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fEtmtutg Gutjjtlal
BateMlsti** 1/I*4.
Kta foils lied 17*1.
, PubllehM I>al<T Except Sunday by
la on aale at tbe following f/taee*:
George W. Jones 194 M:lu St.
Wlllbm H>hnlu : Wet Si.
(>o. J. ltttvia 74 Maryland Ave.
CIUM. G. KeM/neyer M Maryland Avr.
Martin Kwarh...Car. Ilandali A kiu <hn.
William Baker VVeat and CatliedraT
Delivered in Annapolis, Kaatnort. Ger
mantown and Weat Aunapolia foy carrier
for 4~i <eii!a per montli.
You .an hare the EVENING CAPITAL
mailed to yon when away from Ike city
t>y leaving y.ur name and addresa at tbe
for to •nte pr nionttf. *s.*m i.r
yeffr, |iayable In udvun. e, to any Poatott). e
to I idled St a tea or Ctutuda.
Entered at AnnaiHdla I’oatoftlce aa
Se<*tnd Matter.
Mrnil.rr ul '1 foe Vao< lati-.l frets
The Aaaoilated I'reaa la exclo
flv.'ly entitled to th" uae for re
publleatlou of all It.-w* ••re.llte.l to
it or not otnervviae . redlted In tbia
paper and nlao tfoe l.e al i.ev.a put*-
liali.'d herein. All rights of re
jiitoH.'dtion of Hpei ii.t dlapat' hea
herein me also reserved.
FRIDAY. FKBUFAKY 1:5, 11/20.
Former Senator Watlc 11. I>.
\\ arlicld. <*t I’arroll county. a
leading' man and tax
payer of that Section. hits the nail
oil the head in replying to a (|tu*rv
of the \\ estmin-tcr Time;*, the pa
per of I)t legate IVyton 11. Gor
such. as to “Mow will 1 arrol 1
county raise the money” for roads
and schools that must he had.
The quest ion of financing suc h
a proposition by direct taxation is
beyond reason. Our experience of
last year conclusively proves this.
With an advance ot f*l per cent, in
our tax rate in Filth only two dis
tricts received any pen t oteni
benefit. The other twelve districts
paid the larger portion of this
advance and received no benefit
I can not conceive and I do not
believe there is a single taxpayer
in Carroll County who would not
favor a bonded indebtedness to
tiring about these benefits to all
the people without increasing our
fax rate.
Other counties of our .State and
other States, are pursuing this
course. Why should we hesitate
Senator \\ arlteld, as one of the
heaviest taxpayers in ( arroll. is
as vitally interested in the cost of
public improvements as am otic
else, and he has the business
acumen to "see the wav out." \
bonded indebtedness is often set
up as a fearful thing, but when it
is remembered that it is borrowed
money that can be paid back
without unduly, in am state of
circumstances, interfering with
the tax rate, it loses its terrors.
\\ hat Senator \\ arliehl .-.avs of
the real aspects ot the situation in
t arroll applies elsewhere. Tin
tax rate t!u re tumped f>o cent - la t
year, and fourteen districts arc
paying it. while otilv two of tin
fourteen receive am "benefit
whatever." ALL the people of
a ci >mU\ cannot SI I \KL without
delay or discrimination in the re
sults m direct taxation that thc\
can in a loan.
Let ns say that a bonded in
debtedness is a mortgage. Lverv
reader knows what a mortgage is
and its incidents. \m farmer'
or business man. to conduct his
allairs on business principles, cal-;
eulates a certain part of his re-f
c Apis as returning interest on.
capital invested, or capital bor
rowed. there being no difference,
m ptmcip’e. whether he has put
h's own money into his farm or
his m.lustrv or his store. < r has’
awpti'cd it with a loan, secured
b\ a mortgage.
i lie federal land bank plan
is based upon the tried and sure
financial proposition that in a cer
tain tune h\ paying back one per
cent, o! a loan upon farm lands
in a year, and low interest, the
loan will be discharged. In the
meantime the holder of the land
s has all the benefit of use and oc
cupancy and opportunity to make
money with a hanllv perceptible
restriction that a “sinking fund"
must be kept up.
