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Democratic State Centrd Commnttee.
New OnL1uA March 21, 1885.
Pursuant to convocation, the Conmittee mbt this
evening. The President laid beofe themembersthe
following letter and resolutiohs dlopted at a meet
ing held at Baton Rouge on the lt of March last:
SENATs CHAnnU March 1, 1858.
Ilrr Sir: I have been Instructel to transmit to
you the proceedings of a Demootstlo meetin of the
members of the Legislature. Be kind enough to
give them publication. I am sir, four obedient ser
vant and frlond,
CHAB. J. VILTERE, Secretary.
EUmT LA SBan, Ieq.,
President of the Democrate c tate Committee.
Pursuant to public notice, the members of the
Democratle party of both Houses ef the Logislsture
of the State of Louisiana met dim day, Thursday
the 1st of March, 1885, at 7 o'clol P. K., In the Sen
ate Chamber at Baton Rouge, for be purpose or sug
gesting to the State Central Comdttee of the party
a day on which to call a Convedlipn to nominate
State officers at the next general ebction.
Thb meeting was called to order by the Hon. M.
Ryan, of Rapides, who nominatet the Hon. C. A.
Baullad of Natchitoehes, as Chartlan, and the Hon
orable Chas. J. Villere as Secretaru.
The Honorable C. H. Morrison, df Ouachita ofer
ed the following resolution which vas unanimously
Resolved, That we recommend bt the State Cen
tral Committee of this State the tbird Monday of
June next, as a proper time to hold a general State
Democratic Convention at Baton Ibuge for the pur
pose of nominating candidates for the State offices
to be elected at the next general ebotion.
On motion the meeting adjournol si.edie.
CHAS. A. BULLA.D, Chairman.
Cune. J. VILLEnM, Secretary.
After the reading of the same, M;. Harris offered
the following resolutions, which wire unanimously
Resoled, That a Democratic convetion be held at
Baton Rouge, on the third Monday (18th) of June
next, for the purpose of nominatini candidates for
the oGceS of Governor, Lientenase-Governor, Sec
retary of State, Attorney-General, sate Treasurer,
Auditor of Public Accounts and 8iperintendent of
Public Education.
Resolved, That the basis of repreentation in said
Convention should be according to the usage of the
)emocratic party; that is to say, om representative
for every hundred Democratic votosand one for ev
ery fraction over fifty votes polled in the parishes
respectively at the general election held on the 7th
or November, 1853.
Reoeved, That the Democratic papers in the several
parishes be requested to publish thepreceding reso
lutions. E CeLnt LA SERE.
President Democratic State Centrel Committee.
SEA's PeCTORiAL WoRen Fel 185--Tile attention
of the reader is solicited to the alvertisemont of
Agents wanted for the series of l'lcbrlal books issu
ed from the press of Mr. Sears These books have
met and are meeting with a large role throughout
the Union, and the three last publlations, "RessiA
in every way equal to the other worts in pointof at
traction and interest. What he wises to obtain is
competent agents in every section d the country.
The readiness of their sale oiers great inducements
to persons to embark in theirdisposdn and asthey are
of a high moral and unexceptionablecharacter, there
are none but who can contribute to their circulation.
Any person wishing to embark in theenterprise. will'
risk but little by sending to the publisher $25, for
which he will receive sample copies of the various
works, (at wholesale prices) carefully boxed, insured
and directed, affording a very liberal per centage
to the Agent for his trouble. With these he will
soon l9e able to ascertain the mort saeable, and or
der accordingly.
~EJ. CATALouLE.S containing full lartleulars for
warded to all parts of the country ftee of postage,
on application. [See advertisement ma last page.]
The Northern Democracy.
While we are unable to shut our eyes to the
fact of the fanatical mania that has entered
the political arena, and made a clean.sweep in
the late elections, has included in its votaries
a good many democrats, it would be ungene
rous and mean, not to do justice to those good
and true men of the Democratic party, who
have been true to the great constitational prin,
ciples which form the basis of their party's
The Northern Democratic party that was
defeated in the recent elections by the confede
rated isos that has sprung up, has not swerved
one jot or tittle from the principles' which
should be the basis of a union between south.
