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I _ LL
S ~~ ™ 83
I ’re the bird,
; 1 to strand -
- winging,
iny rt dream,
vi the silver
t lie in true —
the magic
’he linnet's note,
he is bending
. ii. r listening ear
t ■'?<■ violet hour
.hall tread
' r in dead 1
>i and might;
in the sapphire
1 ' a promise
<nriie, my dear,
, i.ird has caught the
her listening ear:
•ne wild, ecstatic I
hi: .s of dreams, j
o: the garden fiut
' p in the streams!
* • . ; ! 'l! McjyIXSEV.
;'i! I', I
ing taken in the
. a in tile Prosby
ivi.it ional Mission*
This will be j
,or all denomina
\nother rehearsal
i ■ a day evening a* 7
~ I v,... one , aking part '
lit SO MOT
ffiHD lit COURT
aits of lands have
" Court Clerks of
imi Eliza lltegi
Patten. ot at.
t Beatty. tract
W.i ts and wife to
i a '(>. tr id of land
a to Jacob Ilacgi
",iv of “land in the
Wo.iiford and wife
• t act of land in the
n the Second His
tones and wife to
> a:td wife. 2 tracts
Land Company
. ml wife. 2 iots of
!’ rk. ttciir Pum
o Fifth District.
X’tdcrson to John
Lid at Krammes*
' " Lrson to John
; i at Krammes'
Lukian and wife
vs of ground
Unghausen and
■ ional Hank to
ii Glanzer and
! uir:h District.
■r<on to llenrv
.round situate in
Farms Corpor
•wski and wife,
. to Frank H.
a-' Third Dis-
VYyck and Chas.
rles A. Parker,
Third District,
ct al to Samuel
-of ground on
nnsnolis, known
iiing:or. street,
i -wei! ard \\.:e
t of land in ike
hnson and wife
lot of ground
■ ?ue and
' IT
>at> Relief Dance Off
On Account Of Death
Ihe dance for the benefit of the
Xavv Relief, which was to have, been
lield tonight^hats been called oif be-
UU!rie ot the death of Lieirt.-Comdr.
Forney M. Knox.
j ( ard Party
i At Ward our
Mrs Underwood. wife of Lieut.-
i Commander ii. w. Underwood. C. i>.
. i X . is giving a card party this afler
j noon at her residence at Wardour.
After the game a number of other
friends have been invited in for tea.
Several Dinner
Parties Tonight
Dinner parties will lie given this
evening al the respective homes in
the Naval Academy by Captain and
Mrs. T. J Johnson, ■ Commander and
Mrs. Wolcott E. Hall and Commander
and Mrs. Kowdey.
Mrs. Allen Lester Fovyler, proprie
tress of ihe Mending Shop. College
avenue, was called to Philadelphia on
Sutuiay by the sudden illness and
subsequent death of her sister. Miss
Alice Blankenberg.
On Saturday, St. Valentine's Day,
Miss Olive Root, daughter of Prof.
Ralph K! Root, of ihe Naval Academy,
and Mrs. Root, gave a Valentine party
at their residence, Franklin street,
Murruey Mill The rooms were
prettily decorated with Valentines,
red hearts and cupids, the color
scheme being red.
There were twenty-eight young
guests. Mu ie. dancing and Valentine
games were played, and during the
evening refreshments were served,
the favors being Valentines and
hearts. The young people who enjoy
ed the party were: Misses Margaret
Hi!!. Margaret and Caroline Rippere.
Katherine Win ox. Fiorino Mang, Lois
Westcotf. Andre Costet, Marjorie
Moody, Elizabeth and Jule Valiant.
Louise Clow, Lucille Furman, Ada
Wilsrtn, Alva Frank, Virginia and
Elizabeth Brown, Marion Jewell, and
Miry Knight Linthicum, and Masters 1
Met",lion Garrison, Wash Wilcox.
Garner Werntz. William Wilson. Bur
ton Kiakcng. Stockton Reeves, Ken
. noth Vansant. John Stone, Volckert
Douw, and Edward Armstrong.
The local chapter ot the I). A. R..
meets tomorro v a 3 o'clock in the
old Senate ( number, at the Sia'e
House, and at 4 o’clock there will he >
I in address by Prof. J!. S. Sturdy.
droet. in the village of West Anna
From John A. Ruth tjnd wife to
’larence E. Triplett, tract of land in
he Third District, at Pasadena.
