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Grenada Gazette.
Ii. T. rAYNE.i Manaubks.
attention, DEMOCRATS!
At a call meeting of the County
Pemocratic Executive Committee,
held in Grenada on June 25th, it was
ordered that the date for holding the
County Convention be changed from
Saturday, July 9th, to Mondyy, July
4th. It was further ordered that no
change be made in the date for hold
ing the beat meetings.
On motion the committee adjourned
J. C. Crump,
J5. L. Sanderson, Chm. pro tem.
Grenada, Miss., June 25th, 1887.
The biggest piece oi artillery ever
made by Krupp Is a forty-centimetre
gun Just finished at Essen, The effect
of a shot from this gun is said to be
(be most destructive known. The
(hot easily pierces the most strongly
armored iron-clad at a close distance.
It also passes clean through an
armor-plate of ninety-seven centi
metres thickness at a distance of
3000 feet. Another of Krupp's latest
productions, a quick-firing gun on
the pivot system, Is also very highly
spoken of, its performances being
puch that no torpedo boat could pos
sibly withstand it or escape.
A great cruelty is often inflicted in
shutting up bens that want to sit,
says one who has had experience. I
have heard women say that they had
shut them up in a bairel, or some
dark place, for five or sit days with
out food or drink. When let out
they are so weak they could hardly
Walk. I have uo trouble iu "break
ing" my hens. As soon as one shows
an undue disposition to sit I cover
her or fix her nest so that she cannot
get to it. If that fails she is put into
a coop, made of narrow slats, and
stuffed with food Instead of starved.
Bhe Will soon be in condition to re
sume laying.—Western Rural.
An amusing story is going about
England With the' Archdeacon of
Winchester for Us hero, A few days
since the archdeacon took a party of
ladles over the cathedral, and, having
entered the sacred edifice, put the
key in his archdeucoual pocket; The
organ happened to be Under repair;
and some of the pipes were lying
about. The archdeacon is a small
man, and his evil genius prompted
him to give his friends a practical
illustration either of his own small
ness or the vast diiuensons of the
pipes, by crawling into it. But either
the arobdeacon was bigger than he
supposed or the pipe was smaller; for
having screwed himself inBide, there
the reverend gentleman stuck. The
key of the church being in bis pocket,
and the ladies being unable to extract
him, the archdeacon had to remain
there till the workmttn came ba£k
from dinner.
Self-Winding Clnelta.
It Is curious what a revolution in
ihe watch trade self-winding has
inode, and I have often wondered
that do such plan hail been adapted
to dock*. This has now been dorifc,
And I fancy the clock which winds
itself np every hour will produce a
complete Change in the clock trade.
The invention is very ingebious. Tile
iritcetinls eliminates the heavy rind
ftfstly parts of the clock work, gives
ritk nloqenlent one-fiftieth part of the
■W#rk to do drlglnally entailed on it,
itrid secures greatly incrersed effiel
i'Acy and accuracy by the lightness
m Its action, bid favorites need hot
nS discarded, as, iu most cases,.While
flitiiinlng entirely theii 1 old appear
ance they can be converted to the
dew pfidclple, and do longer need
tiie weokiy visit for winding. I went
the other dajr, to Queon vletqrla Bt.
to see td'ese clocks, where sl| aboiit
Ibeni waiexplained tb me, aiid where
l beard, the government has already
Mpjlted the systetii for the new post
dfHoe bdllding in Maribbester.—Lon
don Triith.
. tieu, F, E. Spinner says that he
founds bis''hope of salvstion" od thfe
fact that ns first appointed woineri
to positions in the Trsasury l).epsrt
foent, Washington. Miss Jennie
Douglas was ths first one sppnlnted,
•nd she. and others later, were em
ployed on the merely mechanical
.work of trimming treasury notes
C shsars. A numbsr uf tiduie®
atads slsrlts In Utt>
DUtriut Executl
p Committee Meeting.
The Judicial Committee met
suant to call of the chairman at Sar
dis. Panola county, on Tuesday,June
21st, 1877, at 11 o'clock a. m,, and tile
following proceedings were had, to
The committee was called to order
by W. O. Hunter, chairman.
On motion of Gov. Sbands, C. R.
Boyce, of DeSoto county, was admit
ted to represent said county in J. P.
Walker's stead, and upon motion
was also elected secretary.
It was then moved and carried ttmt
D. W. Patterson, of Tallahatchie
counto, be admitted to represent said
county, lie having been elected by
the Executive Committee of his
county, instead of Spencer Harley,
deceased. It was moved anil carried
that the representation of the counties
composing the district be the sanieas
heretofore, to-wit:
Tunica county—Two votes.