Measured by its ability to kick upj
a fuss, we cio not need a larger Xav>
—Detroit News. f
< i Front Hal to. Sun]
In the case of the Severn 1/ridge
at Annapolis procrastination has
proved not oitlv the thief ot time
, but the thief of several hundreds
of dollars. An appropriation in
tended to include an w bridge
* over the Severn was made ten
’ wars ago. but though th.e need
i was obvious even then, the -and
r 'old bridge, only more dilapidated
than ever, still stands in the sanu
p old spot as a mocking monument
p t<• the coiwipii nces of adminis
native reel tape and inaction. lr
]!> |u. and for two r three \ car.*
i, afterward, a new bridge could
have 1m ett built within the limit
of the MHIU available for t’.u
purpose. But we talked and talk
ed till the war came <>n. with tin
result that now. in this era ■:
high prices, the bridge will cosl
. about Si• nt.ooo or twice as mucl
as jri< >r to the w ar.
It is a costly lesson, but vet
have got to pay the price. Tin
ice gorge in the river lias just re-
I minded tts again, by carrying off
a bit of the bridge, that we can
no longer delav this undertaking
Since 11' If> maintenance for the
I old bridge has eaten up the in
tercst from the s.".jo.in>i> fund
w ithout doing more than to dem
• nstrate the incurable character
of its weakness; and now we shall
have to spend S'jO.Otxt more in
patching up again this rotten and
ricketv affair.
I’erhaps the ice would have ren
dered a .public service if it had
swept the whole structure away.
It matters little whether St. Valen
tines Day guests be children or
"grown-ups” the day is calculated to
make them retentive to simple* forms
if merriment. A suggestion for a hos
'ess may be found in the familiar game
<f quoits.
Heart-shaped rings are made of
heavy wire, to throw over the stakes,
riii-..* rings are v.mand with satin coi
tion, or red crepe paper. Stakes may
be chosen and arranged it will. For
instance, one stake may be an upright
piece of wood on a p< dr .al. the whole
••overed with gilt paper, to represent
wealth Tito heart-shaped rings wni.li
go fiver' this each count live points
Then, for a second slake, a tall tin
horn may be set in a wreath of laurel,
rnpjresen: ing fame. Hearts looping
. !us horn i cunt t. n points
A third upright, wound with pink
paper, with a pedestal wreathed it!
pancr roses may repre eat ! we.
Twenty-five points are won by each
player throwing a hear: over Di:*
. i e And so on :it rough the iis o:
jualiths ami ambiiions. according t
•he o. isbn'iiitv oi the hosiess. Should
he party !>< for children, one stake t
teli their interest might be made of
hit. with a while tiove suspended
•hove it ’o repres.-at goodness. Ileat: •
i iooy.it.g this might count titty points
The limit on scores may be set ai
.'>oo, or ma> mount higher should the
w,.!;, the game to last longer,
in border to tit with other arrange
’ .uents for the evening. Awards may
>e heart--haped hoops, or small favors
with other Valentine Day significance
la nf Begin* \e\f Week
Lent begins next week, and the sea
son of forty days' fasting and prayer.
!ovn;• n .ml reflection, "ill be inau
citraie.i on Ash Wednesday. February
, A .~ The faithful are expected to ab
q.Chi from meat and from social at
ivi tics during the Lenten season,
servit will be held with marked
regularity in the ritual chit:cites.
Home Proof, Here. There And
Evert tv lure.
When you see Doan's Kidney Pills
recommended in this paper you most
always find the recommemier an An
napoltl resident It's theasame every
where- in M.SOO towns in tlie I*. S.
