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The southern aegis, and Harford County intelligencer. (Bel Air, Md.) 1862-1864, October 23, 1863, Image 2

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dOUTTOF 4*:o^r
B A IR, M D.,
Friday, October 23, 1563.
flr-The “ Soiuhern As*i” h • mure eiteudrd cM
culiiilon among thu inielligent firmer* and bulee meli
of Harford, than any oilier piper in me coniily. No
<♦ Lock Ho-piul” m other oheccne or “ l.otwry” dv "
tisHDiouii will appear In our columns at any’ price. A
large number of our subscriber* pay J 4 '
▼ance, and consequently arc just the CT:ia nuTeftTserw oc
tire 10 reach.
The attention of retfieciable and legitimate advertisers
is directed to the above facts, *
To Correapondents.
—All pnhUoUlnn mull hB aCCOhI
pnniod with tin* teal name of ihe nulhor, or no atten
tion will I* paid VStf#I*"'’’ 1 *"'’’ ° f ,he HUll "’’
will not be publiabea unless drsfrcd, but wc cannot
consent id inoecl IcowmUflifcatiM** know ,he :
w,f ‘ tt ' r ' ■ ' dw
It appears that of the hi cojflpftpies of the 9th
Maryland infantry captured at Charlestown on
Sunday*, three have escaped and have arrived
safely at Harper’s Ferry. Colonel Simpson and
several other officers succeeded in escaping with
their men. A number of the troops are reported
killed and wounded, but the list of casualties
has not yet been received. A Washington des
patch says that official information has been re
ceived there to the effect that the entire loss of
the regiment is not more than one hundred and
fifty, hut does not give the proportion of the
killed, wonnded and prisoners.
A despatch from Chattanooga, October 15th,
announces that both armies had remained quiet
for the preceding three days, in consequence of
the heavy and increasing rains. The Tennessee
river and all its tributaries are rising rapidly,
and the roads are becoming greatly impaired.— i
It is believed that the Confederates intend ma- j
king a demonstration on Bridgeport, Cocke Corny
ty, Tenn. Reports through Confederate source*
have it (hat'two corpi from Gin. ©rant's army
ate moving'to reinforce Rosetrane, one over
land from Meiriphtej Srid thc<Uler fey water.
■Complete- bffltial rdturasi frank 1 thd Infantry n
-ghgea’fn the'RitttlcitofOhichSihaugtt'have h*en
#eehWM, AhoWiag'a ides ofolWhnndtSd afifd df
ty-five officers and fourteen l ■Vrun*
Tfttd Snd riitfetyrdfie ibtn' ThSl6*eS<tf ClW'Cav
will W&!l J ’the l -griiuflr total to-nhbtfti
tfioUiarrdl Od eix’hundtbd.'and
twb thousand--'firtflwntll-ed
I 'Tblrtyuslx 'pieced* ’hf ttrtiiiri-y
w%felo4f-hri9‘a ftw wa'gens. : * SouHierti pdpehs
give 36Tne'acfcbunt?''of-Ooiifeddra'te lofeWe, insist
ing'that they than twchrd thousand.
The Confederate leadewwere to meet-on Friday
bight MI Poplar Corntra, Madison, wupt/, for
thetpubpoee of tusking a:deßcen4;b JfJortiPiiteV?'.
It-isbuli rtatedi that -they could gm hstar apwiufd
of three tbooearift meqinnd one battery, jni.r • i
j-i - "To vi imand * mo’vetf 1 !* IcT^ r 3’l
Gen. Rdsoamn*; as a 1 Lynchburg,i ¥.
of thfe 18th, ajiys that fourteen,thousand‘Federal
troops have passed Oreenville, Tennessee,’moving
eastward, with the idteokion, it was supposed,
of making a demonstration on the line of the
ViCgkda and fft*ne*see Railroad. On Wednes*
dij theiadvance Maebed Bristdl,ori tbaiYirginia
line, slid from tbencamoted towards Abingtoiij
ta WasWrigtoi'daontyfeight tnUps east of firis
lot. 1 Geni Hooker is Safiil to be in command.-+
During the advance- some Sevaro skirmishing
the 1 OOttfcßerateslosing three hundred
in killed ifadtetebeh. ■ ma
*> despatri! .of Thnfsday last-states
that theit! tvas
Wttcriad'trti that-'dayy the FWerals making nd
rtpiyU-’A humh6f4f trarti(portt'tird reported at
Foffy-IsTand; indicating-(hAt reinforcements fot
Gl. Grihaore'arrived',' l * -'Friday last was
the ninety-eighth day of-the siege. ■ - : •
A Cincinnati despateirreportathat ail of Gen.