From William C*. Maupin to Curtis
Hay Highlands, Inc., tract of land in j
the Fifth District.
From Curt is Bay HighHnds, Inc., to j
Willi am (J. Maupin. 80 lots of ground i
it Curtis Hay, Fifth District.
From Curtis Hay Highlands. Inc., to.
S. Dawson. 80 lots of ground at Cur- j
tis Hay. Fifth District.
From S. Dawson Maupin to Curtis ;
Hay Highlands, inc., tract of land j
Mutate at Curtis Bay. Fifth District.
From Arrtcn-on-the-Severn to Jet'- !
e: on 1). Wannenwetsch. tract of
land at Adren-on-the Severn, in the
iiiird District.
From William E Cooper and wife
:o The Ferndale Farms Corporation,!
srru-t of land in the Fifth District. j
From The Ferndale Farms Corpor- j
ition, Inc., to Arthur A. Downs, tract j
; f land situate in the Fifth District.
From William A. Howard and wife
o Elijah Henson and wife, tract of
land situate in the Third District.
From Frank Ordakowski to Otto C.
Schmidt and wife, tract of land in the
Third District.
From Walter Funke and wife to j
Max Staffe. tract of land in the Third i
Tito cabinet is making a record for
rapid promotions.
Spanish theaters threaten to closej
in protest against taxation. Bull
fighting seems to be the only form
of entertainment which can be relied
on in that region to defy the high
cost of enjoyment.
Cot3hj,C*li, BreaeWUa
aad Weak lu|i
Ask your druggist for
DEAR’S. Accept ■© substitut*
1 Mcy be ordered direct from
Elkisß. Va.
Bridegrooms are worrying as tc
how they shall figure their Income
Tax. A constant stream of inquiries
from tilt newlyweds is reaching the
Interna I-RcVenue officials. In tnan>
of these cases both the bride and
groom were employed up to the wed
dnigAlate; the principal point on
• which advice is asked Is as to whe
i tlier the brides income must be shown
• on the groom s return.
The answer as given by the Inter
nal-Revenue men is that all of the
earning* and other income of both
the bride and the groom for the year
1819 must be considered, even if i
spent on trousseau, diamonds
wedding trips, and 1 onbons. Tin
fact that they were married on or he
fore December 31 joins them for th<
whole year, so fur as income Tax n
A bride of 1919 is in duty bound u
figure up her income and to add ii
to hubby's 1919 earnings to determine
whether an Income Tax return is re
quired. If the total was $2,000 or
more, a return must be made; ir
which case both bride ami groom ma>
tile geperate returns, or must tile a
joint return. The latter method L
preferred by the collectors, unless the
aggregate net income of both inis
band nnd wife is $5,000 or over.
And they all want to know whether
although married only part of the
year 1919. they are entitled to clain
full exemption as a married couple
The _ans\Ver is a decided yes; the)
are allowed $2,000. plus S2OO for each
dependent who is under IS or who
through age. defect, etc., is ineapabk
of self-support. This exemption ina>
lie split in any proportions on tilt
separate returns of husband and wife
if they file that way.
“And remember that March 15 it
the final date for tiling returns ant
paying Income Taxes." is the warn
itig that the Revenue men add to the
above advice.
! X ~~ ~ 1
il J _ j
Quite an electric storm passed ovet
Saturday night* It was a great sur
-prise, and instead of being for tin
better, it has returned to zero
weather, the coldest of the season
'The everlasting biting wind makes ii
seem much colder.
A* delightful supper and dance wat
given at the Eagles’ home on Tuesdaj
l of last week. It was i family gather
ing more than a social affair, and a. ;
usual the supper consisted of friec
oysters, with ham, sauerkraut, slaw
potato sa!id, and many other delight*
, i'ul dishes. The dancing was fine
The square dances were quite enjoy
able. and one of the popular dances o
the day were seen.
Mr. and Mrs. Gibson and fainilj
have left Sherwood Forest and hav<
moved to Amupolis.
