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: 1L
•' ' ::r " :::.-:zTa
U "Irn
.. iVi rU**
r -iliL
above tile,
• whit** rose,
i! -eerct-.
• ; r honey,
i". j• >r re I.
* r : mg,
. nr.
. ! miming
. an t r* *i
,i,-i vi.-n
: tne.i mre,
; II
( o I la-M Potter.
I’niied States
ia t!li- Slate of
M: Reuben Ross
a- ami which has
I;. al 1 laughter" is
,1.11 : V to lie held at
. . lock on Wcdnes
u.iry il .Miss
: Mount Washing
■. i barge of reser
\mlr-vv J Kelly is
amiittee of arrange
i! will In- used for
*oii subscribed hv the
. ; n Memorial Hospital
• i n who served at
;.r during the war.
at of the society will
fiiioon at - o'clock
;i - 1 reel, Baltimore,
- f Marsden and
t '..ok wdl be the hos-'
•• -1 i•• 11 -• In
Vinl \rim'iiians
lie (pita 1 offiee has
■ lot- renewal of mem-
K oi (To a. and one dol*
■: m Relief fund. The
i :uinoil over to the
!•; i urer of th-* respee
I. I, ■
k,,.i i1.,.,,..
i' ;t: lay dam es are he-!
\ :he regiment of mid- j
i iv il \eademy. The i
: :i • m is attended by i
number 01 girls from j
who ;i re here over the i
•! who will attend the hop
Mu wil he furnished by an'
i \ iv,i! Vcademy band ;
* -0" r hi,,, Man”
'M o li.iiilii g Tiiiiiorrow Night
In -ft moil a| the Preshy- j
• an >rr iw night at the 1
' t! e will be a
excerpts from that ‘
Dr Henry Van
W, Man." by Mr.-.,
tin- wife of Asso
-I■' 'in nts. of the He- i
.’i - at the Naval!
': ■ o is in store for 1
■in crow evening, j
• of this beaut iful i
W. Kitikaid. wife of
s \ . lias sent
i on Tuesday
* State Circle
'■•h' \. - rihiun j
i t l’;l’u> ('hap-;
Vt'.ii r an ltevo
ng on Monday
k in the old 1
ic State Hoa.se *
ot more thanj
urged that all
if- regular rou- ■
v.b, election of j
•'gates to the!
mm mental Me-j
A M v, of No
g Lt.-Com- ■
M. Bates at
~ ’ '' kind avenue.
•* been Mayor of
- on his way
hi pre-ented
'■■• set to the
a mv yard on j
was the offi-
Governor of
m" rid several
•t Mrs Bates.
. , - /*
„ f ,
- • the Worn in’s
i 'ks. will be j
">g. January 19.,
■ t'.g The date j
’■ ■ n changed for
" to many other ;
g" n the occasions i
* 1-ague, as it is!
:: t Mice w hen the |
i i
i II
Patient At The
Natal Hospital
Francis J. Quinn, well known citi
zen, lias been a patient at the Naval
Hospital, Naval Academy, for several
: (l ays. where he was subject to an oper
ation. Mr. Quinn resides with his fam
| i!y on Duke of Gloucester street. His
host of friends are pleased to learn of
his splendid recovery and eonvales
! fence.
To Serve Buffet
I. tine boon For Inauguration
It has become known that through
'he Adjutant-General’s office, arrange
ment has been made for the “V caft
t<-r:a to serve a buffet luncheon on the
day of inauguration of Governor-elect
Ritehio to 101' men. The luncheon will
be served at 1:30 in the recreation
room of the V W f\ A., and there will
tie special assistants for the occasion.
!. This buffet luncheon will not inter
fere in any way with the service at the
| “V" cafeteria.
Vffctiding Gu|bam
Vuto Show
Mrs. .Margaret Stevens is spending
the week-end in .\<,v York, where she!
is attending the New York automobile:
show and visiting friend’s
Sen ice Star l.egioo
lin Red To Ceremonies
Mrs. Robert .ViOss, wife of Judge
Moss, has received an invitation for
the Service Star Legion (War Mothers)
to attend the ceremonies of unveiling j
of the tablet to Maryland’s 800 volun
teer-, in the U. S. Navy, which is to!
take place on next Tuesday at the
State House. The Service Star Legion I
will attend in a body and will wear!
their Service Star arm band on the
let; arm. They will meet at 2:30 in j
the old Senate Chamber. The exer-!
ciscs wil begin at 3 o’clock.
Suffrage Slogan
For Legislators
one of the brightest women in Anna- ,
polis was recently requested by Haiti-;
mom Suffrage headquarters, for this
especially bright Woman is an ardent!
suflriglst, to suggest some slogan foi
urn at local headquarters this winter
for the benefit of the Legislators. 1 1 n- i
mediately the Ant^hpolis woman sufT- j
! ragist suggested 9 “spelling bee for;
[small boys/’ with the words "rat-eye-j
• 0" to be given
Chaperoning Girls
\t Carvel Hull
Mrs. Kershaw, of Zynwyd. an exclu-:
; sive and fashionable suburb of Phila
delphia. is chaperoning a party of girls
at Carvel Hall over the week-end, who
, will attend the Naval Academy mid
shipmen’s hops today and tonight.
