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These Ritters have performed more cures, have
tad do give better satisfaction, have mOre testi
mony, have more respectable people to roach for
lb tin —tlion'nny article iu the market, ■
Wc defy any oqe to contradict, this assertion,
To any ono that will produce a Certificate pub
lished by us, that is not genuine.
Eoofland’s German Bitters
Will cure every case of Chronic or Nervor.s De
bility, Disease of the Kidneys, and Diseases aris
ing from a disordered stomach. Observe the fol-
Ipwing symptoms disorders of the
digestive organs: " •
Constipation. Inward 'Piles, Fulness of Blood
♦o the Head, Acidity of the Stomach, NausA,
Heartburn, Disgust lor Food, Fulness or Weight
in the Stomach, Sour Eructations, Bioking gt
Fluttering at the Pit of the Stomach, Swimming
of the Head, Hurried and Difficult Breathing,
Fluttering at the Heart, Choking and Suffoca
ting Sensations when in & lying posture, Dim
ness of Vision, Dels r Webs before -the SighT,
Fever and Dull Pain’ln the Head, Deficiency of
Perspiration. Yellowness of the Skin nnd Efrs,
Pain in the Side, Rack,,Chest, Limbs, Ac., Sud
den Flushes of Heat, Burning In the Flesh, fcon
stant Imaginings of Evil, and great Depression
of Spirits.
That this Bitters is
Contaips no nlm or Whiskey, and can’t make
t „ Drurtkards, but is
Tlie lest Tonic in tlie World !
Head Who says so: "tsa*
Prom the Rev. Levi G. Beck, Pastor’of tbe Bap
tist Church, Pemberton, N. J., formerly of the
North Baptist Church, Philadelphia.
•* , , •
1 have known Hoofland's German Bitters fa
vorably for a number of years. I have used
them in my own family, and [have been so
p'eased Willi their effects that I was induced to
recommend them to many others, uud know that
they have operated in a strikingly beneficial man
ner. I take great pleasure inhibits publicly pro
claiming this fact, and calling the attention of
tfaoeu afflicted with the diseases [for which they
, ore recommended to those Bitters, knowing from
•experience that my recommendation will be sus
tained. Ido this more cheerfully as Hoofland's '
Bitters is intended to benefit thej afflicted, and is j
“not a rum drink.” Yours, truly,
From Rev. J. Newton, Brown, D. D., Editor of
the Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge, and
Christian Chronicle, Philadelphia.
Although not disposed to favor or recommend
Pater-t Medicines in genera], through distrust of
their ingredients and effects, 1 1 yet know of no
sufficient reasons why a man may not testify’.to
the benefits he believes himself to have received
from any simple preparation, in the hope that ho
may’Thus *ontribute to the benefit of others.
I do this tbe more readily in regard to Hoof
land’s German Bitters, prepared by Dr. C. M.
Jackson, of this city, because I was prejudiced:
against them for many years, under the impres
sion that they were chiefly an alcoholic mixture.
I am indebted to ray friend, Robert Shomaker,
Esq., lor the removal of this prejudice by proper
tests, and for encouragement to try them, when
suffering from great and long-continued debility.
The use bf three bottles of these Bitters at the be
ginning of the present year, was followed by evi
dent relief and restoration to a degree of bodily
and mental vigor which I had not feit for six
months before, and had almost despaired of re
gaining. 1 therefore thank God and my friend
for directing me to the use of them.
From the Rev. Jos. ll.’Kennard,'Pastor tof the !
10th Baptist Church,
Dr. Jackson :—Dear Sir;—l have been fre
quently requested to connect my name with com
mendations of different kinds of medicines, but
regarding the practice as out of my appropriate
sphere, I have in all cases declined; but with a
clear proof in various instances, and particularly
in my family, .of the usefulness of Dr. Hoofland’s
German Bitters, I depart for once from my usual
course, to express ray full touviclion that, for
funeral debility of the system and especially for
aver Complaint, it is a safe and valuable prepa
ration. In some cases it may fail; hut usually,
1 doubt not, it will be very" beneficial to those
who suffer from tbe above cause.
Yours, very respectfully,
Eighth below Coates street, Philadelphia.