Mrs. H. Henry Wilking and daugh
, ter. Elizabeth, of Iglchart, attendee
j the supper and dance at the Eagles
home last Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs
j Thomas Harrow, of Parole, also at
, tended the dance and supper of the
| Eagles.
• Mrs. Brice Worthington, of “Sunn>
Banks.” spent the week-end with hei
j sister. Mrs. Wickes, and sons. Jamet
and Fitzhugh, at Hyattsville. Md.
There is much illness in a numbei
tf families, tnd others are improving
Mrs. Julia Kubitz is improving af
: :er an attack of grip.
I The condition of City Aldermar
i William F. MeOready. who has
confined to his residence on Dear
j street for the last ten days sufferinf
i from pneumonia, is reported as not s<
good today. Mr. MeCready suffered *
slight relapse yesterday, it is stated
William B. McCready. father of Aider
man McCready, also has been ill frorr
pneumonia, but is reported improved
W. Martin Brady, chief deputj
! clerk to Clerk of the Circuit Court
William X. Wodward, who has beet
ill from “flu” at Hotel Maryland fm
! the last ten days, to hi
duties at the Court House.
! Charles Bernstein, Main street mer
chant, who has been ill from pneu
monia. is reported as improved today
Leott L.;ne Heffenger, a clerk in the
State Tax Commission’s offices, Balti
more. is seriously ill from pneumonia
at his residence at Murray Hill, this
clt V.
Mrs. Thompson, wife of F. Howard
Thompson, secretary-treasurer of tht
Annapolis Banking and Trust Com
pany. who has been ill from pneu
monia at the residence of Doctor and
Mrs. Frank H. Thompson. Main street,
is reported improved today.
Mrs. Roland Brady, wife of the su
perintendent of the water works, is
critically ill at the home of her par
ents. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Traut
wein. Market street. Mrs. Brady's ill
j ness is of such a nature that fhe city
i authorities have been appealed to not
i to have the siren sounded at the noon
hour every day. or for fires, as it un
j nerves the patieht. The city firemer.
have gladly acceded to the parent's
request. -*
A Real Ford Starter
Tb<* "Modern'' !•* different from all oth
Tti* "MODERN” is diffeieat from al
others. A ronjplet* engine auxiliary, with
fan. vaporising iasb primer, etc. The oalj
competitor of de-pic starter at one-fourth
the roet,. Write at onre for description,
j approval offer and introductory pri<-e.
j Karine. tt’U.
They Will Have To Do Much
Juggling In Order To Deter
mine Their Returns Officials
* Wonder If Regulations Are
— I
With thousands of income tax re
'urn forms in the hands of farmers
many of whom in some parts of the
countrv have been computing their
ax assessments b\ a system that
causes the big agricu.;ural_State? a
make much smaller comparative re
turns than the industrial Stafes. the
officials of the Bureau of fikterha!
Revenue of Maryland are wondering
f the farmers thoroughly understanu
he method by which they must make
heir computations -
Whether the farmers figure incor
rectly or doge taxes, the Internal
Revenue officials have never been able
o understand
Tmi Ways To Figure Returns
Form No. 1040-F is designed for
farmers, stock raisers and truckers
o be tiled, if necessary, with tht
vtiier forms, 1040-A for the income
linfer $5,000 and 1040 for incomes
ivor $5,000. Whether the farmer js
m owner or a tenant he lias his ob
ligation to meet. There tire two ways
n which lie may figure his income for
he year, either of which will be ae
•eptable for income tax The first
*s the “cash basis.” This means, as tht
term implies, the difference between
.he “intake" in money and goods re
vived for his products, and the cash
>aid out for actual farm expenses
vithin the year.
It also means that if he did not sell
tis grain hr>gs, cattle. • beep or other
trodiicts before January 1. 1920, then
he value of the crop or animals rala
;;1 is not icome for 1919. but will be
ncome for the year in which sold
Jimilariy, if he sold durng 1919 anyt
hing raised or grown In a prior year
t is income for 1919.
The second, or accrued method, is
;v computing the receipts and ex
>enye incurred, whether paid or not,
hat actually pertain to Ihe taxable
•ear, excluding income earned and
?xpen?es incurred in previous or. suc
:eeding years
firms Income Outlined .
