of said city, serve,
1 sindi person or corporation.
Siytioti 19. Ami be it establish" ! ml or
Mtti'lpd by the A!.i\m;p t'oiinselor and Abler
j lii''d> ”f the Hjtv of Annapolis flint til#
] < hh-f ' t I‘oii, o, < r any poll, enian of sai,
i "i tsv |,e ami be is nerehy atlthorir.ed. cm
. ,y*-|-c.;. or,i neil. and dire. t<’d to lis.t
Hr' ■ e'lars. j/trds .md pnntises ot
■a Uaii.i tarry pe son or ,-oi ■ ~>rati",i with
■ i'jJsJi* eotporate limits of the I'liy ~f .Anna
i'( ■>. for tin* purpose of in-pe,-i i'.g in,
a’■ fe. and if *t• ■ -• • -be any accumulation
w-,-;t,' pap-T. empty paper boxes, lei
Imoi'C b.iriei'. or tl.i otle-r iidlatumaid.
’>U < jefia!. Hot kept f.r kimllinr or tirewooi
, it - inTnii l .-,f 'd in said cllar, yards am
| HWds s. ~.■ shall 'n .icdintefy notify
i'diyt\r. etiants. m- <■ ■, up; nt of said build
'Uft/iti'i promisos to remove tlie same with
jin Be title- specified in Section |s of t!;,*■
1 Vl'ttWc to Mll’te pl;l' e of s.ifetv.
-•ytb.u •.*,, Aml be jt esMPitslied tn I ~r
■pi li"! 1 1 v till, M:,\-or. Counselor . he! \ ,
ff.'i, of tin- City >.f Ann. polls that .mi per
; ’i.ij.ir eirporiMou inf >i-ferlng ,-. it D. or w a,
d Tcf-ipts to plevoiit Said pofieo I om per
foejtil>;s' (is iti'i.s umior tin* provisions ...
; 8-,;40n tv and 19 of this Artblo. violet
,Inf Tiny "f tin* other provisions of said
■r ’a*l: shall I*** deemed ai.hty <>l ; mis
haja-aiior. and upon eonvietbm' thereof I >■
■ -my J os> of th,* I’e.a.-e having p-i-ls
i Dd'iiin Grill pay a line of mu less thin
I C. ttfe mu- more than s _’*).<) for o.teli and
. Itel se, to In* i-oilei ted as other lime
j t lift penalties now are.
m.-tlori 4. And I”* it further established
,np ordained by tlie authority aforesaid.
, lis’ t his Or.iiminee s’lall ta 1.,-' eif* et from
j he date of its passage.
; Approved December l.'ith. 1!,19
' ul jS t Mayor.
Iff AX lx If. SMITH.
City Clerk.
iS '- l! -> dld-tf
Oiteopathic Physician
Tuesday i Friday from 9 a. m.
tu . i. ni. tf
! “Ye Ferry Inn”
i —■-
Be sure and visit the “INN"
at Claiborne, situated beside the
i Ferry Pier. Special attention to
automobile and picnic parties.
I Everybody welcome.
Nature Says:
Buy- nt once; pay a little dow n and
balance weekly or a discount for
cash. Yon may not be aide to buy
a bicycle later on account of higher
prices and scarcity.
Special Trices #12.00 And Up.
31 WEST ST. PHONE 431-4
Sheet Iron, Slate, StoTe, Furnace
Work and Repairing.
Phone 731. W. tf
' ♦ •
. x
I Ail clawitAeJ edvertisementa of
i J word* or tea*. f!r*t tvwertJon. sifc
Subeeqaeut iraerttonii. one cent
. I a word. Orer 4S w*nli two oect* a
I word fl.-at Inaertloß :: ::
; -—__ .
UdAt.Y it* I.UAN- -Money ft* loan on
9 -of.gaße. A. riy to AVlnaou a> G”*L
Auuifo! t>. M*t. jylN-t.
MuAtA TO I.tl A V—On mortgage in ■*’ l li,!i
to a,.it o- reasonable terms. **art'.;,i
irmert allowed. James M Mnnroe. At
;„r*,ey. l'1“
I i—Hi, | ie.-*".; !•* ’ hiid s ‘.it , :'d
_ live. e f**W lid , t 1 S, >l!l,
gat , venue. *’
J.(—i' —.A ..eix•■..•,l t. hri'iu S .tnr.lai vy.' '
•*• tn a Switfligat aietisb' and ti - Nava.