Johnatoa’a forccS; walk the exception of one di
vision, have beta sent-ito reinforce Gen. Bragg,
and that* thenrtwe not how ever ten thousand
Confederate troops .in Mississippi. Gen. Johns
ton is at present at Holly Springs, on n tour of
inspection. r
It is reported that a large Confederate force
under Gen. Buckner is moving into Kentucky
from the southeast, apparently with the design
to strike the Ohio river near Oaiiipolis.
The quotas for the several States under the
President’s call for three hundred thousand vol
unteers are prepared, and will be furnished at
once to the Executive officers.
It is reported from Washington that the Con.
federate army lately menacing the capital is re
treating towards Gordonsville, followed by Gen
eral Meade. A want of supplies, coupled with
the advance Of General Burnside in Southwest
ern Virginia, is believed to be the reason for the
retrograde movement. There were many ru
mors in Circulation Tuesday of a threatened ad
vance of the Confederates aotowthe Potomac-into (
Maryland, but only rumors, os nothing was re
caived twconfir* 4MfMftrte.V(lto the time of
BritaV>t*pfCM; d Jaiae u. i-Wtarr-Un ■;
ibrformdiMmllmaWmagecpiyedift WibjSngfqn ; (
sonfiimingtam vfQonftderate-.Mcovut, t'he,^-
*swnf ttoJJedMV,fcrd<Wsa SqwiiitfstfiriHVi#- .
I** .%bu[ aiJ boiim: "1 cal t
0 Libia jrnlK*ed daWSknefti, iMeddia ityM
mfrnA*HHm*rn*dg>{ ihe
StrUttd) dtis HsiisvadithirtGeif.' , h itiul wMltijej
hisiscosessrik; mill 1“ "t Siluiaiq r id: !
1 .Thß ABoto f( dcrat* rgeweni msdt btedisatissedfail n
ißH**lC(m<uipA*Rbl*riCoateAKhcgMvibr/iia- -
matl*B.TriuaiJ*BgitbslO tlS*tad- J
mihvhadluikbh jhksMgHtigaowKcl iataribrenas.So ■
shhjrctoiamtamqwb tUi OanTsddnMSs s
-rnyuiai'C etibaa •(lUups < otsw %
y, B^r *^ nTr n WT ’bfnai ;il
■lepu*,’ hmheademioik ndMM*n utuifh h,g
the rtgbifl of the owners of slave pr
that portion of Lousiana exempted by i
procbuuatioD. Thu cage
wiJetlmt in which a negro woman who had
master, taking five children
wift hW, two of whoinMio afternwjrds
k tiiM.-ii A lu-r former frii;isUi* t _ rjjnaiuibil
the two children, and being refused their
custody,Complained to the Provost Court.
Judge Atoctia decides that the laws of
~-tba State ofjmuimaja, relative to slavery
’ ceased to be binding, and that the corn
l plainant was entitled, by virtue of the
proclamation:t iheAustOdy/of her obilr
• Hekt.
;* ' r '~36Q,sop CALLy OUT.
’ By the President of th United States of
.>jy„,v*r a ..ml Ainericav/ v - ,, ; ' ’ •
. , iMie-'lii .-a ni-jl ■' ,
.--IMU •'♦woi-A JtpOCtAMATION..j),[ T
1 WherCaS, the term of service Of a pafilt
1 of the tolußbeer forces of the United States
| will expire during the coining yeaf ; and
1 whereas, iu addition to the men raised 1 by
the present draft, it is deemed expMlfient'to
' call out three huudred thousand Volunteers
to serve for three years or the war, not,
j however, exceeding three years;
j Now, therefore, I, Abraham Lincoln,
President of the United States and com
mander-in-chief of the army and navy.