Fifty thousand people publicly thank
Doan's. What other kidney remedy
can give this proof of merit, honesty
and truth? ilotne testimony must be
true or it could not be published here
Read this Annapolis recommendation
Then insist on having Doans. You
will anew w ha* you :.ru getting:
Geo V, Freeman, carpenter. 32 Hoi-
Iliad street, says: “For years I had a
bad case of kidney trouble The pain.-]
hrough the small of inv hack were so!
severe 1 couldn't straighten and 1 was
m a terrible condition. The kidney j
secretions were scanty an l pained in
passage. I was bothered f by having u,
get up at night and 1 always felt tired
ami wtlhyi out. When 1 read about
Donn e Kidney Fills 1 used a box and j
:!ny .Wiped nie wonderfully. When !
her I noticed any sign.-; of kidt;e>
trouble since. Doan's have brought j
satisfactory results. Doan's are th* ;
best medicine 1 have ever used for kid
ney trouble.” fiOo at all dealers. Fos
ter-Milburn Co.. Mfrs . ftuffalo, X. A'
i (Adv.)
(J I Palace of Santa for Three Cen
turies Housed High Representa
tives of Span.sh Power.
One of tbe interesting buildings at
~ Simla IV is the c'i palace m the g.>v
eriiur, and from this building for lkr.
years Spain ruled a large part of North
'■ America now a part of the Vto ted
States Montana, part of Texas, par*
j of Kansas, nti'l j/art of Ouinboiii.i.
* ! It was built in Idt*) by Juan de
, Otate, who was the great grain!*on
of Montezuma, the Aztce emperor <d
E ancient Mexico, ami the grandson of
' Hernandez Cortez, the Spanish con
, qiieror®" ho subdued and took over tb*-
I ’ Aztec or Indian civilization of .Mexico
and, with the sword in one hand and !
(the i-ross in the >ther, sub<tiTtHct! j
II j Spanish < iviiizuti> n. K1 Faiacio, as j
* j tile btiibhng is termed in Span -h, was 1
j originally designed lor a palace, <■: sRe
I unci fortress.
Its vicissitudes during more than
three centuries, under Spanish, im l . ,
Mexican and American rule, formed a ,
- most dramatic and thrilling chapter in j
( the lii'tory of the nation. For three i
centuries it v.as not only the -oat of
d government, but nl-o the home of cup
, ' tr.ins jj*-nernl and governors, their rc
[ miners and families, ;inf from tin >• to
II! time it housed tbe dungeon, * the jail.
I tin* post office, the legislature, iht* >
supreme court, tin* territorial s, <-re- '
l ‘,tary and family, tin* teritorial law ii- |
brary and law offices, ihi cv-ry page '
of the history of tin* venerable edi
fice one finds romance, stirring imi
"f dents and important episodes, in which
the figures of Spanish conquerors ami
! Franciscan monks, Indian chieftains
and American adventurers, soldiers,
statesmen, authors, scientists ami
1 dainty society ladies step into the
- spotlight to vanish again as Father
Time, grim and inexorable, swings his
' cycle.— Exchange.
Even the Wisest of the Human Race
Amazingly Ignorant, Asserts a
Writer in Boston Paper.
The wisest marten the world knows
enly tiny fraction of what there is to
1 he learned, stud Die mass of human
knowledge, painfully inquired and
handed on since our far-off ancestors
came down out of the trees. Is only a
faint glimmer in the midst of the dark t
r Altich of the unknown is unkm/vv- ,
able; a little of it. tin* human mind
laboriously takes possession of aseen
r furies pass.
} Most of us aiv amazingly ignorant.
We nri* like the classic example of
tlie sellout children, conning their
books, who couldn't tell w Im! kind ot
wood their desks were made <*!.
t - Actually, we are afraid of seeming
to know too much outside of the trod
den ways; we de-pise the ‘‘high- j
And al the same time h>v. cnn‘* !.<u
, limits we are likely to tie oi sonm one
, who seems to he more ignorant Than
( ourselves.
The tLti’.n who litis .stopped h aniuig
is living nt a standstill. Make ever,
one yoil meet your teacher, i: you
would get tin* most out of life. That
hoy scent, that venerable farmer, that
sharp voting salesman- each lias a hit
of special knowledge for you.
He :t student, even though your !
schooldays are in the remote past,
ami not a mere book student. Lost, u
Alcohol and Plants.
F>y means of a magnetic lever total
ing il delicately poised astatic need!
