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( » it K N A DA (t A / ET T E.
!... M -
eretl at tic post -office ,,t lie:
as si ct«n<( «*!*).•?« mail iwatlej
«.VTURIUV, M A V «•.. ir»<Sfe
()se Yeah, in advance,. . $1 60
fci* Months,
75 1
A - » - **tg
t Î >OUl
G ! 1
■ • 5
i2 00
10 0u
20 00
21 00
IS 00
♦i* !? •
3c it
Sit Oh
40 00
I Inch

. 8 00
10 00
12 00
14 00
10 00
8 0
10 00
12 00
ffiii* Paper is entered at the Pont »fin*
as 2d cln«» matte r.
*t Grenu M
U. F. Ait^riTT tV' Co.
ghf.nada, mist.
plasterers, < 'ementers
— A N I >
lAWsw f,7i»np biwwii
U ftlitOiiU à »ti« à ïi citiuiuiii
(Irate Mantel Setting
:;±x.:n d tetîU toi,
We it
M i I
tit ! t.
lilts, t . It. HIT
ace the MU
I1J)\. ( I. \ UK
} J " r
I \i j*t»u t \ n I
LOCAL Lh : 'iäES.
H; 111 iS th- hr.-'.
Vv-ci ha
j f
A- T. Inn.
mt's }!a.ii once, and you'
: > t ! t * - 1 , hencelorili.
•Mi -«inc I .ink'
d. 1
he h- I àt A. T
T* y it.
( let prie-' fr- :;; -I 11. Snid**r, aireiit !
if ye: 1
'an*, a «
I 1
ims f',,.,: A. T. iMman. i
receipt of a hirj^e lot o! !
; ii.it
ry eltuic -i.
K ' « 1 L.
dI order,
r. c. Biii in . i.
tj of all I
ic.- line of !re»i
• c.-t "I Dr at, y • 111 ' H al- I
s weet, aiio I
AllcuttV is tl.«- liest of Ham.
Buy your St-wl lri.li Potatoes fro», j
A T. III man. He has a large
of the lia est varieties.
A. T. iiiuiai
liemiUful line of Lavas,
other seas
will ho sohl reiiiarkaMy eleoip
has Just receiver! n I
bifb !
mble dress good«,
I l ( I \ I. NOTH L.
my absence
fron. :
BmdnesH reijuirc
( i renada from the 2Sth in»t., to Sat
• :
da\ .1 une 2nd. Parti» « who may de in
K. M. Might,
I )entist.
ill plea«
v »er vice v
NOTH f .
Tlie partnership heretofore existing 1
in thcH&w mill hiisine«» betecu Me««.
B. K. Moore and J. Steven* ha».
» , ,/ i. i
hx mutual //*<>n»e/it J
u., : LtnlJ ^
Mr. B.K. Moore will bontin mil Id* Uu»v
Y n ,XT
me«» and re»pecYylly solicltj» tin 1
public patronage.
een dissolved
\\ . N. Pa«« th« J
Grenada for bur Barley j
Wc have given
Malt Whisky. Distilled from malted
barley it i« rich «ml nutritious and
free from all impurity. For the sick
and feeble it is a true tonic.
K. M. Chase & Co.,
Idstillers. Louisvill* ,K\.
Mr. O. F. Bl cd »oi* wa« nominated
by acclamation, in the State L'onven
dector from tills district.
Tlii« i« a very high au»l ah
c'l eomnlim»*nt.
of th«* ablest orators in tlii« aection
i will ably ebampion
Mr. Bledsoe i« one
of tin* State, a
the cause of Del
= : ICE:
Prom oikI tt/ft r thin <lair the
AI i s s . k Tenn. Ice car
riff se lf fer of'mo. per hundred Ihn.
fluni WO His. nf let. per lh.
Train arrietd I Vt ihu ddnil & Sttfur -
Win. Forgrrty.
(la if.
Mag W* u**'
—I 1 - .L
v.uiTimsrfield's Weekly Market Report.