! thereof, and of the militia of the several
States when called into actual service, do
| issue (his my proclamation, calling upon
’! the Governors of the different States to
i raise and have enlisted into the United
| States service, for the various companies
l and regiments in the held from their re
'! spcctive States, their quotas of three huu-
I dred thousand men.
ji do further proclaim that all volunteers
6ut and duly enlisted,'shill!
receive advaifee : pay, 'preUiium ’a'tod 1 bdun*-
ty, a's -lierlJtGfiire cohiirlnnicated td the
GovernbrA of’-S-fatt-k by the War'Ucpart
mdiiU, 1 through the prdvost ma.rslial gener
al’s offipty by special lcf tefs. -
' I Chat 1 ilt Volunteers
rocertdd this calf, iq wfell’iis aH oth
ors-wot hfeti-tofoVe l (fredited; shall be' dufy
credited on-awd 1 dt-ducted from ’the quotas
established'for-'the dfafti 11 " “
■ 1 futlhdv that if /aby' State
shill fUiJ tb'i'aise tire qudta assigned tb It
by iIhCC-Wab I 'Department - under tills’call,
theti-a draft fir the tlbficieiicy in quo
ta ebaH- be raadd on'Said’Slaty, dr 'on the
district df said 1 Sta’le, ‘ftlf 1 thelif difii 'pro
pOrtiiMi ef said quota / 1 hnd the’’ said, draft
shall commence ori the st(i day of Jinu-
1 ■ HUT r . I
1 Afld'-J> further proclaim t”bat ndfi'irig in
sued for the pfesent'draft iu the States
Whdro it is noW in progress or where it
has not yet' com me heed. •
The quotas for the States and districts
Will ’he assigned by'the War Department,
through the 'Prpycsf Marshal' G'eberaK
reghid ‘bfeing had for 1 the meh
heretofore furnished,..‘Wftbthbf by tdjuh
teering 'dr drhlKpg, aid the pfecruitltig tvill
be dtHiduefed in aCedWanee Stnjh ih
strhctiimS’ai’baye beeh’br indy be issued
kgr *lHat ; ■ I ,i '*‘ll* u ' ’' ■'
Ift lssuTug this’proclafnalioh, f address
mysult wol’otiiy td tbe Governors 'of the
several States, but alsp to the 'good and
toyal'-'pibpliA’fherWl/ipvofeih^*'them: to
lend their hnd effective
nfd to the uietfsures tbus adopted, with a
view' to I 'reinforce : onf vic-toriOus armies
tHe Held, amd biting but needful
military ( operations to a prosperOlib end,
Mms'ebrslng forever the fotinf’dios'bf Aedi-
- uB bail in
In fitness whereof, I have hereunto bet
my hantf tfnd Caused the §edl of tlie‘ Uni
ted ‘States’be affixfed. - J i £i *
Done at the city of Washington’tlifs ■
seventeenth day of October, (b‘the year
of our Lord Ohe thousand hundred
and sixty-three, and of the iudepend&i'Cc
of the United States the eighth-eighth.
Abraham 'Lincoln? ’ |
By the President: M , -
Wm. H. Seward, Secretary of State. ’’ i :!
1 ; ,V/
Will Kaise a BRiaAHE.—Oblonf'l
WiHiam Wilson, of the redoubtable w BH-t
ly Wilson’s Zouaves,’’ arrived in’ the city 1
on Saturday night, and has already ap
plied to the proper authorities for permis
sion to raise a brigade. Any officer Wf
experience who will raise a full brigade bf
good meb will,'no dotlbt; receive tho ne
'Ccssaty commission to cttmm*bd ‘thCuf.'jE
Whsk. Chrtmitk: JUd n i
■J ■ ■*' bi’i- v-jiiil hue
: u S“f
have gone up over thirty per, petit, in val
wm iWf¥ o(
ue entirely.
tations of paper nave been ordered from
Wtyi.Aw fin%pa-|
‘to /loin-'iii *dT{
aiiift sdi r.ff'■!him iifrVwiif /i.ni oJsi daiiiw
y¥rgwiifc;'City/<N is
bbwolntMyuqodigifre 6f apceefa>-tb sajlttbat
>tTmlfKtk afmthai iaba -paveik/ dth
aiWer, feri it. hi iUtcmloffidb I haul t hefft me.