! Unit actuates ;( small mirror, tie* ivs
eugraph can give it magnification of
1 i<> 1 .(Hi0.000.000. Its inventor. Sir
Jagadis /'handra Isose. ha- Used it to
sle w the actual “crescent" process of
plants. Like the movement of a gla
cier. the growth of a plant is an ae- \
tintl progress, difficult, maybe, to
measure, hut mensurable nevertheless, j
- and there i- no reason why Sir .1. gn- 1
•lis' invention should not bo turned to
very important uses. He showed on ;
the screen that the use of alcohol hud
a curiously erratic effect in the growth
of the plant and hv so much was ott; I
of all harmony with the plant's “naitt
rah” that is, normal and harmonious.
■ processes. I! >vv far the inventor has
posited his investigations is nor tohh
i At uH events, by h'n logical research
ho has thrown n curious light on those
Indian jugglers that were believed to
make a flower grow before the eyes of
the spectator.
Honor May Go to Africa.
Ancient Egypt, sharing with ancient
Babylonia and Frete rite distinction in
the world's thought of being, one or
the other of them, the first scat—of a
flourishing civilization, may yet yield
the distinction to some spot in Africa,
perhaps the city of Benin, or perhaps
some ruin yet undiscovered. Benin,
whose great stone buildings surprised ;
Fortugue.se explorers In IM.I, lijts of
later years given arrheologi-ts a i
vivid interest in this part of British
West Africa. Objects found there
show a uu‘f.>d >f tasting bronze that '
was pnwtioed by lie* early Egyptians,
and evidence accumulates Dial the * iv
| llix.ttinn of Benin may have forerun 1
Egypt or Babylon, to say nothing of I
i Crete. :
Pricking a Pimple Fatal.
A man died recently from the ef
fects of pricking a pimple with his
scarf pin. Blood poisoning set in. He
I might have avoided all danger if he 1
had held the point of the pin fur a few t
j seconds in ai gas flame.
Miss Mary Louise Hughes went v
from Buffalo to Syracuse in an air
plane to attend the Syracuse-Colgate
football game. la
; .. ; . !
Cardinal ©bons Asks Aid
For Starving Armenians
P| u
HF big meeting in
[&' \ --"m " * lS * ■' -
gfe -# JB aid *f the
N< :;r East lte
lb f. V :
t-S International ) l > "** i!: !
Cardinal Gibbons. . > w.....
tl.o Nt ar East
Belief will make to the country in
February for funds to support its
j work am*mg t! <* starv .eg p* ->pb -<f
that stricl.mt Innd. To the Me l.
iugto’n :tte< M g h>* wr to:
‘‘Advices uiiil in ,'oriun iion C"!. • -
from the Near East cannot he doubt
ed. Tliei'.* is great actual suffering
and famine. These people, i t <•< miy
become indepeinl ait ami r< i
from bitter thrch’ at, cat not sup-
I port themselves. And the *'i/;;-
j and common Instincts of humanity
which have prompted the people of
the l nited Suites durmg the hua j
two years to relieve the distress
and needs, especially of the N< ar
Fast, must not he allowed to grow
col/l and ho dim ini sited.
”1 hope we shall all unite In tills
[/resent emergency ami be able to
collect sufficient funds to enable
these peoples to live and work until j
next summer brings them permit- j
cent relief and sul/sitrtenee. I call i
upon all to respond generously to :
j the appeal now being made and j
trust that Die committee will be
! gratified with the results.”
I ~ i
!$5 PEmm .
Cleveland H. Dodge Shows Whal
I Near East Relief Can Do in
Efficient Purchasing.
Buying In wholesale lots and undo/
the most favorable market conditions
Near Fust Belief of 1 Mudison avenue
New York city, with representatives in j
every state of the I'nion, has been ahh
■ to baffle the high cost of living so fat •
us relief sup[>lies for the suffering mil j
lions of the Near East are concerned.
Cleveland 11. Dodge, treasurer, in a
statement shows Dint the committee is
f/L'le to provide food for the suffering :
people of the Near East at prices much j
lower than the average charge here.
