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J 11
S' B
mi: tihk
~r< " many
. , ,i'T\ hour
.. ■■ , row.
-uuhlf's making
one danger
ji f.rf't small heed.
,i!*s springing
\r, hi a rights I
r woman,
\; : <i the lights
,n tiit-m over
\f.. i force,
,re forgetting
iH'l r gl‘ts worse.
, .. r looking
0,0 late.
, nt season's
K.i:;il date.
wake to find their
is in draw near,
I year.
HMhip-' <-uilil
l„ (.iw Mi|tl*r
hi Bishops’ Guild of St. j
Pi '' •ant Episcopal Church
... i o', to giye a supper at the
< iiih headquarters on the uf
,,, I ' lituary •">. The hours will
, r,oi i ;u io 7 o'clock.
y\- John I’.li-h. wife of Commander ,
,-a .iiioiicd in Washington, (
■„ • k • ml guest of .Vlrs. Wal-
H "The Oaks,” East port.
>: l n i Webster, of Rochester,
.■ , has recently suffered a
. i !• ikilown, is here to reeuper
■i i visiting her sister, Mrs.
: i; M.tgrmler, Duke of Glou
i,-fir licet.
IffrliiL Meeting '
tt oauin\ t Inti
Mr II Scab's, wife of Admiral
Superintendent of the Naval
\ 11-I;i>. was in attendance yesterday
rn ->n ai the Woman's Club meet
g Mrs. Males was elected some
• ai.i> in honorary member of the
Mil!,, ami on several occasions has
iii.l the club with her presence.
Williani Baldwin, of near Robinson,
is i.'iimy. is visiting his daughter.
Mr William li Moss, Duke of Glou
.>mi' street. Mr ltaldwin has been
:ahsjuisetl for several days.
Mr A 1! McManus, of Brookland.
1 < . utio was called here a few days
ago hy the illness of her mother, Mrs.
William Ai Abbott, returned home to-
Robert Moss, wife of Judge
Mess, is confined to her home today by
1 DiiTtaiiinient
Vor 1 he Itliml
Manager Harry Henkel, of the Acad-
Mu sic. Baltimore, has kindly
• i 'in theatre for a benefit per
’t nan , a* that popular theatre the
' k in March for the Maryland
h 1 on of the Blind “Ben Hut"
li. play offered. Lew Wallace’s f
• i hook dramatized. Tickets are'
•1 a: from fifty cents to two dol- j
'i : iay he engaged from Miss !
ii McNasby. phone 272. An an
ui.-eniem to this effect was made |
lay nt -he meeting of the Wo- i
tnttn's t'itih
'".ntr.icists* Reception
to Meet l.egislaters
'■ ' i’ ' Suffrage headquarters on
were crowded yesterday!
i ' ’n four to six o’clock at j
t given by the local and
M man Suffragists to meet
f the General Assembly
*" ‘ ' r u:Vi
°g’ iv ho has leased the Doctor
■use for the season, is a
' charming hostess, and
' • be: f <u, hon this occasion. |
'' ere attractively decorated.
' i locoing pink. Vases
- were placed in every
’ r. and the pink candles. |
’’ A pink lights, gave a mellow
tin- scene. /
delegation of Baltimore
s s • '* ge League were pres-;
"' a wt ntan
•f: v served from a lace-)
whose centerpiece was a
“k r ises. surrounded with
’a with pink candles!
Assembly was present
r- both the Senate and
gates, many of whom
1 • > 1 bv their wives and
\ delightful social after
:■ amid the most at
" u-.dings, and the tea was
■•■ r of a series of social ;
given the remainder of;
' the Woman Suffrage*
r local headquarters.
jI. *
, , 1 ' ‘upper
r,v, *)trrian ( hitrch
lies of the Presty- !
voir will serve a de
•nsghi in the lower,
church A tempting I
k mti u has been pre
* promised service is all
; he desired. _*
~ u
Germantown Patrons’
noli To Jlwt
There will be a meeting of the Pat
rons f'luh at the Germantown School
at 3:30 o’clock Thursday afternoon
j All members are urged to be present,
j an( l w ho are not members are in
vited to come and join the meeting.
