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Knangul tie- (-—I -i.tlt.-e ju iljsmmii;
aa-xiinl flow limit matter.
H. E. Abqcitt & Co.
Plasterers, Ce mentors
Grate] Mantel Setting
blit Tku&s ni Itaoli Cleaned.
S', ot
Narh.. ll-|M)i l-.'t»rrcrt*<l tVi
lit. Mill
o 1 ..
nt ml,idling
ibLIlls lair
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$ 3 OS S
8 (ty 12
8 @ 5
jU ftp IM)
. 75 (us 1 215
. 20 (0 25
Turk* y«
. 15
<<b 2"
15 (4 20
. 50 00 (50
1 50 ft(i 2 00
1 00 (rt» l If)
,*)tl (if, (10
(4. I 50
K*x Hats, at J. Ail"tin & Co's.
Dr. Jim. J. tinge's ofik't* may now
be futiu'l over Mr. lien. Luke's store.
A boi iii ig to*n .nit west com
plain. of ill-••Salvation Army,'
cause it. members sing, "There iH a
iau'l lliat is fairer than this."
I will pay fifteen cents per bushel,
Mali, fur Cotton Seed, on the public
We uinlei.land that Dr. A. C.Ktiy
keinlall lias purchased the residence
in course of ciKistruetiou of Mr. L.
R. Turner, on Main street.
Mr. J. J. Williams, Jr., still con
tinues to "hold the for!" at Austin's
corner, wlmre lie is preuared to sup
ply tlie public with cigars, peanut.,
*tc., etc.
A. (lr.it.Milo
The finance committee of the Gren
ada ('minty Farmer.' Alliance arc
r*que*tei| In meet ill Grenada Oil
Wedua.day, lklli Instant.
J. C. Dki.oaoh, Sec'y.
The residence of ( apt. W. P. Tow
ler. A v»ry comfortable house, con
venient to the business part of the
city. Nnue but a first-class tenanl
need apply. For terms, etc., apply to
R. T. 1'AY.NK.
Oliver Clifton voted for John Mc
Gill for Mayor of Jackson, and Col.
Power kli'ked him out of the editori
al eliair of the Clarion. Now he
•huuld I a* kicked out of the clerkship
of the Supreme Court.—Vaideii Jour
We have on hand several contribu
tion., among which is a poem from a
Providence patron, and another from
a friend In the C'aseiilii neighborhood,
ea. Ii ..f which will appear in these
columns some time in the near fu
Suiue thHf made u raid on Mr. Gtis.
Uerard lust Tuesday nii^ht, hy open
the blinds and raising the win
d«»w from the out-side. He then lift
ed Mr Gerard's clothes off of a chair
Hear I lie window, searched the pock
ets, captured one dollar and eighty
five cents, left the clothes in the front
yard, and skipped.
Mr B»*n. F. Leslie and Miss.Annie
Tribhle were united iu the holy bonds
of mairimony. at the bride's home,
in the western part of this county
last Wednesday evening. They
both jrounff .Industrious r.nd luteili
Ifeiit, as well ascconomionl, and have
(behest Wishes of the G AJSBTTK for «
long, prosperous and happy lift*.
Mr. B. E. Moor.', son of Mr. .1. T.
Moore, of this county, and Mr. J. A.
Htevens have erected a saw mill of
handsome propotions about
mile, west of Grenada, mid aru ready
M> -apply the pul,lie with tbo best
vrllow pine lumber at tlie lowest
rates. Tli is is an institution that
should be encouraged, and we hope
will, by our people generally.
firvnvUMiulciiUiiil Literary Club.
Tho next meeting will be held at
the residence of ('apt. Powell, Fri
day eve. Jan. 20th, at-,7.l a ' o'clock.
Subject: Venice. Instrumental mu
sic, Miss EMe Thomas. Essay. Mrs.
John Powell. Vocal music, Misses
Hntfe and Bledsoe. Reading, Mrs.