From Rev. J. S. Herman, of the German Re
formed Church, Kutztown, Berks Co., Pa.
. Dr. - C. M. Jackson;—Respected Sir:— I have
been troubled with Dyspepsia nearly twenty
years, and have never used any .medicine tha't
did me as much good as Hoofland’s Bitters. I
am very much improved in health, after having
taken five bottles. Yours, with respect,
Larga sizo (holding nearly double quanti
ty,) 81 per botflc —half doz. 85 00
.Small size—7s cents per bottle—
Half doz. 84 00
See that the signature of “C. M. JACK
SON>’ is on the WRAPPER of
each fcollle.
Id yoqr nearest druggikt not
have tbe article, do not be put off by any
th| intoxicating preparations that may
be offered in its place, blit send to us, and
we mil forward, securely packed, by e*-
£rtss. /• ,v •• ‘ ', J /
631 Arch Street, PMlad’a,
• (Successor* to sil. JAQKSON tttO.)
’■ • .
0“ Fqt sajeliy A. N. GREENFIELD, i
corner of Main street and Port Deposit i
avenue, BEL AIR, Md.,and by Druggists ;
RSijL Are yon Met, feeble, and
•fTrTmT lfr*Ti complaining? Are you out
of order, with vour'iivstrm
L~J.fideranged, and_your feeling*
A, 7*010 uncpiMf'OrtahTelTlK'oe svmp
fop 1 ‘■wsbki inaajttf tom* ro often the prelude
. ELS&Vfis.BMfc to verjous illm.es. Some fit
* of sickness is creeping upon
„ ■tflMnimi y ou> i !U u should be averted
jfyi, rii' by s (inielv use of Utc eight
! lU-ttay remedy. Take Aver’s I’ll Is,
jBEBIi snd ok-ame out the dteor
” f J dered humors—purity the
he"*'Kv'K9Bs9aPCts3 blood, and let (he fluids
Ailll6MagM%)Bß move on unobstructed in
HfaWifi health again. They Mimn
late the functions' of the
sa—-? .—t body Into vigorous tiv
Sanfg the system ikom the obstructions which make
isenso. A cold settles somewhere in the body, and
obstructs its natural functions. These, if not re
lieved, reset upon themselvesnd the surrounding
orgaha, producing general aggravation, tuffort-ip,
and disease. While m this condition, oppressed by
the derangements, take Ayer’s ITUs, and see how
. directly they, restore the natural action of the sys
tem, nnd with it the buoyant feeling of health again.
What is true apd so apparent in tide trivial and com
> moit complaint, is also tree In many of the deep
seated and dangerous distempers. The same purja
five effect expels them. , Caused by similar obstruc
i lions and derangements of tbe natural functions of
tbe tody, they lire rapidly, and many of them surely,
, cured by the same means. None who know the
. virtues of these ITUs, will neglect to employ them
when suffering from the disorders they cure.
; Statements from leading physicians ip some of tbe
principal cities, and from other weU-knowu public
[ person*!
. From a Forwarding Merchant rf St. Louis, Feb. 4,
i Da. Arms; Yonr Pills are the paragon of all that
f is great in mcdicind. They have cured my littlt
daughter of ulcerous sores upon her bands and feet
that had proved incurable for years, tier mother (
liaa been long grievously afflicted with blotches and
■ pimples on her skin and in her hair. After onr
i child we.a cured, she alto tried your Pills, and they
have cured her. ASA 3IOIIGKIDCE.
As a Family Physic.
Prom Dr. E TV. Cartwright. New &rlcant.
Your Pills arc thy prince of purges. Their ex.
ceilent qualities surpass anv cathartic we-possess.
They are mild, but very certain and cfiectual in their
notion on the bowels, which makes them invaluable
: to us in tte daily treatment of disease.
Hcmtacl3C,Nich ilcndachr, Fell Riomach.
From Dr. Edward Boyd, Baltimore..
Dbau Bno. Ayer; I cannot answer yoa whet
complaints I have cured with your Pills better than
to say all that tee ever treat with a purgative medi
cine. I place great dependence on that effectual
cathartic in my daily contest with disease, and be
. iloving, us 1 do. that your Pills afford us the best w
. have, lof courte value them highly.