“Gome And See”
Party At “V”
Yesterday afternoon, from four to i
I six, Mrs. Kad each was hostess at a
Tome and See” tea party at the Young!
Women’s Christian Association. A
number of guests called during the af
ternoon and had a pleasant chat
’ around the tea table in the cozy living
room, where Mrs. Theodore Johnson
presided. The hostess was aDo as
j aisled by Miss Gunn, a member of the
house committee, who escorted every
jone on u tour of inspection at the
cafeteria, bedrooms, committee room,
nst room, and office. The guests
j were delighted with the facilities of
the building and expressed great in
terest in the association and its
This is one of a spries of little tea
j parties to he given at the Y. W. A*
|by members of various c ommittees.
The first ‘‘Comp and See” parties were
held at National Headquarters in New
York, but the idea has spread to many
local associations.
News of the coming Masquerade ,
dance at “Cumberland Arms” is re
ceived with delight, and the commit
tee is 1 eing overwhelmed with con
grat illations for having been its pro
moters. j
How would you like to plan an j
elopement with a_ pretty girl and then )
find your wife at the top of the lad- i
der in place of the maiden? That's i
only one of the funny situations in (
“Sadie Love.” the new Paramount-
Arteraft photoplay starring Billie
Burke, which will be on view at the
Palace Theatre today and tomorrow.
It is a screen version of Avery Hop
wood's successful stage farce by the
same name and is said to be a high- 1
ly fortunate selection as a vehicle for f
pretty Miss Burke. The plot con- 1
cents a young American girl, just '
married to a handsome Italian count. 1
who become ■ ot sessed witii the idea 1
that an American with whom she 1
once had a romantic affair is her 1
‘Twin soul.” The unexpected appear- '
ance of the latter nearly breaks up 1
an impending honeymoon and lead 3 !
to all sorts of humorous complica
James i,. Crane again appears as
Miss Burke’s leading man. and oth
ers in the cast include Jed Prouty. j
Helen Montrose, and Hedda Hopper.
The picture was directed by John 3.
Robertson. \
$500,000,00d REPRESENTS
The Knights of Columbus climbed [
high on the ladder of thrift accord-1
ing to an estimate made yesterday ,
.by William P. Larkin. Overseas Dl
l' rector. who stated that during the j
year lt>lh the Order had heeded the'
j national doctrine of saving to record
(figure of $500,000,000. Of this stu
pendous amount several hundreds of*
I thousands of dollars are represented
jby investments of the national body j
jin Liberty and Victory bonds and
Savings Stamps. A recapitulation of i
the 1,800 councils of the Knights re-j
veal that they individually contribut
ed enormous funds in governmental j
securities. Mood titan $175,000,000
| has been Invested by 500.000 mem
bers of the Order in thrift stamps and
Liberty bonds alone.
Mr. Larkin stated that the Da ugh- 1
ters of Isabella, which is the women's
auxiliary of the Knights of Colum-
I bus. bad taken a very prominent part
jin the thrift campaign and had a tot - *
lal investment amounting close on to)
$1,500,000. The campaign to spread
the doctrine of thrift throughout the 1
country is already progressing fer
jthe new year. Mr. Larkin said and
the Knights hope to repeat and sur
pass the total of half a million dol
lars—the 1919 record.
There is quite a difference betewen
the high flier and the one who is
merely up the fn°.
uiMiliu —■ irr
Men and women at forty
stand at the portal of a crucial
period. Strength must be kept
up, the body well nourished.
is the tonic of wonderful helpful
ness to those in middle life.
