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Varsity And “Plebes” Won Their Basketball Games, Swimmers
Put It All Over Princeton, And Team
Downed Central Y. M. C- A., Bal
timore In Informal
Th# Midshipmen athletes made a
dean sweep Saturday afternoon in a
totir-cornered program of sporting
events In basketball, the sailor lads
trailed the colors of Bucknell Univer
sity. of Lewisburg, Pa., while the Navy
Plebes were too much for the quint of
the Central High School, of Washing
ton. But the stellar attraction of the
dtjr was the swimming contest with*
the tank men of Princeton University,
Which was won handily by the middies j
Who displayed fine form in every event.
The fourth number on the card was a
••flea of tryout wrestling bouts be
tween Navy “subs" and the grapplers
representing the Cenrtal Young Men’s
Christian Association, of Baltimore,
•nd fhe prowess of the sailor lads
stood put in all of the engagements.
While the middies were having a big
tine of it in gathering laurels, their
hl’ptfcers of the military arm of the
.Service at West Point managed to pull
Otlt a victory over Lehigh at basket
ball, hut the Cadets’ hockey team went
down to defeat at the hands of Boston
; Swimmers lit (joed Form
lo- the swimming contest the work
of the Middies in the 160-vard relay.
In which they equaled the Naval Acad
emy record of 1 minute 19 4-5 sec
onds, which is one-fifth of a second
Vetter than the intercollegiate figure
featured This maVk was made
against the Tigers last year.
Princeton's one first place was gain
ed in (the plunge, in which Driscoil
"twice covered the 60-fool tank, his
fastest time being 33 2-5 seconds. He
"das closely pressed by Thompson, of
In the 220-yard swim, Rowe and
Plah, both of the Navy, finished far in
fh lead of Butting, of Princeton. The
TifC|rs were completely outclassed in
the SO-yard breast stroke, both Quinby
apd Karle finishing more than 30 feet
ih*ad of Harvey.
'' Jknory was the main individual
PPtnt-getter for the middies. Besides
finishing first in the 40-yard dash and
thf 190-yard swim, he also swam with
tjl i successful relay team. Summary:
‘199-Yard Relay—Won by Navy
.tlUckeus, Wlnkjer, Gallagher and
Mmory). Time, 1.19 4-5. Princton—
Butting, Murray, Stinson and Shriver.
Plttnge— Won by Driscoll, Prince
tfii; Thompson, Navy, second; Me-j
Cnndlesß, Navy, third; sixty feet.
3-6 seconds.
t! Dash Won by Emory, j
adidln, Navy, second; Stinson.!
U, third. Time, 19 4-5 seconds.
■"'Back Stroke —Won by Jack
etßowman. Navy, second;
Ffnceton, third. Time. 27 sec
rd Swim—Won by Fish, Navy; |
sty, second; Butting, Prince- (
J. Time, 2.46 1-5.
- WrYard Breast Stroke Won by *
Quinby, Navy; Earle Navy, second:!
Princeton, third. Time, 42
94 Seconds.
*, iSO-terd Swim—Won by Emory,:
Gallagher, Navy, second; i
Shriver, Princeton, third. Time, 57 3-0
Basketball Game ( lose
Navy and Bucknell contested in one I
Of tha Closest games that has been wit- j
ndased at the Naval Academy in recent;
mr*._. The sailor lads won by the
■pfcrrow margin of two points, the count
toeing it to 13.
J the middies had a little edge on
Uftelr dpjmnents in the close-in work
(br shot! at the basket, but Waddell,
Bttoknell forward, showed the best
fotfr' of any player on the floor. He
threw safely four times, and was the
only player of either team to cage
mSEe than one field goal,
j 8161 gave Bucknell the first score of
ita game, but the Navy totaled eight
•joints on field goals, with McLaury. j
ByCfly and Watters shooting from the
IthL -iiorrls was the only player to
ljfaM from the floor for Bucknell in
ug first half, which ended 9 to 4 in
HikCr df the Navy.