DeSoto county—Four votes.
Tate county—Four votes.
Panola county—Six votes.
Tallahatchie comity—Two votes.
Grenada county—Two votes.
Calhoun county—Three votes.
A motion was then made by C. It.
Boyce that the District Nominating
Convention be held at Hernando,
EeSoto county, Miss. Carried.
On motion of W. 1). Patterson,
Wednesday, August 10th, 1887, was
selected as tile day for holding said
couventioti. Cpun motion llie chair
man of this committee was requested
to secure, if possible, reduced rates
on railroads for delegates to said con
Moved and carried that the seere
tary of the committee furnish a copy
of the proceedings thereof to the
Southern Reporter and to tlie l'ano
iian with the request that the same
be published therein and Copied by
all the other papers in the district.
On motion committee then adjourn
ed to meet on call of chairman.
_ O. Hunter,
C. R. Boyce, !
It Is a pleasure, indeed/ to note the
spirit and determination to make a
living at home, which has been dis
played by the fanners iu our county
this year. In fact, everybody have
put a shoulder to the wheel with uu
apparent desire to push up the hill of
success, and shove oil' the yoke Of
credit and mortgage and climb up to
a level of independence. This Is
evidenced by the interest manifested
iu raising stock, In growing grain
and In making Colton a surplus. Nu
doubt many have not lived in luxury
in making this step, but tlie blessiugs
of their efforts will soon be returned
to them in ten fold, and by economi
cal management, the farming inter
est of thb Mouth Will he the most
profitable of all avocations, and, as a
class, tho most independent and
happy. You are on the right road
keep in the middle and go forward.
—Hotiston Free Boutb.
The governor of Texas, lijt procla
mation, makes It an objeet for the
citizens of that Btate to turn their
attention to the enforcement b'f the
law. He offers a reward of $1000 tbr
each train robber, $500 for each mem
ber of a mob, and $250 for every per
who engages in an ubltiwful
conspiracy of any description. Con
sidering the plentiful supply of this
sort of game in that section, it will
pay bettea to hunt with the state
authorities than It Will to engsige in
the usual oceupntionB of the frontier.
The Farmers' Alliance is said to
have a membeashlp of over 200,000 III
Terfas, knd 25,000 iu LmiisinTia. They
liove a membership exceeding 0000 III
this State. The Relief, wlilt-h had its
origin in tills State, is sidd to be
growing rapidly, arid now has a
membership of 12,000 In Mlssisslpbi.
Thb tiriecj has a big following W
Arkansas riutf Tennessee, and is
growing strong In the northern por
tion of the lititte.—^ifooueVltlC I'lnln
dealer. _
polities now pRirnise to become S
disturbing eleltuitit Hi tlie Wheel aiid
Alliance organizations. It would hi}
better to pull down tile bars and let
tho disturber out than to have the
tiiorfe Important objects 0l tbq organ| :
nations Interfered with. Ppistiea.M
a great buiriibUg AilgwAy.—CdHHttl
At the Gazette OiTice
g A
At thd Gatfettb Otlice
Our Choice for U. S. Senator,
aEirx.. e. e. walsxcall.
Of Crenada.
3Tox State Senator.
We are authorised to announce the
name of Hox. W. S, Eskhiiiue, of
Charleston, as a candidate for State
Senator for the With Senatorial Dis
trict, composed of Grenada, Talla
hatchie and Quitman counties, at the
ensuing election, subject to the action
of the Democratic party.
Of Grenada, Is hereby announced us
a candidate for re-election to the Mate
Senate from this the .'Kitli senatorial
district of Mi
action of tin
tive party.
lssippi, subject to tlu*
Democrat ie-Conserva
a or 2^eyxe*sxi.ta.tiv®.
We are authorized to announce the
name of Hon. Jam. C. LonhsThekt as
a candidate for re-cisetioa to the Leg
islature, from Grenada enmity, sub
ject to the action of the Democratic
| name of Ira I). Oglesby, of Seuato
! bia, for re-election to the office of Dis
j trict Attorney for this the Third Ju
jdicial District of Mississippi, suiijeot |
; to the action of Hie Democratic party.
j We are authorized to announce the
name of A. H. WiimtEUi, uf Gren
I ada, as a candidate for District Attor
! tlev for the Third Judicial District of
i Mississippi, at the ensuing election,
I subject to tne action of the Demo
I cratic party.
i We are authorized to announce the
| name of J. J. Slack, of Grenada, as
; a candidate for District Attorney for
the Third Judicial District of Missis
; sippi, at tlie ensuing election, subject
to tile action of the Democratic party.
Vox SllsxiiX.