T Siiriir Go o,7i in cheat deni and (fui «e.w spring nor l- is a urgntai "Lye. Opener. ' f wires a le.ttle lower
• '
Safe to bin/ 7 r/"v <i..antitles fn-dmi. Bargains in all
• ninthly high. Pri. ttj/n iif. with a .s hong tendency fy faiK.r. p.mutnd good.
Monday :
Tuesday ;
riiüivsila v
Ahtr is the pme to buy.
• ('lot it in g lower todrop of 10 pye
■' .Vorhang'. / »in prh, s Mil rule. <Jinitty as high eft ever. Buy to-day.
r . • 1
• X(w Spring Hat h were girt»n a li.-t.l y raids .Vorhänge from nur regular low prices, flurry if you
want good choice ,
Strut k' hott out.
lines. Never equalled. Il V intend to k eep selling ALL SEASONS on to-day's basis. Of cwrsr
II ill beghal to see J'ou at
. Prices down tolowrst notch.
Sat un la v
1*01 f firr until ns.
G-ieaacLa, 2vÆississippi.
The mass meeting 4 t < 'arrolltoii Uhi
itC5 to the!
.u vt nii :n and in>U*
t 'oiigreB^ional
lO'tclsaid delcirut 1
•slo east theirvntei

11. Mitchell iu tlie umi
f..r Hoti. <
v- .itinti that has not yet bee
The Kx I "itive fimimittee of the ills
trie! dues nut even meet t
call Kaid
conventiou till tl»e 23d lust.
if the ('arroli county Uemoe ,, acy
ha« no precedent, and
«peaking it» the in treat of to
while v
late, we do not approve ot any
W« leant
premature proceedings,
too that uotlcecalllng the mass nieet
it, g lias only been pitblGbed t wo ;
times in the columns of the Carroll-j
ton < oiiservatlvr. one time on May ;
v. ek j>ry« r to the day of the
and again on May the 12th
ti inie
ami that
f the meeting,)
u,1er of voters had not even learn i
...1 at the me, o|ng had been called. |
An instruction under such eirenm
. I* improper, and no man
,,| |.i S....I that he i- the choice of a j
lit.. . 1 , hundred
the nay
ith a.- ;
lie Winona Ad
e Dell'.' • -J'.I t i«' Votera,
■nt as tiuit
•feet an i
flm above fr« mi
> nut to tlx
r » , i , i ive I
• re dit nf any
m ot ;
y Miiüü frac l
claim that :
oiiimunity and tlicn
.> dnl it. îi! >' ;
thoroiu r h-hr
!'■ j]ll Til U 111
nh-'s a urn;
' j
ii ford toe'ai:
politicien he
the ^
( ol. Miu lofii'» friend:
!*• a jfravc mistake, in thiM
as wr kilou him t" hi
j j
a high-rimed, honorable g*
au. i
11 cult Aden t ly expect him L
cierriutf the i.
matter h:,ck l< !
insist on
|e of < arroli eouiity. |
< entrai iu,i!r nul cut
. ,,f thb i
e the peoj.ii
U '»lies Jn - UL
.. h killing their iive
!-lock und vioi-finfç the luw at th<
me. L..e st riute in this hehuF
•nul provided expressly pro
n .'.nipuL :i
ix mile« an hour.
hit.it« train« f: •
.f :iü incorporated
iii.ii» the limit«
ke Memphis oi
VU. In eilies ii
\v Orleans, I hi« s|
and tin- el.;
is eile
•« and conductors
to it. hut in
at tent
o more re-! • . ted h v them that
i' l
thought of.
D ^
o '
tf if had
• tiki !>;ill a ('.■«• of tl.
it, perhaps they

a time or t
"il« 1 j
.Size that tin re ex
the S
." If the company
*e, a lion I
it would
e I
(|j(j Ia .