Thpudarrdsof toaa)vftsbebjiWhiob lib otter
countries wwkfqy-*weH ro-*itract the '
Maopift-c He&mbvtH and? mi'A’ada
mize the streets.
From the Ball. Sun , 19/A inti.
Oputcacts Of Hiro of: Frii Negroes—Ju-
L.l diexal Decides.
< ilnffi e dtsi|iinjfcj Courtpon Saturday a
iWU Sn-hattlal oJSpus, sued -out by. Jmm
H. Ing, Esq , counsel for Frances Skin
ner, colored, from'jail,
was heard and determined. The case
r under thejlodqof Pub
lic (IbperLl Laws/of Fhictf sept|onf SQ,
"87 aw Bfl are asTollows : * " k
“85. If any free negro shall contract in
writing to hire to any white person for a
ybar, bf loss! tmio, (hr certain l Wages, arid
shall afterwards refuse to enter into the
service of such person, and shall hire to
)he OefEptp tot hiring said
ridgro HiayirecoVer frdni ni'e said negro,
..bofiira-a. id the .pnima, two .tiftfaa of
the be paid
by the persoq so prsthiring—-which judgi
; shall boa lien op the in the
Tiiihdi of the person in whose service he
may bf° engaged, from the titrip! riotVce of
inch judgment ihill be given tit safd‘ *pcr-j
SoU, drill shall Bo £aid wuetl
’be recovered before any thdpbaccj
as coinnion debts arc. ■ .
“87- The provisions ‘of section' Bs shall
h’pjjiytq crises of Verbal hirih# by a free
B'egro' and thh receipt B) 1 birii Oil portion
6f his "Wages in advance; ami pr,ml of the
sifd hiring and payment of the'hVibey py.
the oath of tjic employer, arid 1 the evi-'
deuce of sonic other per siVn (o ltie hiring,
fthhll constitute a prima facie case of hir
“89. If any free negro shall leave the
service of his employer after judgment:
roll'd tot! against 1 him, as provided for ib
this article, or shall fail to return to such
service, the employer may take posession
of sriid negro wherever found, and coniine
lam in the public jail for a ( pefidd not cx~ ;
tending one week at any time—arid may
exercise all the power oyer him 'that a mas
ter may ovef his Tree negro apprentice,,
arid ibe expense of such - arrest arid 'im
prisonment may be deducted from the
ges of such negro, &e ' ' ..
, “80 provides that a justice of the pegcO,
bn application of the employer, shall Issue
his warrant to any constable of tlih.court
b/ for (lie arrest of any negrio uridbf the
- * ’ i ’I rT*wii woT! •
act, m, ■ t .
‘ tinder the above' provisions of law,
Messrs, llobinapn & Sons recovered a
judgment before Justice Whalen against
’Skinner, for §lß’ lost time, and requiring
Skinner ,to serve them until Nov. 1, .1863’. i
SkinnoV was afturwrirds committee! to. jail
by the' jxistied Under tile .above law.
The.counsel for Skinner contended oh.
Saturday,, befofe Jpdge Bond, that he
.fn6uW be'released, for the reason that"fbe
law did not apply to the,city of Baltimore,
the law having been passed for the co'un-.
~)■ i , r -• , u ■;!!!•, .am
Anlv, anil lDeorp f ' r " . -‘".r'" oo"' 1
ral law~py (be codifiers without authority;
also, that by the rules of interpretation
cuacted'iri the code, “the word ‘county'
shall be construed to include tbd city of
Baltimore, unless such construction wquld
be ■unreasonable.” In, this case such con
struction was unreasonable: also, 1 that op
its face the commitment was dplective, in
OHj V r.. A rj;i fr. •!;.
npt specifying the tune of ,imprisonment.
The court granted the writ of habeas
corpus, and the prisoner (Skinner) was
discharged from jail.