SCOTT*S nourishes and tn
vigor at cs and helps the
yGJSb body keep up with the
daily wear and tear on J
nl n ' strength. Let Scott's
hslp keep you robust /
bi.-oU ft BkxMßnrtd. N. !. IHI
(Continued From Tage One )
Our Department of Justice has rec- ;
orded 60,0b0 “Reds” in -the United ;
States, GO.OOi) of whom are working for
the establishment of Bolshevism in i
this country. We can deal with people j
who announce their intention, who i
have an objective, but there is another <
class to fear, the danger of America is i
from those within, boring within, such *
as were responsible for the recent
steel strike.
“Bolshevism denies freedom of
speech Ireedom of thp press, it gives j
divorce for the asking.” the lecturer .
said, and asked “D we want this kind
of regime in America?” The lecturer
advised “keeping our patience as well <
as our patriotism, and advised having
confidence in the native good sense of;,
Americans, their ability to meet any
emergency, and to supplant wrong
ideas with right ideas.” He said it was
well to ask the dissatisfied if they have
ever considered the advantages of Am
erica offers its people under the pres
ent regime. Do we realize the social
and economic advantages we enjoy,
our independence, the prosperous con
dition of the people, our educational ,
advantages, entertainments, recreation,
etc. With all our discontent we are
the happiest people in the world, the
speaker said. The man who talks of
discontent is as sensible as a man who
sits on the limb of a tree and saws it
I otf. There never was a government
that had such a Constitution, by, of and
for the people, as the United States
offers. Ho spoke of its personal rights,
fundamental principles, which must ;
he correctly applied.
On the other hand, he said. Bolshe
vism stands for Kaiserism. Uzaristn, (
Lenineism, Trotsky, pillage, burning
building:;, strikes, robberies, and the
'like are their methods, and the pen iu
lum of thf* Bolsheviki government
swings between autocracy and nio
In closing the speaker said the time .
has come when the ranks of the peo
ple must be considered. As great as
otir country is, he said, there <>
room for violence, for revolution by
force. This is a government of. by and
for the people. “Then* is no room for
a hyphenated flag, or red flag, but only
the true flag of the United States, all
of whose hues were born in Heaven"
At this time of the year previous
to severe cold weather or heavy
snows, it is always necessary to call
the attention of the public to the nec
essity of feeding the birds A State
may do a great deal in the way of
restocking depleted coveys, but
more can be gained by saving tltem
than by purchasing at great expense
large quantities of birds. It is only
necessary for farmers and sportsmen
and bird lovers to divert a little time
and a small amount of grain to save
many birds throughout Maryland and
i have large numfer of quail and other
valuable birds. A shelter provided
I for them to protect them front the
| snow or a place scraped bare in the
! snow and feed scattered thereon will
j accomplish a great amount of good
;and the Conservation Commission
urgently requests alt those who are
interested to do what they can. if
'there is any cold weather or snow
[during tlie coming months, to save
lthe birds.
The following little verse has been
| issued by Miss Gertrude Knevels. sec
retary of the Forest Hills Garden Au-
Idubon Society. It is passed on in j
[this manner so that everybody will
ihelp the conservative committee to
jfeed the birds.
How big your nest is neighbor man.
How bountiful your fare,
j While small birds in the wind and
Are starving everywhere.
(Some scattered crumbs, a little seed,
j A drop of water, too.
I And we will sing our gratitude.
| Big brother man. to’ you.
Even a ball team cgn't win in a
j walk. It requires at least one run.
It is just as well to remember that
even friends will wear out with con
stant use.
from BusmESSHmwDHANi
9 tuJsw mt Bn af ■
Breakfast fl*hes
Cupped Eggs—Put /-joe tablespoon of
brown gr*vv into Vurh cup; set cups
in a pan of boiling .water, and when
the gravy is hot drop a fresh egg into
each up; take pan fram fire and cover
close until eggs are tenderly cock' d;
dredge with nutmeg and salt. Serve
them in a plate covered with a napkin.