ern men. In those elections in which it has
been defeated, it stood up for those very prin
ciples. Altbough beaten, it still stands by
them. Those Northern Democrats have prov
ed themselves, both in victory and defeat, true
to the Constitution, true to State equality,
true to their southern brethren. Under these
circumstances, is it proper, is it generous, is it
jut, in any paper or any man at the Soutbh,
whether Whig or Democrat, to place them on
the same platform with the false Democrats,
whom they voluntarily abandoned, or the abo
litionized Whigs wbom the southern Whig
leaders have denounced and abandoned? For
our part, we cling to such men with a tenacity
that nothing can break. The Whigs of the
south may denounce them, but they were true
to the south when the Whigs of that section
were controlled by their more numerous Abo
lition allies of the North. Many of them have
been sacrificed for their devotion to the consti- I
tutional principles for which the south contends;
and yet southern Democrats are asked to aban
don them. This they will never do. They
will promptly cut themselves off from all taint-'
ed Democrats, but their tried and noble Dem- i
ocratic friends of the North, they will adhere i
to, cherish and defend. I
8panish View of the International
Certain members of the Spanish Cortes,
addressed a letter to a public journal, iii
which they attribited to Mr. Soule, the opin'
ion, or at least the impression that a rap
tare between Spain and the United States
was inevitable, and the pretext assigned in
the letter is an alleged failure by tl)e Gov.
ernment of Spain to extend towards Mr.
Soule and the country which he represents
the eonsideration to which they were enti
"Cotemporaneously with this letter a
pamphlet has appeared in which an effort
Is made to throw upon fihe Spanish Govern.
ment the responsibility of the complications
which exists between the two countries; or
at all events, the responsibility of having
failed to give theseo complications a solution.
In this pamphlet there is attributed to Mr.
Soule a benevolent disposition towards
Spain; so extreme indeed as to be almost in
consistent with his maintaining the interests
of his own country."
This matter was brought up in a debate
between Sir Rances and Sir Luzariaga, the
Minister of Fordgn affaiirs. During t e
speech of the latter, after disclaiming any
discourtesy shown to Mr. Soule, either on
the part of the Ministry or the Government,
he expressed sentiments and intentions cred
itable to himself and the Government he
represents. The Minister remarked:
"Under these circumstances, gentlemen,
the Government of her Majesty received
the information t which I have alluded,
and being now able to proceed according
to its own free wil before the eyes of the
world, has directed aUthe quest now pend.
ing with the Govetment of the United States
tobe studiously go* over anew, and has laid
down as the prnndples on which its investi
gations are to be tonducted, not an endeav
or to seek argumests against the claims of
the United States, but a fair effort to ascer
Itain what is just, it order that when ascer
tained it may be conceded, and conceded
spontaneously andfreely. This Government
I repeat has resolved of its own accord to yield
to whatever is just, md to yield without press
ure. It is confidem of meeting the sae sen
timents on the partof the Government of the
United States: Thdr President had address
ed the House of Representatives in the
same spirit, declarng that justice is his only
The two nationsare thus of one accord,
and being both sheerely so,' this Govern
ment cherishes an abiding hope of arriving
at an entirely peanful solution, I say an
abiding hope, becamse gentlemen, in refer
ence to this affair sad to all others which
may be presented lere, I frankly announce
to the Cortes that whilst I have the honor
to direct the foreip. policy of this nation
I shall be governei by the dictates of good
sense and of justice, by the principle that
they should yield vho are not in the right.
When I am persualed, in any controversy
that my country isaot in the right, I believe
that I bring her in dishonor, that I dero
gate in nothing fom her dignity, by saying
that I yield. In such a course there is
strength and not reakness. It is thus that
amicable relation are to be maintained
with other countries; it is thus that we shall
establish our rigit to exact justice from
other Govcrnmens in their dealings with
I cherish then,the hope that these ques
tions will have a paceful ending, and I cher
ish it the more boause the American people
-the true Amerian people--are of gener
ous and elevated sentiments and between
two great nationt having such sentiments
in common, thereare a thousand motives for
cordial sympath;. Under these circumn
stances, genttema, the passionate influences
being removed, Muich, from their irritation,
are so baneful tothe intercourse of nations
all foundation fozdoubt, suspicion, and pre
judice will disapear, as the good of both
countries so impratively demands that it
should. I trust inat the wishes of the hon
orable Deputy ill then be satisfactorily
MEATS.-ThI sheat harvest of last year is
beginning to reval itself now very striking
ly. The N. Y. Iost says that the opening
of navigation doe not add to the supplies;
on the contrary, tie dealers of Albany and
Troy are making purchases of wheat in the
Now York marka. The Post adds:
"The stock of wheat is reduced to 25,
000 bushels, nearV all southern and Cana
dian. When thecanals open, it is not ex
pected that the sullies will be heavy, either
from Canada or he upper Lakes, whence
only supplies can' - had. No supplies of
grain or flour can come from Ohio or the
interior of this Site, so that the sources of
supply until after text harvest, are very lim
ited. There are to receipts of importance
via New Orleans, Lad the supplies of South
ern flour are lightfur a want of wheat to
grind. Prices, tlomefore instead of falling
when navigation opens, are likely to be
fully maintained f they do not actually
"The great scarity of feed for hogs is,
we observe, greatlr diminishing the number
of hogs in the country, especially in Illinois,
and will produce ! serious effect, by and by
in the price of previsions. The immediate
result, has been horever, in sending more
hin' nnd ho'r flesh o market. More fresh
pork has boon consumed this winter than
usual, vad has considerable influence in
checking the prices of other meat."