, : -T
ttnmRTANT to- Persies AhbuT ; t 6,
Visit New 6ri.ean^-^C i 9l. E % G. Beck
with, Provost Marshal General of the De
pa rtirteiit ; Wf •'tfe biller on
(be 9th inst.,iin which besays il .'//<) j
■ iiAll persons /hereafter arriving in this
department, from beyond the lines of ;tbe
rirmy, Mill immediately report in person
to.tho.iprovost marshals of the respective
parishes; in which,lthcy arrive, for authori
ty to. remain,-. / For any /failure Ito :
with (this, requifcemeup; t h e partie* will be
arrefiWd by. then-provost marshal ,od
. hryughfc before-thq provost/court for trial
and punishmeulv for violhtion of pnlitaiiy.
orders;, and-all mastete/of transports of
every description will roejuiro ■ all f>e*- :
sods whom they may bring, withint the
•lines lof/litha /armydto report iaS/oicedris
above :nequirodv mid will bo helidiTWsponsi
ble, fbr atiyiviolation.,or neglect afithiß<re
quirement,, and will Lp l the: liko irianiver
with the delinquent' tbenlsnUqs/beiirreUl
led sad brought’ before *the l provost looiirti
for trialiupon the same charge, 'g nuic sid
•1‘ brti: ' viil j/ |
Neuro ■' apo
ipreDy.'ithiokljf #pri,kiftd icwrimg. the,crehts
lofifbpl.Frooieh wtUTiftbips, powihete ; every!
bht rrivipg at tbe baAferyi jtoatsihslroore
•or>’ dess ofi theiybohy iltt one
iboe't a w.eU mftde darkey,! bbtek a*',jet and
fall;six! feet high,, was,in command,as
-footewain-^appeared,,fully to loaltzo.
-his, poeitioo,,*ndodK>J bd : equal; to ; its,vast)
•ireßpwisibilrities.iij Afteift kwdig n his; pas
isehgers aupaoud glaued. a-j
ivounid upuui hisispectators,' beiordetediibis
t white creVfnwith,* rnsjestic:wavei,of/.the
nlmndj to ‘‘aboivd/pffilftandrstiifk d/offio'ittw
storh sheets with great jon
jaque<}e.TT7jA£,(iir. G<m. -milt limij
■V , ' m ; r W s " Hr; J .IK*,) I
uu-fl&Ufm) hl p/ Lolita/
nA>fA,TT,Advh>M ft9M>
ofih e
rWPrtiW/SWe conilictiug.
inferpfe^iU, I yA9liJ /1 ifwyld {b^t
T *mfk (9PRM^h
with the reports from qufqtwg
the Federal lines,-.-i4uee the belief that
TdM fovwr nnciUwifiofrirhis! qtianily"%l( be
prodnaed. -of I o*we is: gen to
ally small.
Russian Outrages in Poland.
Late.-English papers' teem with i^fcounfe
of llussy.i barbarities in Poland, bufhoW
| th|y it hf impossible to V%£
subjoin u teTTof the more recent^stutc
ments as follows : •

3 In the little town of Dzaloszyce a terri
- ,ble sceue toi been f wcently witnuuml
, ;A bolylof itlisaiaji trkiipi witliftwobScers
eutereerther roopiif a newish trailermamed
i leek Surnu, and liuding some shirts and
i blouses which they thought were Polish
I uhifoTurri, ihR-giiilvtA 'beul’ the proprlelor,!
e asking him who hud ordered the uniforms
a to be made. On Sarna declaring lie did
1 PjOf know, him to be tor
, luted. 'The soldiers then lit twenty tal
f low candles,, and. with .them.imuxt .Lis.
1 beapj,.whiskers,.eyebrows and eytofb^ B
;i such a h.arbiU’o'u.s that, liis biee
s >yas ,ppe en burut^hinj
3 ()ve> ; lhe body, cspeciaUy the solus of
f fUiq fyet., .Ile'flintjeJ aeyenjl, jijucs, ftpui
•i .the pajn, hut wiis, revived by rqfttornlives,
ili .aifor wbieji ,the tortprp: wps.,j-esijujfed.Tr*
Ej |J:his
At length the unjispjjty jipan, yeko had
1 confess,Qd trqrlj .he. (fob not
3 thfj 119111,9 win) Rad or
-1 der.ed liiiri to m.-ike llig blouses,,moiqioucjd
3 the fjto that had to,,him,
j\ tlxat jlio local, treas|ufyr,. who
- ; was ipiii,M/(li,:ite)y ijiricated. I , . ,
~ , ,l(ic .troops .plundered all the
• phyP s ‘V' toiwu belonging to the Jews,
and wp.i)l|d sacked the whole, town,
1 find 1101,1(19.inhabitants, by a brijjo of
t tbreq roubles, induced their
1 commandgut to reslrain, them,
1 l|? Another fiendish outrage yvas perpetra
i, ted at Warsaw, iu connection with tho
s sucking, of Count Ilamoyski’s residence.