Hamburg t-teak—After shaping in
thin cakes, place in * broiler slightly
greased and hr. il $• r a char fire
about eight minute* or "pan'' broil the
steak in piping-hot ’ spider'' for ahout
the same length of time In this case
simply wipe the bottom of the spidar
with a bit of suet—;antl dust lightly
with salt, and the rmtt; will not stick
Baked Apples Wi'ti Raisins - Wash
apd core a sufficient number of apples
and fill the cavities with chopped
raisins mixed with a few chopped nuts
Place in a dish and sprinkle with
granulated sugar Half fill the pan
with cold water and bake in a slow
oven. Tiie juice in pan should be
served as a sauce with the apples.
Oatmeal Muffins - Scald a cup oi
milk and add to it a s cup of uncooked
oatmeal and two talrlesp ions of lard
Allow this to cool, tkyn dis olve a hilt
yeast cake in a quarter cup of lukf
warm water and a<Jd a half cup o.
molasses. Add This t-T the oatmeal and
then add two and a half cups of whol<
wheat flour into a teaspoon o
salt has been sifted* Knead and le .
rise. Knead down acd shape in muffin
shapes. Let them r ?re in the pan and
then bake. *
Two Heel Dishes
Beef olives form 4, savory, nourish
ing and inexpensive dinner dish.
There are several ways of making
them, but this is one. of the most satis
Cut in small slices one pound of
lean beef from shoulder or shin. Mix
a quarter pound of sjusage meat with
an equal quantity of "stale crumbs and
spread the slices off meat with the
,-ausage mixture. Roll up in a form of;
olives, tie firmly, then season with salt i
and pepper, and dredge thickly•• with 1
flour. ‘ [
j>.. .. w-wx iunrnirrrrr-r * ■ '- -y. nna..-.7nn r^wnMip-ntfanoegtrt-avmTrrwiiiTti. l m-. JituVCitliC
1 yt... r- mvx xmmmm ■BtjacwrtW'ttwKe-xn: hwwimwj." w l l niv.>vm—iMß[ E
*■ i-nrf nvrifc- 1 .. ■ ..-I rte r r-rr-w * -Tirwi-fflirnwnrMHiirr eriTim "nr-iioiiiiiMWMiiTii . v n—wnr nm . ua.iiMiiiiiiiiiTiumTm nn mi -xuumjuu R
i ►
& 5 S
li “I
{s’, t t i %
i " uoGGyear . Leadership—
| arid Tires for Small Cars
P] *• Enormous resources and scrupulous care
\ I\:A.o prodoicod in Coodycoo Tons f > 6mall
{/OX car: .inc*. L&vq v even
the iameus Ooonpcoo Cere.) on the
4 world’s highest-priced nutomebihs*
mmu • 1 hi acidkicn to its kroner sices, Goodyear manu
v nlfy*' IPlfl' i factures on overage cf 20 ; d00 cctill! car tires
InrVv. a day m the worlds tire factory
rfdfy /'Asl ! devoted solely to the 30x3*, 30x3and |
| ! 31x-t-lnch sices*
f ! I Last year mere small cars using these sizes
’OfV j fg were factory-equipped •r/zth Goodyear Tires 1
j than with, any other kind.
* 'IB' L | Their extreme worth h available for your
j j Ford, Chevrolet, Dcrt, Maxwed, cr other
igiWv !/ >{< 1 Gmail cat, U the nearest -Goodyear Service
WEf r m ! Station. Go there for these tires ana
l afaK Va ' Goodyear Tourist Tubes.
C<nr,Jyc~ • T'r- ' A ' r ' ~) Go-t* y'-r F'cg.vy Tour'st ~shci z's lo prelect casings.