"DON'T Woams."-This is the first thing
an editor should get by heart. If Mr. 81o
cum threatens to withdraw his patronage,
because you criticise Professor Drawl's leo
ture on the onion question, don't worry
but tell him to go ahead and do it. If Mr.
Bullion writes you an insulting letter say.
ing if you do not stop writing about the
Diddleton Railroad he will ruin you with
a lawsuit-don't worry, but dare him to try
it on. If Mr. Smith threatens to "cave
your head in" because you mention that
"his son, Bob," was sent to the tombs for
pelting a street lamp with brick batse-don't
worry, but tell him you so lovelaw that you
dine on a sallad made of red tape and seal
ing wax. If Mr. Silk approaches with a
horse pistol "that kicks," and offers to blow
your brains out if you ever allude again to
his visits to Mrs. Demures, don't worry
about it but tell him to pull its " what you
call it," and blaze away. Again say, never
worry. If you do you are no more calcu.
lated for an editor than a Quaker is for
marine hornpipes.
Imeporter, and Wholesale and Retail Dealer In
Watohes, Jewelry Cutlery,
N. B. Watches and Jewelry carefully repaired. al4
april 14 JACKSON. LA.
Importers and Dealers in EHardware,
Boots, Shoes, Saddlery, Trunks, and Plantation
I AVE a full and complete assortment of
I- every thing in their line. Their old custo
mers and the public in general are requested
to call. april 8
1855.] I. N. LEMON. [1855.
Drugs, Medioines, and Chemioals.
1) Oils, Paints, and Painters articles; Var
nishes, Window Glass, Putty, Glassware,
Perfumery, Fine Soaps,
Hair, tooth, nail, hat, paint, and clothes'
Surgical and dental Instruments,
Trusses and supporters, all kinds,
Spices, Snuffs,
Patent and proprietary. Medicines; all sorts,
Letter, cap, and fancy Paper; Inks,
Fancy articles, &c.
Pure Medicinal Wines and Brandies,
Field lnad 'garden Seeds; fresh,
Toys, Shoe brushes and blacking,
Razors, tlue socket Knives, Table Cutlery,
Shcool Books by various authors.
8IiI offer goods equally as low as they can
be obtained from any similar establishment in
this section, all warranted to be
ORDnnEB FROM THE CouNTRY filled, and satis
faytion guaranuuteed, with regard both to price
and qualiyt.
receive my personal attention at all hours of
the day and night. a 14
For the Spring and Summer.
STI OW receiving and opening, a splendid sup
,A ply of new goods for the
at the old established house of LEVI, BLoox,
& Co., which will be disposed of on the most
reasonable terms.
Silk Tissue,
Bareges, flowered and plain,
Plain jacconet' organdie, and dotted muslin,
Printed ribbed muslin,
Plaid and check ginghams,
Edging and thread lace,
Ladies collars, chemisettes and under sleeves
Handkerchiefs, plain and embroidered,
Silk do
Gents' cravats, all kiuds,
Bonnet, cap, and belt Ribbons,
Trimmings for ladies dresses,
Irish Linens; brown, plaid, and check, do.
French and Attakapas cottonades,
Brown and bleached domestics,
All kinds of fancy Linens for pants,
Perfumery, a large and superior assortment.
A large and superior stock of fashionable
Clothing, and Hats, direct from New York.
Gents' boots, brogans, and shoes,
Ladies gaiters and bootees,
Children's shoes,
The trading community are respectfully in
vited to give them a call.
a 14 LEVI, BLOOM, & Co.