.A ;fy. l: W, rd ii letsir ied 1"
.*>", hg.tte aietiUe. . 1 "I
-I A ■i! im..u ; .s" wa" h. Ihe
limler will get sultah'e tviv.nl if ly
itnu.ed to T. Dorter, ' arve! HalL .1
I tlx I—l ■ Drill, e Gc.rge St ' t. at aw
-.t. het. , ..mrining bal’.v * • • i> -
. tid other : rth-h s. if -’.vrnl if left • I:**’
i s’re.-t. d I
..4 —L, :ua 4.Hi,- d..g. Liberal reward
’ , etiiriied to 41,i AV.-st x’te* t d'4*'.-,f
> ION \A AVI I.i* AA't he !
■ man. wi ll referem-o. ib'sir, s ■ >n
; ’ oan at ev* ting* after * :’■■■>. jdiirb-al
| • k pi, f. rred : ivltli mot he. n , ild ■ are
f.r m-arbv snniiii4*i lo.iik . Addr. s N,,
7". Capd al < Ithee. >1 I
Po-IfDIV AA ANTED ' a Ten! i-. d
ik. p'-o-st'o.i; ,',ii !>* I..i; 11 1 j preferred
Georg- Hiaaci, L-!g water. Mil. ,il
ANTED—Colored girl for gaper; oiUae
v. ork. Apply i*■ .it siiaeka. 7 AAh-s:
rrreef. ' Jl
IA ANTED —A house girl at ", no lauu
~i #.r . ookii'g. Apjdv 14Sbuieester
■street. '■ l
AAN I I I—Two ,i ids. Apple 199 Hal,
" sf re. t. d.'d
,\ AN I ED—K , of,k at tee. Mrs
1.-i Mold. 14 X!ar- 'and avenue. >147 .t
tA ANTED—Ma-dtr ’ Id h-s y . >*a 't for go-.d
hides, other lurs at good pri. •s. Itrlug
yottr furs to my store, or drop me a
.5,, 1 1, Mr. A pplest: ne, d.i West stria*!,
j, Alilii po .Aid. Jl
1 i\ A N TKD—Woman to ••ook and do general
i ; outsell Apply 179 l llomestel- street.
ds tf
: _
Halt SACK—l'resh , oiv, with <;:lf In la-r
sale. I’ietri. h Hurst I',,rtii. near Arn .
(!••! ~! the Hay. ,i'-
* i*if s'll.K —A'b-ti.r cool; Ktove. No. -
set! > heap. Apply Annapolis .1 ,hl :ng
I til Se. otid street. d'.l tf
1 l-'DK SA I K—Two iron beds with ‘.pL -gs
! atid m.Dll-ess, s 1 ilresse- and wax' Nl mil
Apply! 1 >*7 Dl-in.-.* ileorg;* streef. jt
Dx l< *4 A i.c—Six-room, i.-n iv I •i. 11 lons, 1 ,
aid a room for bath .*!■*-ri<* lights.
Mate;- in house, fruit: mid bail; p#,r, li. at
I f.h l ..st port. Apply .1, ■*■* i e <'
Dussell. 41 M.idisoa street. Aiutapidia
Md. jl*
FOR SALE—Wil.ox ,x- Gibbs' AuioUbHi'
Self I tig Maellilie. i , perfe ! eolldt'.loll.
uirh <*v#*t ytliiug i o;n | lete, t Ss',. nil’
••il for S.'fO. Aop!-. 41 Xort Invest sireei
' i.;l
f 1 1s *. i.t:—Th re. Io ~s, s .- u Mulls.,,
sped. Drlee TV. Chrs. I'. Lee. 'l'd
COR SAI L—Three lap loins, ex •* il#*:r
omlition ; Dagtiy s erili. like now. Applj
Mis. l.a Mout, 14 .'larviami aienm.
.147 tf
I f>K SALK—Modern dwelling, villi large
lot. No. 1.;.7 Conduit street. For priet
‘ ami terms apply to Charie.s F. In e, '!' ■!>
i | hone on:;. <II7-tl
I 4>K S.\l,t: Fresh eon s witll enlves. ilia* l
Luis rows and valves. Apply X. Media
s Jefferson street; also pays highest
priee for poultry. Tel. .Vs; M. js
FOR SALE—', very deslrnble dwelHuff;
all modern < otiveulei,# ,s ; 41.", GloUeestei
slreid. Apply Marv'.aml iiventte.
1 j dla tf
F (111 St L V.
A'c-y desirable iliveillug on Conduit
St I e< t.
Double diveilitig #,u llidlaml stri.'et.
Modern ilwndling on West street.
j Sfalde and garag#- on Holland street.
I Font- ilweHitigs <>n Ran bill street.
I n'sir.-ible liusintss More on AA’est street
Double store fin Maryland ; Venn#..
Ixeilalde business site, improved, on
\ . -a 1m t st sf red.