A donation of So per month will pro
vide food for one orphan, J? 10 per :
month provides not only food, but also j
Hollies and shelter for one orphan,
and lor Sir. i**i month attendance at
school is assured /o each orphan in ad
dition to food, clothing aml shelter.
In the* appeal tor funds to save tin
starving roumanb of the Armenian
and other western Asia pc..pies? N. .u
East Rebel' is in\!ting the Aniei hmi •
public to "adopt” an orphan at tin*
rates given here. >\ • r ‘g..ti,Ubq home j
levs children are in need of help in 111 ’
Near East. Women's organizations
lodges, churches and social clubs arc
responding to the appeal by adopting
quotas of orphans for suppoii over a
definite period.
Connecticut to Provide Foster
Mothers for Little Victims -
of Turks.
Ten thousand little victims of j
Turkish brutality to be foster- i
mothered by the big hearted women
of Connecticut as the result of np- |
!>eais by Near East Relief, Die forrm-r
Committee for Armenian and Syrmn |
Relief of 1 Madison avenue, New York
city. The women at a meeting voted
to “adopt” that number as their share
of the 250,00) hombless and starving !
hoys and girls orphaned in the massa
cres and deportations.
Three hundred representatives oi
women's organizations attended the
meeting at Hartford, at whidft Gov- i
urnor Marcus 11. Holcomb presided and
pleaded tHe cause of the stricken peo
ples. Another speaker was Henry M .r
gen than, former l ; . S. Ambassador to
Assurances that Die example of these
noble hearted Connecticut women will
be followed by similar organization.- in
all the other states have been received
at the headquarters of the Near E; ,1 ,
Belief, 1 Madison avenue, New York
The British government has estab-!
lished a research station to determine
the fuel value of coal and its products, '•
and especially to ascertain the exient
to which low-grade coal and colliery
waste can be utilized.
Silver frosting on dyed filet laces is
an interesting trimming idea. U
■t ——— - -■ —— *
; LOST AM# r**VM>, 1
. i —•
MONF.V rt LOAN Money *o ion ou
not t fra t? I *. A:".Ty to WiL.*ou , iio\t.
Anuapo.'s. M.l. Jj
Mu\#.\ i, I.UVN-O i,ir !n *'*•
I > suit nil r>-: *oii .li'e ’• rto*. I'artln.
j:i vriifitt alioc<!. Jam.* Si. Mutiri\ At
K.riifj. Jyts-tf
Id* t *--> • ( ,!■; '• '• ■ '■
l; ■■ w it. a . V v >• ■ ’
Ul> -ai I. u.M.i. !" V . All:' !*. ft *
I.o*>r—lVniale ('<•!':■• u.i. i ;><•..A r ■■ v l
it rv( it "iic.l t* * ’t * Wf *' *: .-.-t if
V \*. ; i c—t;; v. ", • a t\., i ■.
>: .• i' . l'
VV V N I I I. V ! . - ■ '
! r , '* nt . ■
!< .. n-i
U \ \ ! : I*— V **>:'• t
,v |• i Vf *u." . n : :
•A V\ . . S*—Y“' - . :t A).. A i .
..-•v it I. ihv. ,D j. *■. it anv. i t f
• 'l.ft. ;t ..! - c\i It
t'.ii't.ti <i't; *’> *- *'
H VN III* ■-■ . ■ •-• . ' .1. ••*•: ft. -4 i*.
■ jut !=.!■'.. Aitidv •• ar Sit. •>*
:.T tt ■ -■ ' fjMf
I'teK * ill —I ; • till:' ■!’ • * *•
l. I. .’ l! .• l! itu..’ ! ■ •<> • f'-*l
i!: •It *ll • --it . '. • t. \o>l
Vtits:.. - <• .1, .1. II .
I Wat. r. [-It tie If*:: 1‘ :. !10
tult il.t—(!.,< tvi. k. :• ’■
infant's vvi ■l:* • f v... f.>: .'!• "if
it (1! \ * .‘it . all ill I
• 7'f.t. ; ’ •
1 toil *•(.!. I ••nr It. * it* -t .'in 's. 1)*-1 :: '_r
N..S, 17. 10. .1 :t!ii| I' 1 , "it tarioil f .