Carriages & Buggys made and repaired,
HAVING superior facilities for
the prompt and faithful execution
of a strictly Carriage and Buggy making a.dl
repairing Business, I invite public attention to
my establishment. None but finished work
men are in my employ, and no inferior or old
fashioned work will be found on hand.
Arrangements have been made for receiving
the best material now in use, for completing
every style of riunning gear, body, painting and
trimming, which taste or wealth can desire.
All kinds of repairing done at the shortest
notice to insure neatness and durability. All
work warranted, with proper usage. al 4
The Uniorn Hotel.
x. 3. coIttt or T'a IUsWe sqEa3,
fIAVING thorobhly repaired and re.as
II nished this popuu and well known hotme,
the undersigned are prepred to receive Board
err and entertain Travellers. Their table will
be furnished with the beat the market can atd
ford, d no pin or exertions will be spared
to please and accommodate those who may
favor them with their patronage.
C onnected w ith the H otel i s a la m and
roomy stable. Every attention will be paid to
Horses placed at livery.
Horses, Bggies, and Carrl gee , for hire..
The. Killian House.
THIS well known establishment is now open
for the reception of Boarders and the aso
commodation of Travellers. The House has
undergone a thorough renovation, and is now
in complete order, and the proprietor will spare
neither pains or money in rendering it a ded
rable retreat for all who may favor him with a
There is a large and commodious STABLE
attached to the premises, and food and atten
tive grooms. EVANS WHITE.
Clfnton and Baton Rouge Ddfly Line, of
HAVING resumed the manage
meot of the Mail Stage Line, be.
tween Clinton, Bato Rmouge, and Jackso
the undersigned would respectfully inform the
travelling public, that his (uchhes will ran
excepting Sundays, leaving Clinton and Baton
Rouge, at 9 o'clock, A.M.
From Clinton to Fram Baton Rouge, to
Baton Rouge,..$8 00 Clinton,......8 00
Jackson,...... 1 00 Jackson .... 2 60
Mt. Willing,... 2 00 Mt. Willing,.. 1 60
Plains,...... 2 60 Plains, ....... 1 00
IS..Every attention paid to the comfort and
convenience of passengers.
mar 24 WM. ELDER.
sale by the subscriber, a general
assortment of
Ladies and Gentlemen's fine Breast Pins,
Ear rings, Finger rings, Studs,
Watch keys, Snaps,
Gold and silver Pencils, with or without pens,
Gold Lockets, Thimbles,
German silver Spectacles,
Together with a variety of other fine goods,
warranted to be the articles for which they are
The above stock was selected in New York
and New Orleans by the subscriber, and Is the
largest and most superior ever offered in this
L re.WATCH~rs , CLOcKs, AND JEWELRY, repair
ed and warranted.
His store is on Brick Row, one door north
of W. W. Chapman & Co.
CARTS, &c. &c.
R. RIGC-'$2",
CONTINUES to carry on the
WlTEVI5EWRIa T business in all
of its various branches.
He has on band a large assortmeut of supe
rior well seasoned material, and all orders for
work will be executed with promptness, and
in a workmankliko manner.
Repairing of all kinds done immediately.
His shop is immediately opposite the stables
of the Union Hotel. a 14
Saddle, Bridle, and Harness Maker,
i I SOLICIT public attention to my
x, large stock of ready made work, and
te fine assortment of Leathers, Saddle, Bri
dle, and Harness Hardware and Findings.
With such material on hand, and good and
faithful workmen, I feel assured of being able
to mak.e and sell at lower rates than has ever
been done in Clinton. All I desire is to at
tract the attention of customers. I can suit
Call at my shop and examine,-let us get
acquainted, and I am certain that I can make
it your interest to address your orders to me.
No humbug about my shop.
is the best manufactory of the kind in the
State. a 14
Provision and Grooery Store
I) ESECTFULLY Inform their friends and
Il the trading public, that they have on hand
a large and complete stock of
together with a well selected assortment of
Dry Goods, Hats, Boots, Shoes, Hardware,
and in fact every article in demand, for Family
or Plantation use.
They are prepared to make advances on
Cotton consigned to OAKEY & HAWKINS,
and to afford all the facilities usual in their
line of business. a14
Gold and Silver Spectaoles,
SA WELL SELECTED and superior as
sortment of Gold, silver, and Steel
rimmed Spectacles to suit all ages, constantly on
hand, and for sale by
a 14 WM. ~P..Dr.,, Br!cki Row.
o. 8. xowMoo ax.