B. .1. WILL \ R D
! Phone 4.79-J 21 School streel
'.#!! iil.Nl—i urnisli#..! rooms, m-at am!
fail. 14*1 , 'll I r!#*s s, • ■ t. A"! ,# oils. j.'
•••DR RENT ;!., .til for getltil
fort able, attractive home. Nil? 1 Tanev
iivet;tie, Murray Hill.
t'!*li KENT—Rim.’i s f>r light liouseki <*p
ieg. ~i‘ Churl* H street. ddl
- i< KENT—Room amt boat I. 144 I’rlui-e
■ urge street. ji
•‘lift KENT Small apartment : good Joea
lion. Addr. ss "11. C apital Otli# e. tf
FOB RENT—277# acre stock amt grain
farm on Cbeapeake liav, near Chur.-b
--ton. Anne Arumle! county. Apidlcant
must have stock uml eiiulpment. Eugene
V. Childs. ,-44-tf
F-KV—< u, D t,:ler 41th. at tin Brighton
*l> , -"i!<*, , 9 to Mr. and M-s. H.uvani
s i;; t ■:. a son. Howard La iv ret; •<*. r.
Annapolia. Md.. Dec. 22, 1919.
Tti" annual nieetiup of the Dcposi
cr.-, of the Annapolis Savings Insti-
I’ution. will he held at the Banking
| House on West street, at 12 o'clock,
jnoon. on ,
MONDAY, JANUARY .Ytli. 1020.
[for the purpose of electing twelve
Directors to manage the business of
j the Institution for the ensuing year.
| and for such other business as may
[fe brought before them.
*d22-jS Cashier.
Hi.is will In* revived by the City Com- !
missioner until 1- nYloek. >
,Isv. Di-embcr for removing bt
tumiull* concrete fioni Franklin street. he
tween l hurrli Circle and Cathedra! Stu*'
Concrete t• > be piled ..it Shaw Street
directed. Contra. tor shall make bis o\\ '
tn< aaoreuient and -rn*- i*ri< on the vrk
as a when'. Payment to be tit.t* on • oie
idetion ..f the " ok satisfactory to t
t 'oltittli t tee oil Streets Tie right is le
served to re’oef any and all bids.
,1-j t i Cotuu.is>,o;ier
s.r . s attd pi. son l'""’ feet of tire
for tie ‘ ‘ Vnmtpods :e hereby
invited In the uudersigued. to lie receive.:
a.ol opined s 1 l>. December ,o. thf
The committee A series the light to rejs t
any and uil bids.
JOHN .1 UiVV (l halrtnar'
f u i.tf Fire Dept. Commit ti-e
t ltids will be received by the City Com
missioner until i- o .!< k. I a. I•* tiller
I p.d’.i. for hiyti-ir - inch T sewer on
>1 •nmi.eiit and Shlpw ;■ln lit St reels. <
Struct!:.,: inanuoh s. A ' ‘Utl’ai ter stia:
; make his -.in tne.cmucuieiils and _i' a
. riee on me work a who u_ni.lt tri<
i fore:.- ti s iv* r complete. 11 ;1 right is m
served to rcjii J any or all tods,
i- r,.r furihtr inforntj.tb a and st e.iha
• tioi.s | plj to
, \V 11. VANSANT
,i;vj city Commissioner.
i -
lltalers. Kama's anti Furnaces
f 1
* It oof- K .-paired Viol
‘ lil Juii Work Promptly Wlendc.l IT
tl !St K \\t> SHOT:
111 It KAN .sTUFK I'
ilC.' !f.
1 v; my pvo;*lt* cx; r *ss opinions, but
1 lew f irm them. *
ESTABLISH!.!) lt-71
* The Annapolis Savings Institution
; Total Assets, . . .
Number of Depositors, . . I.Drti
, i Pays 4 per cent interest on Deposits. Payable January 1- t ate! ’
! Ist Compound inU rest pit It! on depo.-i's n u uluin i\';
Depository of City and I'ouiP.y i'inlting Funds Dej m.:;. of i
' i .Funds.
• All its 1 investments and entire Management subject to annual > •
k 1 , (nation by State Dank Examiners.
Loans -honey on first mortgiiyc cf Real Instate on east •• -i, - r.
i J t!ai payments allowed. Also on note with approved nil ..
I j I-’UANK H. STOCK ETT, . . I’re id.-nt
WM. N. WOODWARD, . Vice-President
}J ALLKIN WELCH, .... Cashier
SAMUEL BROOKE. Assistant Ca im r
r i Ranking flours; !A.M.t015 P. M. Saturday ; 9A. >]. f ( > p_* >*,
V. ■ - —.—
!. j
ll.ms tml Kutlmatrn i.lvcn Promptly
Job Work A Specialty
( ;
Hi'st Auunpoll* Tin,lit" 6115-J
pr&Kisiir.o noi'srs fob bent
notaky TlMi.ic
No. 17 School Street
‘ THUNK 37
fcattmatea and Plane Furi lahrd
. John C. Boessel 6c Co.
t Expert Watch Repairing
A Specialty———
Formerly with Firm of M. Itoenurl
to *
Circulatinur Library
The fotlowi i,f{ hooka have been added to
tin- t.ilirary •
“The Dwelling Place of Light,” by Win
ston Churchill.