Would put up u «tl'i'dJ of fell
»ne ijuarter of ji mile long,
«ave enough iu one
i» ; but il .seem« to Im too much of u
blank blanked fool t »do so.
umth to pay for
1 V I It V( V
The committee« from tne Alliance;
iil meet a': Duck
of four conn tie«
Hill on
ton «lied.
Saturdcy June the Oth, to
»' upon a location for
coinniitlecH will
d fa
J represent two thou«u
i placing the very low
I hales of cott
j the total sum if t(
iihi.ite of live
id', make«
thousand bale»
Our merchant» are hen
, ,,
i by given t he fact.«, und Un \ c
• .
(Uwn a ( ommittec to try ail»» indue
T .. ,
tiis cotton to come to Grenada, or
1 r
of cot l
The ad VHiilpg
let i! ahmc*.
! t iicy C!
! c» to Grenada in t h I«
[»Htt»*r arc
J vioUH
j \\'i- shail not advise anybody or in
«int on anything. We simply point
nut the opportunity and if it i« not
embraced the fault wilt not lie our».
ugh for a blind man U
Captain J. C. Brannuin ha* opened
up an Ice Cream parlor and confec
tionary in the corner house formerly
occupied by Mr*. Loewemdein. He
!,a* also secured tile services of a
first »das« baker and will furnish the
people with tin* very b*sf article »>f
cream bread. Beside« being a »»iu*- 1
legged Confederate veteran J«»lin 1«
of the kindest und cleverest L i
orld and fully
low» in tin*
liberal patronage at the hands of
our people.
Dr. Young, of ( 'arroli county iaon«*
of tlu* »lelegate» from this district to
tin* -ri. Louis convention. The Doc
tor i» not only a good physician ami
a good Democrat, but he 1« a gentle*
man of unquestioned ability, and i»
also a very active and prominent I
member of the Alliance.
With this i»*ite my connection j
with the ' « n !•' N AI > A f ' A ZKTTK A* ;
ior editor and part proprietor, cease#. j
The business
•II hereafter he con- •
•ho has .
ducted h\ M r. H. T. Payne,
• ice II a-:
i Willi me during the
ci at «
i*. I return thanks*
past year or m<
to my friendM and tl»e public gouera!
ly who have favored the Oa*kttk
itli their patronage; but t* insider
myself under obligations to no man, :
a« I have given full value for every '
I conscientiously,
dollar received.
personal knowledge, recom
mend the Gazette to advertisers
is hfiviug a larger
circulation tliatt
from a
and business men
town and county
any paper that lit.s been published
ill this city for fourteen years. As
tor my successor, I can cheerfully
Dim to lie
fully Worthy «»f all the support
public may tender him ; and I earn- •
estly ask my personal friends to give
to him the hearty support they have !
given me. With best wishes for the !
honorable buMn-ess* man.
f the (»a/KTTK and
future success
1 1 >e prosperity and hapine»« of its
tnw-ny reader», I now make my mosi
respectful bow and »tep down and
W. H. Laud.
Grenada, Miss,, May 25th, iS-ss.
My dear Mr. Anybody, wiio is dis
arl at the
Xl'iance, don'»
you think it wbuld be •« gn at tiling
fur this country if the price ot cotton
could be advanced to twclv. or ill
teen cents a poundV I k
and now let us «ay ki you, that it F
-t exactly one of the main object*
the Alliance has in view, one of the
usuniatjon« for which ti».y at
earnestly striving. Now instead <>
growling and sneering at the Alii
*c, ptit your shoulder to the whe
and help them to push. They are j.
f yours aim we have a
got to live here together, and it i
our duty, and common sense an
coinm'Mj interest dictate to us thu
[>w you do.
ve should help one another.
iDIJ' l ion voi in;.