Pittsburg, Pa.. May 1,1865.
Da. J. C. Ayer. Sir; I have been repeatedly
cured of the worst headache anybody can have by a
. dose or two of your Pill*. It seems to arise from a
I foul stomach, which they cleanse at once.
Youra with great respect, ED. W PREBLE.
’ Clerk if Steamer Clarion.
' Biiioas Oistnlrn Liver Complniuts.
c From Dr. Theodore. Bell, of New York City.
Not only are your Pills admirably adapted to their
. purpose as an aperient, but 1 find their beneliciai
f effects upon the Liver very marked indeed. They
have in my practice proved more effectual for the
cure of bilious esmt plaints then any one remedy I
i can mention I sincerely rejoice that wo have st
length a purgative which is worthy the confidence of
| the profession and the people.
Department of this Interior, I
_ , . Washington, D. C., 7th Feb., 1838. J
i i h av o used yonr Pills In niv general and
I hospital practice ever since you fhuile them, and
connot hesitate to say they ere the best cathartic
r we employ. Their regulating action on the liver is
quick and decided, conteouentlv they arc an ad
mirable remedy lor derangements of that organ.
Indeed, 1 have scidom found a case of bilious dis
ease so obstipnte that it did not readily vjeld to
them. Fraternally yours, ALONZO BALL. M. D..
Physician of the J/ariue Hospital.
IDyeetslery, Dianbmt, lielax, Worms.
1 • Frost* Dr. .1. ti. Oreen, of Chicago.
TonrPjllß have had a long trial in my practice,
and I hold them in esteem us one of the best aperi
ents I haveever fotmd. • Their alterative cflbct upon
the liver malms ihcm an excellent remedy, when
given in small Jo sea ior bilious dysentery and uiar - j
thou. Their sugar-coating makes (hem verv ac
ceptable and convenient for the use of women and
i children. (
Drsptpsia, Impurity of the Blood.
From Rev. J. V. Himes, Pastor rf Advent Church,
Pit. Ayer: 1 have used yonr Pills with extra
ordinary success in my family and amongthose 1 r.m
called to visit In distress. To regulate the organs of
digestion tmd purify the blood, they are the very
best remedy I have ever known, and i can confi
dently recommend them to my friends.
Yours, J. V. HIMES.
ITAR9AW, Wyoming Do., N. Y.. <7et. £4,1835.
Lucar Sir: I am using your Cathartic Fills in my
practice, nnd find them an excellent purgative to
cleanse (he system and purify the Jhnnlains ,f the
blood. JOHN C. M. D.
ConutfpMtson, Ossliveaesv, Rappmsion,
Khcumnlism, 4-onl, ffcuralaia, Bropay,
JPumlywiii, IFtSs, etc.
From Dr. J. P. Vaughn, Montreal, Canada.
Too much cannot be said of your Pills ior the
eu.-e of CMliueness. if others of cur fratei uitv hs ve
found them ns efficacious ns I have, they should join
me in proclaiming it. tor rite benefit of the inultituden
who suiter IVcm that complaint, which, although
bad enough in itself, is the progenitor of others that
are worse, 1 believe coslireinss to originate in the
liver, but your Pills aflcct that organ and cure lho
From Mrs. E. Stuart , Physician and Mid wife,
1 find one or two large (loses of your Pills, taken
at the proper time, are excellent promotives hf the
natural secretion when wholly or partiallv sup
pressed, nnd also very e.llectual to demise, the
stomach end expel worms. They ore to much the
best physic we havo that X recommend no other to
my patients.
From the Her. Dr. JTawkes, of the Methodist Epii.
m. Church.
PttSßbki norsn, Savannah, Ca.. Jan. 6, 1358.
Hobokeu Sir: 1 should be ungrateful ior the
relief your skill ha* brought me if i did not report
my caac to you. A cold settled in my liiibs and
Drought on excruciating neuralgic juiiiue, which
ended la chronic rheumatism. Notwithstanding 1
had the best of physicians, the disease grew worse
and worse, until by tiie advice of your excellent
agent fn Baltimore, Dr. SfackcnTie, I tried yonr
Pills. Their eheefc wefe slow, but sure, ily per
severing in the use oft hem, 1 am now entirely well.