The computation of the gross in
tomo may cause the farmer a little
‘tail figuring.'’ All gains, profits and
ncome derived from the sale or ex
•hange of grain products, whether
trod need on the farm or purchased
tnd resold, is incltideil in "gross in
tome." When he exchanges his prod
icts for groceries, clothing, or other
irtides he must include in his gross
ncome the value of the'articles re
teived in exchange'. A farmer who
ets out a farm on a crop-share basis
uust report the cash received when
he crops are sold. A farmer who
ets our a farm orr a cash-rental basis
ind is paid in crops must report the
txac; cash rental agreed upon whe
her nr not the crops are disposed
>f The entire amount received for
uiimals raised on the farms should
te included in gross income.
From his gross income a farmer is
illowed to charge off all of his nec
essary expenses in the conduct of the
'arm during the year. These include
•osts of putting in his crop, of car
ng for liis crop, and of harvesting
md marketing. In addition to these
'.osts he may deduct money spent for
irdinary farm tools of short life
tough: during t!p year, such as shov
?ls. rakes*etc. Also, the cost of feed
mrchasoct lor his livestock may be
reared as an expense, so far as this
'ost represents actual outlay; but the
.•alee of his own products fed to ani-4
nals is not a deductable item.
Improvements As Investment
If during the year the farmer pur
chased trees for the planting of an qr
'hard, or if he built or improved the
arm drainage, pulled stumps on the
arm. dug a well, erected a barn or a
tew fence, or expended money for
my other purposes that improved his
!arm, such expenditures are not
chargeable against the income for the
vear. There is a reason for this
which the farmer will readily un
ferstand. and that is that a person
who makes such improvements is not
spending his money, but investing it
!n improvements.
Every farmer will want to know
how he will treat a loss caused by a
storm in which his crop or part of
it is ruined. Unless the crop reaches
its maturity and is harvested and
mid. ts value nefer reached gross in
come, and. therefore, an arbitrary de
duction for the loss cannot be allow
ed. The cost of planting. fertilizing
and cultivating that crop is allowed
in regular order, but the loss of a
growing crop simply means that the
farmer has so muck le9B gross in
come to report and. therefore, will
pay a reduced tax. if any fax at all.
Loss Of Stock* Or Buildings
The same is true in the case of the
loss of animals which were raised oh
‘he farm However, a loss is allowed
la th# case of draft animals or ani
mals for breeding purposes, , which
represented a capital outlay, such as
horses.' cows and other animals
btmght.' The amount that would be
I allowed in *u< h ase is the cost less
any ti*duciios claimed on prior re
turns for depreciation Any insurance
. received must also be considered in
figuring a loss in such a case.
A farmer who sustained a loss to
his buildings through tire, iiahtfling.
or storm may < laiiji a loss figured out
I by income-tax regulations.
Shrinkage in weight or value of
tarm products held for favorable mar
j ket prices may not be deducted as
a loss, for the reason that when such
• products are sold the shrinkage will
. be reflected in the selling price
Where the entire farm or the en
r i tire land is -oifi the gain.is represent
ed the difference between the cost ant
sale price, but if the farm or lam
was owned prior to March 1. 1913. the
fair market value as of that date
should, be taken instead of cost, ami
! f acquired by bequest or descent since
March 1 . 1913. the estates approved
inventory value should he used in
stead of cost.
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Division of the Service Star Legion
formerly the War Mothers; the Chile
Welfare Circle, of Baltimore, and th.
Woman's Christian Temperance
Delegates were also present fron
the Baltimore V. ariy .Meeting. Society
if Friends, and the Private Soldier
md Sailors' Legion.
(.he “I.lting Picture"
As a final object lesson to the Jecis
lators. the suffragists staged in tht
ild Senate Chamber last night a “Hv
ing- picture,” in which Justice am
Maryland stood guard over the "wo
men's declaration of independence.’
Miss Marguerite Rosett, or Baltimore
represented blindfolded Justice ant
Miss Clara Belle Kent, of this city
was Maryland, and both did full pul
ehritudiuoun credit to their parts.
Many members of the Legislature
inti numerous influential politicians
were led by suffragist workers into
he old Senate Chamber to view tht
picture. Most of them lingered ;
while when they had taken a look
'ven such antis as “Cv" Cummings
But most of them also hesitated U
Mgn the “declaration of independ
?nce." Among them who were led R
the ‘‘picture” were Governor Fitchi
ind Speaker Tydings.