■j iVAec . ujl flip, ipmatps .jiverq lodged in
’ prison,.thy fvqmeo were placed updpr the
•j guard qf ghe.soldiers in .tbc.eiqpty rooms.
~ The barbarians, taking advantage of the
• confusion, treated the prisoners in the;
•j most odiouajnauiier. ,Qne of them, Mad
: ame the’oWnef'df a neigh
, boring etoifee 1 bouse, died iri convtilaious.
1’ r* m.- a ol Toiiluoi a D‘)diis . u ’ .
The Fruits of Abolition Rule.
.. -1 t(Tel |tsii .- ■ ■■■
| , AutcTioiVt)-* fBGO, how wpoderfullj we:
were dey;elopiug, pH the physical; niornl
and ippujtcd resources - of a great,nafjpn, 7+7-
, What poucopd feigned, what .security, for
! liberty,and prqperty! Wlrat a pjagnifi
cent vista,ahead,of us j Now, Low chang
ed. Tlje Republican party has been iu
power iu the, .Jfedwal Government, npt
three years. What is the picture,? , That
scene which the, great Webstyr prayed his
i clyipg ayes might, pevgr rest upon/, has
1 qpine to t pass,,j .Statps, ,are rent with fra
ter.nal fiptjs). and drpnehed with, fraternal
blood. Jfisnord has coma instead of peace.
The land is.full of nipuniing for the loss
ol the first-born \ .children arq weeping for
their fathe?|,. and gray-haired men, are
■ bowed down wjth grief fur the loss of their
boys. ..Families amscyetod-—cripples tot
tering along our streets, mute monuments
of. a blqpdy strife, Dpbt, too, has come
ppou us in gigantic sjiape, and.,tax,ation
has laidjjts heavy, hand upon qs... fjlvqi'y
thing,material feels it.' ( Everything that
wapat, drink? or handle, from the swad
dling clothes, f,,tbp-infant,to the shroud
of the ppreutp. .
The Scpretfiry. of the .Treasury, says the
: dpbt is but,eie,ypa hnmlred.igiUlpus. It is)
tyyiee lhat, and .is growing daily, larger.
The Government, too, has substituted a
Fqdpral currency ftw.the old State c.urneu-
I cy-, ; It. ipifimt, substitufejf,tljo old '
Frenph baqkipg system.;.. lights, forced
.upqp,iua money wh.ieb, of the ,
cogntry, i3,not wqrth /the,[paper it is.Rnpt- ’
ed on, aud iu.fjie.,country, ppr
,pept. discP|Up;t, ;w tjipi ,is to ‘
i |lo ; upqn ; 9vt , ty.i>mp,.wuiHap-nn‘l' ) yl(ild ip
.tbfl copptry,) , jjq t,, asqending (tp, ijiptters
pfjhiphpr t popsfd e riltPrri)s itniqf-possjhJjri (
fdl the saffjguqrjls ;
h : C WP U > fdte jigbjt.^f
free speech and free pry/isj;.i,i.deud ) ,,tbo
whole glorious panoply of tho Bill of
Rights —-pur ampudmenti} to the Federal
Conslifutioo—ifwept'' fdvay l
bb' tlhis' Admthistraflon!' ‘ j !l! " 1 ‘
•/noa firm It. PKoiqiiuF mil ,>, (null u.
- ,Mi ;{j ill '. ■ 1 ,■ r’ ,, *Ti’i,i 11. r ir '
... A: JIIJiT-,, TO. AuoiJTtOMSPJSin-'Thri
iWatddngtpp, wvrpsppndept) of,,tbp ul/ijt*-
Stt/rndmUfi *= ilw I:, .;. ’! ,!!