SENATE Chamber. Baton Rouge, La., 5 Dee.,1855.
,D r Aykb ; f have been entirely cured, by yonr
lulls, of Rheumatic Gout —a painful disease tha t Inis
afflicted me for years. VINCENT SLIDELL.
ty*"Most of the Pills In market contain Merourr,
which although a valuable remeuy in skilful hand's,
i dangerous fu a public pill, f; 0m the drcndlhl con
sequencciatbat frequently follow its iucantious use.
Ihate contain no mercury, or miuerid BObstaucc
• whatever. 1 t
Price, 25 cents por Lor, or & Boxes for SI.
Prepared by Dr. J. C. A'tfjß Si Co., towH, Mast.
For sale by A. H. GREENFIELD, Bel
Aif- jan3o
WRIGHT SHOP, with Dwelling.—
A good stand for business, and will be
rented together or separately, on mode
rale terms, to a good tenant. Possession
given immediately. Apply to
Near Clermont Mills, Harford Co., Md
-4-i ■—
JD of the various sizes, and the best
BLACKSMITH’S, COAL, for sale as loV
as it'ran be had in Harford county, end
DELIVERED at low rates, if required*
o® -at Deer Craal leading.
v 'lf *' . M
Balsamic Cough Syrup,
THIS is no new reined/. It Las been
used for a number of /ears in Mary- Save
land and parts of Pennsylvania, and has
wherever known, acquired an unprece
dented reputation for curing the various
diseases for which it is recommended.
So apparent is its usefulness, and so re- your
markable has been its cures, that it is fast
superseding every other remedy for those
diseases., afflicted can rely upon its
doing as much for them, and in many cases
moie than'arty other remedy' now before ChiU
the public. dren.
It is recommended nnd prescribed in the
practice of a large number of the most in
telligent and able physicians of Maryland.
It is used and considered an indispensa
ble household remedy by a large portion
of the first families of the State. No
It is used by all classes of society, and
the universunf 'opinion is that it is good.
This Syrup is a purely Vegetable Compound.
It is pleasant to take and never does inju- child
ry.. But owing to its purifying qualities,
must do good under any circumstances.
Its effects are truly wonderful—soothing,
calming and allaying the most violent need
coughs ; purifyjutr, strengthening and in
vigorating the whole.systcm, calming and
soothing the nerves, aiding and facilita
ting expectoration, and healing the die of
Thus striking at the root of disease and
driving it from the system.
This disease is announced by difficulty croup
of breathing, shrill whistling or wheezing,
hacking cough, nnd threatened suffocation
&c. It mostly occurs in young children.
No child need die of croup if this Syrup
is properly used, and used in time.— if
Mothers - having croupy children should
watch the first show of disease, and always
keep this remedy at hand. this
For coughsSafter measles this Syrup is
most excellent. Experience has proven
that it is equalled by no other prepara
tion. _ Syrup
The price of (ho remedy is such as to
place it within the reach of all, the poor as
well ns the rich, and every person should
have it. m
Every person should have it in the
honse. It is a true and faithful friend to
all who value health, and wish to secure
themselves against that most terrible dis- used
ease, consumption. It will be found the
most useful as well as the cheapest fami
ly medicine in the world. It has been
used for the last four years with a success in
without a parallel.
Price *lO cents per bottle, or three bot
tles for sl.lO. lime.
Prepared by S. A. Foutz, Westminster,
Aid. ’
For sale by A. H. GREENFIELD, Bel Air.
Foutz’s Mixture
IS a safe and reliable remedy for the
■■■ cure of Rheumatism, Painful Nervous
Affections, Sprains, Burns, Swellings, nnd
bkbt all diseases requiring an external applica
tion on Man.
On Horses it will never fail to cure
Lini-.Poll Evil, Fistula, old running Sores, or
Sweeny, if properly applied. For Sprains,
ment Bruises, Scratches, Crooked Hoofs, Chafes,
Saddle or Collar Gall, Cuts or Wonnds,
for it Is an infallible remedy. Try it, and be
convinced of its efficacy.