.tin the second session Bucknell put j
Ndwser at center and Dorris went to
Tidvmsend’B place. The change work
ed well, and the visitors had somewhat
tha better eft the period. Bowser's
height proved valuable in the jump i
kn he also jflayed a splendid defen- j
site game. The big factor in the im
provement. however, was the work of
Widdeil. which was brilliant in all de
partments. The line-up:
?savy Position Bucknell
fyjerry . L. F Waddell
Burkholder R. F...... Townsend
blither C Dorris
WAttprs L G Deitrich
McLaury R. G Bihl
1 ’Substitutions—Naval Academy, Blue
tsV ltcLaury; Bucknell, Bowser for
DjOkria, Dorris for Townsend. Field
ghhla—Byerly (IJ, Greber (1). Watters
Q],jlCLaury (1), Blue til; Bucknell.
tlMdall (4), Dorris (11. Foul goals—
Academy, Watters (5 in 141;
Batiraeti.’.Bihl (2 In 61. Waddell (1 in
|! Referee—Mr. Battersby, Swarth
more. Umpire—Mr. McDavitt, Univer
aß# of Pennsylvania. Time of halves
, —lf fhinutes
• - V
. lfraettlag Vm (Hi Points
. Thdugh the fact that they were ouL
jxiiflUd by the middies, the team of
wreetlers representing Baltimore Cen
. i.. •. V. • v •
' tral Y. M C. A. made a fair showing;
In an informal mat contest w*ith the*
second string men of the middies. Inj
five bouts divided between weights j
ranging from 115 to 158 pounds the;
middies gained all of the decisions for
work on the offense.
The Baltimoreans had no entry for!
the 175-pouud or unlimited weight
j event, so to complete the program
liners and Walker, both midshipmen,
went to the mat and wrestled to a
Featuring the meet was the work of
Helfericb, of Baltimore, who contest
ed in both the 115 and 125-pound
classes, -lie was on the defensive most
of the ti!ne in both of the bouts and
showed sqjne fine points. He had a
i near victory over Deering, of Navy,
i when time was called in the 125-pound
bout. The 158-pound engagement be
tween Yelvertpn, Navy, and Zelka. Bal
timore. was a good one. The sum
mary: ’
115 pounds—Hough, Navy, gained a
decision over Helfericb, Baltimore, in
9 minutes.
125 pounds—Deering, Navy, gained
decision over Helferich, Baltimore in 6
135 pounds—B. B. Adell, Navy, gain
ed decision over Peters, Baltimore, in
6 minutes.
158 pounds—Yelverton, Navy, gained
decision over Zelka, Baltimore, in 6
Unlimited weight—liners and Walk
er, both Navy, wrestled to a draw in 6
minute?, Baltimore having no entry.
Mr. Taylor, one of the phydcul in
structors at the Naval Academy, ref
ereed the bouts.
“IMebe” Baskelers Win
Central High School, of Washington,
was outplayed at basketball by the
Plebes, the score being 39 to 28, but
the frequent chances given Lemon
through the fouls of the Navy players
and the good use he made of the
chances, kept the score at a respect
able figure. The midshipmen were
faster and stronger, and far excelled
the visitors in general work on the
floor, scoring 19 times from the floor
to Central's eight,
Tire first half ended 16 to 10 in favor
of the midshipmen, but Central,
through Lemon’s shooting from the
line, tied the score at the opening of
the sdjpond half before the Navy bad
: tallied, A run of field goals, with
j Rigsby netting the ball rapidly, give
the Navy a substantial lead just after,
and it was neves* headed. Wood and
Lemon played cldverly for the visitors,
while the forward trio of the Navy.
Buck, Rigsby and Holt, showed some
I clever team play.
Army Barely Beat Lehigh
The Army snatched victory from Le-
high at basketball during the last two
I minutes of play. The cadets won a
| fast and interetsing contest, 23 to 22.
| Johnson's sensational toss from the
j middle of the court and Whitson's foul
j goal giving the Army a margin of one
point when Tom Thorpe blew the final
whistle. The Bethlehem lads flashed a
; well-drilled quintet, their passing ami'
j floor work being excellent. Daniels j
; and Lees both went out for too many
| personal fouls. The teams were tied
!at half time, 10 to 10. Maurer for Le
high hnd Daniels and Johnson for the
Army starred.
To Fortify The System Against Grip
Tablets which destroy germs, act as a
Tonic and Laxative, and thus prevent i
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Buys Property At Eastport
Joseph Talley has purchased
through the office of Bernard J. Wie
gard. real estate broker, two lots of
ground at Eastport. one situate at
the corner of Chesapeake avenue and!