Drullstitg aad Apoth a ires,
BOOulfMlS oNlaY.
Paints, Oil, Lread, and T ,b
m.Sw k dVurthe.6tt AIbAiwth page.
AIIWAY&ON 1WRn1'APmg omu 01
fanrc Furnltare, which he oi low for cash
or city aeeptanme; or on time, where the bill
l accepted lJ ray of the requetdble mercan
tile houses o lntofn.
His stock consists of CABINET FURNI.
TITRE of every variety and qlt, fom the
F nest to the most h de 1}, d a vsa
areausm,Secretari debord, Noo am,
ritin desks, Dining and BreakL at tables,
o.tension dining tables, Card and side tables,
Centre tables, Work tables, Ihcy and plain,
Wash stands, enclosed marble top and common,
Parlor and dining chairs, im de chairs,
Mahgany, Walnut, Maple, Cane, Wood, and
Rocki Chairs; large upholstered cushioned
seat, Larg arm and Nurse's rockers,
Cane, Rush, and Wood seats,
Children's Chairs of every variety,
Split bottom chair, painted and plain,
BedsteAds of extra sie with cornice, square
and futed posts, walnut,
Also: common .sire walnut, cherry, sycamore,
an4vpar, square, octagon and round posts,
ott eteas, Lounges,
hildren's Cribs, large and small sizes,
Looking glasses, Toilet standard glasses,
Parlor, mantle, and wall mirrors,
Sofs; walnut ad mahogan y, spring seat, ex
tr large and medium size,
Double and single mattrusse and feather beds,
Willow wagons, cradles, and chairs,
" clothes and knife baskets,
Armoires, walnut, cherry, and common,
Safes; wire and tin, walnut and common,
" large and small sizes.
I offer the above in lots to suit purchnwaorQ,
at as low prices as they can be procured fro'n
the city, and in much better order and coai.
US.Price of high post and double B ,I
steads: eight and ten dollars. Extra l:irge
posts, with cornice: twenty, twenty-five, thirty,
fifty-five, and sixty-fre dollars. a14
i HE UNDERSIGNED, thankful for the
e liberalpstronage which he has received for
a series of years, during which his efforts to
k please and accommodate, he trusts, has afford
0 ed general satisfaction, with the view of a,,
5 creasing that approbation and support, in.a o
large and valuable additions to his present .
tensive assortment.
IHe is prepared to furnish Balls, SBoreer
Weddings, Assemblies, Dinner Parties (pul
or private), and social gatherings, of what. v
kind, with every article required.
It would be to the interest of country in r
chants and others, to call, examine, and levr
their orders.
Candies, assorted Ginger, Canton
Rock candy do Havana
I Cakes & pastry, ass'd Raisins, Layens & M. 1.
Sugar plums do Cherries in Brandy
Preserves in syrup Clinamon and Spice
do Brandy Strawberry cordial
I Candies, new style Raspberry do
Cordials ass'd, superior Orgeat do
do common Currants
I Muscat wine Citron, preserved
Currant jelly Cloves and nutmegs
Quince do Almonds, pecans
Orange do Essenced; lemon, rose
Guava do Rose water, &c. &c.
Pork and bacon sides Mess Beef, by the half
Shoulders and Hams or whole barrell
Sugar cured Hams Cheese and butter
DuMeld's do Coffee and tea
Stagg & Shay's do Chocolate
Sugarsn; brown, loaf, Mackerel, in kits and
crushed & powdered barrels
Soap and candles Salmon In kits
Golden syrup, retail Dried apples
Sugar cured beef Pickles, all sihed jars
Ketchups, &c
Comprising a full and superior assortment o
superior FAMILY GROCERIES, all
of which will be sold low, and in quantities to
suit purchasers.
Wines, old & choice Brxndy, superior
Port do do do lower grades
Madeira do do Whiskey, all qualities
Claret do do Gin and rum, superior
Champagne do Scotch Ale
Muscat do London Porter
American Porter Sweet Oil, in half and
do Ale whole bottles
And a great variety of other articles for
a 14 WM. GURNEY.
Olive Lodl N , o, 6L Y, ,
dlong of the Full Moon, at thelrLpdge room,
in the iturges Buildlag.
Ornnesss-G. W. MUNDAY, W./. M..
We. SADLER 8.. W.*.
i B. PETTISA, J... W...
Visiting Bretnree respectfully Invited to at
tend. By ordars
mnr ?t Wv. A. O'REILLY, .wBdery.

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