Carotbers. Instrumental music, Miss
Belle Th.noas, Poetical selections,
Miss Florence Bledsoe. All the
member* and friends of the Club
requested to attend. We promise
you an entertaining and instructive
Farmers ale beginning to apprecl
»U- the situation. They are fast
learning that they, who feed and cti
rt«h all other classes, must organize,
•on perfect their working forces, or
•lee go hungry. Hence have risen
< «(?"*''• l **® AlUwMe, the Farm
er a Wheel and kindred organ iza
U**t. In tills age of oo-operatlon
the etas* lacking co-opperatlon will
Inevitably suffer. True prosperity
•uuol be without It. On the real
prosperity of the farmer Is based the
ml proenerltv of nil. The farmer
pm moat know the value of hi* *pro
4net; of ehenpenlng the cost of pro
Mellon; of »wlft movement; of com
(MHIon; of kaatenlng the fruit* of
mtoll ts market* where they are
■M^prlwd and lo demand. With
M W . operathm I* not to be for the
i Elia. GasJi.tte!— I
j The Farmers' Alliauen of Grenada!
i County, Miss., met in regainr session j
at .Spring Hill, January 6, 1888, gild
whs i;i session two days. 'The hotly
was ealleii to order at 10 l J o'clock- #•
ui., by the President, ami op# pud in
due form. The committee on tireUeu
tiuls submitted their report, from
which we ohtaiited the fttid that the
Alliance was growing rapidly, and
wo hnd t-he largest representation we
had ever had. there being ten subor
dinate Alliances represented, with
full delegations. Wo had tile pjuas
ure of having'Dr. Hurt, editor oi the
New Farmer, with us, who made a
stirring speech iu toe interest of the
organization, and the State organ,
hi order to make this article short l
will give you a synopsis of the pro
ceodings, with an occasional l'esolu
thin in lull as adopted. The trade
committee submitted their report,
On motion of Judge Fairlield, Dr.Mc
Swine, Jiio. S. King and W. M. Oil
bard were added to the coiuiidttee,
with the request that the committee
investigate the whole system (which
we suppose includes the Ma»nn» bn
system) mid report to the Alii-!
. M, Du bard, county busi
agent, made his report to the !
body and respectfully resigned litelyoinl
agency. On motion the report w us
received aurl Bio. Dubard's resigns-1
tiou accepted. The committee on
demands and resolutions pul,milled
their report, which was received and
after a full discussion was adopted
by sections, as follows; i
l. We would rnce.iiiim -inj that nil loins
taken on growing crop or crops to In- prown
In this State «lmll hu void c*eept such us arc
now In force in I'avor of lumt-lords.
;»• of
cud the passi
a law providing for an inspector of \y
2. We further
• counsy of (jrenadi
and measures for I
3. We recommend the reconstruction of
tho Judicial system oft he HLate so as to (
snlldiitc I he Circuit mu! C|t;
romnunoml 11 ruvislon of t!w pres
1. W<
cut Hell
5. We
vliliiik for the Inspection
nnoid the pus
i nl
I' all hanks In
this rttnto.
A resolution wnsoft'ereil unit adopted niuin
insly reqliestlni! our representative to use
"I'lthu repeal of the law
ithorlzlnk the Hoard of Supervisors of
my t.
his best otforls to si
ippolntu cotton w<
[Ji'i nada ei
llod that this County Al
inty AHl
A motion pro
liance net In concert with other in
ight tlu .State p i, nesting the
aiu'i's thrmiehn
Presidents to call the State Alllumio fogul her
in Jackson early in
Motion prevailed deferringelection
is agent until to
ut 10 o'clock. A
resolution offered by Dr. MeKwIne
and the Secretary in regard to a gen
eral stock law, was race
me! ion made the special order of bu
siness for 9 o'clock a. m., of the sec
olid day. Motion was
resolution was tabled requesting our
Representative in the Legislature to
use his efforts in having a law passed
making the tux assessor the equalizer
of taxes for this county.
Morning Kkssjon, 2nd, Day.