Fourth streets, and the other on Bay
Ridge avenue. The latter lot belong
ed to Miss Mamie Geraci, of Annapo-
“That’i Dr. King's New Dis
covery for fifty years
a cold-breaker”
NOTHING but sustained quality
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amuse such enthusiasm. Noth
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•-MFKW-V *- * •' *
Will BE 940 SHIPS
Approximately 940 warships, in
cluding 16 dreadnoughts. 13 pre
dreadnoughts, 8 armored cruisers
and 17 light cruisers will be the
peace-time strength of the American
I navy after next July 1. the House Na-
Ival Committee has been advised bv
I Rear Admiral Taylor, chief of the Bu
reau of Construction and Repair. This
will be three times the number in
commission when the United States
'declared war on Germany, but the
comparative tonnage will only be
j about one and one-lialf times as
A number of improvements based
on the lessous learned in the war
are to be made on the dreadnoughts
and other, craft. The first line ships,
Admiral Taylor said, are to be equip
ped with airplane platforms, built
over the forward turrets and extend
ing over the bows of the vessels, so
that aircraft may rise from all of
hem when at sea. Small land air
planes will be used and in_)ptum.ng
aftev flights they will land on the
water, being kept afloat by collapsi
ble airbags until they can be trans
ferred to the platforms.
Other changes to be made in the!
dreadnoughts will include improved
tire and searchlight controls, details
of which were withheld for military;
These alterations, together with the j
repairs necessary to the 940 vessels, i
will cost about $27,900,dJ90, Admiral
Taylor said.
If “all the world loves a lover” pic
ture fans in plenty will love Owen
Moore who makes love engagingly at;
any time but does it much more pro
ficiently when he has such a dainty
little actress as Dorothy Gish to make
love to. It all happens in “Betty of
Greystone,” the Triangle Play, star
ring these two well known actors
tnd directed by Alan Dwan, which i
will he shown at the Republic Thea- j
tre tonight.
It takes an Irishman to make love
and Moore qualifies in this respect
having been born in Ireland, coming j
to this country with his parents at j
the age of eleven. When they reached ■
this country the Moores settled in
Toledo, Ohio, where Owen was edu-i
cated and remained until -4iis twen
tieth year, when he started on his
stage career. At first he took juve
nile lead parts in several road at
tractions to graduate into pictures.
1 where he at once took a high place.
’ He is athletic, screens well, and
puts over in graceful, easy fashion !
just the points required to develop!
the story in proper fashion.
In “Betty of Greystone” he has a (
wonderful story, a clever director, j
and last but not least a beautiful co-;
' ;
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Warsaw, Sunday, Feb. I. —Concen-
tration of a large number of Bolshevik
troops north of the Dvina river has
been prevented by attacks by Polish
units, according to an official state
ment issued by” the w*ar office here to
dva. Attempts to gather Bolshevik
forces along the Lithuanian an? White
Russia nfronts are believed to be part
of the Soviet Government’s prepara
tion for a spring attack against War
saw. Newspapers here say the “Red”
offensive against Poland will com
mence as soon as possible.
For removing rubber overshoes an
inventor has brought out a, device
that clamps a shoe until the foot as
withdrawn as a user presses a pedal
with tha other foot. I
, (Continued From Fage One 1 *
tory to the employees. The wage
scale, it became known was fixed at
160 cents per hour, with time and a
half pay for overtime hours.
Forma! Statement
The strikers’ spokesmen claimed
the affiliation of the company’s em
ployes with the two unions comprises
118 of aoout 120 motofmen and con
ductors employed by the road.
“We do not predict that we will tie
up the company’s service completely.”
Mr. Gritting said, ’’but we hope to do
so. I understand that an attempt will
be made to maintain a partial schedule
with what few non-union emploves re
main and with others who will be
pressed into service.”
The formal statement issued by Mr.
Gritting was as follows:
“yhe motormen and conductors ot
the Washington, Baltimore and Anna
polis Railway were compelled to work
during the entire war at a rate much
below* that paid on other interurban
lines, due to the fact that they were
, tied up with a three-year contract,
which they protected regardless of its
“This contract expired January 16,
and the men have asked for a rate of
65 cents an hour with overtime after
10 hours at the ‘time and a half rats.
, The company has offered 55 cents an
hour, which is only a 5 cent increase
over the present rate, and it was un
willing to grant the extra eompensa
. tion for overtime. The men offered to
arbitrate, but the company refused.
The men than offered to submit to
! meditation, as provided by the United
States Government, but th 3 company
| also rejected his proposal.
“Representatives of the men then
took the matter up with the Commis
; sioner of the United States Boar-J of
! Conciliation and Meditation, who used
his efforts to induce the company to
submit to meditation. The company,
how’ever, refused the proffer. This left
no other course for the men dxeept to
withdraw from the service.