The partmo-ship heretofore exi«'
en \Y. H, Ladd and ». T
.f Hit
i llg bet w
PaV lie, in the
uA Gazettk, lias this duj
muîuu! èonsent :
beeu dissolved l.»v
\V. H. Inidd withdrawing therefrom
ill hereafter he eon
The i*UNinc'
dueled by li.
the undersigned will receipt for
F. Payne.
account« due the Ga/.lttk,
and* m i
nvvlug thcm«elve# itnh bt
ergons ki
dly n -
e l to the lute firm are earn
cjuefcted to come forward und setth
lies peot fully,
at once.
\Y. H. Laud,
R.T. Bayne.
"He is doubly armed,
v lio«ecause b
• for Congress
itli his
1 the Candida
vv.io goeH into Ihe fight
whole heart and «oui in the interest
of the people and opposed to monop
oiy is «ure to Huceeerl. particularly il
lie in re in forced by a good wupply »>1
''Arkansavv Traveler" chewing to
bacco. Only to be hint of Uinsburgcr
ct Wile.
Dr. (J. W. Trimble attended a call
meeting of the State Medical A»«o
oiatiou till« week,
meeting was to recoommeud a phy
sician to the Governor for appoint
mi nt on the Stae Board *>f health.
The Association roccoinmonded. Dr
Hunter of Jackson.
The object of th»
Mr. Sydney Kettle, t»> meet the de
mand» of hi» increasing business, i»
preparing to build an addition to bis
gun and machine shop. Syd. is not
only induHtriou« and enterprising
hut is one of the finest machinists in
the South.
KRitArr >i.
in th»* editorial on tlie first pag»
i the Book Trust, wc wrote "astrad
dlcof Hlnbftd'» ue»ik." but the coni
pohitor set it up ' eslraddle of Sin
bat'» reck."
Hou«e, with Mi»« lichee»*«
proprietress and N. Haber
vlll continue to furnish
The Pa«
as manager,
the public with more satisfaction for
the money than anti other house iu
I A fresh l»»t of choice flour just re
celved at A. T. Inman'«,
When you conic t.o town don't fail
to »top at the Pa«» House accommo
dation» first-classs. ('barge» mod
crate. ___
ê& Ney,
at tub old gorwfrvstkin stand
Goods All Xew And Fresh
cigars, tohacco, ktc.
If v make a specially of Cream Bread and Cakes of all kinds.
Orders for Rails and W.'ddings i ronipily tilled. Fresh lee Cream every
B. -t and largest I oaves Id; the money, in Grenada. Give ns a call.
Kx tract
e roinpllmciitrj
I.Htt* VigHing HitUi
t-n of the
thejproluce all the kind things
• ai)o;it (.renada by our editorial guests
It wbuld he to th, exnlttBton öf every*
! thiijg else, for several weeks to come.
! Welmve only room fora few extracts
-liifh wa rcf-uidisii to lot our ciii
w that their eff»#rta in en
Were we to undertake to re
tcrtpniua the press gang
The followng trih-;
the bald
< ve not
Mi appreciated,
ute is from Joe Alinon,
heaped beauty
ot the Mi.gtdHHipp
commercial cen
•i enterpri.se <»f her per*ple. j
ud their
■» of (in : « ; 1. « •
m fa i
•r, the thrift
- will as
ht ukr.
f ehris:ia spirit, has long j
s by thosi who knew and lov- j
e<I u4> place; but never, until now, have we |
been nn-paivd 10 realize that but a verv
small nod ii
I i ! \v
ID* « a.Lully sit
oeiri. m.
lia i U e
told us
pi'OS and k-.t
x her people.
-..Ale t
tmvn in Ihe
tl t
i rade -
with l
of capital,
have bull'. '
homes. 11
Jeorge Lake, A.
PH'il u
I elm
cosily store- 1
ku#\s such n
uerflcld dir Hi
ii a
, Ma'
>., < »rj/fls & Ug.icm
3 , Uoak A
J. Austin A Co.. W. c. Me
Pass, ll C- Ada
bllliva'-e, Clipt. J:
G' h'.TSiïî
ilorotiiud that < Ji ' natla's e
lu (I 'and proie
ill be
When pi' ii y fills ihe land, Grenad.. re.-elves
;.a abundant share, and, with the stores ot
iaudi.se, lier go-ahvad business men.