\V. 11.41 ’:t;■ i l litu lt*. plittue 117 .1. jl.llf
I roit s m i:—<. • I.l if t-.ti t.f k- ..•••
i 7 S7.rti tieilvfivtl. .Ittli
' M. V )..'!• . r..sa'i: :;a, M 1., l>!t"in
Ar> ;• r i ,i<: ;>
i ort sVI.K— y. ' !• i (hvailili •. vv:f|i 1:.
Jut. Ntt. 1 .:‘• 11 • 11;11 *tri ■ . |tritf
• I ti-i'Mtw aJ• l>! \ t" fltarlt • I’. I.t-.-, T
I <ll7-11
•iu c— i. a- ■ t'n :.,*. I ■•. • :.
Il -t . ...I It. . A
I i;:l ! a'•••!• t!>*. 11l
lir.lt UKST —Utittm with It. .1. lit I*. 1
1 ;
n—nrr— 1,1,11
t.\ \Ns —oll 1 '•*irt .t: 10 . at tilt
, ..t l. . l..iiai-!i-!-. It i: Mil ■
Iff. WVlNvit-vv. A. A. Ml!.. I.A! it A
\. I vans. . ... t;j o ; .
I in. i rat Sun. ia a : t:. - :-n< >• oi a' I ]
I f oil t it- al.’tvt' ft --..1 if". I itf n! , i
I t'n . \. A. t ".. M-l.
Providing a Curfew Regulation
for Llie Ci v cf Annapolis
Si . 'i.itt 1 r. iI "Stal.l. li'-t! at ' ."•<! itfil ;
... ilt \la ti • t s.-l.ir -!M| ' ’■■■■: lit* a "f |
!t t -;j • i; Inis, t?; t i; snail 1 ntt
tufil! f'tr ,-ti)\ ..lr! till M' It-'.tv, !' • t.l |
l\!f- I O'. I*. 1.1'! tl’t.v •."> filial 'll I .V, t 1 1 .
iff !■' fntfii-fii ■ . t rs t t lit- mu aif\ , i|, • j
' II; .. il.t'f S Ml . ’!(•;, j , l I If *•( t V "I !
: ' '. i'lff t'l" "Mil- . • H *! I 1111 ri• ‘ ■
l.f a;.,nt li.s .1 ilia'. • • ! 'tifiisl.
111 0 M f|,l, I, 'I. .In- t :• I 1 Ilf ;
Ultiliil i l l if s :|f. ttlulia ilif •! j.'.’ilit mi .
in a 'f van..- .'ll |if* *i; ati!!t<
'} *ia !i |ft: • i mi- a tiaa t > 0 . i
ini t i i'.'m ■ ..I' sll 't ■ iti'.i tin! f
• ■ i.f ' ■ fi: . ’ ■ i i .iat ii.lli ! si,; a •
s. : ini: J. Aliy .a a! i.i'a ip ■; 1 > ■ ...
i-tli.ll> "I I.‘is ■ i-..i Miff, nr ai-V ji.ll-.f I,
■u 1 .i' mi i *• . • • ■ 1
m* 11 I'm. -Mi i:; ‘ 'm'i • • .- a ' -ii*i
••••I I ■ |.l .M i-ti I" "t |1; is I'!-|M li 1 'll f
■\ii" s-li.-.i; tlir. "t. ■ jit I'mit .it- . Miiiiivi- • I'n
i - 1 lif a ■'! III! * ■•r‘li •‘:t 11 >!■!! If :
(in ! li\ a tin.- •(.* n. i-\ la il .sln.Mti • m
* ■ IV. 'Sf "f II Hit ; !• • W i 11.' 11 : •<.
tin- ..flifial* IlMillL' fa SI-4 tltliift- t! .s Mr
Mtm . to i l 1 nis 11 Mll'i-t. tills f_'ii..s' lit
if" :..taiitl in iit-n • T a liiif, ii In- saiii j
I If.-iii ii "i-njicr.