of comity
morrow morning
and oi
adopted. A
Alliance opened in due form by the
President. Minutes of yesterday's
session read. On motion Bro. James
Thornton was elected vice-president
pro-tera. The resolution of Dr. Mc
Swine was then called up, read and
discussed. Bro. J. S. King offered a
substitute to tlie resolution, which
reads as follows:
That our Senator and Memlcr of the House
be rei|Uestoc to use their efforts to secure the
inking ii unlawful for hogs
In this county to run at large after the Isi
day of Jan. isse. That after tlie 1st day of
Jan. W three wire or plank shall be
After a debate .if tin hour or two
the substitute was adnjited by a very
small majority. On motion the vote
was made unanimous, and tlie .Secre
tary requested to furnish Messrs. Mc
Leod am! Longstreet a copy of the
resolution. The next business in or
der was the election of county busi
ness agent. Dl'. McSvvine was put in
nomination and unanimously elect
ed. Tlie Doctor made a short speech
iu which lie thanked the brethren for
their confidence in him, etc., pledg
ing himself to do all he could for tic
good of tlie order. No man Is better
or more favorably known in this
county than Dr. McSwinu. The com
mittee appointed to examine into tlie
action of the trade committee report
ed that they find upon investigation
that said committee have exercised
some diligence, but in our judgment
have not exhausted the subject. We
recommend tlie continuance of said
committee. That tlie county business
agent call them together at an early
day In Grenada to act in conjunction
with this committee in the further
ance of the work, and tlie trade com
mittees from Carroll county repre
senting those Alliances trading m
Grenada, arc respectfully invited to
tie present and take action with us.
Report received and adopted.
A motion was offered to reconsider
a former action of this body in regard
to Judge A. T. Roane, A motion to
table prevailed* A resolution was ad
opted that each Alliance in the coun
ty und those in Carroll who trade in
tills county he requeslrd to make up
a list of agricultural implements and
hardware in general which thev will
need by or before the first of March,
the names of individuals to be ap
pended, and each member agreeing
to take the articles named if an
agreement Is made by the business
agent at less price than -now obtains.
Lamons Hiihool House was selected
as the place for holding the next, ses
sion of the County Alliance and tlie
time appointed, the lith day of April
'88. A resolution of thanks was ten
dered to the Cane Creek Alliance and
citizens of the community for the
hospitable manner In which they hnd
entertained the members of the body.
No further business
President cloaod In
the largest and most profitable ses
sions we have had.
earing the
'orra one of
ss app
due ro
J. (' Dwr,fUon.
Grenada Miss., Jan. !>, '8H. Booty.
Brethereu of the press! Forget
not to urge upon tlio legislature a
bill upon which we all agreed at last
l'l'CftA Aannolatlon; vie; A Bill re
qnlrlng alt acts of a local nature pas
sed by the legislature to be printed
tli the local papers. Also to have a
printer's tools to the
exempte d from taxation.
value ef $M0 00
tt (Mg*, retarned home Ttitu'Sday after a y
of# tow wMb (o tbe eaatera part of the,
I Kim. Gazbiti? ;—
j see in your
j that there wiij ,
applipftuts tot the office of County
tSiiporintcipiujit of Education. Ah4
we aseertai
sources that he will not he a candj
date to succeed himself. Therefore
it behooves us to seek a man of like
qualities, and these qualities reside
in Hie person of our worthy and msli
mable friend Ur. Jno. J. G.i
the person of this Christian gentje
man lies all the qualities necessary
tokeepour schools just where they
tire. and make them wlutt the future
will demand of them. That Grenada
county takes the lead in tlio manage
meut of public-schools Is ;i fact, he
litelyoinl the liudovy of a doubt, ami
why not let liar keep her present
speed to the top of the moiintof pros
purity? Dr. Uage is a. gentieipan of
rare executive ability, and we are
very giad that California could not
shelter him under her golden pin
i nis. We arc clamoring tor Dr.
Huge and hope he will not say "Bn."
H is record is known to tlio people of
this eouty, mid therefore needs no
questioning. We could say nothing
more flattering of him than to say
that his future career will he as sat
isfactory as the past. Dr, Huge is a
professional man, and a close observ
er, true to ins trust, and of rare schol
arly attainments. We feel safe in
saying that Ids superior is too hard
to find, and his equals are few and
far between. We are satisfied that
Dr. Gage filled tile official chair .with
honor and satisfaction to the people
of Grenada county, We hope lie
wont say "no," and that there twill
the part of the
Hoard in giving i;c mir choice.