We are authorized to announce the
, name of Bkn.i. Williams us a candi
date for Sheriff of Grenada comity,
i st the ensuing election,subject to tlie
1 Democratic Convention.
EsrBS.stri.ct -A.tt5xa.ey.
We are authorized to announce tlie
We are authorized to announce the j
name o: (4. 11. Jones as a candidate |
I ,, ' r I'e-election t< the office of hhenfl
ill tin* (JUsming election, subject to the j
j action of tlie Democratic party.
j We are authorized to announce the 1
name of L. McCracken as aeaudi-|
i !l ate *' ,r , Sheriff at tlie ensuing elec-:
| turn,subject to the action ot tlieDem-1
i ocratie party. ,
nunit* uf J no. C\ Winiuiam as* a can- j
Fox Oxaixicex^ Giarlc.
We arc authorized to announce the I
i didate for Chancery Clerk at the en-1
j suing election, subject to the action
] of the Democratic party. ]
We are authorized to announce the j
t name of J. T. Thomas as a candidate |
; for Chancery Clerk at the ensuing
i election, subject to the action of the
Democratic party.
! We are authorized to announce tlie
! name of J No. J. Gaoe, J n., as a can
didate for Chancery Clerk at the en
i suing election, subject to the action
! of tlie Democratic party.
! Vox Clxc-vtltCZerli.
i We are authorized to announce the
: name jf JNo. C. Perrv as a eandi
date for Circuit Clerk at the ensuing
! election, subject to the action of the
Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce the ]
name of Jxo. H. Kinc' rt? a candidate
for the office of Circuit Clerk of Gren
ada county at the ensuing election,
subject to the action of the Doinocra
tic Convention.
We are authorized to announce the
naitie of 1\ W. Gausk as a candidate
for Circuit Clerk at the ensiling elee
tlon, subject to the actlbii of the Dem
oeratie party.
We hereby linnotince the mime of
It. T. I'avXe as a candidate for Cir
cuit Clerk at tile elisUing Koyenibef
election, subject to the action of the
Democratic* party.
P6x CoVLaxty Txcavmcqx.
We are itutlioriZed to announce tlie
iiaiiie of Ed. H. Payne as a candidate
rer at the ensuing
dctloU of tHe
fur County Treilsu
election, subject to tile
Democratic piirty.
We Kre authorized to alinouncc !ho
inf W M. Ham as a candidate
for County Treasurer at the ensuing
election, subject to tlie action Of the
Dciftocratic party.
rox Otvi Tpaxsrlscx
We are autliorized to announce the
liitme »f H. J. (ioKtioN, M. ..
didate for Supervisor for l.eut No. 1,
ill tlie ensilldg election, subject to the
tfctlon ti( tlie Democratic, party. j
an a can
A i'jpitMtiT Trip to O'»• Nortli.
The tllitiois Central hnilroad, t; (j
lilt extension to Cilicago, Kaiua
Pontiac and Bl^O'illiigton, lilt
mils, Iciiving Hantitimid, l.ouisiana,
at 11 !30 a. nt.; Aberdeen, 2:35 p. m.;
Yazoo City, 8:10 p, pi.; Lexington,
«:20 p. lit., nu July 2nd, 1887. This
excursion Is in Hip .Interest of 4ou th
em emigration lin'd every city In the
Southern Mtatfs (Ridiild lutve igpre
sentatiod In the party. ,'J'lic exi tif
sion will be accompanied by Mr.
Charles Welnlaud,of Kunkakee, III.,
wlio will make all arrangements for
a. pleasant auil profitable trip. Ap
ply to agents Illinois Central It. It.,
for tdiiiTd trip rates.
Between Memphis, Tenn., and New
Orleans. La.
SfIifUhIF ll
ES'ert ,li
if Sth, 1SS7.
st vrn
I.v; o ikj p ui
8 10 a mlLv Hernando Lv 5 54 p in
7 52 a ni'l.v Senatobia I.v ti 13 p m
7 ill a nijl.v Sardis
8 33 a m!I.v Batesville
5 45 a in.I.v Oakland
4 50 a in I.v Grenada
3 oil a ni Lv Winona
U (Si a in IA r Me
I.v 6 55 p m
I.v: 7 32 p Ri
I.v! 8 Id p iu
I.v, 0 07 p m
r.' 10 05 p in
i mlLv Durant L - 11 IU p m
1 40 a m 1 i.v Canton I.v 12 30 a m
12 42 a m i.v Jackson I.s 1
10 54 p tivl.v Brookliaveni.v 3 2
0 44 p ni|Lv McC'omb ('. I.v 4 2s a m
7 40 p inT.v Hammond Lv, 0 30am
0 On p m Lv New!)rlpans.\ri
a m
a m
a in
No, (h
Sardis Ac-om n.