“The Inevitable Balance Sheet.” by Fa
il rina Trash.
“A Circuit Ulder’a Wife.” by Cora Har
“Ketiny,” by Leonora Dalrytnple.
“My Four Yeara In Germany,” by J
• VV. serar<l. J
. , “Where Your Treaaurer It.” by Holman
“The Clue In The Air," by Isabel Oa
TEKMS:-Xrw Hooka, fe per day.
Old Hooka, lc. per day.
w ■ ttgsrmmwnaacmaßgga*
■ j r-- . ,=z==:-r.^
1 '
i j “The Bank That Brought 4% To Annapolis”

The Annapolis Bank
I Church Circle and Gloucester Street
Banking Hours : 9 A. M. to 3P. M. Daily ;
4 Per Cent Paid on Savings Accounts
Two Per Cent on Checking Accounts
of SSOO and Over
(IIA I(I.EH K. EKE Vi--IT.*il-iit
J A MEN O. Ilf .N|| TrtliT.
> . HINSON . GOTT ] .Uturnry
l>lrfrtnr: *
W. Mfiidf HoHoday, f harlr* F. I**, \ Trank Chnrtrv,
Orlando Kidout, <fohrt deP. liouvf, (.h>, VV, fcinmrrirt*
T. Roland Brown, WUlfam H. Tlom,.w. Wifi no in <. <oU.
f This Bank not only “broiiKht Four prr cent. to Annapolis”
but was the tirst bank to pay Interest on checkim;
accounts, having inaugurated the system
in August, 15)18,
IW. B. &A. Electric
MID < ITY Tt.lt .il' i c
Ha If-Hourly Service Mori 1 • ’ y
Betwi*en Anim]i.’!!s, t i
Waeldngton nun C. v
(Wnßlilliptmi ;i. I i v
paeaenger* changi ,
Acsidetny .lui.
iruf i\M:
VV r*t M rr. t - ' .11
510 a5 50. it 50. T v ,
Id 20 11.20 4. M..
*4.20. \ L3O, 5 _M. ,
11.20 V M
Leave n. .. \ y
earlier ; State 1V .>•• 1
St. and College An-., .. .
eurlbr. •
Connecting at <!c •>v
■ k
i.K W! it \ 1 rtMutir
.. *7.35. y ,
12 35. L“5. 2 55, . v . V v
5.:.5. T.'.A tf • i' *
A. V.
All fratmi receive nr <•'•
at 10--!! fn.ii '1 I- ' '
Naval A' cdcmy Jm
lcuiu on aiic-iah
i.r.vvr vmi,\, s
tvoo. 7.(H1. S.i’O, a-1.00. 10.1- ’■
I.ia>, 2,<H\ :.'-d. d.
tVOO. 7 ihi it.no. ti.or. * v
l a Dally wi l t <n -•
ol.ocai Anrnii'oMa t . r
For ticketm I 11 t
oiirclfy ticket idb.-ea
St ite ilottHi' S, .tin 1 .
i’ladeu Stteits; t arv. : t!
Ik tel.
Charles Houston. }■'.• ■ e’ nj i
Champion Shoe Am •
I.adies* Shoes t
Slttifs lived N. 1 VI ,1; j
, j
The Annapolis Jobbing Co.
Phone 449-W 4y SECOND SI
11 (‘lifers. Ranges and Rooiihg pm
1 iu lirsf-ciass eondilion.
Promptness and Satisfaction
Guaranteed .
Purveying. Plata, Kafltnat.*. Mutkdi
and Hublirhau Water Syaleiita a 1 '.g
i ldupoaul.
Savings Bank Buildir.g
Aunapolle, Mil.
* •♦♦♦♦♦ ♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ 4 4*44<
y Annapolis, M;ir\ i;tn<l 2
il Fire Insurance AucMoaeer s
Money leaned on Mortgage H
i 1 Houses Rented Rent Collected ::
tmmtmmtmtmtntnm ,***♦•♦*♦
I Shoe;; half soled and heeled
! Sewed or Nailed, KeasoaMc l*ii* •'*
83*4 West St.
She'll take a ear to ri 1
If her dr* s.; is no! in ">'
Hut let her don tD* la'.
And she'll foot :t n a

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