A Teachkk.
issue of ths ?th lust,
he all exifiphtaHun Of
f am reliably informed that our most
efiiuient acting 8upt. Mr- H. T. Thiync
wiil not he a candidate to suuocpd
himself. There is not a teacher in
this county who would like to see
him elsewhere than the olflee lie now
Ii!l3 so satisfactorily. His adminis
tration has beep oiie of unparalled
success. Teachers of every
have been pleased at hisjqst admin
istration. And bis strict non-partis
anshipln his discretionary powers
made us all like him the more,
Kiicli a man
feel loth to Iohu. But
from very reliable
fie no licsilni
Gov. Lowry's Message to the Leg
islature is entirely too voluminous
for us In reproduce it. He devotes
the major portion of it to the subject
.ii" finances, and revenues: He
that if lho law-makers with tile
consent of the of the executive have
heretofore been loo liberal in the sup
port of educational and charitable
institutions, that this support can be
reduced,or in the case of the school p
colleges and benevolent iiisli: utions,
entirely withdrawn. The Governor
is strictly in favor of enforcing tie
collection of the poll lux, «» the de
linquent polls amount 70,000 or 8(1,OfiO
dollars per annum. He is In favor
of making failure to pay poll-tax a
misdemeanor puni.-hable by fine and
imprisonment, and lie recommends
an amendment to the Constitution
making the payment of the poll-tax
n condition of the right ot suffrage.
He calls attention to the fact that the
judiciary expenses of a county are
the heaviest, brought about by th
t rial of misdemeanors and petty of
fences in the Circuit Court. He is id
tile opinion that the district attorney
should be paid stated salaries and re
deye no other fees. This same re
commendation was made by the
Governor, two years ago. Ho en
dorses the present system of leasing
the convicts, and informs the Legis
lature that inasmuch as the State, 1ms
already leased the penitentiary and
convicts to the Gulf and Ship island
It. R. Co., for a term of years, thi
iract cannot lie set aside nr cancelled
unless the lessees have violated their
terms and conditions and thereby
forfeited their right under the lease.
Circuit Court lias been in session
this week, Judge Roane presiding
with his usual impartiality and abil
ity. The docket is the lightest known
for years past. The petit juries wen
discharged oil Wednesday, us there
was virtually nothing for I hem to do.
The only case of importance on the
erlminui docket, disposed of, was the
slate vs. Tom Young, charged with
murder, defendant plead guilty, to
manslaughter, and was sentenced to
twenty years in the p-ntitenliary.
Our new District Attorney, J, j.
.Slack Esq. goes at. his part of the
business like "an old hand at the hoi
lows" and gives sufficient evidence
of his ability to fully meet all -neces
sary requirements in (lie discharge
of his oliieial duty. Mr. J. C. Perry,
ujr new Circuit Clerk, is also up tn
the mark and gives general satisfac
tion. The ease of Wright Williams
colored, oh urged with th ■ murder of
Richard Ta.vlor colored, is set for next
Monday, and a special venire drawn.
It causes the people of this Htule a
great mortification to know that Gov.
Lowery's message does not suit, the
Memphis Appeal. The Appeal has
been taking an nv'i-r-xafilous interest
in our state affairs for some time
past, and we fondly hoped that all
our olHeial i had been o thoroughly
drilled hy this self-cons'.itutedmeteor
as to never transgress Its highest
wish. We are therefore pained to
note that Gov. Lowery bus actually
delivered himself of u message to the
legislature that utterly fails to come
up to the Appeal's standard. We
would suggest to the Appeal that. It
move down to Jackson, during tile
session of the legislature—if no long
er—and make Gov. Lowery "behave
his-self. "
Dr. E. M. Higbt, demist, lias mov
ed his office into the new brick build
ing erected on the west, side of Main
street by Col. W. If. Russ, where lie
Is fitted up In elegant style, and sup
plied with alt the tool* arid applian
ces of modern tlin>- used ill bis pro
fesslott. Thus equipped, Dr. Hlgllt
■cordially Invite* his friend* and the
public to eall and see him. Having
his residence In tlieeame building,lie
nan eoiivcuiently entertain patron*
from the country or the neighboring
towns. Dr. Hlght ha* been a citizen
of Grenada about a year, but by hi*
mechanical (kill and gentlemanly
deportment Ha* In that time built un
(^patronage of which ho ma^ Justly
y .
, '
Of flour m
Tf likikfiiu .*;] ■ >
a® ' "
Proceedings of the K&florablc gqard
of Sqpervi&virn.
DftlU gpB j
;.v>n cn: npp rtioM ... st wr:r: a-..
Orduiad that %i following accounts b.> at
Nq )$8, C E Jiijnn $82 ftO, wpaira gq poor
hoiwo, burying reaper «qpt. poq^quae,
see ($7 code '80.
No J5«9, Menders & (JfU'nop $4 00, spuqper
eofl}:), sec 027 cqje '80.