( lined and noble ladle«, |
flit and winsome children, she de
all. und
\V. ('. Welhorn, of the K!li«ville
Sew »South, thus expresses his im
pression :
Aitijougli \vc were u day late on account o:
■ctior. at Meridian, wc hqd :
It is
a fine large time ni
rot id iilriecity of J 0 Ü 0 inhabitants who enter
•»I the Press gang right loyally. Th
n r.
banquet and n.d!
let«-success. Five hundreil guests aiteud
1 an abundance of ever.v
»prciid before them. Hr
m Kalon, Mr. Picard, ot
.d the banquet a
rifhig nice
Ward, Judge
Memphis, and Mr.
lv»aMs, Judge V
Bledsoe responded to
Luton's speech in re
was esi»echill.v iiiter
f.-I iiig, eloquent and imuructlve. We are «
perl,Illy 1, „leine, I to o„r »W frleml ami «-«.I
r, : r "r; 1
sta.\ 'hire. ,„• m x
«ireenvtUo. I
.spouse to "Ti
lilties during
vciitlon will l>»> held ii
of the
in the gum" has this to say :
tided Ha* &*rd \ nnual ('
Hro. P. K. Mayer«,
e»l bt
•en • lot* :
of tin- Mississippi Press Assoelatio
I, ulGrto
tula,on Wednesday nth ins*. Theattendanee
was not us large
harmonious, and in
re good
, M
usual, but thu st
mre business
•onjpllshed for j
truusActod and
the interest of the siale press than at any!
pfvion« ifieellng. The
U-. VD-s Annie Burksdiile was the best
ever IlKieiiod to, All tlie
ddress of
er address
r» re masterly, eloquent and logical, and
•viv received by tlie immense audience with .
of the Pres*,
loud applause. The hrethre
genfrally had a good Uni
vct.tbu •■Toili.-, !» and lintxliluz up- tin. IiuM
fhe Convention adjourned Friday al
11 o'clock a.
vf 1 Id.
ii after ihe el*
*xt May at Green
Tiii» is how the Winona Times
man feds about it:
Tiw Times does not feel that'll can do jus
tice t<* Grenmia in Mjaatklug of the royal
maimer in which «he enlcrlainod her gucHU.
the highest to the lowest.
1 to vie with eaeli other in doing mm
I,, il,. •«■,■„, In,,. Tin- key* of ll,v <■»>•
■••,' to ttn; vlwttnr«,„ml .„ittilng
,l! '" . .. " ,l "
their eomlorl and happlm««. Grenmia if-•
• „Iltti .l l„M „ tr wilt, I.-IV II . ru.lit, a,lit wiitul
wavs hold a warm place in the arlWutous ol
ihceditors who gathered there last week. 1
•ntutiv^s to make hl« home, while at
• m.i t„. ». in, it,,, i, it, , 1 . 1 , .„„„iiv
tain Tunmr, than whom a cleverer gentle
•re lurried
va» loft
II w
i he "lea- urt of one of the Tillies'
docs not live. Ills lovely and necom
pllniuid daughters prodded
cr lib house
hv calculated lo^nako every
around them happy and contented and t!
hohl in
pleaKMiit hours we spenl In theirhHpp.vI k.
■ ivi „ill „ T„ Mr. a,,.,
Mrs. Lake, the other repn'Ciituri vu of till,
pu pel* is deeply great.fuI for
Mine. They have an clcgi.ut home and know
bow idcntci'niln wllh the old-rim Koutherii-,
... II., i, «„...I, lx i„ ■
su red of a pleasant time, and whan, in ulict
ypftrs, memory revert^ to the 23rvi Conven
tion of the Press of Mississippi, The Times
man will not fall to renu mlier his pleasant
ay with Capt. Lake's Interesting family.