iinAr Memphis TTvIoSOpm
7 43 a in|I.v Whileha'u Ar 5 52 p m
7 31 a m Lv Hornlake Arl 0 03 p m
7 I4auilLv Nesbit Ar! 6 21 pm
7 00 a m|I.v Hernando Ar o 30 p in
(i 4<> a liiiLv Love , Ar. 8 51 p m
li .35 a m I.v Coldwnter. .Ar 7 02 p m
6 18 a m I.v Senatobia Ar] 7 2n p in
8 00 a mlLv Como.. ..Ar! 7 40 pm
o 45 a nil, v Sardis Ar75«pm
This train will stop at all Hag stations
| V ew Orleans ma U north will stop at
i, OVCi Xedblt, Horn Lake and White
haven to put of!' passengers holding
tickets to these points from stations
south of Sardis. Southbound this
train will slop at said points when
flagged by agent to take on passen
gers south of Sardis.
8 On a
No 2, Express
No 4 , Mali
No 8, Local Freight arr.
0(11 Ml SOUTH.
arr. 10 30 p U)
arr. 4 45 a iti
3 In p III
No 1, Express
No 3, Mail
No 7 , Local Freight
arr. 12 20 a ill
arr. 0 IS p in
arr. 8 so a in
cofrfmissiorer's Sale.
R. N. & 11. H, Nam
j ) aha Barnes, et ai .
| jjy av irtue of a decree in the above
?tvl ',. ( , tmise at the March
j j' ( '. riI1 y j j jq s ; thereof of ths
'Chancery Court uf Grenada coutityi
1 Miss., and to me dim'eted, ! will, oil
Tuesday, July 5th, 1887,
., r(K . et ,,| to sell, at the eastern door of
{ he f.mrt-liouse, in the town of Ur**
, nada, within legal hours, at public
I outcry, for division, to the highest
for caf»h, the foliowing <1e'
j scribed lands*, to-wit: K
I biilil
f Her':
24, township 23, range 3 cast the
same K ing and being in the count*'
] uf Grenada, State of Mississippi.
j L. H. Ti hn ub,
| B. C. A'Iams, fomr.
folk HOt.
Grenada, Miss., June 1887.
] ' ,er
Hjurial NIiIIff tl>TF*rU"r«
F.aelt teacher of a public free solioo'
is now required by law to take tin?'
census of all Children over live and
under twenty-one years of age resit}-'
iug in his school district. Teuclierii
of course; will Confine themselves f*
children of their own color. This if
a matter of grave importance to th•'
school interests, (is the amount oi
veil frorli tliC Mtatedls
determined liy tin* mini'
of educable chiidreu in each
county. Take tlie name, age ami
sex of each and every child in tilt-'
district, whether an attendant of if
free school or not, and report to lilt'
by or before August 1st.
R. T. l'AYNrt,
June 24, 4t. Co. Mupt. Education
uinlity re
trlhutioh i
National Holiday, July 4th. 18*:.
In accordance with a tlim -lioucref'
custom, tiie Mississippi <v Tennessee'
Railroad will soil on the !rd and 4tP
itiiys of July, round trip tickets liej
tween all stations on Its line of mat!
at one fare, good to return until am'
on the 7th day of July. 1887. Extrii
coaches will lie placed on trains td
afford ample accommodations fl ,f
A. J. Kn u*r,
Ccn'l Ticket Agent.
S{te< ifol Not
The Mississippi .V TMuiessee t'si|
Road t'efnpaiiy utter extraordinary
low fates to shippers of vcgctalileT
ovti* Its line to Memphis, Tenth t'nl
on agent at depot, who will furnisf
you copy of tariff A. J. Knai'S,
June ii, '?T. Gen. Frt. Agf:
uhanK iintl CiroWcri*
• to M
- : I C K : -
bn ami affe* jime lit, lift
Miss. & Tenn. Ice Cat
will sell Ten nt HOc. per 10ti tkf'
Less than 100 Ibs^ nt. let. for lii'
W 'rtf rl end rtjt & Srti~
Wrn. Fofirty.
Train arrive*
A fine new WiisiWt Me wing, Mach iris
qgitipletc with all the latest attach-]
(Bento and improvemenjs, for salf'
cheap. Come around, and give us l
i. Apply to tin* )iii!ior editor nr
this paper_
If you wlsli ii,. purchase a scliolgi j
ship for a full course of short-l\Au^v
Inalructiqug, cheap, applt to O'fi
(tors or this
■ i

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