Ordered liy ti|*j Hoard that W. B. Coders,
oyefseer of road No'18 diet riot No 1, bp and ho j
U hereby requjred to immediately tal»e puch
legal action w\ will cause 8 S Fairfield to ro
irjiove his fen up from said public road
Ordered tfiqt the following account* Iju Hi
lo wed :
No 1570, Wylejp $2 00, board of pqqpor,
Maria Carpenter, flee li 1887,to January 11.888,
see 038 code 'SO,
Nil 1171, (jluston Wu.Ji: fi 00, hom'd partner,
Lucy linker, month Pec '87, sec (BO cftde '((0,
No 1073, U W Tiniliill $21 71, luRtpey (or
Hogue bridge, soc 80S code '80
Ordered by the Hoard that the Tax Col
lector's Bond of this county tie and the same
ts tiuroby fixed at $18,000,
Ordered by tlio Hoard that the Treasurer's
of this Groncada county, lie and the
line Is hereby tlyoci at the sum o| $1.1,000.
Ordered Hint the Hoard adjourn to !)o'clock
Ham. LaitrrM'b, Pres,
i, in., toniumny,
Turspav Mokning, Jftuy. 3, '88,
BoartJ inet pursuant to adJoui'itip tin ^ prehr
nt same us on yesterday.
Urdured that»h*> following aauounts be ah
Xu 1573 4 T Payne Co 8t)p4 7-1, salary
month of Dee. *87 see 10 eh 24 acts 80.
No 1571 Griflfs 4; Duncan 00 Ijlankets for
jail, soc 34o oodo *80.
On ipotton it is ordered by the Board that
yesterday in regard tq
the order made
road No !8, W R Baundera overseer, be and
the same is hereby rescinded.
Ordered by the Board that the overseer af
road Ko 18 dlst No 1 proceed at once to ro^
move all obstructions of any nature within
the limits of said road, u# laid off by tbecoin
missioners that- located the road, and that he
shall give notice to such persons as may
have obstructions in lino of road to remove
same tu reasonable time, not. longer however
than ts hours after notice by the overseer.
(Negative, W H Powell.)
No 1575 ordered that F P McElrath be pI
I ■ ! 00, poll tax erroneously paid, see 107
code 'SO,
Ordered that lot 181 K W Grenada be re
mi $800 to to
Ordered that the assort Robt Miller, dint
No 1 Tuse.'ihomii be reduced from $208 (Ml.to
tn* oo.
00 see 107 code '8o
507 ood<* '80.
Onl- rod t )v;t The Trcn* of Grenada Co apply
ui iVM 75, county fund to pay men i
lliu su
of $15)000 (A warrant thin day issued on R R
No 1578 ordered that Jesse ,T Brown et al
surv partners, etc., l»o allowed $20,000 00 for
third and last payment.
Case Jesse J Brown oral surveying partners
etc vs Grenada Co Federal Court Oxford,
Ordered that the report of R H Gordon
Co Treas be and the same is hereby reed and
accepted and ordered recorded, the same
diowinga balance due from ttU sources of
$28,723 HU.
Ordered that the Bi
a. m,, tomorrow,
Railroad tax, b
it'd adjourn till Ii o'clock
Nam Laurxnck,
Wednesday Mousing Jan. I 'at
Hoard met. pursuant to adjournment, pres
entfsame 10; yesterday.
Ordered tiiat the following accounts be ul
It M Anderson $7 .10, for sign boards
No li
sue 8(50 coje '80.
No 1578, G»B Jones $25 00, Inut half '87 ex-of
icio Hervleos, see 2,139 rode 'SO.
Ordered that the supplemental report.of 11
H Gordon, county treasurer, showing um';U.
•Iu * from all sources $8723 80 together with
"■'!!')) ui)in U H bonds, be* received, accepted
and ordered recorded. Thereupon the board
proceeded to count the monoy on hand, and
•*aM U H bonds, which bon is me numbered
uh f. Hows:
T H coupon No.
Rom! 1907 4855(3
4.80 ii
" 4i8tH5
" (U 598
" 5857(5
" 64090
" 1004ft
" 57(593
" 15827
" 83.853
" 13000
" 204! rj
" mm
" 23818
" 47482
" 16501
" 1(5210
" mm
" 53239
U) !05001 C
.5509, < "
fin i loo.;:) "
50 1.59210 "
59 717775 *•
50 71753 "
50 111512 "
10 .)