This from f'ooper, the genial gen
tlemanlvKngliHhnian who guide« tilt
destiny of the Greenville Democrat:
of Grenada? WDat
yal reception, Iho lsre
(•onlinllty, tlie enrnesl
that envlr
s, t. Hit» hearts and homes of a gift
ti. united, i>r«»H|H»rnU' i and cult an d eominti*
opened \

v wliat
say of t he
sisiihle e
sincerity of welet
ni, yv
ffeely ttjs|tit would
» any delegate who was there,
he a re pro.* :
h express, however inade
riMf of Ids indebted"
it is not giver
t<» ende
ness to till- generous peopi(a
to many towns to poex-ss so genial and spir
i»ly. Indeed
a metro|«)ll3 tiiere can h«
rds, the »
j it-' 11 body of oitiz. nsi it is
v fr
j h< ard such imllvidiml exeelltmoc of oratory,
j diat the fHir *e.\ 01 the pluej
| <M -1 whli such a l)i
Urous inclination, advanced intellect,
? endow
' refined taste,gen
mda. We cc
s !n On
ml eha
»at to us the imurs glided away all
i. We haled to ooine away,
: ft-.
d we sta\ -
t ud to the last jnonp nt. Flowers, fresh, love
1 I y flowers were to be see
every side; and
«r a lavish expenditure of cither moi e
' ey, trouble or good taste could add t.o
pic;, uiv, these generous people never hesi
This from \Y. L. Mitchell, of the
Copiah Signal.
Col. A. H. Whltfleld, a prominent lawyer.
• of tlie finest addresses of
since our eon nee*
, t e 1 *
ver IL tel
tlOU with the association, eightou
; i. d ile,
. Mi
I captivating young lady, delivered
e at night, which was
-.1 !•'•>* of g < If
A any Mack
with i
fine eloeulIon
the reigning bellen, favored us
récita -
mrked her as
i. which
The entire programme was intorsper«*
md inHtrumenf al
ed with fine music, vocal
Hon. J. f. loOiigstreet, by request., deliver
forcible address orj thu sutjject of^lh
! ed
Confederate Monument. We found hhn a
popular with his
•e talknig of him for
He would suit
clever gentleman, quite
..unie people, who
Lieu tenant-Governor.
Mr. W. C. McL
, In
i, M»Miter ofCere
j aetly.
in tin- right plaet
mber of the press
s charmed with ills kind attentions.
and wo daresay every
iremida's mayor, Mr. B. Adam«, is a fine
. He w
specimen of the clever gentle
tireless In his etfort» to set* tlmt t.aeh Iridi
A tlu , Aendo| 1 ,y t , lie prlileof the
1 town, .I over by Rev. Mr. N, well
.,n interesting part of Ahe provrn hiiih' pre
I , f ,„.
vhluul lmd
good time. We took supper
with Mr. Adau^« and hl» elegant lady and
evening n.
(. In
re over tw»
humlrod «eliolar«. The curriculum i« a« high
u- ha! of any school In the South. Granada
cel proud of her school. The
business part of tho city Is aoinpactly built
with substantial brick structures, and there
all sides which
bas ta
is an air of prosperity
M strikes the visitor very favorably.
At th» 1 meeting of the Cane Creek
Alliance a (tout in it tee of three was
' appointed to confer with members ot
; the Oxberry and Sparta Alliance
. ....... ^ ,
looking to the feitNinjiity of erecting
»otto» »he»! at Parson«. Commit
tevs fridlt thons Alliitnce» will plfaso
meet the undersigned at Spart«
Church on Saturday, June 2nd. Al
other neighboring Alliance» in Car
roll county, or elsewhere, are invited
to send committees also.