,j “(The jjptelligqntj ,au,d well
yqpfiaiAbplibiopistffi arp „Tipt; dqiqg, their
i4H t y!j^ r A(Hiijgadp.*; instead of .
offering tlipm^l,ves ( (is .offitiers,, by.scqrys,
leayp yioariy ip.d.tbe ,
pwiitfops-ipi thp fiold,v6tff, ,
■fiUt;(|,>y ( ftkup9|e comers.;, Wbyiishhijs,? i; I
youipjlfprgc (theifii
'Pi a ib’dh,(y- , .-u ,0 wed pmibam ,1 •; v uil-i
.figlitiqg iqpp,
bqt, Ippfunere, jwftloo • StPuMP** B *-
■rmnappisjs,.,iqsfr^i..scarfed -k,d 1
gentleman, sfejqqph*, prqfep, gppd
.bsr^faek.nod,fwrk.lin fa 9! i,
riovsi ml i-4 tinirw w-y/t hei,j!|,-ui od vioijii
i' b • Ai 1 1 ’> Dailinw ;an©oldhel;
W. Hoffman, commissary general oftoriß-’
Aheiis,'Uiii(4d ■Bjat<m<ni'rtv*,chwiideoWed,
dd'amerfsei woettilk submitted I 'fcy Messrs.. 1
fffcseph tEL lifeldtt' & Gotpof -Fhrladolphia, '
mlUmfy and pavai- agents;!that tbeiaHww- <
(inrie foP'trtwlmntatioriuiof, ratibns: wbilw a
i>Visloiisr;!iti wdiWelyi-ac personal rie alnd
cannot be claimed by heirs or ’ relatives. '
Tkii* 1 dtcision is*one that atfoets the hUcr--
cm; Of (. mtwy oft idffi|o (tt prisoners wf>b‘
may haVn,qkd in Libby or 'Other prisons'
of robcldoifo ■
Maryland Politics.—William F.
Smyth, the regular nominee for the Sen-
Kent eoujnly, Kns declined on ac
coiiut of ill-health' The “uuconditibual
L Ujfrn” HWen of same county have
nominated—For State Senator, Daniel
W. Dielil; House of Delegates, Moses
W. (linn, Thomas J Vickers; Clerk of
the Circuit Court, John Frazier, Jr.; Re
gister of Wills, Bart us Trow; Sheriff,
Samuel W. Caleb; Judges of the Or
phans’ Court, Cornelius C. Brown, Geo.
Leary, Sr, John A Norris; County Com
, missieiiors, Levi Fiddis, Wm. L. Bowers,
Wm. 11. Davis
The Democrats of Cecil county have
nominated —For the Slate Senate, Dr.
\V. B. liiWlJiFl;- Delegatus,; A.R. Smith,
Milton V> Kidd and (Jen. Biddle ; Com
missioner-,' "George ’Garrett, James M
l'>^iw^: jSt|[)lti>s,; Orphans’
Court, Walter Armstrong, Joseph Goli
b it, John I*. thrice; Sheriff, James K.
Uh A(isri'f'lt^rsto^,‘ t ll,i(I. Rtfeisb 5 Clerk,
Arthur Mitchell ; State’s Attorney, Al
bglfr Gpo- Li illespie.
c - “ —/.-V- **—A——1 ■: _ -- ---
Punishment ofta defaulting Quar-
\V. yllnwjupd,
Assis jiut Quartermaster United States
volunteers, and Acting Chief'Quartcrinas*
ter FUdiLVi'iWi corps, hak'. beet) found
guilty, b (orOjii,,g, >i t cf)l,.ypurt martial of
having received 5L0,470.(14 of public
money for-Ihr the Quai'ermaster’s
in the F fth C >rpa, and em
be/aliog the same,by applying it to other
thau Uie usc. oi' the public service. ’lt
will be remenibcVfcd lie abscombd with
tnliney fh Caliaffa, and tins' itrfested and
brought to trial by./ndor of the War De
partment lie'Was sentenced to he cash
iered,'and compelled to refund to the gov
ernment tIJ op 1A - .vye t,nb acc o u 111 ed for
by hi 111, 1v iq sfo#eVeS'd ifc(.jualt|ied to bold
any office of trust or .profit iii the United
■ State?,"at) dbe ifirprtsfilipit for live years. —
The Secretiiry*df'WVn* Iras directed that
,he bg’j On prisoned, ip the penitentiary at
Albany,.-New York.