Persons afflicted with this disease, no
and matter of how long standing, can be
. promptly and effectually cured by using
Beast this Mixture.
yhere is nothing in the world so sure or
so good to take away Corns, and Cure
now Frost Bites as this preparation. Try it
and satisfy yourselves. Price 25 and' 60
in cents per bottle. Prepared by S. A.
Fours, Westminster, Md.
Use. For sale by A. H. GREENFIELD, Bel Air.
Celebrated HORSE & CATTLE
. rriIESE Powders have proved, after'a
JL "trial of several years; to be superior
| to any preparation of the kind in use.—
j i The chief superiority of these Powders
arises from the fact that they' are com
poed of Medicines that have Laxative,
(a Tonic and Purifying propefties. The Lax- S 3
ative ejecta crudities from the stomach and £
H intestines; the Tonic gives to to
£3 the system of the horse, and the purifying
‘medicines doniained in them'cleanse the
I blood and lay the foundation for a healthy
i and rigorous circulation. The use of
| them improves ’the wind, strengthens the
; appetite, and gives the horse a fine smooth
and glossy skin—improving the appear
ance, vigor_and_spirit of this jioble ani
* mal. *
These Powders > are not intended,* as
most powders are, to bloat,Lhe’animai, to
as to give him the oppearanee'of being fat
I when not willy so—but, to remove the
I disease und promote his general health,
j These Powders will strengthen the sto
jmach and intestines, cleanse them from
offensive matter and bring them to a heal
thy state!. They are a sure prevention of
Luqg Fever, and a certain remedy for all
diseases incident to the Horse, as Glan
• ders. Yellow Water, Distempers’, Founder, r 3
g Heaves, Slavering, Coughs, Fevers, 1,088 g
*6 ,of Appetite, and Vital Energy, &c. These So
<5 Powders, if nsed two or three times a gj
03 week during the winter and spring, your •
Horse will never get the Lung Fever, Col
ic or Bolts. A few doses of the Powders
will remove tbs worst cough on any horse.
Were the owners of horses to feed a few
of these Powders every year, they might
save the lives of many valuable horses.
The properties this powder possesses in
| increasing the quantity of Milk in Cows,
; gives it an importance and value which
i should place it in the hands of every per
son keeping a cow. In fattening cattle,
it giWte them an appetite, loosens their
*ide, and makes them thrive mticb faster. I
-Tfc HOGS..
In all diseases of Swine, as Coughs, Ul
cers in the Longs and Liver, &c., by put
ting from Half a paper to a paper of these
. Powders in n barrel of'swill, the above
H j diseases can bo cure 4 or entirely prevent-
H ed. By using these Powders the Hog 5
*3 Cholera.cap be prevented. Yjr x
Prepared by S. A. Foora, Westminster, 3u
For solo hi A. H. GREENFIELD, cd
ner ef Main *twof'and Port Deposit Ave
nde. Bjl Air, Jp. Z .
Price 35 WnWyer paper, or five papers
; for on* dollar. „■ ’wot# t
e * -i
f, t “
January 1, 1864,
For the Coming 1 Fear!
AFTER more than a quarter of a centnry of
uninterrupted success, The New Yohk
Mercury —standing first on the rooster-roll of
the Literary Press in this country—points proud
ly to its past career as a guarantee of new tri
umphs in the future.
Heretofore, it had eclipsed all rivalry; hut it
proposes to make the coming year memorable by
eclipsing its own past history, and looming up
before the world as the most marvelous speci
men of a fascinating, brilliant, amusing, and
comprehensive Literary Newspaper that has ever
been published in either hemisphere.
will be laid under contribution to give brilliancy
to its columns, and side by side with original pro
ductions of the most popular romancists of the
Old World, will be placed the chef d’anivres of
the most eninWnt story-writers of the New.
Authoress of “Aurora-Floyd,” "Lady Andley’s
Secret,"' "John Marchmont’s Legacy,” etc., etc.,
who has suddenly risen, like
in the literary horizon of Great Britain, has been
specially enga-'ed.to supply THE NEW YORK
MERCURY from time to lime with the wonder
ful creations of her genius, at a cost which no
other weekly in America could venture to incur.