To thou,' of our cittzeii» » hone Cow»
ar„ klllvii l»v K. R. trains, we would
HUV don't agree to accept half price
* '. . ..
for > T ouf slock. 1 lie Jurisdiction of
the Supreme court doe» not. Teach bc
1 low fifty dollars, therefore the K. H
company cannot carry it to the 8u
r '
prc""* «"urt. I lo-y cannot appeal
any higher than the Circuit court,
ybody can get judgment
against a railroad company and not
U. M. Nasox
N. i '. Koox
K. H. Colky
■ Committee.
half try.
. . , .. ...
J»'»' >»• 'Vu'l-rmi", »I Ur«Hlivillc
and MlasOeUtvia Dodil», of Wilionu,
were united in matrimonial bond»
, .... j. *
f" r prosperity unlimlM und liHi.pl
last week. They have onr best wish*»
ne»« «uprem»*.
m iim iKTifMt« i.iin. t-.*;,,,,,
A 1); iuocralii 1 Miit-K Oonv«ntifKi „#
I tic people of (Jreiiud» coinity Iijut
tlo i "tllt lionne In (irenuda, on Uj, ( .
urilav, May 1Î, for the purpose
! n-l-i tiiioilelciiatos to ilic state 0,H>.
! veniioii'to meet Ma.v is. \V. C.
1 Iiean. Cli^rm*" of the County I)e m .
ixMBtlo Jirtceutlve Coiniii|tfee, enl|io|
Die meeting to order, and e*plai||j,ij
the olijiitf of the uuine. On nintlii,,
of Max Ulnebufger, I>r. Will. 11,..
Swine was made permanent f hu'lf
man, and J. W. Ituchanan was ap.
pointed (secretary.
On motion of \Ir(Ruiibii|ger,apn|ip.
mil tee of one from eni.lj lteat vyus api
pointed by the Chair, and tl(ey ejp.
powered to sélect four delegates fropj
eaeli Rent, and two from the county..
at-large, which they did, as follow's
to represent the county in the Staol
Convention,and which w as approve,!
by (lie .Hass Convention assembled.
Heat No. 1. .J. C. Jamgstrert
\V. 11. PMtz-Gearld, 1). C. Adame apd
J (I. Peioach. Beat No. %—Mprfc
Beard, John Parker, it. B, Wiiliti
and T. it. Williamson. Beatî«o. if.__
Kd. iSatiderson, (;. F. Inrraip, 11. ti
Harrison and R, M. Nason.
No. 1.- W. W. Holly, H. 1! BarV
dale, W. fl. Powell and !•'. P. Cpj.
Inis. Beat lifo. I". M. Mi||ef.
Henry Moore, .lohn Crump and <'!
11. Guy. Couiity-at-large.—W. t'!
MoLeau, Win. Me,Swine.
FOK Fl.FF rillt.
Mr. B. C. Adams theli offered 1 1, a
following resolution, which was mi;
animnusly adopted Gy 'lie meeting;
Whereas, )t is tile sense of tin's
meeting that Hon, O. P. Bledsoe, p
Democrat true and tried, and in every
w ay competent to till I he position of
Riveter of this District with oredjt t<t
himself and efficiency to |iD party.
Therefore lie it
Resolved by this Convention, tha{
Hon. 0. F. Bledsoe is our unanimous
choice for the posh ion of Democratic
F.lector for this District, and our dels
••gates to the State Convention are
hereby instructed to vote for him,
and use all honorable means to secure
his election as Kleotor for tills DI».
t rift.
There heing no other business the
Convention adloured.
Wm. McSwinr,
Mr Joint I/*win, i*f Oxford, spent .Sunday
last in our city.
Hon Louis M. Houthworth, of i'prrpHton,
spent lust Sunday ip Cireuada.
Messrs. C.J, Austin and J. T. Tliomas or^
temporarily Mtjoufning ai Hot Springs.
Messrs. L. McCracken and 1>. M. TUglimftti,
from Hardy, w
streets bust Tues.
'.MjiJorami Mrs'. J. X. Harper, *•( 'fiahtti
•hie, w« ro iu ((renada this week visiting
We were pleased
iofiveltou: again alter a severe and protracted
spell of sick ness.