Mrs Kershaw, who is a sister of
Mrs. Allen Bowie Howard, and her
daughter. Miss Peggy Kershaw, will
spend several days next week with Mr.
and Mrs. Howard at their residence,
corner Prince George street and Col
1,-ge avenue.
Tomorrow Afternoon
At The Republic
ITuler the auspices uf the ('(immun
ity Service, an interesting and enter
taining program will be presented to
morrow afternoon at 3 o’clock in the
Republic theatre. Main street, which i
' open ;o the public There will be a
number of entertainers from out ot
town, besides music by a portion of the
; orchestra of the Naval Academy band,
and local speakers. The latter will
include (’apt. Wat T. Cluverius, U. S.
Nk, Commandant of Midshipmen at the
Naval Academy, and the former will
include a soprano soloist, n dramatic
reader and a cellist, all from Balti
more. It is hoped to pack the theatre
with a representative audience.
V New Departure
At The Y .W. C.
In line with the “Hostess House,'
so successfully cotulueted at various
camps and cantonments during t
war, the Y. W C. A. will hold the first
ot a series of Sunday afternoon “social
hour" tomorrow from 4 to 6 at the “Y”
headquarters. State Circle and Francis
street, to which both young girls and
young men are invited. Mrs. Carpen
ter, wife of Hr. Carpenter, of the navy
will act as hostess for the afternoon.
Famous pain and ache l.iniment,
kept handy, brings gratify
ing relief
Rheumatic twinges ease up
soon. N> do stiff joints, lame
back, neuralgia, overtaxed mw
cl's, and those paths from weather ex
posure. too they don’t 6ht long
against the counter-irritant Moans
Liniment produces- . , . ,
Keep this old family friend handy
for instant use -a tittle penetrate*
loUttul rutting, leaving no skm stains
mass, or clogged pores. Aou ought to
keep a bottle hiiidv
All druggists. Three sues ox:.,
73c., $1 AO.
>'T|r Relief ]
Benefit Dance
i All who participated in the
ful dance given for the N'avv Relief
last week in the Naval Academy Audi
torium are looking forward to a repe
tition on Tuesday, January 20 Offi- i .
cere, instructors, iheir families and f
friends, are expected to attend these s
dances. i
| c
riantiing For
Pageant Of Nations
On Thursday af'ernoon, Mrs Robert r
Walker, of Baltimore, an ardent wo-|*
mans suffragist, met the following s
' ladies of Annapolis at the Woman’s:*
! Club here: Miss Heffenger. Mrs. j"
George Abram Moss, Mrs. T. J. Lin-;
thicum, Mrs. Theodore Johnson, Mrs
Robert Moss, Mrs. A. C. Hill. Mrs
' King, and Mr- J Norman Smith.
The conference was for the purpose;
of planning the Pageant of Nations to
be held here in the State Armory on
Tuesday. January 20. Besides Haiti-,
more talent there will be many local
participants. A similar pageant was
given during the war a: the Armory,
under the direction of Miss Heffenger
for the service men and was most suc
-1 cessful.
The pageant is expected to ho on a ,
large scale, between 55 and 100 to take'
jiart. A stage wil be erected especi- ,
ally for the purpose, ami there will be
0 ‘'throne," afbund w hich the final tab
leaux will be grouped Miss Mary
Randall Magruder will ad as "Goddess
of Liberty.”
Relegate To
Hospital Association
Mr- J F. McMakin has been ap-j
'pointed a delegate from the Board of
.Managers of the Annapolis Emergency
Hospital Association to the Hospital
Association, which meets at the He- j
| brew Hospital. Baltimore, next Wed
i • |
At the 47th annual session of the
Maryland State Grange, held in Ches
! tertown on December S-llth, the fol
j lowing resolution was unanimously
: passed:
"Whereas, The Maryland St3te
Grange favors clean racing as pro
vided for by the laws of New York and
other States, and the breeding and
! racing of standard bred horses, and j
I "Whereas, We believe the free use of
i stallions offered by the Maryland Joc
| key Club is misleading and detrimental
| to the breeders of farm horses, as such
! grades are undesirable for farm or
utility purposes, and
"Whereas, we believe that racetrack
j gambling corupts and stullifies the
morals of our citizens, and
"Whereas, We believe that the gov-'
| erning factors of racetracks where
gambling is permitted have an evil in
| fluence upon the social and political!
gondii ions of our State,
i "Therefore, he it resolved that we, j
! the members of the Maryland Stat
.Grange in the 47th session assembled.!
do hereby record our disapproval of
racetrack gambling and will use our
i best endeavors to rid our State of this |
great evil, and
"Be it further resolved that we will
j co-operate w ith the Maryland Anti-j
Racetrack Gambling Association and
such other organizations as may have
the above purpose in view."