S■ i ,i .". |’f m ■ t.• 11 .i<l• I : ir
11 ili L r 'li - i. ■■t ili an- a s'li ai i ant i • jl l a.-f 1
null ’ . •- '!* s i iVi i'f •.-* si. ~.. t,
• •O' f i a t.-f ii i **• 1 1 . '-ff .. his limy <n
i.i.‘fs !i.< i, . Mii.ln.-t is \ i -lulls nr
n!-f i-. ’ im l fltiltiii-ii M’t.latlntr tliis nrtii
• all.til lif fmu|f!!<■t-i |)r.t*'i*.'.i .lii-fi :
v t" 11 •• ■ i'' liMtin s ali'i their pit) t III* <>i
:n.a i t'i ■n * l •• n..1 in nr in-r.ire t’ ••
M ' ' tin <it V ■!' \'l iij - s. wit). la
*T-t|.| ••Itlhl at St' • If aad jii.tce .
hat .itl'i.-i.'.l Shall .lilot; th‘- >(. .
'tt(|tl*t *• i " <lf ha ry - mi ■ ) ,: y. . |
--.ii.a so Ini'tin iif lii-C.ifi- la.II. It) i ’ : !
h'•■ | • 'vt’ ! * ti ■ "'inn ■: v ivifi.fs.-, -i ; j
tt-r ll.t’l' :i’m| 1. ,|.. -a,:.'. ..ft, r !: Iliya as j
r- n- • >*••!•. ii. ih-tn-i; •• Hn it
l.t- tit lit" In'-.:, hint, a'-'l *t*ial Jut | !
t ! i - ''. *!- |: : t ; ■ . ,m-a ~
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--inijiMS--I tin Mavif I'.iimm fin- (.f-M
vis;'". -if fit's .If.i: ;i::... - -ha'; ill ff!|.i :
as lines amt ; italfh * air m.w is-
I! I 'it \ a' A -jaa ,im!i s.
S' fitm I. a 1..- .t .s* tviis',l -i
■ ' t fti.-ii-t ! tii , n:: nrii y a fur* . .
fi at fills '■ri’liiitta-f shall fat ff. i t fm-.
•he ‘..t- nt its n. • ■,i■.
A; • Ihi ■ 111 •-■ \ jf. I*> j(>.
.I'Ui'. ,t. J,t:w.
*•'• “ i Mayor,
r. ih aH).
a- .y tit. .
IS.-;. !.i I
Printing Brings
Not every business has a show
window. If you want to win more
clients, use more printing and use
the kind cf printing that faithfully
represents your business policy.
You save money and make money
for your patrons. Do the same for
yourself by using an economical
high crade paper Himmerroill
liond and good printing, both oi
which we can give you.
if you want printing service and
:ecnomy give use a trial.
Charrli C ircle- —Opposite Postofiiee, ’
Tl.roe lots near West Street ex
Three s;orv brick and fr.une store
bmN.nig having S bed rooms, l.uh
tiiiiii.;’ room niiiJ kiu ben. l-.;ci trie
lip'uts. rXtv.r iiein street.
Dwelling. No. 17 S Severn avenue
Ea st port.
Modern dweTIIV’?. ha 111. a. r. ge. tr - r:
trees, erni’e aid or. on State street.
East I'ori.
Phone 455-J. *1 School Stree:
VV A N T E D !
1 1 'on want to sell u'lir
(.Ivy i : :i; v . st- n c cl 1 <t.
2! School Street. Phone -4.7.1-.]
im i,iiim*Tiß jt.
1*1! ON K S7
#,>tln*lM •i;tl Plans Fornlslisd
Sheet Iron, Slate, Stove, Furnace
Work ami Repairing.