Friends here of Miss Alice Tom
Blankenberg were shocked today tc
learn of lier sudden death on Sunday
: n Philadelphia. Miss Blankenberg
lied after only two days’ illness of
flu-pneumonia. Her sister. Mrs. Alien
Lester Fowler, was notified of Tier
illness on Saturday and left rbr Phila
delphia on Sunday morning, hut
reached there after he had passed
lway. Miss Blankenberg was well
known here where she had frequently
visited her sister at her home on the
Severn, and last summer at her resi
dence on College avenue.
Miss Blankenberg was an 'artist
md writer, as we!! as an illustrator
During her visit here last summer
she made a number of sketches of St.
Mary's convent, both exterior and in
terior views, and of tTic* Carroll of
Carrollton Mansion, owned by the He
demptorist Fathers, who kindly gave
Iter permission to sketch tile historic,
colonial house.
Many scenes of interest have been
drawn and pai.med of Annapolis by
the vuong artist, whose work was rec
ognized by connoisseurs, and bps been
published in a numbeiLpf leadig mag
azines in the country. She had re
cently published a book of illustra
tions of her. own. and her death cuts
short a brilliant and promising ca
reer. The remains will be brought
here tomorrow for interment in St
Anne's Cemetery.
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America's doors "instead of on the
acts of ihe foreign premiers where
it belongs.'^.
Officials said Secretary Lansing's
resignation was not connected in any
way with the Adriatic question.
iP.y Tb** AssoHated Kress.)
London. FeH. 17. The Allied Su
! preme Council has completed the'
draft of its answer to President Wil
son’s Adriatic Memorandum and will!
I I hand it to Ambassador Davos tonight I
for transmission to Washington.
j AsK |
sj k BlfcoXtSS
1 Standard cold renedy for 70 year*
j —in tablet form—s alt, *vre, do
opiates—bres V. r. un a *a 24
hours—relieve:, grip In 2 cay#.
-i Money bach it it fail*. Tfce
L' *emiine bo* hat a Bed i
Sl Iwlr'with l£r. UnT* i
s ■ Pitore
e V gLry NgCV. Af AH Dru S:ar* |
- t
(Continue*! Frvn Pape One.)
our. ami the celebration will i>e
brought to a close at night with Sec
retarv of the Navy. ,Ri?ephus !>uitielf.
i Methodist layman, as the speaker,
rite Sunday School and Fnwor;h
League will again hold special serv
Services will he heM each nigh
luring Tilt* week Perhaps, the out
standing fei tit- of the week will he
he Woman's Foreign Missionary So
iety night when ' went> -eight y meg
>enple of First Chtorch will pres'i-n;
he spectacular pageant.
Mass Movement." The pageant will
e directed hy I>rs. \V. K. Haiieroß
tnd R. !. Faucet!, who hitve been mi -
nonaries in India for a number of
.■ears. This pag< ant w'us given a:
’olumbus. O . 1. st summer in cornier
ion with the Centenary .Miss otmrv
•losing one fo the anniversary e\er
udia building, but it i roated stub an
mpressiou that it had to he taken
o a large tent where hundreds of
>eopie watched it esilv. and finally
vas given with tr< nendous shot -s
Cfore an nadiets • o 4 ' thirty thou
and people. Pile famous K tja Visit
Vya song will 1" used m connecCon
v.tlt the pageant
.Mrs. H W. Uurgan. pn siden' oi
he \V F d. S of First Church, will
•reside that evening The remaining
tights of the week will have ttruc
ive programs . neh ns a Voting Pen
tie's Nigh:, a Church Fr.;t< rn H
sight. a Ci. n ena ry Conservation
light, etc. The.-c programs !mv not
•of been fully arranged, bu 1 v !1 In
if high order, and everything is be ,
ng done to tuck, the celebration no:., j
bio, and to fittingly emnniemoratcil j
he organising of the tirst Metuodist
lociety in the city of Vnmtpoits
Children Cry for Fletcher’s
The Kind You Have Always Bought, and which has been
in use for over thirty years, has borne the signature of
and has been made under his per
* sonal supervision since its infancy.