B John Black is Master of the
Grange, and Mrs. M. K. Jean is the
i secretary.
Coiioka,Coßla l BroacMllo
and Week Luogs
Atk your druggist for
BEAR’S. Accept so •übttkuie
May b* ordered direct frooi
Elkton, V.
I rrsunjine pr;ftte r'"d ••* cnnsiilrratioo
csnuorMon with L-illdin-: <t"slTii an., coostnie
ti.'n. Correspondence solicited.
i*'s *v. a *■<- •> --si--, n o
Raising the Family- It'll baa long time Defore Pa offers his chair again to a lady !
1 C “fCURE So fci. s > I j ( LU UN d.E s
: vouve FC6W' #vuv. xooy <> c 0 I cUB = sohe oo 1
( ItS? y ) ia.Htss- \ r-ZZr* h-hhitT ) 1 W v^wtaa
'SfSfcrn- L= f ) yp SgtsV
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funds so that the soundest possible
sense of proportion may prevail.
Such an allocation and setting aside
of funds for various purposes does
not mean that reconsideration may
not be had in the light ,of happen
ings now unforseen. but the reserves
set aside represent the best judgment
of the Executive Committee as to the
v \ .. 7 \
Do You Know Hudson
But Through Sheer Merit Alone Essex Made
Its Thirty Million Dollar Sales Record
Builds the Essex?
Essex success has not been accidental. But the Essex does bring quality and
No one doubts its right to the position performance to a class field that was
it holds. unknown.
On the Cincinnati Speedway, a stock The former owaers of large costly
chassis Essex set the world 50-hour en- cars that have adopted the Essex have
durance mark, of 3037 miles, under not been Hudson users. They have
American Automobile Association su- come from other cars, cars that fall
pervision. Another stock Essex holds short of the Super-Six in all particulars
the unequalled 24-hour road mark of save size and cost. *
1061 miles. The Essex appeals to such users be-
But how many know why Essex in its cause of its nimbleness. They like the
first year revealed qualities more mature, way its performance compares with that
more evident of the influence of long of the Super-Six. You can see this on
experience, than is commonly found in every hand. The two cars in any corn
cars even in their third and fourth year. munity that are most prominent because
You will recall the Essex was an- of their performance ability are the
nounced one year ago without one word Hudson Super-Six and the Essex,
as to the identity of its builders. Not a
claim was made for its performance. Essex Did Not Need
You were asked to go look at it, take u j >r j
a ride and form your own opinion. The iiudson S Endorsement
Essex was required to speak for itself. Think of the advantages Essex has
Now that it has established itself, had. What ordinarily would have re
it is revealed why Essex has all the quired years to perfect was made pos
qualities of cars of long development. sible the very firßt modeL
11/ r\ • if That is why 20,000 are now running,
Was Designed by why more than $30,000,000.00 was paid
Hudson Engineers f° r Essex cars in ten months.
You have not needed the Hudson
They conceived it as they developed endorsement to understand Essex
the Super-Six. All they learned about en- performance.
durance, they incorporated in the Essex. Essex has won its own way. Hudson
They gave to the Essex the power gave it full benefit of the experience of
that has made it famous in all quarters. its engineers and the ability of its
Its speed is the result of what had been manufacturing organization. Its name
learned in making the Super-Six winner was not needed.
of all worth while speed records. Now Hudson takes the same pride in
* The Essex can never be all that the acknowledging its kinship to Essex that
Super-Six is for they are totally dif- a father might in speaking of his son
ferent types. who on his own account had made good.
JAMES F. STRANGE & SON, Proprietors
28-30 West Street
<n "
wisest uses for which Red Cross funds
should be held available.
In the lirst place all oblgiations to
our soldiers, sailors and their fami
lies must le provided for. We must
also be ready to meet relief demands
incident to disaster, and we are pledg
ed to the establishment of a peace
time program in America. The sum
of $13,750,000 will be se: aside to
cover these demands.—From an ar
ticle by Livingston Farrand, chair
man Central Committee, American
Red Cross.
Poverty is the mother of many ef
There are again on sale here copies
\of the popular march and two-step
’las well as that never-to-be-forgotten
t : song. “Anchors Aweigh," a composi-
Jtion of the late Prof Charles A. Zim
merman. for many years bandmaster
_ | at ihe Naval Academy. Lieut. Zim
merman dedicated the piece to the
(Class 1907. Naval Academy, and the
j music has been out of print for some
- years, the Cincinnati publishers hav
■iug lost the plate.
Mrs. Ida A. Zimmerman, widow of
, Lieut. Zimmerman, has had thi
' music re-copyrighted. and "Anchors
Aweigh," for which there was great
* popular demand, is now on sale at
, the Music Store of Royal Wigley, 234
, Main street.
. To Fortify The System Against Grin
- Tablets which destroy germs, act as a
£ Tonic and Laxative, and thus proven
e Voids. Grip and Influenza. There is
e only one "BROMO QUININE," E. \\
- GROVE'S signature on the box. 10t
■ (Adv.

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