.815 "

50 5381ft "
.59 IS2490 "
59 95290 "
50 112233 "
50 K 5907 "
59 1U5005 "
•50 105004 "
.50 195(KW "
50 lifitft "
100 19060ft "
100 19060ft "
50000 "
,50'Hw "
50900 "
60000 "
10000 "
" 31972
" 3l(Kift
" 249309
Ordered that the following neats bo allow
No 1079 J E Gibbs $53 09, taxes wrongfully
paid ou n w firs e iff and s hf n uqr see .46 I 23
r7oandehfsw qr and «»• qr nw qr same
see and t and r certificate of auditor see 537
code '80.
No 1580 J E Gibbs HOcts, taxes wrongfully
paid oil s hf of s w qr and n o qr of sw «ir and
nw qr se qr und no qr se qr see 111- 22 r 6 e see
■537 code '80
No 1531 Brunnum «fc Goodwin $2 25, Justice
.1 D Crawford .T P Docket chap 98 soc 1 acts
. ,
Ordered by the Board that R Horton he
and he Is hereby apjiolutotl examiner, for
the purpose of ex&mluing; the applicant* for
tlie ofllco of county Hupt oi* public education,
aw requli ed by chap 14 hoc 10 nets '8ft.
Ordered by the Hoard that, inasmuch a*
account of the Rail Road Bonds, therefore it
is ordered hy the Board that any monoy in
t he hands of the officers of this county, or
that may conic into their hands for account
of K. U., fund snail be placed in tho common
county fund.
Ordered that .loflT'olMn* bo appalntcd over
seer part road No 14 dint No 5 with following
additional hands: Ohas Boykin, Primus
Koe, Martin Boykin Alex Taylor Wy ley Neal
Henry Boykin, said road commencing at 17
mllo post and ending at Intersection road
near Mullln's house..
Ordered that the Board adjourn till 9
o'clock a. in., tomorrow. Bam Lauhenck.
longer exists any Indebtedness on
* Thdhsday Mobniwo Jany. 5'8H.
Board met pursuant to adjournment, pres
ent same ns on yesterday.
It appearing to th* Board that n Horton
who had been previously appointed school
examiner by this boasd, Is unable or. refusea
to ant as attoh, It Is ordered that 8 8 Fair
field be aud he la hereby appointed iu hie
4 teckd. .... >v, •
Ordered that the fbltowlng oceount a be atr ■
lowed: . tJ ; % , . i
No t6«l Brannum « Ooodwln U 10, atatton
cry Ohaneery CMerlcs office ate 214* code '».
toojanwell to come
toraey J H Borkidi
■. ' .
. . . . .. nsaaaai
Are bow in their mammoth
New Brick Building
on Main Street, w
With all the modern improvements and au
extensive stock of
New Furniture!
of all kinds, Call and see them in their
new quarters,
Ills accounts, turning over to n onraiqlttpe of
tho Board, one Iron safe 10 keys ) desk 1 egde
18801 copy sheet acts 1871 sixty-one hundred,
dollars at nar value of 1188 coupon bonds
due 1007 with ooupons attached maturing
April 11HH8 and three thousand one hundred
and twenty-seven 03-100 dollars In money
which SHld property bonds and money have
been turned over to the present Treasurer,
Ed G Ptvyne as appears from bis receipts.
G renai)a Miss. Jany. ft 1S8.S.
Received of President Board of Supervisors
the following property belonging to Grenada
county, 1 Iron safe 10 l$eys i desk 1 code 1880 1
copy sheet acts 1875,
Ed. G.Payne,
Co. Treas,
Grenada Miss. Jany. 5188.8
Iteoieved of the President of the Board of
Supervisors throe thousand one hundred and
iwentytsevon 03-100 «!()llarg, funds belonging
to Grenada county state of Mississippi for
which | am to account, according to law,
EJd. G. Payne,
Co. Treas.
Grenada Mi-ss. Jany. ft 1888
Reoelved of the President of the Board of
Supervisors, U 8 coupon bonds 4# due 1907
with coupons attached, maturing April 1 1888
amounting at par value to si,\ty-one hundred
dollars, lor which I am to account as funds
belonging to Grenada county Miss., on school
fund account, also notes as follows:
Mrs. 1$. L. Owens and others Note due 31
Dec. '88 $33 00.