* Fabric, Ail-\Vwi< .!*-r - • ■*- * VYLy f ~ a (,'ocsji cgtEg tvit! a c!cap tube? vJooUycar
r- . Heavy ’■-’ . G\ihzr. fast litile more than tubes of -*■
Fabric, An. ’ — GccaJ A- u IcSL ;at * -- -- ~’V2 Ji -- lTt tvaterproof ba<J J
l^^llMn^^^llrl—nimin—mn T - —--—• —--—• ——————■ rff nn*—
Phone 22& 130-132 DOCK STREE.T Jefferson Place, Rear Sta*® Armory
e-.'i- 11 '"|T" In' I 1 1 ""'.li"; 1 I"" 1 t i 1 ~r-iW.rrr.^ry—- —r , n
Large Stock All Sizes 119 Cathedral Street
- " ■■■ -
Put two tablespoons of dripping in a
frying pan and brown olives in it. As
fast as browned, lay the olives in an
earthen dish with a few slices of car
rot and onion Add a little catsup to
season, cover with boiling water or
-jock and cooklv slowly three or four
Boast Beef Sandwiches —Moisten a
cup of cold roa.-t beef, chopped fine, j
with stock of milk, and season well
Make a good biscuit dough and roll
very thin. Cut out with a large biscuit '
cutter and on Half of them put ? he
mea* Moisten the edges and press on ;
a biscuit. Press the edges together
and bake. Serve hot.
Pad.lle your own canoe and you
won't have to worry about the price
of gasoline
Perhaps there may be germs in
kisses, but the average girl will tell!
vou to remain in the also-ran class
The bachelor may sneak of his bet
ter self, while the married man gen
erally refers merely to his better
Thousands Have Discovered
Dr. Edwards’ Olive Tablets
are a Harmless Substitute
Dr. Edwards’ Olive Tablets —the sub
stitute lor calomel—are a mild but sure
laxative, and their effect on the liver is
almost instantaneous. These little olive
colored tablets are the result of Dr.
Edwards’ c!.‘.:r.',alnation not to treat
liver and bowel complaints with calomel.
The pleasant little tablets do the
good that calomel does, but have no
bad after effects. They don’t injure the
teeth like strong liquids or calomel.
They take hold of the trouble and
quickly correct it. Why cure the liver
at the expense of the teeth? Calomel
sometimes plays havoc with the gums.
So do strong liquids. It is best not to
take calomel. Let Dr. Edwards’ Olive
Tablets take its place.
Headaches, "dullness” and that lazy
feeling come from constipation and a
disordered liver. Take Dr. Edwards'
Olive Tablets when you feel “logy” and
"heavy.” They “clear” clouded brain
and “perk up” the spirits. 10c and ’isc.
Felicity Cove
Links Washington With Chesapeake
I’liild vc ur sunniincr home* in FELICITY COVE* v ’.are
| the zest of living is increased 1 canoeing, boating. ,p
' fishing, crabbing, bathing and a!i kindred pursuits e.f ai
shore and country.
FELICITY COVE is located in Shady Side, \nnc Aran
; del County, Maryland, and fronts on C hesapeake Lav ad
joining the' IDLEWILDE property. Sandy bathing beach,
i beautiful shade trees. :'1 attractive building lots, each con
taining :(;(>() sj. ft.; 1)0 minute ant > ride from Washington or
Annapolis business men should get la-hind all loc.d ef
forts to iner< ise the VALUE <>t \nno Arundel dounty prop
erty. l’e a BOOSTER tor Anne Arundel County, and any
business cslabbshed therein.
INVESTIGATE at mee. WRITE \. ■\\ . Auelrews,
1 President e>f The Shady Side- 1 evc !< >pnu nt ( umpany. Shady
Side. Maryland. jIT
| f '
Do Xot lie Disappointed . lhis Year!
We W ant Your Order for Baby ('.hicksat Once
Wo are receiving ortlers tor e-hicks every day an i will not take
any more- oniers as kooii as we reach mir Halehing Capacity
We want to sene our Friends in AtmaiweUs, aim Ainm \rmitlel
County lirst. We lank nil order •• in rotation; dun i I• tlin last.
We have tie following breeeis:
K. C U. i WEDS.
A postal carder phone cal! will bring eireler blank and circular.
Roscdalc Poultry l'.-.rm, Ann;ijxl is. Mil.
i’hone. . Oi

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