Among the multitude of distinguished writers
and artists who have become familar to the masses
through the vast circulation of the Star Weely
op America, may be mentioned the following,
all of.whom are still upon its-staffj <*•
Dt. J. H. Robinson, Cousin May Carle ton,
Margaret Mount, IF. O. Eaton.
Med Hardline, George Martial,
Arthur M. Grainger, Julia S. Ingraham,
Grasp Gardner, Edward Willett,
Felix O. C. Earley, Maxy Chief,
Miss AT. E. Eraddon, George Albany . ■ A
. Scores of other distinguished literati, under va
rious nomsdeplume, contribute to its columns,
while its pictorial illustrations are from the in
imitable pencil of Felix 0. C. Darley, Esq., the
best draughtsman of the ago.
The War, which has given the coup de grace to
so many pretentious publications and half de
stroyed those that still survive, has added thou
sands to the circulation of The New Y’ork
Mercury. , .
t< I ts > heart-stirring short stories, its military
historiettes, its matchless serial romances, its racy
burlesques, its genial wit and humor, its deli
cious gossip, its fairy talcs for little folks, its rare
poetry, its^ fresh and vigorous editorials, the in
finite variety of its contents, and the large
amount ot reading matter that it comprises, ren
der it welcome everywhere, and to all classes of
society. Containing,ms itfloes, ~,
of closely-printed matter, it may safely be pro
nounced the cheapest, as well as the" best Litera
ry Newspaper extant.
Three favorite writers, Doctor J. H. Robinson,
Cousin May Carlcton, and Ned Buntline, are
now preparing three stories for The New York
Mercury. One of these productions was com
menced in the Opening Number'oftheNew Tear.
The authors being aware of this fact are engaged
in An emulative contest for precedence, and the
result will unquestionably be that the most effec
tive story ever penned by any of the three, will
commence in the NEW YEAR’S NUMBER of
the gjreat Retresextative Wheel/ of the Western
The - New York Mercury is sold by all news
men and. periodical“dealersj in America. To
subscribers, it is regularly mailed every Saturday
morning, for $2 a*year; three copies for $5 ;
six copies for $9; eight copies for sl2, with an
extra copy, free to the getter-up of the club. Six
months’ subscription received. Always write
plainly the name of your Post Office, County, and
State. We take the notes of all solvent banks at
par. Payment must invariably he made in ad
JJSfif Specimen Copies sent to all qjplicants.
Address all letters and remittances, post paid,
, Proprietors of the New York Mercury,
_ Nos. 48 Ann street, and 113 Fulton street,
jan29 New York City.
To the Farmers of Harford!
GRATITUDE for the liberal patronage
of his friends and the public, with a
desire for its continuance, prompts the
subscriber to notice, through the press,
that the stock of
Iron, Steel, Nails
On hand has been LARGELY INCREAS-
which with
Agricultural Implements,
37FFJS& EHjSSm&SS Off 12133
And a superior article of
Is being sold at his old stand, AS LOW
3IS ELSEWHERE in the State, the latter
articles deliverable principally at SHURE’S
LANDING, and at his New Warehouse, -
near STAFFORD, on the Tide Water
Canal, at which points GRAIN will be
received at current market rates.
Having also the agency for the county
of Harford of the PRATT & SMEDLEY
HORSE RAKE, with a few on hand, shall
be pleased to supply that most invaluable
COARSE BONE for sale.
for par funds.
my29-ly Near Darlington, Md
THE subscriber’ has leased the above
Hotel, on Mitten street , near the Bel
Air Market, Baltimore, lately occupied by
Mr. Samuel Hautvay, und is prepared to
accommodate his friends and the public
generally. He hopes by\strict
to the wants of bis guests, to give general
salts (action to all who may favor him
with their patronage.
- W.H. KELLY * CO.
janl ; Proprietors.
And Ibr thespeedy core of the following complaint*!
Rcrefale ami Serolhlone Affection*, *ucb
a* Tumor*, lllqn, More*, Eruption*.