Mrs. I„ b. Owens and others Koto due 31
Dee. '89. $33 00.
Mrs. L. L, Owens and others Note flue SJ1
Dec. '90. $33 00
Mrs. L. Ij. Owuiis auil utliL'i's Note due 01
Dec. '91 $33 00,
En. G. Payne,
Co., Treas,
Therefore considering the premises
deeming it best for the public good, It is or
dered by the Board that one thousand dol
lars of the amount now in treasurers hands
be credited to school fund account and the
remainder credited to fcho common Co. funds
amt $2J27 (53.
Ordered that Sam Daurenoe he and is here
by appointed a committee of ope to memo
rialize the Legislature to have sale of old
court house continued.
Orderod Unit. H H (Jordon ex-Co., Trenstir
r be allowed till
ext meeting of this Board
to ftlu his fiim 1 settlement as such Treas.
Onlc red t bat I be following fleets be allowed:
Nolls.) PS Irby $2 01), fixing eburt house
steps soc 2! i! code '80.
Order "J that the Board draw pay as follows:
* | Amt.
No. 1584, Sam. Laurence,Dist. 1
R. H, Jamison " 2
R. M. Anderson, " 3
W. II. Powell,
1588, D. L. Holcombe,
No. 1589, < 1. B. .Tones, sheriff .
No. 1599, J. T. Thomas, e'l.cik
$J6 00
No. 1
No. 1
No. i
17 80
18 Id
7 00
17 20
K 00
12 (HI
Ordered that the Board adjourn to meet on
the 1st Monday In February, tKss.
Ham. Lacrbxce, President..
Mr. Goo. Williamson, ft very handsome and
Intellljfont young gentleman of Winona,
spent last Sunday in our city.
Mr. W. T. Knox, mayor of tho city of Wi
nona, and a former Grenada young
was qn our streets last Saturday.
Our former and worthy follow-citizen, Mr
A. , Lake, now of Memphis, spent seven;j
days in Grenada this week looking after bu
siness matters.
Grenada's brilliant young: representative,
Mr. J. t-VLonpstrect has been assigned a posi
tion on the first and second committees, in im
portance. He Is on the Judleiory and chair
man of the ways and means committee.
Our worthy and esteeinod friend, Dr. D. B.
McHenry, has been absent from bis office lor
the past, two weeks, on a professional tour to
Carrollton. Dr. McHenry is not only a very
social and intelligent, gentlemen, but he is
one of the best dentists our country affords.
Miss Annie Halt, it beautiful it rut accom
pl Is lied young lady of OrcnhUn, Is stopping
with Mi's. Vai'dHinan. Miss Hull is
. , . organ
Irlngn class In painting,and hu profleleucy
Is n gunrunteo that her pupils will reap a
rich rewnrd for the lltno spent.—(Jreonwood
M c hnd n very plensnnt. cull from our pop
ular young frlond Mr. Albert Milton, on last
Wednesday, who is now In the employ of
. Iiissrs. I). J. Allen A. C<>., a general mercan
tile house of Australia, Miss. Albert seems
tn be III high spirits, and enjoying good health.
1 he (Jazhttr wishes him
Mrs. 8. M. Thames, of Sardis hut formerly
or (Ironm(ii, aeeompnnl.nl by her bright little
son ('hurley, after spending u couple of wdfeks
with friends und relatives In our town and
county, returned to her home on last Thors
day morning. Mrs. Thames I,,, most estima
ble lady, and her friends In this vicinity
very numerous.
a very pleasant
Weneku'.wlectgo tin enjoyable visit from
liev.H.C. Moreheatl, mlnlstcV In charge of
the Grenada circuit of the M. K. Church, on
Tlinrs.luy evening last. Mr, M-.rehcml I* an
oxecllont ohri.tlan qpnttpman, wh.we pleaa
Ing u.ldress gn all otiomlons, coupled with
Ills scholarly attainments and the gin to ,, x .
press his views ana oonvlctlons.lmvenlri ady
won for him the love and rnrtfldcnoo
people throughout Ills charge.
or the
Mr..Marcn» Hnmnierfleld who Is well and
favorably known In this city, but who has
been making his home In WestPolm the
A. (Mmmerfleld A Bro., waa married a flaw
maop with tbe "otn
y?* V . e 'hat Mr. 8uunhe,m,tA ^.U
Itomance Vs, Science.