.Miss .\nnic Barksdale has
tin- M. C. K. I., at Jackson. Tenn., on Juno
Mi-s Joe Khirvll, of Winona. Is tie guest
of Mi»« Mamie 1'jjyne this
zkttk wjslies her a very pleasant visit to otif
Mr, Lgbert Leigh, of Richmond, Va,, attey
sjK-ndlng a few
(iremula and vicinity, left fur his home last
Mrs. Josie Calhoun Pan Ison ,of CharleHton^
after spending several days in Grenuda, tip.
guest of Mrs. J, h'. Hughes, returned home,
iaat Tuesday.
Messrs. J. L. Laugst roet, XV'. (!, MoIa»ai\ 4
Mux Glneburger, B. C. Adams and Ur Wip,
Meriwiiie represented Grenada in thf» State
Convention at Jackson this week.
friend J. it
•eepted an ' 11 %
deliver ijie Alumme address (\j
•U. The G
dis visiting relatives 1^
Miss Mamie 'Deloach,
e of (ireund (4
eounly's lntulleetual stars who lias been
teaching school near Hardis, for several
months past, uanic home last Monday night,
Dr. \X. F. Barksdale and Col. J. \puUn 4
of Hardy, are seeking restoration to liealtR
tlie Gulf (Foust, at Mississippi City. \\\.
hope their fondi-ül anticipations in this di
rection may be more than realized.
That pretty and fascinating young lady
Miss Mildred Lake, of Duck Ilill. «pent thih
week in our city, visiting Miss Mamie Payne,
Miss Mildred on« host of friends in Grenada
who are always glad to welcome lier to thelf
('apt. rims. !.. Adams, of the popular and
enterprising firm of Win free, Adams & Loyd,
wholesale ojbaoeunlsts, Lynchburg, V». v
spent.several days In the ally th in woek^
Captain Charley has many friends in Grcit«.
nda, who are always glad to welcome him
ids old homo.
Hon. B. c, Adams was, on Monday of lus»
week, re-elected Mayor of Grenada. Mr s
Adunyi is one of Grenada'« »listlngut«lie'(
son«, who would grace any position, howev .
erelevnted, A brilliant Jurist and a iwrfcot
gFiitleman, («renada honor« herself in hon«,
orliig him. - J\o.S4-iu«ko Messenger.
That popular ami cttptlvaUug young lady
Miss Ik tude Weir, of Hardis, eaiue down Jinn
Mojuluy idgi - , but to tin; soi row of hei
many friends in this city, she left for M»wUU
Ian on the 12:10 train
we wbh liera very pleasimi trip, and libpi
she will pay Greimda a visit
Tuesday. Anyway
I hose
many day«.
A blonde, a beauty ami Ha* fairest repre
sentative Grenada could luivo hciU us, MIkk
O live Smilh, bohored the harmony eluh amt
our city with her presence. She paid Ml«u
Edna Williamson a short visit while here*
and won th«-admiration of all whose plcus
• it was to meet her. We wager twenty
five cents that our young friend whoelatuiK
the honor of a. buggy drive with her, goes it*
Grenada soon
Dr». J. D. Mile« and J. B. Askew returned
yesterday from Grenada, where they have,
been in attendance at u meeting of the
Ml slsslppi HI ale iK'iilul Assoeialitni. Tltejr
are enthusla-dlc over the treatment received!
by the uieiubernof tiw associât I on, and Dr,
Askew nays Grenada Is the biggest town tc*
Its »I'/.d and contains bum* big-hearted peo
ple to the * 0 |uare iu^h than any other town
l ntho Stale. The convent Ion «elected Vicks
burg as the next place of mccling and
will take place here on the lath of Slay jfWV
Vicksburg Herald.
Go to Inman'» to buy your flour.
He will «oil you a barrel at iowc«t
possible figure«.
C'ussimer** l'aiits, from 50 U»
♦ 1 50 per pair, at at A. T. ImuanV

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