PimulM, I'uh.A, Blotche*. Boll*;
Blaiaa, and all Akin Duemeiu
Oakland, Ind., 6th June. 18M.
J. C. Ay eh tc Co. Cento: I feel it my duty to ac
knowledge what your Sarsaparilla has done for me.
Having inherited a Scrofulous Infection, 1 have *
suffered from it in various ways fbr years. Some
times it burst out in Ulcers on my hands and armsi
sometimes it turned inward and distressed me at the
stomach. Two years ago it broke out on my head
and covered my scalp and ears with one sore, which
was painful and loathsome beyond description. I
tried many medicines and several physicians, but
without much relief from anything. In feet, the
disorder grew worse. At length I was rejoiced to
read in the Gospel Messenger that you had prepared
an alterative (Sarsaparilla), for. 1 knew from your
reputation that anything yon matte must be good.
1 sent to Cincinnati and got it, and used it till it -
cured me. I took it, as you advise, in small doses of
a teaspoonful over a month, and used almost three
bottles. New and healthy skin soon began to form
under the scab, which after a while fell off. My
skin is now clear, and I know by my feelings that
the disease kas gone from my system. You can well
believe that 1 feel what I am saying when I tell yon,
that I hold you to be one of the apostles of the age,
and remain ever gratefully. Yours,
Sr. Anthony’* Fife, Row or Erysipelas,
Tetter and Malt Rheum, Mcald Read,
Ringworm, Mare Eyes, Dropsy.
Dr. Robert M. Preble writes from Salem, N. Y.,
12th Sept,, 1859, that he has cured an inveterate
case of Dropsy, width threatened to terminate Ik
tally, by the persevering use of our Sarsaparilla,
and alsoa dangerous Malignant Erysipelas by large
doses of tha same; says be cures the common Erup
tions by it constantly. .. .
Broachocele, flaltrc or Swelled Meek.
Zebnloo Sloan, of Prospect, Texas, writes: ‘-Three
bottles of your Sarsaparilla cured mo from a Goitre:
—a hideous swelling on the neck, which I bad suf
fered from Ovtr two years.”
Eeiicorrhora or White*, Ovarian Tumor,
Uterine Ulceration, Female Diseases.
Dr. J. B S. Channiug, of New York City, writes:
“ 1 most cheerfully comply with the request of your
agent in saying I have found your Sarsaparilla a
most excellent alterative in the numerous com
plaints for wbioli we employ such h remedy, but ,
especially iu Female Diseases of tha Scrofulous
diathesis. I have cured many inveterate cases of
Leucorrhma by it, and some where the complaint
was caused by ulceration of the uterus. Thu ulcer
ation itself was soon cured. .Nothing within mv
knowledge equals it for these female derangements.”
Edward S. Marrow, of Newbury, Ala., writes:
A dangerous ovarian tumor on one of the females
in ray family, which bad defied all the remedies w*
could employ, lias at length been completely cured
by your Extract ,of Sarsaparilla. Our physician
thought nothing but extirpation could afford relief,
but he advised the trial of vour Sarsaoavilla as tbe
last resort before cutting, and it proved effectual.
After taking yqur remedy eight weeks no symptom
of the disease remains.”
Syphilis and Mercurial Disease.
New Orleans, 25th August, 1559.
Da. J. C. Atbr: Sir, I cheerfully comply with
the request of Vour agent, and report to you some
of the effects X nave realized with your Sarsaparilla.
' 1 have cured with it, in my practice, most of the
complaints for which it is recommended, and have
found its effects truly wonderful in the core of
Venereal and Mercurial Disease. One of my pa
tients hud Syphilitic ulcers in ids throat, which woro
censuming his palate end the top of his mouth.
Your Sarsaparilla steadily taken cured him in tiro
weeks Another was attacked by secondary symp
toms in his nose, and the ulceration had eaten away
a considerable part pf it, so that I believe the dis
order would soon reach ids brain and kill him. But
it yielded tomy administration of your Sarsaparilla;
the ulcers healed, and he is well again, not ot course
without some disfiguration to his face. A woman
who lied been treated fer the same disorder by mer
cury was eulftring from this poison in her bones.