'~*uzS c -yZ Allow no one to deceive you in this.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and “ Just-as-good ” are but
Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of
Infants and Children —Experience against Experiment.
What is C'ASTOR IA
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric,
Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is pleasant. It contain*
neither Opium, Morphine nor other narcotic substance., Its
age is its guarantee. For more than thirty years it has
been in constant use for the relief of Constipation, Flatulency,
Wind Colic and Diarrhoea; allaying Feverishness arising
therefrom, and by regulating the Stomach and Bowels, aids
the assimilation of Food; giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children’s Panacea —The Mother’s Friend.
yy ßears the Signature of
In Use For Over 3ft Years
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Felicity Cove
aaKßseflEaEoezHßMHß ■agaanan
Links Washington With Chesapeake
Build your sunmmer home in FELICITY COVE, where
the zest oi living is increased by canoeing, boating, sailing,
fishing, crabbing, bathing and all kindred pursuits of sev*
| shore and country.
COVE is'located in Shady Side, Anne Arun
del County, Maryland, and fronts on Chesapeake Bay ad
joining the IDLE WILDE property. bathing beach*
beautiful shade trees, hi attractive building lots, each con
j taining 5000 sq. ft.; 00 minute auto ride from Washington or
Annapolis business men should get behind all local ef
forts to increase the VALUE of Anne Arundel County prop
erty. Be a BOOSTER for Anne Arundel County, and any
business established therein.
INVESTIGATE at once. WRITE A. W. Andrews,
President of The Shady Side Development Company, Shady
Side, Maryland. jl7
arrow I,^
the. best at the price
| Chief*. Prnheity * Co .. Me.. Trtty. ff. T. - ,
Page Three
With additional con'rihut ions to the
amount of £s7.ub secured ax a result
of >ViU".lavs will', of the several
i Uivanmr.-, tlie drive which the
volunteer firemen of K.isfnort, are
r .for i'und towards the pur
cli >' t ‘.iubinv 1 tiro onjhao
truck, cor.timi.'S to show successful
results He total amount of contri
butions now i- sl.2;!}* <a
('oh:rihutions n..ide suin' the last
published report follow:
M< rodith-Iloah'v ('o. *it); C. M.
('urban, : Cadi. ■'; George K.
Hambruek. $5: John K. Stokes. $5;
Ch.uii . Foiil. .lolt*i F. Ford. $2;
Thom is Pocket?. ; J. W Tisdale,
$2: (.1 W Jones, P Perl;.*.
Coinn .nder Raymond Stone. $2;
1. tuif. Roush, W T. Korshaav. $2;
Mr. Graham. sl.7rt; Cash. fl.;*d; .1 S.
Vansaut, SI; Cash Dorn i, |.'t; Mrs.
Harnett Howie. SI ; Oconee W 11.tl-
Joek. ,i K Jieklilip. Si; Mrs.
Duvall. SI; M s I j’ Mv, rv *1 : Mrs.
\V Rate;. SI; Mrs H S. WV.brook,
SI; Mrs Wesiphal. >1 ; V I- Moss.
S 3; .1 Amler-on. SI; .1 F Murphy. $1;
Mr : K Wb. e. $1 ; W Cooper. >1 ; il.
C Ur.uvn, kl ■ I. S. Klukring. SI; C.
!, t it- *i. s!_; Miss Lmthieum. si;
Mrs .1 W. t' eiiiu'ilv. SI; Mr- Turner.
S’: W. F Childs, S 3: I! Meinhobl. SI;
Ruber Davis St, AI lit : • .1. Se *' a. Si;
K Hi' : i aimclo. >1; Mrs. Murrav How
ard. $1 ; Commander F K. Dampman.
sI ; Contmauder R. F. Cassuly, fl ;
Mrs K. C Alien-l’hipi'S. >i ; Mrs F
K H.;rlu : '!; Willimi M- Williams.
i ; 11 il. Hail, arte.; Vir Hrvan,
".tn ; Revcll. arte ; Mrs H. \
Fold, . tid ; R 1. lioppitiK. i>oe.; Mrs.
!! M. Cod.ns, 2oe ; Mrs Charles Shi t
jar qiorye Wells, 25e

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