Somo of our exchanges are discus
sing the subject as to whether a ouh
lege paper phould (Mill tain roiuatum
and fiction, or whether it should ba
filled witli sienfillc subjects, Tha
Eastern journals as a general rule
lean twoard the romantic, while the
Western papers are more mi flic acj.
entitle order. There is an old suying
that "history repeats itself,god this
seeips to be true in this instance.
The romance first originated iu the
East, but after a lapse of time the
great West was the chosen field of
all fictitious literature, while the
East produced the solid and practical
works. Attain, in the mutability <rf
human affairs, has a change been
produced and while the W
world is beginning to furnish sclen.
tific investigation, the land toward
the rising of the sun is again return,
lug to the romance and the novel,
Thischauge is just beginning to be
perceptible and is taking place grudu
ally, but steadily. The reason for
this is found in the fact that the
American people are restless and
ever demanding a change. This
demand for something new, some
things different induced the novelist
of to-day to abandon the wornoui
themes of the West and to seek new
scenes and characters for the plots
of bis novels. The roason that H,
Hider Haggard's novels are so popu
lar at present is, that he, realising
the change in the popular taste, lias
endeavored to satisfy the new de
mand by his latest works. But we
are getting off the subject which w»
started out to dscuss. We would
favor, as some of the college Journals
are doing, a mixture of both the scien
tific and the romantic. A paper
which has a harmonious blending
of both kiuds of article is the one
that is the most interesting to all
classes of readers. Do not try to.
select subjects that will please every
body for you will end by pleasing
nobody, but use your judgment In
getting up matter lor your puper and
make such selections as will make a
pleasing and harmonious whole,
whether the articles be hnmerous,
fictitious or practical.—A. & M. Col
lege Reflector,
P.'ti'ikia Cotton.
Last week we publiahed an ac*
oeunt of a yield of 800 pound* ot Hat
from 2000 pounds of seed cotton
in Yazoo county, being 40 pounds of
lint to the .hundred of seed cotton.
J. W, White, of tills county, teelsus
that he beat the above record this
year. He raised 4328 pounds of
Peterkin cotton which yielded four
bales, aggregating In weight 1868.
S ounds. Deducting 88 pounds for
aggingand ties, there still remains
over 11 pounds of lint to the 400 of
seed cotton. From the same seed
his son-in-law, Mr, Joe Gariagus,.
of Winston ooiraty, raised. 1138
pounds of seed cotton which yielded
a bale weighing 478 pounds.
Mr White says that yield per acre
of Peterkin cotton is fully as much
as any kind lie ever saw grown..
Everybody who has tried the Pe
terki n cotton say it pays better than
any other.
Every farmer should supply him
self with some of the seed and keep
them pure. By doing so our whol»>
county would, In a few years, be sup
plied with a kind of cotton that
would give iietter returns for the
time and lahnr spent on It than at
present.—Kosciusko Messenger.
Thoro to one feature of the Gover
nor's message from which we
dissent—his advice to take the
salaries of the District Attorneys on
the violators of the law and impo»
them as burdens upon the tax-pay
ers. The salary system was tried In
this Slate since the war and was soon
repealed. The complaint against the
system was that the District Attor
neys drew their salaries and contin
ued the criminal dockets and thus
piled up the costs on the State. Ihe
present system Is working well, and
as the State Treasury . has all the
burdens and more now thau it isabie
to bear, we think it Inexpedient to
try this experiment now.—State
Ledger. __
From the handsome girl** bead,
lithographed in colors, nicely cut
out, to thefiast slip of tho pad, Hood »
Household Calendar for KJ8S in thor
ghly artistic. Every month i»
beautifully engraved, and euchshP
»s torn off presents a. new end wear
ing combination of color print'J's'
Hood's Calendar easily kt*d» "J®
procession. It ie nice enough ror
any parlor and has so many excellen*
minis Iu arrangement and oonven*
once that It jnust be seen o*
appreciated. Chmleainay be obtatuea
at the drug stores. *H *>y sending
cents in sumps to C. I. Hood* Co.»
Lowell, Mass.
zhttk should reproduce W# I•*£5
th* Cutripu, concerning JudgeW*.*
WoR, the reaeon 1* *lmpl* iw r"
enough. The letter In au«»M®5
•n eloquent end able tribute..
Wgh, intellectual *oti»o«

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