They had become so sensitive to the weather that on
a damp day she suffered excruciating pain iu her
joints and bones. She, too, was cured entirely by
• your Sarsaparilla in a few weeks. I know from it*
formula, which your agent gave mo, that tbia
Preparation from your laboratory mart t: a great
remedy; consequently, these truly remarkable ro.
suits with It have not surprised me.
Fraternally yours, O. V. LARIMER, M. D.
Rhcnmatinu, Gout, Xivor Eonaplniat-
Xndependknce, Preston Co., Va., 6th July, 1860.
Dr. J. C. Ayer: Siu, 1 have been afflicted with a
painful chronic Rheumatism tor a long time, which
balded the skill of physicians, and stuck to me in
spite of all the remedies I could iind. until I tried
your Sarsaparilla. One bottle cured me in two
weeks, and restored my general health so much
that lam far better than before I was attacked. I
think it a wonderflil medicine. J. JFBEAM.
Jules Y. Gctchcll, of St. Louis, writes: “ X have
been afflicted for years with an affection of the Liver,
which destroyed, my health. I tried every thing,
and everything failed to relieve me; and I have
been a broken-down man for some years from no
other cause than derangement qf the Liver. Uy
beloved pastor, the Rev Mr. Espy, advised mo to
try your Sarsaparilla, because he said lie knew you,
and anything you made was worth trying. By tho
blessing of God it has cured me, and bas so purified
my blood as to made a new man of me. I feci young
again. The best that can be said of you is not hair
good enough.”
McliSrrna, Cancer Tumors, Enlargement,
Ulceration, Caries and Exfoliation of
the Bone*.
A great variety of cases have been reported to us
where cures of these formidable complaints have
resulted from the use of this remedy, but our rpaee
here will not admit them. Some of them may bo
found in our American Almanac, which the agents
below named are pleased to furnish gratis to oil who
call for them.
Dyspepsia, Ilrnrt Disense, Fit*, Epilepsy,
ftlelnnclioiy,' Neuralgia,
Many remarkable cures of tliese affections have
been made by the alterative power of this medicine.
It stimulates the vital functions into vigomns action,
and thus overcomes disorders which would be sup-,
posed beyond its reach. Such a remedy has long
been required by the necessities of the people, and
wo are confident that this will do for them all that
medicine can do.
Ayer’s Cherry Pectoral,
J. for the rapid era* op*
Coiishs, Colds, Influenza, fCoarseness,
Croup, Bronchitis. Incipient Coil.
•uniption, and for the Belief
of Consumptive Patients
in advanced Stages
of Che Disease.
This is a remedy so universally known to surpass
any other for (lie cure of throat nud lung complaints,
that it is useless hero to publish the evidence of it*
virtues. Its unrivalled excellence for coughs and
colds, and its truly wonderful cures of pulmonary
disease, have made it known throughout the civil
tejf nations of the earth. Few are the communities,
or even iumilies, among them who have not some
personal experience of its effects some living
trophy in their midst of its victory over the subtle
and dangerous disorders of the throat and lungs.
As all know the dreadful fntnlity of these disorders,
and as they know, too, the effects of this remedy,
wo need not do more than to assure them that it turn
now all the virtues that it did have when making
the cures. which have wou so strttngiy upon the
conwietice of mankind.
Prepared by Dr. J. C, ATEE A Co., Lowell, Vipen.
For sale by A. H. GREENFIELD. Bel
Air.-. jan3o
rpBJS SUBSCRIBER, Laving taken this wqjj
J. known establishment, long known as “&a
na’s Hotbl,” is prepared to accommodate his
friends and the public.
Running between Chnrchville end Aberdeen
leaves the Hotel daily (except Sundays) at 15
minutes before 10 o’clock, A. M., returning,
leaves Aberdeen, immediately on the arrival pf
the train. . '
the last Saturday of each month, at 3
o'clock P. M., a PUBLIC SALE will come off.
at which all kinds of Stock, Carriages, Wagons,
Fanning Implements, Ac., Ac., will he offered,
fell-y PHILIP DuSWAN, Proprietor.
Sweated at this office, Cheap for Cash

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