“The men are members of the
! Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers
I and order of Railway Conductors. The
representatives of the organizations
believe that the men are modest in
their demands when compared with
; rates paid other classes of skilled
] labor.”
j Grilling produced a telegram from the
; Commissioner’s office, which he said
I was received after the company had
; refused meditation, announcing the in
ability of the Commissioner to carry
negotiations further without the co-op
i eration of the company.
On The Sick List
Charles F. Lee, real estate opera
j tor. is confined to his residence, cor
jner of Gloucester and Conduit streets,
suffering from an attack of grip,
j Mrs. Brady, wife of State Senator
|A. Theodore Brady, who suffered a
j sigiht accident a few days ago. Is now
iin a much improved condition, and
is able to be about. Mrs. Brhdy slip
j ped and fell on a small stairway at
i the “Y” cafeteria, and was bruised
; about the body.
| The Strong Withstand The Winter
told Belter Than The Weaik
j Old people who are feeble and younger
| people \#ho are w’eak, will be streng
; thened and enabled to go through the
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You Can Help
Bring Down Flour Prices
The costs of most staple food-stuffs showed material reduc
tions during the week of January 3rd last, as compared to
the corresponding week of 1918.
But the costs of onions, rice, Grade B milk and WHEAT
FLOUR showed an interease.
There is now an opportunity for every flour user to bring
down the rising prices of flour. ' f
This flour costs much less than high patent flours, and makes
delicious biscuits and pastry and good bread. It is not a
substitute nor is it a “War” or “Victory” flour.
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Flour sells at prices around G l / 2 cents a pound.
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it or have ordered and will sell on arrival.
The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Stores.
N. B.—The Government is selling United States Grain Cor
poration Standard Pure Wheat Flour only where there is no
similar flour similarly priced.
For further information write ~ -
The Corporation reserves the right to discontinue without i?
notice the publication of lists of dealers handling this flour 1
- " . . ’T
(Corrt'*|K>mhfU<-e Prexs.l
Sunderland. Eng.. Jan. 17. — M ins
ton Churchill, British Secretary of
State for War. declared in an address
he delvered here that while no one
can tell what will emerge from Rus
sia "it will te something very men
acing to civilization and especially
dangerous to the British Empire."
“Bolshevist fanatics are determined
to destroy civilization, democratic
parliaments, and the lilerties of free
peoples,” declared the Minister.
“Erfrope and Asia are in a desper
ate condition. The Allies may aban
don Russia but Russia will not aban
don them. The ghost of the bear will
, cfass the snows and menace them.
"New forces are springing up in
. Asia Minor, and if Russian Bolshev
| ism and Turkish Mohametanizm
( should join hands the situation for
. Great Britain would be grave. Kolt
chak and Denikine have protected
British interests in the past, but the
armies of Koltchak are almost gone,
the armies of Denikine are in jeop
; ardv and if they were to disappear
. serious danger would immediately
j “It is possible that there may be
, a combination between Kaiser mili
’ j tarism and German Bolshevism to de-
Jstroy the German republic. We must
} see that that does not happen. We
iare continually being told that we
should not trade Germany
I again, but how* are we to get our in
jdemnities unless we trade with her?
(France and America are taking all
j j steps to trade with Germany, and we
! should not be called on to stand
j aside.”
, ,
5 (By The Associated Press.l
s Cleveland, (Hilo, Feb. *2.—Police to
i day were seeking a man in a United
i States Navy uniform as the slayer of
ij Frances Ulcman, 22 years old, a
chorus girl of Philadelphia, or Pat
e i terson. X. J., the fifth mArder victim
1 ; here in a 4 days. The w r oman w'as
1 also known as Mrs. Frances Ulcman
. Siockwell. Her body was found here
y yes erday in the snow in a vacant lot
-! and la* unidentified in the morgue
all night. She had been a member
J of a burlesque company which played
here las: week. She was last seen
alive Saturday night.
J j A child should not look pale,
thin or worn. Such condition j
1 denotes malnutrition. To
keep up growth and robust
i ness a child needs a plenitude
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mental food that could well be
1 a part of the diet of every
i growing child.
Children always do well H/
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Hungarians are protesting against J
the treaty. Lodge is getting some J
backing.—Raleigh News and Obsarverl 1 1
“Betty Of
Greysione ,

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