Phone 7tll-CV. If
The Annapolis Savings Lnstkuihnl
Total Asse>, . . . $1.i!!*i,;.7< , .r;7 I
Number oi Deposilers, . . I t.j I
Pays 1 per cent interest on Deposits P.tvai ij, t . . I
Ist Compound interest until on dope c, ; I
j Depository of City and County Sinking Puni- i>.. p, I
Funds. I
i All Its investments and enti:e ?.I inagemetn .* i: : I
ination by State Bank Examiner.-’ I
Loans money on first mortgage 1 f Real E-.-->te ~ , j I
tial payments allowed. ADo on note ■
WM. N. WOODWARD, \ ic, I
P. A KLEIN WELCH. . i ~r I
SAVIFEi. BROOKE. . Assistant c. .. r I
Banking Ham*: t> \. M. to !’ vj I
HAiiT BXrrLDI. T 0
| Annapolis, T\f;u*vlan' ! •
|! Fire Insurance AucMouocr t
Money Doansd on MortgaK© x
♦ ♦
|j Houses Rented Rout Collected
I "i! pi >•!•;:' t* ! t." ntiif \ rt-lait.M f.-r
|- t'soflK ilt sirit.;- m;- h
j-'* " a \mi;> u . mu vs.
Establish'd 1773 I
Payable in Alliance ■

Daily, one month ■
Daily and Sunday, one month I
Daily, three months H
Daily and Sunday, three months I
Daily, nix months I
Daily and Sunday, siix months I
Daily, one year I
Daily, with Sunday Edition, ono year o H
Sunday Edition, one yeiir I
FELIX AG.M'S, .Mnnoner and I’:;’' I
AMERIC AN Of Fit E H U■' **■
“The Bank Thai Brought 4/, To Ann pons I
The Annapolis Bank I
or TiIJC EAvJKIiN SIIUKi: TRI-aI ‘ " ■
Church Circle and Gloucesl- v I
■ i 38
Lankins Flours: SA.M.to3 P. M. ■
4 Per Cent Paid on Savings Accouals I
Tv/o Per Cent on Checking Accents ■
of SSOO and Over I
VT. HEADS HOI.I. %I) ,\y \ H
111 A ISLES r. I.EK ,
•JOHN M. (I KICKS . . .
JAMES . 11l Ml uu _,m H
W. Hnti! Hllaly. ft,arte* I . M*. " '' " H
Orlando Rttoif. \lr.\ •<*'• v
T. Roland Brown, VtiMiuiii LI. rhomu. \\ir#4 m
This Ilauk not only “hrouul.i Four per ••;.!. *<>. * n " : ",
lint was the first bank to pay liiOrrM on <
accounts, Iniiinir foamrii rated too v'" 1 *
fu Auirnst, join.
w * fA. EletiJ
mp.nrw?,.,, I
Hsif tt.Miriv ■ • * rr 1
I tet , ■
M il
, uhs H
V Mt' ■
V' *' '• ">!. I
' *“•' ' lr> ' I *(:,!(,, M
•V to. \-| :.n . .. ■
1" At. 11 . *• *. J
> rl
tl.’.’l* a. V. .i*
Leave Vm \
ourlipr ; > In
St. -Mill ,-W
c.. nft rt: £
1 ‘ " r. •! i„, '■
; r.ttv n. * ■
A. V ■
VII fr- t * r ■ , '<■
fi t ... M
N-n , .'•W
lt'U!ll till 41
‘ f \>! IN, , I
ft.OO. 7.1H1. 8 1", . , ■
1 iW. ■ 1 .■
tl.-.f". 7.0 c -t , ■
; XI * lily f\-'f ' v -i
"1.. . ■
For ti- i• t* '"!* ■
>11.“ . It. ti * ,■
Sf.ite Urn s, * , I
llii: ill’ll SI 1.-,-;n’ V
1,4 ki M
Char!cs Hnastm, p, J
Champion Sh..
•- * ■
Ladies’ Shoes T\- nr :,., I
Shoes Dyed \, ; t
The Ann ILH..T: J: hliinpfl
I'limir -14!' \v 'll* "ttCNDM
liisifct .. R;o-vi'* mc if|fl
hi tirst-i ■ > i otlitinn. ■
Prcmp-lnevs t(J 5; lih’sctß
* ■ itii aniff <i ■
THOMA. 1 : T. fiTEVaB
( OMR (< : *•!; .ni u 'M'liß
Cl It It *. Bt.'l I .111* - ■
VV c*l A liit!|ii I! 4 I "f^H

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