'Knlistm’r'nt of Colored Troops in
the Border States. —A general order
will be J bV iJ Jlie War Department, in
a few Jay's,',proy>j}iig fur the enlistment of
colored U'wps,in i lie States of Maryland,
Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee and West
ern Virginia. loyal owners will be al
lowed SJUO for each slave that may en
list, the slave to b free at the expiration
of his term pf enlistment. The slaves of
disloyal masters will also be enlisted, but
they will tint be allowed a cent for them.
U'f/sA; Hep.
■ T , •
Col. Fish’s Party Safe,—lt was re
ported recently from St. Paul that Cap
tain Fish’s overland expedition to Idaho
had beem massacred by the Sioux on the
Big Bend of Hip M issouri river. A des
patch .'from the Ipdian office at St. Paul,
dated October lb, received by a gentle
man in this city., says : “I think Fish’s
party is safe."—A. T. Post.
AmitNtSTRATOirS notice:
MMIiS I&ffl filVfiJlfca'lGßfc That.the sub
l AalliL'it j pbUmi(|cl jlVom;. the Register of
Wills of Harford county, Md., Letters of Admin
istration, on tbe-personal estate of
lAto of said county, deceased. All persons having
J ClaWittr aguiofet eaM deceased, are hereby noti
fied -to exhibit - Ilia-same, 1 with the legal vouch
es thereof, on or before fte , /
•,, Jnjft my °J -
or they may otbc'fWisC ,by taw bo excluded from
•all-’beneilt'ofsiild estate.
71- AH persons indebted tn said estate are request
ed Ho make impiediute payment.
Given iujder, my hand aiid seal this 19tli day
’6f'(Wdber,Wß(ku ’ '' • J
.nm; ou EDWARD : D* BIOBARDSfW, •>
i iUc33 ii>-) Jo >:j'U)3 •• 'livil* Administrator.
7'“.Bxp.’( ; T6it’S isoficK:
irpHfß IRTO 61 Vr.NOTICE,Jhaf the
hX ber-W(is.obt|uMe.d;from the Ktgistier erf Wills
;of .ll^rlprd, b’pnnty.,. Hd., Letters Testamentary
(ntc’of said anlnty, deceased. , All perabns hav
'ihg claims'nginnst ?hid deceased nr'e hereby ntfti
■jled to bhibit the- ai*; with the legitl vouchers
thteeiofi.onair Iwftwolijo too •• UT .); 4
tiif.L bniflOlAjifjoioier,. 1 364,
Wither maly othetwismUyilaw bp excindod from
All .porsons iixlebjed to said estate are ri 'iiiest
ed■fb'Biakc'nrimedtamportent. 1
JH'Giyin iottdwenmy b.-Jhd ah 4 seal ’this SOW 4y
Uctoberj 1863. • (.. J u/;; /Jl„ ,i
octi'3 ‘ !n k^' r,h m
n: niti-”3 Dill .7/ )1 <;,:r oT -
ri A ' T(^lTWp' I L;A'l 4 ) y'Jt’SireS a slliiajlbn
XX Ih i tidecl Schbirf, Dr as Govef/i ;
"re thorcmdHJ^rlcohrf ppit'h.t Th edijealian aiul
V Addmik, • T-J■ ' 1
. -Toil r Ixij Is .ti*
‘■Cfetsilidtf, Cecil Ffederick
u,:>Viiwrii) ”■ •' 1 "i
HI ::til . 7 r.v; linn - m H . :-3t(
EDI’FOR'i;-*—-Please annouilde SA
LATHfELi-LEGOF a independent
icafilidate for Hnml Supervisor of’Abingdbn
nmrpcLiil ■('j inn r.iJolvO imoiuaonlj
-AE-Tldf J"Llb '”1 1 mii i-utnv- ■ i7*iwuy>i/i.
iji“ ( lloi/P*Wnali jiouse wwh® J|qn
.lWgß.fflsil.l-o'iio ,!!< 1*; dpi'! . mnnj Am
■ynApm'M, u t In u 'loiid ‘j.ilji
f'd a mul. dsn ]i
lull VIO7O
-1 JLi .TRJCT, are -wquested 40 meelo!in
24th, at 2 P. M., to nominate DiaUriol offi-
ood li oii •-?•( n(>
Bel Air, Md.

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